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1 The Bell Curve Herrnstein
2 A Warning (Anonymous) lst Ed dj
3 Kursk Russian Navy Submarine disaster
4 The Bosses Steinberg
5 The Story of Englewood Cliffs Tercentenary
6 Building New Jersey Trades Council Centennial
7 Pictorial History American Labor
8 New Jersey WPA Book
9 Warning of War Brady
10 Power and Greed Teamsters Empire Friedman
11 The Plot Against America Philip Roth
12 Havana Nocturne TJ English
13 Factory Man Beth Macy
14 Clemente David Maraniss
15 Luckiest Man Life and Death of Lou Gehrig Eig
16 Lenny Bruce !! Goldman
17 The Little Rascals The Three Stooges 2
18 ” Just a Gigolo ” Louis Prima Brother Ray ( Charles) 2
19 Pictorial of the Second World War 4 vols
20 How Sweet It Was TV
21 Ugly Americans Ben Mezrich
22 The Most Evil Mobsters in History Carter
23 Boon Island Mutiny, Shipwreck and Cannibalism Vietze
24 The Imperial Cruise Bradley
25 The Soprano State New Jerseys Culture of Corruption Ingle
26 December 1941 Craig Shirley
27 Killing the SS Bill O Reilly
28 The Essential Vince Lombardi Coach A Season With Lombardi Tom Dowling
29 Lot Columbian Exposition Post Cards
30 Purchas II Travels in China, Tartary and Russia 1625
31 Missionary Enterprises South Sea Islands 1887 Williams
32 Farmers and Mechanics Manual Courtenay 1874
33 Historical Collections of New Jersey 1857
34 History of Orange County NY 1881
35 Landscape Gardening 1857 Downing
36 History of Hudson County Winfield 1874
37 Way of the World 1959 Ltd Ed signed
38 Lot Capitol Records brochures
39 Lot Columbia Records brochures
40 Lot trade catalogs and brochures
41 Lot movie stills
42 Lot movie stills
43 Lot movie stills
44 Lot Punch magazines 1889 39 issues
45 Lot Punch magazines 1882=l884 45 issues
46 Lot Punch magazines 1890=l891 41 issues
47 Lot RCA Victor record brochures
48 Catalogue United States International Exposition 1876 Three Vols
49 Book of Drawings A B Frost 1904
50 Lot assorted Sunday Comics Newsps
51 Lot daily newspaper comics 1930s
52 Frank Leslies History of the Civil War 1874
53 1829 Map of New York with parts of NJ and Penna
54 Lot Newark News Sunday comics 1960-61
55 Lot Newark News Sunday comics 1962-63
56 Lot Newark News Sunday comics 1966-68
57 Lot Newark News Sunday comics 1964-65
58 Humphrey Bogart poster
59 Charcoal drawing
60 The Silkworm Galbraith lst Ed dj
61 History of American Ships Durant
62 Calamity Physics Pessl lst ed dj
63 Visiting Cards of Celebrities Schang author inscribed
64 2001 NY Yankees Yearbook
65 Lot 1938-39 Life magazines Movie Star Covers
66 Atlas of Genital Anomalies of the Heart and Other Great Vessels Edwards etc
67 Bread
68 The Homosexual in America Cory
69 1936 Ringmaster Magazine
70 I Met a Penguin Asch
71 Abroad ( Childrens book)
72 The History of America in Documents 3 vols
73 The Glass Gaffers of New Jersey
74 The Pancreas Its Surgery and Pathology
75 The New Mirror 1843 (Bound weekly periodical) Incl Vol l No l
76 Lot USS Leviathan post cards 2 (One with troops disembarking WWII )
77 Swift and Scatological Satire Jae Num Lee 1971 lst ed
78 Carl Van Vechten: Peter Whiffle Life and Works 1922 The Blind Bow`Boy 1923 2
79 Charlie Wilsons War Crile
80 Barbarossa Russian German Conflict 1941-45 KGB The Sword and the Shield 2
81 I Follow The Course Come What May Major General Daniel E Sickles USA Jeanne Knoop
82 Carrier Tom Clancy
83 Antique Pistol Book Smith
84 Images of America Greensboro NC
85 Freakonomics Levitt
86 A Girl of the Limberlost Gene Sratton Porter 1909
87 Daddy Long Legs Jean Webster 1912
88 A Gate at the Stars Lorrie Moore lst Ed dj signed
89 Key West The Old and the New 1912
90 New Jersey Curiosities
91 Firearms
92 The Maritime History of Maine Roiwe
93 Grant Ron Chernow
94 United States Paper Money
95 Handbook of Watch and Clock Repairs American Clocks 2
96 La Presse Medicale 1926.l927,l934 5 vols
97 Actes de L Academie Nationale 1874 + 7 vols
98 Revue De Droit International 1869 + 9 vols
99 Pharmacopeia of the United States 1955
100 Bibliotheque Nationale Bulletin Mensuel Recentnes Publications Francaises 1912
101 Societe De Radiologie Medicale De France 1913-1919
102 Annales De La Societe Entomologique De Belgique 11 bundles 1858 +
103 Lot books(4) re Electronic Servicing
104 Lot Microprint United Nations Records and Documents 1946 +
105 Lot Microprint State Records 1880s+
106 B/L Geological and Paleontology Bulletins/Journals Hungary, Croatia, Switzerland 1875 +
107 Lot New York Botanical Garden Bulletins, bound 4 1920s
108 Shoe and Leather Reporter bound 1931
109 British Museum General Catalog of Printed Books 2
110 Norman Rockwell Poster Book
111 Civil War Journal VHS series
112 Lot comics
113 Star Ledger Obama
114 Lot: Glamour Photography,DEP, LHJ, Life
115 Lot childrens books
116 Lot childrens books
117 Lot childrens books
118 Lot childrens books
119 Lot childrens books
120 Civil War Litho : General McGowen Addressing the Thirty Fifth Abbeville SC Volunteers in front of the Charleston Hotel
121 Civil War Litho :Battle of Pea Ridge Ark l862
122 Civil War Litho :Lee and His Generals
124 Civil War Litho :Union Commanders
125 Framed poster Claude Monet Water Lilies
126 Framed Watercolor print Ltd Ed 233/350 artist Parisian
127 Lot Three framed prints
128 Eloise Kay Thompson Eloise in Paris Kay Thompson 2
129 Lot childrens books
130 Lot childrens books
131 Lot childrens books
132 Lot childrens books
133 Eloise in Moscow Kay Thompson
134 Matilda Roald Dahl
135 Lot childrens books
136 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator Roald Dahl
137 Lot childrens books
138 Lot childrens books
139 The Absolutely Essential Eloise Kay Thompson
140 Lot Journals of the Western Society of Engineers 1890 + 21 vols
141 Lot Journals of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers 1913+ 4 vols
142 Lot Journals of the Association of Engineering Societies 1890 + 13 vols
143 Ugeskrift for Retsvaesen Denmark 1976+ 14 vols
144 Augenheilkunde Knapp/Schweigger 1895 + 30 vols
145 Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society of England 1920s 8 vols
146 Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society of England 1867-68 2 vols
147 Proceedings of Washington Academy of Sciences 1900
148 Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society of England 1865,l868 2 vols
149 American Museum Novitates 1950s 4 vols
150 Scottish Agriculture Bulletins 3
151 The Tropical Agriculturist Ceylon 1917
152 Fortschritte Auf Dem Gebiete Der Rontenstrahlen 1932
153 Journal Di Radiologie et Electrologie 1941-l943
154 Down to Earth Colonization
155 Rocky and Bullwinkle Book
156 Obsessed With Star Wars Star Wars Dark Apprentice 2
157 Silk Screen Print Making
158 Lot Gardening Books 4
159 Two cases of movie reels
161 Catalog of Printed Books The Bancroft Library Univ of California, Berkeley 9 vols
162 Ugeskrift for Retsvaesen Levison 1890,1884 2
163 Royal Society Catalogue of Scientific Papers 1896 + 5 vols
164 T/L Automobile sales catalogs
165 1956 Program International Automobile Show
166 1922 Radio World Magazine
167 1943 Radio Troubleshooters Handbook
168 1978 Radio Amateurs Handbook
169 T/L, Misc eph early radio
170 T/L Misc eph autos
171 Societe Belge Bulle1tin Geographie `1878+ 10 bundles
172 Centralblatt fur Bakteriologie,Parasitenkunde und Infektionskrankheiten 20 bound vols 15 bundles not bound
173 T/L Misc eph
174 T/L Misc eph
175 Encyclopedia Theologique 1845=1849 4
176 Reforme Sociale Paris 1885+ 7 bundles periodicals
177 T/L Misc eph
178 Centennial Celebration of the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey 1916
179 Lot Forum Magazine 1929-l930 3
180 Lot childrens books 2
181 Two bundles Vintage Motorsport magazines
182 T/L Misc eph
183 Erdrotation Dr Max Moller 1908
184 Set blue prints 1964 New York Worlds Fair Bldg
185 T/L Misc eph
186 Chinese Communist Society The Family and the Village CK Yang
187 Ancient Chinese Inventions
188 A Modern China and a New World Hsiao
189 Sources of Chinese Tradition
190 Between Tradition and Modernity Wang Tao and Reform in Late China Cohen
191 Conflict and Control in Late Imperial China Wakeman
192 Policies of Chaos White
193 Women in Chinese Society
194 The District Magistrate in Late Imperial China Watt
195 Agrarian Radicalism in China 1968=l981 Zweig
196 Contemporary Chinese Politics in Historical Perspective Warnack
197 The Merchants of Zigong
198 The Armored Fist The New Face of War
199 Never Underestimate the Power of a Woman ! 1958 Cartoons/LHJ
200 Lot Gun Digests 2
201 Merchants, Mandarins, and Modern Enterprise in Late Ching China KK Chan
202 Bureaucratic Reform in Provincial China 1860-70
203 Early Ming Government The Evolution of Dual Capitals Farmer
204 The Reform Movement in China 1898-1912 Cameron
205 Late Imperial China
206 Politics and Sinology The Case of Naito Konan 1866-l934 Joshua Fogel
207 Power and Policy in China Chang
208 The Communists and Chinese Peasant Rebellions James Harrison
209 China in Crisis Vol l No l
210 Reflection of Things at Hand Chu Hsi
211 Tseng Kuo-fans Private Bureacracy Porter, Univ of Calif
212 The Origins of Statecraft in China Creel
213 To Change China Spence
214 The Government and Politics of the PRC Domes
215 After Mao Chinese Literature and Society Kinkley
216 Liberalism in the Chinese Revolution 1917-l937 T’ ang Code General Principles 2
217 Lot Art News magazines
218 Lot Art and Antiques magazines
219 Lot Smithsonian magazines
220 Lot Connoisseur magazines
221 Lot post cards
222 Lot post cards
223 Lot post cards
224 Lot post cards
225 The World of Islam
226 The Artists America
227 Orient Express Venice Simplon The Worlds Most Celebrated Train Sherwood
228 B.L better quality novels djs etc 12
229 The Royal Bastards of Medieval England
230 The Dutch Marco Polo Jan Van Linschoten
231 Murder Ink Dilys Winn
232 Brief History of the United States 1885 Steele
233 The Power of the Gun Emergence of Modern Chinese Warlordism McCord
234 Paradise Lost John Milton Illus Blake 1940 Heritage Press
235 Gay New York Chauncey
236 Joes World Dobbin Illustrated lst Ed dj
237 Myra Breckinridge Gore Vidal lst Ed
238 Lot Arts periodicals 4
239 The Posthumus Papers of the Pickwick Club Dickens Limp leather 1929
240 Atlantic High Wm Buckley dj
241 The Buckleys Family Examined Markmann
242 Typhoid Mary Bourdain
243 Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures Lam
244 T/L Travel Guides
245 American Pocket Watches
246 Lot Modern Library Classics Writing of Thucydides Philosophy of Schopenhauer Discourses of Machiavelli
247 Lot Modern Library Classics Philosophy of Santayana Brewhon and Brewhon Revisited The Sun Also Rises Hemingway
248 Lot Modern Library Classics Jude the Obscure Hardy The Divine Comedy Dante Of Human Bondage Maugham
249 Lot Modern Library Classics Poetry and Prose of John Milton Looking Backward 2000=l887 Bellamy The Philosophy of William James
250 Lot Modern Library Classics Great Modern Short Stories Plays of Henrik Ibsen The Philosophy of Spinoza
251 Lot Modern Library Classics The Writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson The Stories of Anton Tchekov The Medici Young
252 Dear Mom A Snipers Vietnam KJos Ward
253 Andrea Mantegna
254 A Day in the Life of the Amish
255 Sentimental Tommy J M Barrie 1932
256 The False Inspector Dew Lovesey lst Amer Ed dj
257 B/L Better quality novels
258 The Golden Asse of Apuleuis
259 Goethes Faust
260 The Dialogues of Plato The Republic of Plato 2
261 Caesars Gallic War 2 Cicero Greek Thinkers 4
262 Life Legends
263 Viewpoints Library of Congress
264 Ursus Rare Books
265 Life and Death in Shanghai Nien Cheng lst Ed dj
266 B/L Better quality novels
267 Rainbow Boys ( Gay)
268 Chautauqua Course 1892 Callias The Fall of Athens
269 John Fiske 3 The Beginnings of New England The Critical Period of American History Civil Government in the United States
270 Price Guides in Collecting Books 3
271 Claudius the God and His Wife Messalina 1935 Robert Graves
272 The Long Love John Sedges 1949
273 Lord of the The Three in One Dean
274 Lot Book Auction and Dealer catalogs
275 The Romance of King Arthur 1917 (rough)
276 The Causes of the American Civil War Rozwenc(Amherst
277 Lot auction catalogs
278 Zane Grey 4: The U P Trail Robbers Roost Riders of the Purple Sage
279 The World of Salvador Dali
280 The Moderns Gaston Diehl
281 The Book of Wonders 1914
282 Gifts,Favors and Banquets The Art of Social Relationships in China Mei hui Yang
283 Design Yearbook 1966
284 Death in the Afternoon Hemingway 1952 rough
285 If I Had My Life to Live Over I would pick more daisies
286 Citizen of New Salem Horgan
287 Chinese History Wilkinson China The United Nations and World Order Kim
288 Li Chih 1527-1602 in Contemporary Chinese Historiography The Chinese Economy :Past and Present 2
289 The Broken Wave The Chinese Communist Peasant Movement 1922-28 Hofheinz
290 Chinese Intellectuals and the Revolution of 1911
291 Agents and Victims in South China Accomplices in Rural Revolution Siu
292 Conquerors and Confucians Aspects of Political Change in Late Yuan China
293 Money and Credit in China Yang Civil Service in Early Sung China 960=1067 2
294 Chinas Silk Trade 1842-1937
295 Financial Administration Under the Tang Dynasty Twitchett
296 Ou-Yang Hsiu an 11th Cty Neo Confucianist Liu
297 The Chinese Road to Socialism McFarlane
298 A Flourishing Yin Gender in Chinas Medical History 960-1665 Furth Careers in Shanghai White Land Taxation in Imperial China 1750-l9ll 3
299 Gender and Power in Rural North China Judd Unstately Power White 2
300 Religion and Ritual in Chinese Society
301 Economic Organization in Chinese Society Governing the Market Wade 2
302 The World of Thought in Ancient Vhina Schwartz
303 Buddhism in China ; Two Chinese Philosophers, 2
304 Early Chinese Revolutioar1es Rankin Harvard
305 Sun Yat Sen Schiffrin
306 Peasant China in Transition Mao’s Revolution and the Chinese Political Culture 2
307 Ideology and Organization in Communist China Chinese Urban Life Under Reform 2
308 Know Your Heirlooms Ormsbee 1957
309 The Finest Judges Money Can Buy Ashman
310 The Far Side of Home(Confederacy in the Civil War)
311 T/L Misc eph
312 Tennessee Williams;Camino Real Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 2
313 Smoke Bellew Jack London 1912
314 Modern Library: Wuthering Heights Bronte Crime and Punishment Dostoyevsky 2 4 St Thomas Aquinas
315 Fireside Book of Folk Songs
316 Childrens Books 1850-l950 Little Bear Else Holmelund Minarik Illu Maurice Sendak
317 Lot Sight and Sound ,magazines
318 Ency of Jazz
319 The History of Religion
320 Hunting the Long Tailed Bird Upland Bird Hunting 2
321 AH Picture History of WWII
322 The SS
323 Air War Jablonski
324 Needlepoint Book Casein Painting 2
325 The Movie Book the 1940s
326 Screen World 1949
327 Eyes on Stamos Georgianna signed by author
328 The Films of William Holden
329 Sublime Marlene
330 1909 NY State Rept on State Charities
331 Lot Octagon periodicals
332 T/L Misc eph
333 Representative American Plays 1767-l923 Quinn
334 Oscar Wilde and the Yellow Nineties Winwar
335 Tune in Tomorrow Higby dj
336 The Dirt From Tripp Street Wolk
337 American Silver, Pewter, and Silver Plate
338 The Netsuke of Japan Fyerson
339 18th cty Porcelain
340 The Plate Collectors Handbook
341 The Civil War Blay
342 Mini Shakespeare set leather 12 vols
343 Set Waverly Novels 13 vols
344 Lot art catalogs 7 Important American Paintings Questroyal Fine Art
345 Dictionary of All Scriptures and Myths Gaskell
346 The Charioteer Renault 1953 Mencius on the Mind 1932 Richards
347 Marie Antoinette and Her Son Louise Muhlbach 1902
348 Meditations Marcus Aurelius
349 European Decoration
350 A Handbook 0f Popular Antiques The Antiques Directory 2
351 American Antique Furniture
352 Great Styles of Furniture
353 Horizon Book of the Renaissance
354 Guide to Interior Decoration
355 Horizon Book of Ancient Greece
356 Lot The Crisis of the Renaissance Andre Castel The Europe of the Cathedrals Georges Duby The Making of the Christian West Georges Duby The Myth of the Renaissance Andre Castel 4
357 Miracle in Seville James Michener
358 The Chinese Mind Philosophy and Culture
359 Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein
360 T/L Misc eph
361 B/L Annales Societe Entomologique 1875 +
362 T/L Misc eph
363 T/L Misc eph
364 T/L Misc eph
365 T/L Misc eph and photographs
366 T/L Misc photographs
367 T/L Misc photographs
368 Models folio (Fashion etc “Peggy Arnold”)
369 Lot scrapbooks(2) Theater plays, Wagner College and Monmouth County
370 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes record w/Marilyn Monroe cover
371 Lot photo albums incl antique autos, motorcycle etc
372 Photo album incl antique autos
373 Lot older photos incl, tin type,CDVs,Gallery cards WWII GI etc
374 T/L Old family Bibles
375 Lot booklets poetry
376 Creatures of Paradise
377 Lot art books
378 Lot art books and guides
379 Russian Tea Room Cook book
380 Legacy James Michener lst Ed dj The Source James Michener lst Ed dj 2
381 American Birds in Color Harrison
382 MIT 1925 Class Book
383 Old Turtle
384 When I AM An Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple
385 Jonathan Livingston Seagull
386 Lot Arizona Highways and New Mexico magazines
387 T/L Books on Spirituality etc
388 T/L Cassetts
389 The Horse
390 Foliage House Plants Japanese Flower Arrangement 2
391 BHG House Plants Hardy House Plants 2
392 The Ocean World of Jacques Cousteau
393 Marley and Me Grogan lst Ed dj
394 T/L Misc books re Spirituality, Health etc
395 Garbo
396 Gift From the Sea Ann Morrow Lindbergh And to Each Season Rod McEwen 2
397 There is a River Sugrue , 1945
398 Lot Cassetts Native American
399 T/L CDs,books re Spirtuality
400 Lot paper dolls
401 Shoebox lot CDs
402 T/L Misc books Bibles,Spirituality etc
403 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Duke Ellington,Louis Armstrong;Dave Brubeck,George Shearing,Pearl Bailey Harry Belafonte, etc
404 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Knuckles O Toole Sinatra,Johnny Mathis, Errol Gardner etc
405 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Enzo Stuarti,George Shearing,Mario Lanza. Sinatra,Streisand, Johnny Mathis,etc
406 Lot Misc records 33s.78s. etc
407 T/L Books and pbs re Religion, Spirituality etc
408 T/L Pbs re Religion, Spirituality etc
409 Lot Cassettes re Spirituality
410 T/L Life magazines 1937 +
411 T/L Life magazines 1937+
412 T/L Life magazines 1937 +
413 T/L Misc older magazines and eph
414 The Good Old Days in Northwest New Jersey Cressman author signed
415 1964 New York Worlds Fair Guide
416 Country Boy Kingsberry author inscribed
417 Books Maps Relating to New Sweden
418 Susquehannock Miscellany
419 War Manual of the Great 1914 European Conflict
420 Field Service Regulations United States Army 1923
421 The Chinese Nail Murders Van Gulik
422 The Mother Hunt Rex Stout
423 Please Pass the Guilt Rex Stout
424 The Stars Adler 1956
425 The Girl Aviators Motor Butterfly
426 The Bust of Lincoln 1912
427 A Matter of Accent Keith 1943
428 The Wall Between Sara Bassett 1920
429 Radio Facsimile 1938 RCA
430 Complete Debater 1884
431 The Abbe Constatin 1895
432 Hangover Square Hamilton 1944 lst Ed
433 Runaway Rhymes 1931
434 Really So Stories Gordon 1937
435 Boat Children of Canton 1944 lst Ed
436 Lessons On the Human Body Physiology,.Hygiene, Narcotics 1883
437 Billie Bradley at Twin Lakes Wheeler 1922
438 Second Cousin Removed Simon Troy
439 Maigret and the Killer Simenon Maigret Hesitates Simenon 2
440 RCA Receiving Tube Manual l947
441 Lot Graphic novels
442 Lot comics
443 Lot Graphic novels
444 To Do Justice( l964 Civil Rights Bill NJ Senators Clifford Case and Harrison Williams Voted For Passage Passed 73-27)
445 T/L Misc eph incl Stereopticon cards
446 TL Misc eph periodicals
447 The Day is Ours ! Battles of Trenton and Princeton Dwyer
448 Poetical Works of Thomas Moore 1887
449 Roots Alex Haley
450 The Hawaiian Language
451 All About Amos N Andy and Their Creators 1929
452 The Red Hills Weygandt 1930
453 Historic Roadsides in New Jersey 1928 Society of Colonial Wars in the State of New Jersey 1928
454 The Snowflake 1959 Marek
455 The Gardeners Kalendar 1775 (Repr)
456 The Pied Piper of Hamlien 1926 The Little Lame Prince 1934 (rough)
457 Cape Cod Ballads Lincoln 1902
458 When We Were Very Young AA Milne 1925
459 Porsche sales catalogs 2
460 Program packet Superbowl 50
461 Flower Paintings and Drawings of Graham Stuart Thomas
462 The Masquerader Thurston 1904 Fenwicks Carrer 1906 The Firing Line Chambers 1908 Aunt Diana Carey 1896 4
463 Eastern Forest Insects USDA
464 Genghis Khan The Emperor of All Men Lamb 1927
465 1948 Yearbook Asbury Park HS
466 An Elegant History of Political Parties
467 The New England Gun Lindsay
468 My Maine Chartier
469 New York Yankees World Champs Ltd Ed 1346/5000 signed by LOU Pinella
470 Designing Trout Flies Borger
471 A Cats Century of Tradition
472 Looseleaf Binder The Nations at War 1914
473 Chinese Painters 1920
474 Cape Cod Henry David Thorea 1951
475 The Tall Book of Fairy Tales The Size of It Berkley 2
476 The Little Engine That could Watty Piper 1945
477 Ivan The Fool Leo Tolstoy lst Ed dj
478 Louisiana
479 Colonial Design in the New World Larkin
480 Treasury of Early American Homes
481 Every Step Forward The Seeing Eye
482 In Tuscany Mayes
483 The Golden Treasury Palgrave 1929
484 Memorial Addresses William J Sewell 1903 (US Senator from NJ) (General NJNG)
485 Plantation Homes of the James River Roberts
486 Lot Museum catalogs 3
487 Yachtsmans Guide to the Windward Islands
488 No Turning Back Two Nuns Battle With the Vatican over Womens Right to Choose
489 Americas Cup Defenders
490 AH American Album
491 The National Archives of the United States
492 20th Cty Childrens Book Treasury
493 Lot art books 4
494 Morven Memory,Myth, and Reality
495 Lot Princeton History Journal of Historical Society 8
496 Lot Princeton History Journal of Historical Society 9
497 Drumthwacket
498 Bricks and Mortals Recognition Walk
499 Old Traditions, New Beginnings 250 Years of Princeton Jewish History
500 Footprints on Edgehill Street Princeton Life 1684-l990
501 Princeton Architecture
502 Princeton University Land 1752-l984
503 Princeton Gambee
504 Princeton Impressions Gambee
505 A Princeton Companion Leitch Princeton History Journal 2
506 American Art of the 20th Cty
507 Nassau Hall The Nassau Club of Princeton 1889=l989
508 The Tigers of Princeton University The Spires ” ” The Sculpture ” ”
509 Lot Museum art catalogs 4
510 The Age of Fable Thomas Bullfinch Heritage Press
511 The Essays of Francis Bacon
512 The Lawrencville Stories Owen Johnson
513 Poetry Untermeyer
514 The Book of Living Verse Untermeyer
515 The Farside of Paradise F Scott Fitzgerald Mizener
516 Stephen Crane Prose and Poetry
517 Victorian Poetry E K Brown
518 A Moveable Feast Ernest Hemingway
519 Letters to Phil Memories of a New York Boyhood 1848-1856
520 A Secret Life: The Lies and Scandals of President Grover Cleveland Lachman lst Ed dj
521 The Day is Ours ! Dwyer Battles n of Trenton and Princeton
522 Love, Loss and What I Wore Beckerman
523 As I Lay Dying Meditations Upon Returning Neuhaus
524 Native Roots How the Indians Enriched America
525 Watership Down Adams
526 The Ordeal of Elizabeth Marsh Linda Cooley author signed lst Amer Ed dj
527 T/L better quality novels
528 The Old House Catalog Historic House Plans 2
529 Le Globe 1872
530 Liberty and the American Revolution
531 Jottings To The End of His Days T S Matthews
532 Angels Unawares T S Matthews
533 Explosion The Hungarian Revolution of 1956
534 Loyalists in the American Revolution
535 Savannah Tour of Homes and Gardens
536 Williamsburg Reproductions The Williamsburg Collection of Antique Furnishings 2
537 Works of Shakespeare 14 vols
538 Presidential Anecdotes Boller
539 Morgan American Financer
540 Personal History Katharine Graham
541 Taking Charge (LBJ) Beschloss
542 Lincoln D H Donald
543 Sketches From a Life George Kennan I’ve Seen The Best Of It Joseph Alsop 2
544 Lot art museum catalogs etc b3
545 Date With London Wright lst prt
547 The American Century
548 Michelangelo
549 Victorian Houses
550 Lot Art books and catalogs 5
551 Lot Modern Library books: Virgil’s Works A Farewell to Arms Met Opera Guide 3
552 The Artful Table
553 Yachting Cookbook
554 Hay Day Country Market Cookbook
555 Miss Corson’s Practical American Cookery 1886
556 Wks of Washington Irving 9 vols leatherbound
557 Set Crowned Masterpieces of Literature 1902 8 vols
558 Ciceros Masterpieces c 1890 limp leather
559 Loves Coming of Age 1911
560 Men, Women, and Boats Stephen Crane
561 Prosper Merrimee 1909 leather
562 The Golden Treasury 1926
563 Essays Sir Francis Bacon
564 English Poets of the Eighteenth Cty 1918
565 Wks of George Eliot
566 Rebels and Red Coats
567 History of the Arab Peoples Hourani lst Ed dj
568 Cities in Civilization Peter Hall Civilization Clark 2
569 The Ascent of Man Bronowski The Discoverers Boorstin 2
570 Memoirs Kennan 2
571 Empire Express Bain
572 Wks of Jane Austen 1915 12 vols
573 The Tomb of Tutankamen Treasures of Tutankhamun 2
574 Images of America Montclair Legendary Locals Princeton 2
575 Books by Elizabeth Gordon:Wild Flower Children Bird Children,Flower Children 3
576 Father Joe
577 Life Along the Hudson Keller
578 The Hudson River Boyle
579 O Promise Me Underwood
580 The Southern Voyages 1492-l6l6
581 Gift From the Sea Anne Morrow Lindbergh
582 Ship Carvers of North America
583 Two Framed enlargements US Postage Stamps
584 Lot 1969 Football cards
585 Lot foreign coins
586 Lot comic books
587 Lot comic books
588 Lot comic books
589 Lot comic books
590 Lot comic books
591 Lot comic books
592 Lot comic books
593 Lot comic books
594 Lot comic books
595 Lot comic books
596 Alfred Stieglitz
597 The Last Lecture Randy Pausch
598 Conversations With Copote Grobel
599 Lot Hardy Boys 5 vols
600 The New Yorker Book of Kids Cartoons
601 Dog Dogs Erwitt
602 Jubilee One Hundred Years of the Atlantic
603 Hotel Bemwelmans
604 Dangerously Funny The Smothers Brothers
605 Forbes Greatest Business Stories of All Time
606 The Endurance Shackletons Legendary Antarctic Expedition Alexander
607 The Collection of Alfred Stieglitz
608 A Chorus of Colors Chinese Glass
609 Frontier Louis L Amour
610 Sigmund Freud and Art Sigmund Freud House Catalogue 2
611 Golf 100 Toughest Holes
612 The Art of Photography
613 Edward Hopper The Art and the Artist
614 A Tale of Two Cities Dickens 1933 Don Quixote Cervantes 1929
615 Aesops Fables Leaf Kidnapped Robert Louis Stevenson 2
616 Stuart Little EB White Illus Garth Williams Treasure Island Robert Louis Stevenson 2
617 The Iliad of Homer The Odyssey of Homer 2
618 Kappa,Kappa, Kappa 1842-l942 Mr Poppers Penguins The Bedside Austen 3
619 Here At The New Yorker Brendan Gill
620 Ancient Mexico
621 Stories From the New Yorker
622 Frank Lloyd Wright
623 Gusto
624 Baseball
625 The Grain Brain Cookbook
626 The Onion Ad Nauseum
627 Warplanes of the Luftwaffe
628 WWII Series Churchill 4
629 Treasury of Great Mysteries 2
630 Hitty Rachel Field 1938 Illus Dorothy Lathrop
631 Those Who Dared Alex Grobman author signed
632 Only Dollie Rhoades 1901
633 Selected Letters Ernest Hemingway Baker
634 The Warren Report
635 The Singing Tree Seredy 1939 lst ed
636 Miracle at Philadelphia Bowen
637 Gulliver in Giantland
638 Foundations Edge Isaac Asimov
639 Fountain Pens
640 The Way of All Flesh Samuel Butler
641 The Worlds 100 Best Short Stories 1927 7 vols
642 The First World War Strachan
643 WWII Time Life
644 World War II Ivor Mantanie
645 Framed print Flying Kites, Air ballooning etc
646 Framed bird sketch artist signed and dated
647 Framed print Georgia Tech
648 Dragonolgy Wizardology Guardians of Ga Hoole Wonders of Weather
649 The Life of Jimi Hendrix
650 Lot Horror magazines
651 Crazy Horse Battle of the Little Big Horn
652 Lot art books 3
653 Oscar Wildes Poems 1881
654 Plants and Invertebrates
655 The Wisdom of Robert Louis Stevenson 1920
656 Womens Health Secrets
657 Read All About It ! Laura and Jenna Bush Authors Signed dj
658 The World Must Know The Holocaust Berenbaum
659 It Happened in Our Lifetime Phillips
660 The French Revolution 2 vols
661 The Story of Wali Dao
662 Is Paris Burning ?
663 Daring Exploits of John D Bulkely Sea Wolf Breur Autographed and Inscribed by first CO of the USS Bulkley DDG-84 Carlos DEl Toro 2001
664 The Art of Hand Shadows Almoznino
665 It Happened in Woodstock l00th Anniv Arts Colony
666 The Curious Sexual Adventure of the Reverend John Prince (1699)
667 Lot art books 4
668 Lotsa de Casha Madonna
669 Lot auction and gallery catalogs 4
670 T/L Misc eph incl GI WWI photo
671 Civil War Newspaper Poughkeepsie Daily Eagle Nov 7 1863
672 33 vinyl records incl Louis Armstrong,Charlie Barnet Bunny Berigan,Duke Ellington,Benny Goodman etc
673 Army Navy Chaplains Service Book 1917
674 The Guest of Quesnbay Booth Tarkington 1908 dj
675 US Navy War Photographs
676 US Navy War Photographs
677 The Bannerman Catalog 100th Anniv Militay Goods
678 1914 Medical Report War Office, London
679 The Virginian Owen Wister A Horseman of the Plains 1904
680 The Village Blacksmith Longfellow 1904
681 The Grenadier Guards 1656-l956
682 Lot Smithsonian and Henry Ford Museum Civil War photos
683 Framed cards and drawings Early WWII Chinese/Rescue of downed Airman
684 Cary Grant signed photograph 1946
685 Photographs Edsel Ford funeral
686 Lot Movie script,Academy Awards Program and photos
687 T/L Misc eph
688 T/L Misc eph
689 Lot comics
690 Lot US Navy WWII photographs mostly aircraft carriers
691 T/L Misc eph
692 Defense of the Union Through Shot and Shell and The Prison Pen Urban 1887
693 Cat Sense John Bradshaw
694 The New Jim Crow Alexander
695 Lot auction catalogs
696 Fouquet ( rough)
697 Doctor Thorne Anthony Trollope c 1870
698 The Jumeau Doll Margaret Whitton
699 Commuter Railroads Dorin
700 The Proud Possessors Saarinen (art collectors)
701 The Story of Civilization Durant 1967 9 vols
702 PA Symphony of Nature(photographs)
703 Antiques Roadshow
704 Favorite Places
705 Return Engagement Faces to Remember Then and Now
706 Encyclopedia of Southern Culture Wilson/Ferris
707 Keeping the Dream Alive Cases and Causes of the Southern Poverty Law Ctr
708 Wei Ligang Exhibition artist signed
709 The Liar in Your Life Robert Feldman lst Ed dj
710 Letters to Barbara Leo Meter lst Amer Ed dj
711 Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods
712 The Fight For the Four Freedoms Harvey Kaye
713 T/L auction catalogs
714 Telephone The First Hundred Years John Brooks
715 None Died in Vain Robert Leckie
716 The World is Flat Thomas Friedman
717 Words That Make America Great Timeless Documents That Define the American Character Jerome Agel
718 Brain Storms and Thunder Bolts How Creative Genius Works Madigan/Elwood Countdown Amitav Ghosh 2
719 Unchecked and Unbalanced Presidential Power in a Time of Terror Schwarz/Huq Liberty and Tyranny Mark Levin 2
720 My Grandfathers Blessings Strength,Refuge,Belonging Rachel Remen MD Famous Last Words lst ed Conrad
721 Record Collector (Price Guide 2010)
722 Lot post cards
723 Lot post cards
724 Lot post cards
725 Lot post cards
726 Lot post cards
727 Lot post cards
728 Framed foreign currency salvaged from the Andrea Doria
729 Framed foreign currency salvaged from the Andrea Doria
730 Framed foreign currency salvaged from the Andrea Doria
731 Framed foreign currency salvaged from the Andrea Doria
732 Framed foreign currency salvaged from the Andrea Doria
733 T/L Misc eph
734 1980 Olympic Guide (rough)
735 T/L Misc eph
737 Victorian cross framed litho
738 T/l Misc eph
739 T/l Misc eph
740 Santa, Are You For Real ? Myra
741 Washington The Capital
742 Lot prints The Old Navy FDR
743 Hotel Arthur Hailey The Money Changers Arthur Hailey 2
744 Me Talk Pretty One Day Sedaris lst Ed dj
745 The Falcon and the Snowman Lindsey
746 The Rainbow Trail Zane Grey 1915
747 Flying Saucers Have Landed
748 Airport Arthur Hailey lst Ed The Final Diagnosis Arthur Hailey dj 2
749 Pottery and Porcelain Ceramics Handbook of British Pottery and Porcelain Marks 2
750 Lot Antiques magazines
751 B/L Architectural Digest magazines
752 Lot 33 vinyl records incl Gene Autry, The Doowackadoodlers,Art Mooney,Pearl Bailey, Ella Fitzgerald,Judy Garland,Nat King Cole The Ink Spots, Bing Crosby etc
753 Smith and Wesson Catalog
754 Seapower Gresham
755 Shooters Bible 109th Edition Gun Digest 2018
756 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: The Rutles,Nina Simone Ohio Players,Buffy Sainte-Marie,Paulm Simon Steppenwolf,Joan Baez,Yojimbo etc
757 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Bob Dylan,Madonna Carl Perkins,Full Tilt Boogie,Bruce Springsteen, Martin Denny,Pointer Sisters
758 NRA Guide to the basics of Personal Protection in the Home Blue Book of Gun Values 2
759 The Doolittle Raid Schultz lst Ed dj
760 Fire and Fury Allied Bombing of Germany 1942 -45
761 The World of Camera
762 The Experts Book of Shooting Sports
763 Bonefishing
764 Architectural Metal Handbook
765 Pearl Harbor NGS
766 Great Moments in Aviation
767 Civil War Weapons Warmans Dixie Gun Works catalog
768 The American Sporting Scene
769 Winchester An American Legend
770 World Coins Catalog
771 Small Arms of the World
772 Sea of Thunder Evan Thomas
773 Norman Rockwell Illustrator Norman Rockwell Pictures for the American People 2
774 The History of Kodak
775 NGS World Atlas
776 Price Guide to Watches
777 The Worlds Best Dirty Jokes
778 The Second World War John Keegan
779 Catalog of Military Firearms
780 The Secret War WWII
781 Golden Wings
782 New Jersey Gun Law Guide
783 Standard Catalog of Firearms
784 Smithsonian Book of Flight
785 The National Air and Space Museum
786 Outdoors Encyclopedia
787 Modern US Navy
788 Handbook of the Heavens 1935
789 Flying Fortress Jablonski
790 The Treasury of Sporting Guns
791 Chesapeake Country
792 The Cutting Edge The Leading Edge 2
793 Cities and People
794 Bullfinchs Mythology
795 B/L playing cards
796 The Tongue of Time and Star of the States Comstock,MD 1840 leather rough
797 Atlantic Monthly bound leather 2 Vol 21 incl Dickens,George Silvermans Explanation 1868 lst Ed Vol 24 incl Dickens,on Mr Fechters Acting 1869 lst Ed
798 Flowering Wilderness Galsworthy 1932 dj
799 Electric Railway Engineering 1915
800 Picho DeGasquet Rennecon Circulars 1919
801 Lot The Poison Growth of Prussianism Kahn The War Pantheon Jersey Central RR Rule Book
802 US Coastal Survey Charts Bache
803 The Antarctic Land of Victoria From the Voyage of the “Discovery” Zimmerman
804 Boston and Maine RR Maps
805 A Small Town in Germany John Le Carre lst Amer Ed dj
806 Rugs and Carpets from the Orient 1923
807 The Harvard Lampoon (George Plympton)
808 National Horse Show Program 1975 signed by Olympian Champion Bill Steinkraut
809 The Eleventh Hour 1914 NY Telephone Company
810 The Political Scene Victory of 1918 Lippman Manual for Collectors of Oriental Art 2
811 Great Northern Canal 1847
812 Repts Greek Mech Technique 1927
813 The Encyclopedia of Glass Paperweights Hollister
814 Repts City and South London Railway Subaqueous Tunneling 1896
815 Repts 1896 Electric Motors and Electric Power Distr
816 Catalogue of Prehistoric Works East of the Mississippi
817 Repts Flow Measurements the Desplains River, Chicago Coefficients in Hydraulic Formulae
818 Repts Drawings Botanical Bacteriology
819 Schlivek Photographs New Caledonia
820 Schlivek Photographs New Caledonia
821 Atlas maps Palestine
822 Atlas maps Maryland etc
823 Atlas maps Europe etc
824 Atlas maps Australia etc
825 Atlas maps Eukrain etc etc
826 Atlas maps Turkey etc
827 Atlas maps 12 Scripture, and World etc
828 Atlas maps Alaska,Washington, Oregon,British Columbia
829 Atlas maps Utah,Arizona,Idaho,New Mex,Nevada
830 Atlas maps Penna 3
831 Atlas maps Va,W Va,Indiana,Illinois, Ohio
832 Atlas maps Iowa,Nebr,Kansas,Minn,Wisc
833 Atlas maps New England c1880
834 Atlas maps Georgia,NC,SC,Ala, Miss,La
835 Atlas maps Mexico,Cuba,West Indies,Manitoba etc
836 Paper dolls etc
837 Judge cartoons 2
838 North America Atlas map Samuel Walker Boston c1830
839 What Constitutes Superiority in an Air Ship 1909
840 A Map of he Western Ocean and Part of North America The Voyage of F Charlevoix,the Jesuit in 1720
841 The American Magazine 1931
842 Lot Stereopticon cards ( black face)
843 Commentary Magazine Oct 1964 (Isaac Bashevis Singer)
844 Scrapbook Victorian cuts
845 Lot post cards stations etc
846 Lot post cards RRs bridges etc
847 Lot post cards incl Lackawanna Hoboken Ferry
848 Lot post cards RR stations etc
849 Lot post cards ships
850 Lot post cards RRs etc
851 Lot Ballet Theater Commems
852 Handwritten Script “New York”
853 Plans Exeter Tunnel etc
854 1815 probate on parchment
855 “The Golden Hour of the Little Flower” (1934 Rev Chas Coughlin)
856 Le Voyage De Decouverte De Christophe Columb
857 Bulletin Societe Royale Belge de Geographie 1939
858 Will,of Alexander Magruder 1749 (Leaves three slaves to children)
859 The Margo Feiden Galleries
860 Seelchen
861 Lot RR eph post cards etc
862 Lot Two Life mags Mussolini; Sandburg
863 Lot childrens books 2
864 Rembrandt The Jews and the Bible Landsberger
865 Lot Paper Doll Books 3
866 Cogan’s Trade George Higgins lst Ed dj
867 Some Interesting Phases of Long Distance Telephony 1904
868 Lot Paper Doll Books 3
869 Lot Paper Doll Books 3
870 Lot Paper Doll Books 2
871 Pretty Village Antique Toy Town
872 Thankless in Death J D Robb lst Ed dj
873 The Overstory Powers dj
874 Life magazines 2 1937 Marx 1940 Michigans Harmon
875 Circus Program Barnum and Bailey 1978
876 Lot post cards steamers
877 Lot post cards ships
878 Lot post cards sentimentals
879 Lot post cards ships
880 The Writers Image Krementz
881 Lot childrens book
882 Prince Bertram the Bad Arnold Lobel
883 The Endurance Alexander
884 Lot postcards patriotic
885 Lot postcards sentimental/fashions
886 Lot postcards photos children
887 The Night of the Generals Kirst
888 Le Probleme du Cancer William Bainbridge MD 1922 author inscribed
889 Randall and the River of Time Forester lst Ed 1950 dj My Fathers House Meyer Levin lst Ed 1947 dj 2
890 The Mischief of a Police Chief Mark Rein 1921 author signed
891 Barbary Shore Norman Mailer dj
892 Let the Tiger Die Manning Coles 1947 lst Ed
893 Earliest Years at Vassar 1909 Francis Wood
894 The Link MacDonald 1930
895 The Ebony Box J S Fletcher 1934
896 The Bellamy Trial Hart 1927
897 Scrapbook early book plates
898 Lot childrens books 2
899 Metropolitan Opera House Libretto c 1892
900 Historical Maps of the United States
901 Old Turtle Douglas Wood
902 Dynamo Eugene O Neill 1929 dj
903 Cast a Cold Eye McCarthy 1950 lst Ed dj
904 The Nutcracker David Delamare
905 Anthony Adverse Hervey Allen 1933 dj
906 Storm Over the Land Carl Sandburg lst Ed dj Advance Copy for Review Civil War
907 Waterfront Budd Schulberg 1955 dj Cogans Trade George Higgins 1974 lst Ed dj 2
908 Sketches of he Rise Progress and Decline of Secession W G Brownlow Knoxville Whig 1862
909 Swan Song Galsworthy 1928 dj
910 A Touch of the Poet Eugene O Neill lst Ed dj
911 Apocalypose Rose Plymell Nevelson 2
912 Klein-Edelweiss im Schweizerland !
913 Jack and the Beanstalk The Princess and the Pea 2
914 Guide to the Dinosaurs
915 Grerand’s Cloak Journal 1910
916 Polly Flinders Blanche Fisher Wright
917 Bringing Up Father 1921
918 Mutt and Jeff 1920
919 Ency of Salt Glaze Stoneware
920 Biers Hyperemic Treatment Willy Meyer MD 1909
921 Hercules My Shipmate Robert Graves
922 Der Psalter of David l841 Dr Martin Luther
923 Abraham Lincoln His Book 1902 Facs
924 Glass From the Corning Museum of Glass
925 Superstitious R L Stine lst Ed dj
926 Henry VIII and His Wives paper dolls Make Your Own World of the Theater 2
927 Umberto Eco The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana lst Ed dj
928 Henderson The Rain King Saul Bellow
929 Breakfast of Champions Kurt Vonnegut dj
930 Mistress Masham’s Repose T H White Illus Fritz Eichenberg 1946 dj
931 The Delta Decision Wilbur Smith 1979 dj
932 Umberto Eco Foucaults Pendulum lst Trd Ed dj
933 Schroeders Game Maling lst Ed dj
934 Caravans James Michenor dj
935 The Flight of Dragons Dickinson ;lst US Ed dj
936 Chapterhouse Dune Frank Herbert dj
937 British Photographic Almanac 1958,1959 2
938 British Photographic Almanac 1956,1957 2
939 The Man From M.A.L.I. C. E. David Levine Inscribed by author
940 Paul Burlin
941 Chinese Cultural Art Treasures
942 Martin Ferrieres
943 Joseph Wechsberg Schubert His Life,Work, Time
944 Fauves and Cubists Umbro Appolino
945 Lot auction catalogs 3
946 The Eagle Story
947 An Old Fashioned Christmas
948 Andy Warhol: Portraits of the 70s
949 Miniatures Smithsonian
950 Art Deco Designs in Color
951 Lot auction catalogs 3
952 Tooled leather folder
953 Performance by Artists
954 Kel Gilligans Daredevil Stunt Show
955 Curtain Call 125 Yrs Actors Fund
956 A Private View Sante D Orazio
957 The Life History and Magic of the Dog
958 Masters Choice Lawrence Block lst Ed dj
959 La Binet Art and Culture
960 Front Page Vietnam
961 From the Dark Tower Afro American Writers Arthur Davis,Howard Univ Press,1900-l960
962 Voice Life at the Village Voice Ellen Frankfort dj
963 Criminal Justice Albanese
964 Criminal Procedure
965 Phillips Photographs Auction (nudes)
966 Catalog of Vintage Baseball Cards
967 Out of Mao’s Shadow Pan
968 I Hear America Singing
969 Lot auction catalogs
970 Set Annals of America 18 vols in two boxes
971 Design with Japanese Obi Design of the 20th Cty 2
972 The Mother Court Zirin
973 Sight Unseen Marguilies Ma Raineys Black Bottom Wilson The Hothouse Pinter (3 plays)
974 Target Field
975 Interrupting Chicken
976 The Howell Book of Dog Care
977 The Films of Merchant Ivory
978 Treasures of Puerto Rican Painting
979 The Richard Dyer Bennet Folk Song Book
980 Hollywood Babylon
981 Mao and China
982 The Architecture of New York City Reynolds
983 Il Lingotto 1915-l939
984 The Most of John Held Jr
985 Der Weltkrieg 1915 3 vols
986 What Momma Left Me Renee Watson lst Amer Ed dj author inscribed
987 Locks and Locksmithing
988 Lot auction catalogs 3
989 Peter Arno
990 America A Citizens Guide to Democracy Inaction
992 Germs The Ultimate Weapon
993 Arabic Prayer Book leather Tupac Shakur The Rose that Grew From Concrete
994 Kiva HS Yearbook 2007
995 Four Americans in Paris
996 Hearts of Glass National Library of Poetry
997 The Tin Woodman of Oz Frank Baum
998 The End of the Present World Famous Last Words 2
999 Classical Dance
1000 The Marxism of Jean Paul Sartre The Maltese Dog 2
1001 Le Tzarewitch poster framed
1002 Framed Victorian litho Cherubs and Flutes etc
1003 Lot misc older labels
1004 NJ Monthly Sinatra at 100 cover
1005 Framed Vict water color
1006 Framed sketch artist signed and dated Golden Gate Bridge
1007 Matted 1920s ads (2); Java Fach Powder, Manon nLesacaut face powder
1008 Matted LHJ cover Harrison Fisher 1906
1009 Matted ad 4711 Eau de Cologne
1010 Matted ad Antiseptic Skin Soap c 1900 Booth co Ithaca NY
1011 Matted Vogue cover 1909
1012 Folio l899 Fashion prints
1013 Framed Harrison Fisher print 1909
1014 Matted covers LHJ Harrison Fisher ; Delineator
1015 Star Wars Poster The Phantom Menace
1016 Philatelic lot : Foreign stamp block “Three Stooges”
1017 Ambrotype in case
1018 Ambrotype in case
1019 T/L gallery cards and old photos
1020 Lot CDVs
1021 Lot Stereopticon cards
1022 Lot post cards
1023 Framed needlework
1024 Framed Ansel Adams photo poster
1025 Framed Ansel Adams photo poster
1026 Framed Ansel Adams photo poster
1027 T./L Misc eph
1028 Manners and Social Usages 1918
1029 Polite Society at Home and Abroad 1891
1030 The New Dictionary of Thought 1960
1031 Victorian framed Harrison Fisher print
1032 Victorian framed Harrison Fisher print
1033 Framed Sampler
1034 Framed Harrison Fisher print
1035 Framed sketch Crookedest Street in the World artist signed and dated
1036 Victorian framed Harrison Fisher print
1037 Obsessed With Star Wars
1038 T/L Misc eph sheet music etc
1039 Boy Scout Manual 1979 lst prt signed by author Bill Hillcourt US FDC Bicentennial with coin
1040 Bluejackets Manual 1944
1041 Book of Common Prayer (*1789) 1945
1042 Poster Van Gogh Sunflowers Framed watercolor 2
1043 Lot calendar art prints
1044 B/L Misc framed art
1045 Lot Framed art; 4
1046 Lot post cards
1047 Lot Print Review periodicals
1048 The Gault Ammonites 13 vols Paleontographical Society Monographs London
1049 The House of Lost Identity Donald Corey 1927 lst Ed
1050 The Biochemical Journal 1938 +
1051 Union List of Serials
1052 The Metropolitan Visitations of William Courtney Archbishop of Canterbury 1381 1396 4
1053 American Journal of Physical Anthropology 7 1945+
1054 Journal of Bacteriology 1942
1055 The London Mercury and Bookman 1937
1056 Prize Stories of 1920
1057 Two Gentlemen in Bonds John Crowe Ransom 1927
1058 Vigile 1931 5 vols
1059 Le Journal De Physique et Le Radium 1923
1060 John Macnab John Buchan 1925
1061 Science 1947 2 vols
1062 The Journal of the Linnean Society 1885
1063 Lot Bulletins Societe Royale Belge de Geographie `1908 + 15 vol
1064 Lot Bulletins Societe Royale Belge de Geographie `1899 + 18 vol
1065 B/L University of Illinois Social Studies 1920s
1066 Annals of Ophthalmology 1913 +
1067 The Journal of Experimental Medicine 1911 + 3
1068 Otto Rhino Laryngology Excerpt Medica 9
1069 1907 Rept NY State Dept of Health
1070 190O Rept NY State Dept of Health
1071 Memoires Academie Des Sciences France 2
1072 Annual Tables of Constants and Numerical Data Chemical,Physical,Biological and Technological 1930
1073 Le Bulletin Medical 1900
1074 La Presse Medicale 1899
1075 American Historical and Literary Curiosities 1852
1076 Medical Directory of New York, New Jersey and Conn 1919,1922,1924,1918,1920,1917,1921* (Dr Clifford Mills Hospital, Morristown)
1077 University of Illinois Social Studies 24 vols
1078 Lot periodicals Royal Economic Society London
1079 Lot Proceedings Washington Academy of Sciences 9 vols
1080 University of Illinois Social Studies 12 vols
1081 Lot Bulletins Societe Royale Belge de Geographie 1891+
1082 Archiv Fur Laryngologie und Rhinologie 1895 + 13 vols
1083 T/L Misc eph
1084 T/L Misc eph
1085 Poster ” Radium Kills”
1086 Map French Geologic
1087 Index Dental Periodicals
1088 Winters Talke Isakn Dinesen lst Ed 1942
1089 T/L Misc eph
1090 Adventures in Reputation Abbott Harvard 1935
1091 Univ of Illinois Studies in the Social Sciences incl”Houseboat and River Bottoms People”22vols
1092 Proceedings of the Second Pan American Scientific Congress Washington DC 1915-l6 10 vols
1093 Furniture Treasury Wallace Nutting
1094 Cyclopdia of English Literature 1847
1095 The Life and Work of James Leon Williams Clapp 1925
1096 B/L Journal of the Iron and Steel Institute 1885 +
1097 Ugeskrift For Retsvaesen(Swedish Almanacs) leatherbound 1903 + 11 vols
1098 New York Botanical Garden Bulletins 1903 + 9 vols
1099 Paulys Real Encyclopedia Der Classischen Altertumswissenschaft 1893 + 19 vols
1100 T/L Misc eph calendars etc
1101 T/L Misc eph maps, travel etc
1102 T/L Misc eph incl Play Bills etc
1103 T/L Misc eph incl WWII ration books
1104 T/L Misc eph
1105 T/L Misc eph incl BSA,,WWII GI Armed Services Edition pbs
1106 T/L Misc eph incl Halloween Decor
1107 T/L Misc eph
1108 T/L Misc eph incl paperdolls
1109 T/L Misc eph
1110 T/L Misc eph incl stamps and covers
1111 T/L Misc eph
1112 T/L Misc eph travel
1113 T/L Misc eph
1114 T/L Misc eph scrapbooks
1115 Lot Shakespeare prints
1116 The Pilgrims Progress Bunyan 1898
1117 The Gateway to a Continent
1118 The Beatles Anthology
1119 The Story of the MG Sports Car Mc Comb
1120 Trains of the Penna Dutch Country
1121 Island of Nantucket Godfrey 1882
1122 Tables of Ancient Coins,Weights and Measures 1728
1123 Gone With the Wind 1936
1124 The Congressional Globe 1867 (rough)
1125 Buffalo Bills Own Story 1917
1126 Recherches Sur Les Monnaies Et Les Jetons Des Maitres-Echevins 1853
1127 The Orchid Flora (incomplete)
1128 History of the Minisink Country Tewichell 1912
1129 Under The Flag of he Orient Harland 1897
1130 Camera Craft 1926,l927 2
1131 American Game Preserve Shooting Smith
1132 Lonely Vigil Walter Lord
1133 Colours of My Life Malcolm Allison Matt…United and Me.Jimmy Murphy 2
1134 Grand Prix Formula 1 Racing
1135 Humanity In the City Rev E H Chapin 1854
1136 The Jazz Singer DeHaas 1927
1137 Seventy Five Years of Southern League Football Lionel Francis 1969
1138 Football Club Manager Alec Stock
1139 The Spalding Official Basket Ball
1140 The Letters of Alexander Woollcott 1944
1141 When God Laughs Jack London 1911
1142 All But My Life Stirling Moss
1143 The American Card Catalog
1144 Schnittmuster Zu Puppenmutterchens Nahschule
1145 Point Lace and Diamonds Baker 1892
1146 T/: Misc eph match book covers and sports coasters
1147 T/l youth series books Bobbsey Twins 6 Happy Hollisters 5 Nancy Drew 3
1148 Framed collection British Trade Cards Bicycles
1149 1976 Yearbook Dwight Englewood School
1150 1981 Yearbook Dwight Englewood School
1151 1979 Yearbook Dwight Englewood School
1152 Lot art photography prints
1153 T/L Classic Trains magazines
1154 The Ford Century
1155 Wentworth Military Academy catalog
1156 1943 TWA Calendar
1157 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Bix Beiderbecke, Nickelodean,Hudson River Suite,etc
1158 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Flowers of Evil, Secondv Helping,Led Zeppelin,Crickelwood Green Robin Trower,Welcome to the Canteen
1159 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Miles Davis,Duke Ellington Automatic Instruments etc
1160 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Rolling Stones,Fleeltwood Mac,Jimi Hendrix,Eric Clapton, etc
1161 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Allman Brothers, Crosby Stills and Nash,Jefferson Airplane, Joe Cocker,Iron Butterfly etc
1162 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Bedtime for DEmocracy, John Lennon,The Beatles Bruce Springsteen
1163 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Marlene Dietrich, The Byrds,Hank Wilson,Phil Ochs, The Doors,
1164 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Earl Scruggs, Mother Carter,Roy Acuff,Merle Travis Ella Fitzgerald, Glen Miller
1165 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Pink Floyd,Iron Butterfly Rod Stewart, The Beach Boys,The Beatles
1166 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Poetry readings
1167 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Roling Stones, Janis Joplin, Louis Armstrong, Allman Brothers
1168 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Band The Beatles,Creedence Clearwater Revival, Elvis Presley,
1169 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Rolling Stones, Triumph, Don Imus,
1170 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Walt Disney
1171 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Elvis Presley, Allman Bros,Canned Heat
1172 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Jimi Hendrix,Buddy Holly Bruce Springsteen,Quicksilver,
1173 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Humble Pie,Phil Ochs Montrose, Cricklewood Green,
1174 :Promotional photo Edsel
1175 Lot Train Shed Cyclopedia
1176 Lot periodicals Trains and Railmodel Journal
1177 Lot Antique Automobile periodicals
1178 Lot Mainline Modeler Magazines
1179 Lot 78 Records Album:,Sinatra, Tommy Dorsey,
1180 Lot 78 Records Album:,Sinatra,
1181 Lot 78 Records Album:,Sinatra,
1182 Lot Bulletins Societe Royale Belge Gepographie l877+
1183 T/L Journals of the Engineering Societies 7 vols
1184 T/L Royal Society Catalogues of Scientific Papers 1867 + 9 vols
1185 Collected Reprints American Cancer Society 1946+ 4 vols
1186 Zentralblatt Chirutgi 1908 + 4 vols
1187 T/L, Journal of Biological Chemistry 1924 + 5 vols
1188 T/L Journals Univ of Illinois Studies in Social Sciences 14 vols
1189 T/L Jahrbuch Fortschritte der Mathematik 1888 +
1190 T/L Archivio Di Radiologia 1949-1953
1191 T/L Metal periodicals 1947 + Berlin-Dahlem U S Sektor
1192 T/L Revue Economique Internationale 1910 + 6 vols The Quarterly Journal of Economics Harvard 1960 4 vol
1193 Washington Academy of Sciences 1900+ 7 vols
1194 Books by National Bureau of Economic Research US 15 vols
1195 1957 Rand McNally Commercial Atlas
1196 T/L incl: Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History 1933+ Annals De La Societe Entomologique de France 1893+ Revue Des Deux Mondes 1881 +
1197 Die Schalltechnik Berlin 1931
1198 Problems of Value Theory Paul Kurtz 1952
1199 The Economist Measurement Guide and Reckoner
1200 Archiv for Mickroskopische Anatome 1880
1201 Univ of State of New York Education Dept Annual Report 1921
1202 Guide to Patient Evaluation
1203 1899 Century Magazine bound ( rough)
1204 Cigar box full 1920s-30s Deco dance programs
1205 99 Lives Cats in History, Legends and Literature
1206 1961 Yearbook Cedar Crest College
1207 Illustrated Medical Dictionary and Pharmacology Companion 2
1208 Lot Bruce Springsteen photo posters 3
1209 A Traves del Dibujo artist signed
1210 Philatelic lot:, Stamp album w US and foreign stamps
1211 Philatelic lot:, Stamp album w mostly US stamps
1212 Philatelic lot:, Stock book foreign stamps on paper
1213 Philatelic lot:, Stock book foreign stamps Grt Britain
1214 Philatelic lot:, Jr album w US and foreign
1215 Philatelic lot:, Looseleaf album foreign
1216 Philatelic lot:, Looseleaf pages US stamps
1217 Philatelic lot:, album US and foreign stamps
1218 Philatelic lot:, album US and foreign stamps on paper
1219 Philatelic lot:, cigar box collection of stamps incl stock books and sorted envelopes
1220 Philatelic lot:, US Covers
1221 Paper Currency Mount Rushmore US Memorial
1222 Colorized US Currency
1223 US $5 Silver Certificates Commemorative
1224 US $2. Note Folio
1225 Folio Repr Geo Washington documents
1226 New Jersey Colorized State Quarter
1227 Americas Obsolete Coin Collection
1228 The Last US Coins of the Second Millennium
1229 Lot Replica of the First Coins Used by the Early American Colonists
1230 United States Year Coins 1968 Philadelphia, Denver ,and San Francisco Mints
1231 Lot American Revolution Commemorative Medals 1972-1976 13 pcs
1232 Lot American Revolution Commemorative Medals in cases 6 pcs
1233 Lot 2nd Inaugural Medals 1997 Clinton 3
1234 1993 That Very Special Year Mint set 2
1235 Pair of poster photographs Western Mountains
1236 Framed water color artist signed
1237 WWII Penny Collection
1238 Republic of the Marshall Islands $5.00 Comm Coin 2
1239 US Statehood gold plated Quarters 5 US Mint Presidential $1. Coin(Lincoln) and First Spouse Medal Set
1240 Lot Misc eph
1241 Lot post cards
1242 Lot post cards
1243 Lot older greeting cards
1244 Lot older NJ post cards
1245 Lot post cards
1246 B/L Collector price guides
1247 T/L Misc eph
1248 Woods Medical Lexicon 1865
1249 Girls Scout Handbook 1947 Amer Red Cross 1945
1251 Alice in Wonderland Carroll 1933 ?
1252 Old Mother Westwind Burgess
1253 History of the American People 1929+ rough Where Did We Get Our Bible 1928 lst ed 2
1254 Illustr World History 1940 New Testament 1941 2
1255 Philatelic lot: US stamps on paper Env of foreign stamps, sorted
1256 A Childs Story of the Nativity 1943 Illus
1257 Analytical Indexed Bible 1937 rough Zippered Bible ( no date) 2
1258 Aesops Fables c 1875 Biblical History 1868 2 (both rough)
1259 The Childrens Hour with Uncle Arthur 5 vol set
1260 History of the Bible leather 1869 rough
1261 The Bible for Children 1902 rough
1262 The Small Roman Missal 1965 leather bound with wood covers Saint Francis of Assisi 2
1263 T/L Misc eph incl sheet music etc
1264 Leaves of Life 1914 leather
1265 Philatelic lot: Black Pirate stamp album incl older US covers
1266 Older Bible c 1860 leather
1267 Scott’s Poetical Works leather An Anthology of Friendship leather A Cup of Blessing leather 3
1268 Women of the War Moore 1866
1269 The History of Atlantis Spence
1270 Lot Books on Free Masonry 3
1271 Lot Books on Free Masonry 3
1272 Lot Books re Mayan Culture 3
1273 Lot Books re Ancient Mexico 2
1274 The World of the Past Hawkes 2 vol set
1275 The Bermuda Triangle Berlitz
1276 Lot Books on Mayan Culture 4
1277 Lot Books re Atlantis 3
1278 Pagans.Priests and Prophets Occult Mexico
1279 Many Lives, Many Loves Gina Cerminara Strange Powers Colin Wilson 2
1280 The Writings of Mark Twain 20 vol set
1281 The Occult a History
1282 Treasures of the World Robert Charroux
1283 The Lost Gospel Krosney
1284 The Secret Supper Javier Sierra
1285 The Knights Templar in the New World The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar 2
1286 Strange Amazing and Mysterious Places
1287 The Ruins of Mexico Constantine Rickards
1288 Lt Books re Mayan Civilization 3
1289 Lt Books re Mayan Civilization 3
1290 Lot Books re Aztec Culture 2
1291 The Book of Buffalo Pottery
1292 T/L Misc eph
1293 The Night Before Christmas Illus Matt Keslar
1294 The Battle for Leyte Gulf WWII
1295 Lucky Man Michael J Fox W J Cash A Life 2
1296 The Civil War Dictionary
1297 Chinese Posters
1298 Feng Shui
1299 An Irish Experience
1300 Remaking America New Uses, Old Places
1301 The British Imperial Century 1815-l9l4
1302 Mankind The Story of All Of Us Pamela Toler
1303 Lot auction catalogs
1304 The World and a Very Small Place in Africa
1305 Droplettes Amazing Journey
1306 The Ark of the Covenant Grierson
1307 The Lost Chronicles of the Maya Kings Drew
1308 Pottery and Porcelain Ceramics Price Guide
1309 The Flower Weavers Builders of Old Mexico
1310 They Found the Buried Cities Wauchpoe
1311 Unearthing Atlantis Pellegrino lst Ed dj
1312 An Occult Guide to South America Wilcock
1313 In Quest of the White God Honore
1314 Everyday Life of the Incas Kendall
1315 The Temple of the Jaguar Yucatan
1316 The Edge of the Unknown Arthur Conan Doyle Exploring the Unknown McKern 2
1317 B/L Misc books and periodicals Britains Royal Family
1318 LaRousse Ency of Mythology
1319 Mexico Hanf Mexican Art 2
1320 Handwritten Ledger 1946=47 Newton NJ
1321 Handwritten Journal Sussex County NJ Funeral Svce
1322 The Atlas of Mysterious Places
1323 Indians of the Americas NGS
1324 Prehispanic Settlement Patterns in the Lower Santa Valley Peru
1325 The Mighty Aztecs
1326 Indian Art of Mexico and Central America Covarrubias
1327 Mound Builders of Ancient America Silverberg
1328 Pre Columbian Cities Hardoy
1329 Kon Tiki Thor Heyerdahl 1956 dj
1330 The Book of Mormon
1331 The Last of the Incas
1332 The Golden Man The Quest for El Dorado
1333 The Temple and the Lodge
1334 Aztecs
1335 The Cities of the Ancient Andes
1336 Prehistoric Mesoamerica Exploring Mesoamerica 2
1337 Lot Books re Mayas 2
1338 Lot Books re Mayas 3
1339 B/L Books Early Central America Civilizations 12
1340 Buried Treasure of the United States Marx
1341 Buried Treasure Land and Sea The Treasure Divers Guide 2
1342 The Sea of Treasure Lost Treasure of the Conception 2
1343 The Treasure Galleons Treasures of the Armada 2
1344 Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark
1345 The Lure of Sunken Treasure Marx
1346 Drake Captain of the South Seas McLeod
1347 Lot Books re Mayan Civilization 3
1348 Treasure of the Buccaneer Sea Doubloons and buried treasure More Doubloons 3
1349 Gods, Graves and Scholars CV\eram
1350 The Conquistadors Descola
1351 Wisdom of the Mystic Masters Weed
1352 The Book of Buried Treasure Padre Island Treasure Kingdom of the World 2
1353 He Walked the Americas Hansen
1354 Incidents of Travel in Central America, Chiapis and Yucatan Stephens
1355 The Buccaneers of America
1356 Pieces of Eight
1357 Fatu=Hiva Back to Nature Thor Heyerdahl
1358 The Mystic and Occult Arts Gibson
1359 The Stones of Atlantis Zink
1360 Lost Trails, Lost Cities Colonel P H Fawcett
1361 Ancient Mexico Peterson Reconquest of Mexico Brucolli 2
1362 Holy Blood,Holy Grail Baigent The Jesus Papers Baigent 2
1363 The Plundered Past Karl Meyer
1364 The Quest for America
1365 Lot Books re Maya 3
1366 Precolombian Terracottas
1367 The Art of Terra Cotta Pottery
1368 Art Before Columbus Emmerich
1369 The Aztecs
1370 History Under the Sea
1371 Art of the Americas Ancient and Hispanic Kelemen
1372 Conquistadors Without Swords
1373 Atlantis The Eighth Continent Berlitz
1374 Port Royal Rediscovered Marx
1375 The Discovery and Conquest of Mexico Castillo
1376 The Incas and Their Ancestors
1377 Lot Books re Mayas 2
1378 Americas First Civilization Discovering the Olmec Coe
1379 Clues to Americas Past NGS
1380 Discovering Mans Past in the Americas NGS
1381 Masks,Mummies and Magicians Waisbard
1382 Aztec Autumn Gary Jennings
1383 Gods of the Cataclysm Hugh Fox
1384 Aztec Thought and Culture
1385 History Was Buried Wheeler
1386 Lot books re the Maya
1387 Aku-Aku Thor Heyerdahl
1388 Digging for History Edw Bacon
1389 Diving for Sunken Treasure Jacques Yves Cousteau Undersea Treasures 2
1390 Testaments of Time Leo Deuel
1391 Fair Gods and Stone Faces Irwin
1392 Inca Gold Find It If You Can, Touch It If You Dare Dolinger lst Ed dj
1393 The People of the Ancient Americas Everyday Life in Ancient Times 2
1394 The Incredible Incas
1395 Voyage to Atlantis Mavor
1396 Pre Columbian Ceramics Lehmann
1397 The Desert Kingdoms of Peru Von Hagen
1398 Signs of the Gods Daniken Miracles of the Gods Daniken 2
1399 The Gold of the Gods Daniken Coricancha Garden of Gold Schiffely 2
1400 Atlantis The Antediluvian World Sykes
1401 The World of the Inca Flornoy
1402 Without a Trace Berlitz (Bermuda Triangle)
1403 The Living Past Lissner
1404 Sunken Treasure Burgess
1405 The Funnel of Gold Mendel Peterson
1406 Mexican Mythology South American Mythology 2
1407 Secret Places of the Lion Williamson
1408 The Pirate Prince Clifford Dig for Pirate Treasure Nesmith 2
1409 Mesoamerica’s Ancient Cities Ferguson
1410 Chariots of the Gods Daniken
1411 Arts of Ancient Mexico 3000 Years of Art and Lifein Mexico 2
1412 Lot Books re Maya 3
1413 Lot art gallery catalogs 3
1414 Zapotec Civilizations Marcus
1415 Larousee Ency of Archaeology
1416 Tombs, Graves and Mummies Bahn
1417 Chavin and the Origins of Andean Civilization
1418 The Treasure Fleets of the Spanish Main Marx
1419 Royal Tombs of Sipan
1420 New World and Pacific Civilizations American Museum of Natural History
1421 Wonders of he Ancient World NGS
1422 Ancient West Mexico
1423 The Conquistadors Innes
1424 Antisuyo Lost Cities of the Amazon Savoy
1425 Cortes Francisco Lopez de Gomara
1426 The Aztecs Smith
1427 Presotts The Conquests of Mexico and Peru
1428 Lot Books re Maya
1429 Lost City of The Incas Bingham
1430 The Gods and Their Grand Design Daniken In Search of Ancient Gods Daniken 2
1431 Signs of the Gods ? Daniken
1432 Americas Ancient Civilizations Verill
1433 Folk Art of Mexico
1434 The Conquest of Mexico Prescott
1435 Templars in America Hopkins
1436 The Indian Background of Latin American History
1437 City of Sacrifice David Carrasco The Aztec Empire
1438 Lot Books re the Maya 2
1439 Great Conquerors of South and Central America
1440 Death and the Life After Billy Graham You Live After Death Sherman 2
1441 Framed map Lake Champlain French Claims
1442 Framed Atlas cut outs 1860 Sussex County NJ
1443 Framed Atlas cutout
1444 Framed photo Monster Truck
1445 Framed needlework Williamsburg
1446 Framed needlework Williamsburg
1447 Album baseball cards
1448 Album baseball and football cards
1449 Album football cards
1450 Album football cards
1451 Framed print of painting Hay Wein
1452 Framed print Mount Vernon artist signed Delacroix
1453 Framed print Ornithology
1454 Framed charcoal print Vietnamese child
1455 Framed print The Capitol Williamsburg
1456 Framed photo seashells
1457 B/L Collection of match book covers
1458 Degas
1459 Aircraft The Jet as Art
1460 The Leading Edge Boyne
1461 Historic America The Mid Atlantic
1462 The Smithsonian Book of Books
1463 Views of the Biblical World
1464 The Fur Book of Knowledge 1926
1465 West Virginia The Mountain State
1466 The Vision of Ayn Rand Branden
1467 An American Celebration The Art of Charles Wysocki
1468 The Performing Art of the American Automobile
1469 Family of Secrets The Bush Dynasty
1470 Life The First Fifty Years 1936-l986
1471 History of the World The Last 500 Years
1472 The Playboy Book 40 Years
1473 Scientific American in the 19th Cty
1475 M C Escher Prints
1476 National Parks of America Muensch
1477 Milestones of Aviation Smithsonian
1478 David Bowie Hudson
1479 The Treasures of Salvador Dali
1480 Philatelic lot: stamp album US and Foreign stamps
1481 The Women Who Made New York
1482 Ency of Pistols and Revolvers
1483 Worlds Best Sailboats 2 vols
1484 Pistol Guide
1485 Concept Cars Derrick
1486 Images of America Montclair
1487 The Art of the Picture Frame
1488 French Paintings in the Louvre
1489 Judaism Kaniel
1490 Lot Muzzleloader Magazines The Book of Buckskinning 6 vols
1491 B/L periodicals Ency Mathematischen Wissenschaften Leipzig 1907 +
1492 B/L periodicals Ency Mathematischen Wissenschaften Leipzig 1901 +
1493 B/L Periodicals Annales D Ocullistique French
1494 Lot Journal De Pharmacie 1877 +
1495 Lot La Feuille Des Naturalistes Paris 1925 +
1496 Lot The Homiletic Review 1891+
1497 Lot: Naturforschenden Gesellschaft Zurich 1918+
1498 Lot: Wiener Entomologische Zeitung 1903+
1499 Lot: L Academie Nationale De Bordeux 1874 +
1500 T/L Misc eph re Nuclear Legacy etc
1501 1881 bound Mexican newspaper
1502 1879 bound Mexican newspaper
1503 T/L, Misc eph
1504 Phillipine Journal of Science bound 1906
1505 Memoires De L Institut National De France 1875 + 7 vol
1506 Memoires De L Institut National De France 1875 + 4 vol
1507 Zeitscherift Fur Ethnologie Berlin 1911+ Lot
1508 Lot Le Globe Journal Geograraphique Geneva 1869+
1509 Lot periodicals Archives Des Sciences,Physiques,Et Naturelles 1863+ Geneva 45 issues
1510 Endocrine Survey 1924 + 6 vols hard cover
1511 Encyclopedie Theologique 1845 + 5 vols
1512 Rothamsted Memoirs on Agricultural Science 2 vols 1909-1916 and 1902-l9l2 leatherbound
1513 Archivio Ragiologia 1934 + in two cases
1514 Lot Catalogs The Bancroft Library at University of California Catalog of Printed Books 6 vols
1515 Revue Des Sciences Ecclesiastiques 1870 + 40 vols leather bound
1516 Zoologische Jahrbucher Abtheilung Anatomie Und Ontogenie Fer Thiere 1894
1517 Index Catalog of the Library of the Surgeon Generals Office National Library of Medicine 10
1518 The Collection of Autographed Letters and Historical Documents Morrison 1896 5 vols
1519 Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 1929+
1520 The Lancet 1920+
1521 Laval Medical 1961
1522 Subverse Marya Mannes Illus Osborn
1523 Aero Digest bound 1950
1524 Lot American Journal of Mathematics Johns Hopkins 1886 +
1525 Lot The Dental Review 1908+
1526 Mental Hygiene 1927 signed by Florence L Goodenough Mental Hygiene 1949 2
1527 American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology bound 1935
1528 Work and Wages Thorold Rogers 1884
1529 National income and Its Composition 1919-1938
1530 1913 Rept State of New York Education Dept
1531 The Ecstasy of Owen Muir Ring Lardner
1532 Capital Formation and Economic Growth 1955 Princeton Univ
1533 The Parasitic Cuckoos of Africa Friedmann 3
1534 Lot Annals of Opthalmology 1913 +
1535 The Making of the American Republic
1536 Bulletin of the Johns Hopkins Hospital
1537 Proceedings Washington Academy of Sciences 1908
1538 Popular Science Monthly 1904+ 2
1539 Tales from a Mother of Pearl Casket Anatole France 1896
1540 New Road Fred Marnau
1541 Income Inequality Barry Chiswick
1542 Proceedings Geological Society of America 1940s
1543 Lot Journal of the Western Society of Engineers bound 14 vols 1904+
1544 Lot Minutes of Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers 1904+
1545 Electrical World bound 1907
1546 Lot Annales Entomologique 1891+
1547 Ausstellun 150 Jahre Osterreichischer Grundkataster 1817-l967
1548 Revue Des Deux Mondes 1881
1549 Aeronautics Ann Rept National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics 3 vols 1926+
1550 Napa Valley O Rear
1551 Automobile Year 1967
1552 T/L Misc periodicals Life, Flair,Esquire etc
1553 Transactions of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers bound 1914+
1554 The Canning Trade Journal bound 1948
1555 Furniture Manufacturer Journal bound 1929
1556 Heartsongs and Other Stories (4) Overrun
1557 The Odyssey of Thaddeus Baxter Robert Lund
1558 La Revue Universelle Paris 1932+
1559 Lot Factory magazines bound 1921+ 6 vols
1560 Country Life magazine bound 1925,1926 2
1561 Furniture Manufacturer periodicals bound 3 1930+
1562 Engineering News Record bound 1917
1563 Canning Trade magazine bound 1946
1564 Measuring the Nations Wealth
1565 Lot Zeitschrift fur Veremessungswesen 1906+
1566 Lot:,Annali Di Botanica 6 1958+
1567 Lot Bulletins: Societe Royale Belge de Geographie 1932 +
1568 Transactions: Association of Civil Engineers Cornell University 2 1894+
1569 Lot Journal of the Western Society of Engineers 8 i906+
1570 Minutes of Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers 1884 + 10
1571 Lot Journals :Association of Engineering Societies 1882+ 6
1572 Lot Journals bound 1916,l917 2 American Society of Mechanical Engineers
1573 Lot Journals bound Western Society of Engineers 1913+ 4
1574 A Marriage at Sea 1893 Clark Russell
1575 Englischsprachige Fachbucher Plant Protection in Agriculture
1576 Ideal Love ( pulps) 2
1577 Mid-Week Pictorial 1915 NY Times
1578 Lot Book Plates for Framing
1579 Journal De Physique et Le Radium 1923
1580 Journal De Radiologie 1916+ D Electrologie Revue Medicale
1581 Lot Annales Societe Royale Malacollogique 1894+
1582 Lot Annales Zoologique Et Malacologique 1904+
1583 The Naturalist 1901+
1584 Kladde Radatsch 1872
1585 Boletin Del Observatorio Nacional Republica de Cuba 1937
1586 Zeitschrift Technische Physik 1921 11 vols+
1587 Comnsumption and Business Fluctuations Ruth Mack Inscribed by the Author 1950
1649 Lot 78 records: 1936 Farewell Message of Edw VIII 1938; Paul Whiteman,John McCormack,Charlie Spivak, Jimmy Dorsey etc
1650 Lot 78 records: Victor Military Band,Jimmy Dorsey,
1651 Lot 78 records: Burl Ives,,Oklahoma Show,
1652 Lot 78 records: Dinah Shore, Bing Crosby,Glen Miller Eddy Duchin, Guy Lombardo,John McCormack,Harry Lauder Alma Gluck,Louis Prima ,
1653 Lot 78 records: Woody Herman,Charlie Barnett,
1654 Lot 45 records incl:Neil Diamond, 5th Dimension Carpenters,Blood Sweat and Tears,Mama Cass,Barry Manilow,Four Lads,etc
1655 Lot 45 records incl:Glen Millere,Vic Damone,Woody Herman,Platters, The Beatles,Four Aces,Jimmy Dorsey et
1656 Lot 45 records incl: Dion,Del Shannon,Hayley Mills, Fats Domino, Four Aces,O Jays,etc
1657 Lot 45 records incl: Rod Stewart,Glen Miller, BJ Thomas, Helen Reddy,Mamas and Papas Sonny and Cher, Credense Clear Water Revival
1658 Lot 45 records incl: Patti Page,Fats Domino, Bill Haley,The Crew Cuts,Diana Ross,Dream Weavers Hermans Hermits, Glen Miller m\etc
1659 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Bald Bill Hagan,Sammy Davis Tony Bennett ,Louis Armstrong,Bobby Vinton, Nat King Cole,Keeley Smith etc
1660 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Joni James,Sons of the Purple Sage,Andy Williams,Ella Fitzgerald etc
1661 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Hank Williams,Andy Williams, Ella Fitzgerald,Count Basie, Louis Armstrong, Cab Calloway,Xavier Cugat,Duke Ellington,
1662 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Dave Clark Five,Mamas and Papas,Hermans Hermits,Four Lads,Carmen McCrae Christy Minstrels etc
1663 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:The Moody Blues,Dirty Angels,Jefferson Airplane , Neil Young Bad Company,Dan Fogelburg,Riders of the Purple Sage
1664 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:The Monkees,McCartney Turtles,Hermans Hermits,Blue Notes etc
1665 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Country Joe and the Fish David Bromberg ,Marshal Tucker Band, Dan Fogelburg Greg Allman,Alice Cooper,The Animals etc
1666 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Frigid Pink, The Youngbloods Rolling Stones, Gracious,Jackson Browne,The Beatles
1667 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Crosby Stills and Nash, Bob Dylan, John Lennon,Rolling Stones,Eric Clapton Climax Blues Band,Kinks, Byrds etc
1668 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Gratefull Dead,Led Zeppelin Bob Dylan,Eric Clapton, Kenny Loggins,Allman Brothers King Crimson,The Rolling Stones etc
1669 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Neil Young,Otis bRedding The Beatles,Cat Stevens,Freddie and the Dreamers Perry Como, Dean Martin Louis Prima,Keely Smith Bobby Darin etc
1670 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Rolling Stones, Chubby checker, Bobby Rydell,Sly and the FamilyStone Connie Francis,Climax Blues Band,Riders of the Purple Sage,The Beatles.Alllman Bros
1671 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Earth Wind and Fire Sly and the Family Stone,Monkees,Everly Brothers The Young Rascals,Connie Francis,Beatlemania Steve Miller Band etc
1672 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Edie Adams,
1673 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Dolly Parton,Sons of the Pioners,Ernwst Tubb,Red Foley,Pee Wee King Eddy Arnold,LeRoy Van Dyke,Johnny Cash,Hank Thompson
1674 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Skeeter Davis,Homer and Jethro, Peter Wagoner, Kitty Wells,Tenn Ernie Ford, Chet Atkins,Hank Snow ,Waylon Jennings,Loretta Lynn Foggy Mountain Boys etc
1675 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Porter Wagoner Eddy Arnold,Roy Rogers,Pee Wee King,Chet Atkins, Hank Thompson, Skeeter Davis,Tammy Wynette Johnny Cash,Johnny Paycheck Ernest Tubb,Red Foley
1676 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Jimmy Dean, Roy Acuff Gene Autry,Kitty Wells,Blue Grass Boys,Patsy Cline Loretta Lynn,Jim Nabors,Buck Owens, Stonwall Jackson,Johnny Cash, George Morgan
1677 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Merle Haggard,Marty Robbins Ray Price Ernest Tubb,,Red Foley,Patsy Cline,Webb Pierce,Flatt and Scrtuggs,Leoy van Dyke,Ferlin Husky Johnny Cash, Sonny James,Buck Owens,Grandpa Jones etc
1678 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: B/L Classical
1679 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Set C Northcote Parkinson Discusses Political Science 10 records
1680 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: John Mason Brown Discusses The Humanities 10 records
1681 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Charles Frankel Discusses Philosophy 10 records
1682 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Dolly Parton,Porter Wagoner,Texas Tyler,Wade Ray,Dave Brubeck, Eddy Arnold,BJ Thomas,Bobby Vintin, The Shirelles Dionne Warwicke,Flatt and Scruggs
1683 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Semi Classical
1684 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Classical
1685 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Jack Jones.Bing Crosby. Flatt and Scruggs,Tenn Ernie Ford,Sons of the Pioneers,Big Tiny Little, Crazy Otto
1686 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: American Bird Songs
1687 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Benny Goodman,Woody Guthrie,Gene Autry,Texas Wanderers,Light Crust Doughboys, Carter Family,
1688 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: B/L classical
1689 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: B/L classical
1690 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Hits of the Big Bands Louis Armstrong,Tommy Dorsey,Guy Lombardo etc Ella Fitzgrald,The Ink Spots,Mills Brothers Lena Horne,etc
1691 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Hits from Nashville Eddy Arnold,Jim FReeves,Floyd Cramer etc
1692 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:30 Years of Country Red Foley,Ferlin Hiskey,Elvis Presley, Conway Twitty Waylonn Jennings,Willie Nelson,Pee Wee KIng, Merle Haggard,Hank Snow,Hankshaw Hawkins etc
1693 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:B/L Theme albums
1694 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Willie Nelson,Coon Creek Girls,Buck Owens,Roy Acuff,Merle Travis, Lefty Frizzel Moon Mullican,Elton Britt, Johnny Cash etc etc
1695 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Tammy Wynette,Donna Fargo Charlie McCoy, Statler Bros,Conway Twitty,Patsy Cline Stonewall Jackson,Skeeter Davis,Johnny Paycheck etc
1696 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Esso Steel Band
1697 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:B/L classical
1698 Lot 33 vinl records incl: B/L classical
1699 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Sandy Nelson,Mitch Miller,Dave Brubeck etc
1700 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: April Stevens, Dean Martin Sandy Nelson,Ray Charles Chorus etc
1701 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Nat King Cole,Fats Domino Ella Fitzgerald,Streisand,Tony Bennett,Andy Williams
1702 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Tennessee Ernie Ford, Pat Boome, Mario Lanza,Rafael Mendez
1703 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Burl Ives,Joni James, Classical
1704 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: classical
1705 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Benny Goodman,Duke Ellington, Gene Krupa,Woody Herman,Harry James Lawrence Welk Joni James, Perry Como,Doris Day, Olivia Newton John,Anne Murray etc
1706 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: B/L classical
1707 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Benny Goodman,Nat King Cole Fred Waring,Judy Garland,Rudy Valee,Clyde McCoy Glen Miller,Al Jolson,Mills Bros,Kate Smith Pee Wee Hunt,Duke Ellington,Les Paul and Mary Ford Kingston
1708 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Marian Anderson,Duke Ellington,Ames Bros,Tommy Dorsey,Spike Jones, Harry Belafonte,Billie Holiday,Mae West,Pearl Bailey Louis Armstrong, Buck Owens, Three Suns,Crazy Otto
1709 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: B/L classical
1710 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: B/L classical
1711 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: B/L Readers Digest Albums
1712 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Johnnie Ray, Les Baxter, Joni James,Eddy Arnold,Tex Ritter,Loretta Lynn,Ernest Tubb,Jud Strunk,LeRoy Anderson
1713 Lot 45 RPM records inclThree Suns,The Sandpipers Talbot Bros,Eddy Arnold,Mario Lanza, Knuckles O Toole
1714 Lot 33 vinyl records classical
1715 B/L CDs Country and Western and Pop
1716 B/L CDs
1717 B/L CDs
1718 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Count Basie,Lena Horne Ray Charles,Duke Ellington,Dale McBride, Patti Page,Nat King Cole, Julius La Rosa etc
1719 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Tammy Wynette,Johnny Cash Marty Robbins,The Doodletown Pipers,Chantels,Little Anthony and the Imperials,Lennon Sisters,
1720 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:The Cowsills,Lawrence Welk The Sunshine Company,Tennessee Ernie Ford etc
1721 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Steve Miller Band,Reo Speedwagon,Rod Stewart,Connie Francis,Lennon Sisters Beach Boys,Marshall Tucker Band,The Who,Moody Blues
1722 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Genesis,Aretha Franklin, Credence Ckearwater Revival,AC/DC, Diana Ross Otis Redding,Wilson Pickett
1723 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Burl Ives,Carpenters Richard Pryor,Madonna,Rolling Stones,Grand Funk
1724 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Johnny Mann Singers, Jack Patton,SkeeterDavis,The Monkees,etc
1725 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Boots Randolph,Hank Snow, Geo Hamilton,Homer and Jethro,The Supremes The Singing Nun,Patsy Cline,Ferlin Husky,
1726 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Peter Paul and Mary Andy Williams, Blood Sweat and Tears,Glen Campbell Judy Garland,Johnny Mann Singers etc
2001 B/L Misc books
2002 B/L Misc books
2003 T/L French novels etc circa 1910
2004 B/L Misc books
2005 B/L Misc books and pbs
2006 B/L Mystery pbs
2007 B/L Misc books
2008 B/L Misc books
2009 B/L Misc books and eph
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2041 B/L Misc books Archaeology etc
2042 B/L Misc Scientific periodicals
2043 B/L Misc scientific journals
2044 B/L older pbs



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