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1 Unpuzzling Your Past Croom
2 Glass Slesin
3 The Missing Moment Robert Pollack
4 Whole Body Massage
5 Great Civilizations
6 The Road to Victory Spellmann 1942
7 The Art of Raising a Puppy The Monks of New Skate
8 Words of Wisdom Mick Farren
9 Constitutional Law For a Changing America Epstein
10 Tropical Africa Life
11 Face Forward Okwu
12 Southern Africa Harry Stein
13 They Walked to Freedom 1955-l956 Hare
14 Lot Readers Digest magazines
15 Lot Psychologistics manuals 2
16 Birth of the Constitution Lindop
17 Your Best Life Now Journal Osteen
18 The Reason for my Hope Billy Graham
19 Becoming a Chef Page
20 New Jersey Law Enforcement Hand Book Holtz
21 Sacred Symbols Gibson
22 The Purpose Driven Life Rick Warren ” ” ” ” “, ” Journal 2
23 Daily Inspirartio For Women of Color
24 The Seed of Abraham Jews and Arabs in Contact and Conflict Patai
25 Framed movie poster “When The Cats Away”
26 Wooden sign “Dining Room Upstairs”
27 The Tantric Mysticism of Tobet Blofeld
28 An Introduction to Tarot Mystical Origins of Tarot 2
29 Guide to Vibrational Medicine Gerber MD
30 Dao of Zhuangzi The Harmony of Nature Chung
31 Harlem Myers
32 Criminal Procedure Acker
33 Black Muslims in America Lincoln 1961
34 The Tarot 2
35 The Gem Kingdom Desaulels
36 The Ages of Man
37 The Pirates T/L
38 Goddesses in Every Woman Bolen MD
39 The Brain That Changes Itself Dodge MD
40 Jewish Magic and Superstition Trachtenberg
41 Lot Essence magazines
42 Fighting to the End The Pakistan Armys Way of War
43 The Five Front War Better Way to Fight Global Jihad Byman
44 Military Power Biddle
45 Our Final Invention Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human era Superintelligence 2
46 Slavery OVS
47 Afghanistan The Bear Trap Adkin
48 The Mayflower Heaton
49 New York VHS tapes 7
50 Meisterwerke der Impressionisten
51 The Black Man in America 1877-l905 Jackson
52 Indians of North America Franklin
53 Hunde (Portaits of Dogs)
54 That Every Man Be Armed The Evolution of a Constitutional Right Hollbrook
55 What Mama Taught Me Tony Brown ;lstEd/dj author signed
56 Gold and Liberty Salsman 2
57 Native Tribes of North America Johnson
58 500 Nations History of North American Indians
59 Reference Library of Black America 3 vols
60 History of Jamaica
61 Roots Alex Haley
62 IBM and the Holocaust
63 Lot Ebony magazines
64 American Indian La Farge
65 Lot Playboy magazines
66 Lot Misc magazines
67 Lot Flex magazines 10 vols
68 Lot Vibe magazines
69 Lot mens magazines
70 Book of Heraldry Slater
71 Life World Library 7 vols
72 Forces of Change A New View of Nature
73 The Complete Porsch
74 Tales of Terror
75 Star Spangled Banner NGS Washington From the Air 2
76 History of the US Hakim 5 vols
77 World Picture Atlas
78 Funk and Wagnalls Encycl 14 vols
79 Tribes On the Hill US Congress Rituals and Realities
80 The Oprah Magazine
81 Portraits from North American Indian Life Curtis
82 Players of Cooperstown
83 Magic Witchcraft
84 Nathan The Wise 1917 Kohut
85 T/L:Enchantment of Africa and South America 13 vols
86 New York 365 Days Photos
87 Lot childrens books
88 My American Journey Colin Powell
89 VooDoo Dreams Rhodes Kama Sutra 2
90 Lot Sporting News etc
92 Lot post cards
93 Lot post cards
94 LOt 33 vinyl records incl:Hall and Oates,Mick Jones The Doors,Chicago,Joan Baez,Butterfield Blues Band Joe Cocker,Jimmy Hendrix.The Who,Jefferson Airplane Arlo Guthrie,Sly and the Family Stone,Santana
95 LOt 33 vinyl records incl:Joe Walsh,The Human League Chicago,The Doors,Steve Van Zandt,.Max Weinberg Bruce Springsteen
96 LOt 33 vinyl records incl: Jethro Tull,Billy Joel Stevie Wonder,The Kinks,Ringo, Melissa Manchester John Lennon Eric Clapton,,
97 LOt 33 vinyl records incl: Ten Years After Eddie Money,Van Zandt,Nils Lofgren,THe Cars Jean-Luc Ponty
98 LOt 33 vinyl records incl: Elton John, Kim Carnes.Bill Wyman,Rod Stewart
99 LOt 33 vinyl records incl: Simon and Garfunkel Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band The Beatles,Paul Cotton,Steve Chapman, Rusty Young,Charlie Harrison
100 LOt 33 vinyl records incl: Tye Beatles Rolling Stones Steve Winwood, Chicago Rickie Lee Jones,The Byrds,Good Rats
101 LOt 33 vinyl records incl: Raw Sienna,Rolling Stones Ramsey Lewis,Ten Years After,Dire Straits Eric Clapton, The Kinks
102 LOt 33 vinyl records incl: The Moody Blues, Herb Alpert,Don McLean, American Pie,Boz Scaggs Bob Seeger, The Silver Bullet Band,Carole King Sunny and Cher
103 LOt 33 vinyl records incl: The Carpenters,Olivia Newton John,,The Beach Boys,The Kinks, Ronnie Milsap,Labelle
104 LOt 33 vinyl records incl: The Carpenters,Rhinestones Stevie Wonder,Electric Light Orchestra,Tina Turner Mamas and Papas
105 LOt 33 vinyl records incl:The Moody Blues Ronnie Van Zandt, Lynyrd Skynyrd ,Carpenters Angel Clare,
106 LOt 33 vinyl records incl:Carpenters,Dan Fogelberg Lionel Richie,Paul And, Mary Travers
107 LOt 33 vinyl records incl:The Skyliners Peter,Paul, and Mary, Joan Baez, Phil Ochs The Critters,
108 LOt 33 vinyl records incl:Peter Yarrow Judy Collins,Elvis Presley, Carpenters
109 WLS Family Album 1931-l945 10 vol
110 Stock Car Racing Magazines 7 vol 1974-75
111 General Electric Electric Ship Propulsion Machinery USS California;USS Maryland;USSWest Virginia 1921
112 1927 Yearbook Armour Inst of Technology Chicago
113 Westinghouse Electric Propelling Equipment Motorships Triumph and Defiance 1929
114 Lot post cards
115 Lot post cards
116 Lot post cards
117 Lot post cards
118 Lot post cards
119 Lot post cards
120 Lot post cards
121 Lot post cards
122 Lot post cards
123 Lot Ham Radio call cards
124 Lot Risque,Humour post cards
125 Lot photo post cards
126 Lot Road and Track magazines 1978-l980 34 issues
127 High Performance Cars magazine 1957-l965 8 issues
128 Catalog ” Hand Fans” 1960
129 Days of Trial and Triumph Lockheed
130 Abingdon Spares catalog MG etc
131 1963 NY Auto Show program 1963
132 The Shasta Route Southern Pacific RR
133 Looseleaf binder 26 felt flags
134 Empire State Bldg Dedication program 1931
135 Bendix Engr Dept Communique 1943 7
136 Historic Orient Village LI 1976
137 100 Years of Southern West Virginia Disasters
138 The Bryant Electric Co Wiring Devices 1927
139 NY Zoological Society Bulletins 1924,1925 2
140 Radio Celebrities Wills Cigarettes
141 German Prisoners in Great Britain
142 Tornado! Worcester County 1953
143 RTG News 1934 Radio Technicians Guild
144 Aero News and Mechanics 1930
145 Lot Four Coast Guard magazines
146 Rand McNally Road Atlas ( facs) 1926
147 The Union Trolley Line NRHS
148 1925 La Revue Folies Bergere
149 American Telephone Journal 1905
150 Muirhead Co Electric Measuring and Testing Equipment Catalog
151 My Voyage in RMS Queen Elizabeth 1968
152 New York Mets Pin Collection
153 The Great Hurricane and Tidal Wave Rhode Island 1938
154 Lot Rolls Royce Sales Brochures
155 Lot Manuals for Kohler (3) Electric Plants 1927
156 The Jet Engine Rolls Royce
157 1968 Yearbook Morristown School ” Salmagundi”
158 British Sports Cars Grant
159 Grand Prix Championship Courses and Drivers Borgeson
160 1978 World Champion NY Yankees Year Book
161 1940 Yearbook Battin HS Elizabeth NJ
162 The MG Collection Monk
163 US Research Reactors US Atomic Energy Comm
164 1926 Yearbook Roxbury HS
165 1925 Yearbook Roxbury HS
166 1924 Yearbook Roxbury HS
167 1926 Yearbook MIT
168 Racing Cars and Great Races Ross
169 WPA Book Duchess County 1937
170 Twin Screw Yacht Savarona Electric Plant 2 vols 1931
171 Bendix Radio Engr Dept
172 The Cruel Sport Daley Grand Prix Auto Racing
173 Worcester Heart of the Common Wealth Erskine
174 Picturesque Worcester 1895 2 vols
175 1927 Dictionary on Ornate Iron Dictionary/Bible Stand
176 Poster:Celebrate the Century 2000 Trump Taj Mahal
177 The Missing Piece Shel Silverstein
178 Anna Karenina Leo Tolstoy
179 Lot childrens books 5 Magic Tree House series
180 Lot childrens books 5 Magic Tree House series
181 Lot childrens books 5 Magic Tree House series
182 Lot childrens books 5 Magic Tree House series
183 Lot childrens books 5 Magic Tree House series
184 Lot childrens books 5 Magic Tree House series
185 Lot childrens books 5 Magic Tree House series
186 Lot childrens books 5 Magic Tree House series
187 Lot childrens books 5 Magic Tree House series
188 Lot childrens books 5 Magic Tree House series
189 Pattern Play Topsy Turvy
190 Fatal John Lescroart lst Ed/dj
191 NY Yankees, ,photograph signed Alfo so Soriano
192 Lot Misc eph New York Giants
193 Kein Sonnenstrahl Geht Verloren Albert Schweitzers
194 VHS Tapes Nine Inch Nails Closure Adults Only
195 Lot Misc eph
196 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:LenaHorne,Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett,Judy Garland,The Lettermen,Bing Crosby, Del Shannon,Lonnie Donegan,Trashmen,Jimmy Soul
197 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Classical and Hebrew
198 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Classical and Hebrew Guy and Ralna Country,Stan Getz
199 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Classical and Hebrew Burt Bachrach,Ed Ames,Hal David,Pretty Poison, Steve Winwood,Dave Peveret,Rod Price,Nektar
200 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Classical and Hebrew Stan Kenton, Ray Anthony,.Harry James,Les Brown, Genesis,Mejia,Roy Smeck,The Islanders
201 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Xavier Cugat,Aaron Copeland, Jose Bethancourt,Univ of Illinois Concert Band, Laura Bolton,Liberace
202 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Hebrew,Pete Fountain Boots Randolph,
203 Cultural Diversity in Health and Illness Spector
204 9/ll A Tribute
205 Lot childrens books 4
206 Lot childrens books 3
207 Lot childrens books 4
208 Lot childrens mini books and cards
209 Lot Mr Mints Guides on Baseball Cards 2
210 Animal and Star Signs Craze
211 Sun and Moon Signs Craze
212 Colon and Rectal Surgery
213 Critical Care Nursing Benz
214 John Paul II
215 Physical Examination Bates
216 The Enemy Within Michael Savage
217 Who’s Looking Out For You? Bill O’Reilly
218 Psychology Weiten
219 Barbara Bush Matriarch of a Dynasty Kilian
220 The Final Days The Clinton Whitehouse Olson
221 The Turner Diaries This Book Contains Racist Propaganda Andrew Macdonald
222 Sociology Schaefer
223 Lot Olympics post cards
224 Lot Olympics post cards
225 Lot Olympics post cards and patches
226 LOt 33 vinyl records incl:Country Joe and the Fish Leslie West
227 LOt 33 vinyl records incl:Winwood,Capaldi John Mayall,Eric Clapton,Mick Fletwood,Harvey Mandel Sugar Cane Harris,Jack Bruce, etc
228 LOt 33 vinyl records incl:Tom Rush,Santana
229 LOt 33 vinyl records incl:Bee Gees,The Moody Blues Bruce Springsteen,Ben E King,Chuck Jackson etc
230 LOt 33 vinyl records incl:Woody Guthrie,MartyRobbins
231 LOt 33 vinyl records incl:Louis Armstrong, Bertha Hill,Clarence Williams,
232 LOt 33 vinyl records incl:Jerry Lee Lewis,Chuck Berry Canned Heat,
233 LOt 33 vinyl records incl:Billie Holiday, Chubby Checker,Bobby Rydell,Orlons,Dee Dee Sharp
234 LOt 33 vinyl records incl:Greg Allman,Crazy Cajun
235 LOt 45 RPM records incl:Elvis Presley,Carl Mann JFK,Brook Benton,Simone Chorale,Isley Bros
236 LOt 45 RPM records incl:Honey Jumpers,Gloria Mann, David Bowie,The Dolphins, Frank Petty
237 LOt 45 RPM records incl:Teddy Tyle,Herb Alpert Sonny Bloch,Percy Faith,14 Karat Soul,Frankie Lymon Elvis Presley,,,The Crickets,Barry Mann,Fats Domino, Akl Hibbler
238 LOt 45 RPM records incl:Ersel Hickey,Harp Tones Crickets,Bill Haley and the Comets,Ivy League,
239 LOt 78 records incl: Vaughan Monroe,Johnnie Ray, Collins and Harlan,Cal Stewart,Joe Hayman, Monroe silver
240 LOt 78 records incl:Dixieland Jazz Band, Joe Hayman,Cal Stewart
241 T/L Misc eph
242 T/L autographed concert programs
243 T/ Misc eph
244 T/ Misc eph
245 T/ Misc eph
246 Lot Historical Newsps re Nixon, etc Hunterdon County Democrat etc
247 Farm Tractors periodicals 2
248 The Adaptable Black Bear Matson
249 The Middle East Politics and Power Leiden Pictorial History of American Presidents Durant 2
250 T/L Misc eph
251 T/L Misc eph Military Periodicals
252 Panzer Division Stoves
253 Die Waffen SS Walther
254 German Tanks of WW II 1926-l945 Etterlin
255 Hitlers Generals and Their Battles Brigadier General Shelford Bidwell
256 Rock in a Hard Place The Browning Automatic Rifle James Ballou
257 Panzer Phillip Warner
258 Die Grosse Offensive 1942 Scheibert
259 Hitlers Spies German Military Intelligence in WWII David Kahn
260 Panzer Division Scheibert
261 Die Deutschen Vor Moskau Haupt
262 Russian Infantry Weapons of WW II Barker
263 Soldier Anthony Herbert Lt Col Ret James T Wooten
264 West of Alamein Colonel GB Jarrett
265 D-Day June 6,1944 The Climactic Battle of WWII Stephen Ambrose
266 The Battle For North Africa Strawson
267 Patton On Leadership Strategic Lessons for Corporate Warfare Axelrod
268 The M1 Garand: World War II Duff
269 Vanguard of the Crusade 101st Airborne Division in WWII Mark Bando
270 US Infantry Weapons of WWII Bruce Canfield
271 T/L Misc eph military
272 Hell on Wheels The 2nd Armor Division Houston
273 Unfit for Command Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry O Neill
274 American Soldier General Tommy Franks United States Central Command
275 Battle The Story of The Bulge John Toland 2 The Battle of the Bulge, Bitter Woods, Eisenhower
276 Hitlers War David Irving 2 vols
277 Alpine Elite German Mountain Troops in WWII
278 Overlord D Day and the Battle for Normandy Max Hastings
279 Beyond The Beachhead 29th Infantry Division Joseph Balkoski
280 Hitler’s Grands Weaver 2 German Pistols and Holsters 1934-1945 Whittington
281 The Defense of the Reich Held/Nauroth
282 The Decline and Fall of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan Dollinger
283 The German Sniper 1914-l945 Senich
284 US Marine Corps Scout-Sniper WWII and Korea Senich
285 Tiger History of a Legendary Weapon 1942-l945 Kleine
286 German Camouflaged Helmets of WWII Radovic
287 Complete Book of U S Sniping Senich
288 Panzer Baron Military Exploits of General Hasso von Manteuffel Brownlow
289 TheLugerPistol1894-l945
290 Afrika Korps Barker
291 Framed print Britsh Spitfire ” Victory Over Dunkirk artist signed
292 FRamed print Col Yeager,Pilot Swanson artist signed
293 Framed Ltd Ed print (Live nose art) 84/350 artist signed
294 Framed print ” Flight of Eagles” Robert Taylor artist signed German Fighter Wing 1941
295 Framed print: Ltd Ed 177/1000 ” Karaya One: German Fighter
296 Boy Scout Handbooks 1998,2000,1999,1997,1993 (5) Webelos Cub Scout Manual (l)
297 Numismatic lot: Foreign coins and Paper Currency
298 Boy Scout patches
299 Lot Boy Scout patches
300 Lot Boy Scout medals,pins etc
301 Lot Boy Scout neckerchiefs, uniforms insignia etc
302 Thunderbird tin sign
303 Lot Sports magazines and yearbooks 4
304 The Canvas Falcons WW I Men and Planes Longstreet
305 American Combat Planes Wagner
306 Great Battles of WW I in the Air : Rickenbacker,etc
307 The West An Illustrated History WArd
308 The American West 9 vols
309 War in Peace 7 vols
310 1939 Worlds Fair autograph album
311 T/L Misc books military
312 Lot 45 RPM records incl:The Gaylords,ConwayTwitty Celine Dion,Ricky Nelson,Carole King,Curtis Lee, The Tempations,Leroy Van Dyke,Eddy Arnold,Barbra Steisand,Perry Como,Bobby Rydell,Vaughan Monroe etc
313 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Hermans Hermits,Jay and the Americans,Georgia Gibbs,Kylie Minogue, Crazy Otto, Dean Martin,Stacy lattisaw,Van McCoy ,Dickey Lee Pebbles, Lou Monte, Cowsill,s,Stevie Wonder,
314 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Della Reese,Mitch Miller, The Ojays,Roger Williams,Hermans Hermits,Whitney Housten, Cher,Petula Clark,Steve Lawrence,Persey Faith,Sheb Wooley,Mike Douglas,The Four Guys
315 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Elvis Presley,Chubby Checker, Heatwave,Kenny Price,Bobby Bare,Tavares,The Marveletts Vandellas,Chicago, Newbeats,Hilltoppers,Hermans Hermit F]rankie Laine, Bad Girls,Donna Summer,Jefferson
316 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Commodores,PatBoone,4 Seasons Duke Ellington,,Dean Martin,Herbie Mann Sam the Sham, Lolita,Elvis Presley,Andy Gibb,The Shirelles,Three Dog Night,Lobo,Mamas and Pappas,Mama Cass,Natalie Cole
317 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Mills Brothers,Elton John Stevie Wonder,Dixiebelles,Jay and the Americans, Dwight Twilley, The Four Tops,Andy Williams Jewel Aken,The Belmonts, The Cadillacs,Bobby Vinton
318 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Lionel Richie,Carpenters Village People,Spinners, Santana,Lou Christie Loretta Lynn,James Ingram,Captain and Tennille The Drifters,Commodores,Nancy Wilson,Paul Revere
319 Lot 45 RPM records incl:The Capenters,Bobby Vinton Strawberry Alarm Clock,Chantels,Starland Vocal Band Donna Fargo,Helen Reddy,The Left Banks,Paul Revere Four Seasons,Four Jacks and a Jill,Grass Roots etc
320 T/L Misc eph
321 T/L Misc eph
322 T/L Misc eph
323 Print:The Union Commanders
324 Rolled poster abstract art
325 Rolled maps Knowlton Twp Civil Defense Zones
326 Lot rolled maps Warren County NJ 3
327 1960s patriotic poster(Quoting Adolf Hitler 1932)
328 Rolled posters 2 Pennsylvania Fishes
329 Rolled watercolor print artist signed
330 Rolled topographical map Bushkill Pa/NJ
331 Rolled Topographical maps Easton Pa/NJ 2
332 Rolled Topographical maps Pennsylvania/New Jersey
333 Rolled Posters Biblical Quotes
334 Rolled Posters Biblical Quotes
335 Rolled Poster Herbal Garden
336 Rolled watercolor print artist signed Lifegurds station
337 Rolled map Streams of New Jersey
338 Rolled Poster Richard Nixon
339 The Beatles Best
340 According to the Rolling Stones
341 Ency of Rock
342 Chronicle of Jazz Cooke
343 Rock and Roll Year by Year Crampton/Rees
344 Meeting the Blues Govenar
345 T/L The Woodworkers Journal, (set) 18vols
346 Shoebox lot Baseball cards
347 B/L older baseball cards
348 Historical Maps of the United States Swift
349 The Century Collection Time 3 vols
350 Measuring America Linklater
351 The Penland Book on Handmade Books The Book as Art Wasserman 1000 Artists Books
352 Womens Wicked Wit Lovric French Cinema 2
353 The Exotics Bishop
354 When the Mob Ran Vegas Fischer
355 Car Tales Gottleib
356 Swamp Fox Francis Marion The American Revolution
357 A Leap in the Dark The Struggle ,to Create the American Republic Ferling
358 Voyage of the Beagle Darwin Darwins Armada McCalman 2
359 The Ramapo Mountain People Cohen
360 Landmarks of the American Revolution Boatner
361 Logging Railroads of the West Adams
362 North American Locomotives
363 B/L Misc eph
364 The Art of the Sports Car Adler
365 The Erotic Arts Webb
366 Jim Morrison Life, Death, Legend Davis
367 Journey to the Centre of the Earth Jules Verne
368 A Night to Remember WAlter Lord (The Titanic)
369 The Puritan Way of Death Stannard
370 Twiggy and Justin Whiteside
371 Hitlers Willing Executioners Goldhagen
372 THe Plague Camus 1948
373 Here is New York E B White
374 The Life of Elvis Presley
375 French Racing Blue;Italian Racing Red; German Racing Silver,; British Racing Green
376 MG Sports Cars
377 Alexander Hamilton, American Brookhiser
378 The Rat Patrol 4 discs
379 On Great White Wings Wright Bros
380 The Art of the Old South Poesch
381 The Divine Sarah (Bernhardt) Gold
382 The Toilers of the Sea Victor Hugo
383 New York Zoological Park 1899 As Far as Completed
384 Weaponry An Illustrated History Wills
385 Records of Salem Witchcraft 1864
386 Civil War Collectibles Lawliss
387 Acts of War Holmes
388 Philatelic lot: Album US FDCs
389 Looseleaf binder old book plates
390 Philatelic lot Foreign stamps
391 Antique Arms Annual
392 Philatelic lot; album US FDCs
393 Centennial history Mercedes Benz
394 T/l Misc eph
395 T/L Misc eph
396 Dirty Movies 1915-l970
397 Movie Icons: Marilyn Monroe,K.Hepburn,Dietrich 3
398 Passage Between Rivers Delaware and Raritan Canal
399 Photo,Icons 5
400 Photo,Icons 4
401 Seascout Manual 1936 Lost Subs Dunmore
402 Vanishing Ironworks of the Ramapos Ransom
403 Pirates An Illustrated History Cawthorne
404 Thomas Jefferson The Art of Power Meacham
405 The Million Dollar Mermaid Esther Williams
406 Hand Bookbinding Watson
407 The World of Faberge
408 The Greatest Lies in History Canduci
409 The Mode in Costume Wilcox
410 Derby Porcelain Twitchett 1748-l848
411 T/L MIsc eph
412 Heinrich Himmler SS/Gestapo Manvell lstEd/dj The Hidden Nazi General Hans Kammel Dean Reuter 2
413 Posters Star Wars 2
414 Lot of Sports posters
415 Lot of Edison records incl:Paulo Gruppe,, Toreador Song,Even Bravest Heart,Albert Spalding Spanish Dance,Freida Hempel,Casta Diva,Rondo Capricecioso etc
416 Lot Sports card three albums:Baseball, Football
417 T/L Automobile and HotRod magazines
418 Philatelic lot; Tin box of US FDCs 2 Collection of US FDCs w explanatory cards File box collection foreign stamps Flowers ofthe World Album w/foreign stamps
419 T/L Misc eph
420 Studies in Connoisseurship shen Fu
421 Our American Game Birds Heilner Illust by Lynn Bogue Hunt (Boonton, NJ))
422 Philatelic lot(book)Pakistan overprint on Stamps of India
423 Natural History of New York 3 vols 1842 rough
424 New York Giants signed picture
425 T/L Misc eph incl:1876 Scrapbook of Victorian cuts 1848 Almanac,Practice Words 1882,
426 Promises to Keep E W Michel author inscribed (Holocaust)
427 Ford at Fifty 1903-l953
428 Iron Horses American Locomotives 1829-l900 Alexander
429 RCA Television Equipment rough Training Program
430 Dict of Silver and Gold Clayton
431 Making Weapons Talking Peace H F York author inscribed
432 Generations End after 9/ll Scott Malcomson author inscribed lst Ed/dj
433 Jazz John Fordham
434 Penna Dutch German Family Bible Dating back to 1842 rough
435 B/L Juvenile Books (22) 1870+
436 B/L lst Eds and author signed books
437 T/L Misc eph incl glass negatives
438 B/L baseball cards
439 B/L Football cards
440 T/L Older Womens magazines McCalls, BHG, Womans Home Companion,etc
441 B/L older Life magazines
442 T/L,Misc eph
443 T/L,Misc eph
444 T/L,Misc eph
445 1868 Bible rough
446 The Story Hour 1896
447 T/L Misc eph
448 T/L Misc eph
449 T/L Misc eph
450 Lot pin backs
451 T/L Misc eph
452 T/L Misc eph
453 T/L Misc eph
454 Georgia O’Keefe Portfolio of Prints
455 Framed poster Max Factor ( 16 Beauty Queens)
456 Framed print Ducks
457 Framed sign: “Love is the Music of the Soul”
458 Framed sign: “Dream Big,Sparkle More,Shine Bright”
459 Wooden sign: “Every Little Things Gonna Be Alright”
460 Framed sign “All You Need is Love and a Dog”
461 The American Gun 1960
462 The Ackerman Family David Ackerman Descendents 1662
463 The Huguenot Settlement of Schraalenburgh (Bergenfield New Jersey) Leiby w/applications for the Huguenot Society
464 Lot Pen and Ink periodicals 5
465 Soviet Porcelain in sleeve
466 LOt eph re Thomas Edison
467 Tales of Gaslight New York 1985
468 The Outsider Jimmy Connors author signed
469 Huguenot Refugeesin the settling of Colonial America
470 National Lampoon magazine 2
471 Lot comics
472 Lot Epic magazine 2
473 Lot comics
474 Childrens books 2
475 Lot comics
476 Haute Cuisine Carol Cutler
477 Stand By for Mars! Tom Corbett Space Cadet Rockwell
478 Lot comics
479 Lot comics
480 Lot comics
481 Lot childrens books
482 Lot patches,pin backs, medallions
483 Numismatic lot: US Mint Set
484 Lot Matted photographs
485 Framed Rupp Motor Bike photos
486 Lot two Framed posters New York City Streets etc
487 Philatelic lot:US Stock transfer stamps etc
488 Lot Misc eph l9th Cty legal documents
489 Lot Misc eph l9th Cty legal documents
490 Philatelic lot: Foreign stamps covers and stock sheets
491 Philatelic lot: Looseleaf album US stamps on Commemorative panels ” Americas First Ladies”
492 Philatelic lot: Foreign stamped covers
493 Philatelic lot: Foreign stamped covers
494 Philatelic lot: Foreign stamped covers
495 Philatelic lot: Foreign stamped covers
496 Philatelic lot: Foreign stamped covers
497 Philatelic lot: Box #1 Foreign stamps individually bagged
498 Philatelic lot: Box #2 Foreign stamps individually bagged
499 Philatelic lot: Box #3 Foreign stamps individually
500 Philatelic lot: Box 4 Foreign stamps individually bagged
501 Philatelic lot: Foreign stamps on Disney Movie panels
502 Philatelic lot: T/L Princess Diana stamps.foreign
503 Philatelic lot:Album History of Israel,on stamps 2vol
504 Philatelic lot:Album US Presidential Commemorative
505 Philatelic lot:Album Great Americans on US Stamps
506 Philatelic lot Foreign stamps on panels Classic Contributors to Medicine
507 Websters Dictionary 1864 rough
508 The Old Man and the Sea Hemingway 1952
509 Numismatic lot: Coins re the Medical Profession
510 Numismatic lot: Coins re the Medical Profession
511 Report of the Secretary of the Navy 1877 to the two Houses of Congress
512 Our National Capital and Its Un-Americanized Americans Theodore Noyes (Inscribed Given by John F Kennedy)
513 Al Capone Fred Pasley 1930
514 Forging His Chains Bidwell 1888
515 The Best American Mystery Stories of the Year 1931 Carolyn Wells
516 The Door Between Ellery Queen 1937
517 The New York City Opera An American Adventure Sokol The Operatic Quiz Book James Camner lstEd dj 2
518 A Pictorial History of Vaudeville Sobel Actors A Celebration Rita Gam lst Ed/dj 2
519 Sport Alouf 1966 author inscribed
520 Philatelic lot Looseleaf album US FDCs
521 Philatelic lot Looseleaf album US FDCs
522 Philatelic lot Looseleaf album US FDCs
523 Philatelic lot Looseleaf album US FDCs
524 Philatelic lot Looseleaf album US FDCs
525 Philatelic lot Looseleaf album US FDCs
526 Philatelic lot Looseleaf album US FDCs
527 Philatelic lot Looseleaf album US FDCs
529 Philatelic lot:Looseleaf binder US FDCs
530 Signed Baseball stamps on panel Mickey Mantle Ted Williams Govt of Moldova
531 Philatelic lot: looseleaf binder Israel FDCs
532 Philatelic lot: looseleaf binder Israel FDCs
533 Philatelic lot: Album US and foreign stamps
534 Philatelic lot: Stock Book foreign stamps
535 Philatelic lot: Looseleaf binder US Stamps on panels
536 Philatelic lot: Looseleaf binder US Stamps on panels
537 Philatelic lot: Looseleaf binder Stamp & Cover Panels (no stamps)
538 Philatelic lot: US FDCs on panels
539 Philatelic lot: Covers w.stamps Anwar Sadat in Israel
540 Album Israel FDCs
541 Obama Scrapbook incl Birth Certificate facs
542 Philatelic lot Stamps of the British Empire Coronation Issue
543 Philatelic lot;Stock book foreign stamps
544 Philatelic lot: Album The Royal Wedding with stamps
545 Philatelic lot: Stock book w some foreign stamps
546 Philatelic lot: Stock book w Royal Wedding Covers
547 Philatelic lot: Sweden Handbook, w Facs stamps
548 Philatelic lot: Israel Handbook, w Facs stamps
549 Doctor Zhivago Pasternak 1958
550 Rex Appeal Larson lst Ed/dj
551 Navy Seals Their Untold Story Couch
552 Mademoiselle De Maupin Gautier 1944 Heritage Press in sleeve
553 Fathers and Sons Turgenev Illus Fritz Eichenberg Heritage Press in sleeve
554 Isak Dinesen Karen Blixen Henriksen lst Ed/dj
555 Oedipus The King Sophocles Heritage Press in sleeve
556 Virgils Aenid Illus Carlotta Petrina Heritage Press in sleeve
557 The Pathology of Princes Gauba
558 Song and Service Book for Ship and Field Army and Navy 1942
559 The Sign of Four in Pitmans short Hand 1946
560 The Pumpkin Plan Mike Michalowicz 2012 author inscribed
561 To Be a Soldier Tom McCourt 2005 author signed
562 Alone Richard Byrd 1938 rough
563 Caesars Hours Sid Caesar lsted/dj
564 Songs of Yesterday 1941 Jordan/Kessler Signed by Both Authors
565 United States Naval Institute Proceedings 1956
566 The Decorative Twenties Battersbyl988 lst prt
567 The Lady of Fashion Mowatt Barnes 1954
568 The Dolls of Yesterday StGeorge
569 For Rent One Pedestal l9l7 Marjorie Shuler author inscribed
570 Houdini Milbourne Christopher
571 Dr Spock Maier lstEd/dj
572 Not That You Asked Andrew Rooney lst Ed /dj author signed
573 Judgement Day My Years with Ayn Rand Branden lstEd/dj signed
574 Inside ABC Quinlan lstED/dj author signed
575 Take on the Street Arthur Levitt lstEd/dj author signed
576 Emerils TV Dinners lstEd/dj signed
577 Soapsuds Hughes signed
578 I Cant Believe I Said That Kathie Lee Gifford lstEd/dj author signed
579 Investment Biker Jim Rogers author inscribed
580 Breaking News Robert Macneil lsted/dj Signed
581 The Riverkeepers Cronin,Robt Kennedy Two signatures
582 Plum Island Nelson DeMille lstEd/dj signed
583 The Wind in the Willows Kenneth Grahame Illustr Arthur Rackam Heritage Press in sleeve
584 Eugene O Neill and Family Bermuda Interlude Waters Author signed
585 Winning With Integrity Leigh Steinberg 1998 author inscribed
586 Get To The Heart Barbara Mandrell author inscribed
587 The O’Reilly Factor The Good, The Bad and the Completely Ridiculous in American Life lstEd/dj author signed Bill O’Reilly
588 Looseleaf album Abbott and Costello trading cards
589 Lot Civil War trading cards
590 Philatelic lot The American Revolution Stamp Album w/stamps
591 T/L Misc eph
592 Philatelic lot: Stockbook with US and Foreign stamps
593 Philatelic lot: Album US Stamps
594 Philatelic lot: Lot Mint US stamps and early covers
595 Philatelic lot: Lot foreign stamps and covers
596 The Missing Peace Dennis Ross lstEd/dj Author signed
597 Thee CEO and The Monk Catell,Moore, Rifkin signed
598 The Memory of All That George Gershwin Peyser 1993 author inscribed
599 Name Dropping Alan King signed
600 Dale Bumpers The Best Lawyer in a One Lawyer Town lst ed/dj author inscribed
601 The Case For Israel Alan Dershowitz lst Ed/dj author signed
602 Burnt Toast Teri Hatcher lsted/dj signed
603 Isaac Karmon signed (Holocaust)
604 The Last Laugh World of the Stand Up Comics Phil Berger 1985 lst Ed signed
605 Cradle and All James Paterson lstEd/dj signed
606 THe Little Dog Laughed Merrick 1930 leather bound
607 The Short Reign of Pippin IV John Steinbeck 1957
608 Color Blind A White Woman Looks at the Negro Halsey 1946 lst ed
609 Crazy in Alabama Childress signed lstEd/dj
610 A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity Bill OReilly signed with photo of author at signing
611 Whos Looking Out For You ? Bill OReilly lst Ed/dj author signed
612 Your Teacher Said What? Kernen signed
613 When the Cheering Stops Bill Parcells and the 1990 NY Giants Signed by Leonard Marshall
614 American Empress Marjorie Merriweather Post Rubin lstEd/dj author signed
615 The Power of Ethical Management Ken Blanchard and Norman Vincent Peale lsted/dj signed
616 Murder on the Run lstEd/dj Peter Straub and others signed
617 Las Vegas a Centennial History Moehring./Green signed
618 Boomsday Buckley lsted/dj (“Blessed are the Young,for they shall inherit the National Debt-Herbert Hoover”) author signed
619 Take the Risk Ben Carson MD
620 The Heist Jane Evanovich/Lee Goldberg lst ed/dj signed
621 I Dream of Madonna Turner
622 The Lions Game Nelson DeMille 2000 lsted/dj signed
623 Dinosaur Plots Intrigues in Natural History Krishtalka lst ed/ dj signed
624 Old Christmas Washington Irving 1934 rough
625 The Tattooed Man Pease
626 Johannes Selbertinger Retrospektive 1947-l997 signed
627 Choices Liv Ullman 1984 lsted /dj
628 Heidi Spyri 1959 lst ed/dj rough
629 Grimms Fairy Tales, Nancy Drew series 1978
630 Shocked Adventures in Bringing Back The Recently Dead Casarett MD lst ed/dj
631 Germinal Emile Zola lst ed 1942 Heritage Press,in sleeve
632 Eugenie Grandet Honore DE Balzac 1961 Heritage Press in sleeve
633 The Charter House of Parma Stendahl, etc 1955 Heritage Press in sleeve
634 The Iliad of Homer 1943 Heritage Press in sleeve
635 A Womans Life Guy de Maupassant 1942 Nonesuch Press in sleeve
636 Madame Bovary 1950 Gustave Flaubert Heritage Press in sleeve
637 Dangerous Acquaintances 1940 Nonesuch Press in sleeve
638 Candide or Optimism Voltaire 1939 Nonesuch Press in sleeve
639 Old Goriot Honore de Balzac Heritage Press in sleeve
640 The Gods Are A Thirst Anatole France 1942 Nonesuch Press in sleeve
641 Chichikovs Journeys or Home Life in Old Russia Nikolai Gogol Heritage Press in sleeve 1944
642 Troilus and Cressida Chaucer 1932
643 The Princess of Cleaves 1943 Nonesuch Press
644 This is Rome 1960 lstEd Sheen,Karsh,Morton,Hawthorn
645 Motherhood and Hollywood Patricia Heaton lst Ed/dj author signed
646 The Andy Cohen Diaries A Deep Look at a Shallow Year lst Ed/dj 2014 author signed
647 Youre Fifty Now What? Chas Schwab
648 What Times The Next Swan Walter Slezak 1962
649 Natures Remedies 1934 Early History and Uses of Botanic Drugs as Revealed in the Legends and Anecdotes of Ancient Times 1934 (Indiana Botanic Gardens)
650 Tree Suzuki and Grady A Life Story Illus Robert Bateman 2004
651 Works and Letters of Charles Lamb 1935
652 Farbiges Osterreich Austria
653 Pictorial Price Guide to American Antiques 2003 Hammond
654 Change and Continuity in Adult Life Fiske/Chiriboga
655 Make Way for Lucia E F Benson 1977
656 The Emperor of All Maladies A Biography of Cancer 2010 Siddhartha Mukherjee
657 60 Minute Gourmet Craig Claiborne Pierre Franey
658 The Hymnal 1982 Episcopal
659 Four Hundred Best Garden Plants McDonald
660 Food and Wine Best of the Best Cowin
661 Ency of Perennials Craigmyle
662 Book of Topiary Gallup/Reich
663 Emotional Intelligence Daniel Coleman
664 Oxford History of the French Revolution William Doyle
665 Atlas of Diagnostic Oncology Skarin Dana Farber Cancer Institute
666 Stair Builders Handbook
667 The Day John Died Andersen lst ed/dj
668 The Making, of Music Ralph Vaughan Williams
669 Old Mr Boston Bartenders Guide 1968
670 B/L Rolled copies of l8th and l9th Cty Irish Land Deeds
671 Framed photo Jackie Gleason Golf Photo
672 Framed Ltd ed print 9/75 Clark Sealy Hawaiian printmaker ” Farm Fall” artist signed
673 Two framed silk portraits Betsy Ross Making the Flag George Washington, Birth of Our Nation Anderson Brothers, Paterson, NJ
674 B/L Lands and Peoples 4 vols Grolier 1953
675 B/L Newspapers with Historic Headlines etc
676 THe Myth of the Machine Lewis Mumford 1970
677 The Hymnal 3
678 Two Guys Four Corners Signed by Don and Fred Imus
679 T/L Misc eph Magazines,Somerset County booklets Poultray catalog etc
680 The Last Puritan Santayana 1936
681 T/L Playboy magazines 30 and 35th Anniversary Issues
682 T/L Life magazines 16
683 T/L Books, magazines re JFK
684 Poster PanAm l984 Shareholders Meeting Artist signed Dong Kingman
685 Historic Newspapers Woodrow Wilson, Adlai Stevenson 2 New York Times
686 1784 European Magazine (Cooks Voyage to the Pacific)
687 Warren Brandt (Art)
688 Lot photographs and negatives
689 Lot poetry booklets
690 Lot Life magazines 1958 The Yankees 1966 Vietnam 2
691 Peter Carl Faberge Bainbridge
692 The Yankees lstEd 1979 Dave Anderson
693 Census of Ireland,Maps
694 Book of Engravings 1775
695 Flesh and Fantasy Penny Stallings 1978
696 Paintings From Private Collections
697 Aquarelles et dessins M Sarian
698 1784 Boston Magazine rough
699 LOt: According to Papa ALASKA Stage Lines and Express Cos in California 1965 The Prairie Pioneers 3
700 New York Mets Photos
701 A Shaggy Dogs Christmas
702 To the Shore Once More Portrait of the NJ Shore Finale, Ludlow Thorston,Dick LaBonte
703 Looseleaf Binder 153 baseball cards Incl Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays,Jackie Robinson, Cal Ripken, etc
704 T/L Misc eph incl l9h Cty magazines
705 T/:L, misc eph baseball etc
706 Heart Songs Melodies of Days Gone By 1900 ” The Vacant Chair”etc
707 The Art of War Sun-Tzu
708 Cottages and Mansions of the Jersey Shore Seebohm
709 Jip and the Firemen 1932
710 Turtles Bronson 1945
711 Hooked Rugs Turbayne
712 Finding The North Pole Cook and Peary 1908
713 Counterpoint in Composition Salzer 1969
714 Goldwater Casserly lst Ed/dj 1988
715 So Youre Showing Your Horse Spector 1973
716 Lot Hunting and Fishing Magazines 1933+ 8
717 The Ark Book Derrick 1932
718 Treasury of Fairy Tales Naomi Lewis
719 Melanies Novel Vetter LtdEd 20/100 lst ed 2012 author inscribed
720 The Motorcycle A Complete History Roland Brown
721 In the Night Kitchen Maurice Sendak 1970
722 Where The Wild Things Are Maurice Sendak 1963
723 American Water Birds Edey
724 Grimms Fairy Taes Illus Fritz Kredel
725 Andersens Fairy Tales Illus Arthur Szyk
726 Two books on California
727 The Universe Earth and Man DAV
728 Alices Adventures in Wonderland Carroll
729 Treasure Island Stevenson c1900
730 Art and Architecture 4 vols 1953
731 Quentin Durward Scott 1924
732 Ivanhoe Scott limp leather
733 Durer Monographs on Artists Knackfuss 1900
734 The Outline of Literature 3 vols Drinkwater 1924
735 J S Bach Four Part Chorals Terry 2 vols 1929
736 Great Cases of Sherlock Holmes Doyle 1987 Franklin Library
737 Lot childrens books
738 Lot childrens books
739 Monteverdi Prunieres 1926
740 T./L Goosebumps Books 30
741 1955 Naval Academy Yearbook Lucky Bag
742 1970 Update Naval Academy l955 1985 ” ” ” “
743 T/L Books on Bach 7 vols
744 The American Gun 1961
745 Church Music Douglas 1937
746 The Return of the Native Thomas Hardy 1922
747 London Rossitter 1965 with maps
748 Painting in Watercolor Gwynn
749 Art of Teaching 1890
750 Hartfords First Church Potter 1932
751 Cuba The Continuing Revolution Byron Williams
752 Travelers Guide to Europes Art Norman
753 The Story of the Carol Duncan 1911
754 Boston Marriages 1752-l809 1903
755 Further Chronicles of Avonlea Montgomery 1953 Anneo of Green Gable Series 6 vols
756 Benjamin Thomson 1642-1714 First Native Poet Hall 1924
757 The Art of J S Bach Dickinson 1955
758 In Ye Old Virginia Raye 1897
759 The Grapes of Wrath John Steinbeck Intr Studs Terkel 50th Anniversary Edition
760 1950 Yearbook Harvard Business School
761 1949 Yearbook Harvard Business School
762 The Swiss Family Robinson Wyss 1909
763 The Hairy Ape Eugene O Neill
764 Yearbook of the Naval Reserve Training Corps 1946
765 MIT Year Books 1945,1947,l948 3
766 T/L Heavy Metal Rock magazines 27 issues
767 B/L Set 6 Medical Cancer Books bound
768 B/L Six bound Lancet Medical Journals
769 B/L Seven Vol Set American Journal of Medicine Bound 1980s
770 Thurman Munson Baseball Poster
771 Vanguard American Sculpture 1913-l939
772 Whos Who in California 1983
773 Travels in Philadelphia Christopher Morley 1921
774 Indians, Privateers and High Society Lippincott lsted/dj author signed
775 Twenty Centuries of Mexican Art
776 1985 Rutgers University Yearbook Scarlet Letter
777 History of the Hellenic World 2 vols
778 THe Mode in Costume 1942 Wilcox
779 University of Chicago Song Book
780 One Thousand Men For a Christmas Present Sheldon1898 (The Hessians)
781 Sea Shells Dudley 1953
782 The Lure of Long Beach, NJ Nash 1936
783 1993 Directory Phi Gamma Delta
784 Odd Fellows Offering 1851 rough
785 Back Home Bill Mauldin 1947
786 Petersons Magazine bound 1873
787 The Voyage of HMS Beagle Charles Darwin Illus Robert Gibbings signed by illustrator
788 American Isis lst ed/dj 2013 Art of Sylvia Plath Carl Rollyson
789 Their Finest Hour RAF WWII Michie
790 The Doyle Diary lstEd/dj
791 Her Majestys Army 3 vols 1890 rough
792 Attack on Everest Rutledge lst Ed
793 Death On The Installment Plan Celine lst American Ed
794 American Pottery Marks deBolt
795 Conquer The Sky Great Moments in Aviation Rabinowitz lst Ed
796 American Drive In Witzel lst Ed
797 Life in Space lstEd
798 Abraham Lincoln lst ed 1928
799 American Capitalism Galbraith 1952 lsted
800 And It Came To Pass lst Ed Legends and Stories about King David and King Solomon Bialik
801 The Wild Goats of Ein Gedi Weiner 1961 lstEd author signed
802 Oppenheimer lst ed Seaborg 1913
803 Hskalah Movement in Russia Raisin 1913 lst ed
804 Off The Map Nelson lst Ed
805 THe Secret of the Night Leroux lst Ed 1914
806 The Case of the Vagabond Virgin Gardner lst ed
807 THe Evaluation of Common Stocks Bernhard 1959
808 Anything for Billy McMurtry 1988 lst ed/dj
809 Framed print ltd ed 465/1000 Crow Indian artist signed
810 Framed watercolor print /poster White Bufflo Gallery Earl Biss 1978 artist signed
811 Lot old NJ License plates:1931’1932,1935,1934,l936 1938,1944,1948,,1949,1945,etc
812 Ency of World Mythology and Legend Mercatante/Dow; 2004
813 Lot MtLakes HS Yearbooks 5
814 Lot MtLakes HS Yearbooks 5
815 Lot MtLakes HS Yearbooks 4
816 NYT Page One 1920-1983
817 Egypt The Treasures of the Great Pharoahs TGH James
818 Mae West
819 Yearbooks Mt Lskes HS 4
820 Yearbooks Immaculate Heart Academy 3
821 LOt 33 vinyl records incl: Vaudeville,Joan Morris Judy Garland,Ethel Merman
822 LOt 33 vinyl records incl: Tony Bennett,Raffaella Framk Sinatra,Bing Crosby.Hildgarde Ruth Fernandez,Basil Rathbone,David Frye, Kate Smith,Nergro Gospel Tharpe
823 LOt 33 vinyl records incl: Vera Lynn,Fanny Brice Lotte Lenya,Joan Baez,Judy Garland,Julie Harris Nayanihan,Neil Armstrong,Ed Aldrin,Drv Buzzards Savanah Band
824 LOt 33 vinyl records incl: John McCormack,Enrico Caruso, Madame Schumann Heink,Geraldine Farrar Mabel Garrison,Joan Morris
825 LOt 33 vinyl records incl: Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman,Clyd McCoy, Ray Anthony,Peggy Lee Connie Francis,Barbara Cook,Joan Morris
826 LOt 33 vinyl records incl: Al Jolson,Jimmie Durante Louis Armstrong,Deanna Durbin,Mae West,Bing Crosby Joan Morris,All, American Dixieland Band
827 Lot 33 vinyl records:Margaret Whiting,Frankie Carle Noel Coward,Fred Astaire,Maurice Chevalier,Cab Calloway,EthelMerman Bojangles Robinson,Ethel Waters Jane Froman,Sophie Tucker Mary Martin,
828 Lot 33 vinyl records:Stan Getz.Doris Day Mirelle Mathieu,SalliTerri,Joan Morris, Nana Mouskouri
829 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:The Mills Bros,Al Jolson Kate Smith,Fats Waller,,Ethel Waters,Connie Boswell Louis Armstrong,Boswell Sisters,Dorsey Brothers Carmen Cavallaro,
830 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Leslie Quinn,Welsh Guards Coldstram Guards,Aretha Franklin,Simon and arfunkel Bette Middler
831 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:.Ethel Merman Nana Mouskouri,Ruth Etting.Sophie Tucker,Mae West Alice Faye,Francis Langford
832 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:.Marlene Dietrich,Tony Bennett..Ruth Etting, NewEngland Conservatory Ragtime Ensemble,Vivian Blaine,Laurence Olivier
833 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:.Jose Melis,Doris Day Joan Morris,Francis Langford,Gracie Fields Binnie Hale,Everlyn lAye,Cicly Courtneidge
834 Geology for Engineers Trefethen 1949
835 Forgotten Films to Remember Springer
836 London Was Yesterday 1934-l939 Flanner
837 The Versatiles Twomey
838 America Great Crises in Our History Told By Its Makers VFW 12 vol set
839 T/l Misc eph
840 Philadelphia Stories 1920-l960 Miller
841 Theater World 6 vols
842 Napoleon The Immortal Emperor Gengembre
843 The French Revolution Blackwell/Thompson
844 Hitler George Stein
845 Gone Hollywood Finch
846 The Pallister Novels Anthony Trollope 6 vols in sleeve
847 Distinguished Company Gielgud
848 Summer Stock ! Lomomaco
849 1966 Yearbook Paterson State College
850 Sicily Miller
851 Red Lamd, Black Land Mertz
852 Russia 1917 The February Revolution
853 Army Historical Series The German Defeat in the East Ziemke
854 Israel Finbert
855 T/L Misc eph
856 David O Selznicks Hollywood
857 Masaccio Fremantle Michelangelo Neret 2
858 German Cookery Adam
859 Love Goddesses of the Movies Manwell
860 Twilight of the Gladiators Heller
861 Epic ! History of he Big Screen Searles
862 Dantes Divine Comedy Illuminated Manuscripts
863 Lot Misc magazines NJ Conservation etc
864 Joan Crawford Walker
865 Broadway to Hollywood Aylesworth
866 A Day in the Life of the Soviet Union
867 1919 Janes Fighting Ships
868 Atlas of American Wars Natkeil
869 Encyl of Mythology Larousse
870 Screen Deco Myers
871 Flemish Art
872 Northern Renaissance Art
873 Deutschland Schwarzwald
874 Raleigh History Reader c 1875 London rough
875 T/L Misc eph
876 Framed oil painting Farm scene with horses plowing
877 Framed watercolor artist signed
878 Framed collection post cards “Stages of a mans life”
879 Currier and Ives, Framed facs #5196,The Rocky Mountains Emigrants Crossing the Plains E F Palmer 1866 Orig in Large format ($3,000)
880 1959 Yearbook Roycemore School
881 1963 Yearbook Charleston HS W Va
882 Skipping Christmas John Grisham
884 US Mint Medallions
885 Numismatic lot: Foreign coinage Coins of Israel 4 sets Jerusalem
886 Numismatic lot: 1982 US George Washington Silver Half Dollars 2
887 Numismatic lot: Foreign coinage Singapore,,Ecuatorial Guinea,Netherlands
888 Numismatic lot: Kennedy Half as a necklace
889 Numismatic lot: US Coins,Westward Journey nickels, Statehood Quarters,Bridge Tokens, Medalions
890 Numismatic lot: Franklin Mint Medallions re Royal Visits 5
891 Numismatic lot: Foreign coins Canada etc
892 Philatelic lot : British FDCs (Churchill)
893 Philatelic lot : US FDCs
894 Numismatic lot: Coinage of Britain and Northern Ireland
895 Numismatic Lot: Jefferson nickels
896 Numismatic Lot: Theodore Roosevelt sets 3
897 Numismatic Lot: US Commmorative Quarters Gold Edition 1999 and 2000; 2001,2002 6 sets
898 Numismatic Lot: US Commmorative Quarters Gold Edition
899 Numismatic Lot: US State Quarter Collection Platinum Edition 2004,2005 2
900 Numismatic Lot: US State Quarter Collctions Denver Mint,Philadelphia Mint 4sets
901 Numismatic Lot: US Coinage and Medalions
902 B/L matchbook covers
903 Lot CDs incl Jay Hawkins,Janis Joplin,Byrds Bette Midler,Bocelli,Elton John,
904 Lot CDs incl McCain, Huey Lewis, The Band to Kingdom Come
905 Lot CDs incl Guns N Roses, NG Lang,Red Hot Chilly Peppers,DaveMatthews Band,Blues Traveler,Bolton
906 Lot CDs incl;Allman Bros Band,Bryan Adams,Aerosmith Air Supply,Eric Clapton,Steve Winwood,Bowie Rick Astley
907 Lot CDs incl;Marvin Gaye,Brook Benton,Fats Domino Wilson Pickett,Kool and the Gang,Jackson Brown Jimmy Cliff
908 Lot CDs incl;Creedence Clearwater Revival Melanie Mason,Hot Monkey Love,Pink Floyd
909 Lot CDs incl;Pearl Jam,Stevie Vaughan,UB 40,
910 Lot CDs incl;Don Henley,Inxs,Peter Gabriel
911 Lot CDs incl;Peter Frampton,Fleetwood Mac,Michael Franks,Fastball,Gloria Estefan,Dire Straits
912 Lot CDs incl;Elvis Presley,U2,.Chicago,Spin Doctors Survivor,Sting
913 Lot CDs incl;Cat Stevens,Neil Diamond,The Drifters Bob Seger,Leon Redbone REM, Bonnie Raitt
914 Lot CDs incl;Tony Bennett,Neil Diamond,Aerosmith Thre Dog Night,BB King,Tom Petty,Robert Palmer
915 Lot CDs incl;Meat Loaf, Paul Mc Cartney,Anton Fig
916 Lot CDs incl;Simon And Garfunkel,THe Beach Boys, Dwight Yockam,Reo Speedwagon,Tom Petty,Bon Joviooooooo
917 Lot CDs incl;Bob Dylan
918 Wonder Woman Giant Coloring Book
919 Autographed Sports photograph Pele/Hahermann Both signatures
920 Framed pen and ink print
921 Framed poster “Miceteries,CatTails, and Romanxes
922 Lot CDS
923 Lot CDS
924 Lot CDS
925 Lot CDS
926 Lot CDS
927 Lot CDS
928 Lot CDS
929 Lot CDS
930 Lot CDS
931 Lot CDS
932 Lot CDS
933 Lot CDS
934 Lot CDs
935 Lot CDs
936 Lot CDs
937 Lot CDs
938 Lot CDs
939 Lot CDs
940 Lot CDs
941 Lot CDs
942 Lot CDs
943 Lot CDs
944 Lot CDs
945 Lot CDs
946 20 Audio Casettes CBS Old Time Radio Shows
947 I Hear a Rhapsodyb Somngs That Won the War CDs
948 CD Set The Greatest Big Bands CD Set Food Network Barbra Strisand Memories
949 CD Set Kings and Queens of Cool
950 CD Set Best of the Legendary Big Bands
951 Lot DVDs
952 Lot DVDs
953 Lot DVDs
954 Lot DVDs
955 Lot DVDs
956 Lot DVDs
957 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Santo and Johnny, Original Golden Gassers,The Kingston Trio, Spanky and Gang,Thec Supremes,Judy Collins Linda Ronstadt
958 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Richie Havens,Etta James Five Satins,Sonny Knight,Gary bLewis and the Playboys The Crows,Wilson Pickett,Young Rascals,Sonny and Cher
959 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Andy Williams,Francis Lai Jimmy Smith,Chad and Jeremy
960 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Lovin Spoonful Shirelles,The Happening,Charlie Byrd,Glen Campbell
961 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Mary Martin,Andy Williams, Mary Wells,The Temptations,Acker Bilk
962 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Billy Strange,Carpenters Tim Hardin,Herb Alpert,Sandpipers, FourSeasons
963 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Tony Mottola,Enoch Light Doc Severensin,Dominic Cortese.Dick Hyman, Tom Jones,Pete Seeger
964 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Benny Goodman Harry James, Gene Krupa,Lionel Hampton,Beach Boys,Feliciano,Turtles
965 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Gary Stevens,Petr Paul &Mary George Benson,Dave Clark Five,
966 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;The Temptations, Barry Manilow, Frank Sinatra,Streisand, Peter Paul and Mary
967 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Frank Sinatra,Righteous Brothers,,Simon and Garfunkel, Young Rascals (Featuring Eddie Brigatti,Washington St,Boonton, NJ best known for expertise in pruning grape vines
968 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Young Rascals,Count Basie Mamas and Papas,,Four Tops,Four Seasons
969 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Young Rascals,Simon and Garfunkel,,Streisand,Jerry Gardia, Paul Simon
970 Lot CDs Nat King Cole etc
971 Mental Floss Prsents Forbidden Knowledge
972 Recipe for a Perfect Wife Brown
973 Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Tiffany/Thorne
974 Just After Sunset Stephen King
976 LOt DVDs
977 LOt DVDs
978 LOt DVDs
979 Lot CDs
980 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Jack Paar,Alabama Mountain Music,The Doors,Hermans Hermits,Bob Seger The Secret Police,Eric Clapton,Sting,Donovan
981 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: The Irish Rovers,The Clancy Brothers,Tommy Makem,The Bellawy Brothers,Enoch Light The Statler Brothers
982 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Alabama, Vanessa Redgrave Rod Stewart,Paddy Noonan,NoelKingston, Charlie McGee
983 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Morton Downey,Clancy Bros McNamara Sister,s,Carmel Quinn,Kate Smith,Chris Lynch Frank Parker,Danny Kye,Harmonicats
984 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Tomy Makem,Julie Andrews Rex Harrison,Stanley Holloway ,The Plattermen Brian Coll,JesseOwens,Patty Noonan,Tommy Mulvihill
985 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Willie Brady Clancy Bros Tommy Makem,Eddy Arnold,Gene Autry,NatKing Cole. Leroy Anderson,Bing Crosby,Tenn Ernie Ford,Burl Ives
986 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Englebert Humperdinck Ray Coniff,Jackie Gleason,Louis Armstrong,BunnyBerigan Frank Sinatra,XavierCugat,Rosmary Clooney
987 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Englebert Humperdinck
988 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Peter Paul andMary Streisand,Jo Stafford,Sinatra,Tony Bennett, Carpenters,DorisDay,Mills Brothers,Mitch Miller
989 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Beach Boys,Ella Fitzgerald,Nat King Cole,Johnny Mathis,Mel Torme
990 Lot 33 vinyl records without sleeves incl: Patty Noonan,CrosbyStills and Nash,Frank Sinatra Eddy Arnold,Bruce Springsteen,Carpenters,Chicago etc
1001 T/L Mad magazines
1002 Lot pin backs
1003 Lot pin backs
1004 Lot pin backs
1005 Lot pin backs
1006 Lot pin backs
1007 Lot misc eph
1008 Lot Enameled pins,insignia etc
1009 Framed Vict baby cards 1881 5
1010 Lot comic books
1011 Hunter,Trapper, Trader 1923
1012 1923 catalog Stevens Inst of Technology Hoboken
1013 The Nassau Herald 1923 Princeton University
1014 1930 Colgate Salmagundi
1015 Seton Hall University Centennial 1956 Galleon
1016 The Coins of New Jersey Maris MD 1987
1017 Framed photo M and E Canal
1018 Framed photo M and E Canal w/draft horses and boat
1019 Framed photo M and E Canal Inclined Plane
1020 National Lampoon 199th Birthday Book
1021 Nutley NJ Vintage 35 mm Short Film
1022 Lot NJ Tercentenary Medallions 2
1023 Lot Vict gallery cards
1024 Philatelic lot: Stock Book foreign Stamps
1025 Philatelic lot: Older US Stamps
1026 Philatelic lot: Foreign stamps
1027 Philatelic lot: US stamps
1028 Philatelic lot: foreign stamps and covers
1029 Lot photogaphs
1030 Lot post cards(incl Confederate soldiers in uniform)
1031 Lot victorian gallery cards
1032 Lot Misc eph incl Confederate currency
1034 T/L MIsc eph
1035 T/L MIsc eph
1036 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:The Ink Spots The Flares,,The Beach Boys,Nancy Wilson0
1037 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:King Oliver Creole Jazz Band Herb Alpert ,Tijuana Brass,Louis Armstrong
1038 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Herb Alpert, Tijuana Brass Richard Betts,The Moody Blues,Mamas and Papas The Blues Project
1039 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Harry Belafonte,Greg Allman Sammy Davis Jr,Frank Sinatra
1040 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Johnny Mathis,Frank Sinatra Bobby Goldsboro,Charlie Brown,Doc Severisen
1041 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Doc Severinsen,Herb Alpert EnochLight and the Light Brigade
1042 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Doc Severinsen,Tom Rush Judy Collins,Tom Paxton,Paul Butterfield Band Harry Belafonte
1043 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Folk City Citizens Dewey Bergman,Allan Sherman,MacDavis,Lionelk Richie Eric Weissberg,Steve Mandell
1044 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:The Rolling Stones Tom Jones,Kathy Kirby,the Apple jacks,The Zombies Bobby Goldsboro,Harry Belafonte,Englebert Humperdinck
1045 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Van Morrison,Bob Seger The Siver Bullet Band,Eric Carmen, Four Seasons Hank Wilson,Billy Byrd
1046 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Electric Light Orchestra Carole King,Rod Stewart,Peter Wolf,,Ian Hunter Rock On Humble Pie,Bob Dylan
1047 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:The Youngbloods Everly Brothers,The Moody Blues,Amazing Spiderman
1048 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Sonny and Cher,Carole King Bob Dylan,Jack Wagner,Band On the Run, McCartney Roy Orbison,Ravi Shankar
1049 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Gene Pitney,Genya Ravan Electric Light Orchesra,Jimmy MessinaPaul Shaffer Genesis
1050 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Donovan,TheYoungRascals Emo Phillips,Jefferson Starship, Yes
1051 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:John Lennon,Lee Michaels Rick Derringer,Electric Light Orchestra,Strawbs Deadlines,Midnight Oil,Procol Harum
1052 ,T/L audio tapes
1053 A Treasury of Railroad Folklore Botkin
1054 American Caves and Caviug Halliday MD
1055 Goddess The Secret Lives of Marilyn Monroe Summers
1056 Medieval Warfare Wise
1057 Hemingways Hurricane Scott
1058 The Robot Novels Isaac Asimov
1059 Historical Archaeology Guide Hume
1060 Antique Trader Tools Guide Blanchard
1061 North American Wildlife RD
1062 Famous American Illustrators Ermoyan
1063 Craftsman Homes Gustav Stickley
1064 Book of Power ,Tools Popular Science de Christoforo
1065 Pandoras Box
1066 New York Pop Up Book Brooklyn Pops Up 2
1067 THe History of Making Books
1068 Maxfeld Parrish Pop Up Book
1069 Hans Christian Andersen Pop Up Bookjb
1070 Steam Locomotives 3D
1071 THe Human Body 3D Pelham
1072 Haleys Comet Pop Up Book
1073 Frontier Town Pop Up Book
1074 In The Air and Everywhere Pop Up Book of Birds Marsha
1075 Leonardo DA Vinci 3D 2
1076 Framed watercolor caravan
1077 Framed print The Angelus
1078 Framed watercolor artist signed
1079 Framed Needlework
1080 Framed Rembrandt print Masters of the Cloth Guild 1661-l662 (Facs)
1081 Framed print Indian Camp in the Valley
1082 Framed print Herds of Bison Grazing
1083 Framed Currier and Ives #6380 View from Fort Putnam West Point, Hudson River NY (Facs)
1084 Framed print The Lone Wolf
1085 Framed Stainless Steel Engraving Stonehenge
1086 Ornately framed portrait print (French)
1087 Framed l9th Cty (l896) letters of Recommendation
1088 Acoustic Guitars Encycl
1089 The Rolling Stones 50 Years of Rock ” ” ” Ruhlmann 2
1090 David Baileys Rock and Roll Heroes Spencer
1091 Big Monkeys CDs Price Guide Colon
1092 Lot Record Collector magazines
1093 Lot MoJo magazines
1094 The Ultimate Beatles Encyclopedia
1095 The Billboard lllustrated Encycl of Music
1096 The Beatles Diary Barry Miles
1097 Break On Through Life and Death of Jim Morrison Rioordan Jim Morrison Lisciandro 2
1098 Billboard Book of Top 40 Hits Whitburn
1099 All Together Now Beatles Tour 2 Castleman
1100 The Ballad of John and Yoko
1101 Heroes and Villains The Beach Boys Gaines
1102 Lobotomy Surviving the Ramones Dee Dee Ramone
1103 Picasso Huffington
1104 Rascals in Paradise James Michener
1105 Diaries of a Genius Salvador Dali
1106 Dangerously Funny The Smothers Brothers
1107 When the Dancing Stopped Morro Castle Disaster Brian Hicks
1108 Where The Raritan Flows Miers
1109 The Satanic Verses Salman Rushdie
1110 THe Last of the Mountain Men Peterson
1111 Finding Everett Ruess Roberts
1112 Topsy Daly
1113 Crocodile Fever Earl 1954
1114 The Exorcist Blatty
1115 The Hobbit Tolkein
1116 Encycl Sherlockiana Jack Tracy
1117 Palisades Park Brennert
1118 Pretty Poison The Tuesday Weld Story Conner
1119 Great Southern Mysteries Floyd
1120 Hard Traellin The Hobo and his History Allsop
1121 4th of July Asbury Park Wolff
1122 Dictionary of the Old West Watts
1123 Close to Shore Capuzzo
1124 Jamaica White The Witch of Rose Hall Underhill
1125 A Treasury of Mexican Folkways Toor
1126 Adventures in Good Eating Duncan Hines 1955 Boonton NJ Puddingstone Inn Parsippany, NJ The Harbor Chester, NJ Auberge Provencale
1127 Jazz Country Ralph Ellison in America Porter
1128 Tom Petty The Heartbrakers
1129 The Beatles Hunter Davies
1130 Roots of Rock
1131 The Body Snatchers Cohen
1132 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Steve Martin,Donna Summer Peter Frampton,Olivia Newton John,
1133 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Joan Baez,Deodato John Denver,Charlie Daniels Band,Eagles,Dan Fogelberg,Anne Murray,Bonnie Rait,Kenny Rogers,.Boz Scaggs.Bob Seger, The Silver Bullet Band
1134 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Bobby Darin,Everly Bros Jerry Lee Lewis,Bill Haley and the Comets, Little Anthony and the Imperials,Chantels,The Skyliners Sha Na Na,Frankie Valli,Olivia newton John
1135 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Frank Sinatra Manhattan Transfer, :Peter Paul and Mary The Smothers Brothers,Jesse Young
1136 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Everly Brothers, Christopher Cross,Edward Byrnes,Deodato Dionne Warwick,,Chiffons,Shireles,Jive Five
1137 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Elvis Presley Mike McDonald,Judy Collins,Sergio Mendes
1138 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; John Prine,Miami Sound Machine,Gloria EStefan.Larry Dermer,Phil Ochs, Bobby McFerrin, Manhattan Transfer,Robin Williams Herbie Hamcock,Jon Hendricks,Wayne Shorter
1139 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Glen Campbell,Joan Baez Deodato,Spyro Gyra,Stanley Black,Ted Heath Frank Chaksfield,Werner Muller Edmundo Ros The Band of the Grenadier Guards
1140 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Bobby Goldsboro Bread,Deodato, Glen Campbell,Dupree,Meat Loaf
1141 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Bee Gees,Kool and the Gang KC and the Sunshine Band,Yvonne Ellman, Billy Joel Blues Brothers, Scorpion,Black Sabbath
1142 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Fog Hat,The Jukes Hall and Oates,Alan Parsons,John Miles,Smokey Parsons Jane Powell,David Paton,Eric Woolfson,etc
1143 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Rolling Stones,,Hall and Oat The Association,The Hollies,Michael Franks Crosby Stills and Nash,Elecric Light Orchestra,Donovan
1144 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Dave Mason,Crosby Stills and Nash,Thunderclap Newman ,Neil Young, Red Mountain Jug Band,Three Dog Night,
1145 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Blue Oysters Cult Newark Boys Chorus,Nils Lofgren,Night Owl Jarry Rafferty,THe Moody Blues
1146 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;The Grass Roots,Billy Joel Electric Light Orchestra,Allman Bros Band.Chick Corea Tears for Fears,Jayand the Americans
1147 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Bob Dylan,The Blow Monkeys Bruce Springsteen,Van Morrison, The Beatles 65
1148 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Simon and Garfunkel Rolling Stones,Paul Simon,
1149 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Bob Dylan,The Young Rascals John Lennon,The Beach Boys
1150 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Eddie Money,Focus, Peter Frampton,The Union Gap,Gary Puckett Allman Brothers Band,Ian Hunter Rainbow Weiss Hunter
1151 Framed photo Motorcycle Team signed
1152 Oval framed portrait
1153 Two framed oriental,prints
1154 Trout Bum Gierach
1155 Damn Yankee The Billy Martin Story Maury Allen
1156 Catfish The Three Milllion Dollar Pitcher Libby
1157 Lot books re Baseball 4
1158 Lot books re Football 3
1159 Lot books re Sports 3
1160 Large rolled poster “Breaking Dawn”
1161 Framed portrait on canvas
1162 US Army Training Center Fort Dix Infantry
1163 New York Mets Year books 1988 2
1164 Fantasy Art of Tim Hildenbrndt Norton
1165 Lot older post cards
1166 Lot photos incl military
1167 The Nurnberg Stove 1916 childrens book
1168 Framed poster Kings and Queens
1169 1971 Yearbook Clifton NJ HS
1170 Clifton Golden Jubilee 1917-l967
1171 Guide to Rocks and Minerals Farndon Crystals Harding 4 Guide to Minerals, Rocks and Fossils Lambert Field Guide to Geology Hamilton
1172 1434 Chinese Fleet Sailed to Italy Menzies
1173 Crusade Atkinson Persian Gulf War
1174 A Tale of Reading Town Nolan 1930
1175 Lot WWII GI photos
1176 Humismatic lot: Foreign coinage
1177 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:5th Dimension, Scott Joplin Sonny James,Ralph Marterie, Herb Alpert,Fleetwood Mac
1178 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Herbie Mann,Terry Baxter BJ Thomas,Mamas and Papas,Marilyn Monroe,Yves Montand
1179 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Barbara Mendell,Jazz Worksho Cricklewood Green,Electric Prunes,The Carpenters Captain Terrille,.Electric Light Orchestra
1180 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:George Michael, Enoch Light, Steppen Wolf,Robbie Nevill Clasicals
1181 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Classical,Chico Debarge The Kangol Kid,Dr Ice,The Educated Rapper Arlo Guthrie,Everly Bros,Van Morrison The Kinks
1182 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Star 5 Silk and Steel, Henry Mancini,Les Elgart, Toto,Classical
1183 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Classical
1184 Works of Tennyson c 1890 rough
1185 Little Journeys Elbert Hubbard Voltaire
1186 Poems of Patriotism Edgar A Guest 1942
1187 Noble Deeds of American Women 1861
1188 Classic Myths 1911 Gayley
1189 Spartacus Fast 1951
1190 Madame Curie Eve Curie 1938
1191 American Prose Carpenter 1907
1192 Western Star Benet 1943
1193 Facing Two Ways 1935 Baroness Shidzue Ishimoto
1194 Sonnets from the Portuguese 1903 Browning
1195 Poetical Works of Collins,Gray, and Beattie 1856
1196 The Poems of Pushkin 1888
1197 Tragedy of King Lear Rolfe 1886
1198 Paradise Lost Milton 1895
1199 Rime of the Ancient Mariner Coleridge 1895
1200 Pippa Passes Browning 1841
1201 Lot pin backs,etc
1203 Chicago at the Turn of the Century in Photographs
1204 Psalms of David Keys 1866 rough
1205 History of New Jersey Lee 1905 rough includes bios of Mennen, McCarter,Baldwin,Pierson Joshua Salmon,Capt Fleming in military uniform, Kinney,Dr Peck in Navy uniform, rough4
1206 The Fables of Aesop 1923 The Prophet Gibran 1971 2
1207 Weird NJ Vol 2
1208 Grandmothers Kitchen Wisdom Bader MD
1209 Census of the United States 1880
1210 Life magazine Streisand
1211 The Untethered Soul Singer
1212 Woods Medical Lexicon 1865
1213 Edison The Man and His Work Bryan 1926
1214 Consumption and the World of Goods Brewer 1993
1215 Fortune magazine 1938
1216 Lot Currier and Ives facs prints
1217 The End of Racism DE Souza
1218 Valentines Manual NYC 1916-l7
1219 Hellbox John O Hara 1947 lst Prt
1220 History of Western American Art Hassrick
1221 Framed aerial photograph Atlantic Highlands NJ
1222 Lot two plaques Religious Icons
1223 Creating a Legend United States Marines
1224 Classic Art Wolfflin
1225 The Bluejackets Manual 1950 US Navy
1226 Lot US Postal Service Stamp Albums
1227 Lot Spotters Guides 3
1228 Lost to Time ( History Forgot) Sandler
1229 T/L: Misc eph trading cards
1230 T/L Misc eph
1231 T/L Misc eph
1232 Wine Domine
1233 Lot Books re Nursing 3
1234 Lot Books re Nursing 3
1235 Sexuality Today Kelly
1236 Principles of Anatomy and Physiology Tortora
1237 Until You McNaught lst Ed/dj
1238 Maternity Nursing Koniak
1239 North American Wildlife RD
1240 Time Annual 2002,1997,1995 3
1241 Time Annual 1996,,1994 Great People of the 20th Cty 3
1242 Time Annual 1998,2001,l992 3
1243 The Savage Nation Michael Savage
1244 See I Told You So Rush Limbaugh
1245 Star Wars Episode 1
1246 The Uncommon Wisdom of Ronald Reagan John Paul II A Personal,Portrait of the Pope and the Man 2
1247 Lot Books re Nursing 3
1248 Drug Information for Health Care
1249 The Band Played On Politics, People and the Aids Epidemic Shilts
1250 Lot Books re Nursing
1251 The No Spin Zone Bill OReilly
1252 The Death of the West Patrick Buchanan
1253 Lot Books re Nursing 3
1254 Drug Evaluations American Medical Assn
1255 1994 Yearbook Wm Paterson College
1256 The Architecture of Bergen County, NJ
1257 Days of Our Lives Zenka
1258 Understanding Pathophysiology Huether
1259 The World Trade Center A Tribute Harris
1260 Above Hallowed Ground Photos of NYC Police Dept
1261 Star Wars Episode 1 The Visual Dictionary
1262 Lot childrens books
1263 Lot Books re Nursing 4
1264 Womans Consciousness Mans World Rowbotham
1265 Thanksgiving Entertaining Williams Sonoma
1266 The Italian Mamas Kitchen THe Greek ” ” The Jewish ” ” 3
1267 Lot Williams-Sonoma Cook Books 6 vols
1268 The Portrait of a Lady Henry James
1269 Books re Nursing 2
1270 Drugs,Society, and Human Behavior Ray
1271 Lot Books re nursing 3
1272 Lot Books re Nursing 3
1273 Lot Books re Nursing 3
1274 George Washington and American Independence Nettels
1275 Portrait of Patriotism Hutton
1276 John Adams and the American Revolution Bowen
1277 Lot Books re Nursing 2
1278 Psychiatric Nursing
1279 Kiss Guide to Wine
1280 Diana Her True Story Andrew Morton
1281 George and Laura Portrait of An American Marriage Andersen
1282 Let Freedom Ring Sean Hannity
1283 Lot Books re Nursing
1284 The Federalist Principles of American Government
1285 The Van Riper-Hopper House Museum Wayne, NJ
1286 George Washington Crossed Here 1776 Hutton
1287 Lot DVDs
1288 Lot DVDs
1289 Lot DVDs
1290 Lot DVDs
1291 Lot DVDs
1292 Lot DVDs
1293 Lot DVDs
1294 Lot DVDs
1295 Lot DVDs
1296 Lot DVDs
1297 Lot DVDs
1298 Lot DVDs
1299 Lot 78 records incl:Johnny Cash,Tammy Wynette Marty Robbins,Earl Scruggs,Statler Bros,Barbara Mandel Boots Randolph,Jimmy Dean,Roy Acuff,Patti Page Tanya Tucker,Johnny Paycheck,Dolly Parton,Gene Autry
1300 Lot 78 records incl:Benny Goodman, Frank Sinatra Johnny Cash,Xavier Cugat,Barbra Streisand,Village Stompers,Tony Bennett, New Christie Minstrels Judy Garland,Rosemary Clooney,Brothers Four
1301 Lot 78 records incl:Classical
1302 B/L DVDs
1303 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Marian Anderson, Johnny Mathis,Steppenwolf,Josh White,Arlo Guhrie Beach boys,Sebastian,James Taylor,Van Morrison Jethro Tull,Grateful Dead.etc
1304 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Elvis Presley Johnny Mathis,Steppenwolf,Josh White,Arlo Guhrie Doris Day, The Supremes,Joe Tex, Bob Ralston
1305 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Sousa Marches Royal Netherland Marine Band,Tony Bennett,Percy Faith Doris Day Leslie Uggams,New Christie Minstrels Nat King Cole,The Lettermen,Stan Kenton,
1306 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Diana Ross,Englebert Huperdinck,Lettermen,Glen Campbhell,Tenn Ernie Ford Bobbie Gentry Al Martino
1307 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Eagles,Tom Petty Bill Lemdrum,Mouth and MacNeal,Al Stewart, Copper Penny etc
1308 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Guy and Ralna John Davidson, Johnny Maestro
1309 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Sammy Kaye,Bill Cosby Lorne Greene,Dan Blocker,Pernell Roberts
1310 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: John Denver The Chad Mitchell Trio,
1311 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Jeanie Riley,Carolyn Hester Enrico Caruso,Brewer and Shipley,John Denver
1312 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Shaun Cassidy,Sweet Apple Marian Anderson,Joan Baez,Johnny Cash,Rod McKuen Judy Collins
1313 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Johnny Cash,James Taylor John Sebastian,Dois Day,Perry Como, Del Shannon
1314 Matted Water color artist signed
1315 Framed print portrait of a girl
1316 Framed watercolor print seashore artist signed
1317 Matted painting Horses in waterfall artist ,signed
1318 Framed abstract painting on canvas
1319 Matted poster on canvas Aquaman
1320 Matted poster on canvas Spiderman
1321 Matted poster on canvas Bat Girl
1322 Framed poster Met Museum of Art
1323 Framed 3D Abstract Painting artist signed
1324 Framed watercolor Giraffe
1325 Framed photograph 1929 International Psycho-Analytical Congress Oxford
1326 Framed (rough) floral painting on tin
1327 Framed Elephant fabric
1328 Framed photograph Kids and Flowers
1329 Framed abstract painting artist signed
1330 Framed photograph Kids growing up too fast
1331 Framed photograph Romance at the Seashore
1332 Framed painting on canvas “Takin a Smoke”
1333 Framed print Parisian storefronts
1334 Two framed prints Dog hitching a ride on whale and on elk 2
1335 Framed watercolor artist signed
1336 Framed pen and ink print artist signed “Lobster Pot”
1337 Matted abstract painting on canvas
1338 Matted watercolor on canvas
1339 Framed English Floral engraving “July”,
1340 Framed oil painting on canvas artist signed
1341 Framed needlework
1342 Framed poster art
1343 Framed map Army Geological Survey Chatham Quadrangle
1344 Framed photograph enthusiastic embrace
1345 Framed oil painting on canvas barn scene artist signed
1346 Framed Barn Scene oil painting artist signed
1347 Framed watercolor
1348 Framed watercolor
1349 Framed watercolor
1350 Framed print snow covered sunrise photograph
1351 Framed abstract painting
1352 Framed print Eifel Tower
1353 Framed print black youngsters
1354 Matted painting on canvas signed
1355 Lot CDs
1356 Lot CDs
1357 Lot CDs
1358 Lot CDs
1359 Lot CDs
1360 Lot CDs
1361 Lot CDs
1362 Lot CDs
1363 Lot DVDs
1364 T/L Misc eph
1365 Marilyn (Norma Jeane) Gloria Steinem
1366 How to Become Extinct Will Cuppy
1367 Cats Cradle Kurt Vonnegut
1368 Rediscovering Americanism Mark Levin
1369 In Good Faith Questioning Religion and Atheism Shay
1370 The Afterlife Connection Jane Greer lst Ed/DJ
1371 The Tibetian book of the Dead
1372 The Buddha and His Teachings Kohn
1373 The Bridges of Madison County Waller
1374 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Natalie Wood,Beatles
1375 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Alfred Newman,Ken Darby Sing Givens,Jimi Hendrix,Elvis Presley,Eddie Davis,Johnny Griffin,Junior Mance
1376 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Marian Anderson, Ink Spots,Mamas and Papas Barbra Streisand Suydney Chaplin, Robert Merill
1377 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Herb Alpert,BurtBacharach Sergio Mendez,The Sandpipers,Barbra Streisand,Emitt Rhodes,Dave Mason,Cass Eliot
1378 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Tom Jones, Lauro Nyro,The Game,Santana,The Beach Boys
1379 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Marvin Gaye,U2,Fats Domino, Jimi Hendrix,Everly Bros,The Kinks,Neil Young,Jethro Tull.The Grateful Dead
1380 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:The Smothers Brothers Burt Bacharach,Richard Harris,Les Brown,Doris Day Bing Crosby,Harry James,Kay Kyser,Gene Krupa, Roy Eldridge,Orrin Tucker,Claude Thornhill
1381 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Olivia Newton John, Electric Light Orchestra,The Fantasticks, Beatles, Peter Paul and Mary :Pat Benatar,Simon and Garfunkel
1382 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:John Sebastian,Lynyrd Skynyrd Band,Fifth Dimension,Chita Rivera, The Chantels,Joey Dee,Little Anthony,The Crows Jimmie Rogers,Lee Dorsey,Buddy Knox,Buster Brown
1383 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:The Association,,Simon and Garfunkel, The Chambers Brothers,Batdorf and Rodney George Maharis,The Kingston Trio,Omar Sharif,Rod Steiger,Peter Paul and Mary,Bob Segar and the
1384 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Terry Baxter,Peter Dino Johnny Gregory,Classical
1385 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Classical
1386 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Classical
1387 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Sammy Davis Jr., Al Hirt,Boots Randolph ,BJ Thomas,Ragael Mendez Ray Conniff Doc Severinsen,
1388 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Jon Stafford,Helen Reddy Gary Lewis,Sammy Davis Jr,The Association,Pig Iron,
1389 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Harry James,Pied Pipers Jon Stafford,Ed Ames,Perry Como,Jan Peerce,Doodletown Pipers,Pete King,C.het Atkins,Les Brown,New Christy Minstrels,Robert Mandell,Frank DeVol,Lena Horne,
1390 Axel Lingstrom 1939 lst ed
1391 Mormonism The Islam of America Kinney 1912
1392 Ten Great Religions Clarke 1871
1393 A Moral History of Woman Sarah Parker White 1937 lst ed
1394 Head Hunting in the Solomon Islands 1942 Mytinger
1395 The History of Rome Titus Livius 1892
1396 The Sexual Relations of Mankind Paolo Manegazza 1935
1397 How to Judge a Book Shuman 1910
1398 The Artist in America 1967 lst Ed
1399 Make the Connection Oprah Winfrey Bob Greene lst ed/dj
1400 Daughter of Fortune Isabel Allende lst ed/dj
1401 Fortunes Rocks Anita shreve lstEd/dj
1402 Youth in the Ghetto Harlem Youth Opportunities Inc 1964
1403 Works of GuyDePassant 5 vols 1911
1404 Mars and Venus in the Bedroom John Gray lst Ed/dj
1405 By Way of Deception The Making and Unmaking of a Mossad Officer lst US Ed/dj
1406 The Art of Bev Doolittle Bev Doolittle New Magic 2 vol
1407 T/L Misc eph
1408 B/L CDs
1409 Lo 45 RPM records incl:The Fireflies TheHeartbeats Ed Ames,Herb Alpert,Allan Sherman,Neil Diamond,Tiny Tim,Four Lads,Donny Osmond,Sergio Mendez,Tom Jones Ventures,Hollies,Percy Faith,Nilsson etc
1410 Lo 45 RPM records incl:Herb Albert,Young Holt Trio Peter Nero, Ferrante and Teicher,Rockin Rebels, ,Cowsills,Tom Jones,New Christy Minstrels,Jefferson Airplane,Spanky and Our Gang,Young Rascals,Englebert
1411 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Grass Roots,The Osmonds Neil Diamond,Ricky Nelson,Lorne Green,Boz Scaggs Debby Boone,Brian Hylamnd,Diana Ross,Julio Iglesias Barbra Streisand,Spencer Davis,Ed,Townsend,Cowsills
1412 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Air Supply,Donna Summer,Dion Grass Roots, Afternoon Delights,Ohio Express,Paul Revere,Neil Sedaka,Oak Ridge Boys,Johnny Paycheck Petula Clark,Gary Lwis,Kool and the Gang,Jimmy Jones
1413 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Peter Paul and Mary.Outsiders Temptations,Turtles,Mamas and Papas,Dionne Warwick Leo Sayer,Sheena Easton,Three Dog Night,Barry Manilow Ferrante and Teicher,The Critters,Partridge Family
1414 Confederates in the Attic Tony Horwitz
1415 Irish Gardens Fitzgrald
1416 TSAR The Lost World of Nicholas and Alexandra Kurth
1417 New Jersey History magazines 6
1418 Proceedings of NJ Historical Society magazines 22
1419 THe Real Runabouts III Speltz
1420 Lot 45 RPM records incl:The Springfields,Duane Eddy The Rebels Laurie London,Dicky Lee,Merv Griffin, Jerry Butler,Tremeloes,Steve Lawrence,The Happenings Bryan Hyland,Little Eva,Five Borough,Isley Bros
1421 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Johnny Mathis,Len Barry The Highway Men,Three Dog Night,Robin Ward,Easy Riders Jerry Butler,Mark Dinning,Brenda Lee,Andy Williams Eddie Holman,Isley Bros,Peter Paul and Mary,Guy
1422 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Andrew Sisters,Paul Anka Chuck Willis, Johnny Mathis,Connie Francis.GuyLombardo The Shondells,Bill Cosby,Rooftop Singers,Gene Pitney Bobby Day,Sheb Wooley,Shelley Fabare,Steve Lawrence
1423 Lot 45 RPM records incl;Ray Conniff,Sugar Bears Byron Mac Gregor,Jackie Moore,Johnny Mathis,Joan Weber Giselle MacKenzie,Julius La Rosa,Ray Goodman,Dianne Warwick,Stan Getz,Ribitones,Andy Williams,Shirley
1424 Lot 45 RPM records incl;Bobby Darin,Ed Ames The Cavaliers,Starlights,Jimmy Charles Bumble and the Stingers,Ray Charles Singers,Ray Charles, New Christy Minstrels,Al Martino, Ray Conniff,Debbie Reynolds
1425 Lot 45 RPM records incl;McGuire Sisters,Gunther Kallman Chorus,Andy Williams,The Lettermen,Lou Monte Herb Alpert,Klique,Gidea Park,Jack Jones.,Jonathan Edwards,Arena Brass
1426 Lot 45 RPM records incl;American Breed,Mark Lindsay Dave Clark Five,Billy Swan,Beach Boys,Boots Randolph Simply Red,Louis Armstrong,Bobby Goldsboro,James Roosevelt,Sister Janet Mead,Petula Clark,Dave Clark
1427 Lot 45 RPM records incl;Elvis Presley,Strangeloves Cher,The Larks,Paul Revere,Patty The Castells,George Grant,The Ecstasies,Bing Crosby New Colony Six,Perry Como,Dusty Springfield,Patti Page
1428 Lot 45 RPM records incl;Oak Ridge Boys,Jimmy Boyd Tommy James,Earl Grant,Tune Weavers,Johnny Kaye,Unique Cupids,Guy Lombardo,Dionne Warwick,Jimmy Boyd,George Grant,Columbus Boychoir,Ames Bros,Les Paul& Mary Ford
1429 The New Amsterdam Broadway Theater
1430 The Royals LIves and Loves of the British Monarchs Leslie Cadrroll
1431 He Book of Old Ships Culver
1432 America An Illustr History Time
1433 Matisse Museum of Modern Art
1434 Captives as Commodities The Transatlantic Slave Trade Lindsay
1435 The Wild West 3 vols in sleeve
1436 Keeping The World on Two Wheels Youngblood
1437 The Great Book of American Automobiles Montgomery
1438 The Kingfisher History Ency
1439 Northern Virginia Heritage
1440 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Marvin Gaye,Patty Duke, Ohio Express,Gloria Gaynor,ThvGuess Who,Paul Revere Dickey Lee,Sly and the Family Stone,Teddy Pendergrass Four Coins,Vicki Carr,Chris Montez Connie Stevens
1441 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Peaches and Herbs,MikeDouglas Henry Gibson,Paul Evans,Jane Morgan,Connie Francis Five Satins,Brenda Lee,Bobby Darin,Rocky Nelson Dee Dee Sharp,The Valentines, Sal Mineo,Johnny Rivers
1442 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Rip Chords,The Earls,Kay Thompson,GeneRoss Matt Munro,Dee Dee Sharp,Marvallette Chubby Checker,Chris Kenner,Shangrilas,Perry Como The Marcels,The Students,Connie Francis,Ray Anthony
1443 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Patti Page,Four Lads,Beverley Sisters,Teresa Brewer,Dinah Shore,Louis Armstrong Jackie DeShannon,Travis and Bob,Everly Bros,Happenings Dinah Washington,Brook Benton,Joey Powers,Sonny Knight
1444 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Trade Winds, Ad Libs,Bobby Darin,Serendipity Singers.Clyde McPhatter,Andy Willims Mitch Miller,Rosemary Clooney,Ray Charles Singers Jimmy Bowen,Peter Paul and Mary,Hermans Hermits
1445 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Carmel Quinn,Stanley Black The Searchers,Fats Domino,Glenn Yarbrough,Charlie Barnet,Patti Page,Perry Como,Night Ranger,Moody Blues Paul Revere,Starship,5th Dimension,Spanky and Our Gang
1446 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Lou Monte, Patti Page Montovani,Kay Starr,Mitch Miller,Georgie Fame, Tony Martin, Dean Martin,Ames Bros,Frankie Avalon, Roy Hamilton,Don Costa,The Critters,Fats Domino,
1447 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Doris Day,Alfred Newman Victor Young,David Whitfield,Patti Page,Gaylords Jackie Lee,Vaughan Monroe,Harptones,Roy Orbison Sammy Turner,Highyway Men,Sly and the Family Stone
1448 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Andy Williams,Jo Stafford Johnny and the Hurricanes,Howdy Boody,Bob Smith, Dion and the Belmonts,Toni Arden,Eddie Fisher Fabian,Doris Day,Allan Sherman,Huey, Lewis,Aretha
1449 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Ames Bros,Patti Page Bobby Rydell,Perry Como,Bing Crosby,Four Preps Neil Sedaka,Dee Dee Sharp,Guy Lombardo,\Les Baxter Pat Boone,FatsDomino, Mills Bros,Sealandair Band
1450 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Jimmie Rodgers,Roy Orbison, Jackie Gleason,Roger Williams,Bobby Darin,Playmates Lloyd Cole,Bobby Vee,Johnny Tillotson,Tony Martin, Don Gibson,Dotti Malone, Boz Scaggs,Kitty Kallen,
1451 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Vera Lynn,The Mulcays,Jean Shepard,Ferlin Huskey,Bobby Helms,Four Seasons Frankie Laine,Spinners,Ricky Nelson,Fonaine Sisters Roger Williams,Roy Hamilton,Guy Mitchell.Hugo and
1452 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Dion and the Belmonts Al Sack,Barry Manilow,Jimmie Spheeris,Frankie Laine Bill Hayes,Sammy DavisJr,Ray Peterson,Lew White The Honeydrippers,Jack Haskell ,Van MCoy,Jimmy Dean
1453 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Dion The Belmonts,Th Orlons Terry Garthwaite,Mary Hopkin,Frank Sinatra,Jackson 5 Simon and Garfunkel,Jimmy Roselli,Paul Simon, KC and the Sunshine Band,Melissa Manchester
1454 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Michael Jackson,Commdores Sylvia,Anthony Newley,Whitney Houston,Paul Simon Harry Belafonte,Linda Ronstadt,Chuck Berry,Partridge Family,Shirley Jones,David Cassidy,Walter Brennan
1455 Framed poster”Mishneh Torah”by Moses Maimonides
1456 Three Framed Japanese Prints (Sharaku)
1457 Framed photograph (Stoney Beach)
1458 Framed print pen and ink artist signed
1459 Matted watercolor painting on canvas
1460 B/L PLaybills Metropolitan Opera
1461 How Can a Jew Speak of Faith Today ? Eugene Borowitz 1969 author signed
1462 Remnants The Last Jews of Poland Miezabitowska 1986
1463 The Shaping of Jewish History Ellis Rivkin Inscribed and signed by author 1971
1464 Highlights of Jewish History Trude Weiss=Rosmarin 1941
1465 B/L Judaica
1466 B/L German Language Books re Holocaust
1467 B/L Numismatic catalogs
1468 B/L Horizon periodicals 12
1469 B/L World War II magazines 19
1470 Lot Mad magazines 7
1471 Numismatic lot: B/L auction catalogs
1472 B/L Horizon periodicals
1473 Lot Archaeology magazines
1474 Lot Time/Life/US News periodicals
1475 New Yorker magazines, Cartoons 2
1476 B/L Opera Play Bills etc
1477 B/L Opera Play Bills,Opera News magazines, Operatic reel to reel tapes
1478 B/L Opera Play Bills, Stage Bills The Met
1479 “We” Chas Lindbergh 1927
1480 Lindbergh His Story in Pictures 1929
1481 The Book of Job Pictures By Arthur Szyk
1482 Seven Came Through Capt E V Rickenbacker 1943
1483 John Ruskin Tinker 1908
1484 This Is My Story Eleanor Roosevelt 1937
1485 FDR A Memorial l945 Geddes
1486 Life on the Mississippi Mark Twain Illus Thomas Hart Benton Heritage Press 1944
1487 Canterbury Tales Chaucer Illus Rockwell Kent 1934
1488 Christian Science Mark Twain 1907
1489 The Films of W C Fields lst ed 1966
1490 American Appeasement US Foreign Policy and Germany 1933-l938 Arnold A Offner with signed letter by author
1491 B/L Judaica 8 Haggadah, Kons Almanac, Manuscripts
1492 T/L Opera Librettos
1493 B/L,Parabola magazines
1494 Elisabeth the Bird Watcher Holman 1963 The Jungle Book Kipling 1963
1495 Mother Careys Chickens Wiggin 1911
1496 Golden Rule Series:Open Roads,Open Windows,Open Doors 1957 3 vols
1497 Dewey Decimal Classification 1932
1498 Petunia Roger Duvoisin 1950 The Treasure Trunk Emil and the Detectives 3
1499 The Jews Among the Greeks and Romans Hellenism The Book of Delight and Other Papers
1500 Ninety Three Victor Hugo Notre Dame Victor Hugo Tale of Two Cities Dickens 3
1501 The Life of Jesus of Nazareth Wm Hole
1502 B/L German Language books re Holocaust
1503 B/L German Lamguage Books
1504 T/L Misc eph
1505 Lot VHS Tapes
1506 Lot VHS Tapes
1507 Lot VHS Tapes
1508 LOt CDs
1509 LOt CDs
1510 LOt VHS Tapes
1511 LOt VHS Tapes
1512 LOt CDs
1513 LOt CDs
1514 LOt CDs
1515 Lot CDs
1516 Lot CDs
1517 Lot CDs
1518 T/L audio tapes
1519 Lot 45 RPM records incl: The Platters,Dinah Washington Linda Ronstadt.Englebert Humperdinck,Bobby Darrin Johnny Mathis,Lou Monte,Jimmy Dorsey
1520 Lot 45 RPM records incl: George Duning,Lloyd Price Maria Alena,Howie Gold,David Rose,Farden Sisters Genoa Keawe,Errol Garner,Mitch Miller,Andy Williams
1521 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:David Rose,Guy LOmbardo Andrew Sisters,Ink Spots, Tex Benecke,Ella Fitzgerald Bing Crosby, Bob Hope,Mills Bros,
1522 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Connie Francis,Jimmy Roselli Edih Piaf,Louis Armstrong.Lena Horne,Della Reece LouisPrima,
1523 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Harry Belafonte,Frank Sintra Benny Goodman, Ella Fitzgerald,Harry Lauder,Glen Miller,Tommy Dorsey,Bing Crosby,Bunny Berigan,Mills Brothers,Ames Bros,Limeliters,Andrew Sisters
1524 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Belle Barth,Soviet Army Chorus,Frank Barber,Errol Garner etc
1525 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Gene Autry, Russian and Ukranian Artists,Lawrene Welk,Six Fat Dutchmen
1526 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Lawrence Welk,, Tommy Edwards,Werner Muller,Al Goodman,Bruno Walter Gordon MacRae,Marguerite Piazza,Lucille Norman
1527 Framed poster”Wash Your Hands and Say Your Prayers” because Germs and Jesus are Everywhere!
1528 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Earl Grant,Glen Gray Count Basie,Bing Crosby,Lou Monte,Leroy Holmes Jimmy Roselli
1529 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Al Caiola,Frank Chacksfield Nancy Ames,Talbot Brothers,jeanette MacDonalkd, Nelson Eddy,Xavier Cugat,
1530 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Eydie Gorme,Jobim Carmen Miranda,Petula Clark,Moderaires,Paula Kelly Rex Harrison, Julie Andrews
1531 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:James Michener,Herb Alpert Boots Randolph Anne Murray,,Jim Nabors,
1532 Framed photograph Boy Scouts
1533 LOt 45 RPM records incl:Doris Day,Fred Waring Mantovani,Kenny Ball,Jane Morgan,,Troubadors, Jimmy Rosselli,Spencer Ross, Andy Williams, Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy
1534 LOt 45 RPM records incl;Matys Bros.,Threesuns, McGuire Sisters,Frank Sinatra,Arthur Prysock, Pat Boone.Gene Roland,,Genoa Keawe
1535 LOt 45 RPM records incl;Emma Bush,Johnny Almeida,, Genoa Keawe,George Naope,Little Brenda Lee,Loretta Goggi,Domenico Modugno
1536 LOt 45 RPM records incl;Mabel Kekino,Janice Harper, Caterina Valente,Roger Williams Peter Matz, Johnny, Dorelli,Ray Conniff,Monty Kelly,Dean Martin,Robert Goulet
1537 LOt 33 vinyl records incl:;Melachrino Strings, Paul Simon, Duke Ellington,Hoagy Carmichael, Carmen McRae,Original Tea Dance Orchestra The Three Suns,The Outriggers
1538 LOt 33 vinyl records incl:;Leo Addeo,Frankie Laine Don Cassock Choir,Frankie Carle,Eddy Arnold, Ray Anthony, Charlie Barnet,Bunny Berigan,Erskine Hawkins,Stan Kenton
1539 LOt 33 vinyl records incl:;Jimmy Roselli Fritz Wunderlich,David Rose,Earl Grant,Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy
1540 LOt 33 vinyl records incl:;Jimmy Roselli, Bob Crewe,Vincent Lopez,Lanny Ross,Eddy Arnold, Errol Garner,Jose Norman,Robert Kennedy A TRibute Jo Stafford,The Ink Spots
1541 LOt 33 vinyl records incl:;Erroll Garner, Ray ConniffSingers,ClaudeThornhill,The Mom and Dads, Genoa Keawe,Benny Rogers,Andy Williams
1542 LOt 33 vinyl records incl:;Eydie Gorme,Ray Conniff The Drums of Bora Bora,Enzo Stuarti,Beachcomer Chorus George Shearing Quintet,Dinah Washington,Deanna Durbin Eddy Arnold,Marty Robbins,Herb Alpert,Fats Waller
1543 LOt 33 vinyl records incl:;Erroll Garner,EarlGrant Nat King cole,John Gary Mom and Dads
1544 Lot VHS Tapes incl Marilyn Monroe
1545 Lot CDs incl Billie Holiday
1546 Lot CDs
1547 Lot CDs
1548 Lot CDs
1549 Lot CDs
1550 Lot CDs
1551 Lot CDs
1552 Lot CDs
1553 Lot CDs
1554 Lot CDs incl Billie Holiday
1555 Lot CDs incl
1556 Lot CDs incl
1557 Lot CDs
1558 Lot VHS Tapes
1559 LOt 33 vinyl records incl Big Bands
1560 LOt 33 vinyl records incl Mills Brothers,Tommy Dorsey etc
1561 LOt 33 vinyl records incl Cossack Russian Songs Ray Charles Singers,Ray Anthony,Songs of the 30s etc
1562 LOt 33 vinyl records incl Don Cosack Chorus, Tommy Garrett,Ingrid Berman,Yul Brynner,Helen Hayes
1563 LOt 33 vinyl records incl Nestor Amaral, The Ink Spots,Nicolai Getta,Enrico Anieri, Trini Lopez
1564 Small Arms of the World Ezell
1565 Famous Pistols and Hand Guns 1977
1566 Sailors, Sailors Goldsmith Carter 1966
1567 Mathew Brady Historian With a Camera Horan
1568 World War Two Cawthorne lst Ed 2008 2
1569 Airwar Jablonski 1971
1570 The Civil War Catalog Shaw 20034
1571 Military Small Arms of the 20th Cty Hogg
1572 Flekkefjord Pa 1800-Tallet Fra Sild Til Salelaer 1987 Abrahamsen 2 .
1573 Fords Golden Fifties Sorensen lst Prt 1997
1574 Civil War Collectors Ency Lord 1965 2
1575 World War II Commanders Westwell 2008
1576 Rifles of the World Walter 2
1577 The Civil War in Photographs Davis
1578 Raiding the Reich Allied Strategic Bombing Freeman
1579 War in Europe Assoc Press Moody
1580 The SS Hitlers Instrument of Terror Williamson rough
1581 Battlefields of the Civil War Murfin
1582 The Vinland Map and The Tartar Relation Marston 1967 Yale
1583 Great Weapons of WW II Kirk,Young 1961 Intro: Hanson Baldwin
1584 Great Combat Hand Guns Thompson/Smeets
1585 Confederate Guns Rywell 1958
1586 Antique Firearms Lister
1587 Artillery Through the Ages Manucy 2
1588 United States Military Muskets,Rifles,Carbines Rywell
1589 The M-l Rifle British Enfield Rifles 2
1590 Uniforms,Weapons and Equipment of the Civil War Illustrated Directory David Miller,
1591 Civil War Weapons and Equipment Pritchard
1592 Looseleaf Binders 2 Weapons Inspector Marks The Johnson Collection 2
1593 The American Arsenal Hogg
1594 Infantry Weapons of WWII Hogg
1595 Gun Digest 1967 Amber
1596 NRA Gun Collectors Guide
1597 Weapons of WWII
1598 The American Rifleman Goes to War
1599 Hobby Gunsmithing Walker
1600 American Heritage History of WW II Sulzberger
1601 Civil War Small Arms Coates/Thomas
1602 Illus Book of Guns David Miller
1603 American Hand Guns and Their Makers NRA
1604 Standard Catalog of Firearms Shideler
1605 Twentieth Century Firearms
1606 Flaydermans Guide to Antique American Firearms 2
1607 Dixie Gun Works Catalog
1608 Black Powder Guide Nonte
1609 Bannermans Gun Catalog 2 The Story of Bannerman Island 3
1610 US Military Arms Dates of Manufacture Colts Dates of Manufacture 2
1611 T/L Misc eph re Guns
1612 T/L Misc eph re Guns
1613 Gourmet Meals in Minutes Culinary Institute of America
1614 The Golden Compass Pullman 1998 lst ed/dj
1615 The, Pilots Wife Shreve 1999 lst ed
1616 Samurai Warriors Miller lst USEd/dj 1999
1617 Lovely Bones Sebollst lst ed The Contender Lipsyte 1967 2
1618 Practical Gardening McHoy 1993 (Australia)
1619 Instruction Book The Ground Observer Corps Continental Air Command Mitchell Air Force Base NY
1620 Hagstrom Atlas New York The Five Boroughs 1976
1621 LOt American Girls Books
1622 Wall Plaque ” Life–Find a Passion and Pursue It” “Be The Change You Wish to See in the World” “
1623 B/L 35 mm slides
1624 Images of Elvis DVD Elvis Thats the Way it is ! 2
1625 Elvis The Ultimate Film Collection
1626 Anas Story Jenna Bush
1627 Feast for Crows George Martin
1628 Madame Bovary
1629 Our Town Thornton Wilder
1630 Paradise Lost John Milton
1631 LOt NGS magazines
1632 Thief Lord Funke
1633 Asylum McGrath
1634 Life Undercover Coming of Age in the CIA Amaryllis Fox
1635 Dance With Dragons Martin
1636 The Sight Clement-Davis Don’t Breathe a Word McMahon All The Missing Girls Miranda 3
1637 La Dama Del Alba Casona En La Ardiente Oscuridad Vallejo 2
1638 Of Mice and Men Steinbeck Death of a Salesman Arthur Miller 2
1639 The Romanov Family Album
1640 Soviet Photography
1641 1975 Yearbook St Cecilia HS Englewood NJ
1642 1978 Yearbook Immaculate Heart Academy Washington Twp
1643 Movie Star Portraits of the 40s Kobal
1644 1962 Yearbook Central HS Paterson NJ
1645 The Films of Cecil B De Mille Ringgold
1646 The World of Communism Swaringhen
1647 The Italians in Chicago Nelli
1648 The Theatrical 20s Churchill
1649 Painters of the American Scene Heller
1650 The Star and Laurel Mercedes Benz Kimes
1651 Hollywood Musicals
1652 T/L Misc eph
1653 T/L Misc eph
1654 T/L Misc eph
1655 Looseleaf binder Opera Programs
1656 T/L Misc eph
1657 The Films of Ginger Rogers
1658 Looseleaf binder Opera programs
1659 Looseleaf binder Opera programs
1660 Looseleaf binder Opera programs
1661 T/L Misc eph
1662 Eros in Antiquity
1663 T/L Misc eph
1664 The American Revolution
1665 America The Beautiful Thoreau
1666 Splendor of Malta Johnston
1667 TL Misc eph
1668 TL Misc eph
1669 TL Misc eph
1670 T/L Misc eph
1671 The Rhine
1672 Lifes Picture History of Western Man Lifes The Worlds Religions Lifes Picture History of WWII 3
1673 The Films of Lana Turner
1674 Victorian Painting Wood
1675 Icons and Devotion
1676 Theatre World Willis 4
1677 War Photography
1678 Masters of Spanish Art de Ribera
1679 Masters of French Art Ingres
1680 Leonardo Costantino
1681 The Miracle of the Met Eaton
1682 The Strumpet Wind Merrick
1683 Disobeying Hitler Hanson
1684 THe Last Prima Donnas Rasponi
1685 Theater World 8 vols
1686 Stalin Deutscher
1687 The Great British Picture Show Perry
1688 LOt 45 RPM records incl:McGuire Sisters,Mary Martin Ethel Merman,Procol Harum,Elaine Paige,Grace Moore Betty Madigan,Lily Pons, Classical
1689 LOt 45 RPM records incl:The Blue Notes, Jan Peerce,Tozzi,Eartha Kitt,Gwen Verdon, Doris Day, Howard Keel,
1690 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Frank Lehar,Enrico Caruso, Lily Pons,John Charles Thomas,Ben Bagley,Kaye Ballard.Classical
1691 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Enrico Caruso,Lily Pons, Kaye Ballard,
1692 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Ezio Pinza,Patrice Munsel Robert Merrill, Jan Peerce,Chita Rivera,Leontyne Price Lucioano Pavarott,Royal Marines, Black Watch
1693 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Al Goodman,Clasical Henry Fonda,Rosalind Russell,Ronald Reagan,AnneBaxter Jonathan Winters
1694 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Kurt Weill, Ethel Merman, Classical,Mario Lanza,Enrico Caruso John McCormack,Jan Peerce,
1695 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Lauritz Melchoir,, John McCormack,Enrico Caruso,Classical,RichardcTauber
1696 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Lauritz Melchoir,, Mary Garden,Lawrence Tibett,Rihard Crooks, Classical,Ezio Pinza,Jenkins
1697 The Queens Coronation 1953 When The Queen Was Crowned Barker 2
1698 Michelangelo The Painter
1699 Deutschland Allemagne A Medieval Book of Seasons Collins 2
1700 T/L Misc eph
1701 I Temporado 1908 (facs)
1702 A Season of Giants 1492-l508
1703 Treasury of Gilbert and Sullivan
1704 The Wars of the Roses Hallam
1705 Looseleaf binder Opera programs
1706 Looseleaf binder Opera programs
1707 Looseleaf binder Opera programs
1709 1999 Yearbook Mt Lakes HS
1710 Hitler and the Nazi Cult of Film and Fame Munn
1711 THe Black Death Ziegler
1712 Life magazines 1944+ 3
1713 Since Stalin 1951 rough
1714 Oxford Annotated Bible with Apocrypha
1715 B/L DVDs
1716 A History of Private Life Medieval Aries
1717 The Unredeemed Captive Demos
1718 The Barbarous Years Bailyn
1719 The Concise Columbia Ency
1720 The Dream of Reason Gottleib
1721 Richard The Third Kendall
1722 Henry V The Scourge of God Seward
1723 Louis XIV Levi
1724 Idylls of the King Tennyson Heritage Press,in sleeve
1725 Oxford American Dictionary
1726 Oxford Dictionary of Art
1727 Handbook of Greek Art Richter
1728 Anna Karenina Tolstoy
1729 Engineering Mechanics 1959
1730 History of England Lunt 1957
1731 Romanticism Honour
1732 Writigs of Emerson
1733 Strapless Davis
1734 Prehistory of Sex Taylor
1735 Witchcraft at Salem Hansen
1736 Foucault Reader Rabinow
1737 Gods and Heroes of Ancient Greece Schwab
1738 A History of Private Life Veyne
1739 Art of the Western World Wood
1740 God Created the Integers Stephen Hawking
1741 What Life Was Like On the Banks of the Nile
1742 The Meanings of Modern Art
1743 Romance of the Sea
1744 Ency of the Enlightenment Reill
1745 Droll Stories Balzac limp leather
1746 History of Spain and Portugal c1880
1747 The Works of Balzac 1926 limp leather
1748 The Works of Tolstoi 1908 limp leather rough
1749 The Decameron of Boccacio c1900 limp leather
1750 Lot auto racing magazines
1751 Lot auto racing magazines
1752 Nascar 50 Greatest Drivers
1753 Dale Earnhart Always a Champion
1754 Earnhardt Racing Family Album
1755 Earnhardt Scene
1756 Daytona 500 4
1757 The Dale Earnhardt Story
1758 Lot VHS tapes auto racing
1759 T/L Misc eph
1760 Disney Picture Discs 3 33 vinyl records incl Crosby Stills and Nash Al Martino
1761 Which is Which framed ad
1762 Christmas Records 33s
1763 Framed ad Victor Records
1764 Framed ad Century magazine Victrola
1765 Framed ad American Magazine Victrola Scotti Records
1766 Framed ad Munseys magazine Victor New Records
1767 Framed ad Munseys magazine Home Grand Graphophone A New Talking Machine
1768 Lot Childrens picture records
1769 Lot Vogue Picture records
1770 Framed American Magazine ad Edison Phonographs
1771 Framed McClures magazine The Edison Phonograph
1772 Framed ad Review of Reviews magazine Edison phonograph
1773 Framed “Cupid” photogaphs
1774 Lot Photo Albums 3 New,Empty
1775 Pennants and Pinstripes NY Yankees 1903-2002 Robinson/Jennison
1776 Now Showing Garner
1777 Crocketts Victory Garden (WWII)
1778 Barefoot Contessa Cook Books 2
1779 Lot VHS tapes
1780 Lot VHS tapes
1781 Lot VHS tapes
1782 Lot VHS tapes
1783 TWo Victoian glass portrait paper weights
1784 Two Daughereotypes-
1785 Lot 78 records inc: Billy Eckstine Bob Crosby`, Percy Faith,Rosemary Clooney,ArtieShaw, Eddy Howard
1786 Lot 78 records inc: Frankie Carl,Bunny Berrigan Jimmie Lungeford,David Rose,Glen Miller
1787 Lot 78 records inc:Ziggy Ellman, Billy Eckstine Archie Blier,Mildred Bailey,The Castilians Bobbu Sherwood
1788 Lot 78 records inc:Lefty Frizzell,Frankie Laine Helen Forrest,Ben Light, Dean Martin,Andrew Sisters
1789 Lot 78 records inc:Dick Haymes Sammy Kaye, TonyBennett Hank Williams,Wingy Maniones Dixieland Band Lionel Hampton,Annette Hanshaw
1790 78 Record Albums: Nelson Eddy,Bing Crosby 2
1791 78 Record Albums: Fted Astaire,Bing Crosby 2
1792 78 Record Albums: PerryComo,Bing Crosby 2
1793 78 Record Albums: Oklahoma ,Bing Crosby 2
1794 78 Record Albums: Kitty Carlisle ,Bing Crosby 2
1795 78 Record Albums: Mario Lanza ,Bing Crosby 2
1796 78 Record Albums: Irene Dunne ,Bing Crosby 2
1797 78 Record Albums: Nelson Eddy,Victor chorus, Strauss Polkas,Puccini Tosca 4
1798 T/L Misc eph
1799 Framed poster (nude)print Icart
2001 B/L Misc books
2002 B/L Misc books
2003 B/L Misc books
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2032 B/L Misc books
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2037 B/L Misc books
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2040 B/L Misc books
2041 B/L Misc books
2042 B/L Misc books
2043 B/L M<isc books
2044 B/L Misc books
2045 B/L Misc books
2046 B/L Misc books
2047 B/l misc books
2048 B/L misc books
2049 B/L Misc books
2050 B/L Misc books
2051 B/L misc books
2052 B/L misc books