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1 Framed series prints Howard Chandler Christy “The Greatest Moments of a Girls Life”
2 Framed water color Dennis Graffe
3 Nature Magazine 1931 Boston Terrier Cover
4 The Great Book of Italy Della Croce
5 Peanuts Treasury Schulz 2
6 Civil War Battles Curt Johnson
7 The American Triumverate !942
8 Chances Are Adventures in Probability Kaplan
9 Benjamin Franklin Walter Isaacson
10 The Nick Adams Stories Ernest Hemingway
11 The Word in Life Study Bible
12 Rainbow Study Bible
13 Lighting the Way Home Family Bible Art: Thomas Kinkade
14 Land of Giants David Lavender 1958 lst Ed dj
15 All Things Wise and Wonderful James Herriot
16 The National Air and Space Museum Bryan
17 History of the World in Photographs Britannica
18 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: The Beatles Roger McQuinn
19 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Gary US Bond,JulieAndrews Louis Armstrong,Burl Ives,Louis Prima
20 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Tiny Hill Cozy Cole
21 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Nat King Cole Joe Reichman
22 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Rita Coolidge Rudy Vallee
23 Lot 78 records incl:Deanna Durbin,Duke Ellington Criterion Quartet,Wendell Hall
24 Lot 78 records incl:George Oleson,Roger Kahn Fran Warren,Johnny Marvin,Mark Andrews,Franklin Bauer
25 Lot 78 records incl:Silver Masked Tenor John McCormack,The Troubadors,Bennie Krueger Lew White,Hart/Shaw;Strand Quartet,Criterion Quartet,Shannon Four,Billy Jones
26 Lot 78 records incl:Lew White Johnny Marvin,Homer and Rodenheaver
27 Lot 78 records incl:The Merrymakers,Isham Jones, Frivolity Orchestra,Glen Echo Serenaders Deanna Durbin,Calfornia Ramblers,Tom Gerun
28 Lot 78 records incl:Lester O Keefe,Mabel West Stellar Quartette,Mrs Wm Asher,Homer Rodeheaver Paul Whiteman,David Rose,
29 Lot 78 records in albums: Theo Karle; John Priest, Billy Jones, Carl Fenton,Blackstone Trio,Nick Lucas Castlewood Marimba Band,Criterion Quartet AP Gypsies Chris Chapman,Regent Club Orch
30 Lot 78 records in albums: Castlewood Marimba Band Vaughan De Leath,Strand Quartet,Isham Jones Jack Denny, Hal Kemp,Marie Tiffany,John Charles Thomas,James Sheridan
31 Lot 78 records in albums: Dixie Humming Birds Sister Ernestine Washington,The Soul Stirers Mahalia Jackson,Bells of Joy,Spirit of Memphis Ivory Gospel Singers
32 War Games ( Model Soldiers)
33 Marris the Epuicurean Pater
34 Antoine’s Restaurant New Orleans
35 Love Sex and Astrology Teri King
36 Thy Neighbors Wife ( Adultery) Turner
37 A Spirit Drawing (in sleeve)
38 International History Magazine lst Ed
39 1950 Yearbook Cathedral HS NYC
40 The Naked and the Nude National Lampoon
41 The Medusa and Snail Lewis Thomas
42 The Filmgoers Companion Leslie Halliwell
43 Cartoon Treasury Johnson
44 Love From France Brant House
45 Irish Humor John McCarthy
46 Killing Patton Bill O Reilly
47 The Eye of Love Sharp
48 Calculated In Death J D Robb
49 James Boswell The Later Years 1769-l795
50 Frank The Voice Kaplan
51 Keats Andrew Motion
52 A Rumor of War Caputo lst Ed dj
53 Andrew Wyeth
54 Lot childrens books
55 Movie Talk Shipman
56 Ingersoll’s Lectures 1892
57 Trinity School Yearbooks 1980,l981,l982 3
58 A History of Private Life Duby
59 Art of the Etruscans Pallottino
60 School of Paris Nacenta
61 The Writings of Sigmund Freud Psychoanalysis Freud
62 Pushkin Henri Troyat
63 And Quiet Flows the Don Mihail Sholokhov
64 Perugino
65 Sexual Behavior in the Human Female Kinsey
66 James Bond, Berlin, Hollywood Ken Adam w/letter from author
67 Enemies of the People Marton
68 Grace Paley The Collected Stories
69 1940s comics The Captain and the kids
70 65 Years The Oscars
71 Tramonto di un Regno
72 Pittura a Pavia
73 National Enquirer 2
74 Grand Canyon
75 Thank Heaven Leslie Caron
76 Lot Bird books 3
77 Oxford English Dictionary 2 vols
78 The Orthodox Church in Russia
79 Lot art books
80 Merchants and Masterpieces The Met Museum , of Art
81 ABZ Book Shel Silverstein
82 All in a Lifetime, Dr Ruth Westheimer
83 Definition of Culture T S Elliot
84 Lot CDS classical
85 Lot CDS classical
86 Lot CDS classical
87 Lot CDS classical
88 Lot CDS classical
89 Lot CDS classical
90 Lot CDS classical
91 Lot CDS classical
92 Lot CDS classical
93 Lot CDS classical
94 Lot CDS classical
95 Lot CDS classical
96 Lot CDS classical
97 Waffen SS Gilbert
98 The Unicorn Tapestries Freeman
99 Esquire 25h Anniv Issue
100 Lysistrata Aristophanes Picasso
101 Mathew Brady Historian With a Camera James Horan author inscribed
102 Legends Women Who Have Changed the World Miller
103 Away Off Shore Nantucket Island 1602-l890
104 Lot childrens books 4 1915,1920,1930
105 Just Another Sunrise Fred Simpson author inscribed
106 The Boys of Summer Roger Kahn
107 Yearbooks George Washington HS NYC 1963,64,65,66 4
108 Contact magazine San Francisco 3
109 1984 Yearbook Bronx HS of Science NYC
110 Being Up Father George McManus
111 James Cagney Schickel
112 Mountain of Dreams Paramount Pictures Halliwell
113 The Players Republic Pictures Jack Mathis
114 The Western Allen Eyles
115 Saturday Afternoon at the Bijou Zinman
116 Film Review 2 Maurice Speed 1966-69
117 Gibson Girl print, framed, “The Last Day of Summer”
118 Van Gogh A Retrospective
119 The Complete Van Gogh
120 Framed print Submarine Sea Robin WWII
121 Two framed prints American Indians Blackfeet
122 RH Ency of Antiques
123 Treasury of Art Masterpieces Craven
124 The Godfather Collection 25th Anniv
125 T/L Misc eph incl 1830s,l850s, handwritten deeds
126 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Steve Miller Band, Sammy Kaye,Count Basie,Duke Ellington,Lionel Hampton Bunny Berigan,Chalie Barnet,Benny Goodman etc Derek and the Dominoes
127 The Leading Ladies Parish
128 Poetry and Prose of William Blake
129 The Marquis de Sade 120 Days of Sodom
130 Quinlan’s Illus Registry of Film Stars
131 Gangsters and Hoodlums Underworld in the Cinema Lee
132 The Andy Warhol Diaries
133 Hail Columbia Larkin
134 Yearbooks Bronx HS of Science NYC 1980,1981,l985
135 More Fabulous Faces Evolution and Metamorphosis Larry Carr
136 Mickey Mouse Fifty Happy Years
137 The Columbian History of American Poetry Jay Parini
138 A Pictorial History of Westerns Parkinson
139 Yearbooks Bronx HS of Science NYC 1976,l979
140 The Heroine or the Horse Leading Ladies in Republic Films Swann
141 A Sexual bill of rights for the Erotic Minorities Chaucers Bawdy Ross
142 Great Religions of the World
143 Last Exit to Brooklyn Selby
144 The Dark Side of Camelot Hersh
145 Twilight Stephanie Meyer
146 The Tough Guy Parish
147 In The Clearing Robert Frost
148 Harry S Truman Margaret Truman
149 The Limits of Art Cairns
150 Bad Movies We Love Margulies
151 TS Eliot The Complete Poems and Plays 1909-l950
152 Then and Now W Somerset Maugham 1946
153 Modern World Drama An Encycl Myron Matlaw
154 The Great Spy Films Rubenstein
155 Forgotten Films to Remember Springer
156 The Films of WWII Morella
157 The Films of Jean Harlow
158 The Films of Greta Garbo
159 The Works of Christopher Marlowe
160 Hollywood Royalty Gregory Speck
161 Show Time Gene Brown
162 Historical Dictionary of the American Film Industry
163 The Films of Mae West Jon Tuska
164 Holy Bible Catholic
165 The Films of Laurel and Hardy
166 Rating the Movies
167 Samuel Goldwyn Presents Marill
168 Catalog of Modern Art 2 vols
169 The Late Bloomers Revolution Amy Cohen
170 Americans in Paris Life and Death Under Nazi Occupation Glass
171 A Young Man In Search of Love Isaac Bashevis Singer
172 Bushworld Maureen Dowd author signed
173 War and Peace Tolstoy Heritage Press
174 Hitler’s Charisma Rees
175 Blind Over Cuba Barrell
176 The Years of Lyndon Johnson The Passage of Power Caro
177 Th Matrix of the Mind Ogden MD
178 Picasso Gertrude Stein
179 Young Titan The Making of Winston Churchill Shelden
180 The Downfall of Money Taylor
181 The Third Reich in Power Evans
182 Paramount Pictures Hollywood’s Other Men 2
183 The Films of Ronald Reagan
184 The Big Book of B Movies Hollywood Players The Forties 2
185 Who Was That Masked Man ? Story of the Lone Ranger Immortals of the Screen 2
186 Flash Gordon Prince Valiant 2
187 Tarzan of the Apes Hogarth
188 Lady in the Shower Peter Arnos
189 The Medici A Great Florentine Family
190 Songs of the Pogo Walt Kelly Star Quality, 2
191 Krazy Kat International Ency of Film 2
192 B/L Japa magazines Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association 22 vols
193 The Portrait of a Lady Henry James The Old Flame Herbert 1931
194 Houdinis Box The Art of Escape Phillips
195 Blood, Bones, and Butter Hamilton
196 Robert Frost Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening
197 Romantic Comedy Harvey
198 Tell Me Why 3 vols Arkady Leokum
199 This I Remember Eleanor Roosevelt 1949 lst ed dj
200 Life Is Too Short Mickey Rooney
201 B/L Theater World 8 vols Dance World 6 vols
202 The History of the Church of God 1883
203 Put Out More Flags Waugh 1948
204 Little Journeys to the Homes of Good Men and Great Elbert Hubbard 1895
205 The Oxford Book of American Verse 1952
206 Vile Bodies Waugh
207 Sex, Drugs, Violence Hollywood Films of the 70s
208 Cry The Beloved Country Paton 1948
209 Officers and Gentlemen Waugh 1955
210 The Oxford Companion to American Literature Hart
211 The Armies of the Night Norman Mailer
212 Pep The Story of a Brave Dog Hawkes 1922
213 Making Sex Laqueur
214 Dark City Muller
215 New York Civic Sculpture Fried
216 The Shirley Temple Scrapbook
217 The Films of Charles Bronson
218 The Making of King Kong Turner
219 The Decline and Fall of the Love Goddesses Agan
220 The Vaudevillians
221 Origins Partridge
222 Shakespeare Burgess
223 Harold Lloyd The Shape of Laughter Schickel
224 Gods and Heroes Myths and Epics of Ancient Greece Gustav Schwab
225 Hollywood Musicals Green
226 The World Ency of the Film
227 Great Movie Directors Sennett
228 Geraldine Farrar Such Sweet Compulsion 1938 lst Ed
229 The Right People Stephen Birmingham
230 The Secret Garden Burnett Illus Tasha Tudor
231 Fake! The Story of Elmyr de Hory the Greatest Art Forger of Our Time Irving
232 Russia at War 1941-45 Werth
233 Classics in Psychoanalytic Technique Langs
234 Erotic Art Kronhausen
235 The Erotic Arts Webb
236 Four Americans in Paris
237 Third Playboy Annual 1957
238 Sixty Years of Hollywood Baxter
239 The Best of MGM The Golden Years 1928-l959 Parish
240 The Films of Sherlock Holmes
241 The Great TV Sitcom Book Mitz
242 Classics of the Silent Screen Franklin
243 The Films of Robert Redford
244 The Golden Age of B Movies Mc Clelland
245 Magic and Superstition Hill
246 History of the Civil War Years
247 The Art of Walt Disney Finch
248 Close Ups The Movie Star Book Peary
249 Movies of the Forties Robinson
250 Movies of the Seventies Lloyd ” ” ” Thirties ” 2
251 Movies of the Fifties Lloyd ” ” ” Sixties ” 2
252 Movies of the Silent Years Robinson
253 The Imperial Cruise Bradley
254 Collected Poems of Robert Frost
255 Go Set a Watchman Harper Lee
256 Moxie and Mirth Oreck
257 The Odd One Newberry 1893
258 Lot CDs classical
259 Lot CDs classical
260 Lot CDs classical
261 Lot CDs classical
262 Lot CDs classical
263 Lot CDs classical
264 Lot CDs classical
265 Lot CDs classical
266 Lot CDs classical
267 Lot CDs classical
268 Lot CDs classical
269 Lot CDs classical
270 Lot CDs classical
271 Lot CDs classical
272 Lot CDs classical
273 Gratitude Oliver Sacks
274 The Invisible Woman 2
275 The Pity of it All Elon The German Jewish Epoch
276 The Troublesome Young Men Olson
277 History Politics and Literature for the year 1812 1813
278 Samuel Pepys Tomalin
279 Queen Victoria Lytton Strachey
280 Franklin and Winston Meachem
281 In Search of Memory Kandel
282 Edith Wharton Hermonie Lee
283 The Dark Side Mayer
284 Most Wanted Man Le Carre
285 The World is Flat Freidman
286 Sigmund Freud Man and Father
287 Alexander Hamilton Willard Randall
288 Sex and Gender Stoller MD4
289 Human Sexual Response Masters and Johnson
290 Freud and Women Freeman
291 Celebrated Women Travelers 1906
292 Sexual Fulfillment and Self Affirmation
293 Close at Hand Mariana Cook
294 Lot childrens books
295 The American Drink Book
296 The Strange Death of the Soviet Empire Pryce-Jones
297 True Ghost Stories Golzer Atlas Shrugged Ayn Rand 2
298 A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Smith 1943
299 Lucy Gayheart Willa Cather 1935 lst Ed
300 The Razors Edge 1944 Somerset Maugham
301 Justine Marquis deSade or the Misfortunes of Virtue
302 James Joyce Ellman
303 The Arts Hendrik Willem Van Loon
304 Zlateh The Goat Isaac Bashevis Singer Illust Maurice Sendak
305 Collected Poetry of WH Auden 1945
306 Lot auction catalogs
307 Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix
308 The Bedford Boys D Day Sacrifice Kershaw
309 Cleopatra Schiff lst ed
310 The Twilight Years Overy
311 Death by Darjeeling Childs
312 You Cant Go Home Again Wolfe
313 After Such Knowledge Eva Hoffman Memory, History and the Legacy of the Holocaust
314 Princeton University Art Museum Handbook
315 Lot childrens books
316 The Greek World Eliot Porter
317 Hockney Posters
318 History of Art H W Janson
319 Four Gothic Kings
320 The Plantagent Chronicles Hallam
321 Wisdom of the West Bertrand Russell
322 The Wars of the Roses Hallam
323 Kisses Lena Tabori
324 The Last Surgeon Palmer
325 Italian Painters of the Renaissance Berenson
326 Inferno Dante
327 1971,l975 Yearbooks Bronx H S of Science NYC
328 The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest Larsson
329 Barbara Stanwyck Steel-True 1907-l940 Wilson
330 Who Killed Joe McCarthy? Ewald
331 Lot childrens books
332 The Book of The Thousand Nights and One Night Mathers 4 vols
333 Love in the Time of Cholera Marquez
334 The Wild Boys A Book of the Dead Burroughs
335 Split Image Life of Anthony Perkins Winecoff
336 An Album of Memories Tom Brokaw
337 All The Queens Men Elizabeth and Her Courtiers Neville Williams
338 Not After Midnight Daphne Du Maurier
339 Horizon Book of the Renaissance
340 Cantatore
341 The Complete Astrologer
342 1854 Bible
343 The Living Past of America
344 The Story of Painting
345 The Age of Rembrandt and Vermeer Nash
346 Cinema Year by Year 1894-2002
347 Etchings of Goya
348 Life The Beatles
349 Lot Spider Man comics
350 Lot childrens books
351 Highlights from Yank The Army Weekly
352 Robinson Crusoe DeFoe 1925
353 Damon Runyan Omnibus 1941
354 A Gift of Prophecy Jeane Dixon
355 The Art of Walt Disney
356 Great Hollywood Movies
357 Hi His Paris Artists and Lovers 1900-l930
358 The Celluloid Closet Homosexuality in the Movies Russo 1981
359 Playing to the Camera Cardullo
360 The Lone Ranger and Tonto First Fight in Heaven Alexie
361 Kings and Queens of England Cawthorne
362 Hollywood Talks Turkey The Screens Greatest Flops
363 Day of Trinity Lamont 1965 lst ed
364 Delta of Venus; Erotica by Anais Nin
365 Suzy Zeus Gets Organized Robbins
366 Hocus Pocus Kurt Vonnegut pb
367 As You Wish Cary Elwes
368 Seeing Mary Plain Kiernan
369 Mae West It Ain’t No Sin Louvish Serious Pleasures Tennant 2
370 Intrepretive History of Blacks in American Films Donald Bogle 1973
371 The bridge at Chappaquiddick Olsen
372 Men in Love Nancy Friday
373 The Swashbucklers Parish
374 Mother Goddam Bette Davis Stine
375 Big Bad Wolves Mellen Masculinity in the American Film
376 The Princes in the Tower Weir
377 The Soft Voice of the Serpent Cordimer
378 Sword of Honour Evelyn Waugh
379 Lunatics and Lovers Sennett
380 Hollywood Babylon
381 The Curse of Reason Great Irish Famine Delaney
382 An Inconvenient Book Glen Beck
383 New Tricks David Rosenfelt
384 Sex Carrera
385 The Princeton Ency of Poetry and Poetics
386 The Hope We Seek Shapero
387 King Arthur and His Knights 1932 Schoonover
388 America By Heart Sarah Palin
389 The Blue Fairy Book The Red Fairy Book Lang 2
390 Mommie Dearest Crawford
391 In Praise of Wine Waugh
392 Up Front Bill Mauldin 1945
393 American Painting Barker
394 The Western
395 Films in America 1929-l969 Quigley
396 Film Noir Silver
397 50 From The 50s Zinman
398 The Films of Frank Capra Levy
399 50 Classic Motion Pictures Zinman
400 Judy Morella
401 Little Orphan Annie Gray 1935=l945
402 The Fabulous Fantasy Films
403 Vintage Films Crowther
404 The Films of Gene Kelly
405 The New York Times at the Movies Crowther
406 The Fox Girls Parish
407 5001 Nights at the Movies Kael
408 Warner Brothers Present Sennett
409 Oxford Book of American Verse Oxford Book of English Verse 2
410 The Movies Grow Up 1940-l980 Champlin
411 The New York Times Directory of the Film
412 Broadway Musicals of the 1930s
413 The Hollow Crown Kings and Queens of England
414 Hogarth The Complete Engravings
415 New York’s Turtle Bay
416 We Americans
417 Fables For Our Time James Thurber
418 The Movie Buffs Book Sennett
419 1983 Yearbook Trinity School NYC
420 The Human Body Fritz Kahn MD
421 Sexual Inversion My Night With Reg 2
422 Lot childrens books
423 Living Trees of the World Everett
424 The Sea Miller
425 Pericles Shakespeare 1927
426 Tweeds New York
427 Lot childrens Books
428 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Johnny Mathis Julie Andrews,John Denver,Barbra Streisand James Taylor
429 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Christmas at the Fireside The Young Rascals-featuring Eddie Brigati, Washington Street, Boonton,NJ
430 Two Football plaques Favre etc
431 Lot VHS tapes
432 Lot VHS tapes
433 Lot VHS tapes
434 Lot VHS tapes
435 Framed oil painting
436 Framed painting Still Life
437 Framed painting Fall Scene
438 Pair Framed prints botanical
439 Pair framed prints Deer signed Leon Parson
440 Lot CDs incl Garfunkel,Grateful Dead,Forest Gump
441 Lot CDs incl Boz Scaggs,Booker T,James Taylor Fleetwood Mac,Garfukel
442 Lot CDs incl David Bowies,Jerry Garcia,Eric Clapton TheByrds,Jackson Browne
443 Lot CDs incl Jimmy Buffett,EricClapton,Collective Soul
444 Lot CDs incl :Mariah Carey,The Cars,Gloria Estefan The Eagles,
445 Lot CDs incl :Bob Dylan,Grateful dead,Hall and Oates
446 Lot CDs incl : Crosby Stills and Nash,The Doors, Doobies, John Denver`,Robert Cray Band
447 Lot CDs incl : Dire Straits,,The Doors,Cranberries Phil Collins
448 Lot CDs incl : Rich Kubicz,Dire Straits,Pete Droge Bob Dylan,Cranberries,Allman brothers,David Bowie
449 Lot CDs incl : The Beatles, Allman Brothers Band, The Beach Boys
450 Lot CDs incl : BB King, Eric Clapton,Beatles,B 52s Bee Gees,America,Allman Bros Band Jericho Band
451 Lot CDs incl :Bee Gees,The Black Eyed Peas, Marvin Gaye,Rascals,Aretha Franklin,Bocelli Bodles Opera House
452 Lot DVDs
453 Lot CDs incl:Rolling Stones,Genesis,Sam Sherwin, Santana,U2
454 Lot CDs incl: Patti Page,Natalie Cole,Tony Bennett, Sting,Rod Stewart,Stephen Stills
455 Lot CDs incl: Rod Stewart,Sade,Simon and Garfunkel,
456 Lot CDs incl: Bob Seeger,U2,Abba,John Denver,Harry Chapin,Bruce Springsteen, Elvis
457 Lot CDs incl:Steve Winwood,LucindanWilliams,Amy Winehouse,Donna Summer,RoyOrbison,Streisand,Sting
458 Lot CDs incl:Peter Townsend,Toto,Talking Heads, James Taylor,Vanilla Fudge,ShaniaTwain,
459 Lot CDs incl:Traveling Wilburys,Traffic,Warren Zevon Neil,Young,Yarn,Yanni, Who,Barry White
460 Lot CDs incl:Sinatra,U2, Bocelli,Nat King Cole
461 Lot CDs incl:Dave Brubeck Quartet Wynton Marselis,, Ella Fitzgerald,Billy VerPlanck,John Denver,Paul Simon Janet Robin
463 Lot CDs incl: Bonnie Rait,Boz Scaggs,Santana, Ella Fitzgerald,Moody Blues
464 Lot CDs incl: Bruce Springsteen,Slyand the Family Stone.
465 Lot CDs incl: Billy Joel,Smokey Robinson,Diana Ross Stevie Wonder,Bob Dylan
466 Lot CDs incl Richard Shindell,VAnilla Fudge,Jefferson Airplane,Three Dog Night,Little River Band
467 Lot audio books 2
468 The Best Cartoons From Punch
469 The Films of Paul Newman
470 The movie Makers
471 The Great Adventure Films
472 Color Ency of Antiques
473 Mathew Brady’s Portrait of An Era Meredith
474 Starring Fred Astaire
475 Sketchbooks of the Great Artists Marks
476 Variety Movie Guide
477 Literary America Scherman
478 Harvard Guide to Contemporary Writing
479 Egyptian Mythology
480 The Best From Yank The Army Weekly
481 The Annotated Sherlock Holmes 2 vols
482 The Films of Lana Turner
483 The Comics Robinson
484 Royal Flash Fraser Flashman in the Great Game Fraser 2
485 Trinity School Yearbooks 6
486 Yearbooks Bronx HS of Science 2 1984,l985 2
487 Of a Fire On the Moon Norman Mailer lst ed dj
488 French Impressionists
489 The Tower of London Minney
490 Lot CDs incl:Bocelli; Natalie Cole Shirelles Celine, Dion,Jimmy Durante
491 Lot CDs incl:The Tenors,Dean Martin, Kenny G Bernadette Peters, Billy VerPlanck,
492 Lot CDs incl:Allman Brothers Band,Pink Floyd,Bruce Springhsteen, Bad Company.Village People,Frankie Valli
493 Lot CDs incl:Chuck Berry, Hank Williams,Merle Haggard Garth Brooks,Charlotte Church,Rent,
494 Lot CDs incl:Josh Groban, Celine Dion,Dion/Belmonts Steve Miller Band,Tenors,Shelby Lynne,Madonna Streisand
495 Lot CDs incl:Jackson 5,Supremes,James Galway,Cher Grant Geissman,Black Machine, Funky Bananna
496 Lot CDs incl:Natalie,Merchant,John Mellencamp Roy,Orbison.,Billy, Ocean, Tim O Donahue
497 Lot CDs incl:TomPetty,New Riders of the Purple Sage Moody Blues, Van Morrison,Alanis,Springsteen Miz
498 Lot CDs incl:Bruce Springsteen,
499 Lot CDs incl:Tom Petty,Roy Orbison Craig Fuller, Kool and the gang,Chuck Berry,Ricky Nelson,Pretenders
500 Lot CDs incl:John Lennon, The Kinks,Carole King,
501 Lot CDs incl:Norah Jones,Elton John,Michele Lewis Dave Mason,Ricky Martin, Wynton Marsalis,Marshall Tucker Band
502 Lot CDs incl:Gotham Transfer, Jungle Jive, James Taylor,Kenny Loggins.Boz Scaggs,Marshall tucker Band,Ziggy Marley
503 Lot CDs incl:Elton John, Billy Joel,Livin The Blues Band,James Galway,
504 Lot CDs incl:Manheim Steamroller,Billyn Joel, Jay Hawks,Michael Jackson,,Chris Isaak,Inxs
505 Lot CDs incl:The Police,Pink Floyd,Tom Petty Bruce Springsteen,10,000 Maniacs
506 Lot CDs incl:Hootie and the Blow Fish Whitney Houston Inxs
507 Lot CDs incl:George Harrison,John Hiatt, Bruce Hornsby
508 Lot CDs incl: Los Lonely Boys,McGuinn,Micheal McDonald, l0,000 Maniacs.Richie Havens, Don Henley
509 Prague The Heart of Europe
510 BMW Motorcycles
511 Dancers After Dark
512 Icons of the 20th Cty Cady
513 101 Beautiful ,Small Towns in Italy
514 American Folk Art
515 The Monuments of Polish Architecture
516 Ency of Antiques Connoisseur
517 Roma 1935
518 World Trade Center
519 The Four Georges Thackeray
520 Cole ( Porter) x
521 A Wreath of Roses Elizabeth Taylor Portrait of a Marriage Nicholson 2
522 Broadway Musicals of the 1930s
523 New Yorker Album of Drawings 1925-l975
524 The Red Badge of Courage Crane Other Voices, Other Rooms Truman Capote A Long Days Dying 1950 Buechner 3
525 B/L L’Oeil magazines Revue of Art
526 Le Mobilier Francais
527 Complete Rhyming Dictionary
528 The Way of the Earth McLuhan
529 Yoga Anatomy Kaminoff
530 The Vanishing Velazquez Cumming
531 Strange and Unexpected Love Heller Holocaust Memories
532 From Cave Painting to Comic Strip Lancelot Hogben
533 Cathedral, Forge and Waterwheel Invention/Middle Ages
534 Civil War Collectors Ency Lord
535 Life’s Picture History of WWII
536 The Heritage of Every American John D Rockefeller
537 Rolled poster autographed Lord of the Rings
538 Rolled poster autographed Lord of the Rings
539 Rolled poster autographed Uptown Attic
540 Rolled poster autographed Lord of the Rings
541 Rolled poster autographed Lord of the Rings
542 Rolled posters 3 WTC 8/ll Last Full Measure of Devotion
543 Rolled poster autographed Trilogy Lord of the Rings
544 Rolled poster Easter Chick
545 Rolled poster autographed Lord of the Rings
546 Rolled poster autographed 2 The Two Towers
547 Rolled poster Muse
548 Rolled poster Mathew Bellamy
549 Rolled poster Lord of the Rings
550 Rolled poster Lord of the Rings
551 T/L Misc eph
552 Aim For a Star Marshall How can one measure courage- The strength we find to fight, To suffer life’s anxieties
553 La Bibbia (Italian Bible)
554 Giorgio Armani
555 Lot RD books: Adventures of Tom Sawyer Mark Twain The Hound of the Baskervilles Doyle The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Doyle 3
556 Signed letter: Tom Landry Dallas Cowboys
557 Framed Ltd Ed Watercolor print 9/300 Meadowlands Sports Complex artist signed
558 100 Great Guns Lindsay 1967
559 Modern Sporting Guns Austyn 1994
560 Sidelocks and Boxlocks Classic British Shotguns Boothroyd 1993
561 The British Over and Under Shotgun Boothroyd 1996
562 Hunting Gunnar Brucewitz 1969
563 The Big Bore Rifle McIntosh
564 Hunter
565 Hunting in Botswana
566 Robert Ruark’s Africa
567 Ruark On Hunting Big Game Use Enough Gun
568 The Blue Jackets Manual 1940 United States Navy
569 Game Guns and Rifles Akehurst
570 Poems and Songs of Robert Burns A Book of Scotland 2
571 Harvard Classics 30 vols in two boxes
572 Hunting in Tanzania
573 Records of Big Game
574 Lot Coopers Novels 4vols 1880
575 Platon Oeuvres Completes 2 vols
576 Loeb Classical Library 5 vols
577 Three Faces of Hermeneutics Roy Howard
578 Subjectivity and Paradox A Study of Kierkegaard
579 Faust Goethe 1898 rough
580 B/L Wks of Chas Dickens 20 vols 1936
581 Academy Awards 1978 Shale
582 Thomas Hardy’s Later Years Gittings lst Amer Ed dj
583 A Bridge Too Far Cornelius Ryan
584 The Comic Book Book :Lupoff
585 Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue Captain Francis Grose
586 Realms of Being Santayana 1942
587 Ortodoxy Chesterton 1908
588 Pandora, Anne Rice 1998 lst Trd Ed Henry James Major Phase FO Matthissen 2
589 Gertrude Herman Hesse
590 History’s Most Magnificent Rulers Williams
591 The Great Book of Italy
592 Legendary Movies
593 Ancient Egypt
594 Whitlocks Memorials 1732 Leather
595 Modern Eloquence1900 (incl Edward Everett Hale)
596 Rural Sports c 1762 ?
597 Explorations and Adventures of Henry M Stanley 1890 roug4h
598 Works of Guy DeMaupassant 1903 15 vols
599 Czars Chronicle of the Chinese Emperors 2
600 Lot Books re Hinduism
601 When the Astors Owned New York Kaplan
602 A Treasury of Polish Aphorisms Gatazka
603 Images of America Florida’s Grand Hotels
604 Things That Matter Charles Krauthammer
605 Cherry Hill Country Club
606 Signs and Symbols
607 It Happened in Manhattan
608 Lot Little Golden Childrens Books
609 Lot Comics
610 Around The World With The Children 1924
611 The Hobbit Tolkein
612 The Hinge of Fate Winston Churchill
613 First Father,First Daughter Reagan
614 The Underside of Joy Halverson
615 Integrity Doing The Right Thing For The Right Reason Killinger
616 I Think I Dont Remember Art Buchwald Reason Killinger
617 Jack and Jill Patterson lst ed
618 Time Goes to War
619 Stanley Syd Hoff
620 Little Folk Tales lst Reader 1901
621 Lot photographs incl antique auto
622 Lot legal documents incl GI WWII
623 Lot movie stills Frank Sinatra
624 WW I GI Roll of Honor Certificate
625 WWII Marine Corps photo and Purple Heart cert
626 Lot WWII GI Marine Corps photo and Purple Heart Cert
627 Lot WWII GI correspondence
628 Lot photographs
629 South and Central Africa Ogrizek
630 Lot Misc photographs incl classic autos
631 Philatelic lot: UCPS Bicentennial Covers
632 Philatelic lot: US FDCs and First Flight Cover 1928
633 Philatelic lot: USPS Bicentennial covers
634 1981 Yearbook Mead Jr HS
635 1941 A World at War USPS w stamps
636 Framed print Workshop
637 Lot photographs incl military
638 Lot photographs incl GI
639 Philatelic lot Foreign covers and stamps
640 Magic and Superstition Hill
641 TV Guide Elvis
642 Macaulay’s History of England 4 vols 1887 rough
643 Provincial Courts of New Jersey 1849, rough
644 Pilgrims Progress John Bunyan 1860 1860 rough
645 New Jersey Lawyers Diary and Bar Directory 1915
646 Campaigning With Grant Horace Porter 1897 rough
647 History of the Grand Army of the Republic Heath Fwd General Lucius Fairchild 1889 rough
648 1935,l936 Yearbooks Rutgers University , 2
649 1937,l938 Yearbooks Rutgers University 2
650 The Victor Book of the Opera 1915 rough
651 Pioneer Women Joanna Stratton
652 Woodman’s History of Valley Forge 1922
653 Mountain Mary and Other Tales of the Pennsylvania Dutch Wentz
654 Antiques of American Childhood McClinton
655 Early Northampton Betty Allen Chapter DAR 1914 “A breath of memory on the dust of time ” rough
656 Juliette Low Pace 1947
657 A Relevant Memoir Story of the Equinox Coop Press Henry Hart author inscribed 1977 w/letters of author
658 The Good News From North Haven Lindvall,lst Ed dj
659 The First Frontier Life in Colonial America Miller The WayOur People Lived Woodward 2
660 Streams in the Desert Cowman 1947
661 Language In Thought and Action Hayakawa 1949
662 The Open Heart Edward Weeks 1955
663 The Love Letters of Phyllis McGinley 1954
664 The Enchanted Cup Roberts
665 Fever 1793 Anderson
666 History of the Centennial Exhibition Philadelphia 1876 McCabe Collectors Reprint 1975
667 Color Treasury of Model Soldiers
668 Farewell to Valley Forge Taylor 1955 author inscr
669 Washington at Whitemarsh Prelude to Valley Forge Ray Thompson
670 Von Steubens Continentals The First American Army Hershberger DVD
671 Guns and Rifles of the World Blackmore
672 The Great Rehearsal Making the Constitution Carl Van Doren 1948 The Declaration of Independence and Constitution House Document 94th Congress 2
673 One Hundred Great Guns Lindsay
674 Robert E Lee Civil War Game CD
675 Der Reggeboge The Eisenhower Family of Pennsylvania
676 The Pennsylvania German Society 1945
677 Die Integration der Heimatvertriebenen
678 Commodore Waters 5 vols
679 Defense of the Idol Omar Caceres 10 vol
680 Subject Matter of the Artist 3 vols
681 Nothing,Nothing,Nothing,Nothing Asher Penn 2 \
682 Donald Moffett
683 Mirror of the City Italy 3
684 Allen Ruppersberg Drawing
685 Sotto Voce
686 Sadie Benning Suspended Animation 3
687 Gigi Story and Illustrations Sonia Cohen
688 Homeland Berman 2
689 Another Kind of Record The Merger, The Indictment and The Girl Pat O’Neill 2
690 Terry Winters 1981-l986
691 North Was Here Ellic Ga 7
692 Threading Orbs Despont 8
693 Robert Weingarten 10
694 Best of Fence
695 Time/Life Collectors Library of the Civil War 15 vol
696 Civil War Letters and Diary of Joshua Winters CD Robert McMillen Civil War Diary 2
697 City of Night John Rechy
698 Soldiers Rolf Hochhuth
699 Notes of a Hypocrite Singer
700 Their Mothers Sons Strecker MD
701 Miracle of the Rose Jean Genet
702 On The Iliad Bespaloff
703 Thunder Out of China T H White 1946 lst Ed
704 A Generation on Trial Alistar Cooke 1950 lst ed
705 Eyeless in Gaza Aldous Huxley 1936
706 The Making of An Insurgent Fiorello H La Guardia 1948 lst ed dj
707 The House of Tudor Plowden
708 Elizabethans Errant Davies 1967 lst Ed Cornell University
709 The Golden Bough Frazer 1950
710 A Treasury of Old Silver rough
711 Two Plays Anton Chekhov Easton Press
712 Scrimshaw and Srimshanders Whales and Whalemen Flayderman
713 Tickets to Paradise American Movie Theaters Margolies
714 Along The Riverbank Chinese Paintings
715 Antique Porcelain in Color Meissen
716 Ephemeral Folk Figures
717 Frank Stella
718 The PinUp A Modest History
719 The Holocaust Museum in Washington
720 Il Duomo Di Gemona
721 Jasper Johns
722 Orestes or The Art of Smiling
723 Casanovas Homecoming Scnitzler
724 Wake of the Whale Brower
725 The Meanings of Modern Art Russell
726 The Prison Experience Weiss
727 David Lean
728 Pragmatism William James Man For Himself Erich Fromm 1947 Escape from Freedom Erich Fromm 1947 The Psychology of Imagination Jean Paul Sartre 1948 4
729 Passage Irving Penn
730 Rhymes for the Irreverent
731 From Vaude to Video Some of These Days Sophie, Tucker 2
732 Billie Holiday 2 cassettes Judy Garland 3 cassettes
733 America and Alfred Stieglitz
734 Personal History Katharine Graham
735 Paul Klee rough
736 The Pentagon Papers The New York Times
737 Islands in the Stream Hemingway The Old Man and The Sea ” The Sun Also Rises ” 3
738 Fun in a Chinese Laundry Von Sternberg
739 Crime and Punishment Dostoyevsky
740 Dead Souls 1936 Nikolai Gogol
741 Fathers and Sons Turgenev
742 Of Time and the River Thomas Wolfe
743 The Confessions of Nat Turner Styron 1967
744 The Idiot Dostoevsky 1935
745 End as a Man Calder Willingham
746 Citizen Hearst Swanberg 1961
747 Photo, Cornell University Campus
748 Wood plaque Crows
749 Wood plaque “To Be Inspired”
750 Framed Flag poster 2 Chronicles 7:14 “Will Heal Their Land”
751 Lot post cards
752 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
753 Matted professional photo Model at Boonton Falls Rama
754 Lot Misc eph
755 United States Army Hanging light catcher
756 Wood plaque ” Growing Old Can Be Fun ”
757 Framed Needlework “True Friendship is a Knot Angel Hands Have Tied”
758 Framed photograph Cornell University Library (Bell) Tower
759 Framed Japanese print birds
760 Framed Japanese print birds
761 T/L Misc eph
762 Framed poster Saxophone Charlie Parker
763 Restaurant ” Feature” Blackboard
764 Framed Automotive Design poster signed Robinson
765 Framed poster Berenholtz 100 Year Restoration Statue of Liberty
766 Framed poster High Power Amplifier
767 Framed poster Robert Mulligan
768 Framed poster Baseball The Pride of America Blue Valley Butter
769 Framed photograph Greta Garbo
770 Framed poster The Bite A Taste of Portland
771 Wood plaque “There is always,always ,always something to be thankful for
772 A History of Morris County NJ 1914 I
773 Reflections from Harmony Hill Madeliene Brown lst ed dj author inscribed “Let us not forget the old things-In our mad rush for the new–For the old things are the real things-That are fine and good and true”
774 New Every Morning Gods Minute 1916 2
775 Serving tray with European luggage stickers
776 Matted poster: Greatstone By The Romney Hythe and Dymchurch Railway Worlds Smallest Public Railway
777 Jack The Giant Killer c 1930
778 Friends of the City of New York in the l9th Cty William Wood 1904 (Religious Society of Friends,Gramercy Park
779 New York Historical Society Anniversary Discourse Joseph Blunt 1828 “We Live in an Extraordinary Age”
780 American Chesterfield 1827,leather rough
781 La Mare au Diable George Sand leather 1905 rough
782 Poetical Birthday Book ” From The Realms of Posey”
783 Lot Childrens books etc
784 Nutshell Library Maurice Sendak 4 vols
785 Lot Misc eph incl NYC Guides
786 Lot Pbs Old Possums Book of Practical Cats Eliot Prisoners Base Rex Stout
787 Treatise on Religious Affections Rev Jonathon Edwards Nassau Hall Princeton c 1850
788 Lot books re Ballet, Opera
789 Sheet Music “Take Me Back to New York Town” 1906
790 Catalog Anaconda Architectural Bronze
791 Lot Early bookplates
792 Speech US Senate 1868 O P Morton Resumption of Specie Payments
793 1929 Graphic magazine
794 1939 The American Home magazine
795 Uncorrected proof Bedtime! Childrens book Beni Montresor 1978
796 Lot periodicals, programs Ballet, Theatre
797 Lot sheet music
798 Lot programs, periodicals Ballet,Theatre,CarnegieHall
799 1939 NY Worlds Fair Heinz Exhibit
800 The Philistine A Periodical of Protest 1903 The Art of Good Living
801 Lot childrens books
802 A Short History of the Printed Word Warren Chappell lst ed dj 1970
803 Holly Berries from Dickens 1898 ” You Should feel the Dignity of Labor”
804 Lot childrens books and eph
805 Album fur Sonntag-Schuler Kohler 1880
806 An Adventure Book for Younger Girls 1927 YWCA
807 Lot childrens books
808 Lot travel eph
809 Our Lady’s Tumbler 1906 Wicksteed
810 Lot Vanity Fair prints 3
811 Nations Business magazines 1917
812 Lot Vanity Fair prints 3
813 Lot Vanity Fair prints 3
814 Lot Vanity Fair prints 4
815 Lot Vanity Fair prints 3
816 Lot Vanity Fair prints 4
817 1890 Christmas Puck
818 1860 Catholic Tract Nouveau Au Paris map Weimar w/map
819 Confucius Said It First Tehyi Hsieh 1943 author inscribed
820 Builders of the Fair 1964 NY Worlds Fair
821 Lot Misc eph
822 Old Mother Hubbard Louisa and the Little Birds 2
823 The Heroes of the Victoria Cross Death in a White Tie Ngaio Marsh
824 Lot: Vestibule signed Seymour Eaton Sporting Books catalog Simple Laws of Gesture Map of Pottsville Pa
825 Catalog Black Literature
826 Trump Aftershock Strang Trumps America Newt Gingrich Trump Will Smash the Left and Win Horowitz 5 Trump and the American Future Newt Gingrich
827 Lot Football books
828 Lot Football books
829 Phillie Phanatics
830 Backstreet Boys
831 Bobb Woodward Trump Trilogy Peril, Fear, Rage 3
832 Framed bird print Myterobas Melanoxanthus
833 Pencil Drawing 1905 Victorian Lady
834 Atlas of the Mouth Massler/Schour
835 Lot Misc eph NJ History etc
836 National Museum of the American Indian
837 1944 Yearbook Phillips Exeter Academy Samuel Wootton Averett Dixiedale Farm, Chatham, NJ
838 1951 Yearbook Syracuse Univ
839 Focus on Livingston
840 Poems of Your Future Mora Hosanna author inscribed
841 1946 Yearbooks The Carteret School
842 1949 Yearbook Allentown Pa HS
843 The Bab Ballads W S Gilbert l889 (Later Gilbert and Sullivan)
844 Do Re Mi Kanin Illus ,Hirshfeld 1955
845 All Gods Chillun Got Wings and Welded Eugene O Neill 1924
846 Prisoners of Spirit Mountain Hayne Navajo Indian Story
847 The Man in the Ceiling Feiffer
848 Mishmash Sauerkraut
849 Our Lives, Our Fortunes, Our Sacred Honor Paul Harvey
850 The Versatiles 1930-l955 Twomey
851 Townhall Tonight Hoyt
852 Tuckers Countryside Selden Illus Garth Williams
853 When Shlemiel Went to Warsaw Isaac Bashevis Singer
854 Psychologistics Waters lst ed
855 Elbert Hubbard’s Scrap Book 1923 The Roycrofters
856 Toy Train Treasury
857 Never Forget Twin Towers shopping bag
858 Natural Elementary Geography 1897 Redway
859 Battle of Waterloo Roycrofters 1907 rough
860 Arabische Nachte Illus Edmund Dulac
861 Theatre Arts 1951 bound
862 Fryes Atlas 1896 good maps rough Fryes Geography 2
863 Va Va Voom! pinups Laugh Out Loud Jokes for Kids 2
864 The Peking Battles Cape Horn Capt Irving Johnson
865 Winslow Homer Gardner
866 B/L paper dolls
867 Hiram Harding of Hardscrabble S L Bradbury 1936 author signed
868 Framed photograph USS NOA United States Navy
869 Photo album USN personnel and ships
870 Photo album USN personnel and ships
871 Lot paper dolls
872 Lot paper dolls
873 Lot paper dolls
874 Lot Misc eph
875 Jugend 1910 2 vols
876 Jugend 1902 2 vols
877 Jugend 1911 2 vols
878 Jugend 1913 2 vols rough
879 Jugend 1909 2 vols
880 Jugend 1903 2 vols
881 Jugend 1900 II l vol Ivjend 1904 II, 1 vol Jugend 1905 II l vol
882 Jugend 1912 2 vols
883 Jugend 1906 1 vol Jugend 1898 III l vol
884 Uncle Toms Cabin Harriet Beecher Stowe
885 B/L childrens books Bobbsey Twins etc
886 Mike Lupica Books Fast Break author signed Bump and Run 2
887 Medieval Tapestries Cavallo
888 Georgia Architecture of the Old South
889 Pecks Beach Ocean City NJ Cain
890 Great Georgian Houses of America 2 vols
891 The Song of Beradette Werfel 1942
892 One Hundred Butterflies Feinstein
893 Borough of Neptune City Centennial
894 Stage Lyrics Harry Smith 1900 rough
895 The Romance of Shells Ltd Ed 29/400 Louise Travers 1962 author signed
896 Handbook of the Central High School Philadelphia 1944-46
897 Introduction to Part Singing Damrosch
898 Chelsea and Chelea-Derby China Egan Mew
899 The Cabala Thornton Wilder 1926
900 Diego Rivera 1942
901 More Over Sexteen
902 Number Two Joy Street Milne Number Four Joy Street ” 2
903 The Golden Highlander Roberts 1929
904 The Boys Life of Theodore Roosevelt Hagedorn 1922
905 The Art of the Weathervane Miller
906 Three Big Dreams Kids Books
907 Honorae Daumier 1922
908 Israel’s Money and Medals Kagen
909 1957 Yearbook John Adams HS South Bend Ind
910 Rolling Stone 1000 Covers
911 Downward to the Earth Silverberg 1970
912 The Call of the Wild Jack London 1945
913 Crime Circles Manhattan Driscoll 1945 lst prt
914 Bluefishing Lyman
915 Aurora Tanikado
916 Tropical Fishes Their Care and Breeding
917 Lot 5 Music Jazz Books
918 Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia Clinic
919 Auction Catalog Sothebys Parliamentary Rules Made Easy 2
920 Two Hundred Patterns of Haviland China MacCarthy People and Places 2
921 Paperweights
922 American Jurisprudence Public Utilities
923 Geologic History of Kansas Merrism Geological Survey of Ohio 2
924 The Flamingo Feather Kirk Munroe 1923
925 Designed in New Jersey
926 This Way Please Boykin
927 Fossil TG Perry
928 Beauties of Tennyson 1884
929 Progress on Reading Roads Spencer
930 Tom Sawyer Twain
931 Gulliver’s Travels Swift
932 Walden or Life in the Woods Thoreau
933 Sex and Identity Rosenberg
934 Jerseys Story O Connell
935 Wicked Monmouth County Joynson
936 Murdered in Jersey Tomlinson author signed
937 The Morris Canal James Lee
938 Long Branch NJ Gabrielan
939 Clara Maass John Cunningham
940 Passaic Township (NJ Tercentennial)
941 Highlands New Jersey 1900-l975
942 The New Jersey Sampler John Cunningham
943 The War in Korea 1950=l953 Leckie
944 Bible History (for Catholic Schools)
945 The Bears of Blue River Major 1939
946 Sex and the Single Girl Helen Gurley Brown
947 Illinois McSpadden 1926
948 The Razors Edge Maugham
949 The Center Table 1929 Jewish Cook Booke
950 George Washington Carver Holt 1952
951 Anatomical Chromographs Male & Female
952 Since Stalin A Photo History of Our Time
953 The Importance of American School Girl Art
954 Deerfield Embroidery
955 Embroidery Stitches Anne Butler
956 The Indus Civilization Wheeler
957 Rocks and Minerals Nicolay
958 The Best of Grantland Rice
959 Bannerman Military Goods Catalog
960 Stationary Engineer and Fireman Civil Service Exams
961 Mexican Birds Roger Tory Peterson
962 B/L Eleven Scientific American magazines
963 1949 Britannica World Atlas
964 T/L Misc eph
965 T/L Misc art work
966 T/L 8 vols Leather bound NJ Agric Bulletins 1887+
967 Binder w/ 1904 Worlds Fair eph
968 The Sun in Art
969 Japanese Geisha Girl photo
970 Woodstock Art Heritage
971 Lot bird booklets
972 Framed photo Twin Towers
973 Leo and Virgo Henderson My Itales Anthony 2
974 Artists Against Hitler
975 A Hundred Years of the Harvard Law School Francis Rawle author inscribed
976 Art and History of Frames
977 Paul Rosenfeld Voyager in the Arts
978 Modern Art USA Blesh
979 I Like What I Know Vincent Price
980 The Shining Stephen King
981 Bansky Wall and Piece
982 Liberty The Statue and the Dream
983 Window on Provence Brennan
984 A Pictorial History of the American Indian LaFarge
985 New Jersey History of Ingenuity and Industry Johnson
986 The Guns of 62 The Image of War 1861–1865
986A Rolled print signed Singleton
987 Born to Run Bruce Springsteen
988 George Cruikshank Printmaker
989 The Butterfly Ltd Ed 464/500
990 Lot Misc eph The Fundamental Creed of Abraham Lincoln Seed of Liberty;King on Custer;Writings of Carl Wheat Joseph Hergesheimer Essay in Interpretation
991 Rommel As Military Commander
992 11/22/63 Stephen King
993 Working Class War Vietnam Christian Appy
994 September 11th A Testimony Reuters
995 Ball Parks Sutton
996 The Operative Britton
997 Spoken From the Heart Laura Bush
998 The Impressionists Neret
999 A Confederacy of Dunces Toole
1000 The Pioneers Cooper c 1890 rough
1001 Civil War Times Illustrated 20 vols
1002 Photographic History of the Civil War 10 vols
1003 Phillips Students Atlas w/maps c 1870 rough
1004 Lippincotts 5th Reader 1885 rough
1006 Permanently Curing Depression Reymond author inscribed
1007 T/l Photographs
1008 Making Friends With Hitler Kershaw
1008A Inside the third Reich Speer
1009 Madonna Randy Taraborrelli
1010 King of the Cowboys Jerry Jones Dent
1011 In Good Faith Wilson Goode Stevens
1012 100 Years of Lehmann LGB
1014 Hedge Hogging Biggs
1015 Lot Star Trek pbs
1016 Secrets of Houdini
1017 Volcanoes Decker
1018 War and Peace Tolstoy
1019 Laugh Louder Live Longer Hershfield
1020 The Jazz Book Berendt
1021 Hollywood Love Stories
1022 Harry Potter pbs 2
1023 Stoneware American Redware
1024 Great Comic Blackbeard
1025 Enquire Within on Everything Victorian Almanac
1026 Japan A History in Art
1027 Thou Swell, Thou Witty Hart
1028 Just For the Record Streisand
1029 The Great Films Crowther
1030 Good Night Sweet Prince Life of John Barrymore Fanfare Maney 2
1031 Theatre World 1945+ 2
1032 Theatre World 1945+ 2
1033 Plays of Bernard Shaw 2 Around Theatre Max Beerbohm 3
1034 Andersonville MacKinlay Kantor Ltd Ed 1/1000 Author signed(Based on the diary of Charles Hopkins Mayor, Boonton, NJ Medal of Honor etc)
1035 The Coming Fury Bruce Catton 1961
1036 B/L Memoirs of US Grant 3 ” ” Gen W T Sherman 2 ” ” Gen PH Sheridan 2 7
1037 Mr Lincolns Army Catton
1038 Abraham Lincoln 1917 Lord Charnwood
1039 Lee’s Lieutenants 3
1040 Never Call Retreat Catton
1041 The Man Who Killed Lincoln Stern
1042 The Military History of Ohio 1886
1043 High Tide at Gettysburg Tucker 1958
1044 A Stillness at Appomatox Catton
1045 Meet General Grant Woodward 1928
1046 The Boys of 61 Coffin 1881
1047 McClellans Own Story 1886 w/attached letter 1905
1048 The Trial of Mary Todd Lincoln Rhodes inscribed
1049 Retreat From Gettysburg 1956
1050 Vicksburg 47 Days of Siege Hoehling
1051 Civil War Naval Chronology 1861-l865
1052 Everest Mountain Without Mercy Coburn
1053 The Discovery of the Titanic
1054 The Civil War Pictorial Profile Blay
1055 With Lee in Virginia Henty
1056 Paul Jones Founder of the US Navy
1057 AH The Pioneer Spirit
1058 Life The Union Restored
1059 Lincoln 2 vols
1060 Great Generals of the Civil War 4 vols in sleeve
1061 Mr Lincolns Camera Man Mathew Brady
1062 Chickamauga Bloody Battle in the West Tucker Chancellorsville Stackpole Fredericksburg Campaign Stackpole 3
1063 The Blue and the Gray 2 vols Commager
1064 From Cedar Mountain to Antietam Stackpole Sheridan in the Shenandoah Stackpole 2
1065 Lee and Longstreet at Gettysburg Tucker They Met at Gettysburg Stackpole
1066 The War Lords of Washington Catton
1067 Scientists of the Civil War Jahns
1068 Gray Fox Davis
1069 The Civil War Almanac Intro Commager
1070 Terrible Swift Sword Catton lst Ed dj
1071 Traveller Adams
1072 This Hallowed Ground Catton
1073 Nurse and Spy In the Union Army 1865 Emma Edmonds
1074 The Lincoln Reader Angle
1075 Grant takes Command Catton
1076 Death to Traitors Mogelever General Lafayette C Baker Secret Service Chief
1077 The Wit and Wisdom of Mark Twain
1078 NY Times Men Walk on Moon 1969
1079 NY Times 1969 Two Astronauts Lift Off Moon Start Home
1080 Framed print, artist signed Social Life on Steamship
1081 The Met 100 Years of Grand Opera Mayer
1082 Paintings in the Louvre
1083 A Century of Sculpture The Nasher Collection
1084 This Fabulous Cty 1940-l950
1085 Buck Rogers
1086 The Complete Nonsense Book Lear
1087 The Death Dealer Heather Graham The Impossible Dead Ian Rankin Some Secrets Never Die
1088 Heavenly Discourse Charles Erskine Scott Wood 1928
1089 Simons Book of World Sexual Records
1090 Pacific Commercial Advertiser July 13 1898 Boys in Blue Edition
1091 A Feast For Crows Martin The Lake House Patterson Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway 3
1092 Ultimate Unofficial Guide, to the Mysteries of Harry Potter
1093 The Landmark Thucydides Strassler
1094 The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy Stearne
1095 American Spiders Gertsch
1096 Treasury of Contemporary Houses 2
1097 Framed watercolor prints artist signed 2
1098 The Interpretation of Dreams Sigmund Freud Madame Bovary Flaubert 2
1099 Kim Rudyard Kipling
1100 History of the Medieval World Middle Ages, Great Cathedrals 2
1101 T H Stauning Danmarks Statsminister 1942
1102 Its a Magical World Calvin and Hobbes
1103 France Will Live Again 1919-l939 A Peaceful Interlude
1104 Snowdon Sittings 1979-l983
1105 The Ultimate Woody Allen Film Companion
1106 We Interrupt This Broadcast
1107 My Own Words Ruth Bader Ginsburg
1108 Lot Nancy Drew series 8 vols
1109 Where The Sidewalk Ends Shel Silverstein
1110 The Adventures of Oliver Twist Dickens c 1890
1111 Lot Hardy Boys series 4
1112 Robin Hood Illus N C Wyeth
1113 Winston Churchill Series The Second World War 5 vols
1114 Beatriz
1115 Philatelic lot: Album w/ US and foreign stamps
1116 The Films of Norma Shearer
1117 Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Strange and Beautiful 2
1118 Swinton’s Grammer School Geography 1875
1119 Childrens Delight c 1860 rough
1120 Building Code The City of New York Koch, Mayor
1121 Life Lucille Ball Life Lauren Bacall 2
1122 Aston Martin The Legend
1123 Gritlis Children Spyri 1924 rough
1124 Getting It Right William Buckley lst Ed dj
1125 China: History of China Arts of China 2
1126 Something To Food About Questlove
1127 Caravaggio Catherine Puglisi
1128 Al Capone Does My Shirts (Alcatraz) Choldenko
1129 The Comedy of Neil Simon
1130 The Enormous Room Cummings 1934 The Golden Horseshoe Coatsworth
1131 The Wind In the Willows Kenneth Grahame It Is Still The Morning Danz 1943
1132 Commercial Law 1886 Clark
1133 Songs of Salvation 1870 rough
1134 Edith Wharton Hermione Lee
1135 Pudd N Head Wilson Mark Twain 1922 Adventures of Tom Sawyer Mark Twain 1876
1136 Lot CDs incl Beatles
1137 Lot CDs incl Harry Connick
1138 Lot CDs incl Peter, Paul, and Mommy
1139 Lot CDs incl Aaron Copeland
1140 Lot CDs incl Segovia
1141 Lot CDs incl Three Tenors
1142 Lot CDs incl Classical
1143 Fireside Book of Favorite American Songs
1144 The Boston Cooking School Cook Book Fannie Merritt Farmer 1918
1145 Imari Wares Cox
1146 The Book of Old Silver Wyler
1147 Williams College at 200
1148 English Country Houses
1149 Early Houses of New England
1150 American Art Pottery Henzke
1151 Sterling Silvex Holloware lst ed Rainwater
1152 The Magic Flute Masonic Opera Chailley
1153 Steps Jerzy Kosinski “absolute sexuality”
1154 The Summer Before The Dark Lessing
1155 Olympia
1156 Diary of a Man in Despair (Dachau victim) Reck-Malleczewen
1157 Murder, Inc Turkus
1158 Bomba The Jungle Boy Among the Pygmies ” ” ” ” At The Moving Mountain 2
1159 Lot DVDs Doc Martin
1160 Lot DVDs Trial and Retribution
1161 Salute to the Thirties Horst
1162 Furniture and Decoration Period and Modern Aronson1941
1163 Treasury of Early American Homes Pratt
1164 Furnishing the Colonial and Federal House
1165 Lot The Journals of the Walters Art Gallery
1166 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Dave Brubeck Quartet Teddi King,Fats Waller,Benny Golson
1167 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Fats Waller Alec Wilder,Learn to Improvise Jazz
1168 Lot CDs incl: Billy Joel,Sound Garden,Led Zeppelin
1169 Lot CDs incl: Robert Plant,Stone Pilots, Eric Clapton,Fleetwood Mac,Sarah McLachlan,Beatles
1170 Lot CDs incL; Duran, Duran;Norah Jones,Eric Clapton Phil Collins,SoundvGarden, Bigb Head Todd
1171 Lot CDs incL; The Black Crowes,U2,Robert Plant, Seal
1172 Lot CDs incL; Bob Dylan,Bee Gees,Eric Clapton, Metallica, Seal,Jethro Tull,Widespread Panic
1173 Lot CDs incL; The Police,Big Head Todd,Abba,Sheryl Crow,Fleetwood Mac,Dire Straits,Santana
1174 Lot CDs incL; Billy Joel,Eric Clapton,Led Zeppelin Sarah NcLaughlan,Lemon Parade,Tracy Chapman
1175 Lot CDs incL; Fleetwood Mac,George Harrison, Eric Clapton,The Invisible Band,Robertb Plant Sheryl Crow
1176 Lot CDs incL; Guns and Roses,,Phish,Jewel,Aerosmith Grateful Dead,RobbieWilliams,Eric Clapton
1177 Lot CDs incL;Sheryl Crow,Dave Matthews,PM Dawn Depeche Mode,The Beatles,Meat Loaf,Elton John The Moody Blues,
1178 Lot CDs incL;Greatful Dead,Louis Armstrong,Garbage Sheryl Crow,Eric Clapton,U2.Ravi Shankar,
1179 Lot CDs incl” Pretenders,Alice in Chains, Anoushka,Duran, Duran,Cosmic Thing,Tori Amos John Mellencamp
1180 Lot CDs incl” Sade Promise,TigerLily,StoneTemple Pilots,Medusa,U2,Stevie Vaughan,Eagles
1181 Lot CDs incl” Phil Collins,Sheryl Crow,Pink Floyd REM,Simon and Garfunkel,Eagles,Hootie and the Blowfish,Doyle Bramhall
1182 Lot CDs incl” Zero 7,Peter Gabriel,U2,John Mellencamp The Beatles Tom Petty,Dave Mathews Band Jerry Garcia, Eric Clapton
1183 Lot CDs incl” Paul Simon,The Sundays,Breakdown Grateful Dead,Pink Floyd,Maroons,Sting,Alice in Chains
1184 Lot CDs incl” Diva,Grateful Dead,Toad,Blues Traveler Pink Floyd
1185 Lot CDs incl” Melissa Etheridge,StoneTemple Pilots Coldplay,Dave Natthews Band,Metllika,John Mellencamp Midnight Oil,Dave Keller Blues Band,Greatful Dead
1186 Scum of the Earth Arthur Koestler 1941
1187 Cheri and the Last of Cheri Collete
1188 Earthly Paradise Collete
1189 Thieves in the Night Arthur Koestler 1946
1190 Darkness at Noon Arthur Koestler 1945
1191 Inside The Third Reich Speer
1192 The Journals of Andre Gide 3
1193 Dialogue With Death Koestler 1942
1194 Framed print ” The Spirit Takes Flight”Bev Doolittle” artist signed
1195 Framed print ” Let My Spirit Soar” Bev Doolittle
1196 Book of Interior Decoration Halsey
1197 The Victorian Novel Dreams of the Real Jaffe
1198 Scenes of Sympathy Victorian Fiction Jaffe
1199 Executive Order 9066 The Internment of 110,000 Japanese Americans Conrat
1200 Old English Furniture Hughes Litchfield County Furniture 2
1201 The Magic of M C Escher
1202 Complete Cartoons of the New Yorker Mankoff
1203 Hollywood Musicals Sennett
1204 The Helga Pictures Andrew Wyeth
1205 Striking Poses Schickel
1206 Angkor Cities and Temples
1207 Vanity Fairs Hollywood
1208 Comic Book Encycl
1209 Double Exposure Take Three Roddy McDowall
1210 The Academy Awards
1211 Hollywood Gothic
1212 Crumbs Swept Up Talmedge 1870
1213 Jennie Gerhardt Theodore Dreiser 1911
1214 All Quiet On the Western Front Remarque 1929
1215 Poems,Prose and Plays of Pushkin Yarmolinsky 1936
1216 The Fall of Mussolini by Benito Mussolini 1948
1217 Pasternak I Remember
1218 Fiction of Bruno Schulz 1978
1219 Scottsboro Boy Earl Conrad
1220 The Odyssey A Modern Sequel Nikos Kazantzakis
1221 Those Fabulous Movie Years The 30s Trent
1222 The Films of William Holden Quirk
1223 The Films of Marlon Brando Thomas
1224 The Cinema of Edward G Robinson Parish
1225 The Greek View ,of Life Loews Dickinson, 1928 author signed
1226 Rebels The Rebel Hero in Films
1227 Walking With Prehistoric Beasts Haines
1228 The Films of Humphrey Bogart
1229 The Bad Guys Everson A Pictorial History of the Movie Villain
1230 The Classic Nude Hester
1231 Revolt In the Desert T E Lawrence 1927
1232 It Cant Happen Here Sinclair Lewis lst Ed 1935
1233 Couples John Updike lst ed dj 1968
1234 T/L Misc eph
1235 The Inspectors Opinion The Chappaquidick Incident Malcolm Reybold Author inscribed lst Ed dj
1236 Tidal Wave Simenon 1954 lst Ed dj
1237 Work of Art Sinclair Lewis lst Ed 1934
1238 The Little Disturbances of Man Grace Paley lst Ed dj
1239 In Cold Blood Truman Capote lst Ed dj
1240 The Secret Record Perkins Modern Erotic Literature
1241 Street Walker Anon
1242 My Life as a Man Philip Roth
1243 Short Novels of Colette
1244 The Sea Around Us Rachel Carson 1951
1245 Don Camillo His Little World and His Dilemma Giovanni Guareschi
1246 The Hat on, the Bed John O’Hara
1247 Marquis de Sade
1248 Charlie Chaplin Huff
1249 Fancies and Goodnights Collier
1250 Paris Sketch Book Thackeray
1251 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Sound Dimensions for Marching Band,John Lennon, Paul McCartney Gaite Parisienne
1252 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Melachrino, Chet Atkins,Kate Smith,Ames Bros,Dartmouth In Town Again,Camarata,Bing Crosby,Nat King Cole
1253 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Ashley Tappen,US Arny Band USNavy Band and Sea Chanters,US Marine Band, USAir Force Band and Singing Sergeants
1254 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Renault Road Love Ray Bolger,EdcWynn,Mario Lanza,101 Strings
1255 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Bunny Berigan,Sammy Kye Charlie Barnet,Count Basie,Guy Lombardo Jack, Teagarden,Horace Heidt,Gene Krupa,Woody Herman Sousa
1256 Lot 78 records: Al Jolson
1257 Lautrec by Lautrec
1258 The Sculpture of Picasso
1259 Robert Motherwell
1260 World of Nature Robin Dunbar
1261 The Art of Walt Disney Finch
1262 Fashion Illustration in New York
1263 Nora Speyer American Prints Today 1962 2
1264 George Grosz Modern Antiques For The Table 2
1265 Roloff Beny in Italy
1266 New York Feininger/Kate Simon
1267 Twentieth Century Art from the Nelson Rockefeller Collection Museum of Modern Art
1268 Jays Journal of Anomalies Ricky Jay
1269 Horizon Book of the Renaissance
1270 Old French Colour Prints Campbell Dodgson 1924
1271 The Golden Treasury 1861
1272 The Red Pony John Steinbeck 1945
1273 Dubliners James Joyce
1274 Vincent Van Gogh Uhde 1947
1275 Native Son Richard Wright
1276 The Horses Mouth 1944 Joyce Cary
1277 A Gun For Sale Graham Greene 1948
1278 The Sound and the Fury As I Lay Dying Faulkner 1946
1279 Thicker Than Water 1939 Wunsch
1280 East of Eden John Steinbeck
1281 1957 Yearbook Reed School
1282 Greenwich Village Historic District 3
1283 Matisse 2
1284 A Body To Die For Kate White
1285 Erotic Movies Wortley
1286 1964 Yearbook George Washington HS NYC
1287 The Last Kennedy Sherrill The Whispers Howard 2
1288 Hollywood Gore Vidal America in the 1920s
1289 Shut Up and Sing Laura Ingraham
1290 La Batarde Violette Leduc
1291 The Gershwins
1292 The Ency of Comic Book Heroes Bat Man
1293 Death at Chappaquiddick Tedrow
1294 Ansel Adams Yosemite
1295 The Wampanoags of Mashpee Peters
1296 The World of Mathematics 4 vols
1297 Ecce Homo George Grosz
1298 So Little Time Marquand “(Old Soldiers Never Die “) 1943
1299 Michelangelo
1300 The Armies of the Night Norman Mailer
1301 Best Plays 1927 ++ 15 vols
1302 A Short Dictionary of Furniture Gloag
1303 A Mans Fate Malraux 1934
1304 The Tin Drum Gunther Grass The Lady’s Not For Burning Fry 2
1305 The Making of the President 1964 T H White
1306 British Furniture Through the Ages Stafford
1307 The Wonderful Locomotive ( Childrens book) Cornelia Meigs 1928
1308 Parades End Ford Madox Ford 1950
1309 Knickerbocker Centennial 1871-l971
1310 Anglo Saxon Attitudes Angus Wilson 1956
1311 Lot Balzacs Novels, leather 1904 Ltd Ed 6 vols
1312 Guizos England 1876
1313 Extracts from a Journal Captain Basil Hall Coasts of Chili, Peru and Mexico 1824
1314 Belinda Edgeworth 1893
1315 Gallegher Davis 1891
1316 New Theatres for Old Gorelik 1947
1317 The Stage Yearbooks 1956-57 2 The Theater Book 1944-45
1318 B/L Theatre World periodicals 1947+ 10 vols
1319 John Willis Screen World (in two crates) 30 vols
1320 Peanuts Treasury Schulz
1321 The Horror People
1322 A Pictorial History of the Movies Deems Taylor
1323 Killing Lincoln Bill O Reilly
1324 The Passage of Power Robert Caro The Years of Lyndon Johnson lst Ed dj
1325 Mondo Desperado
1326 Life Itself Roger Ebert
1327 The Story of the Irish Race Macmanus 1922
1328 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Mark Twain
1329 Classics of the Horror Film Everson
1330 Turner Classic Movies Catalog
1331 Goya
1332 The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana Trans Sir Richard Burton Unexpurgated
1333 One Mans Bible Gao,Xingjian
1334 Modern Critical Interpretations Bloom (Hamlet)
1335 Magnifico Life and Violent Times of Lorenzo De Medici Miles Unger
1336 And Never Let Her Go Ann Rule
1337 Sister Queens Julia Fox
1338 Queens and Empresses Mark Hichens Cleopatra to Victoria
1339 Umberto Eco Baudolino lst US Ed dj
1340 The Angel of Darkness Caleb Carr
1341 Lot Framed photographs incl: Arch Triumph; The Churchill Arms;Dutch Windmill,Venetian Canal, etc 5
1342 Let Me Finish Chris Christie
1343 Black Knights Tuskegee Airmen Army Life in Black Regiment Higgenson
1344 Balm in Gilead Sara Lightfoot
1345 Black Cowboys Robbins
1346 The Bat Boy and His Violin Gavin Curtis lst ed
1347 Ruth and the Green Book
1348 Tales from Africa Arnott Mississippi in Africa 2
1349 Makes Me Wanna Holler McCall
1350 Barack Obama The Audacity of Hope
1351 Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl Jacobs The Color Complex Hall 2
1352 Monarchs, Missionaries and African Intellectuals African Theater Peterson
1353 The African American Movement McKelvey
1354 Papas Mark Battle-Lavert
1355 Mimis Tutu Thomassie
1356 Soulcatcher Johnson 2
1357 White Lilacs Meyer Amazing Grace Kozol 2
1358 Arguing Immigration Mills
1359 I Am Loved Giovanni Team Work Truitt
1360 Jazz Americas Classical Music Grover Sales Jazz Fiction Rife 3
1361 Becoming Michelle Obama
1362 The Fate of Africa Meredith
1363 Goodbye Gloomies Tietz
1364 African American Literature
1365 When They Call You a Terrorist Cullors
1366 Main Street Sinclair Lewis
1367 Muhammad Ali The Soul of a Butterfly
1368 The Two Mountains An Aztec Legend
1369 Rebound Dennis Rodman Story Perfect Fit Brenda Jackson 2
1370 The Other Side Angela Johnson Quiet Storm Lydia Okutoro 2
1371 Tricked Cynthia Minor Colors Insulting to Nature Cintra Wilson 2
1372 Splay Anthem Mackey Conversations With My Violent Side Jemmot 2
1373 Paradise Toni Morrison Maker of Saints Thulani Davis 2
1374 The Ku Klux Klan in the City 1915-l930 Kenneth Jackson
1375 When We Ruled Robin Walker
1376 Selma and It Aftermath Bill Monnie
1377 The Emperor of Ocean Park Carter
1378 87 Years Behind The Black Curtain Richard Wright
1379 Black Literature Guide
1380 Black Jacks Bolster
1381 Disappearing Acts McMillan
1382 Bo Knows Bo Bo Jackson/Dick Schaap
1383 The Red Moon Haulsey Advance Uncorrected Proof 2001
1384 Non Time to Die Edwards Crystelle Mourning Ulen 2
1385 United Cory Booker
1386 Black Erotica Bell
1387 Best Lesbian Erotica Hollibaugh
1388 Let The Trumpet Sound Life of Martin Luther King Stephen Oates
1389 Schooling The Freed People Butchart
1390 Dying Animal Philip Roth Americas Dream Santiago 2
1391 Shade Gay Men of African Descent Morrow
1392 Hommeboy Came to Orange Thompson
1393 Life of a Slave Girl Jacobs The Black Americans 2
1394 Without Sanctuary Lynching Photography in America
1395 The Innocent Lynched Gentile Living With Lynching Mitchell
1396 The Blood of Emmett Till Tyson Lynching in the West 1850-l935
1397 100 Years of Lynching Simeon’s Story Wright 2
1398 Bullwhip Days The Slaves Remember Mellon
1399 Intimacy Erotic Stories
1400 Black Boy Richard Wright
1401 I Will Survive Gloria Gaynor
1402 Serena and Venus Williams (Women Who Win)
1403 An Inconvenient Truth Al Gore Global Warming
1404 Walk On the Wild Side Dennis Rodman
1405 Chasin That Devil Music Searching For the Blues Wardlow
1406 Waiting in Vain Channer lst Ed dj
1407 John Coltrane Bill Cole Jazz Stars 2
1408 Jelly’s Blues (Jelly Roll Morton) Reich
1409 Black New Jersey
1410 All Around Town The Photographs of Richard Roberts
1411 Peace from Broken Pieces Vanzant
1412 Brothers and Keepers Wideman
1413 Democracy Matters Cornell West
1414 Always True to You In My Fashion Valerie Wesley Straight, No Chaser Jill Nelson 2
1415 African American Firsts in Science and Technology Webster Boys Into Men Franklin 2
1416 In Black and White The Life of Sammy Davis Jr Haygood
1417 Cry The Beloved Country Alan Paton
1418 The Shooting of Rabbit Wells The Dark Child Laye Lanterns Edelman 3
1419 If I Should Die Edwards Farther Along Caplan 3 Elizas Freedom Road Nolen (Underground Railroad)
1420 Grand Central Winter Lee Stringer Fwd Kurt Vonnegut
1421 Joe Louis 50 Years An American Hero Barrow
1422 Jazz Toni Morrison An American Story Dickerson 2
1423 Dangerous Liaisons Brandt Black Culture and Black Consciousness Levine 2
1424 African American Art Patton
1425 The Purpose Driven Life Rick Warren The Secrets We Kept Prescott 2
1426 African American Art and Artists Lewis
1427 The Bluesmen Samuel Charters
1428 Basic Brown Willie Brown
1429 Jazz Singers
1430 An American Dilemma 1944
1431 White People Allan Gurganus
1432 Lettin It All Hang Out Ru Paul
1433 The Scholar Denied W E B DubBois Aldon Morris
1434 Duke Ellington and His World Lawrence
1435 Blood for Dignity First Integrated Combat Unit in the US Army Colley lst Ed dj (5th Platoon.K Company, 394th Regiment 99th Infantry Division)
1436 Rebound The Odyssey of Michael Jordan Greene
1437 Sad Faced Boy Arna Bontemps 1937
1438 He Content of Our Character Shelby Steele
1439 Lot CDs incl: Gene Jackals,Manowar Battle Hymns Todd Terry,311,Temple of the Dog,Birmingham 6 Babylon 5
1440 Lot CDs incl: Firestarter,AC/DC High Voltage,U2 Boy Tragic Kingdom,Mighty bosstones,Green Day,Ramones Mania,Gin Blossoms,Bad Compan
1441 Lot CDs incl:SugarRay, Puremoods,Charlie Barnet, Duke Ellington,Count Basie,Lionel Hampton, Reel Big Fish,Thorogood,SmashMouth,Third Eye Blind
1442 Lot CDs incl:Eric Idle,George Winston,Ambient Collective,Galaxies,Joe Strummer,Sister Hazel, The Cars,Vangelis Themes,
1443 Lot CDs incl:Enya,Stephen Lynch,Blink 182 Dulce Luv,Left Field Iggy Pop.Primal Scream,
1444 Lot CDs incl:Wonder Music,Green Day,Led Zeppelin, Sat AM Hits,Blinck 182,Harmony Hill
1445 Lot CDs incl:Play Station
1446 Lot CDs incl:Play Station
1447 Lot CDs incl:Play Station
1448 Lot comics 10
1449 Lot comics 10
1450 Lot comics 10
1451 Lot comics 10
1452 Lot comics 10
1453 Lot comics 10
1454 Lot comics 10
1455 Lot comics 10
1456 Lot comics 10
1457 Lot comics 10
1458 Lot comics 10
1459 Lot comics 10
1460 Lot comics 10
1461 Lot comics 10
1462 Lot comics 10
1463 Lot comics 10
1464 Lot comics 10
1465 Lot comics 10
1466 Lot comics 10
1467 Lot comics 10
1468 Lot comics 15
1469 Lot comics 10
1470 Lot comics 10
1471 Lot comics 10
1472 Lot comics 10
1473 Lot comics 10
1474 Lot comics 10
1475 Lot comics 10
1476 Lot comics 10
1477 Lot comics 10
1478 Lot comics 10
1479 Lot comics 10
1480 Lot comics 10
1481 Lot comics 10
1482 Lot comics 10
1483 Lot comics 10
1484 Lot comics 10
1485 Lot comics 10
1486 Lot comics 10
1487 Lot comics 10
1488 Lot comics 10
1489 Lot comics 10
1490 Lot comics 10
1491 Lot comics 10
1492 Survival in Auschwitz Primo Levi
1493 Lot two floral prints
1495 Framed Oriental shell art
1496 Framed Oriental shell art
1497 Framed poster Oranges
1498 Framed poster Bronze Angel
1499 Framed print Billiards c 1880
1500 Framed poster Mae West
1501 Framed poster Betty Boop Anne Laddon
1502 Framed poster Rhapsody in Blue
1503 Framed photo MHS 1920s
1504 Framed poster Best Picture The First 60 Years
1505 Framed photograph “Fixin Fences”
1506 Lot VHS
1507 Lot VHS
1508 Lot DVDs
1509 Lot 1993 baseball cards
1510 Lot 1990 baseball cards
1511 Lot 1989 baseball cards
1512 Lot 1992 baseball cards
1513 Lot 1990 baseball cards
1514 Lot 1998 baseball cards
1515 Lot 1990 baseball cards
1517 Guide to American Victorian Furniture
1518 The Teamsters Brill
1519 Luv Chocolate 2 French Chefs Cook Book
1520 Blue Willow Gaston
1521 The Private Gardens of Charleston
1522 Kiss the Girls Patterson
1523 Under a Darkening Sky Nazi Europe
1524 Jack Welsh Lexicon of Leadership Krames
1525 Sinatra Behind The Legend Taraborrelli
1526 Civilization Kenneth Clark
1527 Our Crowd Great Jewish Families of New York Stephen Birmingham
1528 Plays of Eugene O Neill
1529 Profits and the Future of American Society Levy Prelude to Political Economy Basu High Leverage Real Estate Price 3
1530 Cigar Chic A Woman’s Perspective
1531 Oak Furniture
1532 The Palace Museum Peking Japanese landscapes,Mtns 2q
1533 Furniture Repair and Refinishing Kinney
1534 Walk On The Wild Side Dennis Rodman
1535 Toothpick Holders
1536 Lot Books on Embroidery 4
1537 Lot Aero Digest magazines 1931+ 6
1538 Lot Aero Digest magazines 1931+ 7
1539 Lot Aero Digest magazines 1937 + 4
1540 Lot Ranger Aircraft Engine Manuals Factory in Sidney NY
1541 Lot Scientific American magazines 6
1542 Lot Scientific American magazines 6
1543 Lot Scientific American magazines 6
1544 Lot Scientific American magazines 6
1545 Lot Scientific American magazines 6
1546 Lot Scientific American magazines 6
1547 Lot Scientific American magazines 5
1548 Lot Aero Digest magazines 1944+ 5
1549 Lot Aero Digest magazines 1944+ 5
1550 Lot Aero Digest magazines 1944+ 4
1551 Lot Aero Digest magazines 1932 + 8
1552 Lot Aero Digest magazines 1932 + 6
1553 Lot Aero Digest magazines 1935 + 6
1554 Lot Aero Digest magazines 1933 + 7
1555 Lot Aero Digest magazines 1941+ 6
1556 Lot Aero Digest magazines 1941+ 5
1557 Lot Aero Digest magazines 1942+ 5
1558 Lot Aero Digest magazines 1943+ 6
1559 Lot Aero Digest magazines 1941`+ 5
1560 Lot Aero Digest magazines 1941`+ 4
1561 Flight Magazine 1929 RAF Display
1562 Illustrated London News 1939 Royal Air Force Number
1563 Aviation magazines 1939,l940 2
1564 Aero Digest magazines 1939+ 6 1ncl US Army Aviation Number
1565 Aero Digest magazines 1937+ 7
1566 Aero Digest magazines 1937+ 7
1567 Aero Digest magazines 1934+ 6
1568 Aero Digest magazines 1934+ 6
1569 Aero Digest magazines 1943+ 6
1570 Lot childrens books
1571 Aero Digest magazines 1930+ 5
1572 Lot childrens books
1573 Lot childrens books incl Babar Loses His Crown
1574 Lot childrens books incl:The Story of Babar Babar and Father Christmas 2
1575 America The Beautiful Pop Up book
1576 Winters Tales Pop Up book
1577 The Book of Answers The New York Public Library
1578 1932 Accomplishments Curtis Wright Co
1579 How to Build and Fly Gliders 1929
1580 Aero Digest magazines 1942,1943 2
1581 45 RPM record Cutting Crew “I Just Died in Your Arms”
1582 Framed oil painting Clown
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