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1 Romantic America
2 Dubroivnik Fiskovic
3 Ho Ho Ho Andy Warhol
4 Diane Arbus Family Albums
5 Numismatic lot: England Squad Medal Collection 1998
6 Le Louvre La Peinture
7 Art Garfunkel lst ed dj
8 Works of Chas Dickens 3
9 Eight Cousins Alcott 1917 rough
10 Lot Archie Comics
11 Lot post cards mostly New York State
12 T/L Misc eph
13 Adam, Eve and the Serpent Pagels
14 Islamic Art
15 The Source James Michener 1965
16 Common Contagious Diseases 1936 Stimson
17 The Hunchback of Notre Dame Hugo
18 Letters of Pliny Stuart 1926
19 MacArthur 1941-l951 Willoughby
20 Century Magazine bound 1885
21 Robert Frost Poetry for Young People
22 The Life and Death of Lenin Payne
23 Deutsch Heute Jack Moeller
24 The Murders in the Rue Morgue Poe
25 The Last of the Mohicans James Fenimore Cooper 1923
26 U S Army A Complete History The Army Historical Foundation
27 United States Marine Corps A Complete History Marine Corps Assoc
28 The Oregon Trail Parkman Heritage Press
29 Shaker Furniture
30 The Civil War at Charleston
31 Lot Civil War paper currency facs
32 Lot comics
33 Classical Conversations 1901
34 Manual of Cardiology 1950 Dry MD
35 The Worlds Wit and Humor 1906
36 Under the Lilacs Alcott 1924
37 Stories For Men Hemingway etc
38 SEP 1953
39 Crime and Punishment Dostefsky
40 Shirley Temples Favorite Poems 1936 “Mary Middling had a pig, Not Very little not very big, Not very thin, not very fat
41 The Hedgehog and the Fox Isaiah Berlin
42 Railroad Magazine 1952 Popular Mechanic 1972 Popular Science 1941
43 T/L Books by Stephen King 12
44 The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and the Horse Charlie Mackesy
45 Civil War Battle Flags
46 The Atlas of World Archaeology Bahn
47 American Naval History Sweetman
48 Translations From the Chinese Arthur Waley 1940
49 Elements of Astronomy Fath 1944
50 Mythology of All Races 1941
51 Lot Military History magazines
52 Lot post cards
54 Lot CDs Doo Wop
55 Lot CDs inclHank Williams, Johnie Cash,Roy Oberson
56 Lot CDs incl: Mario Lanza; Caruso,Pavoratti’Boseli ElvisPresley
57 Lot CDs incl: Willie Nelson,Waylon Jennings Tony Rich
58 Lot CDs incl: Bryan White; Streisand,Elvis Presley Van Morrison;Benedictine Monks etc
59 Lot CDs incl: Ella Fitzgerald; Louis Armstrong Billie Holiday; Sarah Vaughan;Count Basie The Beatles; Roy Orbison
60 Lot CDs incl: Jersey Boys;Jim Croce, Patsy Cline Hank Williams;Johnny Cash;Elton John
61 Lot CDs incl: Elvis Presley;Streiand;Johnny Cash Patty Loveless;Carrie Underwood; Al Martino
62 Lot CDs incl: John Lennon;Dean Martin;Al Martino Louis Prima,Lou Monte,Natalie Cole;Gloria Estefan; Sinatra
63 Eros
64 Vanished Smile Mona Lsa Scotti
65 Elements of Geography 1818 rough
66 Fort Everglades Slaughter 1950
67 Target America Hitler’s Plan to Attack the United States Duffy
68 Gladjeblomster Roos 1910
69 When Sherman Marched North From the Sea Campbell
70 Rebecca Du Maurier 1939 rough
71 Arctic Discovery 1886 Search of Sir John Franklin Smucker rough
72 Pair of framed prints castles
73 Lot childrens books
74 Lot childrens books
75 Lot childrens books
78 Boots and Saddles Elizabeth Custer 1885
79 Bomba the Jungle Boy in the Swamp of Death Rockwood 1929
80 Beasleys Christmas Party Booth Tarkington 1909
81 Tin sign ” Drink Sambo”
82 Press Photos Van Johnson
83 Press Photos Van Johnson
84 Press Photos Van Johnson
85 Press Photos Van Johnson
86 Press Photos and Movie Stills Van Johnson
87 Broad Stripes and Bright Stars Grover
88 Press Photos and TV Stills Van Johnson
89 Press Photos and Movie Stills Van Johnson (and Judy Garland, George Burns etc)
90 Press Photos and Movie Stills Van Johnson
91 Theatre Maurice Maeterlinck 1911 2 vols rough
92 Life of Daniel Webster Banvard 1875
93 Collage photos press Van Johnson
94 Press photos Van Johnson Tennis
95 Press photos Van Johnson Australia
96 Press photos Van Johnson
97 Press photos Van Johnson
98 Oil Painting Nude Marrero artist signed
99 Oil painting Surfers Marrero
100 Oil painting Nude Marrero artist signed
101 Matted pen and ink nude artist signed Ltd Ed Marrero 3/15
102 Matted pen and ink nude artist signed Ltd Ed Marrero 1/2
103 Matted pen and ink nude artist signed Ltd Ed Marrero 3/10
104 Matted pen and ink nude artist signed Ltd Ed Marrero 1/2
105 Framed watercolor (John Noble in color) Amsterdam Harbor Rouvan Den Bos
106 Framed pen and ink John Noble artist signed Mizzen Boom Tackle
107 Framed pen and ink Staten Island from Silver Lake World Trade Center in background Artist signed Bill Murphy Ltd Ed 49/50
108 Original Currier and Ives #1660 “An Easter Offering” 1871
109 Framed large print Norman Rockwell ” On Vacation”
110 Concise Ency of Wild Flowers Dietz Wildflowers in Color Old Roses Phillips 3
111 T/L Misc eph
112 Framed plate from 1871 London Graphic Princess Louise at Wimbledon
113 Framed Movie Still Casablanca Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, Dooley Wilson
114 Framed print Native American Weaver
115 Lot book plate engravings: ” Prayer in the Forest” “The Postillion” “The Visit of the Foster Child”
116 Lot book plate engravings: ” The Princess Elizabeth in the Tower””Mary Queen of Scots Led to Execution” ” Marie Antoinette on Her Way to Place of Execution
117 Lot book plate engravings:”The Toilette” “The Shrine in the Forest” “Night” ” Whittington ” ” Samson” 5
118 Lot book plate engravings: ” The Coopers Family” ” The Sisters of Bethany” ” The Riven Shield” “Visit From the Inquisitors” ” Dispatch From Trebizond” 5
119 Lot book plate engravings; “The Lady of the Lake” “The Rescue Lion Hunting in Arabia” “The End of the Journey:” “The Last Prayer”
120 Lot book plate engravings; “The Shepherd” ” The Nine Worthies” “The Harvest of the Sea” “Wycliffe Near Rokeby” “Kentish Hop Gardens” 5
121 Lot book plate engravings; “Sunset Sussex” ” The Game at Cards” “A Spanish Workman” “Shakespeare” ” Weary” 5
122 Lot book plate engravings; “The Merry Wives of Windsor ” Iceberg Lake,Isterdal””Taking Toll at the Bridge” “Warrior and Wounded Youth ” The Confessional” 5
123 Lot book plate engravings; ” A Turkish School” “The Judgment of Wouter Van Twiller” “Edward II And Piers Gaveston” “Home Again” “Greeks at Prayer” 5
124 Lot book plate engravings; ” A Messenger of Good Tidings” ” The Stable” “Cromwell” “The Death of the Stag”, “The Last Voyage” 5
125 Lot book plate engravings; ” The Old Noblesse in the Conciergerie” ” Lt General Sir James Outram” “Judith”
126 Rolled poster Midnight Alarm Giant Demonstration by the New York Fire Dept F H LaGuardia Mayor
127 Lot 33 vinyl records: United States Navy :Portraits in Patriotism:Dolly Madison,Jimmy Doolittle Ralph Bunche,Amelia Earhart,Marian Anderson,etc,etc
128 The Rover Boys at Colby Hall 1917 Winfield Ruth Fielding Clearing Her Name 1929 Emerson
129 The Rover Boys On the Ocean 1899 Winfield Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue Giving a Show Hope1919
130 Roughing it Series: Life in the Pilot House Castlemon 1881 Andy Grants :Pluck Horatio Alger c 1900
131 Early American Prints Drepperd 1930 lst prt (includes critical chapter re Currier and Ives>
132 T/L Misc eph
133 Prints From Blocks Castleman
134 Back Log Studies Warner 1873
135 A Hero of Ticonderoga Robinson 1901 The Oregon Trail Parkman 1910
136 Annals of the Poor Richmond c 1870
137 The Prairie James Fenimore Cooper c 1890
138 Things Will Take a Turn Beatrice Harraden 1895 ” A Story For Children”
139 Marjorie In Command Wells 1910 Freckles Gene Stratton Porter rough 1916
140 Parisian Art Bacon 1883
141 Lot art auction catalogs 3
142 Figures and Faces Master Drawings 19th and 20th Ct
143 The Lone Ranger Striker 1936
144 Two Centuries of English Poetry 1962
145 B/L NGS magazines bound 1926+ 10 vols
146 Etchings of James Whistler
147 The Architects of the American Colonies Millar
148 Native Americans A Portrait
149 Lot Nudes
150 Earth From Above
151 Jeanloup Sieff 40 Years of Photography
152 B/L NGS magazines bound 1914+ 13 vols
153 Ruth Fielding at Golden Pass Emerson 1925 Ruth Fielding of the Red Mill Emerson dj 1913
155 Framed photograph female Nude
156 The Wood Carver of Lympus 1913 Waller
157 Framed signed water color Nativity
158 Little Journeys to the Homes of Great Business Men Elbert Hubbard 1909
159 Library of Travel Exploration and Adventure Bayard Taylor South Africa 1872
160 Zane Grey West of the Pecos 1937 ” ” Heritage of the Desert 1910 2
161 Shanty Irish Jim Tully 1928
162 Framed pen and ink print The Old Curiosity Shop artist signed
163 An Age of Barns
164 Barbary Sheep Robert Hichens lst Ed 1907
165 A Ward of the Golden Gate Bret Harte 1890
166 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Al Jolson; Ali McGraw, Steve Winwood;Harry James;Frank Sinatra,Dick Haymes Kitty Kallen
167 Framed Victorian print Lady with 7 angels
168 Framed photo WW I military
169 Super Bowl Silver Anniversary Team cards
170 Paul Harris Fellow Medal ( Rotary International)
171 Worlds Greatest Card Chase (Baseball Cards 1940s)
172 Impossible Danielle Steel
173 Concise Ency of Furniture Sothebys
174 The Dictionary of Interior Design Pegler 1966
175 Price Guide Hummel Miller
176 British Shotguns Boothroyd Ltd Ed 898/1500
177 Americas Painted Ladies Larsen
178 Michelangelo and Raphael in the Vatican
179 Steel Canvas The Art of American Arms Wilson
180 Sidelocks and Boxlocks Classic British Shotguns Boothroyd
181 The Ultimate Doll Book
182 In The Victorian Style Sexton
183 The Annenberg Collection Masterpieces of Impressionism and Post Impressionism
184 Rembrandt/Not Rembrandt in the Met 2 vols
185 The World Guide to Model Trains McHoy
186 Ency of North American Railroads
187 Nippon Porcelain 4 vols
188 Fenton Art Glass
189 Framed collage The Rat Pack Photos,Signatures etc Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr,Dean Martin,PeterLawford Joey Bishop The Sands Gambling Token
190 Framed map South Windsor Conn
191 Framed Caricature Maurice Chevalier 1939
192 Framed photo 1963 New York Yankees
193 Framed watercolor print East End signed
194 Framed (double sided) Early Parisian sheet music “Adieu Colin ,Au Revoir!”
195 Framed watercolor Fishing fleet artist signed
196 Leroy Neiman tennis poster signed
197 Framed pen and ink Downtown commercial district
198 Framed oil on canvas Fishermans Cottage artist signed
199 Framed Moulin Rouge concert poster artist signed
200 Framed Long Wharf Theater poster 25 Years signed
201 Framed oil painting Fox Hunter Saddling Up in Stable
202 Framed watercolor Sailboats and lighthouse
203 Framed pastel on canvas Nude artist signed, Collins
204 Matted print Ltd Ed artist signed 83/25Iron Workers bridge construction
205 Framed watercolor Lovers Road artist signed
206 Framed Oriental print Geisha
207 Framed watercolor Mountain Stream
208 1884 sailing ship in shadow box frame Captain Jose Roig Alsina out of Maracaibo
209 Framed watercolor print LtdEd artist signed 29/245
210 Framed Gone With The Wind Movie poster
211 Framed watercolor print Lighthouse
212 Framed Oliver movie poster w many signatures
213 Framed watercolor print
214 Framed pen and ink print artist signed Fishing Village Harbor
215 Framed watercolor print Bermuda artist signed LtdEd 74/275
216 Framed Contemporary Portrait artist signed
217 Framed painting Lady (out of canoe)
218 Framed pen and ink House Wrecked artist signed
219 Framed print “Forgot to turn on the Light” presented to LCDR R D Fuller USCG by the New Yorker artist signed
220 Framed portrait military cadet
221 Framed watercolor 1904 artist signed
222 Mammonart Upton Sinclair 1925
223 Mildred The Child of Adoption Mary Holmes c 1910
224 The Night Before Christmas c 1910 rough Robinson Crusoe 1910 rough
225 The Bobbsey Twins in the Country dj c 1920 Tom Swift and His Submarine Boat c 1920 rough
226 Bill Biddon Trapper Ellis 1910 rough Ten Nights in a Bar Room Arthur 1912
227 Little Smoke Stoddard 1900 A Tale of the Sioux
228 Redskin and Cowboy Henty 1891 rough Norwegian Life John Hall 1909
229 Grahams Handbook of Standard Phonography 1886
230 Tales of Adventure c 1900 Pipetown Sandy John Phillip Sousa 1905
231 School History of the United States Anderson 1868
232 The Philosophy of Teaching Tompkins 1904 The Arctic Crusoe Arctic Adventures on the Sea of Ice Percy St John c 1890
233 History of The United States Andrews 1895
234 Lost in the Fur Country Lange 1914 The Rustler of Wind River Ogden 1917 rough
235 The Glimpses of the Moon Edith Wharton 1922 The Light in the Clearing Bachelor 1917
236 The Return of the Native Thomas Hardy 1895
237 Uncle Terry A Story of the Maine Coast Munn 1901 Kin Da Shons Wife Willard 1892
238 Lot Playboy magazines
239 Lot Playboy magazines
240 Photo album nudity
241 B/L Set 10 vols Shakespeare c 1875
242 The Birthday Chatterbox 1880
243 Cornell University Announcement of Terms 6 1918+
244 Sunday Chat for 1890 Stories for Boys and Girls
245 Steamboat Gothic Keyes 1952
246 The Covered Wagon Hough 1922 Scouting With Kit Carson BSA Tomlinson 1913
247 Sitting Bull and The Indian War 1891 rough
248 Our New West 1869 Bowles
249 Scotland Illustrated 1892
250 Horrors of Tornado, Flood and Fire 1918 Barnes Historical USA 1885 3 vols
251 Beyond the Sowdyhunk Bartlett 1937 ( Maine)
252 Frank Among the Ranchros Castlemon 1868 Animal Stories The Indians Told 1927
253 Five Little Peppers and How They Grew Sidney 1880 rough
254 Elementary Geography Redway and Hinman 1897
255 Geography US and Canada Barrows and Parker 1925
256 Crotchet Castle 1891 Our House and London Out of Our Windows 1912
257 The Book of Indians Holling 1935
258 Box lot 35mm slides
259 Renovating Old Houses George Nash Landmark Yellow Pages 2
260 A History Guides of the Adirondacks 1994
261 Life and Works of Rennie Mackintosh Alfons Mucha Master of Art Nouveau 2
262 Colonial Architecture of Cape Cod, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard Poor Glossary of Colonial Architectural Terms Isham 2
263 The Wigwam and the War Path Tales of the Red Indians Hope c 1900
264 Works of Zane Grey 15 vols
265 The Blazed Trail Stewart Edward White 1902 The Prospector Ralph Connor 1904
266 Mrs Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch Hegan 1902 Do and Dare Horatio Alger 1909 The Inn of the Silver Moon Viele 1901 3
267 An Apache Princess King Illus Frederic Remington 1903 Fern Leaves From Fanny’s Portfolio 1854
268 Wetzel The Scout Meyers c 1890 A Daughter of The Sioux King Illus Frederic Remington 1903 2
269 The Gulistan 1884 Sheik Saadi Precaution 1821 J Fenimore Cooper 2
270 The Heritage of the Cathedral Prentice 1936
271 Lesters United States 1883 Jezebels Friends Russell 1889 2
272 Mc Masters School History US 1897 Lucile Meredith
273 American Beauties Harrison Fisher 1909
274 America Illustrated Williams 1883
275 Northwest Passage Kenneth Roberts 1937
276 Gypsy The Talking Dog 1902 Tudor Jenks
277 The White Doe or The Fate of Virginia Dare 1901 An Indian Legend Sallie Cotten Dedicated0. to the National Society Colonial Dames of America
278 The Hero of the Longhouse Laing Indian Life and Indian Lore 1920
279 The Flamingo Feather Kirk Munroe Illus Frank Schoonover 1923
280 The Tale of Pony Twinkleheels Arthur Scott Bailey 1921
281 The Sailor Boy Oliver Optic (l864 letter reference) Comrades on the Ranch Ralph Victor 1908 2
282 Lot NGS magazines bound 5 1926+
283 Will Barnet
284 Lot art auction catalogs
285 Gustav Klimit Drawings
286 Figure Drawing For All Its Worth Loomis
287 The World of Winslow Homer
288 Hometown USA
289 Gems of Art Illus c 1900
290 Lot Adirondack Life magazines
291 Chinas Body Drawing
292 Rockwell Kent Masters of World Painting
293 The Alaska Book
294 Lot art auction catalogs
295 Frederic Remington Matthews
296 Drawings of Rembrandt
297 Varga
298 Pin Up Jacqus Sternberg
299 Lempicka 2
300 Petty Classic Pin Up Art 2
301 Elvgren His Life and Art Collins
302 1978 Yearbook Ramapo College
303 The Real Mother Goose
304 Lot Varga Books 7
305 Mucha The Triumph of Art Nouveau Ellridge
306 The Art of Patrick Hagel
307 Double Take Photographs
308 The Law Courts Architecture of George Street
309 The Huguenot Family Sarah Tytler 1868
310 Ethel Clemence Home at the Laytons 1878
311 Sunday School Hymn Book Catholic Hymns 1885
312 The Dog in Health and Disease Stonehenge 1887
313 Imitatione Christi 1911
314 An-Nik-A-Del The History of the Universe As told by the Modese Indians of California 1928
315 Ungava A Tale of Esquimaux Land c 1875
316 The Headsman J Fenimore Cooper 1873
317 The Cathedrals of Southern France 1904
318 Bret Hartes Poems 1882
319 Exercises Francais 1877
320 Thirteen Months in the Rebel Army Stevenson 1862
321 Afar in the Forest Adventures in North America Kingston l884
322 The Fortune Teller and Other Tales 1858 Charlotte Elizabeth
323 Bentley or the Spoiled Child 1862
324 Mother Careys Chicken Fenn c1900 Irvings Works: Astoria, Salamagundi, Capt Boneville
325 Cap’n Warrens Wards 1911 Two Boy Pioneers Braden 1927 2
326 The Voice of the City O’Henry 1920 Makers of Venice Oliphant c 1920
327 Eakins Watercolors Hoopes
328 The Art Students League of New York 2002
329 The Illustrations of Rockwell Kent l9h Cty Etchings in France
330 New York City WPA Art 1934-l943 1960-l977
331 Gordon’s Print Price Annual 1993
332 The Boy Mechanic 1999 (Originally 1913)
333 Shiting For Himself Horatio Alger 1911 Wanderings From the Line of Duty Mattson 1944
334 Grand Endeavors of American Indian Photography
335 1949 Cornell Yearbook
336 The Playboy Book Forty Years
337 Great Streets Jacobs
338 American Etchers 3 vols
339 Modern American Painting 2
340 Thomas Eakins
341 Pioneer Catalogue of Country Living
342 Journey Across Russia Today NGS
343 The Adventures of America 1857-l900
344 The Life Millennium
345 Heartlands An American Odyssey Sobel
346 George Caleb Bingham Shapiro
347 Mapple Thorpe
348 Utamaro
349 American Places Eliot Porter
350 Scavullo Women
351 The Art of Persuasion
352 Catalog Ornaments for Woodwork-Furniture Decorators Supply Corp
353 Bruce Weber
354 Robert Mapplethorpe
355 Sexy Dreams
356 Betty Page Queen of Pin Ups
357 Waterdance Schatz
358 Robert AM Stern
359 Images From the Floating World Japanese Prints
360 Lot Travel and Leisure magazines
361 Lot The Chronicles of America Yale in two boxes 35 vols
362 The Perfect Woman 1903
363 Lot VHS tapes
364 Art Nouveau and Art Deco Lamps and Candlesticks Uecker
365 Winter Antiques Show program 2000 Seventh Regiment Armory
366 Life Classic Photographs
367 The Browning Superposed
368 The Painted Ladies Revisited
369 Fenton glass 1940-l970
370 Field Guide to American Houses McAlester
371 Parents and Teenagers Kesler Fwd by Billy Graham
372 Sources of Art Nouveau
373 West Highland White Terrier Shih Tzu Guide
374 Seurat
375 Rough Point The Newport Home of Doris Duke
376 How to Make a Living in Antiques Ketchum
377 Brass framed photograph Young man in Uniform
378 Brass Book End Scotty Dog
379 Pair of Dog Book Ends
380 Lot VCRs and DVD
381 Let Me Call You Sweetheart Mary Higgins Clark author signed dj
382 Warren Buffett The Good Guy on Wall Street Kilpatrick lst Ed dj Friends in High Places Goldberg 2
383 Wks of Dashiell Hammett
384 My Turn The Memoirs of Nancy Reagan lst Ed dj
385 The Constitution of the United States 1925
386 Framed painting on board still Life
387 Framed painting on board still Life
388 Lot calendar prints
389 Album Get well cards etc
390 T/L Misc eph incl Baedekers etc
391 Lot movie stills
392 Lot movie theater counter cards
393 T/L Misc eph Early Valentines etc
394 Philatelic lot incl: US covers and mint stamps
395 T/L, Misc eph incl Victorian cards, cuts
396 T/L Misc eph 1939 NY Worlds Fair
397 T/L Misc eph
398 T/L Misc eph
399 T/L Misc eph
400 T/L Misc eph
401 Philatelic lot incl US Covers and mint stamps
402 Lot Super Bowl programs etc
403 Lot Sports programs incl Johnny Appleseed League
404 Lot 45 records incl:Jefferson Airpane, The Ambushers The Supremes,The Cowsills,Cher,Herb Alpert, Frankie Valli,The Shondells,The Association,The Turtles,The Union Gap d5tc
405 Lot 45 records incl:Frank Sinatra, Thed Shondells, Th Supremes,Mamas and Papas, Gary Lewis,Stevie Wonder Jimmy Ruffin,Grass Roots,The Turnabouts,The Buckingham Kasenetz Katz ,The Dell etc
406 The Mayflower Harriet Beacher Stowe c1890
407 Capital Dames Cokie Roberts lst Ed dj Inscribed by author
408 The Johnstown Horror 1889
409 Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard Thomas Gray Heritage Press
410 Father of the Bride Edward Streeter
411 Campaigns of the Civil War 5 vols The Army Under Pope; Antietam and Fredericksburg Chancellorsville and Gettysburg, The March to the Sea-Franklin and Nashville
412 Civil War Prisons and Escapes Denney lst ed dj
413 The Civil War in Song and Story Frank Moore 1889
414 Andersonville Prison and Captain Henry Wirz Trial Prison Life Among the Rebels Civil War Prisons Hesseltine 3
415 First Ladies Cook Book
416 Official Records Union and Confederate Navies in the Civil War
417 Cultural Atlas of Australia New Zealand and the South Pacific
418 Mexico The Beautiful Cookbook
419 The Hudson River School
420 Splendid Legacy The Havemeyer Collection
421 The Hoffa Wars Moldea
422 T/L Misc eph
423 Elvis His Life From A 5to Z
424 The Golden Age of the Monmouth County Shore McMahon 1864- l964 author signed
425 Bay Head, NJ
426 The story of Eatontown Historic Perspective of Ocean Twp 2
427 My Name is Asher Lev Chaim Potok
428 A Sketch book of Little Silver History
429 Inside Out A Personal History of Pink Floyd Nick Mason
430 Centuries and Styles of The American Chair 1640-1970 Robert Bishop
431 The Little Black Book of Kama Sutra
432 Total Hockey
433 Charleston Houses and Gardens Charleston Interiors 2
434 A Fools Enterprise Life of Charles Page Clark
435 Winterthur Cantor
436 The Final Days Bob Woodward
437 Ranger Sea Dog of the Royal Mounted Chas Strong
438 The Furniture Doctor Grotz
439 The Little Childrens Bible 1927
440 Three days With the Rabbi Kemelman
441 Canterbury Tales Chaucer Illus Rockwell Kent
442 Firearms and Their Use 1942
443 Salome Oscar Wilde 1945
444 The House of the Seven Gables Hawthorne 1913
445 Tales of Edgar Allan Poe Wood engravings by Fritz Eichenberg 1944
446 Tutankhamun His Tomb and Its Treasures
447 Decorative Techniques Art of Sewing
448 The Supreme Court A Paper Doll Book
449 Frederic Remington’s Own West
450 Two Hundred Years of American Blown Glass
451 Great French Paintings From the Barnes Foundation
452 Rugs and Wall Hangings
453 1984 Yearbook Red Bank Catholic HS
454 1966 Yearbook Red Bank Catholic HS
455 Rand McNally Atlas of World Wildlife
456 Oklahoma II Fitzgerald
458 Yale A Portrait History of WH Kenyon 2
459 Upland Bird and Waterfowl Hunting
460 Antique Furniture Style and Price Guide Grotz
461 Calendar Clocks Miller
462 History of Paddle Steamers
463 Fare to Midlands Beck lst ed 1939
464 The Indians of New Jersey Harrington
465 The American Womans Cook Book 1940 Berolzheimer
466 Historic Perspective of Ocean Twp
467 Cape May to Montauk Plowden
468 The Summer City By the Sea Cape May NJ Salvini
469 Connecticut Clock Technology 1810-l862 The Contributions of Joseph Ives Kenneth Roberts
470 The Tale of Old Mr Crow Bailey 1917 The Tale of Solomon Owl Bailey 1917 The Tale of Jasper Jay Bailey 1917 3
471 Americana Collection Auction Haskell 1944
472 Framed poster Georgia O’Keefe
473 Framed watercolor painting Forest
474 Framed watercolor painting Stony Brook
475 Framed watercolor still life
476 Framed watercolor Construction
477 Matted poster ” Common Cause”
478 Framed watercolor abstract still life
479 Framed watercolor portrait Rosemond
480 Lot 6 empty frames
481 Folio of assorted art work
482 T/L Erotica (Spanish)
483 Lot Erotic graphic novels ( Spanish) magazines
484 Diego Rivera Hamill
485 Painting The Town Cityscapes of New York
486 Love In The Time of Cholera Marquez pb Sex at Dawn Ryan pb 2
487 Bohemians, Bootleggers, Flappers and Swells Carter
488 Deadly Slipper Wan
489 Wicked Words Rawson lst Ed dj
490 Living With art McCarter
491 The Monuments Men Edsel
492 Fanny Erica Jong
493 Hemingway: Farewell to Arms For Whom the Bell Tolls 2 pbs
494 Beside Lake Beautiful Quayle 1914
495 Hardy Garden Book Ely 1910 Success With Small Fruits Roe 1881 2
496 Fishermans Luck 1899
497 The Forest Stewart Edward White 1903
498 Yosemite Trails Chase 1911
499 The Joyous Art of Gardening 1917 Duncan
500 Trees Shrubs and Vines Parkhurst 1903
501 The Faith of Men Jack London 1904
502 The Garden You and I Barbara 1906 Amateur Gardencraft Rexford 1922
503 Three Wonderlands of the American West Murphy 1919
504 The Country of the Pointed Firs Jewett 1927
505 In Gods Out of Doors Quayle 1919
506 Practical Botany Caldwell 1911
507 The Artists Wife Phillips Slaughterhouse Five Kurt Vonnegut 2 pbs
508 Rise of the Warrior Cop Balko
509 The WPA Guide New York City
510 How To Find Love in a Bookshop Veronica Henry
511 The Return of Jeeves PG Wodehouse The Great Gatsby 2
512 Wks of Rod McKuen 3
513 Dracula in Love Essex The Big Nickle Eillingham 2
514 The Painted Lady Sagan Spanning the World Len Berman 2
515 Red Storm Rising Clancy The Russian House Le Carre 2
516 The California Book of the Dead Farrington Cannibal in Manhattan Janowicz 2
517 Cujo Stephen King A Story Lately Told Huston 2
518 Remembrance Rock Carl Sandburg 1948
519 The View From the Fortieth Floor T H White
520 Leaves of Grass Walt Whitman dj 1931
521 Trial by Prejudice 1935 Hays
522 Nikola Tesla
523 Strictly for Laughs Joey Adams 1955
524 Rendezvous With Destiny FDR 1944 New World A Coming Inside Black America Ottley 1943 2
525 Shooting the Russian War Margaret Bourke White 1942 Graham Green 19 Stories 1949
526 Rhymes of a Red Cross Man Service 1916 A Bell for Adamo John Hersey 1945 2
527 The Pastures of Heaven John Steinbeck 1946 Out of My Life and Thought Albert Schweitzer 1949 2
528 Lot books on Photography
529 Netsuke Okada
530 The Book of American Clocks 1966
531 Directory of Antique Furniture Hinckley
532 Jesus, Interrupted Ehrman
533 50 Currier and Ives Favorites Suitable for Framing Baragwanath
534 Empire Howard Hughes
535 The Alhambra The Royal Palace
536 Photography Past Forward
537 Lot Books on Photography 2
538 Onassis An Extravagant Life Brady The Gold of Troy Payne 2
539 Breen Damage The Ring of Truth The Real McCoy
540 The Age of Elizabeth I Facs
541 Bill Clinton and James Patterson: The President is Missing
542 The Age of Terror America and the World After 9/11
543 Semper Fidelis Ruth Downie
544 The Romanovs Cowles
545 I Am Charlotte Simmons Tom Wolfe
546 Wales Wynford Vaughan Thomas
547 Marijuana Nation Roffman lst ed dj
548 Sesame Street Unpaved Borgebnicht
549 Antique Fakes and Reproductions Ruth Webb Lee 1950
550 The Search for God at Harvard Ari Goldman
551 The Care and Repair of Antiques Ormsbee
552 Guide to Silver Marks of the World
553 La Vida Oscar Lewis
554 The Story of Royal Copenhagen Christmas Plates
555 Roman Britain Outpost of the Empire Scullard Great Moments in History Parker 1932
556 Dolls Knopfs Collectors Guide
557 E and R Dubrow Furniture Made in America 1875-1905
558 Masaccio
559 The Atlas of Medieval Man Platt
560 The Ultimate Paper Airplane
561 Larouse Ency of Ancient and Medieval History
562 Wyland 25 Years at Sea
563 No Easy Day Navy Seal Mission that Killed Osama Bin Laden Owen
564 When The Mob Ran Vegas Fischer Final Proof Ren 2
565 The Waste Makers Vance Packard 1960
566 Rickles Book Don Rickles
567 My Brief History Stephen Hawking
568 One Man Tango Anthony Quinn
569 The Power Broker Robert Moses and the Fall of New York Robert Caro
570 Thursday THe Rabbi Walked Out Kemelman
571 Too Big To Fail Sorkin
572 The Vigilantes Griffin
573 Lot Books and periodicals re Photography
574 T/L Misc eph and photos
575 1972 Yearbook Univ of Miami
576 The Globe Restored Elizabethan Theater
577 What Life Was Like In the Age of Chivalry
578 Annie Leibovitz Photographs 1970-l990
579 Films of John Huston
580 Sinatra The Artist and the Man
581 Tuscany and Its Wines
582 A Historical Atlas of the Jewish People
583 Society of Colonial Wars DC 1967
584 Japans Imperial Conspiracy Bergamini
585 Kidnapped Sevenson 1936 Illus NC Wyeth
586 Sak Si Puedes Chavez
587 The Sixties
588 Theatre Arts bound 1951
589 Roosevelt Album
590 Snapshots in History’s Glare Gore Vidal
591 Dressing The Man Flusser
592 The Lyre 1928
593 Images of America Red Bank
594 Winslow Homer
595 Va! Va1 Voom! Hollywood Pin Ups
596 Art of the Third Reich Adam
597 The Versatiles 1930-l955
598 Town Hall Tonight Hoyt
599 Our Lives, Our Fortunes, Our Sacred Honor Paul Harvey
600 The Civil War Battlefield Guide
601 Nevelson Pace Gallery
602 Frontiers of Computing Systems Research Tewksbury
603 Jewels of the Pharaohs Aldred
605 Philatelic lot: Album US FDCs w Golden Replicas
606 Philatelic lot: Album US FDCs
607 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
608 Philatelic lot: Looseleaf valbum US mint blocks
609 Philatelic lot: Looseleaf valbum US mint blocks
610 Philatelic lot: Looseleaf album only US blocks
611 Philatelic lot: Looseleaf album US blocks
612 Philatelic lot: Looseleaf album only US blocks
613 Philatelic lot: Looseleaf album only US blocks
614 Philatelic lot: Looseleaf album US blocks,stamps
615 Philatelic lot: Shoe Box lot US stamps, sorted used and mint
616 Philatelic lot: Shoe Box lot US stamps, sorted used and mint
617 Philatelic lot: Looseleaf album only US Commems
618 Philatelic lot: Looseleaf album US Commems w/stamps
619 Philatelic lot: Looseleaf album US Commems w/stamps
620 Philatelic lot: Looseleaf album only US Commems
621 Philatelic lot: Looseleaf album only US Commems
622 Philatelic lot: Looseleaf album US Commems w/stamps
623 Philatelic lot: T/L unsorted US and foreign stamps
624 Philatelic lot: Lot US and foreign covers and stamps
625 Philatelic lot: Lot US and foreign covers and stamps
626 Philatelic lot: Lot US and foreign covers and stamps
627 Philatelic lot: Lot US and foreign covers and stamps
628 Original Currier and Ives # 185 American Railroad Scene l874 Name and info on back “Lightning Express Trains Leaving the Junction”
629 Matted photo 1957 Chevrolet
630 Framed Tatting
631 Sheet Music Down in Alabama Pigeon Walk My Life Belongs to Uncle Sam 3
632 Georgian Furnishing Co Catalog and photos
633 Lot 78 record albums Sousa Marches American Legion Band For Dancers Only Jimmie Lunceford Orchestra Ballad for Americans Paul Robeson
634 Record Black Ivory Wanda Robinson
635 Red Storm Rising Tom Clancy
636 The Hucksters Wakeman 1940
637 TV Guide The Holocaust
638 Der Fuehrer Heiden
639 The Historians Craft Bloch
640 War and Remembrance Herman Wouk
641 King Arthur and His Knights
642 The French Drawings at Windsor Castle
643 Paradoxia Epidemica Colie
644 Help ! Im a Prisoner in A Chinese Bakery Alan King
645 WPA 1939 Cattaragus County Archives
646 The Historian as Detective
647 Better Homes and Gardens 1933
648 Adagio for the Piano Forte Cramer c1890
649 Sin Killer Mc Murtry The Wandering Hill McMurtry 2
650 After The Fact Davidson
651 Modern Photography
652 Looseleaf binder Victorian trade cards greeting cards
653 The Plains Indians Artists of Earth and Sky
654 American Folk Art Lipman
655 Gazetteer of the State of New Jersey 1834
656 Theory and Practice of Cookery 1901
657 Lot Star Wars 6
658 Lot Star Wars 6
659 T/L misc eph
660 Program 1949 Indianapolis 500
661 1976 Op Sail program
662 Lot NGS maps
663 Lot NGS maps
664 Lot Child Craft Books 4
665 Ouija Board
666 Lot 78 records: Album Glen Miller; Album Dick Haymes; Album Evelyn, Magic Violin
667 T/L Misc eph
668 T/L eph 1939 NY Worlds Fair Map (2) Guide Book
669 T/L Life magazines 1972 2
670 T/L Life magazines 1972 1946 2
671 T/L Misc eph: Florida Dog Racing; Castilo 1961 National Horseshow
672 T/L Life magazines 1943,1972 2
673 T/L Time magazines 1976 3
674 T/L Misc eph travel
675 B/L Music
676 Philatelic lot: Beginners Collection Albums w/stamps Catalogs and tools
677 Latin Quarter Menu
678 T/L Misc eph incl theater programs
679 T/L Misc eph incl theater programs
680 T/L Misc eph incl theater programs
681 Lot Play Bills
682 Lot post cards
683 Lot Play bills
684 Lot Play bills
685 Lot Play bills
686 Judy Garland 78 record album
687 Lot 5 Copper printing plates
688 Framed jigsaw puzzle NYC Street Scene
689 Framed pen and ink Mill wih waterwheel artist signed
690 Framed litho Jordan’s Meeting House
691 Framed watercolor print artist signed
692 Racing Cars
693 Martin Guitar Masterpieces
694 The Harley Davidson Century
695 Camaro ! Chevys Classy Chassis
696 Images of America Wyckoff
697 Images of America Fair Lawn
698 Calibans Shore Taylor
699 The Paris Review 2017
700 Best Little Ironies Oddities and Mysteries of the Civil War Brian Kelly
701 Komodo The Living Dragon
702 The Encyclopedia of the Harley Davidson
703 In Lights and Shadows Morristown in Three Centuries Cavanaugh
704 The Hudson River and Its Painters
705 Masterpieces of Figure Painting
706 The Guitar and Rock Equipment
707 New Jersey Naturescape and Detail Choroszewski
708 The Bermuda Isles
709 George Washington’s War Bruce Chadwick
710 Desolate Angel Jack Kerouac The Beat Generation and America
711 Jacks Book Oral Biog Jack Kerouac
712 The Big Book of Beer
713 Memories of the Old Plantation Home Marmillion
714 Saratoga 1777
715 Collectors Guide to Baseball Cards Troy Kirk
716 The Night 2000 Men Came to Dinner Meldrum
717 The Rifle Paulsen
718 Instant Wind Forecasting Watts
719 Katherine Anya Seton The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn Maxwell 2
720 Met Museum of Art Bulletin 2011 100 Best Selling Albums ofthe 9os
721 NY Times April l6th 1912 Titanic Sinks Four Hours after Hitting Iceberg
722 Sports Illustrated l996 Atlanta Centennial Olympics Games
723 Care of the Wild, Feathered and Furred Treating and Feeding of Injured Birds and Animals
724 Veterinary Notes for Dog Breeders Schutzhund Theory and Training Methods 2
725 Framed autograph Ronald Reagan (autopen?)
726 Lot 6 Framed signed Hockey Players
727 Watercolor print rolled Ornithology
728 Philatelic lot: Unsorted stamps US and Foreign
729 The Civil War Sutherland
730 The Revolver Rifles James
731 The Human Zoo Desmond Morris
732 Structural Engineering Gaylord 1968
733 The Naked Ape Desmond Morris lst Amer Ed 1967
734 Hang My Wreath Weaver 1941
735 Not For Heaven McCleary Hungry Men Anderson 1 vol
736 Images From the Storm Sneden
737 Knowledge For The World Johns Hopkins
738 AH New History of the Civil War Bruce Catton; James McPherson
739 On Our Farm 1932
740 FDR Finis Farr
741 The Book of Virtues Bennett
742 Mother Goose Picture Book 1939 rough
743 The Presidents of he United States 2 vols
744 He Weight of Ink Kadish
745 New Jersey Americas Main Road Cunningham
746 The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse lbanez 1919
747 20th Cty Baseball Chronicle
748 The Ancient World at War de Souza
749 Frederic Remington The Masterworks
750 The Book of the American West lst ed
751 Minstrel Make Up Kit
752 Cloudsplitter Banks
753 Treasures of Britain Norwich
754 Great Gambles of the Civil War Katcher
755 Reuters Werke 2 vols
756 Jane Austen The Complete Novels
757 Foucaults Pendulum Umberto Eco lst Trade Ed
758 The Story of the Bible 2 vols
759 1988 Yearbook Wardla Hartridge School Plainfield NJ
760 Pictorial History of American Presidents Durant
761 Humble Masterpieces Antonelli
762 T/L Misc eph
763 T/L GI photos WWII
764 The Next Person You Meet in Heaven Mitch Albom
765 US War Machine Dornan
766 Dolls Price Guide
767 Society of Colonial Wars in the State of New York
768 The Sea Wolf Jack London
769 Gettysburg The Final Fury Bruce Catton
770 Civil War Battlegrounds Then and Now Campim
771 Color in Your Garden Hobhouse
772 The Divided Union Parish
773 Point Deception Muller
774 Paul Revere Artisan, Businessman and Patriot
775 Tara Road Maeve Binchy
776 The House of Morgan Chernow
777 Aus Unseren Mappen Boerner 3
778 The Easter Bunny That Overslept Fiedrich 1983 dj
779 Russian Lacquer Legends and Fairy Tales Maxym
780 Torpedo Junction Hickam
781 The Twilight of Steam Locomotives Ziel
782 Why We Love The Dogs We Do Coren
783 Go Set a Watchman Harper Lee
784 Pistols of the World Blair
785 Peninsula Pilgrimage Huntley
786 Autobiography of a Quack Mitchell
787 Sword Over Richmond Wheeler Demon of he Lost Cause Moody Gettysburg McPherson 3
788 Elbert Hubbard of East Aurora Shay
789 Killing Lincoln Bill O Reilly
790 Poussin Oberhuber
791 Audrey Hepburn Yapp
792 Essential History of Art
793 What Lincoln Believed Lind
794 Stuart England The British Isles 2
795 Lot Leatherneck magazines United States Marine Corps
796 1940 Hudson Owners Manual
797 Maxwell Owners Manual
798 Willys Overland Sales catalog
799 1927 Studebaker Owners Manual
800 1937 Packard 120 owners Manual
801 The Fisher 1967 Handbook
802 Grays Anatomy Goss
803 Folio of frameable prints etc
804 Philatelic lot: Framing US Postal Service Humming Bird Commem w Ltd Ed artist signed print 113/450
805 Framed needlework Twp of Wayne NJ History
806 Framed Watercolor artist Signed
807 Framed watercolors red combed chickens
808 Framed needlework “To a Friends House The Way is Never Long” signed, dated
809 Saber and Scapegoat J E B Stuart, Gettysburg Mark Nesbitt Meade Victor at Gettysburg
810 Looking at Earth Air and Space Museum
811 Darwin’s Forgotten World Lewin
812 Americana Folk and Decorative Art Madigan
813 The Real Picture Book 19294
814 Oil painting Buildings and landscape artist signed Marrera
815 Oil painting Standing Nude artist signed Marrera
816 Oil painting Standing Nude artist signed Marrera
817 Oil painting Reclining Nude artist signed Marrera
818 Oil painting artist signed Marrera Nude sitting on bed
819 Oil painting artist signed Marrera Nude sitting on bed
820 Pen and Ink Ltd Ed print Two level fountain 4/15 artist Marrera
821 Pen and ink Ltd Ed print arch bridge 1/15 artist Marrera
822 Pen and ink Ltd Ed print duck pond 5/15 artist Marrera
823 Pastel on paper seated nude artist Marrera
824 Charcoal on paper seated Ballerina unsigned
825 T/L Misc eph Historical pamphlets etc
826 Lot Big Little Books 5
827 Lot Big Little Books 4
828 Lot Big Little Books 4
829 Lot Big Little Books 4
830 Lot Big Little Books 4
831 Lot Big Little Books 4
832 Lot Big Little Books 4
833 Lot Big Little Books 5
834 Darkness Over The Valley Growing Up in Nazi Germany Wendelgard Von Staden
836 When Shlemiel Went to Warsaw Isaac Bashevis Singer
837 Hiram Harding of Hardscrabble lst Ed author signed S L Bradbury 1936
838 Artemis Fowl The Arctic Incident lst US Ed Eoin Colfer
839 The Loved One Evelyn Waugh lst ed
840 Skink No Surrender Hiaasen lst ed dj
841 Mishmash and the Sauerkraut Mystery Molly Cone Inscribed by author
842 The Man In The Ceiling Jules Feiffer lst Ed dj
843 Do Re Mi Kanin Illus Hirschfeld dj
844 Tuckers Countryside Selden Illus Garth Williams
845 Between Two Worlds Goffe lst Ed Inscr by author
846 Prisoners of Spirit Mountain Hayne lst Ed 1930 A Navajo Indian Story
847 Psychologistics Waters 1971 lst ed
848 Mrs Miniver Struther lst ed 1940
849 Laughing Martin Armstrong 1928 lst ed
850 All Night Long 1942 lst ed Erskine Caldwell
851 Into Thin Air Krakauer lst ed
852 Endurance Scott Kelly lst ed dj
853 Arabische Nachte Illus Dulac
854 Pinocchio Collodi Great Illustrations by Attilo Mussino lst ed
855 Pablo Picasso Paul Eluard
856 All God’s Chillun Got Wings and Welded Eugene O Neill 1924 lst ed
857 The “Bab” Ballads WS Gilbert (Gilbert and Sullivan) c 1884
858 Just Cocktails, Here’s How 2 wood covers ,lst eds
859 The Shut Eye Train Eugene Field Illus Julia Noonan (signed by illustrator w/drawing )
860 Bill The Minder W Heath Robinson lst ed All 16 plates present /Book interior damage 7-23 pages
861 It Cant Happen Here What Will Happen When America Has a Dictator ? Sinclair Lewis lst ed 1935
862 An Indian Journey Bonsels 1928 lst ed
863 Im Westen Nichtsc Neues Remarque German lst Ed 1929
864 The Boys Prescott Banks Illus T H Robinson lst ed 1916
865 In The Night Kitchen Maurice Sendak
866 Lovable Lyle Bernard Waber lst Ed Signed by author w/drawing 1969
867 A Giraffe and a Half Shel Slverstein lst ed
868 Old Possums Book of Practical Cats Illus Edw Gorey
869 Hosies Alphabet Illus Leonard Baskin lst Ed
870 Red Fox and His Canoe Benchley Illus Arnold Lobel lst ed
871 The Wicked City Isaac Bashevis Singer Illus Fisher 1972 lst prt
872 Steichen lst Ed A Life in Photography 1963
873 Avant Garde Picassos Erotic Gravures
874 Encycl of Railways Ellis
875 Abraham Lincoln Commemoration Ceremony 1861-l961
876 Osborn on Leisure rough
877 Aspects of Murder Jacobs 1956 lst ed
878 Beau Geste P C Wren 1925
879 Mrs Siddons Tragic Actress Yvonne French 1954
880 The Journeyer Gary Jennings Meeting Currents Days of Julian The Apostate Sears 2
881 Law and Order Reconsidered Campbell
882 A Pair of Madcaps Trowbridge 1909 lst ed
883 The Outlook On New Jersey Laccetti(Stevens Tech)
884 Drawings of the Masters Flemish and Dutch
885 With Malice Toward None Morrow 1928
886 The Moon and Six Pence Somerset Maugham 1919
887 Indians of the Americas Stirling NGS 1958
888 Congressional Anecdotes Boller Hail to the Chief Kahler 2
889 The Dawn of Everything Graeber/Wengrow
890 Guns Germs and Steel Jared Diamond
891 Cool Jew Ultimate Guide For Every Member of the Tribe Lisa Klug
892 Desert God Wilbur Smith
893 Scott Turow Ordinary Heroes’ Testimony 2
894 Every Bone Tells a Story Robertshaw
895 The Gift of Fear Survival Signals De Becker
896 A Soviet’s Chief Joys American Antiquarian Society Asculape Nerveux and Mentaux 2
897 Something Fishy P G Wodehouse
898 The Poetry of Jack Rainsberger Deathrow, Nevada State Prison
899 Portraits by Ingres
900 Patsy Doll Family Encycl
901 Faberge
902 Interior Visions Madden
903 Historic Homes of New England Harris
904 Nicholas and Alexandra
905 Henri Matisse A Retrospective
906 The Story of Life series
907 Peter Finer
908 An Illustrated History of the Civil War Miller
909 Hummel Ehrmann
910 Earth Watch Sheffield
911 The Great Age of Sail Lausanne
912 1966 Yearbook Chatham HS
913 World Art Treasures
914 Thge Art of the Tim Toy Pressland
915 A Century of Model Trains
916 Toy Boats 1870-l955
917 Bette Davis Leaming
918 Parting the Waters America in the King Years 1954-63 Branch
919 Stephen King The Dark Half
920 B/L VHS tapes
921 Gone With the Wind Margaret Mitchell 1964 Scarlet Sequel to Gone With the Wind Ripley 1991
922 Not For Sale at Any Price Ross Perot
923 The Worlds Whales
924 1985 Yearbook Montclair Academy
925 1985 Yearbook Montclair Academy
926 2004 Yearbook Montclair Kimberly Academy
927 1994 Yearbook Ramsey HS
928 2005 Yearbook Montclair Kimberly Academy
929 2006 Yearbook Montclair Kimberly Academy
930 1978 Yearbook Morristown Beard School
931 1994 Barnard College Columbia Univ Year Book
932 Fresh Views of the American Revolution Paul Foley
933 Walking to Cold Mountain Civil War Debrowski
934 Eldon Drayton Crises Intellectual and Moral 1885 Reginald May
935 A Civil War Treasury of Tales, Legends, Folklore Botkin/Chappell
936 Lincolns Darkest Year 1862 Marvel lst ed dj
937 Tarnished Victory Finishing Lincolns War Marvel lst ed dj
938 Booth Robertson
939 Mosby’s Raiders Williamson leather
940 Manhunt 12 Day Chase for Lincolns Killer Swanson
941 Daniel Webster Dedication of the Statue 1886 rough
942 Whip The Rebellion Grants Rise to Command Walsh
943 Storm Over The Land Carl Sandburg
944 A Rebel War Clerks Diary John Jones (l866) 1982
945 Civil War in Pictures Pratt
946 The General Who Marched to Hell Sherman Miers
947 Sword Over Richmond McClellan’s Peninsula Campaign Wheeler lst ed dj
948 Campaigns of the Civil War Geer
949 The Imperial Cruise Bradley
950 Lawyers and Lawbreakers Hamilton
951 Bloody Crimes The Chase For Jefferson Davis Swanson
952 The Voice of the Dolls Listen to Danger Eden 1957
953 Cartoons of the New Yorker
954 The Easter Bunny Gang Baer
955 The Easter Bear
956 Silvered Wings Aerial Photography of Gordon Bain
957 History of US Naval Air Power Lawson
958 Modern Naval Combat Miller
959 Modern Air Combat Gunston
960 Mother Bruce Higgins
961 Secret Pizza Party Rubin
962 The Golden Mean Bantock
963 The Elf on the Shelf Aebersold
964 Sir Simon Super Scarer
965 The Hardy Boys series
966 Winter, A Berlin Family Deighton 1988
967 Portnoys Complaint Roth lst prt
968 Men of Zeal Cohen Iran Contra Hearings
969 Congo Crichton Jurassic Park Crichton 2
970 Here is New York EB White
971 A Dartmouth Reader Brown
972 My Name is Saroyan William Saroyan lst Ed dj
973 Print Nude in Bed artist Marrera
974 Print Playing pool at the bar room artist Marrera
975 Matted litho “Towing Out End of Sail in the East Riv” Ltd Ed 213/295 John Noble
976 Framed litho Ltd Ed 207/300 Wrecks and Barels John Noble
977 Framed litho ” Watchman of the Dead” “The Old Coal Docks” John Noble
978 Framed litho ” Schooners in Salvage ” John Noble
979 Framed watercolor print “Rural Village” artist signed
980 Two pastels on paper Nude facing away; Portrait; artist Marrero
981 Print ” Cigar and Honky Tonk”Ltd Ed 13/15 Marrera
982 Pastel on paper Nude facing away Marrera
983 Pen and Ink print Nude reclining Marrera 8/8
984 Pen and Ink print Nude seated at window Marrera 1/2
985 Pen and Ink print View Over Blue Hill, Maine Ltd ed Marrera 6/6
986 Print Nude seated Ltd Ed 9/15 Marrera
987 Two prints Nude reclining Ltd Ed 2/10 Marrera Ltd Ed 2/2 Marrera
988 Litho “Nude Standing” Gannon ?
989 Matted Litho ” The Lower Deck” Bill Murphy Ltd Ed 7/50
990 Matted print Ltd Ed 27/40 Bill Murphy ” Tonight We Tell Samuel About the Rain ”
991 Matted pen and ink print Ltd Ed 76/125 “The Homestead” Jonathan Talbot
992 Matted photo 123 Pots
993 Photo of Watercolor Nude
994 T/L Misc eph Historical pamphlets etc
996 T/L rolled prints etc Bridge Construction artist signed Parisian Fashions artist signed Heavy Iron Construction signed 3
997 T/L Misc eph Historical pamphlets etc
998 T/L Misc eph Historical pamphlets etc
999 T/L Misc eph Historical pamphlets etc
1000 T/L Misc eph Historical pamphlets etc
1001 Lot CDs incl: John Lennon; Dean Martin; Al Martino
1002 Lot CDs incl: John Lennon; Dean Martin; Al Martino
1003 T/L Misc eph
1004 T/L Misc eph
1005 T/L Misc eph
1006 T/L Misc eph
1007 T/L Misc eph
1008 T/L Misc eph
1009 T/L Misc eph
1010 T/L Misc eph
1011 T/L Misc eph
1012 Lot Sea Breezes Magazines
1013 Lot Telescope Magazines
1014 Tintypes in Gold Jackson
1015 Philatelia1c lot: Foreign stamps, some mint
1016 T./L misc eph
1017 Story of Pop
1018 THe Worlds Worst Aircraft
1019 Frontier Living Tunis
1020 Airship Wreck
1021 Ency of Dinosaurs
1022 Van Morrison
1023 Cars of the Sizzling 60s
1024 New York Sunshine and Shadow Whitehouse
1025 B/L VHS tapes
1027 Darkest Hours Nash
1028 Classic Cars of the 1930s and 1940s
1029 Pink Panther Jerry Beck
1030 Americas Premier Gunmakers 4 vols
1031 Lincolns Last Days Bill O Reilly
1032 Wild Irish Roses Robbins
1033 Spandau The Secret Diaries Speer
1034 Far From the Madding Crowd etc Thomas Hardy
1035 Lot Vintage Fashion magazines
1036 T/L Vintage Motorsport magazines
1037 Lot Autos magazines
1038 Lot Race Car magazines
1039 Framed New and Correct Map of the United States of North America 1784 Facs NJ Historical Society
1040 Framed print ” Going Down” Charles Bragg
1041 Framed oil painting Rich
1042 Framed print Victorian “ladies”
1043 Framed painting Nude signed
1044 Framed map Turks and Caicos Islands
1045 Framed print ” Proverbidioms”
1046 The Big Book of Lionel
1047 Lion Annual 1963
1048 The Dictionary of Mythology Coleman
1049 Lee and Grant Smith
1050 Hearts in Conflict Anders
1051 Helen Mirren In the Frame
1052 A Celebration of Comic Art and Memorabilia Lesser
1053 Art in the White House
1054 Manet Richardson
1055 Edward Hopper Costantino
1056 The Century in Review Walter Cronkite DVDS
1057 Nor Shall Your Glory Be Forgot Kristoffersen
1058 American Art and Architecture of the Boston Library
1059 Sharing a Singular Vision
1060 Testarossa framing
1061 The Great Debate Hayne and Webster 1898
1062 Earth From Above Arthus-Bertrand
1063 Wyatt Earp Speaks Stephens
1064 The Doomed Ship Wreck of the Arctic Regions Burton
1065 Kung Fu 4 pbs
1066 Lot Two watercolor prints: Helen Downing Hunter signed
1067 Framed watercolor print Paris artist signed
1068 Framed watercolor print author signed ” Table Mountain From the Waterfront”
1069 Framed map Septentrio Nalium
1070 Framed painting London Big Ben in Tower of London
1071 LOt 78 records incl:Al Jolson;Jimmy Dorsey;Tommy Dorsey;Cab Calloway;Bing Crosby; Andrews Sisters
1072 LOt 78 records incl:Andrews Sisters;Moon Mulligan Glen Miller;The Gallahads;Tommy Dorsey;Louis Jordan The Four Tunes
1073 LOt 78 records incl:George Hamilton;Teddy Wilson Gloria Mann;The Four Tunes;Jeanette MacDonald; Wild Bill Davis;Savannah Churchill;Bill Doggett
1074 LOt 78 records incl:Joe Belmont;William Myers; New York Military Band;
1075 LOt 78 records incl Old Black Joe;Van Brundt; Betsy Lane Shepherd
1076 LOt 78 records incl New York Military Band; Abner Silver;Billy Dale;Chas Parrott; Gilbert Girard
1077 LOt 78 records incl Album Count Basie Album Wayne King Album This is Jazz
1078 LOt 78 records incl Album Andrews Sisters;
1079 Lot 33 vinyl; records incl: Tiny Tim Spike Milligan; Petert Sellers;Cab Calloway; Ray Charles;Aretha Franklin;Blues Brothers Steam Locomotives in Action
1080 Lot 33 vinyl; records incl: Billie Holiday Giants in Jazz
1081 Lot 78 records incl:California Ramblers;Half Way Orch Ted Lewis;Art Hickman;Barbara Maurell;
1082 Lot 78 records incl:Hagers Band;Fontane Sisters Hilltoppers; :Paul Whiteman;Guy Lombardo Deanna Durbin;Burl Ives
1083 Lot 78 records incl:Taylor Trio;Frank Crumit; Nora Bayes;Chas Hackett; Ted Lewis;Jack Teagarden Capitol Jazzmen;Fed Buttons;
1084 Lot 78 records incl: Herbie Haymer;Buddy Rich Errol Garner Trio;Art Hickman;
1085 Lot 78 records incl: Walter Scanlan;Crescent Trio Harry Barths Mississippians;
1086 Lot 78 records incl: Aileen Stanley;Westendorf Rae Ball;Otto Giritz,Albert Spalding
1087 Lot 78 records incl: New York Military Band Chalmers;Harry Lincoln;Gladys Rice;
1088 Lot 78 records incl: Album: Tommy Dorsey Square Dances Pleasant Valley Boys
1089 Lot 78 records incl: Album: Naughty 90s Beatrice Kay Enric Madriguera Latin America
1090 Lot 33 vinyl records Sounds of Steam Railroading
1091 Lot 33 vinyl records Sounds of Steam Railroading
1092 Lot 33 vinyl records Sounds of Steam Railroading
1093 Lot 33 vinyl records Sounds of Steam Railroading
1094 Framed Gibson Girl Print 1903 Colliers “The Greatest Game in the World-His Move”
1095 Framed Early English Litho Sir Murray Maxwell c 1870 Tiger maple frame
1096 Framed Early French litho L’Amerique
1097 Two framed Lithos Early Prussian military
1098 Original Currier and Ives # 6530 The Washington Family 1867
1099 Original Currier and Ives # 4577 The Old Oaken Bucket 1872 “Not a full gushing goblet could tempt me to leave it”
1100 Brass plaque Honoring the Amendments to our Constitution known as the Bill of Rights March 4th 1789
1101 Matted oil painting artist signed Morrero Reclining Nude
1102 Matted oil painting artist signed Morrero Standing Nude
1103 Framed print John Noble artist signed ltd ed 16/225 “Ghost of a Bygone Ferry” World Trade Center in background 1973
1104 Framed print John Noble artist signed “Blackmith and Sons ”
1105 Artists Proof Emil Ganso artist signed Two nudes reclining on beach
1106 Print Ltd Ed artist signed Marrero Standing Nude 5/10
1107 Framed watercolor Karl Egge
1108 Framed print Native Americans pen and ink Ericka Smith DeLong
1109 Framed watercolor
1110 Framed print signed Nist
1111 B/L Art and Architecture workbooks
1112 B.L VHS tapes
1113 Northern Tales Eskimo, Indians Norman
1114 The China Run Paterson
1115 Salem Vessels and Their Voyages 2 vols Putnam 1924
1116 Modern Drawings 1924
1117 The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam 1938
1118 The Book of Japanese Design Kaiyama Kyusaburo 1969
1119 Gerat Ages of Man 5 vols
1120 The Rector of St Marks Holmes 1908 Slow and Sure Horatio Alger 1902
1121 The Dreadnought Boys in Home Waters Lawton 1914 Tom Swift and His Electric Locomotive 1922 2
1122 Beyond the Rio Grande Raine 1942 To the Last Man Zane Grey 1922 2
1123 The First Book of Eskimos Brewster 1952
1124 Eneas Africanus 1940 Edwards
1125 Portraits of the Civil War Axelrod
1126 The Old Eagle Nester Doris Brooks Lost Legends of the Catskills author inscribed
1127 Images of America Erie Canal
1128 Prison Writings Peltier
1129 The Saga of Gisli 1936 lst Ed Illus Rockwell Kent
1130 Pocahontas Woodward
1131 Rebuilding the Indian (motorcycle)
1132 Sugar Creek Life on the Illinois Prairie Faragher lst ed dj
1133 Adirondack French Louie Dunham 2 Ghosts and Haunts From the Appalachian Foothills
1134 1421 The Year China Discovered America Gavin Menzies
1135 In The Fourth Year H G Wells 1918
1136 Alaska Trails and Tales Gressley
1137 With The Nez Perces Gay Apaches Haley 2
1138 The Adirondack Reader Jaimeson After The Summer People Leave Adirondacks 2
1139 Ada Blackjack Survival in the Arctic
1140 Coyote V Acme Ian Frazier
1141 The Maine Woods Thoreau
1142 The Indian Way McLain
1143 The Worlds Great Folk Tales Foster
1144 A Day With a Cheyenne ” ” Mimbres ” ” Pueblo ” ” Aztec 4
1145 Hammonds Nature Atlas of America
1146 Three Hundred Years of American Painting Eliot The Art of Etching 2
1147 The World We Live In Life
1148 The Northwest Coast The Fort in the Wilderness Strobeck The Oregon Trail Yesterday and Today Hill
1149 Ageless Wisdom of the American West Clayton
1150 Sketching With a Pencil Hamilton
1151 In The Real of Ideas Frank Lloyd Wright
1152 Frontier Family Life Bell
1153 Disney’s Fantasia Deems Taylor 1940
1154 The New American Cottage Trulove
1155 Millet 100 Drawings Bacou
1156 The Architects Eye 1799=1978 Stern
1157 Alberobello Vinicio Aquaro
1158 Arabian Ornament 12-18th Century
1159 Paris Along the Seine
1160 Native American Testimony Nabokov
1161 Mountain Men of Jackson’s Hole
1162 Things That Go Bump in the Night Louis Jones
1163 Images of America Ramsey NJ
1164 Notes of a Military Reconnaissance From Fort Leavenworth ,Missouri to San Diego, California W Emory Brevet Major 1848 rough
1165 Lot 35mm slides
1166 Lot 35mm slides
1167 AH Book of Indians
1168 Art Nouveau Sembach
1169 The American Indian 2 vols in sleeve
1170 Vestiges of Grandeur The Plantations of Louisiana’s River Road Sexton
1171 Beautiful Death Art of the Cemetery lst ed dj Dean Koontz
1172 Best of the West
1173 Matisse in Morocco
1174 Hanta Yo An American Saga Ruth Hill
1175 Amer Heritage magazines 1976 2
1176 The Treehouse Book Nelson
1177 The Native American Sweat Lodge Bruchac
1178 The Life and Works of Rennie Mackintosh
1179 The Artists Way Julia Cameron
1180 Big Eyes Simeon Schuvemberger 1902-l908 Long
1181 Round Lake Little Village in the Grove Hesson author signed
1182 T/L Misc eph
1183 Numismatic lot : Buffalo nickels 4 in folder Empty folders Sacajawia: Indian Head Pennys 2
1184 Bums Brooklyn Dodgers Golenbock
1185 Morocco Timeless Places Solyst
1186 Cornell Rural School Leaflet 1916
1187 Complete Works of Shakespeare Illus Rockwell Kent 1936
1188 Stuart Little E B White Illus Garth Williams
1189 Secrets of the Tomb Skull and Bones The Ivy League and the Hidden Paths of Power Robbins
1190 Jungle Pilot Russell Hitt
1191 The LL Bean Guide to the Outdoors Riviere
1192 American Indian Healing Arts Kavasch
1193 Adirondack Wildguide DiNunzio
1194 Navajo and Tibetan Sacred Wisdom The Circle of the Spirit Gold
1195 Games of the North American Indians Culin
1196 The American Indian in the Civil War 1862-l865 Abel
1197 Kayak Building Wood and Canvas Putz
1198 Canoeing Central New York Ehling
1199 The Technique of North American Indian Beadwork
1200 Our Urban Legacy Medieval Towns Clifford Moller
1201 A Little House of My Own Walker
1202 Board of Indian Commissioners 5th Annual Report 1873
1203 A Houseful of Children 1883 rough
1204 The Choice Works of Thomas Hood 3 vols 1852
1205 The Sea Lions J Fenimore Cooper c1890
1206 The Three Musketeers Dumas 1928 rough
1207 Pen Pictures From Life 1886
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1210 Wrecked on a Reef 1884
1211 My Wife and I H B Stowe 1872 The Pioneer Boys of the Missouri 1914
1212 Up The North Branch Cpt Farrar 1888
1213 The Journals of George M Dawson 1875-l878 1989
1214 San Gabriel Mission and the Beginnings of Los Angeles 1927 Zephyrin Engelhardt
1215 Grandmas Memories 1888 Brine
1216 A Story of Four Acorns Engle 1881
1217 Matted pen and ink artist signed Ltd Ed 110/150
1218 Framed painting thatch roof houses/sheep in pasture artist signed Krantz
1219 Victorian oak framed painting artist signed
1220 Framed oil painting rocky stream artist signed
1221 Framed water color painting barns
1222 Oil painting country lake
1223 The Mural Project 1941 Ansel Adams Driftwood
1224 With Pen and Ink James Hall 1913
1225 The Significance of the Fine Arts American Institute of Architects 1923
1226 Stratford on Avon A Sketch Book Gordon Home
1227 Select documents of US History 1776-l861 1898
1228 Art and Science of Carpentry made Easy Wm Bell 1875
1229 An Introduction to American Poetry 1934 Presott, Cornell University
1230 California and Oregon Trail Parkman Several pages re contact with fur trappers (possible link to Jedediah Smith born in a cabin at Harmonie Hall Chenango County NY)c 1890
1231 When Wilderness Was King Randall Parrish 1905 Galusha the Magnificent Lincoln 1926 2
1232 Trilby George Du Maurier 1895
1233 The Claim Jumpers Stewart Edward White 1901
1234 Openings In The Old Trail Bret Harte 1938
1235 The Rainbow Trail Zane Grey 1915 2 The Patrol of the Sundance Trail 1914
1236 The Valley of the Sun Wm McCoy 1921 Dust of the Desert Ritche 1922 2
1237 The Vikings Skull Carling 1904 Paradise Bend William Patterson White 1920 2
1238 A Guide to the Collecting and Care of Original Prints Zigrosser 1971
1239 The Duke Decides Hill 1903 The Discoverers Boorstin 2
1240 Legends of French Canada 1978 The Government Class Book 1891 2
1241 The Young Silver Seekers 1882 rough The River Man Stewart Edward White 1908 2
1242 Little Ships Norris 1925 Mr Pratt Lincoln 1911 2
1243 The Museum Comes to Life Cormack Gunsight Pass Raine 1921 The Rider of Golden Bar Wm White 1922 3
1244 American Lands and People Smith 1934 Brownies and the Farmer Palmer Cox 1902 rough
1245 Pleasant Hours With American Authors Scull 1898
1246 The Scottish Chiefs Jane Porter Illus N C Wyeth 1924
1247 Political Quotations 1907 rough How happy is he born or taught (Sir Henry Wotton That serveth not another’s will Character of a Whose armor is his honest thought Happy Life 1568)
1248 The St Nicholas Anthology Henry Steele Commager 1948
1249 San Francisco’s Great Disaster Tyler Leading Facts of American History Montgomery 1917
1250 Two Little Confederates Page 1924 Her Letter Bret Harte 1905 Illus Keller
1251 N By E Rockwell Kent 1930 block prints
1252 Ali and Nina Kurban Said Catch Words of Cheer 1907 Hubbard There is no Real Life but cheerful life Addison
1253 The Heroine of the Strait Crowley 1902 rough
1254 Facing Death G A Henty A Tale of the Coal Mines c1890
1255 The Legends of the Jews Ginzberg The Treatise Tanit Malter 2 1967
1256 Pale Fire Vladimir Nabakov lst prt
1257 Samantha at Saratoga 1887 Josiah Allens Wife
1258 Famous Indian Chiefs I Have Known OO Howard Major General U S Army 1908
1259 Jim Crow America Earl Conrad 1947 lst Prt
1260 The Essays of Abraham Cowley 1868
1261 What Can She Do ? E P Roe 1888
1262 Arctic Village Robert Marshall 1933
1263 Drums Along The Mohawk Edmonds 1937
1264 War Chief of the Seminoles Mc Near Illus Lynd Ward 1954
1265 Process Book of Woodblock Printing
1266 Merles Crusade Carey c 1900
1267 John Halifax Mullock c 1900
1268 Ruggles of Red Gap Wilson 1915 Movie Version The Trail of the Lonesome Pine John Fox 1936 2
1269 Swift Lightning Curwood 1926 Marmion Scott 2
1270 David Balfour Stevenson 1893 The Master Man John Lane 1906 2
1271 The Earth Trembled E P Roe 1892 The Discovery of the Old Northwest Baldwin 1901
1272 Cardinal Richeleu Lord Byron c 1900 Rasselas Johnson 1908 2
1273 Donovan Lyall c1910 2 Cranford Gaskell c 1910
1274 History and Practices of Fine and Ornamental Arts William Scott 1867 rough
1275 At The South Pole Kingston
1276 Diana Susan Warner 1877
1277 Wild Life in the Far West Simpson 1903
1278 The Uncivilized Races of Men in All Countries of the World J G Wood 187
1279 Family History of the United States Ridpath 1897 rough
1280 The Tiger Prince Dalton 1875
1281 In Doors and Out Views From the Chimney Corner Oliver Optic 1876
1282 Patriarchs and Prophets E G White 1892
1283 On Land and Sea California in the Years 1843, 44.45 1884
1284 Footprints of four Centuries The Story of the American People Mabie 1894
1285 Illus Ency of Animated Nature John Frost 1857
1286 Grays Elegy 1906 Written in a Country Church Yard New Testament 1915 2
1287 John Browns Tract Lost Adirondack Empire Brown/Walton
1288 The Pilot James Fenimore Cooper
1289 The World of Adventure 1892 rough
1290 Gentle Thoughts Deane 1969 Love Letters of a Violinist Mackay 1906 2
1291 Tales and Trails of Martha’s Vineyard lst ed 1938 Allen
1292 A Night Out Edward Peple 1911
1293 The Bonesetters Daughter Amy Tan
1294 Silver Chief Dog of the North O Brien 1933 Kazan The Wolf Dog Curwood 1941 3 Silver Chief to the Rescue O Brien 1937
1295 Many Snows Ago Deming 1929
1296 The Castle of Grumpy Grouch Donahey 1907
1297 Yearbook of the Schools Ridgewood NJ !926
1298 Robinson Crusoe Defoe 1897
1299 Drums James Boyd Illlus N C Wyeth 1928 rough
1300 The Law of the Gun Cullum 1918
1301 Cornell University publications: 1920 Baccalaureate Bailey Hall1920 Commencement; 52nd Commencement War Dead 1920 Intercollegiate Regatta Cayuga Lake
1302 Passion By Design The Art and Times of Tamara De Lempicka lst ed dj
1303 Potato Hill and Other Recollections Updike
1304 Head Hunting in the Solomon Islands 1942 Mytinger
1305 Campfire Tales of Jackson Hole ( Page 27 The Mountain Men : Jededia Strong Smith:did not smoke. rarely drank carried a Bible, known as “Old Jed” or “Diah” Greatest
1306 Journal of a Trapper 2 Russell
1307 The Encycl of Architecture The Classic 1867 Edition Gwilt 1982
1308 The Model Mortensen 1946
1309 Brassi Letters to My Parents 1997
1310 Don’t Squat With Your Spurs On ! A Cowboys Guide to Life “The easiest way to eat crow is while its still warm The colder it gets the harder it is to swaller.”
1311 Richard Morris Hunt Baker
1312 Field Guide to American Houses
1313 The Best from Yank The Army Weekly 1945
1314 Canterbury Tales Chaucer Illus Rockwell Kent
1315 Robinson Crusoe DeFoe 1934
1316 Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates Dodge 1932 2 vol Illus N C Wyeth and Peter Hurd
1317 Deerslayer J Fenimore Cooper Illus N C Wyeth 1929
1318 David Balfour Stevenson Illus N C Wyeth 1953
1319 The Last of the Mohicans J Fenimore Cooper 1933 Illus N C Wyeth
1320 Pictorial History of the Second World War 4 vols 1946
1321 In a Barren Land American Indian Dispossession and Survival Marks
1322 Henri Cartier-Bresson The Early Work
1323 AH Book of the Pioneer Spirit
1324 Country Wisdom David Larkin
1325 Grandad’s Prayers of the Earth Wood
1326 Indian Peace Medals in American History Prucha
1327 Artists by Themselves
1328 Settling the West The American Story
1329 Covered Bridges of the Northeast Allen
1330 Books on Architecture: Michael Graves The Future of Architecture 1953 Court and Garden Dennis 3
1331 Books on Architecture: In One Barn Pelley Acorn Architecture Louis Sullivan 3
1332 The Hopi Photographs 1905-l912 Cory
1333 The Face is Familiar Ogden Nash
1334 Falling Up Shel Silverstein
1335 Sacred Writings The Quran
1336 On Writing Stephen King
1337 American Folk Art
1338 Collecting Photographica
1339 Monhegan The artists Island
1340 Ency of Recorded Opera The Making of An Opera
1341 5000 Nights at the Opera Sir Rudolf Bing
1342 The Opera House Album
1343 Islam Art and Architecture
1344 Architecture Trachtenberg
1345 Ency of Great Composers and Their Music 2 vols
1346 Music Its Story in the West
1347 A History of Western Music Grout
1348 A Brief History of Time Stephen Hawking
1349 Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea Jules Verne
1350 Billy Bathgate E L Doctorow
1351 Red Riddance Ogden Nash
1352 White Fang and The Call of the Wild Jack London
1353 The Last of the Mohicans James Fenimore Cooper
1354 Framed photograph/autograph Jonathan Winters
1355 Framed photograph/autograph Buddy Hackett
1356 Framed photograph/autograph Carly Simon
1357 Framed photograph/autograph Milton Berle
1358 Framed oriental print
1359 Framed watercolor artist signed
1360 Framed Mirrored sign No Gambling, Cussing, or Spitting
1361 Framed watercolor print artist signed
1362 Framed pen and ink artist signed Man with Prayer Shawl
1363 Framed oriental print
1364 Framed Excalibur auto ad
1365 Framed Memorial to Lincoln
1366 Framed print of painting Red Capped Youngster
1367 Framed sales award Barry Manilow record
1368 Print Clipper Ship Gordon Grant
1369 Print Old Time Baseball artist signed Ltd Ed
1370 Matted watercolor Girl With a Key
1371 Framed poster Boxer Frank Zamaris 1938 artist sign
1372 Two sepia photos Mountain terrain
1373 Framed Pen and Ink artist signed Providence, RI
1374 Painting Nude
1375 Framed pen and ink Lakeport Mercantile
1376 Framed Serigraph Warren Woodward artist signed Bio on back
1377 Framed oil=painting artist signed Street Scene
1378 Framed poster Moulon Rouge Concert
1379 Framed contemporary painting Harbor Scene
1380 Framed Abstract print artist signed
1381 Framed autographed photo Tyrone Power
1382 Framed watercolor print artist signed
1383 Framed autographed Photo Mickey Rooney
1384 Framed Watercolor Cowboy shooting snake
1385 Framed print Hauling in the Nets Ltd Ed artist signed 500/980
1386 Framed pen and ink artist signed Three characters
1387 Framed book plate
1388 Framed oriental print
1389 Framed map Europe 1631 Facs
1390 Framed print artist signed Carrying Water On Both Shoulders
1391 Framed print artist signed Ltd Ed 18/100 Hope Springs Eternal
1392 Poster Movie Star Collage
1393 Framed poster The Grateful Dead
1394 Framed Original Etching 1936 Patriarch Artist Moses Hyman signed
1395 Framed Pen and Ink artist signed and dated Rat Infested Bed Room
1396 Art Expo poster 1980 signed by artist Schary LtdEd 19/80
1397 Framed poster Santa Fe Wine and Chile Fiesta
1398 Framed Poster Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1399 Framed pastel “Afternoon Glow” Fleur Byers
1400 Framed painting on Board
1401 Framed abstract painting artist signed
1402 New York Yankees Plaque 1/500 Don Mattingly signed
1403 Framed print ” Blue Boulevard” Robert Girrard
1404 Framed poster Holyfield Tyson Fight
1405 Framed animal portraits Lions, Tiger
1406 Framed print Cattle artist signed Ltd Ed Zarau 60/275
1407 Framed Houshang Gallery Poster
1408 Framed abstract painting artist signed
1409 Framed charcoal Patriarch artist signed
1410 Framed oil painting Seascape w/trees
1411 Framed oriental print
1412 Album 78 records:Davison Commodores,Brunis Jazz Band, Eddie Condon Band,Mugsy Spanier and his Ragtime Band
1413 Album 78 records:Arthur Pryors Band,Bing Crosby Andrews Sisters,Harry James,Bob Crosby,Ella Fitzgerald
1414 Albums 78 records:King Cole Trio,Harry Horlick “Yankee Doodle Dandy”
1415 Albums 78 records:Boston Pops,Dallas Symphony
1416 Edison 78s:Max Fells,New York Military Band Charles Dabb Xylophone,Farmhard Medley, 6
1417 T/L Road Maps/ Esso
1418 Lot 33 vinyl records :John Lennon;David Blue
1419 Lot 33 vinyl records :The Beatles,Paul Anka 2
1420 Lot 33 vinyl records :The Beatles,The B 52s
1421 Lot 78 records incl:Andrews Sisters,Bob Crosby, Betty Bradley,Bing Crosby,Sammy Kaye,Glen Miller, Russ Morgan,Tommy Dorsey,Frank Sinatra,Jimmy Dorsey,, Tex Benecke,Ray Eberle,Woody Herman
1422 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; The Dave Clark Five The Young Rascals,Rod Stewart,John Baldry,Elton John Russ Morgan,Tommy Dorsey,Frank Sinatra,Jimmy Dorsey,, Tex Benecke,Ray Eberle,Woody Herman
1423 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Neil Young,Crazy Horse, EricBurdon and the Animals,Janis Joplin,Big Brother and the Holding Co,Full Tilt Boogie Band,
1424 Hammond Ambassador World Atlas
1425 Lot 78 records incl:Frank Stanley,Dixie Daisies Cornet Solo Silverthreads Among the Gold Handsme Harry,Lanes Dance Orchestra,University EightWingle Malone,John McCormack
1426 A Series of Unfortunate Events 8 vols
1427 The Dark Lemony Snicket
1428 Paris Notebooks Mavis Gallant
1429 The Lego Animation Book Pickett
1430 Our World Now Reuters
1431 Series The History Channel 10 DVDs
1432 The Greatest Presidential Stories Ever Told Rick Beyer
1433 Broadway The American Musical
1434 Vermont People Peter Miller autographed
1435 THe Complete Works of Rabelais
1436 The Landmark Thucydides Strassler
1437 The Odyssey of Homer
1438 Pitfiring Ceramics
1439 Father Joe Tony Hendra
1440 Winston Churchill An Intimate Portrait Violet Bonham Carter
1441 Nixon Education of a Politician 1913-l962 Stephen Ambrose
1442 Weller Pottery
1443 Pictorial History of Television
1444 William and Catherine Their Story Morton
1445 Report of the First Army American Expeditionary Forces General John Pershing 1918 1923
1446 From Day to Day With Whittier 1910 August 9th :”God calls our loved ones, but we lose not wholly What He Hath Given: They live on earth in thought and deed, a truly As in Heaven”
1447 The Martial Spirit Walter Mills 1931
1448 Anna and Elsa Memory and Magic Erica David ” ” ” All Hail the Queen ” ” 2
1449 The Golly Sisters Go West Betsy Byars Illust Sue Truesdell
1450 Penny Bunnys Hoppiest Easter Wigand
1451 Dr. Seuss – Hop on Pop
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