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1 The Lost Years Mary Higgins Clark
2 Executive Orders Tom Clancy
3 The Hadrian Memorandum Allan Folsom
4 Air Frame Nichael Crichton
5 Rush Home Road Lansens
6 Fear Nothing Dean Koontz
7 Murder Room P D James
8 The Blooding Joseph Wanbaugh
9 The Malhiavelli Covenant Folsom
10 Black House Stephen King
11 Nightmares and Dreamscapes Stephen King
12 The Case Will Not Die Commonwealth vs Sacco and Vanzetti Ehrmann
13 Death in Paradise Robert Parker
14 Lot Newsweek The Day The World Crashes What JFK Meant To Us 2
15 Life special Issue WWII
16 1998 Mardi Gras
17 Norman Rockwell Memory Album
18 Lot Life magazines Streisand etc
19 Lot Life magazines Mickey Rooney etc
20 Lot Life magazines Baby Boom etc
21 Lot Life magazines Miss Piggy etc
22 Lot Life magazines Cocaine etc
23 Lot Life magazines Prince Charles is 30 etc
24 Lot Life magazines Ted Kennedy etc
25 Newsweek 2 America at War etc
26 Newsweek 3 The Secret History of the War etc
27 New York Worlds Fair Official Guide 1964
28 Newsweek 1997 in Cartoons etc 3
29 Newsweek 1997 4 People of the Century etc
30 Life magazine 3 Artificial Heart etc
31 Life magazine 3 Women Muscle In etc
32 Life magazine 4 10 Best and 10 Worst American Cars
33 T/L Misc eph
34 The Lost Symbol Dan Rrown
35 The Help Stockett
36 The Secret Scroll Cutler
37 The Pope and Mussolini Kertzer
38 A List Zoey Dean
39 You 4Are So not Invited to my Batmitzvah Fiona Rosenbloom
40 Philatelic lot: Stamp album w/ US and foreign stamps
41 1879 Bible rough
42 Lot DVDs
43 Lot DVDs
44 Lot nude photos
45 Lot nude photos
46 Lot pin up photos
47 Lot nude photos
48 Lot nude photos
49 Lot post cards military
50 Philatelic lot: US FDC covers Golden Replicas
51 T/L misc eph Snoopy etc
52 1924 Guide to Motor Efficiency
53 The War Industries Board 1917-l918
54 Numismatic lot: Early Years Lincoln Anniverary Cents
55 Numismatic lot: Lot Indian Head Cents 1886+
56 Numismatic lot: Lot Foreign coins
57 Numismatic lot: Lot Foreign paper currency
58 Lot Costume jewelry
59 Numismatic lot : Foreign coins
60 Numismatic lot : l943 US War Time steel pennies FDR Jr Letter opener
61 Flatware w/ sterling bands
62 LOt USN Training Center Lighter Navy uniform button,Framed US stamp Vietnam Veterans
63 Numismatic ,lot: Coin folders empty
64 Numismatic ,lot: Coin folders empty
65 Numismatic ,lot: Coin folders empty
66 LOt Adult video tapes
67 LOt Adult video tapes
68 LOt Adult video tapes
69 LOt Adult video tapes
70 LOt Adult video tapes
71 LOt Adult video tapes
72 LOt Adult video tapes
73 LOt Adult video tapes
74 B/L Gay ,magazines
75 Framed print Wallace Nutting
76 Framed cloth print Indian and Bird
77 Framed Egyptian plaque
78 Framed photo Venice at Dusk signed on back
79 Framed photo Illuminated Bridge signed
80 Matted print New Yorker
81 Framed photo Man on Bus Stop Bench
82 Framed Ltd Ed photo signed 4/26
83 Framed Ltd Ed photo, signed Deflechia 1/20
84 Framed Egyptian plaque
85 Framed oil painting Rising Sun artist signed
86 Framed Egyptian painting on cloth
87 Framed oil painting The Golden Bridge artist signed
88 Framed oriental print
89 Framed Japanese print signature identified as 1798
90 Framed watercolor signed and dated 1935
91 Framed watercolor The Shanty signed
92 Framed oil painting on canvas artist signed
93 Framed Ltd Ed print, signed 2/350
94 Framed LtdEd print artist signed 1/150
95 Framed painting Ancient Times artist signed
96 Matted print fruit and wine bottles
97 Framed watercolor artist signed
98 Framed cover Scientific American 1894
99 Framed Ltd Ed print Colors of the Night, Venice 1/75 artist signed
100 Antiques magazine 1955
101 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:The Temptations The Ventures,Van Morrison
102 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Preservation Jazz Band King Curtis
103 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:The Ventures,Johnny Winter
104 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:The B52s Strawbs Deep Cuts
105 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Stray Cats,,Strawbs
106 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Duke Ellington Jabbo Smith
107 Lot 33 vinyl records incl” King Oliver History Speaks:Tennyson,McKinley,Billy Sunday,Coolidge Lindbergh,Marconi,Pershing,Pope Leo etc
108 Lot 33 vinyl records incl” Bobby Vee,Bankhead Noel Coward,Rudy Valee,Gloria Swanson,Sophie Tucker Navarro, Lillie,Pidgeon, Holloway etc
109 Lot 45 RPM records incl: 14ct Soul,Copas
110 Lot 45 RPM records incl: Niel Diamond, Cherney Berg,Dinah Washington, Maynard Ferguson Copas,14 ct Soul,Les Crane etc
111 Lot 45 RPM records incl: Jankowski,Copas, l4ct Soul,
112 Lot 78 records incl:Billy Williams,Rosemary Clooney Marlene Deitrich,Kitty Kallen,Jimmy Dorse,Vic Damone
113 Lot 78 records incl:Betty Hutton,Vic Damone,Frankie Laine,Billy Wiliams,Paul Weston, Charles Nelson, Paul Lavalle
114 Lot 78 records incl:Page Cavanaugh,Phil Gordon Oscar Peterson,Cowboy Jack,Frank Novak,Sourwood Mountain Boys,Esmeraldry,
115 Lot 78 records incl:Phil Brito,PaulLavalle,TommyDorsey Doris Day, Percy Faith,The Stardusters Mountain Boys,Esmeraldry,Cass County Boys,Slim Whitman
116 Lot 78 record album incl: Bessie Smith Empress of the Blues
117 Lot 78 record album incl: Here Comes the Band ! Castellucci Military Band,Stirring Marches
118 Framed poster ” Mother Dear”
119 Framed poster ” Mother ” Sound of Your Voice” etc
120 Framed poster To My Mother”
121 Framed silhouette
122 Lot baseball cards
123 Philatelic lot Great American Stamp Collection series
124 Numismatic lot: foreign coins
125 Framed Mandolin Plaque
126 Black Ball The Negro Baseball Leagues
127 1000 Record Covers (A Book-Adult) Ochs
128 Lot Stereopticon cards military ( WW I)
129 Lot Stereopticon cards
130 Lot Stereopticon cards black face
131 Gallery card portrait in Victorian frame
132 Numismatic lot Lincoln cent collection 1941+
133 Numismatic /Philatelic lot 1974 Xmas Stamp 23 K gold Scotland; Israeli Military Commemorative Medallion 2
134 T/L Misc eph
135 Moms Mabey Breaks Up The Network
136 Physicians Life Reference
137 Fresh New Fight
138 Arthritis and Common Sense
139 Framed print Black Face Beauty Parlor
140 Lot adult magazines Play Girl Etc
141 Lot adult magazines Play Girl Etc
142 Lot adult magazines Skin etc
143 Lot adult magazines High Society etc
144 Care of the Expectant Mother Howe MD 1920
145 Framed plaque The Last Supper
146 Lot VHS tapes incl Bing Crosby,Cary Grant,Bob Hope Jessica Tandy,Tom Cruise,Nicole Kidman
147 Lot VHS tapes incl Jackie Chan.Elizabeth Taylor, Paul Newman,Ben Stiller Natalie Wood
148 Lot VHS tapes incl Adam Sandler,Drew Barrymore Peter Sellers,.Matthew Broderick,Leslie Caron Kirk Douglas,
149 Lot VHS tapes incl Cedric Hardwicke,Vincentb Price Liza Minnelli,Tom Hanks,William Hurt,
150 Lot VHS tapes incl ;Robert Redford,Phil Collins, Kathleen Quinlan,Woody Allen’,Robin Williams,
151 Lot VHS tapes incl ;Katherine Hepburn,Doris Day William Shattner,
152 Lot VHS tapes incl :Macaulay Colkin,Jason Isaacs, Lynn Redgrave,Glena Davis,Whoopi Goldberg
153 Lot VHS tapes incl :Dustine Hoffman,mAnne Bancroft Colleen Haskell,Wesley Snipes,Bob Crane,Barbara Rush Taye Diggs,Sanaa Latham
154 Lot VHS tapes incl :Drew Barrymoore,David Arquette William Holden,David Niven,Reese Witherspoon Sylvester and Tweedy
155 Lot VHS tapes incl :Joan Sutherland,Robert Merrill, Jan Peerce,Dorothy Kirsten,Reese Witherspoon, Robert Foxworth,Joan Hackett,Tom Farley,Robert Bettles
156 Lot CDs incl Elvis Presley,Kenny G, John Denvers Les Misterables,Tuck and Patti,John Boswell
157 Lot CDs incl Bing Crosby,Mormon Tabernacle Choir Julie Andrews, Le Ann Rimes
158 Lot VHS tapes incl:Cary Ewes,Tracey Uullman David Janssen,BarryMorse, John Astin,Carolyn Jones Jackie Coogan,Elton John,Eric Clapton,
159 Lot VHS tapes incl:Woody Allen,Billy Crystal,Robin Williams,Val Kilmer,Elisabeth Shue,Dolly Parton Zsa Zsa Gabor,Andrew Duggan
160 Lot VHS tapes incl:Ashley Judd,Tommy Lee Jones, James Cagney .Olivia DeHaviland DickPowell, Mickey Rooney.Courtney Vance
161 Lot VHS tapes incl:Matthew Modine,Jennifer Grey Messiah Atlanta Symph.Mikhail Baryshnikov, Gelsey Kirkland
162 Lot VHS tapes incl:Kevin Sorbo,Karina Lombard Tia Carrere, Luciano Pavarotti,Vienna Boys choir
163 Lot VHS tapes incl:James Stewart,Donna Reed Lionel Barrymoore,Leonardo Di Caprio,Burgess Meredith Katherine Hepburn,Rock Hudson,Ernest Borgnine
164 Numismatic Lot: foreign coins
165 Numismatic Lot: Witchcraft Medallion Salem, Mass 22 people died
166 Numismatic Lot: Kennedy Half Dollars 1970s 8
167 Numismatic Lot:Indian Head Penny 1904
168 Numismatic Lot:Standing Liberty Half 1920
169 Numismatic Lot: 1979 US liberty Dollar
170 Numismatic Lot: Foreign coins
171 T/L Misc eph
172 Framed advertising thermometer Pattersonville, Pa
173 L’ame Enchntee Paris Mere Et Fils Romain Holland 1927
174 Lot Playboy magazines 1990s
175 Lot Playboy magazines 1990s
176 Lot Playboy magazines 1990s
177 NY Times 1941,l995 WW II and Mickey Mantle’s Death at 63
178 Lot sheet music
179 Lot sheet music
180 L941 Life magazine
181 Fathers Are Forever “You dont choose your family They are Gods gift to you as you are to them”.Desmond Tutu Dr Chester Freeman
182 Framed poster Museum of Fine Arts Boston
183 Photo Portrait Imnscribed by John Glenn Two Life magazines re John Glenn
184 Photo NYMA PiPhi at Bear Mountain Inn l945
185 Comics Superman
186 Tray lot childrens books
187 Tray lot sports periodicals
188 The House Divided America in the Era of Civil War Reconstruction
189 Lot records tapes and CDss Reservoir Dogs Bruce Springsteen,Sonny and Cher
190 English Art 1625-1714 Whinney John Wootton 199,276 Sir Henry Wotton 51,52
191 The Hungarian Revolution Lasky 1957
192 The Mount Vernon Ladies Association 150 Years of Restoring George Washingtons Home
193 The City Worlds Greatest Financial Centre
194 The French Quarter New Orleans Fraiser
195 See How We Work Lilienthal 1940
196 Perth Amboys Jewish Community Spector
197 Museum Without Walls Malraux
198 The Creative Act Malraux 1949
199 Villas and Cottages 1857 Vaux
200 The Annotated Alice Lewis Carroll 1960 Illustr John Tenniel
201 History of Industrial Paterson 1882 rough
202 Paterson ,NJ Illustr Shriner 1890 rough
203 Journeys of a German in England in 1782 lst ed Moritz 1965
204 John O The Green Farnol 1935
205 Life and Works of Monet Swinglehurst 1994
206 Music For Mens Voices Knapp 1952 Princeton
207 Two Worlds of Music Geismar 1946
208 Black Bartley’s Treasure Farnol
209 William and Mary Quarterly Historical Magazine 1897
210 Environmentally Devastated Neighborhoods Greenberg1996
211 How Far to Bethlehem ? Lofts 1965
212 The New Jersey Citizen Rights and Responsibilities Robert Morrison Inscribed
213 Beltane The Smith Farnol 1915
214 Guyfford of Weare Farnol 1928
215 The National Distinguished Service Registry 1989-1990
216 The Organ Music of J S Bach 2 vols Williams
217 Life of the Forest McCormick Life of the Marsh Niering 2
218 Coxs Commercial Calculator Cox 1914
219 Vienna 1900 Art, Architecture, Design Varnedoe Museum of Modern Art
220 Wall Painting in Northern Moldavia Virgil Vatasianu 1974
221 The History of American Sailing Ships Chapelle 1935
222 The History of Wenham, Mass 1860 Allen MD (reprint)
223 Anne of Green Gable 2004
224 Byrd Frank Howes 1933 rough
225 Old Touraine 2vols Cook l903
226 Images of America Spring Lake,Avon by The Sea 3,
227 Works of Jack London 1906 Eden
228 The Lure of Long Beach NJ Nash 1936
229 Harriman History Lois Thurston author signed Feudalism to Freedom
230 The Early Records of the Town of Dedham, Mass 3 vol Don Hill
231 Chinese Folk Toys and Ornaments
232 Lot contemporary graphic novels 4
233 The sign of the Four A Conan Doyle
234 Lot pb novels Bernard,Shaw 3
235 1949 Yearbook Seton Hall College
236 1970 Yearbook Metuchen HS
237 1942 Yearbook Perth Amboy HS
238 1945 Yearbook Perth Amboy HS
239 Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam in sleeve
240 Franklin Twp, Somerset County NJ History Brahms
241 1890 Report Record Commissioners City of Boston
242 Historical Catalog Old South Church, Boston 1883
243 GI Manuals:Basic Field Manual Military Intelligence FM30-l0 With maps FM 30-20 2 Quick Kill US Army Infantry School, Fort Benning 3
244 War Depot Manual 21-40 Defense Against Chemical Attack Handbook of the Thompson Submachine Gun 1940 3
245 Dept of the Army ROTC Manual National Security 1962 145-45; Service Orientation 2 War Dept Basic Field Manual ,Military Intelligence FM 30-40 Identification of US Armored Vehicles 3
246 Glimpses of Newtons Past Curtis 1918
247 The Fireside Book of Christmas Stories Wagenknecht1945
248 Bonnard. France 1950
249 Old Touraine Famous Chaeaux of France Cook
250 History of Charlestown Mass 1845 Frothingham (reprint)
251 The Ancient Maya Morley 1945
252 Hugo Riemanns Musiklexikon; 1915 2 vols rough
253 Rapid Translation of German Pollard 1947
254 The World of George Washington Ketchum
255 Framed poster Lawyers office
256 Framed oil painting artist signed
257 Lovina Milhous rough
258 How to Draw Locomotives Mann
259 Report of the US George Washington Bicentennial Comm. 1933 5 vols
260 George Washington 1732-1932 2
261 Poems Seamus Healey 1965-l975
262 The Best of John B Keane Humorous Writings
263 The Wind in the Willows Grahame Ilust Arthur Rackham, 1940 Heritage Press
264 The Collectors Manual Hudson Moore in sleeve 1935
265 The Hell Bomb Laurence 1947 (Hydrogen Bomb)
266 Deep Water Days Swan 1929 (with sail cloth cover)
267 The Figured Wheel Robert Pinsky Poet Laureate of the United States
268 History of Submarine Warfare along the Jersey Shore Bilby/Ziegler
269 Battle Stations 1946 Your Navy in Action
270 Haleys Comet NY Times
271 Pigeons, Marks, Hustlers Sam Snead
272 Memoirs of Robert E Lee Al Long
273 Ireland Beautiful Wallace Nutting
274 American Naval Fighting Ships
275 The Sixth Pasenger John Whalen Lt Col, US Army
276 Atlas of the Second World War Harper Collins
277 100 Years of Basketball
278 Harley Davidson Rolling Sculpture
279 Prince/Randee St Nicholas 21 Nights in sleeve
280 American Impressionism Gerdts
281 Rutgers Football
282 Lot of 33 vinyl records incl:Tony Bennett,Benny Goodman,Frank Sinatra,June Christy NatKing Cole, Pete Fountain
283 Lot of 33 vinyl records incl:Count Basie,Dr Buzzard EdwardMurrow,Will Rogers, Amos N Andy,Babe Ruth
284 Thunder in the Morning Calm Royal Canadian Navy in Korea 1950-55 Meyers Inscribed
285 Mrs Kennedy and Me Clint Hill
286 Cape Cod in Color Vuilleumier
287 The Four Seasons Pickles Selections from Leaves of Grass Whitman 2
288 Saltair Prayers from the Irish Tradition Eire -Ireland 2
289 The Beatles Hunter Davies
290 They could Not Trust the King Shannon
291 Chanel Edmonde Charles Roux 1975
292 Lot: Memories of the Liffey Valley Tales of the Wicklow Hills Richard Marsh Tales of the Quiet Man Tour Guide Gerry Collins 3
293 Abstracts in Water color Schlemm, The Wonder of Color Matisse 2
294 Marion Post Wolcott photographs
295 The Incredible Music Machine Miller
296 Vistas of China
297 Mittens Newberry
298 Aircraft Spotter Handbook Guthman USN 1943
299 Cosmology Colligan 1951
300 THe Annotated Walden Henry Thoreau
301 Aesops Fables 1989 Lois Hill Reprint
302 Story of a Secret State Karski 1944
303 The Olick O Connor Diaries 1970-l981 A Cavalier Irishman 2001
304 Works of Jack London 1990
305 Don Juan in Hell Bernard Shaw 1952
306 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain 1993
307 A childs Story of the Nativity Raymond 1943
308 Lincolns America Nathan 1961
309 The Best Cartoons From Punch 1952
310 War The Cameras Battlefield View of Mans Most Terrible Adventure Leventhal
311 The Church of St Denis Manasquan NJ 1909-2009
312 Tumbleweed Pleas Todd Uphill Home Hayford 2
313 Jewish Daily Prayer Book
314 Jewish Life in Germany Today Kaufmann
315 B/L Judaica
316 Lot art books, catalogs 4
317 Removing Anti-Judaism from the Pulpit Kee
318 The Rape of the Lock 1902
319 Lautrec 1934
320 Dorothea Lange Paul Caponigro 2
321 Wks of Eugene O Neill 2 vols
322 Livree Des Morts Des Anciens Egyptiens Kolpaktchy
323 The Man Who Saved Florence Tutaev
324 Uppity Women of Ancient Times Leon
325 Judaism Moore 2
326 The Arts of China Watson
327 The Kosher Cook Book Trilogy Grossman
328 Long Island is my Nation 1640-l830 Decorative Arts and Craftsmen 2 rough
329 Forging Freedom Heroism During the Holocaust Jewish Life in Germany Today 2
330 Ten Thousand Children Holocaust The Upstairs Room Johanna Reiss
331 THe Lessons of History Smyth
332 The Life of Abraham Lincoln Tarbell 2 vols
333 The London Shakespeare 6 vols
334 THe Contemporary American Organ Barnes 1964
335 Ars Et Scriptura P4reimesberger
336 Schweizerische Fischkunde Steinmann
337 Lectures On the History of France Stephen 1890
338 Pennsylvania Geologic Survey 1911
339 Lot The Monist magazine 1912 3
340 Cyrus Hall McCormick Seed Time 1809-l856 Hutchinson William E Dodd
341 Transactions New Jersey Medical Society 1894+ 9 vol
342 The Twenties Wilson
343 Army Information Digest 1955 Special Issue: The United States Army1775-l955
344 Love Here is My Hat Saroyan
345 I Am a Camera Van Druten
346 Call For The Dead LeCarre 1961
347 Venus The Lonely Goddess Erskine
348 Memoirs of Hecate County Wilson
349 Drawn From Memory Shepard
350 Morituri Sudermann
351 Black Majesty Vandercook lst ed 1928
352 Another Pamela Upton Sinclair
353 Effects of Ionizing Radiation on the Nervous System Atomic Energy Agency
354 The Fruit of the Tree Edith Wharton 1907
355 Flush Virginia Woolf lst ed 1933
356 Adventures of Baron Munchausen
357 The Prevalence of Witches Menen
358 A World to Win Upton Sinclair
359 The Oral,Law Hyamson 1910
360 Camel Xiangzi Lao She
361 The Lives of the Norths 3 vols
362 Luck of Roaring Camp Bret Harte 1875
363 The Arrow Morley 1927
364 Certain Accepted Heroes Lodge 1897
365 Real Life Sketches Vosper 1903
366 Colomba Sherman 1897
367 George Cruikshank 1897 Chesson
368 Three Comrades Remarque 1937
369 Jean Christophe Rolland 1915
370 Chaucers Canterbury Tales Hill 1931 lst ed
371 Baron Munchausen Raspe
372 The Adventures of theBlack Girl in Her Search for God Bernard Shaw 1933
373 The Courtship of Miles Standish Longfellow Illus Howard Chandler Christy 1903
374 T/L,Misc eph
375 Framed Baseball photo Ryne Sandburg
376 Framed Baseball photo Jose Canseco
377 Framed Baseball photo Barry Bonds
378 1000 Places to See Before You Die(Endorsed by JMW) Finger Lakes,New York,The Catskills,NY Bequia, Grenadines Monserat,Grenadines St Vincent, Grenadines
379 Framed plaque Games of the 24th Oympiad Seoul l988
380 Lunatics Dave Barry and Alan Zweibel
381 The Enduring Community Helmreich The Jews of Newark and Metrowest
382 Elizabeth Taylor Hirsch
383 THe Lost Legends of New Jersey Reiken
384 There’s No Toilet Paper on the Road Less Traveled Doug Lansky
385 Bunny Bunny Gilda Radner A Sort of Love Story Alan Zweibel
386 The Best Advice I Ever Got Katie Couric lst ed
387 Set World Book Encycl 20 vols
388 T/L Misc eph
389 T/L Misc eph travel brochures
390 T/L Japanese paintings on silk matted
391 T/L Look magazine 1960s 11
392 T/L Misc eph Philatelic
393 T/L Misc eph
394 T/L Misc eph sports
395 T/L Misc eph
396 T/L Misc eph philatelic
397 T/L Misc eph
398 T/L Misc eph menus
399 T/L Misc eph travel, sheet music etc
400 Baseball,photograph incl Babe Ruth
401 Calling card collection
402 Lot composite photograph
403 Cassets Great Radio Mysteries
404 Leather valise with back gammon game
405 Term paper: Ag Economics 144 Oct ll, 1955 Cornell University Prof Lawrence Darah,John M Wootton “Vending Machines for the Marketing of Eggs in Boonton,NJ” (This concept was absurdly impractical
406 Among The Amish Bowen
407 The Private World of John Singer Sargent
408 The Art of Lola Ades
409 American Artist 1968
410 The Artists magazine 2005
411 The Hampton Album
412 Art of the West magazine 1998
413 Flower Painting Abrams Art Book
414 American Art Review magazine 2003
415 American Artist 1972
416 Making a Start in Art Airy 1951
417 Anatomy Foster
418 The Great Artists Rembrandt
419 Art Books by Walter Foster 5
420 The Great Artists Winslow Homer
421 Art Books by Walter Foster 5
422 The Artist magazine 1935
423 Ralph Wickiser The Reflected Stream Cleveland
424 Dali,Dali,Dali
425 The Art of Acrylic Painting 3
426 T/L Misc eph
427 Christinas World Andrew Wyeth
428 The Britannica Ency of American Art
429 The World of the Impressionists
430 Mary Casatt 3
431 Toulose Lautrec
432 The World of Michelangelo
433 The Circle of Life Life on the African Savannah Anup and Manoj Shah
434 Logo International
435 Vincent Van Gogh
436 Famous Artists Magazine 1960 American Artists magazine 1975 2
437 The Watercolor Handbook Maiotti
438 Winslow Homer Watercolors Hoopes
439 Famous Artists of the PAST
440 The Hudson River Valley History and Guide Mulligan
441 Berthe Morisot Rey
442 American Art 2016 Review
443 Watercolors by Toulous Lautrec
444 Marine Painting Donaldson
445 Pastel,Painting Sears
446 Frederic Remington
447 Painting and Drawing Skies Battershill
448 The Visual Dialogue The Appreciation of Art Knobler
449 On Painting and Drawing William Morris Hunt
450 Painting in 4 Mediums Palluth
451 Exploring Marthas Vineyard Burroughs
452 Cezanne in Philadelphia Collections
453 Gauguin Thomson
454 Turner at the Tate Butlin
455 Boudin Selz 2 copies
456 Rubens Drawings
457 Origins of Impressionism
458 Prendergast Watercolors Remembered Image
459 Portrait Painting Warner
460 Creative Painting With Pastel Katschen
461 Howard Pyle
462 Childe Hassam An American Impressionist
463 The Burlington House Fair
464 Graphic Work of M C Escher
465 Pencil Broadsides Kautzky
466 Art and Anatomy Lessen
467 Frederic Remington Hassrick
468 Toulouse Lautrec Thomson
469 The Encycl of Animals
470 An Atlas of Anatomy for Artists Schider
471 The Artists Magazine 1999 American Artist Magazine 1997
472 American Art Review 2019 Art of the West 2001
473 Ways With Watercolor Kautzky
474 Treasure Island Stevenson Illus N C Wyeth 19ll rough
475 Good Bye Jim James Whitcomb Riley 1913 Illus Howard Chandler Christy
476 The Art of Walt Disney Finch
477 Robinson Crusoe DeFoe Illus N C Wyeth 1920
478 Durer Anzelewsky Heide Grieve 1980
479 Photo album w/photos
480 Once Upon a Time Bill Stanley
481 Art of War US Combat Art
482 Drawing Landscapes 2 Painting Your Vision in Watercolor Wade
483 THe Masters Birds in Art
484 American Heritage 1979
485 Two Hundred Years of American Watercolors Pastels and Drawings
486 Drawing Dynamic Hands Hogarth
487 John Singer Sargent Drawings
488 Picture Framing Landon
489 Painting Natures Quiet Places Daly
490 Pirates and Buccaneers 1970
491 Watercolor John Pike
492 Constable John Walker 1991
493 The World of Robert Bateman Derry
494 Auction catalog 1996 Sothebys
495 An Age of Barnes Eric Sloane
496 American Impressionism Weinberg Rizzoli Art Series
497 Modeling Guide for Teachers and Students 1922
498 Basic Drawing 1954
499 Colonies of American Impressionism
500 Behind Closed Doors Paris
501 Watercolor Painting on Location Meyer
502 Dogs How to Draw and Paint
503 Illustrated Minute Biographies
504 Robin Hood Illust N C Wyeth 1917
505 The Metropolitan Museum of Art Hibbard
506 Moses Soyer 1970
507 Horizon Winter 1970
508 Lot Walter Foster art books 5
509 Lot Walter Foster art books 5
510 The Impressionists Harris
511 Impressionism
512 Cassatt Effeny Mary Cassat Nancy Hale 2
513 The Drawings of Gauguin
514 Gauguin History and Techniques of the Great Masters Linda Bolton
515 Natural Revelations Art of Susan Swartz
516 The Art of Illuminating Tymms
517 Gnomes Huygen
518 Book of Modern War Planes Booth
519 Painting America Eastman Johnson
520 Okavango Africas Last Eden Lanting
521 San Francisco City on Golden Hills
522 DRawing Nature Maltzman
523 The Wonderful World of Professional Golf McCormack
524 The Chronicle of Impressionism
525 A Century of Sanctuary The Art of Zion National Park
526 An Artistic Journey Raphael
527 Nostalgic Sentiments Joe Hing Lowe artist signed and inscribed
528 American Art Review 1976,2009-2
529 Legendary Trains Loose leaf binders 2
530 Complete Guide to Needlework RD
531 Framed Collage :Richard Byrds 1934 Antarctic Expedition includes stamps,covers.photographs
532 Framed Ornithological print Ltd Ed, artist signed 466/l500
533 Framed print Girl holding doll
534 Wine Album
535 Watercolors of the Rio Grande Frary
536 Great American Artist series Albert P Ryder
537 Berthe Morisot Impressionist
538 Winslow Homer
539 Mr. Currier and Mr.Ives Russell Crouse w/color plates rough
540 Incredible Cross-Sections Stephen Biesty
977 Lot Adult DVDs
978 Lot Adult DVDs
979 Lot Adult DVDs
980 Lot Adult DVDs
981 Lot Adult DVDs
982 Lot Adult DVDs
983 Lot Adult DVDs
984 Lot Adult DVDs
985 Lot Adult DVDs
991 The Poetical Work of Sir Walter Scott 1824
992 Cane Sugar Noel Deerr 1921
993 Catalogue of Collection of Firearms 1949 Penrose
994 Catch That Catch Can 5 vols English Rounds and Catches
995 Heidi Spyri Illus Jesse Wilcox Smith 1922
996 Native Son Richard Wright 1940
997 The Ballad of Tom Dula
998 Theron and Aspasio Jams Hervey leather 1789
999 Anna Akhmatova Poems
1000 Sunday After The War Henry Miller 1944
1001 Nava Patterns
1002 Biblioteca Di Cultura Moderna Scrittori D Oggi 3 vols 1950
1003 Tansactions Medical Society of New Jersey 1894+7 vol
1004 Boswell In Search of a Wife 1766-l769 Brady
1005 John Sargent Charteris 1927
1006 Collected Poems of T S Eliot 1936
1007 Old Virginia and Her Neighbors Fiske 1900
1008 The Bat-Poet Jarell Illus Maurice Sendak
1009 Studies in the American Renaissance Myerson 1983
1010 The Obliviad A Satire 1879
1011 Descriptive Geometry Shades and Shadows Church 1867
1012 Theatre USA 1665-l957
1013 The Unsung Buxbaum
1014 Selected Poems Masters 1925
1015 Bravo Retrospection Filbert Aloysius
1016 The Collected Poems of Sara Teasdale
1017 North of Monadnock Tolman
1018 The Papers of Frederick Law Olmstead
1019 Furniture Treasury Vol Three Wallace Nutting
1020 The Treasury of Art
1021 US 1956 Olympic Book
1022 The Common Reader Virginia Woolf 1948
1023 Dark of the Moon Sara Teasdale
1024 Poems George Santayana 1923
1025 Lighted Windows Angelico 1951 in sleeve
1026 Sonnets From the Portuguese
1027 Emersons Works 1895 Society and Solitude
1028 The Normans in European History Haskins
1029 Christs Image Auclair in sleeve
1030 A History of the South Simkins 1953
1031 Room 3603 WWII British Intelligence Center in New York
1032 Harriet The Spy Fitzhugh
1033 The Tolkien Companion Tyler
1034 The Hudson River School Minks
1035 Der Hypnotismus Forell l9ll
1036 The Gazelle Medieval Hebrew Poems
1037 Treasury of Mexican Folkways Toors
1038 Benjamin Garver Lamme EE Westinghouse
1039 PC Richardson’s First Case Thomson
1040 Capitalism and Freedom Friedman
1041 The Epitome of Andreas Vesalius MIT
1042 Randall Jarrell 1914-l965 Robert Penn Warren
1043 The Veils of Isis Harris 1915
1044 Heart of the World Haggard
1045 Contemporary Painters Soby Museum of Modern Art
1046 The Heartland Rockingham County
1047 How The Steel Was Tempered Ostrovsdky 1952
1048 A History of Oriental Orgies Cleugh
1049 Selected Papers of Egon Loebner Hewlett Packard
1050 Stories of Three Decades Thomas Mann 1936
1051 The Art of Accompanying and Coaching Kurt Adler
1052 The Doctrine of Election in Tannaitic Literature Helfgott 1954
1053 The Historian and Historical Evidence Johnson
1054 Chemical Processes in Lakes Stumm
1055 Joseph Heller Portrait of an Artist as an Old Man
1056 Transylvania Tutor to the West Wright
1057 Touch of the Dutchland Robacker
1058 Wives Bradford 1925 lst ed
1059 Wonderings John Masefield 1943 lst prt
1060 First Baptist Church, Richmond 1780-l955
1061 Frontier of Freedom Old Deerfield Mass
1062 Pure and Simple Neiman Marcus
1063 The Town Leigh Hunt 1907
1064 The First of the Hoosiers Eggleston 1903
1065 Love Songs Sara Teasdale 1917
1066 On Education Sir Richard Livingstone 1945
1067 Early American Craftsmen Dyer
1068 Ships Company Jacobs 1911
1069 Joseph The Provider Thomas Mann
1070 No Such Thing as Silence John Cage
1071 A Historians Creed Taylor 1939 (Harvard)
1072 T/L Misc eph
1073 Songs Bruce Springsteen
1074 Maya Iconography Benson
1075 Fabrications Staged, Altered and Appropriated Photographs Hoy
1076 Olmec Art of Ancient Mexico The Olmec 2
1077 Maya
1078 Ancient West Mexico
1079 The Colonial Andes Tapestries and Silverwork
1080 Service of the Heart Judaiaca
1081 Numismatic lot:Foreign coins
1082 Numismatic lot:Susan B Anthony $l coins 10
1083 Numismatic lot:JFK Half Dollar Coins 2
1084 Numismatic lot:Jefferson nickels
1085 Numismatic lot:Washington Quarters
1086 Numismatic lot:US Nickels Opening The West
1087 Numismatic lot: FDR dimes 18
1088 Numismatic lot: Lincoln pennys incl wheat (unsorted)
1089 Numismatic lot: older US pennys incl wheat
1090 Numismatic lot: FDR dimes 24
1091 Numismatic lot: Unsorted US pennys
1092 Numismatic lot: FDR dimes
1093 Numismatic lot: $1 coins Sacajawea 2
1094 Numismatic lot: $1 coin Eisenhower 1977
1095 Numismatic lot: foreign coins
1096 Numismatic lot: US Washington Quarters 55
1097 Numismatic lot Early Jefferson nickels 25
1098 B/L Misc eph
1099 B/L Misc eph
1100 B/L Misc eph
1101 T/L Misc eph
1102 PCCD Battlefield
1103 PCCD Roller Coaster
1104 PCCD Battlefield
1105 PCCD Battlefield Special Forces
1106 PC DVD-Rom Aion
1107 PC CD-ROM Battlefield 1942
1108 PC CD-ROM Unreal Tournament
1109 EA Games ESRB E3 Medal,of Honor Allied Assault
1110 Games for Windows Age of Conan Eidos
1111 Games for Windows PCDVD Hellgate London
1112 Half -Life Platinum Collection Valve Game of the Year 1998,l999
1113 PCCD The Sims University 2
1114 E (Everyone) Mall Tycoon
1115 PC-CD Microsoft Flight Simulator 2OO2
1116 World of Warcraft 2 Blizzard Ent Addl Fees apply
1117 PCCD Battlefield 2
1118 Dont Sweat The Small Stuff Carlson
1119 Doctors Little Book of Answers Brown MD
1120 Mosbys Pocket Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing and Allied Health
1121 Crows Savage Encounters With The Wise Guys of the Avian World
1122 Ravens in Winter Heinrich lstEd/ dj
1123 Autumn of the Black Snake Hogeland George Washington,Mad Anthony Wayne and the Invasion that Opened the West
1124 The Truth About Dogs (Canis familiaris) Budiansky
1125 Prevent Dog Problems ” :Pure and Simple” Katz VMD
1126 Ultimate Survival System Emergency Planning and Crisis Survival Bryant
1127 Birds of New Jersey Stan Tekiela Birds of the Northeast ” ” 2
1128 Nanaville Anna Quindlen Adventures in Grandparenting
1129 In Search of LL Bean M R Montgomery “Astonishing Look at an Astonishing American Success Story”
1130 Framed print waterfall, bridge
1131 VHS Stereo Star Trek Nemesis A Generations Final Journey Begins
1132 Children of Abraham Sholem Asch East River Sholem Asch 2
1133 Three Cities Sholem Asch Salvation Sholem Asch 2
1134 The Apostle Sholem Asch Tales of My People Sholem Asch 2
1135 The Nazarene Sholem Asch Mary Sholem Asch 2
1136 Autobiography of Andrew Dickson White 2 vols 1905 Cofounded Cornell University and served as first President for nearly two decades
1137 Safe Methods of Business Nichol 1891
1138 Essays R Emerson rough
1139 Poet to Poet 1945 :Peterson/Lynch
1140 Poet to Poet 1945 :Peterson/Lynch
1141 Barren Ground Glasgow They Stooped to Conquer Glasgow 2
1142 Abstracts on Military and Aviation Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences 1953
1143 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Ray ,Charles,Ella Logan James Taylor,Gordon Lighfoot,Joni Mitchell,CesarCastro
1144 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Sesame Street,EarthaKitt Anthony Newley,Ezio Pinza,Waltek Slezak Rome Symphony
1145 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Gladys Gerwitz, Andre Kostelanetz,Ezio Pinza, Mary Martin Rome Symphony Sir Thomas Beecham
1146 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Kismet, Eugene Ormandy Andre Kostelanetz,Ezio Pinza, Mary Martin Ramon Orlando,Cocoband,Conjunto Caribe
1147 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: John, Raitt,Connie Baxter Raison,Mary Martin Ezio Pinza
1148 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Songs Of Israel Star Wars, Rome Symphony,The Mikado,
1149 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Murbo Singers,. Edward Murrow,Percy Faith,Robert Merrill,Bikel Sophie Tucker
1150 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: AAron Copeland,Shelley Berman,Richard TuckerAnna Russell, Richard Tucker
1151 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: SatNight Fev,er Arthur Murray,Mitch Miller,
1152 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Ferrante andTeicher Jule London Tony Orlando,John Cavcava Singers Tony Martin,Harry James,Gene Krupa,Bunny Berrigan Benny Goodman,Duke Ellington,Dorseys Woody Herman
1153 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: First Piano Quartet Anatole Fistoulari,Vienna Symphony,Luciano Pavarotti,Placido Domingo;;;;;;
1154 Lot 33 vinyl records incL:Frederica VonStade Richard Tucker< Placido Domingo, Manon Lecaut RobertcShaw,Rise Stevens,JannPeerce
1155 Lot 33 vinyl records incL: Mariella Adani Richard Tucker,Robert Merrill,Manon Lescaut, Cornet Favorites,Pat Morrison
1156 78 RPM record ,Album Adolph Busch
1157 The Magic Butterfly and other Fairy Tales of Central Europe
1158 Moby Dick Herman Melville
1159 The New Junior Classics set 10 vols 1956
1160 Little Journeys to The Homes of the Great 14 vols Memorial Edition Elbert Hubbard
1161 The Mystery of the Great Swamp Zapf 1967
1162 My Four Years in Germany James Gerard Late Ambassador to the German Imperial Court 1917
1163 Skin and Bones Thorne Smith 1939 rough
1164 I Saw France Fall Rene de Chambrun 1940
1165 Uncle Remus Walt Disney 1947
1166 Pups and Pussies cloth Tom, Tom The Pipers Son 1943 rough Little Boy Blue 1943 rough
1167 Uncle Wiggily and the Peppermint 1939 Uncle Wiggily and the Canoe 1939 2
1168 Dick Whittington (and his Cat)
1169 Abdul of Arabia 1936 Ching Ling and Ting Ling 1936 2
1170 The King With Six Friends Williams 1968
1171 Down, Down The Mountain Ellis Credle 1961
1172 In Storm and Sunshine Buckley 1938
1173 Rich Man, Poor Man Citron 1963
1174 The Invisible Clowns 1964
1175 All Glory Allan Crite Society of Saint John the Evangelist 1947
1176 Olga of Norway 1936 Chula of Siam 1936
1177 Manuel of Mexico 1936 Kala of Hawaii 1936 Maria and Carlos of Spain 1936 3
1178 A Childs Book of Myths Price rough
1179 Appletons Higher Geography 1909
1180 Book of Nursery and Mother Goose Rhymes de Angelis 1954
1181 A Peaceable Kingdom The Shaker Abecedarius Provensen
1182 Mickey Never Fails Palmer Disney 1939
1183 Water Babies Circus Browne Disney 1940
1184 The Little Pigs Picnic Brown Disney 1939
1185 T/L Misc eph
1186 Space Ship to The Moon Reichert
1187 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:,Splashdance,Zero Mostell Buddy Hackett,Hermione Gingold,Buffalo Bills,Robert Preston,Cesar Franjck
1188 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:,The Brothers Zim, Winnie the Pooh,,Jews Are Children of Kings, Chaum Banet,Mostly Matyzah
1189 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:,Latkes and Hamentashen Northern Command Variety Ensemble,Mousercise, The Supremes, Diana Ross
1190 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:,Freddie Hubbard Gladys Gewirtz,Rod McEwan,Debussy Images Israel Sings !
1191 T/L misc eph
1192 Lot33 vinyl records incl” Shirley Bassey Tony Orlando,Pat Suzuki 1959,Simon Bocccanegra Itzhak Pearlman
1193 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Handel Messiah Kim Novak,Carmen Cavallaro,Billy May, MGM Marching Band,Denny Lile
1194 Lot33 vinyl records incl” Shirley Bassey Tony Orlando,Pat Suzuki 1959,Simon Bocccanegra
1195 Lot33 vinyl records incl” Andre Kostelanetz. Diana Trask,June Vali,The Kingston Trio,The Jolson Story Barbara Law
1196 Lot33 vinyl records incl” Raga Salamat Ali, Rabindra Nath,Amir Khan etc
1197 Lot33 vinyl records incl” Banani Ghosh.Fiedler Juthika Roy,Amar Pal,Pandit Jasra.Khanj Duets
1198 Lot 45 RPM records incl Peter and Gordon Pinocchio,Jungle Book,Bambi, Sleeping Beauty Charlie Brown,Fox and Hound
1199 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Caravelle, Doris Day,Four Lads Frankie Laine.Rosemary Clooney Louis Armstrong,Dinah Shore,Mills Brothers,NelsonEddy
1200 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Barry Sisters,, Buffalo Bills Barber Shop,TRini Lopez Louis Armstrong,Dinah Shore,Mills Brothers,NelsonEddy Ferrante and Teicher
1201 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Donny and Marie Bourne Parade.John Gary,Louis Armstrong,
1202 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Mary Janos,Bobby Hackett Erica Morini Kings College Choir,Eric Kunzell Ghena Dimitrova,Franz Lehar,Mantovani,
1203 B/L Works of Famous Writers 25vol Each in separate vols, mostly 1930s
1204 The Heroines of History Jenkins black leather author died before book finished Dedicatory Epistle dated 1851
1205 Ency of Architecture Gwilt 1872 rough
1206 St Nicholas Illustrated 1901
1207 Common Sense Thomas Paine Facs 1976 Intr: Henry Steele Commager
1208 West is West Rhoads 1912 3 The Trusty Knaves Rhodes 1933 The Desire of the Moth Rhodes 1920
1209 Ash Flowers Lyman Andrews Poetry
1210 Sonnets From the Portuguese 1937 Elizabeth Barret Browning
1211 Confessions of a Conformist 1961 lst Ed Morris Freedman
1212 Letters of Madame De Sevigne 1927 Aldington rough
1213 Taking Manila Williams Life of Admiral Dewey 1899
1214 The Sketch Book Washington Irving Wentworth 1942
1215 Natures School Anderson 1935
1216 Song Brecht 1949 rough
1217 More Over Sexteen 1953
1218 The Ship Ann Alexander of New Bedford 1805-l851 Sawtell
1219 Hugh Wynne Free Quaker Sometime Brevit Lt Colonel on the Staff of His Excellency George Washington Weir Mitchell
1220 American Statesmen Schurz 1887
1221 Works of Edgar Alan Poe leather 1927 rough
1222 The Worlds Great Romances leather 1929 rough
1223 Emile et les detectives
1224 Set Harvard Classics 18 vols
1225 Times of Trial Great Crises in the American past
1226 Churchill (in German) rough
1227 Leger Kuh 1953 survey of his art
1228 The Reporter magazine This Civil Conflict 1963
1229 Sketches of Early Bethlehem Myers
1230 History of the l9th Cty Year by Year Emerson 2 vols
1231 Surviving Fights with your Brothers and Sisters Joy Wilt You”re One of a Kind Joy Wilt 2
1232 Broncho Richard Ball lst ed 1930
1233 The Summing Up bv W Somerset Maugham 1938
1234 Physical and Mental Rejuvenation rough
1235 Special,Interest autos magazine
1236 Collectible Automobile magazines 3
1237 Lot Special,Interest auto magazines 8
1238 Lot Fact magazines 8
1239 Classic Plastic Radios 1930s,l940s catalog
1240 Classic Toy Soldiers catalog
1241 Lot Time magazines 1989, 2
1242 1981-1982 National League Green books
1243 Famous Watercolor Painters Frost
1244 Lot Goya prints
1245 1977 NY Mets program
1246 1957 Reporter magazine
1247 The Bible for Children David and His Son 2 Abraham was Gods Friend 2 4
1248 Framed Medallion display
1249 Pen Drawing and Pen Draughtsmen Joseph Pennell
1250 Lautrec by Lautrec
1251 Learning From the Old Masters Sheppard
1252 Drawing History of An Art Rose
1253 The Brandywine Heritage: Howard Pyle;N C Wyeth Andrew Wyeth; James Wyeth
1254 The Helga Pictures Andrew Wyeth
1255 CPMNTAX art book
1256 Childrens Book Illustration and Design Cummins
1257 500 Years of Art in Illustration Howard Simon
1258 Lot Walter Foster art books 3
1259 Kingmans Water Colors
1260 Horizon 1968,1969 2
1261 Pastels 16th-20th Cty
1262 An Introduction to Nature
1263 Wondrous Strange The Wyeth Tradition
1264 Floating Cities Wiltshire
1265 Mary Cassatt AN American Impressionist Gerhard Gruitrooy
1266 A Painters Pilgrimage Raphael Soyer
1267 Impressionism :A Centenary Exhibition
1268 Paul Gauguin Color Slide Program of the Great Masters
1269 Picassos World of Children
1270 200 Years of American Illustration
1271 American Impressionist Masterpieces
1272 Draw 50 Dogs Ames
1273 Drawings from the Heinemann Collection
1274 Women Artists Wilson
1275 Heraldry for the Designer Metzig
1276 Picture Framing
1277 Figures/Faces Sketchers Handbook
1278 Creative Illustration Loomis
1279 Birds in Art 1988
1280 The Art of Figure Drawing Clem Robins
1281 Cassatt A Retrospective
1282 Painting the Nude
1283 Tales of New Jersey Bell Telephone Co 1963
1284 Lot Walter Foster art books 3
1285 Introduction to Art Techniques
1286 Artists of Chicago
1287 Sister Wendys American Collection
1288 The Life and Death Crazy Horse
1289 Back Roads of New England Thollander
1290 Spencer Collection of American Art
1291 Anatomy Lessons from the Great Masters
1292 Stage for A Nation The National Theater 150 Years
1293 The Story of Miss Saigon Behr/Steyn signed
1294 Winslow Homer
1295 Child Hassam Impressionist
1296 Contemporary Western Artists
1297 Pissaro Cogniat
1298 Lot Walter Foster Books 3
1299 From Leonardo to Picasso The World of Art
1300 Sketching and Drawing Kumagai
1301 Matisse Museum of Modern Art
1302 Collected Drawings /AubreyBeardsley
1303 Great Modern Masters Rothenstein
1304 Great Painters and Great Paintings RD
1305 Art Treasures of the Louvre
1306 Winslow Homer Watercolors
1307 Oh, Say Can You See Story of America through great paintings National Historical Society
1308 Drawing and Painting Laidman
1309 Treasury of American Drawings Slatkin
1310 Art and the Animal Society of Animal Artists
1311 Childe Hassam Hoopes
1312 Peasant Paintings from Huhsien County (China)
1313 T/L Misc eph
1314 Students Reference Cyclo 1907
1315 Tom Swift and His Giant Cannon 1913
1316 Essays of Eloia Columbus Series rough
1317 The Rover Boys in the Mountains Winfield 1902
1318 Ted Marsh The Boy Scout Sherwood c1915
1319 Handbook for Boys BSA 1942 rough
1320 Everybodys Life Preserver Hall MD 1871 rough
1321 Hectors Inheritance Horatio Alger c 1922
1322 Fire Beads Barnett 1942
1323 Jack Hardy Strang 1907
1324 Gargantua and Pantagruel Rabelais 1928
1325 Robin Hood 1925
1326 And be a Villain Rex Stout 1948
1327 Ice Breakers and the Ice Breaker Herelf Geister 1926
1328 School History of the World Quackenbos MD 1876
1329 The Cadets of Putnam Hall Winfield 1905
1330 The Sad Sack Sergeant George Baker 1944
1331 Lorna Doone Blackmore 1869 rough
1332 Children and Their Helpers School Sisters of Notre Dame 1938
1333 Buddy on the Farm Howard Garis 1929
1334 The Marble Faun Hawthorne
1335 Hearts and Masks Macgrath 1905
1336 The Beloved Stranger Hill 1933
1337 Progressive Road to Reading 1930
1338 The Ranchers Revenge Max Brand 1938
1339 Old Glass Hudson Moore 1935
1340 1902 Edition Sears Roebuck Co Catalog(facs)
1341 T/l 9 vols Hardy Boy series
1342 5 vols Nancy Drew series
1343 4 vols Bobbsey Twins series
1344 Framed photo 1939 Britains Royal Family visiting Canada
1345 Framed poster Zira 5 cent cigarettes
1346 Victorian oak framed print fruit rough
1347 Framed portrait English Royalty
1348 Framed portrait Girl picking Berrys
1349 Framed Mountain Stream print Framed/
1351 Large assemblage religious
1352 Framed portrait Someones Mother
1353 Oval framed portrait young lady
1354 Framed painting country pond artist signed
1355 Oval framed portrait young lady
1356 Oval framed uniformed soldier w/campaign ribbons
1357 Framed portrait young lady
1358 Victorian framed portrait Gentleman w/ white wig
1359 Framed photograph young man
1360 Framed photograph young lady
1361 Framed photograph young man
1362 Framed photo Wedding c 1920
1363 Framed photo Young family c1920
1364 78 record album incl:Renzo Todini,Dajos Bella,Nathan Glantz,Mississippi Ripples,Joe Basile,Alan Turner Eliz Spencer,Marching Through Georgia
1365 Lot 78 records Album incl:Martinelli,John McCormack Evan Williams,Werrenrath,Ernestine Schumann=Heink Alma Gluck, Galli-Curci,Charles Harrison
1366 78 records album incl: Charlie Parker,Ella Fitzgerald Roy Eldridge,Stan Getz,Jimmy Dorsey,Roger King George Shearing,Billy Eckstein,Woody Herman
1367 Lot 78 records incl: Paul Whiteman,Maurice Chevalier Lot Piano rolls: Cielto Lindo Italian Melodies 2
1368 33 vinyl records:Rafael Mendez Trumpet Solos Worlds Greatest Trumpet Virtuoso
1369 78 records in album incl: Harry James, Bing Crosby Si Oliver,Connie Boswell
1370 78 records in album incl: Arthur Fields, Irving Kaufmman,Charles Warren,Frank Sterling, Raffaelle Balsamo,Reinald Warrenrath,The Ragtime Drummer,Pryors Band
1371 Lo 78 records in album incl:Timmy Christian,Burl Ives Percy Faith;Negro Wedding in Southern Georgia, Paul Whiteman; Darktown Strutters Ball, Lou Monte
1372 Lot 78 records in album incl:Victor Light Opera Co, Quentin Maclean,
1373 Lot 78 records in album incl: Harry Lauder Pagliacci,Pasquale Amato,Mischa Elman,Conways Band Solomon Levy,
1374 Lot 78 RPM records incl:The Ragtime Volunteers are off to War,Enrico Caruso,Harry James,Sterling Trio Cal Stewart,Jack Turner ,Halleluiah Im a Bum;
1375 Lot 78 RPM records incl:ClancysWooden Wedding Mother A Word That Means the World to Me Where do you Work a John,Alabama Jubilee I sceam,You Scream,We allscream for Ice Cream
1376 Lot 78 RPM records in album incl:TheseFoolish Things Begin the Beguine,Tiger Rag,DeCosta Dixieland Band Waiting for theRobertE Lee, Donkey Serenade
1377 Lot 78 RPM records in album incl:Eileem Barton Club Royal Orch.,Oscar Joost Tanz SwaneeRiver, Mickey Katz,
1378 Lot 78 RPM records Guy Lomnbarto Smoke Gets In YourEyes,Enrico Caruso Barcarolle John mcCormack,.
1379 Lot 45 PM records: Buck Privates Lament BobAtcher Tommy Dorsey,Foreclosure on the Mortgage Linda Anda
1380 Framed Tuxedo Tobacco adv
1381 T/L Misc eph
1382 T/L Misc eph framings
1383 Lot 78 records incl : Nat King Cole,Gordon Jenkins The Weavers,Harry James,The Gypsy Baron (Cornet Solo The Okeh Laughing Record, Lewis James,CrinolineDays
1384 Lot 78 records incl :John McCormack;Artie Shaw Hoagy Carmichael;Tony Martin,Edison I Hear You Calling Me
1385 Framed engraving Mother and Child
1386 Framed print duck decoys
1387 Framed print wild goose decoys
1388 Framed oil painting Venetian Canal artist signed
1389 Framed oil painting Balinese Girl (History on back)
1390 Framed plate from Judge magazine Our Elastic Divorce Laws (Advertising plates on back)
1391 Lot pin backs
1392 Lot military medals
1393 Lot pen knives
1394 Lot camera accesories, lenses etc
1395 Lot costume jewelry
1396 Lot Catholic prayer book and plaque
1397 Lot 33 vinyl records: Bix Beiderbecke The Beach Boys;Country Joe and the Fish Delaney and Bonnie
1398 Lot 33 vinyl records: Allman Brothers Band John Prine,Lightfoot,,Electric Light Orchestra
1399 Lot 33 vinyl records: Motown Story, Diana Ross Thec Supremes,Smokey Robinson,Marvin Gaye FourTops
1400 Lot 33 vinyl records: Sunset Strip,The Byrds
1401 Lot 33 vinyl records: Beach Boys,Overdrive
1402 Lot 33 vinyl records: Count Basie Simon and Garfunkel
1403 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Copas,Jimmy Smith Eartha Kitt,Fourteen Karat Soul,
1404 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Copas,Fourteen Karat Soul
1405 Lot 78 records in album incl:Perry Como, Gordon Jenkins,Eddie Fisher,Jo Stafford,Al Morgan Four King Sisters,Spike Jones.Glenn Miller Kay Kyser,
1406 Lot 78 records incl Tony Pastor,Woody Herman, Benny Goodman,Sara Vaughan,Bill Harris,Tab Smith Russ Morgan
1407 Lot 78 records incl :Eddy Howard,Austin :Powell The Satisfiers,Lola Amece,Dorothy Collins.Snooky Lanson,Rosemary Clooney,Beat Ne Daddy,Ray McKinley
1408 Lot 78 records incl :Four Aces, CrazyOtto, The Hilltoppers,Louis Amstrong,Lenny Dee,
1409 A Day With Samuel Taylor Coleridge Byron 1916
1410 Framed print Fordham University
1411 Framed poster The Madness in Sports
2001 B/L Misc books
2002 B/L misc books (Stevens Tech)
2003 B/L Misc books
2004 B/L Misc books
2005 B/L Misc books (art)