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Downloadable version of catalog at the end listing which follows:

1     Shadow box framed silk turtle            

2     Steel bond box, Jacob Ludwig  incl 1914 Ludwig Co calendar, framed      Family and business photos incl early auto     “Randolph commercial motor car”

3     Shoebox lot CDs and Cassettes incl Bette Midler,      Tony  Bennett etc      

4     The Sacred Path: Spells, Prayers and Power songs of the     American Indians       

5     Truth of a Hopi  Nequatewa    Pages from Hopi History  2         

6     Native American Traditions  Versluis                 

7     The North American Indians  Edward S Curtis                

8     Hopi Silver            

9     Newport Mansions  The Gilded Age               

10    The Joy of Signing Riekehof              

11    Montefiore Hospital Prints  1938,1939  2             

12    Indian art magazines 2             

13    Song of the Seven Herbs Walking Night Bear      Storytellers and Other Figurative Pottery  2       

14    Lot DVDs               

15    Lot DVDs               

16    Lot DVDs and CDs             

17    T/L Misc eph                 

18    Cilka’s Journey  Heather Morris                

19    The Greening of America  Reich                 

20    Modern Political Philosophies Light from many Lamps  2           

21    The Jungle Book  Kipling Illus Fritz Eichenberg            

22    Wks of Hugh Prather                

23    Of Time and Eternity   Freeman      The Story of Unity Freeman  2      

24    The Bradbury Stories  1900  Illus              

25    Hope for the Flowers  Trina Paulus             

26    Wks of Gibran                

27    Lot Spiritual books incl Luther Catechism            

28    Deadly Drug Interactions                 

29    Hopi  Page             

30    Children of Holland Heisenfelt                 

31    The Simple Truth Jafolla                 

32    Dream Tracks  The Railroad and the American Indian    1890-l930  T C McCluhan      

33    Her Serene Highness  Princess Grace of Monaco   Trevor Hall      

34    T/L Misc eph                 

35    Painted Fans  of Japan             

36    The Japanese Fortune Calendar            

37    Oriental Motifs   Napkin Folding  2      

38    The Story of Montclair  Ltd Ed 386/500    lst Ed Montclair Chapter New Jersey Society     of the Sons of the American Revolution   

39    150 Years Around the Green History of Bloomfield      1812-l962        

40    The Pied Piper of Hamelin  Robert Browning Illus      Hope Dunlap 1910 

41    The Native Americans Illustrated History             

42    The Boy Scouts Yearbook  1926            

43    Through All the Years  James Foley  1925             

44    Century of Progress Chicago Exposition  1933               

45    Riley Songs O Cheer 1905                 

46    Sea Beach at Ebb Tide  Augusta Arnold  1901                

47    The USA  A History in Art  Bradley Smith             

48    The Image Makers  Sixty Years of Hollywood Glamour         

49    Eagle The Story of American Airlines  Robert Serling  lst Ed dj        

50    Lot books re Buddhism              

51    Simple Abundance Breathnach   The Simple Abundance Journal of Gratitude  2   

52    Wks of Kahil Gibran 2              

53    A Spirit of Greatness  Employees of American Airlines            

54    Takeoff !  Bonnie Tiburzi     First Woman Pilot for a Major Airline lst Ed dj      

55    Indian Givers  Weaterford lst Ed dj How the Indians of the Americas Transformed the World        

56    Maria Callas  Stassinopulos   Ageless body  Timeless Mind Chopra   2   

57    T/L Misc eph                 

58    Evangeline  Longfellow  Illus Howard Chandler Christy 1865  (1905)     

59    Once Upon a Christmas  Freeman                 

60    Mangos, Bananas and Coconuts  A Cuban Love Story      Himilce Novas   signed       

61    Poetry: A Smaller Bauble      Poems that Touch the Heart  2      

62    Woods Natural History  c1916             

63    Christmas Books  Dickens  1889  ( rough)             

64    Martin Luther  Julius Kostlin  1904            

65    Poetry: Wings of Silver Apples of Gold   2      “A diamond is a piece of coal that stuck to the  job”     

66    Fields of Gold    “Age is no cause for veneration. An old crocodile is  still a menace and an old crow sings not like a   nightingale”

67    Tonys Scrapbook  Tony Wons  1937-38  Edition    “Where Theres a Will theres apt to be a contest”          

68    Collector books:  Bronzes, Glass   2                 

69    Hopi  Page             

70    Dear Mili  Grimm Illus Maurice Sendak                

71    Experimental Work  Andreas Feininger                 

72    Reiki  Healing Yourself and Others             

73    Framed print Bruton Parish Church Williamsburg             

74    Print La Casserole                 

75    Oil painting on stretcher  Richard             

76    Ilana Richardson print (rolled)                

77    Rodin print  (rolled)              

78    Mister Roberts   Thomas Heggen  1946  dj             

79    Generation Exodus (Young Refugees from Nazi Germany)  Walter Laqueur  dj     

80    In Happy Valley  John Fox Jr  1917 lst Ed            

81    Darkness Visible  A Memoir of Madness  William Styron lst Ed dj        

82    The Slim Princess  George Ade   1907 lst ed                

83    The Physical Review  periodical,    American Physical Society  1919 3  

84    The Physical Review  periodical,    American Physical Society  1904 3  

85    The Physical Review  periodical,    American Physical Society  1898  6 

86    The Physical Review  periodical,    American Physical Society  1903 16 

87    Tales of Edgar Allen Poe Illus Eichenburg  1944            

88    Brendan Behan’s New York  Illus Paul Hogarth lst Ed dj                 

89    The Mikado W S Gilbert  HMS Pinafore  ”   ”  1st Mod Lib eds 2         

90    The Life and Destiny of Isak Dinesen Clara Svendsen   1970 lst Amer Ed dj    

91    Nancy Drew Mysteries 2 djs               

92    The Romance of the Milky Way and Other Studies & Stories    Hearn lst Ed  1905           

93    Black Boy Richard Wright  1945                 

94    I Saw Esau  Opie Illustr Maurice Sendak  lst US Ed    1992  dj         

95    Old English Songs  Illus Hugh Thompson lst Ed 1894               

96    October Light  John Gardner  lst Ed dj               

97    Between the Acts  Virginia Woolf lst US  Ed dj             

98    The Cocktail Party T S Eliot  lst Ed  1950                 

99    The Petrified Forest Robert Sherwood  lst Ed 1935                

100   Silent Spring Rachel Carson lst Ed dj                

101   Troubled Sleep  Jean Paul Sartre lst US Ed  1950                 

102   English Society at Home George Du Maurier lst ed 1881            

103   Poor Richard James Daugherty Illus  1941 lst ed            

104   Tales from Shakespeare  Lamb Illus Arthur Rackham 1909                 

105   Gulliver’s Travels  Jonathan Swift 1909   Illus Arthur Rackham         

106   Golf is not a Game of Perfect  Rotella/Cullen              

107   Clash of Wings  Walter Boyne  World War II in the Air  lst Ed dj       

108   Organic Farming Everything You Need to Know  Fossel              

109   A Pocketfull of Dreams Bing Crosby the early Years    1903-l940  Giddens  lst Ed dj         

110   The Jewels of Tessa Kent Judith Krantz    (jewels at auction)lst Ed dj 

111   Hillarys Choice  Gail Sheehy  lst Ed dj   Living History Hillary Clinton   2       

112   A Dram of Poison  Charlotte Armstrong                

113   Warmans Antiques and Their Prices   Edited by Harry Rinker       

114   Lot sports cards  football               

115   Lot sports cards  football               

116   Lot sports cards  football               

117   Lot sports cards  football and baseball              

118   Lot sports cards  football and baseball              

119   Lot sports cards  baseball               

120   T/L Misc eph                 

121   Framed Norman Rockwell print             

122   Framed print Ladies on the Beach               

123   Framed print  Bitter Cold  artist pencil signed            

124   The X Bar X Boys at Nugget Camp     1928 James Cody Ferris       

125   Lot Tarzan books  hard cover  3                

126   Lot Tarzan books  pbs  4                 

127   Lot Zane Grey books: The Border Legion; Thunder Mtn   Fighting Caravans;To The Last Man  Sunset Pass 5      

128   Lot Zane Grey books:,pbs  4              

129   The History of Sandford and Merton  1806  For the Amusement and Instruction of Juvenile Minds         

130   Thoreaus Walden  A Photographic Register  Kane  1946             

131   Christmas Carols  Hendrick William Van Loon 1937                 

132   Rip Van Winkle  Washington Irving Illus Everett Shinn 1939       

133   The Life and Letters of John Paul Jones  De Koven II  1913       

134   A Childs Garden of Verses  1905  Stevenson      Treasure Island  Stevenson  2      

135   Hansel and Grethel  1906 Illus                 

136   Penrod Jashber  Booth Tarkington  1929               

137   Robinson Crusoe  Defoe  King Arthur and His Knights  2           

138   Highball  A Pageant of Trains  Lucius Beebe                

139   The Victrola Book of the Opera      1929 Victor Talking Machine Company

140   Symphony for the Devil  The Rolling Stones Story  lst Ed dj  Phillip Norman        

141   Color Blind  A White Woman Looks at the Negro   Margaret Halsey   1946 

142   Hugh Wynne  Free Quaker  1897  II              

143   Aarons Rod D H Lawrence  1922            

144   The White Robe  A Saints Summary    James Cabell 1928  ltd ed          

145   Der Fuehrer  Heiden  1944                

146   For Whom the Bell Tolls  Hemingway  1940             

147   Hunting in the Great West  1884  Shields             

148   Making an Etching  Levon West            

149   A Childs Garden of Verses  Stevenson      Illus Jesse Wilcox Smith  1916     

150   The American Railway               

151   Portrait of the Rails  Don Ball                

152   All Aboard !  The Golden Age of American Rail Travel             

153   Down at the Depot  American Railroad Stations              

154   Train Wrecks  Reed                 

155   Lot DVDs               

156   The Great Match Race    When North Met South in Americas First Sports Spectacle      (l823)  Eisenberg  1st ed  dj

157   Eli Lilly Handbook of Pharmacy and Therapeutics  1920 African Violets and Their Relatives  2           

158   Vegetable Growing  1918  Massachusetts Agriculture               

159   Millburn 1857-l957                 

160   From Indian Trail to Iron Horse     Lane  Travel and Transp, in NJ     

161   Narratives of Newark in News Jersey  David Pierson    1666=l9l6 (Historian General of the Sons of the      American Revolution)   

162   A Tour Around New York Felix Oldboy  1892            

163   New Jersey Troops in the Gettysburg Campaign    Toombs 1888      

164   Reminiscences of Montclair  1908               

165   New Jersey and its Builders (Vanity press)                 

166   The Potters and Potteries of Chester County Pa             

167   Seabright Beach Club  1895-l995                

168   The Story of Middletown The Oldest Settlement in New Jersey Mandeville 

169   The Story of Civil War Money  Reinfeld               

170   Lot Radio and TV magazines 1939 +              

171   The Passaic Valley, NJ in Three Centuries John Whitehead  1901    (Includes Old Boonton in the Revolution)   

172   An Historic Perspective of the Twp of Ocean                

173   Roosevelt, NJ                

174   Five Finger Discount A Crooked Family History   Stapinski        

175   The Soul of America  Jon Meacham               

176   Middletown America Gail Sheehy  lst Ed dj            

177   The Jersey Brothers Freeman              

178   Focus  The Sexy, Secret Sometimes Sordid World  of Fashion Photographers  Gross           

179   American Dynasty  ” House of Bush”             

180   New Jerseys Multiple Municipal Madness Karcher             

181   The Hairstones An American Family in Black and White  Henry Wiencek    

182   A Call for Revolution  Martin Gross            

183   Rudy An Investigative Biography of Rudolph      Giuliani   Barrett  lst ed   

184   The Third House  Lobbying  Rosenthal                 

185   How to Fix Everything A Prescription for Dying  America  Jirgal        

186   Works of James Russell Lowell            

187   I Am Because You Are Lief     Fwd by Archbishop Desmond Tutu           

188   The New Yorker Wachovia Book of Cartoons             

189   Politics of Rich and Poor   Kevin Phillipo                 

190   Time to Die  Tom Wicker            

191   A Passion for Giving  Klein              

192   Out if the Blue  NY Giants               

193   Anatomy of Love  Fisher            

194   Politics and Government New Jersey Salmore                 

195   The Artillery of the Press  James Reston             

196   A Mighty Heart  The Brave Life and Death, of My Husband Danny Pearl  Marianne Pearl      

197   Chin  The Life and Crimes of Mafia Boss  Vincent      Gigante  Larry McChane       

198   Coaching Confidential  (NFL Coaches)  Gary Myers                 

199   War in the Gulf  CNN               

200   Reclaiming Conversation The Power of Talk in a Digital Age  Its Not What You Say Its How You Say It  2  

201   The Hedonism Handbook              

202   Raised at Rutgers  Richard McCormick                 

203   The Scarlet Pimpernel  Baroness Orczy                

204   Wks of Robert Burns                

205   The Viagra Myth Morgentaler  MD                

206   The Bamboo Shoot  Story of the 2nd Airboat Platoon    James Parker Wollner author inscribed        

207   Weaving Faith Family  Eileen Marx              

208   Good Catholic Girls  Angela Bonavoglia               

209   Radio Active William O Shaughnessy  author inscribed  lst Ed dj        

210   Barney Frank lst Ed  dj            

211   The Jackson Phenomenon Colton lst Ed dj              

212   Blood Feud  The Clintons vs the Obamas               

213   Steve Harvey  Straight Talk lst Ed dj                

214   Studs Terkel  Touch and Go               

215   New Jerseys Multiple Municipal Madness  Karcher            

216   Reader for the Politically Incorrect                 

217   The Vanishing Voter  Patterson                 

218   Beer School  Steve Hindy                 

219   American Dreams  Lost and Found  Studs Terkel              

220   Hating America The New World Sport  John Gibson            

221   Off the Planet Space Station MIR    Jerry M Linenger  author inscribed 

222   Loose Balls  Jayson Williams             

223   Absolutely American Four Years at West Point    Lipsky           

224   Live from Baghdad  Robert Weiener  lst Ed dj               

225   The Man Who Would Not Shut Up The Rise of Bill O Reilly  Kitman  lst Ed dj   

226   Batman Detective  author inscribed  Michael Uslan                

227   My Stroke of Luck  Kirk Douglas  signed by him             

228   102 Minutes  The Untold Story of the Fight to Survive Inside the Twin Towers  Dwyer/Flynn  lst Ed dj       

229   His Brothers Keeper  Jonathan Weiner                 

230   Slaves of New York  Tama Janowitz              

231   Selecting the Pope  Greg Tobin                 

232   IS Bill Cosby Right ?  Dyson             

233   Joe Petrosino  The Incorruptible               

234   Self Made Americans  Mandell             

235   On Strategy  The Vietnam War in Context   UIS Army War College  Carlisle Barracks Penna      

236   Unfinished Agenda Urban Politics in the Era of Black Power  Junius Williams  

237   Someone Elses House     Americas Unfinished Struggle for Integration    Tamar Jacoby     

238   Vietnam Reconsidered  Harrison Salisbury             

239   Mr Bush’s War  Graubard            

240   Passion for Truth Arlen Specter  lst Ed dj                 

241   I Am A Soldier Too  The Jessica Lynch Story  Bragg               

242   The Brooklyn Follies  Austr              

243   Playing Up  McKoy            

244   Strangers to These Shores Parrilo              

245   Landslide (Reagan)  Mayer                

246   Little Failure  Gary Shteyngart                

247   An Invisible Thread  Laura Schrof   Inscribed by author          

248   The Storm of the Century  Al Roker lst Ed dj               

249   Fate Did Not Let Me Go  A Mothers Farewell, Letter  Ollendorf          

250   Debt, Deficits, and the Demise of the American Economy      Tanous lst ed dj 

251   Gas Money  Leis  author inscribed              

252   Brady vs Manning  NFL  Myers  lst Ed dj              

253   Been There, Done That  Al Roker and Deborah Roberts   lst Ed dj        

254   The Popes Maestro  Levine                

255   What Falls Away Mia Farrow lst Ed  dj                

256   The Life and Times of  Fred    Wesley Wentworth (Paterson, NJ Richard Polton)      

257   T/L books by Steve Adubato  publ overrun             

258   2005 Yearbook  (#1 )Robert Treat Academy Charter      School           

259   Witch Hunt  The Story of the Greatest Mass Delusion   in American Political History Jarrett        

260   The Heart and the Fist  Navy Seal  Eric Greitens      in American Political History Jarrett        

261   Alls Fair in Love War and Running for President Matalin/Carville  lst Trd Ed dj           

262   Power Beyond Reason Mental Collapse of Lyndon Johnson Jablow Herschman lst Ed dj           

263   The Camera Never Blinks  Dan Rather signed                 

264   No Money Down CEO  Trump University  CD              

265   The Boys in the Boat  1936 Berlin Olympics                 

266   Inside Scientology  Reitman              

267   Put Onn Your Crown  Queen Latifah              

268   Democrats in Convention in 1972                

269   Titanics Last Secrets Matsen             

270   Mighty Be Our Powers :Leymah Gbowee            

271   My Adventures in Alice Cooper Group  Dunaway               

272   In the Godfather Garden Times of Richie The Boot      Boliardo  Linnett 2    

273   Tom Brokaw  A Long Way From Home               

274   Endurance  Scott Kelly  A Year in Space              

275   Power Faith and Fantasy America in the Middle East    M G Oren         

276   Raised by the Church  Rohs               

277   The Black Dragon Racial Profiling Exposed  Collum                

278   The Jersey Brothers  Freeman             

279   The Roots of Obamas Rage  D Souza              

280   Media and the war on Terrorism  Hess/Kalb            

281   All American  Robert P McGovern  Captain US Army                 

282   Great American Anecdotes  Whitcombs            

283   Lighthouse Island  Bill Baker            

284   Blue Blood  Edward Conlon                

286   1913 Rand McNally Atlas incl State and Counties            

287   The Wapshot Chronicle  John Cheever  1957 The Wapshot Scandal     John Cheever  1964  2          

288   1863 Deed w documentary stamps, framed               

289   The Rider and Driver periodical     1901             

290   Lo: NJ Senate acts  1846      1861 commercial paper etc          

291   Lot post cards  incl NJ            

292   Lot cigar labels             

293   Lot Victorian trade cards                

294   1815 mortgage document             

295   Lot patriotic postcards  Lincoln, Washington               

296   Lot patriotic postcards  Lincoln, Washington               

297   Lot patriotic postcards   Washington                 

298   Lot patriotic postcards   Washington                 

299   Lot patriotic postcards   Lincoln              

300   Pinocchio  Collodi      Illustrated      

301   Mr Penycooks Boy  JJ Bell  1905                

302   Jude The Obscure  Thomas Hardy  1896                 

303   The Little Engine That Could  Watty Piper  1930            

304   “Where Did I Come From ? ” 1973     Peter Mayle Illus Arthur Robins    

305   Our Young Folks magazine  bound  1865                

306   Obstetrics  L H Corr  MD  1878                 

307   The Story of a Nutcracker     MacCathy/Guinness  Illus Roland Pym  1953

308   Winnie the Pooh and Some Bees  AA Milne              

309   Lorain and the Little People  1933             

310   John Singer Sargent  The Male Nudes            

311   Cowboys North and South Will James 1926              

312   Fairy Tales  EE Cummings lst ed 1965  Illus Eaton                

313   The Donkeys Dream  Berger 1985                 

314   Go Away Big Green Monster  Emberly lst Ed  1992            

315   Officers and Gentlemen  Evelyn Waugh  1955                 

316   Laughing Gas Wodehouse 1936 lst ed             

317   THe Fratricides  Nikos Kazantzakis lst prt  dj 1963              

318   The Bridge at Andau  James A Michener lst prt dj                 

319   Shout at the Devil  Wilbur Smith lst Ed  dj                

320   Horse Tradin  Ben Green  lst ed  dj            

321   Our Young Folks periodical bound 1865                

322   The Plague Court Murders  Carter Dickson 1934              

323   The Patriot Game  George Higgins  lst ed  dj               

324   The Ceremonies of Judaism  Idelsohn            

325   A Trip Around the World  Moerlein  1886              

326   Barnens Stora Julkalender                

327   1937 Life magazine  ” Summer Shower”                 

328   Our Journal in the Pacific    by the Officers of HMS Zealous      Lieut S Eardley Wilmot  1973   (rough) 

329   Monumenta Ritualia Eccesiae Anglicanae    Maskell  1846  2 vols   rebound    

330   Sancti Aldhelmi Opera Quae Extant 1844  rebound            

331   The Brave Little Boat  Ollendorf/Sawyer   Illus Ivan Lacovic      (Jewish Exodus  and Freedom Fighters ) 

332   Transgressor in the Tropics  Negley Farson 1938            

333   Bible 1936             

334   The Magic Egg Frank Stockton  1907             

335   A Treasury of Gilbert and Sullivan             

336   Vanity Fair  1920s and 1930s     1960 dj             

337   A Thousand Shall Fall  Hans Habe   1941              

338   Adventures of America  , Harpers Weekly  1857-1900    1938 John A Kouwenhoven  dj           

339   Of Human Bondage  Somerset Maugham Illus Schwabe 1937            

340   Nana  Emile Zola  Illus Fred Mayer  1933             

341   Floods of Spring  Henry Bellamann  1942              

342   The Theater Guild Anthology  lst Ed  1936            

343   Identification of Pure Organic Compounds 3 vols 1922             

344   An Englishman in Paris  2 vols  1892                 

345   Great Nations of Europe 3 vols  1898      Germany;Spain;England,Ireland, Scotland           

346   Ambassadors Journal John Kenneth Galbraith 1969            

347   Long Long Ago  Alexander Woollcott  1943             

348   Germinal Emile Zola  1925                

349   The Happy Prince Oscar Wilde             

350   Paths of Glory  Humphrey Cobb  lst Ed  1935                

351   Le Morte D Arthur  3 vols in sleeve  1936            

352   The Adventures of Tom Sawyer  Mark Twain  Illus Thomas Hart Benton, Ltd Ed Club  1939       

353   Sister Carrie  Theodore Dreiser     Illus Reginald Marsh,l939 Ltd Ed club in sleeve           

354   A Treasury of American Prints  Thomas Craven 1939                

355   Kidnapped Robert Louis Stevenson 1938 Ltd Ed Club     in sleeve “Being Memoirs of David Balfour in the    Year  1751”

356   Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam  1979  Private Edition            

357   The Choir Invisible  James Allen  1897  ( rough)                 

358   The Adams Family  James Truslow Adams  1930                

359   The Poems of William Shakespeare Ltd Ed Club 1941     2 vols           

360   Salome  Oscar Wilde 2 vols in sleeve Lt Ed Club            

361   Those Earnest Victorians  Esme Wingfield Stratford    1930      

362   Fabres Book of Insects  Illus E J Detmold 1939             

363   Kingsblood Royal Sinclair Lewis  1947     A Treasury of Laughter Untermeyer  1946           

364   A Conrad Argosy  1942              

365   Literary England  Wilcox 1943            

366   Ariel  1924 Treasury of Laughter Untermeyer 1946           

367   Franklin  Bernard Fay  1929   The Apostle of Modern Times        

368   Mans Hope Andre Malraux  1938 lst Prt                

369   The Forty Days of Musa Dagh  1934   Mr Emmanuel Louis Golding  1939   2

370   B/L Harvard Classics  24 vols            

371   B/L Set William Shakespeare 10 vols leatherbound      (rough)          

372   Literary Digest  Atlas of the World 1934 Hammonds World Atlas (good maps)  1924    2  (rough)       

373   Life Pictorial Atlas  1961               

374   Peter Arnos Hullabaloo  1930             

375   Vanity Fair  1960            

376   No Facilities for Women  Ebener 1955                 

377   La Vida  Oscar Lewis 1966                

378   The Genius Theodore Dreiser 1928               

379   Hajji Baba of Ispahan  James Morier 1937             

380   Marius the Epicurean 1925                

381   The Conquest of Mexico and Peru Prescott  1936 Illus Rockwell Kent     

382   Frederic Remingtons Own West  1960   dj              

383   Inside Outside  Herman Wouk  1985              

384   Pictorial History of the American Indian  La Farge               

385   Alarms and Diversions  James Thurber 1957 lst Ed dj              

386   The Tattooed Sailor  Andre Francois  1953   (rough)              

387   Lot Borzoi Pocket Books  7               

388   Mere Marie of the Ursulinesnes Rpplier  1931 lst Ed              

389   On Love  Stendahl  Illus Greco  in sleeve            

390   Michael Strogoff  The Courier of the Czar 1905  Jules Verne              (rough)           

391   The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Gibbons 1960            

392   Inside Latin America Gunther  1941 lst Ed Chosen Country Dos Passos  1951  2       

393   B/L Wks of Oliver Wendall Holmes  9 vols   (rough)               

394   Theater in America  200 yrs              

395   He New Yorker 25th Anniv album   1925-l950                 

396   The Captain from Connecticut Forester 1943                 

397   Punch and Judy  Collier  Illus George Cruikshank      1937 ltd ed Club 

398   Great Expectations  Dickens  Illus Geo Ross  1937     Ltd Ed club      

399   King James Bible  2 vols in sleeve             

400   Heloise and Abelard  George Moore  1925 2 vols             

401   The Anatomy of Melancholy  Robert Burton 1938              

402   To The Queens Tast  Edited by Ellery Queen  1946                 

403   The Glass Blowers Daphne du Maurier 1963             

404   Life With Father Clarence Day  1935 My Ten Years in a Quandry Robert Benchley  1936  2          

405   Rosemary’s Baby Ira Levin  1967                

406   Works of F Scott Fitzgerald  4 vol             

407   John Stuart Currys  Pageant of America    Schmeckenier  1943           

408   Van Loons Geography 1932                 

409   The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle Tobias Smollett 1936                

410   The Swarm The Life of the Bee  Maurice Maeterlinck1906                 

411   Yankee from Olympus  Justice Holmes  1944  Bowen                 

412   Green Mansions  1944  W H Hudson               

413   Under Cover  John Carlson  1943                

414   The Human Side of Trees  1917  Royal Dixon                 

415   Seasoned Timber  Dorothy Canfield  1939 in sleeve                

416   The Decameron of Giovanni Boccaccio            

417   Harry S Truman Margaret Truman 1973  dj              

418   The Fireside Book of Dog Stories  1943               

419   Works of Richard Harding Davis      4 vols incl Illustration by Chas Gibson   and Howard Chandler Christy

420   The Mothers Recompense   Grace Aguilar  1886               

421   The Water Babies  Charles Kingsley  1906             

422   The Getting of Wisdom  Henry Richardson 1931               

423   Lot  The Works of EW Hornung  1906 + 6 vols                

424   Lot 11 vols  Detective Book Club Editions  c 1946                

425   Uncle Toms Cabin  Stowe 1938 Ltd Ed Club in sleeve    leather bound  Illust Miguel Covarrubias      

426   Treasure Island  Stevenson 1941     Ltd Ed Club  in sleeve       

427   White Locus  John Hersey  lst Ed dj  l965            

428   Anna and the King of Siam  Landon 1944               

429   My Life Golda Meir  lst Amer Ed  dj  1975            

430   The Turn of the Tide  1939-1943  Bryant 1957  dj      (Diaries of Field Marshall Lord Alanbooke)        

431   Life in America  Marshall Davidson 2 vol in sleeve               

432   Life with Picasso  Gilot  lst Ed dj  1964            

433   Wks of Somerset Maugham  Then and Now  dj 1946  The Mixture As Before  1940      Christmas Holiday  1939   3  

434   The Second World War Series  Winston Churchill  6 vols 1950      

435   Set Wks of James Cabell   1920s   21 vols            

436   Play Parade Noel Coward  1933            

437   Hunting Whitetails Successfully  Fears               

438   The Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture 1933 3 vols   Liberty Hyde Bailey Cornell University       

439   Bullfinch’s Mythology  1948              

440   The Dollmaker  Arnow 1954                

441   Knowing Your Trees American Forrest Assn  Gardens in Color  Stevens  2 

442   Animals Ernest Thompson Seton  1926            

443   Enjoyment of Laughter Max Eastman 1936               

444   Creative Home Decorating  Rockow  1946               

445   Surly Tim  Frances Hodgson Burnett  1914             

446   King Edward VIII Hector Bolitho  1937                

447   The Significant Moderns  Bulliet 1936                

448   A Shade of Difference  Allen Drury 1962              

449   Beveridge and the Progressive Era Claude Bowers 1932             

450   Diplomatically Speaking  Griscom  1940               

451   Moses Sholem Asch            

452   Humboldt’s Reije  1859  4 vols                 

453   Home Influence  Aguilar  c 1860    (rough)                 

454   A Treasury of Stephen Foster             

455   Works of Robert Louis Stevenson 5 vol  1906                

456   Wks of Francis Hodgson Burnett  1914  5vols                

457   Caroline Bauer and the Coburgs  1887   (rough)             

458   Wks of Bernard Shaw  13 vols  1907             

459   Wks of Hendrik Ibsen  10 vols 1927   (rough)               

460   Wks of Joseph Conrad  1923 8vols               

461   Wks of Shakespeare  17 vols              

462   Wks of Chas Dickens  24 vols 1850              

463   Benjamin Franklin   Carl Van Doren 1938              

464   Set: Gargantua and Pantagruel Rabelais  1936  5 vols in sleeve Ltd Ed Club   

465   Troilus and Cressida  Geoffrey Chaucer 1939 in sleeve Ltd ed club      

466   The Count of Monte Cristo 4 vol  in sleeve      Ltd Ed Club      

467   The King James Version Bible  3 vols Ltd Ed Club 1935            

468   Casanova 8 vols in two sleeves 1935 Ltd Ed Club      

469   Ivanhoe  2 vols in sleeve Ltd Ed club                

470   American Painting            

471   The Lives of a Bengal Lancer 1930   Francis Yeats Brown          

472   Elephant and Castle  Hutchinson  1949                

473   Fighting Angel Pearl Buck 1936                 

474   The Tontine  2 vols Costain              

475   The Nile Emil Ludwig 1937                

476   Leonardo Da Vinci  Vallentin  1938             

477   Boswells Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides      Samuel Johnson  1936   

478   The Journal of the Century 1976                

479   A White House Diary Lady Bird Johnson lst ed dj            

480   The Past We Share Quennel/Hodge  1960                

481   Shakespeare’s Works  3 vols              

482   At Dawn We Slept  Pearl Harbor  Prtange              

483   Marjorie Morningstar  Herman Wouk 1955    Ingrid Bergman My Story      

484   Family Margaret Mead               

485   Magritte  Pere Gimferrer                 

486   Timeles Luxury   The Phantom Rolls Royce             

487   Sport Movie Posters                

488   Incas Lords of Gold and Glory            

489   Americans on Everest  Ullman             

490   Alexander of Macedon   A Historical Biography              

491   Story of America  (on cards)  2 boxes                

492   Illustrated Directory of Muscle Cars                 

493   Ultimate Performance Cars                

494   Muscle Cars McGovern               

495   The Crime of Galileo Giorgio De Santillana 1955            

496   Rascals at Large Pager             

497   The House in Head Dorothy Rodgers              

498   Panorama of the Classical World  Nigel Spivey              

499   Lot Illustration magazines               

500   Timeless Wonders             

501   Battles That Changed History             

502   Notes About the United States Edward Ward  signed                

503   Best Photos of the Civil War             

504   Lot comic books              

505   The Simpsons                 

506   Letters From the Front Millidge                

507   Letters in American History              

508   Letters From Lees  Army            

509   Phillip Roth: Portnoy’s Complaint; Goodbye Columbus  2                 

510   American Muscle Cars               

510A  Sports Cars  Doug Nye              

511   Picturing New York  Gloria Deak                

512   The Mustang  40 Year History             

513   Ford Mustang      Americas Original Pony Car Donald Farr        

514   Porsche Story  Weitmann            

515   The Morgan  Ken Hill               

516   Animals in African Art  Roberts                

517   Smithsonian Baseball               

518   Field and Stream  Trout Fishing                

519   On High Brad Washburn              

520   The Indian Wars              

521   Baseball  Ward/Burns    Murphy Brothers Shaped Baseball  2       

523   The Nazi Doctors  Lifton                 

524   Smithsonian Collection of Newspaper Comics                 

525   The Atlas  of World Wildlife  North American Birds         

526   Akris  1922=2012  Return to the Alps           

527   Decoativa  2 vols in case                

528   War in Our Time  1942 lst Ed             

529   Set Metropolitan Seminars in Art   12 vols                 

530   The Atlas of Medieval Man  Platt    Prehistoric Architecture in Micronesia Morgan  2          

531   The Complete Book of Sportfishing              

532   Splendid Legacy   Canada 2         

533   The Golden Age of Baseball 1941-l964      Historical Sports Almanac  2 

534   Dior in Vogue  Keenan   Amelia Lost  Fleming 2       

535   Framed print                 

536   Framed print                 

537   Framed print Early Irish map             

538   Framed print Remington             

539   Framed print April Floral                

540   Framed print Monet                 

541   The Great American Musical  Julie Andrews            

542   Best Selling Albums of All Times               

543   Mummies Myths and Magic Egypt  Land of the Pharaohs  2           

544   Collected Wks of Oscar Wilde             

545   Robert Kennedy and His Times  Schlesinger            

546   The Handmaid’s Tale  Atwood              

547   Poems of William Shakespeare             

548   Tiny Garments  Cornelia Otis Skinner                 

549   Lot DVDs               

550   Lot DVDs               

551   Lot DVDs               

552   Lot DVDs=CDs                 

553   Great Courses   How to  Listen To and Understand      Great Music Tapes

554   Framed botanical print             

555   Framed botanical print             

556   Deco framed baby print ”  Heavens Gift”              

557   Framed painting O/C  floral  artist initialed              

558   Framed print  artist signed  ” The Important Sunday”             

559   Dutch oil painting  o/c  repaired artist numbered                

560   Victorian framed oil painting  Morning glorys              

561   Framed watercolor artist signed GD Paul Raj                

562   Framed UPI photo  Queen Elizabeth   :Purported to be Winston Churchills Favourite      photo of his Queen     

563   Wine and Thorns in Tokay Valley Zahava Stessel             

564   Stalins General Georgy Zhukov            

565   Mostly Morgenthaus                 

566   Prague Winter  Madeline Albright  1937-1948                

567   The Bewitched Tailor Sholem Aleikhem      Some Laughter, Some Tears”     ”     3      Mesuge Isaac Bashevis Singer 

568   The Joys of Yiddish  Leo Rosten                

569   The Jews in the 20th Century  Martin Gilbert               

570   In the Jewish Tradition  Fellner               

571   Ten Times Chai  180 Orthodox Synagogues of New York   City Michael Weinstein       

572   The Jews in Their Land  David Ben Gurion             

573   Israel  Steimatzky                 

574   Burpee Complete Gardener                 

575   Izrael Gyozelmes Hat  Napja              

576   Jewish Cookbook              

577   The Mountain Artisans Quilting Book            

578   Nazi Nexus  Haven      

579   Seed of Sarah     Jack and Rochelle      

580   The Rabbis Daughter Reva Mann            

581   Great Jewish Portraits in Metal                

582   Child of the Winds      My Mission With Raoul Wallenberg   Agnes Adachi

583   The Imposter  Naftali Dov Fuss                 

584   Heritage Civilization and the Jews Abba Eban               

585   The Seance Isaac Bashevis Singer               

586   Flame of Memory  Childhood during the Holocaust            

587   Children Without Childhood  Winn               

588   Journey to My Father Isaac Bashevis Singer      Israel Zamir           

589   Night     Ellie Wiesel             

590   Killing Patton  Bill O Reilly  lst Ed dj  Killing England ”       ”     Killing The Rising Sun   ”      ”  ”   ”   3     

591   Exodus  Leon Uris            

592   Things That Matter  Charle Krauthammer lst Ed dj                 

593   Petofi Sandor Osszes Koltemenyei  1972  Budapest                 

594   From the Ends of the Earth    Judaic Treasures of the Library of Congress    

595   Pessach Haggadah In Memory ofthe Holocaust                 

596   World of Our Fathers   Irving Howe             

597   Barefoot in Paris  Ina Garten            

598   Castles Burning  Magda Denes             

599   Masterpieces of the Metropolitan Museum of Art             

600   The Victory  WWII            

601   Andrew Wyeth                 

602   Candies from Heaven  Gil Hovav                 

603   Growing and Displaying Bonsai   Lewis     House Plants  Mariella Pizzetti  2       

604   Rainbow The Stormy Life of Judy Garland              

605   And You Should Tell Your Son  Fener/Scheiber    Listen While I Tell You  Alison Kahn  2          

606   Killing Reagan  O Reilly                 

607   Ency of Jewish Humor  Spalding                 

608   Chutzpah  Alan Dershowitz                

609   I Love You, Ronnie        Letters from Nancy Reagan        

610   Lot topographic maps               

611   Lot childrens books                

612   Lot BSA eph            

613   BSA Manuals 1948  Air Explorer Manual  1958          

614   Spacecraft in Fact and Fiction                 

615   Finding and Buying Your Place in the Country  Scher              

616   Lot childrens books                

617   Britannica World Atlas             

618   The Shepherds Pipe                 

619   B/L JFK memorabilia, newspapers etc            

620   Gregorian Chant              

621   Lot Life magazines  JFK            

622   Lot Life magazines  JFK Moon Landing etc             

623   America From the Air               

624   Audubon Butterfly Book             

625   Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Sinatra;Maurice Chevalier   Leroy Anderson;Paul Weston;           

626   Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Ray Coniff;Roger Wagner     Chorale;Paul Lavalle;Percy Faith;Enoch Light      

627   Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Les Elgart;Lawrence Welk    Andy Williams,Ray Coniff;Billy Vaughan;Hugo     Montenagr etco   

628   Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Enoch Light;Mitch Miller    Ferrante and Teicher;Kirby Stone Four;Fred Waring       

629   Lot Impress Mysteries  4                 

630   Lot Church choir Mysteries  2            

631   Women of Mystery Halligan                

632   Tears of Rage  John Walsh                

633   The Delta Solution  Robinson             

634   Sherlock Holmes Ilus   1979              

635   T/L Childrens Great Illustrated Classics  5 vols                 

636   100 Dastardlky Little Detective Stories              

637   The Wicked Wit of William Shakespeare     Dominique Enright      

638   Ash and Bone  John Harvey                

639   Crowells Handbook of Classical Literature  Feder                 

640   Oliver Twist Chas Dickens                

641   Collecting American Country              

642   The First Prophet  Kay Hooper            

643   So Cold the River  Michael Koryta              

644   The Assassins Oliver North               

645   Lot children’s books               

646   Love of Loons                

647   Through The Eyes of Child  Norton   (Childrens Literature)       

648   Lot childrens books                

649   Authority and Conflict  England  1603-l658  Hirst                

650   Warfare and the Third Reich  Chant             

651   Delawares (American Indians) Dobrin            

652   Aklway’s Postpone Meetings with Time Wasting Morons   A Dilbert Book   Scott Adams           

653   How to Be a Jewish Mother  Dan Greenburg             

654   Alfred Hitchcock  The Masters Choice                 

655   Distant Thunders Dectroyermen Taylor Anderson              

656   Where The Dead Lay   Levien              

657   The Far Side Gallery  Gary Larson              

658   The Miracle of Saint Anthony Adrian Wojnarowski            

659   Inferno Decoded              

660   Creole Belle  Burke                

661   Devils Gate Clive Cussler                

662   Lot DVDs               

663   Pinheads and Patriots O Reilly                 

664   Cowboys, Gamblers and Hustlers  Wolford              

665   Time to Start Thinking  America in the Age of Descent  Edward Luce     

666   The Geeks Shall Inherit The Earth  Robbins                 

667   The Boy Who Said No  Sheehy   White Bodies  Robins  2      

668   The Fifth Assassin Brad Meltzer     The Famous and the Dead  Parker     The Sniper and the Wolf  McEwan   3     

669   Tomorrows Catholics Yesterdays Church  Eugene Kennedy            

670   Gabby  A Story of Courage and Hope  Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly  

671   See I Told You So  Rush Limbaugh    lst Ed dj  signed      

672   The Cavalry at Gettysburg  Longacre            

673   Apaches  Carcaterra                

674   Country Antiques and Collectibles              

675   The Old Gray Mare  Eberhardt             

676   Spiders Web  Agatha Christie             

677   Lion Boy  Zizou Corder             

678   Dr Phil McGraw  Self Matters; Love Smart  2                

679   Being An Artist   The Artist as Native  2      

680   (Judas) Iscariot  Tosca Lee              

681   The Left Hand of God  Hoffman Bone Mans Daughters Dekker  2      

682   The Oracle Class Riley             

683   Golden Hill  (Old New York) Spufford                 

684   Green Hell  Milloy                 

685   Bowfin  Hoyt  WWII Submarines            

686   Unequal Verdicts  The Central Park Jogger Trials      Timothy Sullivan 

687   Evidence Dismissed  Police Investigation of O J Simpson                

688   Ordinary Day 9/ll Reiling  2  author signed                

689   Getting to Heaven on a Harley   Colin Tipping              

690   Lives of the Saints  4             

691   The Final Fortress  Vicksburg  1862-l863  Samuel Carter III      

692   Harvard Classics  2                

693   Lot graphic novels                 

694   Victorian framed Currier and Ives   “The Old Farm House”         

695   OG framed Currier and Ives    “American Homestead Winter”        

696   Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Al Jarreau;Peter Paul and  Mary;The Beatles etc   

697   Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Gato Barbieri;Jon Anderson Flip Wilson;Cat Stevens      

698   Lot 33 vinyl records incl: The Marshall Tucker Band   John Mayall;Allman Brothers Band; Eric Clapton           

699   Lot CDS incl: Mahalia Jackson;Neil Diamond;Kenny      Loggins;         

700   Lot CDS incl: Rod Stewart;Manheim Steamroller              

701   Lot CDS incl: Federal City Brass Band;Andreas   Vollenweider;Simon and Garfunkel;Christmas at  Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Newark 

702   Lot Casettes incl:Hoagy Carmichael;Mario Lanza; Neil Diamiond,Kenny G,Bing Crosby,Celine Dion           

703   Lot Misc cassettes  mostly orchestral                

704   T/L Misc eph                 

705   Framed oil painting  Sunflowers  artist initialed                

706   Framed oil painting  floral              

707   Framed watercolor architectural rendering  artist     signed           

708   Framed oil painting sailboats etc artist signed signed           

709   Framed oil painting  boater and pavilion  artist signed          

710   Framed watercolor and feather art  Ornithological                

711   Framed oil on canvas painting ancient ruins     artist signed          

712   Framed watercolor Locomotive  artist sticker on back  Bob Oleson       

713   Framed wood panel art  sailing ship            

714   Framed wood panel art  saddle horse            

715   T/L, Misc eph                

716   Framed and matted Japanese print               

717   Framed 1940s fashion print    Framed 1947 Bergdorf Goodman fashion photo ad  2           

718   Lot 33 vinyl records  incL: Chunk Mangione      Willie Nelson;;Johnny Cash;Johnny Paycheck; Tammy   Wynette;Riders of thePurple Sage   

719   Lot 33 vinyl records  incL: New York Jazz Ensemble    Chuck Mangione;Maynard Ferguson etc           

720   Lot 33 vinyl records  incL: Merle Haggard;Loretta     Lynn;Glen Campbell. Dinah Shore;Dianna Ross and the     Supremes   

721   Lot 33 vinyl records  incL: Mamas and ThePapas; Steve Lawence; Edyie Gorme;Mel Tillis Harry Chapin;         

722   Lot 33 vinyl records  incL: Peter Paul and Mary Aretha Franklin;Felix Cavilere and Eddie Brigati     Otis Redding;Mick Jagger;    

723   Lot 33 vinyl records  incL: Barry Manilow;      Classical misc         

724   Framed watercolor print  stormy weather              

865   Lot childrens books                

866   The Glorious Mother Goose  Cooper Edens              

867   Lot childrens books                

868   Peter Rabbit Tales  Beatrix Potter             

869   Lot childrens books                

870   Lot childrens books                

871   Lot childrens books                

872   Lot childrens books Berenstein Bears etc             

873   Lot childrens books                

874   Lot childrens books                

875   Framed oil painting on board             

876   Framed abstract painting                 

877   Framed o/c painting artist signed              

878   Framed water color painting “Twins” artist signed                

879   Framed oil painting  portrait artist signed                

880   Framed painting  canine portrait artist signed             

881   Oil painting still life artist signed                

882   B/L Kids video tapes               

883   General Herbert Norman Schwarzkopf Autobiography      USMA Class of 1956

884   The Scarlet Letter Hawthorne  1895             

885   An American Life  Ronald Reagan                

886   A Nation Lost and Found  1936            

887   Heisenbergs War  The German Bomb  Thomas Powers            

888   Growing Up Republican Christie Todd Whitman                

889   All The Way  Sinatra  1915-l998  Freedland                 

890   Palestine Peace Not Apartheid  Jimmy Carter                

891   Chevrolet Stock Car    Chronicle               

892   Lot  Fifty Shades  3               

893   Country Editors Boy  Borlajnd            

894   Sinatra                

895   The World of Wine  Mondavi               

896   Lot childrens books                

897   Lot childrens books                

898   Lot childrens books                

899   Lot childrens books                

900   Lot childrens books                

901   Lot childrens books                

902   Lot childrens books                

903   Lot childrens books                

904   Lot childrens books                

905   Lot childrens books                

906   Lot childrens books                

907   Lot childrens books                

908   Lot childrens books                

909   Treasury of Fairy  Tales                 

910   US Army Atlas WWII  European Theater                 

911   Endurance Skackleton’s Incredible Voyage  Lansing                

912   The Fourth Man Boyle               

913   Trump  Jerome Tuccille  lst Ed dj  1985              

914   Leadership Rudolph Giuliana  signed            

915   Trump Think Like a Billionaire  Donald J Trump  lst Ed  dj       

916   Mathew Bradys Civil War The First American  Benjamin Franklin  Brands  2     

917   Dictionary of Battles 1715-l8l5                

918   Where The Wild Things Are Maurice Sendak             

919   Lot art books  3             

920   RD  Illustrated World Atlas              

921   Gracie  A Love Story  George Burns  signed by Burns   Pager 47 Agent Got us a week in Boonton, NJ—-      We were conquering New Jersey one theater at a time–

922   The Most of George Burns                 

923   George Burns Wisdom of the 90s      Dear George  Advice and Answers  George Burns  2          

924   Lakeside Press series Classics  11 vols              

925   Moments in Space  AP               

926   Americas Game  The NFL at 100  Rice  lst Ed dj  author signed          

927   Cross Justice James Patterson lst Ed dj   Runner Patrick Lee  lst Ed dj   2        

928   Civil War Battlefields Then and Now  Campi                 

929   Going Rogue Sarah Palin lst Ed dj              

930   Safe Haven  Nicholas Sparks  lst Ed dj               

931   Marley and Me  John Grogan               

932   Antiques and Collectibles  Antique Trader Antiques Roadshow Primer 2   

933   Selected Poems of Robert Frost                 

934   B/L Kids video tapes               

935   T/L Misc eph                 

936   Chemistry of Chelaion in Cancer                

937   Medical Dept US Army in WWII             

938   On Cancer and Hormones  Essays in Experimental Biology 1962      

939   Behind the Mask of Medicine  Atkinson  1941                

940   A History of the American Dental Assoc 1859-l959                 

941   American Medicine Sigerist  1934               

942   Vesalius  Illustrations from His Work                

943   Who Knows-and What                 

944   Control of Cell Division and the Induction of Cancer             

945   The Story of Paracelsus Magic into Science  Pachter l951         

946   Havelock Ellis in Appreciation      Joseph Hill, 1929  author inscribed

947   Herbert Hoover  Irwin  1928              

948   Havelock Ellis Philosopher of Love  Peterson  1928               

949   Benjamin Franklin  1941 Carl Van Doren               

950   Lives and Stories Worth Rembering  Kupper  1904            

951   Eighteenth Century Vignettes  Dobson 1896            

952   Affirmations Havelock Ellis 1916               

953   Physicians and Surgeons of America  1893             

954   Official Actions  1846-l958  American Medical Assoc              

955   George Crile  lst Ed  1947 2 vols              

956   Famous Leaders of Industry  1920 Wildman lst Ed            

957   With Memories of Oscar Wilde  Bernard Shaw      1918       

958   As I Remember Him The Biogr of RS Hans Zinseer 1940              

959   The Memoirs of Cordell Hull 1948 2 vols              

960   Doctors Legacy  Farmer MD  1721-l954                 

961   Inside Hitler  1941  Kurt Kruegr MD            

962   Madame Curie  1937  Eve Curie            

963   My Confessional Havelock Ellis  1934                 

964   Practical Homeopathic Therapeutics  Dewey MD  1934               

965   Osteopathic Medicine  Hoag  1969               

966   Organon of Medicine  Hahnemann 1901            

967   The Ethic of Medical Homicide and Mutilation  O Malley                 

968   The Eternal Search  Mathison 1959              

969   Clinical Osteopathy McConnell  1917            

970   Clinical Lectures on Mechano Therapy  1915                 

971   Defense of the Orghanon  Hahnemann  1896             

972   Osteopathic Principles in Disease  Downing  1935                 

973   The Vitamins in Medicine Bicknell 1962               

974   An Endocrine Interpretation of Chapmans Reflexes 1937            

975   Functional Foot Disorders  Hiss  1949                

976   Medical Education Flexner  1925                

977   Animal Nutrition and Veterinary Dietetics  1943 Linton/Williamson

978   Applied Anatomy  Clark  1906             

979   A Medical Ency of Persia Elgood 1948                 

980   Diseases of Children 1923 Osteopathic Treatment            

981   Osteopoathy in the Cranial Field 1951                

982   Mini vol Shakespeare’s Hamlet            

983   The Voice of Israel Rabbi Naurice Teshnor Four Generations of the Worlds Greatest Cantors 2        

984   Leonardo da Vinci on the Human Body            

985   Sociological Studies of Health and Sickness     Apple  1960      

986   An Analysis of the Osteopathic Lesion  McCole  1935              

987   Diagnostische Tchnik fur die Arztliche  Praxis  Professor Dr Julius Schwalbe  1923           

988   Framed cartoon artist signed and numbered 62/100      “Financial Planning” Hapless, Luckless and Guesser      

989   Framed cartoon artist signed and numbered 33/100      “Teeing Off”     

990   The Principles of Osteopathy  Hulett  1906                 

991   The Osteopathic Lesion  1935 Macdonald               

992   Introduction to Osteopathic Medicine  Cole  1961                 

993   Perfect Sight Without Glasses Bates 1920             

994   The Physiology of Consciousness  Burns 1911                

995   The Conquest of Cancer by Radium and Other Methods    Quigley  MD  1929

996   Cells of the Blood  Burns  1931                

997   Osteopathic Techniques  Rubenstein  lst Ed  1949                 

998   Manual of Joint Manipulation  Laycock  1953                

999   Modern X Ray Practice and Chiropractic Spinoraphy     Remier           

1000  These Cults Hale 1926              

1001  Our Poisoned Earth and Sky Rodale              

1002  Principles of Osteopathy 1903 History of Osteopathy 1936    Logan Basic Methods 1950  3    

1003  The New Drug Story  1958 Bealle                

1004  Osteopathy Research and Practice  Still 1910               

1005  Human Ecology and Susceptibility to the Chemical      Environment  Randolph  1962           

1006  The Homeopathic Guide in all Diseases of the Urinary  and Sexual Organs  Hempel MD  1855  .    

1007  Diseases of the Uterine Cervix  Ostrom 1904                

1008  Preventive Medicine and Public Health  Maxcy 1956                

1009  Diseases of Medical Progress  Moser  1964            

1010  The Story  of Medicine  Robinson               

1011  Studies in Deficiency Disease  McGarrison 1921             

1012  Nutrition and Physical Degeneration            

1013  Synopsis of Pediatrics Zahorsky  1934                

1014  Food in Health and Disease Davis  1912               

1015  Occupational Diseases  1964 Public Health Service                

1016  Cancer Research  1962              

1017  Confessions of An MD  1904  Barber             

1018  A Short History  of Medicine  Singer  1944                 

1019  New Trends in the Treatment of Cancer  1967                

1020  American Men of Science Social and Behavioral Sciences      5a vols    

1021  Pathologische Anatomie  Ludwig Aschoff 1909                

1022  Parkinsons Disease  Button  1953               

1023  New Concepts in Clinical Proctology  Stanton    Transactions of the American Osteopathic Society     of Proctology  1946   2

1024  Manual of Osteopathic Gynecology    Intra Pelvic or Manipulative Surgery of the      Pelvic Organs PH Woodall  MD DO   1926  2

1025  Lehrbuch Der Diffrential Diagnose Innerer Krankheiten Dritte Auflage  Matthes  1922       

1026  Pathologische Physiologie dr Ludolf Krehl 1910             

1027  The True Science of Living    The New Gospel of Health Edward Hooker Dewey MD 1904      How the Sick Get Well; How the Well Get Sick    Alcoholics Freshly Considered  1894

1028  Feminine Ailments Kenneth Basham  DO      The Fixed Eruption A L Welsh  MD   

1029  Gynecology Osteopathic 1925   The Nerve Centers Louisa Burns  1911  2  

1030  Osteopathic Obstetrics 1933   The Practice of Osteopathy 1918  2       

1031  The Secret of Sinusitis and Headaches Lucius Bush 1938      Osteopathy: The Science of Healing by Adjustment 2       

1032  History of the Canadian Medical Services 1939-l945               

1033  Huang Ti Nei Ching Su Wen     The Yellow Emperors Classic of Internal Medicine      Veith 1949 

1034  History of Medicine Mettler  1947              

1035  The Epic of Medicine 1962 Felix Marti-Ibanez MD            

1036  How Ancient Healing Governs Modern Therapeutics Author inscribed 1937 Kleanthes Ligeros MD PhD         

1037  American Psychiatry  1844-l944  Columbia Univ              

1038  The Genuine Wks of Hippocrates  Adams                

1039  Indian Medicine  Julius Jolly  1951            

1040  The Romance of Russian Medicine Ravitch  1937              

1041  Alcohol and Longevity  Raymond Pearl,John Hopkins 1926                 

1042  Jewish Luminaries in Medical History  Friedenwald 1946                 

1043  The Trail of the Invisible Light  Grigg MD      (Radiology)      

1044  Pharmacology in Medicine Victor Drill MD             

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1103  Medieval and Renaissance Medicine   Gordon MD  1959              

1104  The Principles of Osteopathy  Page             

1105  Technik Der Chiropraktik  Werner Peper 1955                

1106  B/L  33 vinyl records  classical               

1107  Framed photo 1913 Veteran Firemen Reading Pa               

1108  Framed oil painting  o/c White Birch Grove                 

1109  Fads and Quackery in Healing  Fishbein  1932               

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1159  Boswells Life of Johnson  1927                 

1160  John Keats  1925  Amy Lowell 2 vols            

1161  Medical Leaders from Hipporates to,Osler lst Ed 1929             

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1164  The Life of Wellington  G R Gleig              

1165  My Brothers Keeper Stanilaus Joyce  1963             

1166  His Eye Is On the Sparrow  Ethel Waters  1951              

1167  Havelock Ellis  1926  Isaac Goldberg                 

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1172  The Autobiography of an Ex Coloured Man   James Weldon Johnson  1928   

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1177  Heinrich Heine  Monahan  1911            

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1180  The American Caravan A Yearbook of American     Literature 1927   Van Wyck Brooks;Lewis Mumford;Alfred Kreymborg,    Paul Rosenfeld

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1195  Back to Eden Jethro Kloss                

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1205  Principles and practice of Drugless Therapeutics      1946 Johnson     

1206  Diseases of  the Brain and Nerves Royal 1928               

1207  Medical Ethics and Medical Etiquette  1883                 

1208  Cancer and its Allied Diseases Koch  1920            

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