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1 Easton Press,leather A Tale of Two Cities Dickens
2 Easton Press,leather Great Expectations Dickens
3 Easton Press,leather Three Plays Hendrik Ibsen
4 Easton Press,leather The Short Stories Dickens
5 Easton Press,leather Madame Bovary Gustave Flaubert
6 Easton Press,leather The Short Stories Oscar Wilde
7 Easton Press,leather Rights of Man Thomas Paine Illus Lynd Ward
8 Easton Press,leather The Essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson
9 Easton Press,leather Two Plays for Puritans George Bernard Shaw
10 Easton Press,leather Heart of Darkness Joseph Conrad
11 Easton Press,leather Aesop’s Fables
12 Easton Press,leather Faust Goethe
13 Easton Press,leather The Three Musketeers Dumas
14 Easton Press,leather Aristophanes The Birds The Forgs
15 Easton Press,leather The Brothers Karamazov Fyodor Dostoevsky
16 Easton Press,leather The Odyssey of Homer
17 Easton Press,leather The Decameron Boccaccio Illus Fritz Kreidel
18 Easton Press,leather Tales of Mystery and Imagination Edgar Allan Poe
19 Easton Press,leather Wuthering Heights Emily Bronte
20 Easton Press,leather Jude The Obscure Thomas Hardy
21 Easton Press,leather The Red Badge of Courage Stephen Crane
22 Easton Press,leather The Jungle Books Rudyard Kipling
23 Easton Press,leather A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man James Joyce
24 Easton Press,leather Paradise Lost John Milton
25 Easton Press,leather The Alhambra Washington Irving
26 Easton Press,leather Tristram Shandy Gent Laurence Sterne
27 Easton Press,leather Leaves of Grass Walt Whitman Illus Rockwell Ken
28 Easton Press,leather The Poems of Robert Browning
29 Easton Press,leather A Journal of the Plague Year 1665 James Sutherland
30 Easton Press,leather Moby Dick or the Whale Herman Melville
31 Easton Press,leather Adventures of Sherlock Holmes A Conan Doyle
32 Easton Press,leather The Red and the Black Stendahl
33 Easton Press,leather The Portrait of a Lady Henry James
34 Easton Press,leather Uncle Toms Cabin Harriet Beecher Stowe
35 Currier and Ives Litho 1876 “A Presidential Reception in 1789 by General and Mrs Washington”
36 Currier and Ives Litho 1876 “The First Meeting 0f Washington and Lafayette Philadelphia August 3rd 1777”
37 N. Currier litho 1847 “The Bride” Original OG frame
38 N. Currier litho 1845 “<The Little Favorite” Bird on child’s wrist
39 N. Currier litho 1847 “My Little Playfellow” Child with pocket watch and dog in Original OG frame
40 19th Cty Black Face humor print, framed “Creating a Sensation” “The bully boy on a bicycle”
41 Lot carded wheat pennies 14
42 Lot Westward Journey Nickel series 10 carded
43 Lot US Treasury Commemorative medallions carded 8
44 Lot 2009 Lincoln Commemorative penny uncirculated, carded 8
45 Lot uncirculated Jefferson nickels carded 6
46 Lot Old Jefferson nickels carded 1948+ 6
47 1909 VDB cent
48 Lot foreign paper currency
49 Canadian mint set coins
50 1999 Commemorative US Quarters Denver mint set
51 Lot carded V nickels 1906+ 4
52 America Bicentennial Medallion
53 Lt carded older wheat pennies 1926+ 6
54 Lot foreign coins carded 8
55 Old gold plated V nickel 1906
56 Lot 1943 steel war pennies 12 carded
57 Uncirculated US $2 note
58 Uncirculated Old Lincoln pennies 1960+ 8
59 Standing Liberty silver quarter 1928 carded
60 US Mint set 1971
61 Liberia $10 coin 2000
62 1972 Eisenhower silver dollar
63 Marshall Island $5 Flying Tiger coin
64 US Coin proof set carded
65 Lot Indian Head pennies 1881+ carded 6
66 Mexican silver peso
67 Civil War Indian Head penny 1864
68 1883 No Cents Liberty Nickel
69 Lot Buffalo nickels carded 1915+ 6
70 Lot Buffalo nickels carded 1919 + 8
71 Older Jefferson nickels carded 1940+ 8
72 1935 Mercury dime, silver, carded
73 Lot Roosevelt Uncirculated dimes carded 8
74 1957 l$ Silver Cert
75 1968 US l $ Barr note
76 1977 Kennedy Half Dollar, Gem Proof Cond 1965 English Crown coin Churchill
77 Ancient Roman Coin Modified Kennedy Half South Carolina
78 2004 US Mint set Westward Journey nickels 6
79 Lot Uncirculated carded 1956+ wheat pennies 4
80 1905 silver Barber Dime carded
81 Seated Liberty Half Dime 1853 silver
82 Seated Liberty silver quarter 1877
83 Shield Nickel 1882
84 Lot US FDC Wonders of America Lot sports cards basketball
85 Lot Amazing Stories magazines 1946+ 4
86 Lot Amazing Stories magazines 1947+ 4
87 Lot Amazing Stories magazines 1948+ 4
88 Lot Amazing Stories magazines 1949+ 4
89 Lot military publications: 1922;1926,l931,1925,1894,l899,1944 etc
90 LOt Images of America: Plainfield;North Plainfield’ Scotch Plains, Fanwood 3
91 LOt Images of America: Hoboken;Bayonne Jersey City 3
92 An Appeal to the Legislature (NJ) 1864 :Lands Under Water”Since 1702 the Board of Proprietors could not convey those lands they having no right title in navigable rivers”
93 Lot NJ Historical pamphlets: Col Scott’s letter to Judge Nevius, etc 1842 Charge to the Clergy of the Prot Epis Church 1819 Lecture to Revolutionary Memorial Soc of NJ 1898
94 Lot NJ Historical brochures: Old Tennent; Washington’s Campaign; John Cunningham’s speech in 1969 “We need a sense of perspective on history — it is not reserved for the descendents of those who
95 Lot NJ Historical brochures
96 Lot NJ Historical brochures
97 Lot NJ Historical brochures
98 Travels of Captains Lewis and Clarke 1809
99 Incidents of Travel in Central America 1854
100 Between The Ocean and the Lakes The Story of Erie ( Canal) Edward H Mott 1899
101 The Hudson River Line Riley
102 Camden NJ Directory 1905-06 ( rough)
103 Works of Hogarth 2 vols c 1860
104 United States Secret Service in the Late War 1889
105 Jean Bourichon Limousin Ltd Ed 1954
106 Topkapi Museum Manuscripts
107 Lot record brochures
108 Lot record brochures
109 Pendennis Thackeray 2 vol 1951 Ltd Ed signed
110 Daisy Miller James 1969 Ltd Ed signed
111 Lot Automobile owners manuals
112 Tales of Hoffman 1943 Ltd Ed signed
113 The Coverly Papers Roger de Coverly Addison 1945 Ltd Ed signed
114 Baron Munchausen 1952 Ltd Ed signed
115 Imaginary Conversations Landor 1936 Ltd Ed signed
116 Growth of Industrial Art Butterworth 1892 200 plates
117 Atlas of Massachusetts 1890
118 Lot twenty maps 1892
119 Lot Tax Maps Hamilton Twp NJ 1927
120 Lot Maps Ireland 1901
121 History of Union and Middlesex Co NJ 1882 (rough)
122 Lot NY Historical papers
123 History of Rockland Co NY 1884 (rough)
124 NJ Geological Surveys 1888,l893,l896 3
125 Yearbooks Battin HS Elizabeth NJ 1932,1933,l934,l935 4
126 Officers of the Army and Navy Who Served in the (Regular and Volunteer) Civil War 1894
127 Poems of Heimrich Heime Ltd Ed 1957 signed
128 Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard France 1937 Ltd Ed signed
129 Two Plays of Anton Checkov 1966 Ltd Ed signed
130 Bel-Ami Maupassant 1957 Ltd Ed signed
131 Epicurius 1947 Ltd Ed signed
132 The Picture of Dorian Gray Oscar Wilde l957 Ltd Ed signed
133 Travels With a Donkey Stevenson 1957 Ltd Ed signed
134 Prince and the Pauper Mark Twain 1964 Ltd Ed signed
135 I Promessi Sposi ( The Betrothed) Alessandro Manzoni Ltd Ed signed
136 The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table Oliver Wendall Holmes Ltd Ed signed
137 The Prisoner of Zenda Hope Ltd Ed signed
138 Froissart’s Chronicles 1959 Ltd Ed signed
139 Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture 6 vols Liberty Hyde Bailey Cornell University 1917
140 The American Socialist Oneida NY 1879
141 Burritt’s Geography of the Heavens 1856
142 Atlas of Jefferson County NY repr
143 Atlas of Franklin County NY repr
144 Map of Sussex County NJ 1860 repr
145 Atlas of Clinton County NY repr
146 Atlas of Lewis County NY repr
147 Topographical Atlas of Oswego County NY repr
148 Biographical and Genealogical History of Morris County NJ 1899 2 vols (rough)
149 History of Morris County NJ 1739-l882 Munsell
150 Yearbooks Edison High School 1953,54,55 3
151 History of Kings County NY incl Brooklyn 1884
152 Geologic Atlas of the United States Pa. Elders Ridge 1905
153 Geologic Atlas of the United States Pa. Waynesburg 1905
154 Geologic Atlas of the United States Va West Va Tazewell 1897
155 Geologic Atlas of the United States N Carolina, Tenn Mt Mitchell 1905
156 Geologic Atlas of the United States Pa Mercersburg Chambersburg 1909
157 Geologic Atlas of the United States Md,Del.NJ,Pa. Elkton Wilmington 1920
158 Geologic Atlas of the United States Pa.NY Gaines 1903
159 Geologic Atlas of the United States Pa. Elkland Tioga 1902
160 Geologic Atlas of the United States Pa. Amity 1907
161 Geologic Atlas of the United States Pa. Rogersville 1907
162 Geologic Atlas of the United States Va.West Va. Staunton 1894
163 Geologic Atlas of the United States Va./Md. West Va. Harpers Ferry 1894
164 Geologic Atlas of the United States Va. Md. Fredericksburg 1894
165 Geologic Atlas of the United States Pa, Rural Valley 1905
166 Geologic Atlas of the United States Pa. Ebensburg 1905
167 Geologic Atlas of the United States Pa. Beaver 1905
168 Geologic Atlas of the United States Del; Md; NJ Dover 1906
169 Geologic Atlas of the United States NJ,NY Passaic 1908
170 The Great Antler Auction Goodman/Doolittle lst Ed/dj
171 Pre Raphaelites in Love Gay Daly w/letter
172 Insects The Yearbook of Agriculture 1952
173 The Battles in the Jerseys Wm Armstrong Published by the New Jersey Society of the Sons of the American Revolution 1916
174 The Genius of Dogs Hare/Van Ness
174A Framed portrait oil painting German Shepherd signed by artist Diane Johnson
175 Dog Problems Benjamin
176 Animal Diseases Yearbook of Agriculture 1956
177 Sarah from Alaska Conroy ;lst ed dj
178 The Peasant Prince Thaddeus Kosciuszko and the Age of Revolution Alex Storozynski lst Ed dj
179 Coastal Maine A Maritime History Duncan
180 The American Country House Aslet Yale Univ Press
181 Woodchucks and Woodchuck Rifles Landis 1951 dj
182 The Curious Incident of he Dog in the Night Time Haddon lst Ed dj
183 Wickett’s Remedy Myla Goldberg dj
184 Diseases of the Horse 1916 USDA
185 A Man Called Ove Backman
186 The Garden Dictionary 1938 Taylor
187 Hortus Second Liberty Hyde Bailey and Ethel Zoe Bailey Cornell University
188 Latin for All Occasions Henry Beard lst ed Latin for Even More Occasions Henry Beard lst ed 2
189 Our Old Home Nathaniel Hawthorne 1884
190 Field Guide to he Insects Borror Peterson Field Guide Series
191 Field Guide to the Stars and Planets Menzel Peterson Field Guide Series
192 Winter Solstice Pilcher
193 The Hundred Secret Senses Amy Tan
194 Anything for Billy McMurtry
195 The Swamp Angel Prentice Mulford 1888
196 The First Frontier History of Struggle, Savagery and Endurance in Early America Scott Weidensaul
197 All This and Heaven Too Rachel Field 1940
198 The Pruning Book Liberty Hyde Bailey 1898 Cornell University Rural Science Series 1915
199 Beauty for Ashes Win Blevins ( The Mountain Men
200 Cincinnatus George Washington and the Enlightenment Images of Power In Early America Gary Wills lst ed dj
201 Garden Making Liberty Hyde Bailey 1911 1911 Cornell University Rural Science Series (aided by: Taft Ag College of Michigan
202 Les Chiens Paris
203 The Patriot Chiefs Josephy A Chronicle of American Indian Leadership
204 Concerning Cornell Von Engeln O8 1917 Semi Centennial Anniv Edition 1868-l9l8(rough)
205 Hurlbut’s Story of the Bible for Young and Old c 1900 (rough)
206 The Hudson River Boyle dj
207 Elements of Livestock Judging W W Smith 1941
208 Pioneering With Wildflowers 1933 George Aiken “Dedicated to Peter Rabbit in the hope that flattery will accomplish what traps and guns have failed to do and that the little rascal will let our plants
209 Paul the Peddler Horatio Alger 1903
210 The Farmers Cyclopedia III 1919 Animal Diseases
211 MAny Winters Nancy Wood Prose and Poetry of the Pueblos
212 The Five People You Meet in Heaven Mitch Albom
213 The Spirit of America Thomas Kinkade
214 Painting The Dakota Seth Eastman at Fort Snelling Lorbiecki
215 Images of America Around Wiscasset Images of America Biddeford’ Biddeford Pool 2
216 LL Bean The Making of An American Icon Leon Gorman Harvard Business School Press dj
217 Why We Love the Dogs We Do Coren
218 Game Change Halperin Obama and the Clintons: McCain and Palin
219 The Seventh at St Andrews Gummers
220 Here I Stand John Shelby Spong
221 The World Without Us Alan Weisman
222 Leadership Secrets of Colin Powell, Oren Harari
223 Our Western Border One Hundred Years Ago Charles McKnight 1876 (rough)
224 Ordinances of the Town of Boonton 1956
225 T/L Misc eph
226 Lot decorated oriental fans
227 Lot decorated oriental fans
228 T/L glass negatives
229 The Indians Book
230 Paul Revere Artisan, Businessman and Patriot The Man Behind the Myth
231 Lot booklets re SW Indians
232 Lot booklets Generations in Clay Zuni Fetish Carvings 2
233 Lot Antiques magazines
234 Lewis Carroll : Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Through The Looking Glass 2
235 Lot art books, gallery catalogs
236 Humor of Married Life Faumier
237 Le Sonate Di Domenico Carlatti
238 A Chime of Windbells
239 Purple Heart Valley Bourke-White
240 Film Culture
241 Polish Jews A Pictorial Record Roman Vishniac
242 The Unchanging Hopi
243 The Bill Arnold Collection of the Works of Charles M Russell
244 Pop Art Contemporary Perspectives Princeton University Art Museum
245 Sweet Utopia Sharon Valencik
246 The Enchanted Broccoli Forest Mollie Katzen
247 T/L better quality cook books
248 T/L Lot of signed Lithographs Susan Elias
249 T/L watercolors, prints
250 T/L oil paintings (4) Attributed to Mildred Wright, a Long Branch NJ artist
251 Down to the Sea in Maine Shelton
252 Coverts and Casts Schalach Field Sports and Angling l945 lst Prt dj
253 Mark ! John Mackay 1956 author signed
254 Captain Nelson Drake 1879
255 Trout Ray Bergman 1938 author signed (rough)
256 R. Caldecott’s Picture Book #1
257 Handbook for Green Wood Cleveland 1878 (rough)
258 Salt Water or the Sea Life and Adventures of Neil D Arcy, The Midshipman 1858
259 The Way to Duty The Godson of Lafayette 1907 Elbridge Brooks
260 Coronet magazine 1936 Vol l Nol
261 Readers Digest magazine 1940 incl: The Last Days of Warsaw
262 The Ladies Reader John Hows 1860
263 The Bradbury Stories 1900 Mrs M A W Bradbury
264 To Africa with the Migratory Birds Bengt Berg 1930 lst Ed
265 THe Magnificent Hoax Oppenheim 1936
266 Le Petit Robinson De Paris Madame Eugenie Foa 1866
267 Lot childrens booklets 1960: Chula of Thailand Maria and Carlos of Spain;Matsu and Taro of Japan Kari of Norway; Manuel of Mexico;’ Kala of Hawaii Our Fiftieth State
268 New York Times magazine 1914 Who Began The War and Why
269 New York Times magazine 1915 The European War
270 The Adventures of the Lady Ursula Anthony Hope 1898
271 The Lost Children 1853 T S Arthur
272 Masterman Ready or the Wreck of the Pacific Captain Marryat 1891
273 Elements of Navigation Henderson 1900
274 Sweet Bells Out of Tune Harrison 1893 Illust C D Gibson
275 Living in Tokyo 1937 Katharine Sansom Illust Marjorie Nishiwaki
276 Seed of the Wind Mitchell 1929
277 King Arthur and His Knights Blanche Winder Illus Harry Theaker c1920
278 The Patchwork Quilt Graham Tomson c1890
279 Sunday Reading for the Young 1908
280 Oriental Rugs Mumford 1905
281 Kennedy Sorenson lst ed dj
282 Flipwing The Spy 1894 Lily Wesselhoeft
283 Harry Lawley and His Maiden Aunts Emma Leslie
284 The Adventures of a Little French Boy Alfred De Brehat 1866
285 Doll Repair Glover
286 Three Little Daughters of thc Revolution Nora Perry 1897
287 The Wreck of the Grosvenor Russell
288 The Buntling Ball Weldon 1884
289 A Child of Nature Hamilton Mabie 1901
290 He Confessions of Artemas Quibble Arthur Train 1924
291 Siege of Boston Frothingham 1873 (maps)
292 Stories of New Jersey 1938 WPA book
293 The Algae of the Fresh Waters of Conn
294 Garden Flowers in Color Stevens 1933
295 Boating Safety and Seamanship USCG Aux
296 Th Story of American Hunting and Firearms
297 Nature Ency of America
298 Petty Officer service record USN WWII
299 Jimmie the Story of a Black Bear Cub Baynes 1930
300 Wing to Wing Ware 1946
301 A Decade of Barbie Dolls
302 Goodwill Fire Co of Spring Lake NJ Centennial
303 Alice and Tom Kate Brown 1899 Ledger blank
304 Rutgers Football Pellowski
305 Early American Mills Zimilies
306 Boys and Girls of Bookland Nora Smith Ills Jesse Willcox Smith 1923
307 Berliner Klinische Wochenschrift Waldenburg 1868
308 The Battle of New York William Stoddard 1892
309 Southern Literary Readings Payne 1913
310 Lot: Forgetful Fred Jay Williams Miss Spiders Tea Party Kirk Mjud Pies Judith Gray 3
311 Lot: Katrina of the Lonely Isles Ruthin Elins Amerika De Angeli 1941 2
312 Xenophons Anabasis Goodwin and White Harvard 1901
313 The Farmers Cyclopedia 1919 Vol I
314 Lot: The Desperate Dragons Norris Lloyd The Witchs Pig A Cornish Folktale Calhoun This is Yellow and This is Red Witt Count With Me Witt 4
315 Lot 1875 Atlas maps
316 Modern Ski Technique 1952
317 View of the Battle fought near Lake George NY Sept 8 1755 between 2000 English and 250 Mohawks 1852
318 McCall’s magazine 1913
319 The Home magazine 1931
320 Plowshares Southern Writing
321 1978 World Series program
322 Country Life magazine 1933
323 Edw Curtis photograph Hidesta Mother
324 Edw Curtis photograph White Bull Umatilla
325 Our Picture Book T Kingsford and Son
326 Fighting For World Freedom WW I Wilsons War Speech in German for Kaisers Troops and People(printed by Osborne Co, Clifton NJ)
327 Lot Victorian trade cards
328 Railway Age 1936
329 Lot Victorian trade cards
330 Lot Victorian trade cards
331 PM New York Daily 1940 Hitler Joins Mussolini
332 The Spur magazine 1932
333 Practical Football 1931
334 Football for Coaches anmd Players 1927 Glen Scobey Warner Stanford University
335 British Journal Photo Almanac 1950,l953 2
336 British Journal Photo Almanac 1946.,l948 2
337 Baseball Digest 1964,1956,1961 3
338 Lot sports eph: Baseball Stars 1950 Football Digest 1973,1972 Big Time Baseball 4
339 1953 Polo program
340 L Oeil French art magazine
341 Ballyhoo magazines 6
342 Vasar Vagabond magazine 1925
343 Wesleyan Wasp magazine
344 The Log magazine US Naval Academy
345 The Red and Blue magazine Univ of Penn
346 1937 program Worlds Bowling Championships
347 Program Mickey Mantle Day 1965 Yankee Stadium
348 The Illustrated American magazine 1891+ 5
349 Forest and Stream magazines 1916,1915 3
350 Press photo boxing
351 1950 program Harvard/Yale Regatta
352 1928 Program Horse Show
353 Lot Baseball player posters Thurman Munson etc
354 Lot collector card promo
355 Lot Gameday cards
356 Lot NY Times Giants photos Tili Barber,Eli Manning etc
357 Lot NY Yankees signature cards
358 1948 NYU Yearbook
359 1965 Trenton Speedway program
360 Sportsmans Yearbook 1940
361 1936 Football Annual
362 Lot programs Golden Gloves Finals etc
363 Le Journal Physique et Radium 1923
364 Red and Blue magazine Univ of Penna Football Number
365 1940 Football Annual
366 1948 67th 6 Day Bicycle Race program
367 The Rangers Victory Song, matted
368 T/L Misc eph
369 T/L Misc eph
370 Japanese Art Book Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
371 Heads Figures and Ideas Henry Moore New York Graphic Society 1958
372 Darley’s Margaret 1856
373 L’Art Architectural En France 1866 2 vols Rouyer and Darcel
374 Allure Diana Vreeland
375 Family Medical Guide BHG
376 The Cat Who Came for Christmas Cleveland Amory
377 Caring for Cats Andrew Morris lst Ed dj
378 The Cat Richards
379 Wildlife Painting Rayfield
380 Please Don’t Feed the Mayor Sue Pethick Based on a True Story. Sort of.
381 Fortune Hunter Daisy Goodwin, lst Ed dj
382 Poker Face Katy Lederer lst Ed dj
383 Complete Book of Hunting Ormond
384 Focus The Secret, Sexy sometimes Sordid World of Fashion Photographers Michael Gross lst ed dj author inscribed to Steve Adubato
385 The Inner Circle Brad Meltzer
386 Relationship Rescue Dr Phillip McGraw
387 A Passion for Giving Klein/Berrie
388 Tara Road Maeve Binchy
389 The Gift of Change ,Marianne Williamson
390 Lot childrens books
391 Standard of Perfection Complete Description of all Recognized Varieties of Fowls American Poultry Association 1945 (The “Bible” used by judges in Poultry show
392 Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens
393 Early Underground Mine Lamps
394 Collectible Iron Tin Copper and Brass
395 Lot VHS Tapes 5 Incl John Wayne
396 Lot VHS Tapes 5 Incl Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart
397 Lot DAR magazines 1976+ 5
398 In Washington DAR Memorial Continental Hall
399 Lot Magazines Colonial Homes. Yankee etc
400 Night Train at Wiscasset Station Dietz Fwd by Andrew Wyeth
401 Philatelic lot: USFDCS 3 American Dogs incl Boston Terriers(“a true American Canine”
402 Program Commissioning Day United States Ship SHILOH (CG67) at Bath Iron Works, Bath Maine July 18,1992
403 Lot VHS Tapes 5 Incl Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington
404 Lot VHS Tapes 5 Incl The Ten Commandments
405 Lot VHS Tapes 4 Incl Jane Fonda,Rock Hudson, Humphry Bogart,Audrey Hepburn
406 Lot VHS Tapes 4 Incl Sophia Loren,Walter Matthau
407 Competing in Tough Times Berman
408 Know Your Antiques Ralph and Terry Kovel
409 Arts of Asia
410 Mythology Richard Cavendish
411 Automobile Chronicle The Evolution of Style
412 Art Moderne 1870-l970
413 The Language of Literature Littell
414 The Civil War Burns/Ward (and McPherson)
415 Lot catalogs Rutgers University
416 Unbuilt Masterworks of the 21st Cty
417 Core Concepts in Fashion Laura Portolese Dias
418 An Illustrated History of the Modern World Wright
419 The Second World War John Keegan lst American Ed dj
420 Every Horse Owners Cyclopedia 1872 (rough)
421 Frank Lloyd Wrights California
422 New York Times Guide to Essential Knowledge
423 New York Public Library Desk Reference
424 Secrecy and Foreign Policy Weisband
425 The French Revolution George Rude
426 Picasso The Worlds Greatest Art
427 Individual Creations The Grand Tour Flavio Conti
428 Lot art books 2
429 Oriental Rugs Herbert
430 War in the Shadows The Guerilla in History Asprey lst Ed 1994
431 Hubble Imaging Space and Time
432 Places of Inspiration James Pipkin
433 Lot childrens books
434 Lot childrens books Little Golden
435 Lot childrens books Little Golden
436 Lot childrens books
437 Lot CDs
438 Lot CDs
439 Lot CDs
440 Lot CDs
441 Lot CDs
442 Lot photos incl GI
443 Lot older Disney childrens records
444 Lot older childrens records albums 78s
445 What Will They Say About You When You Are Gone ? Rabbi Daniel Cohen Fwd Sen Joseph Lieberman (Rabbi Cohen is Co Host with Rev Greg Doll “The Rabbi and the Reverend”
446 The House of Morgan Chernow
447 The Water Babies Charles Kingsley Illust Jessie Wilcox Smith
448 Creation Museum
449 The Money Changers Arthur Hailey 1975
450 Circle in the Sand The Bush Dynasty in Iraq Christian Alfonsi
451 The Outlandish Companion Diana Gabaldon
452 The Great Fear The Anti Communist Purge David Caute
453 Still Foolin Em Billy Crystal
454 The New York Public Library Literature Companion
455 The World is Flat Thomas Friedman
456 Sister Teresa ( Saint Teresa of Avila) Barbara Mujica lst Ed
457 Framed Silhouette signed Miro
458 Framed Silhouette signed Matisse
459 1942 BSA Manual ( WWII introduces Air Scout)
460 Lot matchbook covers incl Fort Monmouth
461 1923 Specimen book and catalog American Type Founders Company (rough)
462 Lot CDs incl Andrea Bocelli
463 Lot CDs incl Barry Manilow
464 Lot CDs incl Celine
465 Lot CDs incl The Beatles,Elton John,John Denver
466 Lot CDs incl Johnny Cash
467 Classic American Cars Nichols
468 Stage Makeup
469 Douglas MacArthur The Far Eastern General Schaller
470 Books by Beverly Lewis re The Amish Community 7 vols
471 Poems That Live Forever The Salesian Collection
472 One Generation After Elie Wiesel
473 The Case Against Congress Drew Pearson A compelling indictment of corruption on Capitol Hill
474 An Old Time Christmas Rice
475 Talking About Death Wont Kill You Morris lst Ed dj
476 The Death Makers Glen Sire lst Ed dj
477 Captivity Wesselman
478 Broken Trust (Clerical Abuse)
479 Before and After Orphans Who Survived the Tennessee Childrens Home Society Christie/Wingate lst Ed dj
480 The Greatest Stories Never Told Rick Beyer
481 I Never Played the Game Howard Cosell
482 Letters From a Nut Ted Nancy
483 Mouse Tales Arnold Lobel
484 Lot travel broch
485 Lot travel broch
486 Telepages (2) Street maps of Boonton, Montville, Morristown, Par Troy, Mt Lakes etc
487 Eldridge’s Shorthand 1922
488 Lot milk bottle caps
489 Philatelic lot: US / NY Cover Operation Welcome Home Schwartzkopf USMA Class of l956
490 Lot postcards US Colleges and Universities
491 Photograph of oil painting by artist Dan Tennant (Book room at Harmonie Hall, Bainbridge NY)
492 Les Grands Proces De L:’Histoire De France 1966 set/ll vols
493 Three Ring Mad pb
494 Mad in Orbit pb
495 Pig Mania Game
496 Die Praxis Schnittblumengartnrei Curt Reiter 1925
497 Deutsch Americkanisches Conversations Lexicon 1873 4 vols
498 Lot leather bill folds
499 What’s Age Got to Do With It ? Robin McGraw
500 The Judas Tree A J Cronin
501 Aunt Jane’s Nieces in Society Van Dyne 1910
502 Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children Riggs
503 Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon Jules Verne c1910
504 To The Best of My Ability James McPherson The American Presidents
505 The Prairie James Fenimore Cooper
506 The Brave and Free 1942
507 Jo’s Boys Alcott 1925
508 When We Were Very Young AA Milne 1955
509 Seven Who Shaped Our Destiny Morris
510 Lot Little Golden childrens books
511 Lot Little Golden childrens books
512 Lot childrens books
513 Rough Riders Theodore Roosevelt
514 He Rode With Butch and Sundance Smokov
515 Ford The Men and the Machine Lacey
516 Illus Story of WWII
517 Adolf Hitler Joh Toland n2 vols
518 Robert E Lee The Man and the Soldier
519 Buck Rogers Intro Ray Bradbury
520 Architecture in New York Wayne Andrews
521 Historical Atlas of Ancient America
522 The Last book on the Left
523 A Peoples History of American Empire
524 The Civil War Jay Wertz
525 The Rough Riders Theodore Roosevelt
526 Paris Then and Now
528 Vanishing Paradise The Rain Forest
529 Airstream
530 Beyond Midnight Paul Revere
531 Suckers Progress Herbert Asbury
532 Baron von Steuben’s Revolutionary War Drill Manual facs of 1794 Edition
533 Lot periodicals re Civil War
534 NGS Atlas of the World
535 Anatomy and Physiology The Massage Connection Premkumar MD 2
536 Informed Touch Myofascial Disorders Finando
537 Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction Travell and Simons 2 vols
538 Massage Therapists Guide to Pathology 2 Werner
539 Theory and Practice of Therapeutic Massage Beck 3
540 Complete Book of Herbs and Spices Sarah Garland
541 Dr Susan Loves Breast Book
542 New Decorating Book BHG
543 Diary of a Wimpy Kid Jeff Kinney 2
544 Starfinder
545 Lot childrens books
546 One of a Kind Milton Hershey (rough)
547 Collected Papers Sigmund Freud
548 99 Lives Cats in History, Legend and Literature (rough)
549 Grace Paley The Collected Stories
550 Between Women Eichenbaum Orbach lst American Ed dj
551 Non Being and Somethingness Stuart Hample
552 A Secret Symmetry Sabina Spielrein Carotenuto The Ego Ideal Chasseguet Smirgel Transference and Counter Transference Racker 3
553 Money, Mystery, and Mastery Otis Kaye Bradburne
554 Porcupine magazine (funded by the Kohler Foundation Terrance Kohler AFA Class of l952}
555 Rediscovering French Film Museum of Modern Art NYC
556 The Golden Age of Discovery Hemming
557 Freud Britannica
558 Lot childrens books 3
559 Art Through the Ages Gardner
560 Reagan’s War Schweizer
561 The Yale Dictionary of Art and Artists pg 743 John Wootton 1756 Best known as one of the originators of English sporting painting (horses) and as a landscape artist
562 Lot of 33 vinyl records incl: Calliopes, Nickelodeons and “orchestral organs”
563 Lot of 33 vinyl records incl: Music boxes, Hand Organs Fair Organs etc
564 Lot of 33 vinyl records incl: Band organs theater organs etc
565 Lot of 33 vinyl records incl: Band organs Trumpet fair organ, street organs,
566 Lot of 33 vinyl records incl: street organs, Wurlitzers, Fairground organs,Music boxes, Barrel organ
567 Lot of 33 vinyl records incl: band organs, Fair organ, street organs
568 Lot of 33 vinyl records incl: fair organs,concert organ,barrel organ
569 Lot of 33 vinyl records incl: Carousel organ, Taj Mahal organ,Amusement Park organ,Fair organ
570 Lot of 33 vinyl records incl: Band organ, Barrel organ,Fairground organ,Wuritzer organ
571 Lot of 33 vinyl records incl: Theater organ, Fairground organ,Orchestrion Music machine, Wurlitzer,Street organs
572 Lot of 33 vinyl records incl: Theater organ, Calliope, Merry Go Round Organ,Joshua Rifkin {Joplin)
573 Lot of 33 vinyl records incl: Ragtime Orchestra organ Band Organ, Street organ, Carousel organs etc
574 Lot of 33 vinyl records incl: Classical
575 Lot of 33 vinyl records incl: Pete Fountain, Stan Getz, classical etc
576 Lot of 33 vinyl records incl: Sinatra, Burt Bacharach Classical etc
577 Lot of 33 vinyl records incl: Sinatra, Crosby Louis Armstrong Classical etc
578 Lot of 33 vinyl records incl: Burl Ives, Classical etc
579 If Only You Knew How Much I Smelled you True Portraits of Dogs Blount/Shaff
580 T/L Misc eph
581 Framed signed photograph Sellwood Church
582 Matted ad 1916 Victrola
583 Aus Dm Fullhorn Der Evlen Deutschen Musica 2 vols
584 Currier and Ives Harry T Peters Printmakers to the American People
585 Blumen Am Wege Furrr/Baumberger Switzerland 1950 (color plates botanical, flowers)
586 Berglumen Der Heimat Meirhofer/Baumberger Switzerland (color plates botanical/flowers 1946)
587 Lot pin backs
588 The Best Jokes About Drunks etc
589 WWII Nazi Rifleman badge
590 1939 Nazi Iron Cross Badge
591 WW II Nazi Infantry Badge
592 1930s Nazi party badge
593 1939 Nazi Iron Cross Badge
594 Set Weber’s Weltgrschiehie 14 vols leather 1860+
595 The Great Cities of he Modern World 1887 Helen Ainslie Smith (rough)
596 Lot Pocket Testament etc
597 Plan for the City of New York framed 1744
598 The National Museum of Natural History Smithsonian Kopper
599 Chinese Watercolors Josef Hejzlar
600 The American Theater Hirshfeld Intr Brooks Atkinson
601 Yosemite and the High Sierra Ansel Adams
602 T/L better quality cookbooks
603 Summerland Michael Chabon lst Ed dj
604 Sword Song The Battle For London Bernard Cornwell lstEd dj
605 More Gilt Edged Bonds Ian Fleming lst printing dj This Time is Different Reinhart Eight Centuries of Financial Folly 2
606 For the New Intellectual The Philosophy of Ayn Rand 1960 lst Prt dj
607 The Blue Aspic Edward Gorey
608 The Friendly Instructor for Young Ladies and Gentlemen 1819
609 St Nicholas Magazine 1883
610 Souv View Book White Mtns NH c 1915
611 Collecting Printed Ephemera Maurice Rickards
612 Book of Wonder Dunsany 1918 A Dreamers Tales Dunsany 2
613 Country Life Magazine 1929
614 Map of the City of New York 1852
615 Topographical map Mohawk River/Wood Creek
616 Arts and Decoration magazine 1931
617 Pictorial Review magazine 1927
618 SEP magazine 1932
619 Modern Priscilla Magazine 1926
620 Country Life magazine 1933
621 Steuben Glass Madigan
622 Through the Air to the North Pole Rockwood 1906 lst Ed
623 What Is the Odds ? Joe Ullman author signed
624 1801 map Southern Part of the United Provinces Northern ” ” 1802 map Valencienes 3
625 Howe Caverns brochure
626 City of Crafts ” A Fantasy” 1922
627 New Lugano Review 1976
628 New York News Letter magazine 1900 and misc eph
629 Alas map England etc
630 Brochure New York State Reservation at Niagara (map)
631 Under the Ocean to the South Pole Rockwood 1907
632 A Coffin for Dimitrios Eric Ambler
633 Frankfurt 1915-l933 Beckmann
634 Art in Poland 1572-1764 Land of the Winged Horesemen
635 The Tudor Chronicles The Kings
636 Chipmunk Song Miss Spiders Wedding Kirk 2
637 The Nations at War 1915 magazine series in binder
638 Commodore John Barry Father of the American Navy Gurn 1933
639 The Strand magazine bound 1897
640 Lot CDs incl: Neil Diamond,Carly Simon,Johnny Cash Tony Bennett,Andrea Bocelli.Sinatra, TommybDoorsey etc
641 Lot CDs incl: Susan Boyle,Mahalia Jackson,Liberace Simon and Garfunkel,Neil Diamond
642 Lot CDs incl: Tony Bennett,Faith Hill,Barry Manilow Adele,Stevie Wonder,Ray Charles,Jackson Browne
643 Lot CDs incl: Barbra Streisand,Garth Brooks, Josh Groban,Rod Stewart,Leann Rimes
644 Lot CDs incl: Jim Croce, Iz,Billy Joel, Wicked Bob Dylan, etc
645 Lot CDs incl: Josh Groban;George Rice;Carrie Underwood;Dolly Parton,Willie Nelson,
646 Lot CDs incl: Josh Groban,etc
647 Lot CDs incl: Garth Brooks,Dan Duggan,Peggy Lynn, Cumberland Gap Reunion, James Taylor etc
648 Lot CDs incl: Barbra Streisand,Marie Osmond,, Mary Chapin Carpenter,Kenny Loggins,Art Garfunkel
649 Lot CDs incl: Andy Williams, Jim Nabor, Garth Brooks, Mario Lanza,Hall and Oates, Neil Diamond, Natalie Cole,
650 Book of Gay Short Stories
651 A Warning in Blood Joseph De Marco
652 Choosing Happiness Ray
653 2012 Yearbook George Washington University
654 Pearl Mary Gordon
655 The Country Under My Skin Gioconda Belli
656 Political Theologies Sullivan
657 Chronicles of the Guayaki Indians Auster
658 The Illustrated Kama Sutra
659 Basqutat Emmerling
660 Welfare History of US Policy and Politics Why Americans Hate Welfare 2
661 The Welfare State Nobody Knows Howard
662 The Lover Marguerite Duras
663 The Cheese and the Worms Carlo Ginsburg
664 On The Banks of the Gangha Alley
665 Tristes Tropiques Levi Strauss
666 At Play with Krishna Hawley
667 Social Policy in the United States Theda Skocpol
668 Friedrich Nietzsche: Twilight of the Idols and the Anti-Christ On the Genealogy of Morality 2
669 Diaries From the Days of Sail R C Bell
670 Harpers magazine bound 1887
671 Lord Byron Poetry 1935
672 American Stock Car Racers
673 Secrets from the Rocks Dinosaur Hunting Marrin
674 Our Century on Pictures Life
675 Maine Beautiful Wallace Nutting 1924 dj
676 The Orphan Brigade Kentucky Confederates who Couldn’t Go home William Davis
677 Inventing a Nation: Washington, Adams, Jefferson Gore Vidal
678 The Best of Laurel and Hardy
679 The Fall of the Ottomans
680 Portrait of A Mile Square City Stories from Hoboken Plakke
681 Killing Lincoln Bill O Reilly
682 Inventing Wyatt Earp Barra
683 The Last Gunfight OK Corral Guinn
684 1968 in America Kaiser
685 Art Across America Gerdts
686 Those in Peril On the Sea Stackpole
687 The Hudson Fulton Celebration 1909
688 B/L set Crime Encyclopedia 28 vols
689 T/L Misc eph photos, albums, travel broch
690 History of Scotland III 1797
691 All About Little Black Sambo
692 B/L Misc eph post cards etc
693 Lot Parabola magazines
694 Lot Misc eph sheet music etc
695 Lot Misc eph Newspapers, Stockman mags, Adventure mags etc
696 Pax Vobiscum Drummond 1890
697 Poetical Works William Cullen Bryant 1879
698 T/L Misc eph magazines etc
699 Art Nouveau
700 Memoirs of Rev David Stoner Methodist Tract Society 1853
701 A Little Girl in Old New York Amanda Douglas 1901
702 The Kentucky Tragedy Dickson Bruce lst printing dj
703 John L Sullivan Champion of Champions Fleischer 1951
704 Canterbury Tales, Chaucer Illus Rockwell Kent
705 West African Countries and Peoples Horton 1868 reprint
706 The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table Oliver Wendall Holmes
707 Telocvik Napsal Jos Cermak 1907
708 B/L Misc eph incl Moore’s Geography w/maps 18th Cty NYS Will, etc
709 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Ahmad Jamal,George Shearing Quintet,etc
710 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Geoge Shearing Quintet
711 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Don Ho;Edit Piaf, Dusty Springfield,T Bone Burnett .George Shearing
712 American Album Suares
713 A Story Tellers Holiday George Moore 2 vols 1928
714 The Inheritance Sanger lst Ed dj
715 Grievous Sin Kellerman signed lst Ed dj
716 Fortunes in Friendship Barton Rees Pogue 1926 signed
717 The Lost Son Bernard Kerik lst Ed dj
718 Medical Magic 1938 David Dietz author inscribed
719 The Leaves Still Talk David Kalugin poetry signed For The Loneliest of Reasons Kalugin signed 2
720 Our Glorious Century RD
721 Anglo Files A Field Guide to the British Sarah Lyall
722 The Elizabethans Wilson
723 Oh My Gods Childs
724 Prisoners of Hope ( Afghanistan) Curry Mercer
725 Lot childrens books
726 Beauty in the Beasts Von Kreisler
727 Flawed Dogs The Curious Incident of the dog in the night time 2
728 Arcimboldo Life and Works Craig
729 1958 Yearbook Rutgers
730 1959 Yearbook Rutgers
731 1957 Yearbook Rutgers
732 1960 Yearbook Douglass College
733 1973 Yearbook Park Ridge HS
734 1972 Yearbook Park Ridge HS
735 Great Expectations Dickens
736 Sun Bear The Path of Power
737 Glimmer Train periodical
738 Bad Girls Jan Stradling
739 Pieces of My Heart Robert Wagner lst ed dj
740 The United States Navy
741 Splendors of Thirty Centuries
742 Mysteries of the Past
743 The Art of Bev Doolittle
744 Works of Greco, in Spain Christian Zervos
745 Wilhelm Busch Album Humoristischer Hausfchatz
746 The Friend Religious and Literary Journal Smith 1845
747 First and Fundamental Truths Metaphysics 1889
748 My Life as An Explorer Sven Hedin 1925
749 Experiment in Autobiography HG Wells 1934
750 Sketchbooks of Hiroshige 2
751 Gone with The Wind 1936 (lst Year) Mitchell
752 Report of the Industrial Commission 1901
753 Folk Songs of Many People 1922 YWCA
754 Cyclopedia of American Horticulture 1909 Liberty Hyde Bailey Cornell University 2 vols
755 The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club Charles Dickens 1873
756 Mont St. Michel and Chartres Adams 1930
757 Field Flowers Eugene Fields Monument Committee Illus include: Stanford White; Reginald Birch G J Taylor, Granville Smith,Mary Foote,A B Frost W A Rogers,Frederic Remington etc (rough)
758 1936 Jubilee Book of the Ukranian National Association
759 Massachusetts Beautiful Wallace Nutting 1935
760 Happiness Carl Hilty 1903
761 The Life of Admiral George Dewey
762 Unofficial Letters of an Officials Wife Edith Moses 1908
763 Master of the Vineyard Reed 1910
764 Cousin Betty Balzac 1897 The Mother of All Living Novel of Africa 1922 Robert Keable 2
765 German Ships Log 1893 Robinson Crusoe c 1890
766 Appleton’s Juvenile Annual 1868
767 The Long Ago Years Stories 1919 Felix Holt Eliot 1903
768 Der Heinzel Wert 1933 Smitty 1928 2
769 Frank Sinatra Scrap Book
770 The Old West The Gun Fighters
771 Lot childrens books
772 The Lovely Summer Marc Simont 1952 dj
773 Cinnabar The One O Clock Fox Henry 1956 dj
774 Lot childrens books
775 Arabian Nights
776 Framed Engraving” Merry Making in he Olden Time”
777 Black Maria Chas Addams
778 Life and Works of Barye the Sculptor Ltd Ed 258/525 1889
779 Bloom County Babylon Berke Breathed lst ed
780 Flesh and Fantasy Penny Stallings
781 Prince Valiant The Adventures of Gawain
782 Lot comics
783 Lot comics
784 Lot comics
785 Lot comics
786 Lot comics
787 Lot comics
788 Lot comics
789 Lot comics
790 Lot comics
791 Lot comics
792 T/L Misc eph
793 B/L German texts etc
794 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Van McCoy, Alicia Bridges The Sylvers,Heetwave,Blondie,Odyssey,Vicki Sue Robinson,Amii Stewart,Hall and Oates.Pilot, Supertramp,Cheap,Trick, Anne Murray etc
795 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Miami Sound Machine,Jelly bean David Essex,Dr,Buzzards Original Savannah Band, Sylvers,The Jacksons,Doobie Bros.,Elton John,Ringo Starr,Debby Boone,Shaun Cassidy, Gerry Rafferty,
796 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Ram Jam,The Captain and Tinnille,Starland Vocal Band,Foxy,Cliff Richard Donna Summer,Rita Coolidge,John Denver
797 Lot 45 RPM records incl: lOcc,The Carpenters,Carol Douglas,Bay City Rollers,Rick Dees and His Cast of Idiots,Olivia Newton John,Gordon Lightfoot,Meat Loaf Taste of Honey,The Clash,Minnie Riperton,Kenny Logging
798 Lot DVDs
799 Lot DVDs
800 Lot DVDs
801 The Presidents House Margaret Truman lst Ed dj
802 The Stranger and the Statesman The Smithsonian Nina Burleigh lst Ed dj
803 The Map As Art
804 I Bought Andy Warhol Richard Polsky
805 The Scarlet Letter Hawthorne 1850
806 Idylls of the King Alfred Lord Tennyson Poet Laureate
807 Around the World text 1893
808 The Magic Mountain Thomas Mann 1927
809 The Shadow of the Bottle 1915 (Prohibition)
810 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Illustr Robert Ingpen
811 The Call of the Sea Jan de Harog
812 Men Against Death Paul De Kruif 1933 “The Disease has no objection to being cured at all”
813 So Big Edna Ferber 1924
814 A Tale of Two Cities Dickens
815 Collected Poems 1947-l997 Allen Ginsburg
816 The German comedy Scenes of Life after the Wall Peter Schneider lst Ed dj
817 Narratives of the Russian Tailor etc c1890
818 Purgatorio Dante
819 Wks of Dylan Thomas 3
820 Mc Guffey’s Readers Fifth and Sixth 1879 2
821 History of the United States Martindale 1866 rough
822 Rays Primary Arithmetic 1857 Rays Intellectual Arithmetic 1857 2
823 McGuffy’s Eclectic Third Reader; Fourth Reader 1866 2
824 Rays Intellectual Arithmetic 1877 2
825 McGuffy’s Second Reader 1865;Fourth 1857 Fourth 1879 4
826 Harvey’s Elementary Grammar 1869 McGuffy Eclectic Spelling 1879 2
827 The Mysterious Stranger Mark Twain
828 Speed and Luxury The Great Cars
829 John Gould’s Birds
830 Grimm’s Tales For Young and Old
831 To Kill a Mocking Bird Harper Lee The Catcher in he Rye Salinger Mademoiselle Chanel Gortner 3 pbs
832 Other Voices, Other Rooms Truman Capote Spoon River Anthology Masters 2 pbs
833 Kindness a Story for Boys 1872
834 Oxford
835 The Hasidic Anthology Newman 1946
836 A Treasury of Jewish Humor Nathan Ausubel 1951 lst ed
837 Wicked Maguire
838 The Words Jean Paul Sartre
839 Doctor Fischer of Geneva Graham Greene The Great Gatsby Scott Fitzgerald The Sun Also Rises Ernest Hemingway0 3 pbs
840 Bedside Book of Famous American Stories 1936
841 The Fall of Richard Nixon Tom Brokaw lst Ed dj
842 Japan, Inc
843 Bono Michka Assayas
844 Ellery Queen’s Golden Dozen The Blind Assassin Atwood 2
845 The Rolling Stones A Life on the Road
846 Woody Guthrie A Life Klein Fool Me Once Harlan Coben 2
847 Monument to Murder Margaret Truman The Beast Faye Kellerman 2
848 Sanctuary Faye Kellerman All by Myself Alone Mary Higgins Clark The Butchers Theater Jonathan Kellerman 3
849 Mr Hornadays War Bechtel
850 Code Girls Liza Mundy WWII
851 The Age of Sultan Suleyman The Magnificent
852 Woody Allen Lax Side Effects Woody Allen 2
853 The Understudy Elia Kazan Keith Richards Bockris
854 John Adams David McCullough
855 B/L Uncorrected Proofs
856 Schinler’s List Keneally
857 Little Lord Fauntelroy Burnett 1901 Illustr Reginald B Birch (Second Husband of Mrs Charles Wootton)
858 The Presidents Club Gibbs/Duffy
859 Frankenstein Shelley Wuthering Heights Emily Bronte 2
860 The Builders Marvels of Engineering NGS
861 The Swiss Without Halos Herold 1948
862 The Rolling Stones The First Twenty Years Keith Richards Life as a Rolling Stone 2
863 The Rolling Stones Album
864 The Early Stones
865 The Lost Rolling Stones Photographs
866 Ultimate Guide to the Rolling Stones
867 The Rolling Stones Street Fighting Years Stephen Barnard
868 Muscle Cars Glastonbury 2
869 John Brick: Troubled Spring: The Raid 2
870 The Complete Novels Jane Austen
871 The Next Person You Meet in Heaven Mitch Albom
872 Old Pastures Padraic Colum 1830
873 When You Are Engulfed in Flames David Sedaris
874 Bech at Bay John Updike
875 Cloudsplitter Russell Banks
876 The Best Loved Poems of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Caroline Kennedy
877 The Grapes of Wrath John Seinbeck Trinity Uris 2
878 Winter of the World Ken Follett Fall of Giants ” ” World Without End ” “,, , 3
879 Legends Women Who have Changed the World
880 Treasures of Britain
881 The Yale Book of Quotations
882 Amazon Kelly/London
883 The Jeeves Omnibus Wodehouse
884 Jacqueline Kennedy The White House Years
885 Audrey Hepburn
886 Rogue Lawyer John Grisham
887 T/L Misc eph
888 Framed signed water color palm trees
889 Framed signed water color palm trees
890 Framed print, signed Gus and Blue Down Home
891 Framed print, Three Flower Girls
892 Framed English map New York and New Jersey and part of Pennsylvania 1773 repr
893 Framed map of Morris County History and Progress since 1695
894 Rolled poster Anatomical art
895 Rolled NGS map United States
896 Lot Atlas maps: West Indies, Cuba, Jamaica Santa Domingo
897 Atlas map North America
898 Atlas map Mexico (RRs) ; Cuba
899 Atlas map 1886 United States
900 Thomas Nast Engr Harpers Bazaar Old Mother Gooses Melodies
901 Oak framed map: Colton’s Prussia and Saxony
902 Framed 1873 State of Florida Bond $1000 Interest Payable Semi Annually in American Gold Coin
903 Framed Twelve Months of Flowers Pieter Casteels (print of 1730 original)
904 Saint Paul Museum art poster R C Gorman signed
905 Lot rolled WC portrait and Calendar calendar copies of C and Is
906 Etiquette Emily Post 1955
907 The Edge of Day Laurie Lee 1960 Illustr John Ward
908 The Greebriar Hertitage White Sulphur Springs West Va
909 Coin Preservation Handbook Chas Frank l964 lst d
910 Letter from Peking Pearl Buck 1957
911 New York A Guide to the Metropolis Gerard Wolfe
912 Fundamental Laws and Constitutions of New Jersey Julian Boyd NJ Historical Series
913 Mandala Pearl Buck
914 Styles of Ornament Speltz 1936 (rough)
915 Millers Antiques 2003,2007 2
916 Faberge Imperial Egg Collection Calendar Forbes
917 Brehm Djurens LIV Stockholm 1938
918 Svensk Uppslagsbok 1933
919 Certificates: Council of American Master Mariners United State Merchant Marine Cadet Corps Naval Officer Commission signed by Frank Knox Sec of the Navy 1944
920 Folder includes WWII GI photos
921 1904 World Atlas w / good maps
922 Three photos of ship ” Pomona Victory” One signed by J.M. Wainwright, General USA
923 Photo Jonathan Wainwight, General USA With Master and Deck Staff 9/8/45 Signed by General Wainwright
924 Lot Army and Navy Register 1897,1903,1902
925 The American Guard Gazette of the 71st Regt NYNG 1894
926 Famous Epoch Makers Charlemagne Davis (rough) 1899 ” ” ” Robert The Bruce Maxwell ” 1897 2
927 Adv tray: King George IV Blended Scotch Whiskey ” Say WHEN, Man !!”
928 Speculum A Journal of Medieval Study
929 The Hermitage
930 T/l Misc eph
931 T/l Misc eph
932 The Great Weapons of WWII
933 Lot CDs
934 Lot CDs
935 Lot CDs
936 Lot CDs
937 Civil War Armed chair Reader
938 Scientific American magazine 1830 RRs
939 Matted Alec Sterne etching
940 Lot vinyl records incl:Allan Sherman, Anna Russell Judy Collins,Nipsey Russell
941 New York A Picture Memory
942 Scientific American 1874
943 Lot NYC eph incl Woolworth Bldg
944 Pictorial History San Francisco Fire and Earthquake
945 The Metal Arts magazine 1929
946 B/L classical records 78s
947 Two Framed (double sided)Classical Music pages
948 B/L audio cassettes
949 B/L audio cassettes
950 B/L audio cassettes
951 Sesame Street Unpaved lst ED
952 Life magazine Paul McCartney
953 Shooters Bible 1964
954 The Journal of Cell Biology 1990 2
955 The Journal of Cell Biology 1995-l996 2
956 The Journal of Cell Biology 1996 3
957 The Journal of Cell Biology 1996 3
958 The Journal of Cell Biology 1990 2
959 The Journal of Cell Biology 1990 3
960 The Journal of Cell Biology 1990 2
961 The Journal of Cell Biology 1996 2
962 The Journal of Cell Biology 1996 2
963 The Journal of Cell Biology 1996 3
964 The Journal of Cell Biology 1995-l996 3
965 The Journal of Cell Biology 1994-k995 3
966 The Journal of Cell Biology 1990-l9942
967 Lot Nature magazines 1997 6
968 The Journal of Cell Biology 1997-2
969 The Journal of Cell Biology 1997-2
970 Lot Science magazines 1997 4
971 Lot Cell magazines 1997 2
972 Lot Cell magazines 1997 3
973 Lot Science magazines 1997 4
974 Lot Biochemistry magazines 1997 3
975 The Journal of Cell Biology 1997 2
976 The Journal of Cell Biology 1997 3
977 The Journal of Cell Biology 1997 3
978 Lot Science magazines 1994 4 (American Assoc for the Advancement of Science)
979 Lot Science magazines 1994 4
980 Lot Nature magazines 1990 3
981 Lot Nature magazines 1990 3
982 Lot Nature magazines 1990 4
983 Lot Nature magazines 1990 3
984 Lot Nature magazines 1990 -1994 4
985 Lot Nature magazines 1990 -1994 4
986 Lot Science magazines 1993 4
987 Lot Science magazines 1993 4
988 Lot Science magazines 1993 4
989 Lot Science magazines 1993 4
990 Lot Science magazines 1993 3
991 Lot Nature magazines 1992 4
992 Lot Nature magazines 1994 4
993 Lot Nature magazines 1994 4
994 Lot Nature magazines 1994 3
995 Lot Science magazines 1993 4
996 Lot Science magazines 1993 3
997 Lot Science magazines 1993 3
998 Lot Science magazines 1992 4
999 Lot Science magazines 1997 4
1000 Lot Science magazines 1992 5
1001 Terrorist John Updike
1002 Sundays at Tiffanys James Patterson lst Ed dj
1003 GI Dogs Prisoner of War Calkhoven
1004 The Witches Roald Dahl
1005 Martin Luther King Jr A Profile Eric Lincoln
1006 1006 A Manual for Writers Kate Turabian
1007 Faiz Ahmad Faiz Udu Poet of Social Realism Estelle Dryland
1008 Holding On Dreamers, Visionaries, Eccentrics and Other American Heroes Isday/Wang
1009 American Williams Sonoma
1010 Running On Red Dog Road Berkheimer
1011 The Conquering Family Thomas Costain
1012 Command Authority Tom Clancy
1013 Cardinal de Retz The Anatomy of a Conspirator Salmon
1014 For One More Day Mitch Albom
1015 The Gospel According to Judas
1016 A Child’s Garden of Verses Stevenson Illustr Jessie Willcox Smith
1017 Crazy Beautiful Baratz
1018 Toxicology Hagedorn
1019 Sunrise Over Fallujah Myers
1020 Confessions of An Ugly Stepsister Maguire
1021 Tours of Historic New Jersey (Boonton pg 19)
1022 Play for a Kingdom Thomas Dyja
1023 True Believer Nicholas Sparks
1024 An Englishman in Paris Sadler
1025 Old Yeller Fred Gipson
1026 Stealing South A Story of the Underground Railroad Ayres
1027 To The Moon and Back Larrick
1028 The Reign of Henry the VII Storey
1029 Reading Lolita in Tehran Nafisi
1030 The Bass Fishermans Bible Fishing-The Art of casting, trolling, or spinning while freezing, sweating, swatting or swearing 2
1031 Feng Shui 2
1032 Hot and Spicy Cooking BHG
1033 Then Came Darkness Schleicher
1034 The Autobiography of Mark Twain
1035 A Time to Mourn, A Time to Comfort Ron Wolfson
1036 Beverly Cleary Darwin
1037 Glimmer Train 2
1038 Si-Cology Duck Dynasty Si Robertson
1039 Crazy U Ferguson
1040 Ten Things I Wish Id Known Maria Shriver
1041 The Healing Heart Norman Cousins
1042 Century (photographs) Schlagman
1043 Bill Gates Speaks Lowe
1044 Fluke Christopher Moore
1045 T/L Misc eph
1046 Lot Science magazines 1995 4
1047 Lot Science magazines 1995 4
1048 Lot Scientific American Magazine 5 1995
1049 Lot Scientific American Magazine 6 1995-1994
1050 Lot NGS magazines 1990s 5
1051 Lot Neuron magazines 1990s 3
1052 Lot Neuron magazines 1990s 3
1053 Lot Neuron magazines 1990s 3
1054 Lot Neuron magazines 1990s 3
1055 Lot Neuron magazines 1990s 3
1056 Lot Neuron magazines 1990s 3
1057 Lot Neuron magazines 1990s 3
1058 Lot Neuron magazines 1990s 3
1059 Lot Neuron magazines 1990s 3
1060 Lot Neuron magazines 1990s 3
1061 Lot Neuron magazines 1990s 4
1062 Lot Neuron magazines 1990s 4
1063 Lot Nature magazines 1990s 5
1064 Lot Nature magazines 1990s 5
1065 Lot Nature magazines 1990s 5
1066 Lot Nature magazines 1990s 5
1067 Lot Nature magazines 1990s 5
1068 Lot Nature magazines 1980s 5
1069 Lot Nature magazines 1990s 5
1070 Lot Nature magazines 1990s 5
1071 Lot Nature magazines 1990s 5
1072 Lot Nature magazines 1980s 5
1073 Lot Nature magazines 1980s 5
1074 Lot Nature magazines 1980s 5
1075 Lot Nature magazines 1980s 5
1076 Lot Nature magazines 1980s 5
1077 Lot Nature magazines 1990s 5
1078 Lot Nature magazines 1990s 5
1079 Lot Nature magazines 1980s 5
1080 Lot Nature magazines 1980s 5
1081 Lot Nature magazines 1900s 5 International Weekly Journal of Science
1082 Lot Nature magazines 1900s 5
1083 Lot Nature magazines 1900s 5
1084 Lot Nature magazines 1990s 5
1085 Lot Nature magazines 1980s 5
1086 Lot Nature magazines 1980s 5
1087 Lot Nature magazines 1980s 5
1088 Lot Nature magazines 1990s 5
1089 Lot Nature magazines 1990s 5
1090 Lot Nature magazines 1990s 5
1091 Lot Nature magazines 1990s 5
1092 Lot Nature magazines 1990s 7
1093 Lot Nature magazines 1980s 5
1094 Lot Nature magazines 1980s 5
1095 Lot Nature magazines 1980s 5
1096 Lot Nature magazines 1980s 5
1097 Lot Nature magazines 1980s 5
1098 Lot Nature magazines 1980s 5
1099 Lot Nature magazines 1980s 5
1100 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Billy Joel;Blood Sweat and Tears,Crosby Stills and Nash,Jackson Browne,Sinatra Phil Collins,Tom VChapin etc
1101 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Paul Mauriat,Tom Chapin Bee Gees,Flip Wilkson,Bill Cosby,Doug Kershaw Everly Bros, Paul Simon etc
1102 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Bryan Adams,The Roches Lionel Richie,Bette Midler,Carly Simon,Bee Gees Gladys Knight andbthePips
1103 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Linda Ronstadt,Paul Simon Jeffersn Airplane,Police,,Billy Squier etc
1104 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Bee Gees,Kenny Rogers, Charlie Daniels Band,Bob Seeger,Boz Scaggs,,Bonnie Raitt,Flip Wilkson,Alan Parsons,Smothers Brothers
1105 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Smothers Brothers, Men at Work,Hotel California,Van McCoy,Willie Nelson Rod Stewart,Kenny Rogers, Sheena Easton,
1106 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:The Byrds,Tom Paxton, Steeley Dan,George Carlin, Billy Joel,The Who etc
1107 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Joe and Eddie,John Lennon, Paul McCartney ,The Beatles,Carly Simon,Randy Newman
1108 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Dan Fogelburg,McCartney Streisand The Sandpipers,Sly and the Family Stone, Blood Sweat and Tears
1109 Lot Sport magazines
1110 Lot Playboy magazines 1960s,70s
1111 Lot Pro Football Magazines
1112 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Carole King,Ozark Mtn Daredevils.Jackson Browne, Herb AlpertLionel Richie James Galway,Bob Seeger,Elton John
1113 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Jim Croce,Mellenkamp Supertramp./Jesse Winchestwer,John Fogerty,Emmylou Harirs,Simon and Garfunkel,Robin Williams
1114 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:The Sandpipers, The Who Phil Ochs,Joe Cocker,Helen Reddy,Judy Collins Jackson Browne,John Prine, Feliciano
1115 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:America The Seekers,John Prine,James Taylor,Judy Collins,Jackson Browne, Johnny Cash
1116 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Jackson Browne,The Pentangle Herb Alpert,Kris Kristofferson,Jim Croce,Carole King Kinky Friedman
1117 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Neil Diamond, Eagles, Kenny Rogers,Stevie Wonder,Janis Ian,Stevie Winwood Simon and Garfunkel,Jim Croce,Carly Simon
1118 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Carole King,Crosby Stills and Nash,Farquahr,Jackson Browns,Linda Ronstadt Rpd Stewart, James Taylor,
1119 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Marshall Tucker Band, Jackson Browne,Steve Forbert,Leon Russell,Willie Nelson,Tina Turner,Neil Diamond,The Who,
1120 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:The Cars,Paul Simon,BobDylan Neil Young,Rotary Connection,David Sanborn,Hall and Oates,Randy Newman,The Drifters, The Platters
1121 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Steely Dan,Commodores,Steve Forbert,Tom Paxton,The Band,Lennon,McCartney Joe Cockcr
1122 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Sinatra,Elton John,Jerry Lee Lewis,Olivia Newton John, Fifth Dimension,Jesse Winchester Pure Prairie League,David Sanborn,Tim Hardi Paul; and,;Peter Paul and Mary
1123 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Billy Joel,Elton John Eagles, Paul Simon,Steve Forbert,Elton John,Air Supply Harry Chapin,
1124 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Harry Chapin,Bob Dylan, Lionel Ritchie,Smokey Robinson,Diana Ross,Jackson 5, Commodores, Temptations
1125 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Harry Chapin,The Beatles Country Joe and the Fish,Mel Brooks,
1126 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:The Beatles,John Lennon, Rolling Stones, Elton John, Grateful Dead Bob Dylan,Duane Eddy
1127 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:The Beatles,Buddy Holly George Harrison,Dire Straits, Rolling D]Stones
1128 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Satanic Request,Moody Blues Big Pink,Virgin Fugs,Donovan,Tina Turner
1129 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Mamas and Papas,Rolling Ston The Beatles,KinkyFriedman,Tom Lehrer,Tom Paxton Neil Diamond,Rolling Stones
1130 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Eagles,Pousette Dart Band, John Lennon,Kinky Freidman,Four Tops,Bob Seger Rolling Stones,Big Brother and the Holding Co
1131 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:The Beatles, Rolling Stones Elvis Costello,Paul Simon, Woody Allen Harry Chapin Mr Bojangles
1132 Lot 33 vinyl records incl Classical, Movies
1133 Lot 33 vinyl records incl Classical, Movies
1134 The Moffats Estes Illus Louis Slobodkin The Adventures of Monte and Molly 2
1135 Ben and Me Life of Benjamin Franklin and His Good Mouse Amos Robert Lawson Simpson and Sampson,Robert Lawson 2
1136 Treasure Island Stevenson Illus Wilson Captain of The Eleven Sherman 2
1137 A Little Princess Burnett Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime Stories 1930 2
1138 Flying Colours C S Forester Robinson Crusoe Defoe Illus Lynd Ward 2
1139 Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates Dodge 1896 2 This and That A Tale of Two Tinies Molesworth 1899
1140 John Adams and the America Revolution 2 Sir Frederick Banting Lloyd Stevenson
1141 The Rose and the Ring Thackeray The Water Babies Kingsley 2
1142 The Garden Party Mansfield Commodore Hornblower CS Forester 2
1143 Mary Poppins Opens the Door Travers Adventures of Tom Sawyer Mark Twain 2
1144 The Princess and Curdie Macdonald 1908
1145 Fairy Tales of Many Lands Heidi 2
1146 Lord Hornblower CS Forester Ben Hur 2
1147 The Prince and the Pauper Mark Twain Andy’s Ward James Otis (Circus People) 2
1148 The Secret Garden Burnett Wild Animals I Have Known Seton 2
1149 Elementary School Dictionary 1914 Outline of US History Lawrenceville School 2
1150 The West Point Atlas of American Wars 2 vols
1151 Lassie Come Home Eric Knight Hitty Rachel Field 2
1152 The Wind in the Willows Kenneth Grahame Illust Shepard Haliburton’s Book of Marvels 2
1153 Happy Harbor Hauman 1938
1154 The Princess and the Goblin Macdonald 1907
1155 Famous Dog Stories Cooper/Thorne Who Closed the Door Locke 2
1155A Framed canine portrait, German Shephard Charcoal, artist signed
1156 Just Mary Stories 2 A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court Mark Twain
1157 Living Off the Sea 2 The Tale of Tai
1158 The Necklace of Princess Florimonde Morgan 1880 Cross Patch Coolidge 1881 2
1159 Air Service Boys in the Big Battle 1919 Air Service Boys Flying for France 1919 Air Service Boys Flying for Victory 1920 Beach 3
1160 The Wizard of Oz Baum The Children of Dickens Crothers 2
1161 The Court of King Arthur William Henry Frost
1162 Stuart Little EB White Illus Garth Williams 1945
1163 Mary Poppins in the Park God Bless Our Aunts 2
1164 The House at Pooh Corner Milne Peter and Wendy Barrie Uncle Arthur’s Bed Time Stories 3
1165 Robin Hood ; Heidi 2
1166 The Book House series 1925 6 vols
1167 Silver Chief to the Rescue Childrens Blue Bird 2
1168 The Wee Scotch Piper Brandeis Thunderhead O Hara 2
1169 Hans Brinker; Pinocchio 2
1170 The Wonder Book of Myths and Legends Thee Hannah! 2
1171 Last of the Wind Ships ;Vagrant Viking 2 Thee Hannah! 2
1172 Great Sea Stories, French Lou Gehrig Pride of the Yankees Gallico 2
1173 Doctor Dolittle’s Circus Lofting The World of Christopher Robin 2
1174 Alices Adventure in Wonderland The Lord is My Shepherd The Little Swiss Wood Carver 3
1175 A Treasury of Laughter
1176 Masters of the Modern Short Story This is Alberta The Sea Witch 3
1177 Ship of the Line; Beat to Quarters 2
1178 The Spirit of London Outline of English Architecture
1180 Seamanship June 1944 (Restricted)
1181 Piloting, Seamanship and Small Boat Handling Chapman
1182 The Small Boat Guide, ; Modern Seamanship 2
1183 The Patton Papers 2
1184 Barbarians at The Gate
1185 The Nightmare Years 1930-l940 William Shirer
1186 The Sailboat Classes of North America The Search for Speed Under Sail
1187 The Set of the Sails
1188 Framed painting German Shephards Dianne Johnson 2000 signed
1189 Framed watercolor print, Bouquet, signed Ltd cd Debbie Harb 110/350
1190 Framed photo scant fashions
1191 Roseville Pottery Potters Primer Snead
1192 Rookwood Pottery Pottery and Ceramic Sculpture 2
1193 American Patchwork and Quilting
1194 Prize Country Quilts Quilting as a Hobby
1195 Otego County Its Towns and Treasures
1196 Otsego Lake
1197 Shaker Furniture
1198 Collectors Ency of Roseville Pottery
1199 Norman Rockwell Favorites
1200 Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus Gray French Women Don’t Get Fat
1201 A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis The Untethered Soul 2
1202 God is Red A Native View of Religion Messages from Loved Ones Lost on 9/ll 2
1203 Break Through Dreaming 1000 Dreams Interpreted 2
1204 Global Ency of Wine
1205 Good Housekeeping Illus Cookbook
1206 Vaseline Glass Davis
1207 Yellow-Green Vaseline ! Glassware Pattern Identification Guide 2
1208 Buddha Deepak Chopra The Affluent Handbook 2
1209 Framed oil painting New England Fishing Boats in Harbor signed
1210 Still Waters Woodward
1211 The Russian Concubine The Red Scarf Furnivall
1212 Empire Girls Hayes
1213 Separate Beds Spencer
1214 Id Like to Apologize To Every Teacher I Ever Had Tony Danza lst Ed dj
1215 My Life in Three Acts Helen Hayes
1216 Hostage to Fortune The Letters of Joseph P Kennedy
1217 Baseball Anthology 125 Years
1218 2002 World Series program
1219 The Baseball Hall of Shame
1220 The Ol Ball Game
1221 The Fenway Project
1222 Go Gators ! Golenbock
1223 Dimaggio Durso
1224 Play Baseball the Ripkin Way
1225 The Palace Guard Dan Rather
1226 Hollywood Hulk Hogan
1227 Propeller One Way Night Coach John Travolta
1228 The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit 1955 Sloan Wilson
1229 Walking the Appalachian Trail
1230 Legacies a Chinese Mosaic Baolord
1231 Adventure Stories For Boys
1232 New York,9/11 Magnum Photographers
1233 The Hindenburg Murders
1234 Porn Nation Conquering Americas #1 Addiction Leahy
1235 Plain Tales From The Hills Kipling c1907
1236 Other Worlds Than Ours Proctor 1870 +
1237 Mary’s Neck Booth Tarkington 1932
1238 Collections and Recollections 1898
1239 Guided Tour of Campus Humor Max Shulman Cornell Widow: 119,141,216,348
1240 Life and Times of Richard J Hughes
1241 Organized Crime Lyman/Potter
1242 Greatest Golfers
1243 The Nascar Way Hagstrom
1244 Weather T/L
1245 Gulliver’s Travels Swift 1938
1246 Swinton’s Grammar Etymology and Syntax 1883
1247 Mark Twains Letters 1917
1248 Lot CDs
1249 Lot CDs
1250 Lot CDs
1251 Lot CDs
1252 Lot CDs
1253 Lot CDs
1254 Lot CDs
1255 Lot audio tapes
1256 Lot 78 records incl:Sousa,MacArthurs Rept to Congress Vauhan Monroe,Tony Bennett,Sweetmans Jazz Band, Nat King Cole
1257 Lot 78 records incl:Nat King Cole,Harry James, Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill WOR, Geore Shearing Trio,Frank Sinatra, Chas Ventura
1258 Lot 78 records incl:Bing Crosby,Sinatra,Lionel Hampton Georgia Gibbs,Lisa Kirk,The Hilltoppers,Goldman Band Giselle M<ackenzie, Glen Mlller
1259 Lot 78 records incl:Xavier Cugat.Gene Autry, Slim and Slam,Julius LaRosa.Shirley Cohen,
1260 Lot 78 records incl:Mary Garden,Doris Day, The Weavers Jerry Lewis,Cornwall and Cleary,Parker and Todd Farewell Message of King Edward VIII
1261 Lot 78 records incl:Warings Pennsylvanians,FDR George Shearing Quintette,Hugo Winterhalter, Nat King Cole Trio,Sinatra, Harry James Tex Beneke, The Mello Larks etc
1262 Lot 78 records incl:Marlene Dietrich,Little Jazz and His Trumpet Ensemble,Dorothy Collins, Blue Barron,Xavier Cugat,Four King Sisters, Eddy Arnold,The Tennessee Plowboy
1263 Lot 78 records incl:Roy Acuff and his Smokey Mtn Boys Dennis Day,Bar X Boys,Red River Dave,Gene Autry, Kay Starr,April Stevens,Wally Cox
1264 Lot 78 records incl: The Columbians,The Happy Six, Vincent Lopez,Ink Spots,The Knickebockers Kansas City Stompers,Bar Harbor Orchestra
1265 Lot 78 records incl: Manone Dixieland Band,Bing Crosby Gene Autry,Glen Gray,Paul Whiteman,Murphy sisters Frank Crumit,Cornwall and Cleary,Marimba Band
1266 Lot 78 records incl: Hamps Kentucky Serenaders Paul Whiteman, The Virginians,Pennsylvania Serenaders Great White Way Orch.,Martha Tilton,Chas Harrison Hari Smith,Carters Orch,The Troubadors
1267 Lot 78 records incl: The Castillians, Greenwich Village Inn Orch,The Broadcasters The New Yorkers,Martha Tilton,Royal Military Band Margaret Whiting Frank de VolAthur Brookes
1268 Lot 78 records incl: Buddy Clark,Billy Whitlock, Bing Crosby,Coldstream Guards Band,ZezConfrey, Paul Whiteman,Benson Orch of Chicago
1269 History of Nations 3
1270 Paper Weights
1271 1864 Dictionary
1272 Grove Dictionary of Opera
1273 American Collectibles
1274 A History of the Christian Church Walker
1275 WWII Employees Manual Richmond Shipyard
1276 Fairy Tales of the Grimm Brothers
1277 Standard Seamanmship for the Merchant Service Reisenberg 1936
1278 Handling and Stowage of Cargo 1942
1279 Handbook for Masters 1919
1280 Stability and Trim for The Ships Officer 1946
1281 Manual of Naval Architecture Manning 1929
1282 Pair of pen and ink framed sketches artist signed
1283 T/L Misc eph
1284 Framed certificate Society of Maritime Arbitrators
1285 Framed pastel artist signed
1286 Framed cert Stevens Inst of Technology, Hoboken 1942
1287 Framed Masonic cert 1902
1288 Framed print The Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow North Tarrytown, New York
1289 Framed print Free Quaker Meeting House 1783 Philadelphia Pa artist signed
1290 Framed print The Tappan Reformed Church 1694 (the trial of Major John Andre)
1291 Journal of Glass Studies Corning Museum
1292 Handbook of Popular Antiques 1946
1293 Chandeliers Hilliard 2001 lst US Ed
1294 The American Wing Metropolitan Museum of Art
1295 The Antiques Book 1950
1296 Country Living Country Decorating 1986
1297 American Antiques 1984
1298 Currier and Ives Harry T Peters
1299 Tate Gallery poster William Blake
1300 Framed print Little League artist signed
1301 Framed poster McCalls magazine
1302 Framed print Playmates artist signed
1303 Framed watercolor print artist signed Ari Gradus
1304 Portrait Czar Romanov Family
1305 Black Alice Thom Demijohn 1968
1306 Naval Customs
1307 American Furniture 1620 to the Present Fairbanks
1308 Leaders Richard Nixon
1309 The Measure of a Man Sidney Potier
1310 Then Came Heaven Spencer
1311 Marco Rubio
1312 The Revolution Ron Paul
1313 Political Anecdotes
1314 Decision Points George W Bush
1315 Game Change
1316 Scarlet Ripley
1317 Desire Cheever
1318 Howard Hughes The Secret Life
1319 The Clinton Crack Up
1320 AS The Crow Flies Archer
1321 Women of Mystery Dubose
1322 Cats of the Masters
1323 Lot Childrens books
1324 Death Comes to Pemberley
1325 Dog Diaries
1326 Post Secret
1327 Goodbye to Uncle Tom
1328 Hightjohn Paulsen
1329 The Youths Instructor 1849
1330 The Bedside Book of Humor
1331 The Secrets of the Heart Gibran
1332 Strange Stories Amazing Facts
1333 Keziah Coffin Lincoln
1334 Waging Peace Dwight Eisenhower
1335 The Secret Wars of the CIA Bob Woodward
1336 Longfellow Early Poems
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