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1 The Temptation of Forgiveness
2 Conversations with God Walsch 2 vols
3 Care of the Soul Thomas Moore
4 The Denial of Death Becker
5 A Matter of Eternity Sayers
6 On Life After Death Ross MD Proof of Heaven Alexander MD
7 Mira Calligraphiae Monumenta
8 A Guide for the Advanced Soul
9 Wolves Eat Dogs Smith
10 An Instance of the Fingerpost Pears
11 The Immaculate Deception
12 Sparrow Muske Dukes
13 The Raphael Affair Pears
14 The Various Haunts of Men Hill
15 The Soul of Discretion Hill
16 The Writers Journey Vogler
17 The Cat Earle Cats A Portrait in Pictures and Words French for Cats Advanced French for Exceptional Cats 4
18 Lot 78 records Alfred E Smith Memorial Album
19 Lot 78 records semi classical All Girl Orchestra Phil Spitalny
20 Lot 78 records semi classical
21 Lot 78 records semi classical
22 Lot 78 records semi classical
23 Lot 78 records semi classical Enrico Caruso
24 Lot 33 vinyl records Civil War songs
25 Lot 33 vinyl records classical
26 Lot 33 vinyl records incl Tennessee Ernie Ford, Everly bros etc
27 Lot 33 vinyl records incl ,classical
28 Lot 33 vinyl records incl Harry Lauder, classical
29 Lot 33 vinyl records classical
30 Lot 33 vinyl records classical
31 Lot 33 vinyl records classical
32 Lot 33 vinyl records classical
33 Lot 33 vinyl records classical
34 Lot 33 vinyl records classical
35 Lot 33 vinyl records classical
36 Lot 78 records classical
37 Inventing the Future Sarnoff
38 Egypt Antiquities from Above
39 Frank Gehry Miller
40 Lot Sunoco presidential coins
40A Lot tokens casinos etc
41 Nuclear Battlefields
42 Nuclear War in the 1980s
43 The Second Amendment Primer
44 Lot Flight handbooks and Airplane profiles
45 Lot Warships data booklets
46 War Within and Without Anne Morrow Lindbergh
47 Lindbergh a Biography Moskley The Wartime Journals of Chas Lindbergh
48 Hughes Hack
49 Advanced Technology Warfare
50 Lot Books re Foreign Military Power and Smithsonian Air and Space books
51 Day of Destiny photographs This is Guadalcanal photographs 2
52 Michael Moore is a Big Fat Stupid White Man Hardy/Clarke
53 More Guns, Less Crime Lott
54 Inside the Asylum Jed Babbin
55 Theoretical Mechanics 1904
56 The Wests Last Chance Blankley
57 Let Freedom Ring Sean Hannity
58 Every Knee Shall Bow Ruby Ridge and Randy Weaver Family Walter
59 Celebrated in Their Lifetime
60 Some Strangeness in the Proportion ( Albert Einstein)
61 Profiles in Courage JFK 2
62 Lot 3 3 vinyl records incl:Electric Black Man Eric Moody Blues etc
63 Lot 3 3 vinyl records incl:Beatles,Quincy Jones,
64 Lot 3 3 vinyl records incl:Wes Montgomery Willie Nelson,Bob Dylan
65 Lot 3 3 vinyl records incl Joe Jackson Elvis, Paul Simon
66 Lot 3 3 vinyl records incl Hubert Laws,etc
67 Lot 3 3 vinyl records incl Stanley Crouch, Bob Dylan etc
68 Lot 3 3 vinyl records incl Ertic Clapton,
69 Lot 3 3 vinyl records incl Moody Blues Beatles, Bob Dylan
70 Lot 3 3 vinyl records incl Newport Folk Festival Richard Pryor, Allman Bros,Ray Charles,Rolling Stones Beatles
71 Lot 3 3 vinyl records incl Bruce Springsteen
72 T/L Misc eph
73 The Blue Jackets Manual 1950 Ships Stories and Pictures 1937 2
74 The Birth and Babyhood of the Telephone Watson A T and T 1934 Local Battery Telephone Circuits US Army 1942
75 BSA Handbook 1959 Norman Rockwell
76 T/L misc eph
77 T/L misc eph
78 B/L antique auto ads
79 T/L Misc eph
80 T/L Misc eph
81 Pierre Toussant Sheehan The Honeycomb Adelka Roger St Johns Andrea Palladio 3
82 Scouts of 76 Charles E Willis 1924 Dedicated to the Boy Scouts of America Story based on BooneTown (now Boonton, NJ) References to The Tourne,The Boonton Falls
83 Field Guide to the Butterflies Klots National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Trees Eastern Region Red Book Birds of America
84 Field Book of Insects Lutz 1918 Petersons Guide Reptiles and Amphibians 2
85 The Merck Veterinary Manual 1979
86 The Golden Eagle Murphy 1965
87 White Pine and Blue Water Maine Beston 1950
88 NGS Field Guide to the Birds of North America 4th and 6th Editions (2) Fourth by Director Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology
89 Smithsonian Handbook of North American Birds
90 The Animal Dialogues Craig Childs author signed
91 Audubon Handbook Eastern birds Track Finder Miller Guide to Reptiles and Amphibians 3
92 National Audubon Society Field Guide to Birds 2 ” ” ” ” Reptiles & Amphibians
93 Farm Blacksmithing Drew 1901
94 American Family Farm Antiques
95 Country Furniture
96 Primitives Our American Heritage
97 The White House Cornerstone of a Nation Judith St. George signed
98 General Colin Powell High Point University Cultural Enrichment Series
99 John Adams David McCullough Alexander Hamilton Forrest McDonald lst Ed dj 2
100 Pale Fire Vladimir Nabokov Creative Procrastination Porat
101 Naval Battle of Guadalcanal Illus History of WWII
102 The Jewish Way of Death and Mourning
103 The Importance of being Ernest record Oscar Wilde signed (facs) St Patricks Day 78record Album Crosby 1945 2
104 The Migration of Birds Dorst
105 The Shrub Identification Book
106 The Tree Identification Book
107 Splinters From The Past Alex Fowler Discovering History in Old Houses Morris County Historical Society
108 Trail Blazer Sarah Palin Benet
109 Harvard Schmarvard Mathews
110 Revolutionary Mothers Women in the Struggle for Americas Independence Carol Berkin lst ed dj
111 Bolt of Fate, Franklin Tom Tucker
112 Dogs Never Lie About Love Masson
113 Purple Martin Americas Most Wanted Birds
114 Wildflowers and Winter Weeds
115 Elements of Livestock Judging W W Smith
116 The Years Between 1783-l789 Washington at Home at Mount Vernon
117 The Generals War Desert Storm
118 The New Jersey Sampler John Cunningham
119 Year of the Hangman George Washington’s Campaign Against the Iroquois lst ed dj
120 American Firearms Stephen VanRensselaer Ltd Ed 484/ 500
121 Poor Richards Politicks Conner
122 The Conflict of Religions Ashby
123 Guide to Trees Tree Care 2 John Haller
124 Helmet for My Pillow: Lackie WWII USMA
125 The Presidents Daughter Barbara Chase Ribaud
126 Master Guide to Birding Audubon Society Audubon Handbook Eastern Birds 2
127 Field Guide to Birds Nests Field Guide to Wild Flowers Field Guide to Northern Insects and Spiders 3
128 The Rockbound Coast Travels in Maine Little
129 John Browns Body Stephen Vincent Benet Illust Fritz Kredel
130 American Sniper Navy Seal Chris Kyle
131 Tiffany’s Table Manners for Teenagers
132 Art Deco Guide Fusco
133 Long May She Wave Heffernan
134 Norman Rockwell’s America
135 The Vanishing American Outhouse The Outhouse Revisited 2
136 A Grand Old Flag
137 The World Rushed In ( Gold Rush) J S Holiday
138 Benjamin Franklin Morgan
139 Soda Fountain Classics
140 Soldier and Brave National Park Service
141 AH History of the Presidents 3
142 You Only Live Twice Fleming 1964
143 Colonials and Patriots
144 Nan The Life of An Irish Traveling Woman
145 The Lost World of the Kalahari
146 The Story of Yankee Whaling
147 Of Whales and Men Robertson
148 God Among the Shakers Sabbath Day Lake
149 General Washington’s Christmas Farewell
150 The Difficulty of Being a Dog Grenier The Hidden Life of Dogs Thomas 2
151 Saturday Night at Moodys Diner
152 Bats Wings in the Night Lauber
153 First Flight Humming Birds
154 Shorthand Dictionary Greggs
155 John Paul Jones Evan Thomas
156 The War for the Union 1863-l864 Nevins
157 The Susquehanna Carl Carmer 1955 author signed Includes the Story of the Gould/Fiske RR takeover war that erupted at Tunnel, Bainbridge and Afton, NY)
158 John Quincy Adams Nagel
159 Plant Pruning in Pictures Montague Free
160 Field Guide to Animal Tracks Field Guide to North American Weather 2
161 The Peregrine Falcon Murphy
162 The Cornell Illustrated Ency of Health Weill Medical College Cornell University
163 Washington’s Generals Golway lst Ed
164 It Doesnt Take a Hero General Herbert Norman Schwarzkopf Class of 1956 USMA
165 The French and Indian War Borneman
166 Drums James Boyd Illus N C Wyeth 1928
167 Power, Faith, and Fantasy Oren America in the Middle East 1776 to the Present
168 Lincolns Admiral The Civil War Campaigns of David Farragut
169 The Wilderness War Eckert
170 Newark John Cunningham
171 Morris County The Progress of Its Legend Perruci
172 Memoirs of the Empress Eugenie 1920
173 Certain Trumpets Gary Wills Call of Leadfers
174 Bert Wilson at the Wheel Duffield 1933
175 Folded Hills 1934 My World is An Island Ogilvie 2
176 Great Son Edna Ferber
177 Roses of America Brooklyn Botanic Garden Gardens and Grounds That Take care of Themselves 2
178 Finding and Buying Your Place in the Country
179 The Perfect Country Cottage
180 A Celebration of Old Roses Dahlias for Every Garden Gardening in Small Spaces 3
181 The Divided Ground Alan Taylor Indians, Settlers, and the Northern Borderland of the American Revolution
182 Good Things Martha Stewart Winter Solstice Pilcher
183 Great Book of Vegetables
184 The Mill Fox
185 Early American Mills
186 Washington The Indispensable Man Flexner
187 Tales of O Henry Synonyms, Antonyms and Prepositions Fernald 2
188 For Liberty and Glory Washington, Lafayette and Their Revolutions Gaines
189 Sea of Thunder Last Great Naval Campaigns 1941=l945
190 Adirondack Country
191 American Statesmen 1894
192 The Little Lame Prince
193 Madeline Says Merci
194 Angel in the Whirlwind Bobrick
195 Discover Indian Reservations Dog Friendly New England
196 Feed Mixers Handbook 1956
197 Successful Berry Growing Who Wakes the Groundhog ? 2
198 The Backyard Berry Book Pruning Trees and Shrubs 1941
199 Defeating the Hacker Schifreen
200 T/L Trade publications, catalogs radio
201 T/L Trade publications, catalogs radio
202 T/L Trade publications, catalogs radio
203 T/L Radio magazines, trade publications
204 T/L Radio , trade publications, manuals etc
205 T/L Radio, reports etc
206 T/L Radio ,Electronics eph
207 T/L Road and Track magazines
208 T/L RCA Tube and Radio manuals etc
209 How to Build Wooden Boats Catboats 2
210 Book of Submarines Cmdr C W Rush USN
211 1931 German Electric Propulsion Equipment Four Lasted Barque Hussar
212 The Search for Amelia Earhart Fred Goerner
213 Lot US Army and Navy Electronics Manuals
214 Lot US Army and Air Force Electronics Manuals
216 Traction Shop and Roadway 3 vols 1928+
216A Trains Illustrated 1960-61 2 bound vols
216B Transmitter USN Course 2 vols
216C Principles of Radio for Operators 1947 Elements of Radio Servicing 1947 2
216D Handbook of Radio Writing 1947 Radio Servicing 1951 2
216E Practical Radio for War Training 1943
217 T/L Misc books re Making Books 12
218 Photographies de HCB Americans in Paris 2
219 Castles Burning Denes A Woman in Berlin Farewell Dresden Coulonges 3
220 Guide to Picture Framing Papier Mache Marbling Botanical Prints 4
221 Ann and Her Mother O Douglas 1922 Then House That is Our Own O Douglas 1940 The Seton’s Douglas 1917 3
222 Eliza for Common O Douglas 1928 Taken by the Hand O Douglas 1935 Penny Plain O Douglas 1920 3
223 Janes Parlour O Douglas 1937 Olivia O Douglas 1912 The Proper Place O Douglas 1926
224 Pidge and Jamie
225 Dirty Tricks Dibdin
226 Harbors and High Seas
227 A Prayer for Owen Meany John Irving
228 Appointed to Die Kate Charles A Dead Man Out of Mind Kate Charles A Drink of Deadly Wine Kate Charles 3
229 The Children of Men PD James
230 Death Comes to Pemberly P D James
231 A Certain Justice P D James
232 Black and Blue Emma Jameson Blue Blooded Emma Jameson Something Blue Emma Jameson Blue Murder Emma Jameson 4
233 The Dog Who Bit a Policeman Kaminsky
234 Murder on the Trans Siberian Express Kaminsky
235 B/L Books by Sue Grafton Mysteries 14
236 Gardens of Stone Proffitt
237 Lot childrens books
238 The Bookman’s Wake Dunning
239 The Other Woman Silva The New Girl Silva 2
240 Heartbreak Hotel Kellerman
241 Cat in the City Mutts Promise
242 Lot bound editions New York Herald Tribune
243 Syracuse Summer Orange 1948
244 The Outhouse Revisited
245 The ROA Story History of the Reserve Officers Assc of the US
246 Great English Houses
247 Berries A Country Garden cookbook
248 The Anguish of Power Henry Kissenger
249 Growing for Market Yepsen
250 Wild Gardening
251 Reflections of 1776 Sirkis
252 Early American Pressed Glass Ruth Webb Lee 1933
253 Farragut and Our Naval Commanders 1866
254 1776 David McCullough
255 Plant Diseases USDA 1953
256 Soils and Soil Fertility Thompson 1952
257 The Nature and Properties of Soils Buckman, Cornell University
258 Livestock Judging Handbook
259 US Army FM 54-1 The Logistical Command Major JMW Quartermaster 300 th Log Command 1957-1975
260 Living With Dogs Sheehan
261 The English Dog at Home
262 How to Spot an 0wl
263 Victorian
264 The Rocking Chair Book
265 Book of Hummingbirds Trees 2
266 Dumbing Us Down Gatto Lies My Teacher Told Me Loewen Teachers Wanted 3
267 Images of America Smithsonian
268 Young Judy lst Ed dj
269 Pride and Glory of America Brega
270 Photodiscovery 1840-l940
271 The Platinum Years
272 The Nations at War 1914 Abbot
273 Why a Duck ? Marx
274 History of Art Janson
275 Remembering Jack Lowe
276 Reflections Briar Hill
277 Listening In JFK Widmer
278 Shamns with Hypocrites 1883
279 History of the World War 1928
280 Oliver Goldsmith Washington Irving 1849
281 Arts and Crafts Metal Work and Silver
282 The Battle of the Floods 1953
283 Greater Love Hocking 1919 The Second Chance Trent 1918 Seth Parker and His Jonesport Folks 1932 3
284 My Friend Flicka 1941
285 Love Songs The Whole World Sings 1916
286 The Wizard of the Sea Rockwood 1930
287 Life Of Franklin Thayer
288 The Old Mares Foal Nat Gould
289 When Oriole Traveled Westward Marlowe 1921
290 Judy of Rogues Harbour White 1918
291 Rodney Overseer 1892
292 Tang of Life Knibbs 1918
293 Calgano’s Wooing Stebbins 1890
294 The Real Billy Sunday Brown 1914
295 Heidi Grows Up
296 Jack and the Beanstalk 1888
297 Three Little Pigs Tuck series
298 Shirley Temple The Real Little Girl 1938
299 Radio News 1928
300 Best Behavior Good Dog Library The God Dog Connection Healey author signed 2
300A Sinking of the Titanic Mowbray Tribute to JFK
301 A Book of Animals for Children c 1900
302 Gems of Life Alma White 1921
303 Bringing Up Father McManus 1919
304 Sitka The Snow Baby 1934
305 Survival Air Lines War Training Institute 1943
306 Crazy Stunts for Comedy Occasions Tarbell 1929
307 Jinks and Betty Myra Reede 1916
308 The Magic Island Seabrook 1929 The Golden Isle Slaughter 1947
309 Elsie 1891 Heimburg Sword and Scalpel Frank Slaughter lst Ed dj 1957
310 Ministry of Healing White 1909 The Rosary Barclay 1910
311 The Neer Do Well Beach 1`911
312 Marco Polo Heroes of Civilization 1931
313 David Harum Westcott 1899
314 Grandmother Dear Molesworth c 1900
315 Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates Dodge c1900
316 Not Like Other Girls Carey c 1900
317 Captain from Castile Shellabarger 1945
318 The Panama Canal Haskin
319 Vendetta Corelli 1886
320 The Adventures of Johnny Chuck Burgess 1936
321 Louder Please !The Autobiography of a Deaf Man Calkins 1924 Growing Up 1929 2
322 In His Steps Sheldon 1923 Happy isles King 1923 2
323 The Dodgers and Me Leo Durocher 1948
324 The Sticket Minister 1893 Bob Son of Battle Olivant 1923 2
325 Ishmael Southworth c 1900 The Tale of Ferdinand Frog 1918 Bailey 2
326 Dick Kent in the Far North 1927 Gloria A Girl and Her Dad Garis 1923
327 Cudjos Cave Trowbridge Son of the Black Stallion Farley Self Raised Southworth 1908 3
328 Little Pilgrim to Penns Woods Albert 1932 Steve Merill Engineer 1935 Grace Harlowes Third Year at Overton College
329 Desert Flower Stowell 1928 dj The Finest Wheat Hymns New and Old 2
330 Outdoor Girls in a Motor Car 1913 Outdoor Girls in Florida 1913 2
331 Sunny Boy in the Snow White 1928 Matin Merrivale His X Mark Trowbridge c 1900 2
332 Story Parade 2 vols
333 Lot childrens books
334 Lost Canyon Dangerfield 1932 A Captain Unafraid 1912
335 Two Little Savages Seton 1911
336 Rab and His Friends Williams On Service
337 Penrod Booth Tarkington 1914 The Hospital Rose 1886 2
338 The Boy Allies Under the Sea Drake c1898 Bivouac and Battle Oliver Optic 1899
339 Puss N Boots
340 Mother Gooses Nursery Rhymes
341 The Worlds Best Short Stories 7 vols
342 The Lure of the Dim Trails 1907 The Brave and Free 1942
343 Tom Browns School Days 1907 Dracula Stoker 1897 Phantom Rickshaw Kipling 3
344 Two Women in the Klondike Hitchcock 1899
345 Upside Down Ellis 1909
346 Lot childrens books 4
347 Wild Geese Calling Stewart Edw White 1940
348 Lot childrens books
349 Polly Brewster series 4 vols
350 Buddy On the Farm Garis An Auto-Biography Peple 1915 2
351 The Pony Rider Boys in New Mexico Patchin Cowboy Sam and Dandy 2
352 Eben Holden A Tale of the North Country Bacheller
353 With Rogers on the Frontier 1902 The Keeper of the Door Dell c 1920
354 Professional Lover Greig 1933 Jane Allen Junior 2
355 The Outdoor Girls at Spring Hill Farm The Story the Parrot Told
356 Thoroughbreds
357 Rebecca Du Marier 1938 Williams of West Point
358 T/L Jim Bray signed colored lithograph prints
359 T/L Various prints some signed
360 T/L Ossi Czinner signed lithograph prints
361 T/L Susan Elias signed lithograph prints
362 River Line Interturban Railway NJ
363 Reggie White in the Trenches
364 Flipping Houses etc
365 Glory Days Bruce Springsteen
366 Lot pbs Dylan,Springsteen,Beatles,Jagger,Morrison 5
367 Lot Misc magazines Handguns etc
368 Clint Eastwood
369 Disney’s Pinocchio
370 Ron Kovic Antiwar Activist
371 Michael Jordan Hall of Fame Tribute
372 Sports Illustrated magazines
373 Beckett Football Mag
374 Lot 4 decks Topps cards
375 Lot Musician magazines
376 Lot rock concert tour programs
377 Lot record sleeves Rock bands
378 Lot rock concert tour programs Bruce Springsteen
379 Guns N Roses
380 John Lennon Whatever Gets You Through the Night
381 Pamela Anderson
382 TV Guides Lennon, Beatles
383 U2 Into The Heart
384 Lennon John Robertson
385 The Beatles 40th Anniversary
386 The Great TV Sit Com Book
387 Paul McCartney Interviews etc 2
388 Abbott and Costello Scrapbook
389 The Grateful Dead
390 The Beatles an Illustrated Record
391 The Twilight Zone
392 Springsteen Live
393 John Garfield
394 Pictorial History of Sex in Films
395 The Best of Bond
396 Rolling Stones 2
397 Lynyrd Skynyrd 2
398 Evgard poetry
399 The Kiss Years
400 The James Bond Films
401 Mojo Days of Revolution 2
402 Springsteen Blinded by the Light
403 The Who Concert File The Who’s Tommy
404 T/L Misc eph
405 T/L Misc eph
406 Album Post Cards
407 Lot 19th Century paper currency (repr)
408 Lincoln/Kennedy penny
409 Apple Jam record album Clapton,Harrison etc
410 I Love Lucy 60th Anniv
411 Record collector magazines 2m
412 Norma Jean Childrens Book Civil War
413 The Who Concert File The Who 1958=l978
414 Alcatraz
415 Erotic Aerobics Maxim Magazine
416 Sex Games
417 Dark Side of the Moon Pink Floyd
418 The Quiet One George Harrison
419 Metallica, The Doors 2
420 Ringo Starr John Lennon 2
421 Rat Salad Black Sabbath
422 The Walrus Was Paul
423 Guide to Alice Cooper
424 The Fuhrers Headquarters
425 John Lennon Tribute People
426 Imagine John Lennon
427 Jimi Hendrix
428 Emerson, Lake and Palmer
429 1983 Yearbook NY Yankees
430 Wingspan
431 The Rolling Stones 3
432 The Who Biff,Bang, Pow
433 Rare Air
434 T/L Misc eph incl signed baseballs etc
435 T/L Misc eph incl posters etc
436 Matted photo ” boat regatta”
437 T/L Newsps re John Lennons murder
437C Lot Art gallery catalogs
437D Lot Art gallery catalogs
437E Lot Art gallery catalogs
438 Original Currier and Ives #5175 1870 The Roadside Mill
439 Original Currier and Ives #2155 1872 Frozen Up
440 Original Currier and Ives #4132 1861 The Millers Home medium folio
441 The Private Lives of Eva and Adolph Infield
442 The Hitler Book Dossier, Prepared for Stalin
443 Death in Rome The Ardeatine Caves Massacre Robert Katz
444 The Nuremberg Trial Tusa
445 War at Sea 1939-l945 Rohwer
446 I Boat Captain Harrington
447 Connections James Burke
448 Hitler Land Nagorski
449 Plotting Hitlers Death The German Resistance Fest
450 Battleship Thev Sinking of the Prince of Wales and the Repulse Middlebrook
451 The Hitler Options Macksey
452 How Hitler Could Have Won WWII Alexander
453 Battle The Story of the Bulge Toland
454 The 900 Days The Siege of Leningrad Harrison E Salisbury
455 The Water Colours of Hitler Widertand 1933-l945 Berlin 2
456 The Fourth and Richest Reich Hartrich
457 Night of the Aurochs Dalton Trumbo
458 Shinano ! The Sinking of Japans Secret Supership Captain Joseph Enright USN
459 Churchills War Irving
460 Churchill Martin Gilbert
462 T/L Misc eph
463 T/L Misc eph
464 T/L Misc eph
465 Cycl of Social Facts Spencers
466 Scrap Book Westside Ac incl photos
467 Leonardo DaVinci
468 Presidential Physical Fitness Award
469 Philatelic lot: Stock pages foreign stamps
470 Philatelic lot: Stock pages foreign stamps
470A Philatelic lot: Stock pages foreign stamps
470B Philatelic lot: Stock pages US stamps
470C Philatelic lot: stamp auction catalogs
470D Philatelic lot: Early US stampless covers
470E Philatelic lot: Early US stamped covers
471 The Paper Trail
472 Quarterly Journal of Postal History lot
472A Lot magazines, Life,Look Newsweek 1936 True Confessions 1936
473 Against the Odds African American Artists Before Cortes Sculpture Gallery catalogs
473A Lot Quarterly Journal of Postal History
473B Lot Art gallery catalogs
474 Lot Art gallery catalogs
474A Lot Art gallery catalogs
475 American Pictures c 1880 rough
475A Auction catalogs
475B Auction catalogs
475C Auction catalogs
475D Auction catalogs
476 Philatelic lot: Catalog Stamps of the World 3 vols
477 Philatelic lot: Catalog Scotts Stamp Catalog `2 vols
478 Philatelic lot: Catalog Scotts Specialized
479 Israel A Personal History David Ben Gurion United Jewish Appeal Commemorative Edition
480 Auction catalog 3 Shreves
480A Lot auction catalogs
480B The Bridge World 1930 2
481 The Pentateuch and Haftorahs Hertz
482 The Lincoln Reader Angle American History Illus Lincoln cover
483 Lot of Harpers Weekly Civil War 1865
484 Mc Calls magazine 1910, 1912 2 Frank Leslies Illustr 1885 3
485 Lot Cricket child’s magazine 14
486 In The Clearing Robert Frost lst Ed
486A Lot auction catalogs
486B Past Perfect The Jewish Experience in Early 20th Cty Postcards signed
487 Shakespeares Plays 1796 2 rough
488 The Decameron of Boccaccio c 1890 rough
489 Gone With the Wind Mitchell 1936
490 US Telegraph Stamps and Franks Geo Kramer signed Ltd Ed 7/50
491 1849 Gold Rush Letter Recovered from the ship “Algoma” Si Louis
492 1777 English Newsp The Gazetteer and New Daily Advertiser (News of English troop movements American Revolution)
493 New York Times 1936 2
494 Burlington Reformer 1891
495 Goodeys Derby
496 The Travels of Antenor 1799 rough
497 Philatelic lot: Stock book foreign stamps
498 Philatelic lot: Stockpages US stamps
498A Philatelic lot: Stockpages US stamps
498C Philatelic lot: Stockpages US stamps
498D Philatelic lot: Stockpages US stamps
498E Philatelic lot: Stockpages Foreign stamps
498F Philatelic lot: Stockpages U S stamps
498G Philatelic lot: Stockpages U S stamps
498H Philatelic lot: Stockpages U S stamps
498I Philatelic lot: Stockpages Foreign stamps
499 The Burr Mc Intosh Monthly Oct 1903
500 La Posta Journal of American Postal History
501 A History of Sexual Customs Modern Sex Techniques A Happier Sex Life 3
502 Love in Ancient Greece The Joy of Sex Kama Sutra 3
503 De Figuris Veneris Museum of Erotic Art 2 Kama Sutra 3
504 Eros in Pompeii Kama Suta 2
505 Erotica II The Picture Book of Sexual Love 2
506 Pschologie de Lart Erotique
507 Lot of 3 binders Western Express
508 Noguchi Sculptor
509 Lot Journal of American Postal History
510 Georgia O Keefe
511 Calder’s Universe
512 The Angel By My Side True Story of a Dog That Saved a Man and a Man Who Saved a Dog
513 Philatelic lot: Scotts Stamp Catalogue Specialized Cinderellas Stamps books 2
514 NJ Railway Postal Markings Federal Issues 2 Impact of Indian Attacks on the Pony Express
515 Penn University of Pennsylvania Bulletins 1960s Time magazines 2 RFK and the Moon The Royal Ballet program
516 Comic The Death of Superman Lot Misc covers and stamps
517 T/L Misc eph
518 Lot Life magazines African Safari 2
519 Lot post cards
520 Lot Time/Life series Our American Century
521 Lot childrens books 1943
522 Lot Readers digest magazines 1935 +
522A Lot Readers digest magazines 1942 +
522B Lot Readers digest magazines 1941 +
522C Lot Readers digest magazines 1956 +
522D Lot Readers digest magazines 1949 +
522E Lot Readers digest magazines 1955 +
523 Set T/L The Interpreters Bible 11 vols
524 Burr, Hamilton, and Jefferson A Study in Character Roger Kennedy Paul Reveres Ride David Fischer 2
525 Alexander Hamilton Ron Chernow Union 1812 The Americans Who Fought The Second War of Independence Langguth 2
526 The Writings of John Dickinson 1764-l774 Hist Society of Pennsylvania 1895
527 The Constitution and Government of The Province and State of New Jersey 1776-1845 Lucius Elmer LLD New Jersey Historical Society 1872
528 The Spirit of Seventy Six Henry Steele Commager/Richard Morris The Radicalism of The American Revolution Gordon Wood lst Ed dj 2
529 Founding Brothers Joseph Ellis John Adams David McCullough 2
530 Benedict Arnold Revolutionary Hero An American Warrior Reconsidered lst Ed dj James Kirby Martin
531 The Life of Johnny Reb and the Life of Billy Yank Bell Wiley , 2 Most Asked Questions About the Amish and Mennonites
532 The Roosevelts An American Saga Collier/Horowitz President Regan, The Role of a Lifetime Lou Cannon lst Ed dj 2
533 The Bluffs Bay Head, NJ The Story of a Hotel at the Jersey Shore Francine La Vance Robertshaw
534 Forgotten Patriots The Untold Story of American Prisoners During nh Revolutionary War Edwin Burows Rough Crossings Simon Schama Britain, The Slaves and
535 Mathew Brady Pritzker
536 Cornellian 1942
537 The Pictorial History of the American Revolution
538 Dogs Pets of Pedigree William Wegman Puppies 2
539 Southerners Portrait of a People Kuralt William Wegman Puppies 2
540 The Civil War Ken Burns/Ward Prayer Book and Hymnal Episcopal “Grant we beseech thee that we and all the people of this land may have grace to maintain these liberties
541 The First American Revolution Ray Raphael What They Didn’t Teach You About The American Revolution Mike Wright 2
542 Standards and Colors of the American Revolution
543 If Dogs Could Talk Happiness is a Warm Puppy Einstein Simplified 3
544 Lot magazines Life, SEP, Time, Newsweek
545 Vanishing Eagles Burton Illus Trevor Boyer Hummingbirds Proctor 2
546 Country Wisdom and Know How Survival Wisdom and Know How 2
547 Boonton Was An Iron Town Peter C Wendt lst ed dj
548 Country Wisdom David Larkin Penna Dutch Night Before Christmas Williamson 2
549 The American Eagle in Art and Design The Hummingbird Book 2
550 The Encyclopedia of Natural Insect and Disease Control
551 Genealogical Resources in NY Metropolitan Area Estelle Guzik Jewish Genealogical Society
552 I Hear America Talking Stuart Berg Flexner
553 The Road to Yorktown John Selby Look Away Harold Coyle lst ed dj
554 Lincoln An Illustrated Biography Kunhardt
555 Completing the Washington Cathedral For Thy Great Glory
556 Little Island Live Volcano (For the People pf Montserrat who have taught the true meaning of the word “Survival”) Dr Carol Tuitt; Songs by Randall Greenaway
557 Mr Lincolns Cameraman Mathew B Brady
558 The Gardens of Colonial Williamsburg Hummingbirds Cleave 2
559 Decorating With Texas Naturals Grasses,Pods,Vines,Weeds Quentin Steitz (Wachenfeld Hummingbirds Scott Weidensaul 2
560 T/L: Time Life series World War II
561 Lot Chicken Soup for the Soul of America Veterans Soul Angels Among Us 3
561A Life Commemorative In the Land of the Free 9/ll +
562 The Bees Bites and Stings of Venomous Animals Guide to Insects NewYork Wildlife Viewing Guide 4
563 Dogue Woof Erwitt 2
563A Golden Rules Virtues of the Canine Character If Dogs Could Talk 50 Uses For Your Dog 3
564 The Country Wife Wycherley An Accidental Woman Delinsky
565 365 Days of Wonder Palacio You Wouldn’t Believe What My Grandchild Did Wyse Grandchildren are so much fun I Should Have Had Them First Wyse n3
566 Coastal Maine
567 The Ultimate Dog Book Your Dogs Horoscope Pratt
568 One Basket Edna Ferber 1947 The Philby Conspiracy Page lst Ed The Cardinal Robinson 1950 3
569 Scouting Through 1930 Rootabaga Pigeons Carl Sandburg
570 The Politically Incortect Guide to American History The Soul of Abe Lincoln 1923 Bernie Babcock (ex libris US Navy Home) 2
570A Garden Ideas Creative Design Solutions Popular Science Plumbing Audubon Guide to the Weather n3
571 Wormwood Corelli 1890 Nineteen Eighty Four George Orwell 1949 2
572 The Story of Cooperstown Birdsall 1948 Pilgrims to the Rescue Hays
573 1776 David McCullocgh A Few Bloody Noses The Realities and Mythologies of the American Revolution Harvey 2
574 The Gift to be Simple Songs, Dances and Rituals of the American Shakers
575 Down the Jersey Shore Roberts (art by Dick LaBonte 1992 The Purpose Driven Life Rick Warren 2
576 Paws and Effect Healing Power of Dogs Sakson How to Live With a Neurotic Dog Baker 2
577 The Simple Faith of Mr Rogers Hollingsworth It Doesn’t Take a Hero General Herbert N Schwarzkopf
578 Faith and Freedom–The Christian Roots of American Liberty Hart The Political Writings of John Adams Carey 2
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580 Admiral David Glasgow Farragut The Civil War Years Chester Hearn Scotts Poetical Works 1900 2
581 The Uncertain Revolution Washington and the Continental Army at Morristown John Cunningham lst prt dj
582 Modoc The Greatest Elephant That Ever Lived lst ed dj Unlikely Friendships ( Animal Kingdom) Holland 2
583 Animal Nutrition Dr Leonard Maynard 195l Cornell University
584 US Army Uniforms and Equipment 1889 By The Quartermaster General of the Army
585 American Gospel God,The Founding Fathers and The Making of a Nation Jon Meacham American Machiavbelli Alexander Hamilton and the Origins of US Foreign Policy John Harper 2
586 Targeting Guns Firearms and Their Control Kleck One Night Stands with American History 2
587 Committed to Memory Poetry Hollander A Book of Personal Poems Bowlin Tomorrow Adventures in an Uncertain World Greiv 3
588 Field Guide to the Birds of North America Migration of birds 2
589 Neighbors to the Winter Camp Mendham, NJ Ltd Ed 584/900
590 Benjamin Rush Patriot and Physician Brodsky lst Ed dj
591 Cornell in Pictures 1868-l954
592 Robert E Lee An Album Emory Thomas
593 His Excellency George Washington Joseph Ellis lst Ed dj
594 Miracle at Philadelphia Bowen lst Ed dj
595 The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin Wood Franklin of Philadelphia Wright 2
596 The Illustrated Ency of Dog Breeds Love at First Bark 2
597 Revolutionary Doctor Benjamin Rush 1746-1813 Binger Understanding Thomas Jefferson Halliday 2
598 AH Civil War War for the Union 1861-l862 The Improvised War Allan Nevins 2
599 Herbs Their Culture and Uses Clarkson Using Wild and Wayside Plants Perennials 3
600 The Poppy and Other Deadly Plants Roses T/L 2
601 Barns Their History, Preservation and Restoration Charles Klamkin
602 Dog Love Garber The Boston Terrier Vincent Perry
603 Boston Terrier Dog Lovers Companion to New England
604 Collector Car Price Guide Kovels Dictionary of Marks 2
605 The American Revolution in Indian Country Calloway Washington’s Crossing Fischer 2
606 Lincolns Admiral The Civil War Campaigns of David Farragut A Benjamin Franklin Reader Walter Isaacson 2
607 Things I Heard While Talking to Myself Alan Alda lst Ed dj Emotional Intelligence Goleman 2
608 The Sewing Room Rev Barbara Crafton The Robe Lloyd Douglas 2
609 The Uncommon Wisdom of Ronald Reagan Photo Reagan at His California Ranch
610 Songs of Cornell 1900
611 Cornell University In Excellence and Diversity
612 Nature Magazine 1931
613 Currier and Ives Chronicles of America
614 Fire in America
615 Civil War Chronicle
616 Americas Classic Farm Tractors
617 The Susquehanna Carl Carmer pg 332 Gould and Fisk attempted railroad takeover at Tunnel at Bainbridge ;44th Regiment of NY State Militia called in, Steam engines crashed head on
618 Triumph in the Desert The Gulf War
619 Country Matters Michael Korda
620 Mr Currier and Mr Ives Crouse
621 Currier and Ives Printmakers to the American People Harry T Peters
622 The Gift of Birds The Life of the Hummingbird 2
623 Forgotten Allies The Oneida Indians and the American Revolution
624 Landscape Turned Red The Battle of Antietam Sears Gettysburg An Alternate History Tsouras 2
625 1776 A Musical Play Sherman Edwards(Parsippany NJ) Origins of the Bill of Rights 2
626 Very Strange Bedfellows Nixon and Agnew
627 John Adams Page Smith 2 vols
628 Freedom Fighter Casimir Pulaski Abodaher 2 The Creation of the American Republic 1776-1787 Wood
629 My American Journey Colin Powell
630 The Fabulous History of the Dismal Swamp Company Royster lst Ed dj
631 Founding Father Rediscovering George Washington Brookheiser lst ed dj Founding Brothers Ellis 2
632 The Indian Frontier of the American West 1846-l890 Utley
633 Grant Takes Command Bruce Catton
634 Alexander Hamilton and the Constitution Clinton Rossiter lst ed dj Professor Cornell University
635 I Rose Like a Rocket Political Education of Theodore Roosevelt Grondahl
636 Sister Revolutions French Lightning American Light Dunn lst ed dj A Battlefield Atlas of the American Revolution 2
637 All Cloudless Glory Life of George Washington Harrison Clark lst Ed dj Revolutionary Characters Wood
638 Undaunted Courage Ambrose
639 George Washington Anguish and Farewell 1793-l799 Flexner lst Ed
640 Giants of America The Founding Fathers Henry Cabot Lodge
641 George Washington’s War Chadwick
642 American Places Leuchtenburg
643 Chapter One When Love is Enough Joanne Hoffman author inscribed
644 The Presidents House 2 vols in sleeve Seale
645 Patriots The Men Who Started the Revolution Langguth
646 The Adams Chronicles Shepherd Benjamin Franklin A Biography Carl Van Doren 2
647 Spies in the Continental Capitol John Nagy lst Ed dj
648 Jude The Obscure Thomas Hardy
649 Lincoln and His Admirals Symonds Lincolns Admiral David Glascow Farragut 2
650 Benjamin Franklins Life as He Wrote it Wright
651 Books by Garrison Keillor 4
652 Raising Poultry the Modern Way Mercia A Cows Life
653 The White Flower Farm Pettingill Messiah Highlights
654 The Beatles, Steely Dan, Classic Rock Stories 3
655 Jimi Hendrix,,Austin Powers,Elvis Presley 3
656 Pamela Anderson,The Doors,Bruce Springsteen 3
657 Theodore Roosevelt State of New York Memorial 1919
658 Lot Jumbo post cards
659 Ringo Starr,Bon Scott, Clint Eastwood 3
660 Coes Crosstown Carnival 1935
661 The Abbott and Costello Story Sing With the Wind Abbott The Cricket Song Abbott 3
662 Gazette Beaux Arts 1945
663 The Films of Joan Crawford
664 The Queens Garland 1900 rough
665 Scrapbook US Navy WWII
666 Far From the Maddening Crowd Thomas Hardy Easton Press
667 American Watchmaker and Jeweler Abbott 1893
668 The Etching Hobby Cox 1932
669 The Films of the Bowery Boys
670 The Pop Sixties Moon 2
671 Morris County Perucci
672 Lot childrens books
673 Oil painting, framed, floral artist signed
674 Bentley the Story
675 Great Storms of the Jersey Shore
676 World Wresting Unscripted
677 Paintings of Bruegel Grossman
678 Waterfowl Carving
679 Bird Carver John Scheeler
680 Islands in the Stream Ernest Hemingway
681 The Yankee Years Joe Torre
682 Hogarth Marriage A La Mode etc 1947
683 Art News Annual 1951
684 The Mutineers Hawes 1920
685 Man About Town Steig
686 Indians of Yesterday
687 Gumpy Son of Spunk 1930 Northwest Passage Kenneth Roberts 1937 2
688 In Tune With the Infinite Trine 1910
689 Loving Lucy 1980
690 Songbird Carving 2
691 Waterfowl Painting Veasey Painting Waterfowl Sprankle 2
692 How to Carve Wildfowl 2
693 Steve McQueen Terrill The Little Woodsman of the North Bailey 2
694 Lot 33 vinyl records incl Mambo, Cha Cha Cha
695 Lot 33 vinyl records incl Judy Garland, Waylon Jennings
696 Lot 33 vinyl records incl Classic Jazz
697 Lot 33 vinyl records incl Rolling Stones Bob Dylan,Willie Nelson
698 Lot 33 vinyl records incl Chet Atkins,Rod Stewart etc
699 Lot 33 vinyl records incl Julie London,,The Who etc
700 Lot 33 vinyl records incl Uriah Heep,The Doors etc
701 Expositors Study Bible Jimmy Swaggart
702 Air Forces WW I and WWII
703 Amateur Radio Manuals 2
704 Prelude to Pearl Harbor 1937-41
705 How to Hug a Porcupine Sean Smith
706 T/L sheet music
707 T/L Currier and Ives calendar reprints
708 The Blank Slate Steven Pinker The Modern Denial of Human Nature
709 Measuring America Linklater The Measure of All Things Alder 2
710 The Unredeemed Captive Family Story from Early America Demos
711 The Life and opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman Sterne A Girl of the Limberlost Gene Stratton Porter 2
712 The National Air and Space Museum
713 Nuclear Weapons Bernstein Beam Defense An Alternative to Nuclear Destruction 2
714 The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich Shirer Global Mission General Hap Arnold 2
715 History of Rocketry and Space Travel Werner Von Braun Naval History 2
716 Kill Devil Hill Combs ( Wright Bros)
717 History Laid Bare Zacks American Sideshow Hartzman Uncle Johns Ahh Inspiring Bathroom Reader 3
718 Dictionary of Cultural Literacy The Intellectual Devotional American History
719 That’s A Fact Jack ! Utterly Useless Information Who Knew ? Hoffman An Underground Education Zacks 3
720 Ingenious Inventions Absolutely Mad 4Inventions Portable Curmudgeon Winokur 3
721 Love In The Time of Cholera Marquez Finnegan’s Wake James Joyce 2
722 The Complete Wks of Oscar Wilde
723 The Divine Comedy Dante Illus Gustav Dore White Locus John Hersey 2
724 Fortress A History of Military Defense Hogg
725 Japanese Supercars Jackson
726 Lot books on Chess Backgammon etc 3
727 Lot Metropolitan Opera Librettos
728 Lot Metropolitan Opera Librettos
729 Lot Books on Games 3
730 Lot Books on Games 5
731 Corvette Catalogs Corvette Past Present Future 2
732 Works of Nelson DeMille 4 vols Novels
733 Science Desk Reference NY Public Library
734 Shooters Bible Gun Show Nation Gun Laws of America 3
735 Guns and Gun Fighters inscribed by author William Hillcourt
750 Lot prayer books
751 Alum 35mm slides
751A 35mm slides
751B 35mm slides
752 BSA Manual Norman Rockwell cover inscribed by author William Hillcourt
753 Longitudes and Attitudes 9/ll Friedman
754 From Dawn to Decadence 500 Years Western Cultural Life Barzun
755 Spirit Lake MacKinlay Kantor Hornet Flight Ken Follett
756 The Widow of the South Hicks Lees Lieutenants Freeman 2
757 The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin Gessen
758 Aerial The Art of Photography from the Sky Lot of aerial photos Walking the Bible Feller 3
759 The Last Night and Last Day of Morgan’s Raid Victims The Civil War Ham, Eggs and Corn Cake 3
760 The World Until Yesterday Jared Diamond Knowledge of Angels Walsh 2
762 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Dorothy Donegon Trio, Diana Ross,Marvin Gaye,Aretha Franklin,Stan Getz Jersey Jets,Burl Ives etc
763 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Mills Brothers Cha Cha Rhythm Boys, Tommy Dorsey etc
764 The Whisperers Stalins Russia Lords of thc Sea
765 Endurance Shackletons Incredible Voyage Talking Pictures Bundy
766 Around the World in Eighty Days Jules Verne
767 Rin Tin Tin The Life and the Legend Orlean If Dogs Could Talk 2
768 American Pastimes Red Smith The Bold and Magnificent Dream Catton 2
769 The History of the Knights of Columbus Faith and Fraternalism Kauffman A Church in Search of Itself Kaiser Amazing Grace Norris
770 Undaunted Courage Ambrose Trench Warfare 1850-l950 2
771 The Iliad and the Odyssey 2 vol set
772 Acts of War The Behavior of Men in Battle True Grit Portis 2
773 The Whiskey Rebellion Hogeland All Gods Dangers The Life of Nate Shaw Rosengarten 2
774 Lot childrens books 4
775 The Confederate Magazine 1893 bound
776 The Soprano State New Jerseys Culture of Corruption
777 The Mysterious Benedict Society
778 NSDAR Lineage Books 2 1891.l893
779 Lot childrens books 4
780 The Trumpet of the Swan E B White
781 Prague Winter 1937=l948 Madeleine Albright
782 Thaddeus Stevens Korngold Major General John Alexander McClernand Kiper 2
783 Freedom National The Destruction of Slavery 1861=l865 James Oakes
784 The Fate of Their Country Holt
785 The Martian Chronicles Ray Bradbury
786 Down to the Sea The Fishing Schooners of Gloucester Garland
787 Lusitania Butler
788 The Civil War Shelby Foote
789 Travels With Charley Steinbeck Grandpa Weatherby Guy Rohrbaugh
790 East to the Dawn Life of Amelia Earhart Butler
791 2000 Years of the Anti Christ
792 Halseys Typhoon
793 Victory Stephen Coonts
794 An Unfinished Life JFK Dallek An Irish Country Doctor Taylor
795 The First Air War 1914-l9l9 Treadwell
796 The Old North Trail Blackfeet Indians McClintock
797 The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
798 The Book Thief Zusak
799 Fuzzy Thinking The New Science of Fuzzy Logic Kosco
800 The Battle of Leyte Gulf Hoyte Divine Thunder Life and Death of the Kamikazes
801 Speer The Final Verdict Fest Operation Bernhard Pirie Twice Through the Lines Otto John 3
802 Death of a Navy Japanese Naval Action in WWII The Emperors Codes Breaking of Japans Secret Ciphers Between Silk and Cyanide A Codemakers War 1941-45 3
803 Strangers on a Bridge Colonel Abel The Ultra Secret Winterbotham May Day The U2 Affair Beschloss Soviet War Documents 1941-l943 4
804 Sidney Reilly Greatest Spy Kettle Sidney Reilly Britains Master Spy Sisterhood of Spies The Women of the OSS 3
805 Bioterrorism Banks Top Secret Tourism 2
806 Biohazard Largest Covert Biological Weapons Program Ken Alkibek TheDemon Under the Microscope Hager 2
807 Scientific American in the l9th Cty 1977
808 Moons and Planets Hartmann Celestial for the Cruising Navigator Turner 2
809 Space Travelers Handbook Freman Advanced Skywatching
810 The Ascent of Man Bronowski Colossus Hoover Dam Hubble Mirror of the Universe Stott 3
811 The Dangerous Book for Boys Gonn Iggulden lst US Ed
812 Killing Patton O Reilly
813 The Last Great Victory Weintraub July/August 1945 The War Lovers Roosevelt, Lodge, Hearst Thomas 2
814 The Death of the Tirpitz U Boat Combat Missions Paterson 2
815 Battleship Bismarck A Survivors Story Baron Burkard Von Mullenheim Rechberg
816 Operation Sea Lion Fleming The War Years Doonesbury Book Trudeau 2
817 No Easy Day (Navy Seal) The Mission That Killed Osama Bin Laden
818 The Glory of the Solomons Hoyt Guadalcanal Diary Tregaskis 2
819 The Last 100 Days Toland WWII Why The Allies Won Overy The Last Ditch Lampe 3
820 Badges and Insignia of WW II World Army Uniforms since 1939
821 Popskis Private Army (Commandos) Lt Col Vladimir Peniakoff
822 Pursuit Chase and Sinking of the Battleship Bismarck Ludovic Kennedy Agent 146 Nazi Spy in America Gimpel 2
823 T/L Works of Anne Rice novels 11
824 The Chinese War Machine
825 Lost Victories Field Marshall Erich von Mansten Hitler’s Children Posner 2
826 German Big Business and the Rise of Hitler Turner The Iron Cross 1813,l957 Soldat Bis Zum Letzten Tag Field Marshall Albert Kesselring 1953 3
827 Albert Speer Der Sklaven Staat Eva and Adolph 2
828 Lot Signal: Hitlers War Time Magazine Years of Retreat Years of Triumph 3
829 Sieg Heil! Stefan Lorant
830 The Japanese War Machine No Surrender My Thirty Year War Onoda
831 Hitlers Tiusch Gesprache im Fuhrer Hauptquartier Picker
832 Lot Naval History 5 vols
833 Economics Peace and Laughter Galbraith Matter of Accountability The Pueblo Affair 2
834 I Am a Soldier Too Jessica Lynch Story Bragg Oxford Companion to Military History 2
835 The New Meaning of Treason Rebecca West Codeword Dictionary The Last 100 Days Toland 3
836 Trading With the Enemy 1933,1949 Higham In the Thick of the Fight Paul Reynaud 1930-l945
837 Who’s Who in Nazi Germany Wistrich Julius Streicher The Man who persuaded a nation to hate Jews
838 The German Generals Talk Hart Adolf Hitler A Family Perspective Stierlin MD The Last Nazi Joseph Mengele Astor 3
839 Commando WWII Assassination in Algiers German Airborne Troops Edwards 3
840 Hitlers Legions Munich The Price of Peace Taylor Munich 1923 Hitlers First Grab For Power Dornberg 3
841 The Death of Adolf Hitler Bezymenski Hitler Legend Myth and Reality Maser The Medical Casebook of Adolf Hitler 3
842 The 12 Year Reich Grunberger Rommel The Desert Fox 1950
843 War Memoirs of Charles DeGaulle 1940-l946 The Memoirs of Marshal Zhukov Hitler and Stalin Parallel Lives Bullock 3
844 On to Berlin Gavin Battles of An Airborne Commander 1943- 46 The Mind of Adolf Hitler Langer 2
845 Bomber Command 1939-45 Hastings Blue Skies and Blood The Battle of the Coral Sea Hirohito Emperor of Japan
846 Stillwell and the American Experience in China 1911-45 Tuchman Goodbye Darkness Memoir Pacific War Wm Manchester 2
847 Fly Boys Bradley Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo Capt Ted Lawson 2
848 The Rape of Nanking Shobun 2 Goodwin
849 The Other Nuremberg The Tokyo War Crimes Trials The Case of General Yamashita Reel 2
849A The Japanese on Trial
850 The Atlantic Campaign WWII Great Struggle at Sea Dan van der Vat
851 The Nuremberg Mind Selzer Nuremberg A Nation on Trial Maser 2
852 On Trial at Nuremberg Neave The Road to Nuremberg Smith 3 After the Reich Brutal History of the Allied Occupation
853 Franklin and Winston Meacham The Fourth Man Boyle 2
854 Assault on the Liberty Ennes A Bridge Too Far Cornelius Ryan 2
855 The Civil War Mathew Brady Illus The Civil War Battlefield Guide 2
856 I Rode With Stonewall Douglas lst Print
857 Subtle is the Lord The Science and Life of Albert Einstein Pais Driving Mr Albert Paterniti 2
858 Ramesses The Great 2
859 The Power of Myth Campbell Secrets of the Great Pyramid
860 Mayan Vision Quest The Atlas of Mysterious Places 2
861 Maya Ruins of Mexico Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids
862 Stephen Hawking: Black Holes and Baby Universes A Brief History of Time The Universe in a Nutshell 3
863 Black Holes A Travelers Guide Pickover Megalities and Their Mysteries 2
864 Lot Books re Tutankhamun 4
865 The World According to Garp John Irving Beyond Stonehenge Gerald Hawkins Aku Aku Thor Heyerdahl 3
866 Duce ! Collier
867 Life Goes to War WWII
868 Hitlers War Aims Rich Berlin Diaries 1940-l945 Marie Vassiltchikov 3 Combined Operations Official Story of the Commamndos
869 Images of War The Artists Vision of WWII Perry
870 The Face of the Third Reich Fest Hitler’s Interpreter 1935-l945 The Death of Hitler Petrova 3
871 Standing Fast German Defensive Doctrine on the Russian Front Major T A Wray
872 The Crisis of German Ideology Mosse The Nuremburg Raid Middlebrook 2
873 The Few 1940 Battle of Britain
874 Japans WWII Balloon Bomb Attacks on North America The Battle of Leyte Gulf Cutler 2
875 The House on Garibaldi Street Harel The Capture of Adolf Eichmann Eichmann Interrogated The Capture and Trial of Adolf Eichman Pearlman 3
876 Salome Oscar Wilde 1945 Illust Valenti Angelo Heritage Press Laotzusv Tao And Wu Wei Goddard/Borel 1919
877 Photo Album NY Yankees
878 Nicolaus Poussin Blunt 2 vols 1958 AW Melon Lectures in Fine Arts 1958
879 The Fifty Three Stages of the Tokaido by Hiroshige
880 Works of Emil Nolde e3vol set in dj and slipcases
881 Queen of the Head Hunters Sylvia Brooke Signed by Sylvia Brooke Ranee of Sarawak
882 Mr Pickwick pages from the Pickwick Papers tipped in color illustrations Frank Reynolds
883 The Physiology of Marriage Balzac Ltd ed 479/1000
884 Tell It All A Womans Life in Polygamy 1874 (Lifes Experience in Mormonism) Mrs TBH Stenhouse
885 Third Wish Robert Fulghum 2 vols
886 Cyrano De Bergerac Edmond Rostand Illus Sylvain Sauvage Ltdcedc Club 1936 signed by illustr
887 The Distelfink Country of the Pennsylvania Dutch Mildred Jordan Illustr Berelson dj
888 The Future of Federalism Nelson Rockefeller lst Ed
889 Chinese Snuff Bottles Hugh Moss signed
890 The Writings of Thomas Jefferson Padover Illust Lynd Ward 1967 Ltd Ed Club
891 Conversations on Anatomy, Physiology and Surgery A Robertson MD I 1828
892 Lot lst Eds Daniel Silva; Steven Erickson, Francine Prose 3
893 The Science of Hitting Ted Williams With inscription and signed “:Ted”
894 The Book of Werewolves Sabine Baring-Gould encl letter from author to his grandson
895 My Life Marilyn Horne signed lst ed dj
896 Korean Celadon Gompertz lst Amer Ed dj
897 The Doberman Pinscher Schmidt 1926 lst Ed
898 Kitchen Fun A Cook Book for Children 1932
899 Aida Leontyne Price lst Ed signed by illustrator Dillon
900 Harry Callahan Museum of Modern Art
901 Lot childrens books 2
902 Pennsylvania A Photographic Journey Choroszewski author signed
903 Master of the Wild – Coheleach signed by artist
904 Mimes of the Courtesens – Lucian Ltd Ed – signed by Illustrator
905 The Sculpture of Jose de Creeft signed – Ltd Ed. of 125
906 Lot -Foreign Coins (mostly European)
907 The Nile Tributaries of Abyssinia – Baker – 1868
908 Tales and Romances of the Author of Waverly1828-1833 15 Vols.
909 Lincoln Penny Collections- 3 vols
910 Martin – Ferrieres Ltd Edit – 1089/3000
911 Star Wars : A Pop Up Guide to the Galaxy
912 Lazy Little Loafers – Susan Orlean – 1st Ed. Signed by author and by illustrator
913 Early Edison Recording – (Caprice Espagnol)
914 Lot – 20 Screw Magazines -1971-72
915 Lot – Children’s Books – 4
916 Lot – Childrens Books – 3
917 Lot – Childrens Books – 2
918 Lot – Childrens Books – 2
919 The Planets – A Journey into Space – NASA Archives
920 Campaigns of World War II – Day by Day
921 A Week in the Life of NASCAR
922 Life – Our Century in Pictures
923 Kon-Tiki – Thor Heyerdahl
924 Tried by War – Abraham Lincoln as Commander in Chief James McPherson
925 When I Was a Younbg Man – Bob Kerrey 1st Ed DJ
926 Lies My Teacher Told Me Loewen
927 The Case for Israel – Alan Dershowitz
928 Grant – Ron Chernow – dj
929 Lot – Kurt Vonnegut – Slaughterhouse Five & Cats Cradle The Five People You Meet in Heaven – Mitch Albom
930 The Wind Done Gone (the Unauthorized Parody) Randall Scarlett – The Sequel to Gone With The Wind -Ripley
931 The Underground Railroad – Whitehead
932 The World of Pooh – AA Milne – Illustrated Shepard
933 Where The Sidewalk Ends – Shel Silverstein
934 The Life & Death of Adolph Hitler – Payne Der Fuhrer (rough) – 1944
935 Hitler – The Pictorial Documentary of His Life – John Toland Quest – Searching for Germany’s Nazi Past – Melchior
936 Eva and Adolph – Infield – 1st Ed -1974 – dj Hitler – The Survival Myth – McKale – dj
937 Hitler – A Study in Tyranny – Bullock Adolph Hitler – John Toland
938 Hitler – Joachim Fest
939 The Trail of the Fox – Search for the True Field Marshall Rommel – Irving
940 Hitler in Vienna – 1907-1913 – Sydney Jones Hitler’s War – David Irving
941 A Comparative Biography – Napoleon & Hitler – Seward The Psychopathic God – Adolph Hitler – Waite
942 Hap – General Henry H. Arnold – Coffey
943 Bradley – A Soldier’s Story – Mauldin Marshall – Hero for Our Times – Mosley
944 Hitler-jugend – Axmann The War Path – Hitler’s Germany – 1933-1939 – Irving
945 Hitler and Geli – Hayman The Lost Life of Eva Braun – Lambert
946 The Last Days of Patton – Frago A General’s Life – General of the Army – Omar Bradley Blair
947 The Face of the Third Reich – Joachim Fest The SS – Alibi of a Nation – 1922-1945 – Reitlinger
948 Churchill Speaks – 1897-1963 – Collected Speeches in Peace and War
949 The Rising Sun – John Toland – 1936-1945 The Great Pacific War – Bywater
950 The Days of Infamy – MacArthur, Roosevelt, & Churchill Truth Revealed – John Costello
951 Crusade in Europe – Dwight D. Eisenhower (2 copies)
952 A Soldier Speaks – Douglas MacArthur
953 Douglas MacArthur Reminiscences
954 Advance Force – Pearl Harbor – Burlingane The Broken Seal – Operation Magic and the Secret Road to Pearl Harbor – Fargo
955 Incredible Victory – Walter Lord – 1st Ed Infamy – Pearl Harbor and Its Aftermath – John Toland 1st Ed
956 But Not in Shame – Six Months After Pearl Harbor John Toland Days of 41 – Pearl Harbor Remembered – Sheenan
957 Sole Survivor – Torpedo Squadron 8 – Battle of Midway Ensign George Gay – signed and inscribed by author “Keep America Strong – George Gay”
958 History of the German General Staff – Walter Goerlitz Die Ersten Und Die Letzten- Galland
959 Love in the Time of Cholera – Marqez – dj The Day of the Jackel Forsyth – dj
960 Galileo’s Daughter – Dava Sobel
961 Water, Ice and Stone – Science of the Antarctic Lakes Green
962 Black Holes and Time Warps – Einstein’s Outrageous Legacy – Thorne (Forward by Stephen Hawking)
963 Forensics – Crime Scene Investigations Dr.Zakaria Erzinzlioglu
964 Popular Physics – Steele – 1888
965 The War Between the Generals – David Irving The Reich Marshall – Herman Goering – Mosley
966 The Last 100 Days, WW II – John Toland The Kersten Memoirs – Felix Kersten
967 Inside the Third Reich – Memoirs – Albert Speer Hitler – The Last Ten Days – Boldt
968 Goring – A Biography – David Irving The German Atomic Bomb – David Irving
969 The Last Days of Hitler – Trevor Rover Eva Braun – Hitler’s Mistress – Gun
970 The Rise and Fall of the Luftwaffe – Irving Nazism – 1919-1945 – Noakes
971 Selling Hitler – The Con Job of the Century – Harris The Bunker – James O’Donnell
972 The Destruction of Convoy PQ 17 – David Irving 1st US Edition Spandau – The Secret Diaries – Albert Speer
973 4 Novels by Jack Higgins
974 3 John LeCarre Novels
975 3 Jack Higgins Novels
976 Six Armies in Normandy – Keegan Invasion – The German Invasion of England – July, 1940 Major Kenneth Macksey
977 Lot – One Brief Shining Moment – William Manchester Robert Kennedy – The Last Campaign The Last Full Measure- JFK Four Days – JFK
978 The Assassination of President Kennedy – Report of the Warren Commission Best Evidence – Disguise and Deception in the Assassination of John F Kennedy – Lefton
979 The Search for Lee Harvey Oswold – Groden Marina And Lee – McMillan
980 JFK – Reckless Youth – Nigel Hamilton The Sixth Floor – JFK and the Memory of a Nation
981 Das Reich – The March of the Second Panzer Division Through France – Max Hastings The Invasion Before Normandy – The Battle of Slapton Sands – Hoyt
982 Overlord – D Day – June 6, 1944 – Max Hastings D Day – Warren Tute
983 The Venona Secrets – Exposing Soviet Espionage on America’s Traitors – Ronerastin John Profumo and Christine Keeler
984 Legend – The Secret World of Lee Harvey Oswald The Missiles of October – JFK and the Cuban Missile Crisis – Thompson
985 Pearl Harbor – The Day of Infamy The Way It Was – Pearl Harbor – Original Photographs
986 Nuts! The Battle of the Bulge in Story and Photographs Goldstein
987 Reign of Ruin – Photographic History of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
988 Pearl Harbor – Final Judgment – Clausen The Pearl Harbor Papers – Inside the Japanese Plans – Goldstein
989 Betrayal at Pearl Harbor – Rusbridger The Final Secret of Pearl Harbor – Theobald
990 Nimitz – Naval Institute Press – Potter Pearl Harbor – Warning and Decision – Wohlstetter
991 The German Dictatorship – Bracher The Anatomy of the Nuremberg Trials – Taylor
992 Grimms Marchen Flights of Love – Schlink
993 The Black Persian – Carl May Goethe Biography Goethe – Faust – Beck
994 Goethe’s Verte – 2 vols – in German
995 Lot of World War II Aeronautical Profiles: DeHaviland Mosquito, The Vulcan, The Harrier, The Fokker G-1, The Harvard AT-6
996 Lot of WW II Aeronautic Profiles: B-1 Bomber, Boeing 737, Grumman Tom Cat F-14, McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle
997 Lot of WW II Aeronautic Profiles: Super Spitfire, Bristol Blenheim, The Handley Page Hampden; The Hawker Audax; The Boulton Defiant; The Short Sterling, The LZ129 Hindenburg; The Super Fortress
998 To Conquer the Air – The Wright Brothers – Tobin First to Fly – North Carolina and the Beginnings of Aviation – Parramore
999 The Role of the Fighter in Air Warfare – Halley The Eagle Squadrons – Yanks in the RAF – 1940-42 Surviving the Skies – Night Bomber Pilot – Bamford Lufthaffe Test Pilot – Captured Aircraft of WW II
1000 Army Tech Manual TM31-201-1 – Incendiaries Unconventional Warfare Devices and Techniques
1001 The World of Duke Ellington
1002 Lot childrens books 2
1003 Lot childrens books 3
1004 This Republic of Suffering Faust Death and the Civil War
1005 Himalayas
1006 Why We Want You to be Rich Trump/Kiyosaki
1007 The Great Fire Murphy ( Chicago)
1008 C/o Postmaster Corporal St George
1009 Atlanta From the Ashes Allen Ltd Ed signed 1929
1010 American Wit and Humor Masson 1924
1011 Battle Ground W E B Griffin USMC
1012 American Lightning Blum
1013 The Book of Saints
1014 Arrogance Bernard Goldberg Rescuing America from the Media Elite
1015 Strong of Herart Von Essen FDNY
1016 Birding Across North America
1017 Noble Friends Dickson
1018 Strategery Sammon
1019 The Boy Who Said No Sheehy author signed
1020 Pearl Harbor Americas Darkest Day
1021 Lot framed crate labels
1022 Lot framed crate labels
1023 Lot framed crate labels
1024 Lot framed crate labels
1025 Lot framed crate labels
1026 Lot framed crate labels
1027 Lot framed crate labels
1028 Lot framed crate labels
1029 Lot framed crate labels
1030 Lot framed crate labels
1031 Lot framed crate labels
1032 B/L 33 vinyl records classical
1033 B/L 33 vinyl records classical
1034 B/L 33 vinyl records classical
1035 B/L 33 vinyl records classical
1036 B/L 33 vinyl records classical
1037 B/L 33 vinyl records classical
1038 B/L 33 vinyl records classical
1039 B/L 33 vinyl records classical
1040 B/L 33 vinyl records classical
1041 B/L 33 vinyl records classical
1042 T/L DVDs
1043 B/L Harvard Classics set 20 vols
1044 T/L CDS contemporary
1045 Gone For a Soldier The Civil War
1046 Maus Art Spiegelman 2
1047 Einsteins Universe Calder Einstein’s Dreams Lightman 2
1048 Lot American Girl booklets
1049 Dude Wheres My Country Michael Moore
1050 Cosmos Carl Sagan lst Ed dj
1051 Johannes Vermeer
1052 How Green Was My Valley Lloyd 1940
1053 Maggot Muldoon
1054 The Worlds Worst Cars
1055 Pills A Go Go
1056 Vatican
1057 The Encyclopedia of Bad Taste
1058 Lot WWII Aircraft booklets 4
1059 Leading at the Edge Shackleton’s Antarctic Expedition
1060 Lincoln in the World Peraino
1061 Chin Ping Mei The Adventurous History of Hsi Men and His Six Wives 1947
1062 Grand American Hotels
1063 T/L Wks of John Le Carre Novels 8
1064 In the Heart of the Sea Whaleship Essex
1065 Foolish Words The Uncyclopedia Friendly Advice So Now You Know 4
1066 Lot Books re WWII vehicles
1067 Lot pb series The Dogs of War 4
1068 Lot pb series WWII Sven Hassel 4
1069 The Zombie Survival Guide Brooks
1070 Fatherland, Enigma Robert Harris 2
1071 Literary Lust Stella Hyde
1072 The Gentleman’s Bedside Companion
1073 General Chuck Yeager
1074 William Sonoma Essentials 3
1075 The Greene Murder Case SS Van Dine 1930 Mr Fortunes Trials H C Bailey 1924
1076 It Worked For Me Colin Powell signed
1077 Admiral Byrd in Little America The Story of the White House 2
1078 A little Girl in Old New York Amanda Douglas 1901 Gedichte Uhlenbusch author signed De OverwinnaarVan Nooitgedacht Penning 3
1079 Lot misc historical eph
1080 Nothing But Wodehouse Ogden Nash Angel Cake Wodehouse 2
1081 Lot childrens books
1082 Philatelic lot 1937 African covers
1083 Philatelic lot 1937 USMC cover
1084 Signed letter Hubert Humphrey
1085 Lot 1830s+ correspondence
1086 George Wallace campaign letter
1087 Philatelic lot 1985 Inaugural covers 6
1088 Philatelic lot 1917 WWI GI covers and correspondence
1089 Lot Misc eph
1090 Lot Misc eph
1091 Fish Preferred Wodehouse Thank You Jeeves Wodehouse 2
1092 Joy In the Morning Wodehouse Enter Psmith Wodehouse 2
1093 Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon Jules Verne C1890
1094 The Golden Slipper Green The Nursing Home Murder Marsh 2
1095 Painting the Wind (Vincent Van Gogh) Dionetti
1096 This Old Harley
1097 NGS Oceans
1098 Modern Refractory Practice 1950
1099 The Collector in America Lipman
1100 Atlas of Our Natural Wonders Discovering the Wonders of Our World 2
1101 A History of Medicine
1102 Encycl of Fish
1103 After Columbus The North American Indians
1104 Historic America The Mid Atlantic The Atlas of Legendary Places 2
1105 NGS Simply Beautiful Photographs 100 Days in Photographs NGS 2
1106 Great Pots The Limoge Porcelain Box 2
1107 Lynn From Front to Back Life Lanting 2
1108 Horst Nude Body Nude 2
1109 Scrap Book ” Theatre Record”
1110 Art of Costa Rica
1111 Gustav Klimt
1112 Finger Prints of the Artist
1113 Boston in the Age of Neo-Classicism The Meaning of Icons 2
1114 Quilts of Indiana Gems and Jewels 2
1115 Herzfeld John Heartfield
1116 Handbook of Chinese Ceramics Chinese Jade 2
1117 Reversals George Stiros signed
1118 Sculpture of the Eskimo
1119 Ancient Iranian Ceramics
1120 Gorham Silver
1121 A Treasury of American Scrimshaw JFK Scrimshaw Collector 2
1122 Dictionary of Marks Pottery and Porcelain Kovel
1123 Indian Art of Ancient Florida Arensberg collection Libson art catalog 3
1124 Cupid en Route Barbour 1912 Virginia and Truckee RR Beebe/Clegg signed by authors
1125 T/L classical music tapes
1126 Military Game Tactics II
1127 Military Game Gettysburg
1128 Military Game Righthoffens Air War 1916-l8
1129 Military Game Soviet Summer Offensive 1944
1130 Military Game Battle of New Market Charge of the VMI Cadets
1131 Military Game Passing Through the Netherworld
1132 Military Game Russian Civil War 1918-l922
1133 Military Game Alsace 1945
1134 Military Game Cross of Iron
1135 Military Game 1776
1136 Military Game Crescendo of Doom Western Front1939-41
1137 Military Game Diplomacy
1138 B/L 33 vinyl records semi classical
1139 B/L 33 vinyl records semi classical
1140 B/L 33 vinyl records semi classical
1141 B/L 33 vinyl records semi classical
1142 B/L 33 vinyl records semi classical
1143 B/L 33 vinyl records semi classical
1144 B/L 33 vinyl records semi classical
1145 T/L Historic newsps incl NY Times Commem editions
1146 Lot Life magazines WWII/JFK
1147 Lot Time/Life magazines WWII
1148 Wks of Erich Maria Remarque: Shadows in Paradise The Night in Lisbon Three Comrades 3
1149 KGB Worlds Largest Intelligence Network
1150 The Secret War against Hitler William Casey
1151 The Puzzle Palace NSA Americas Most Secret Agency James Bamford
1152 The Counterfeit Traitor Klein
1153 MI 5 Nigel West MI 6 Nigel West The Circus MI 5 Operations 1945-72 Nigel West 3
1154 General Frantisek Moravec Master of Spies I Was Cicero Bazna 2
1155 Operation Garbo Nigel West The Hut Six Story Great Game Trepper 3
1156 Spy Counter Spy Popov
1157 Her Majesty’s Secret Service Andrew “C” Sir Stewart Menzies Spymaster to Winston Churchill
1158 Code Breakers
1159 The Double Cross System Masterman
1160 Horned Pigeon Millar WWII
1161 Donovan Americas Master Spy Wild Bill Donovan The Last Hero Brown 2
1162 Lot auto magazines
1163 Lot auto magazines
1164 Lot auto magazines
1165 Lot auto magazines
1166 Lot auto magazines
1167 Lot auto magazines
1168 Salesman sample book
1169 Framed painting floral
1170 Framed print floral
1171 Framed painting blossoms
1172 Framed aerial photo map City of Hoboken ( facs)
1173 Framed print American Classics stadiums
1174 Framed print The Kiss
1175 Framed photo NY Yankees
1176 Framed photo Golpher Hale Irwin signed
1177 Under Live Oaks Last Great Houses of he Old South
1178 Grant and Sherman
1179 Who Shot Sports
1180 France 360
1181 1815 The Armies at Waterloo
1182 Egyptian Art
1183 ArtDe Charpenterie
1184 The Diary of Sigmund Freud 1929-1939
1185 Ency of World Military Weapons
1186 The Great Age of Fresco Meiss
1187 Mort Kunstlers Paintings of America
1188 Wonders of Tutankhamun
1189 News of The Nation Bicentennial
1190 WWII Trivia
1191 Be Your Own Napoleon Seymour
1192 The Minutemen and Their World Gross
1193 Framed watercolor,flowers artist signed
1194 Framed watercolor,flowers artist signed
1195 Oil painting on board
1196 Lot prints, Switzerland 4
1197 Framed oil painting artist signed
1198 Pop Up Book of Cats
1199 The Saddest Story Ford Madox Ford Mizener
1200 HH Asquith Letters to Venetia Stanley
1201 The life of Ezra Pound Stock
1202 Letters of Anton Chekhov
1203 Hotel Bemelmans
1204 Comic Fantasy Wiener Dog Art You’re Smoking Now Mr Butts Humorous Poetry for Children 4
1205 Pueblo and Navajo Cookery
1206 Invincible Louisa Meigs 1933
1207 To Say Nothing of the Dog Willis
1208 Lot childrens books
1209 Lot Agatha Christie Mysteries pbs 5
1210 Letters of E B White
1211 The London Encycl
1212 Fahrenheit 9/ll The Official Reader Michael Moore
1213 The American Book of Days Hatch
1214 One Man Against the World Nixon
1215 Ancient Inventions
1216 Lot Sci Fict periodicals
1217 The Rejection Collection
1218 Hearts and Hands Quilts of The Indiana Amish 2
1219 The private World of Tasha Tudor
1220 Krazy Kat Comic Art Fat Cats Grodge Cat and the Window Cleaner 3
1221 A Dogs Life Carroll
1222 Lot periodicals Sci Fict
1223 Black Elk Speaks Sioux
1224 Colonel Effinghams Raid Fleming Three Came Home Keith 2
1225 Lot periodicals Sci Fict
1226 Lot periodicals Sci Fict
1227 The Boys From Brazil Ira Levin
1228 Like A Conquered Provence The Moral Ambiguity of America Paul Goodman
1229 Lot Sci Fict periodicals
1230 Lot Sci Fict periodicals
1231 Lot Sci Fict periodicals
1232 Lot Sci Fict periodicals
1233 Lot Sci Fict periodicals
1234 Lot Sci Fict periodicals
1235 Lot Sci Fict periodicals
1236 Lot Sci Fict periodicals
1237 Lot Sci Fict periodicals
1238 Lot Sci Fict periodicals
1239 Lot Sci Fict periodicals
1240 Lot Sci Fict periodicals
1241 Lot Sci Fict periodicals
1242 Lot Sci Fict periodicals
1243 Lot Sci Fict periodicals
1244 Guide to Coin Collecting Smithsonian
1245 Blue Book of Gun Values
1246 Lot childrens books
1247 Intimate Papers of Col House Seynour 2
1248 Lincoln A Photobiography 2 Lincoln Donald 3
1249 The Age of Courts and Kings 1558-1715 Manners and Morals
1250 Olympiad
1251 Songs of Cheer Riley
1252 Elvis Presley Album
1253 Survival Training US Air Force
1254 Lot childrens books
1255 Harriet Beecher Stowe Hedrick
1256 As I Remember Genthe
1257 Ferrari The Man The Machines
1258 I Am a Pueblo Indian Girl
1259 Lot childrens books
1260 Lot childrens books
1261 World Coins
1262 Memoirs of the Rev David Stone 1853 Methodist Tract
1263 The Adventures of a Little French Boy 1866
1264 Harry Lawley an His Maiden Aunts 1878
1265 Lot Mad magazines
1266 Lot Nancy Drew Mysteries 3
1267 Tailspin Tommy
1268 Lot Misc eph
1269 Lot wood framed photo plates
1270 T/L Misc eph
1271 Modern Art
1272 Beat CD Yearbooks 1973,1975 Grover Cleveland Jr H S
1273 1974 Yearbook Grover Cleveland JR HS
1274 Hush Money Parker
1275 Margaret Truman Mysteries 2
1276 Elliott Roosevelt Mysteries 3
1277 Blackwood Farm Anne Rice
1278 April Fool Dead Hart
1279 Lot childrens books Dr Seuss
1280 Framed Currier and Ives litho #1771 1864 “Evangeline”
1281 Framed Currier and Ives litho #573 1887 “The Barber”
1282 Framed Currier and Ives litho #4757 1888 “Pet of the Family on Christmas Morning”
1283 Framed Currier and Ives litho #4495 c1880 “Noahs Ark”
1284 Framed Kellogg litho #196 c 1880 “Brother and Sister”
1285 Dollhouses and Dioramas
1286 Antique Automobile Adv Postcards
1287 Embroidery Vogue Sewing
1288 A Laugh A Day Keeps The Doctor Away Irvin Cobb
1289 Steam Trains of the World Colin Garratt
1290 The Lore of the Train Ellis
1291 Lot Model Train catalogs
1292 The Dog Master Bruce Cameron
1293 New Jersey Images of Wildness Tom Till
1294 Killing Lincoln Bill O Reilly An Abraham Lincoln Tribute 2
1295 True You Janet Jackson 50 Things That Really Matter 2
1296 Lot childrens books
1297 Lot childrens books
1298 Lot 50 Shades series E L James 3
1299 Where The Buck Stops Harry S Truman Margaret Truman
1300 Go Set a Watchman Harper Lee The Boys in the Boat 1936 Berlin Olympics
1301 James Patterson Novels 2
1302 The Liars Club Karr The Closing of the American Mind Bloom
1303 The Treasures of Britain
1304 A Country Camera 1844-l9l4
1305 T/L Misc travel brochures Britain
1306 The Last Lecture Randy Pausch
1307 B/L music rolls for group singing
1308 Oil painting, nude
1309 Lot Classics Illust comics
1311 B/L Look magazines
1312 T/L Life magazines
1313 Maus A Survivors Tale Art Spiegelman The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat Oliver Sacks 2
1314 The March to Victory A Guide to WWII The Quiet Warrior Admiral Raymond A Spruance Buell 2
1315 The Forrestal Diaries Ten Days to Destiny John Costello
1316 The Secret History of WWII Richardson Berlin Calling American Broadcasters in Service to the Third Reich Edwards 3 Finding the Foe Saunders
1317 T/L childrens coloring books
1318 The Naked Lady Who Stood on Her Head Small MD Man and Animals n Yuri Dmitriyev 2
1319 Set Roger Tory Peterson Field Guides Leather Bound Easton Press 26 vols
1320 Eurekas and Euphorias Gratzer
1321 Jared Diamond: Fates of Human Societies Guns, Germs, and Steel The Third Chimpanzee Collapse How Societies Chosen to Fail or Succeed 3
1322 The Great Warming Brian Fagan The Little Ice Age 1300-1500 Fagan
1323 How Weapons Work Chant
1324 Fighter Aces of the USA The Air Force Museum 2
1325 To Hell and Back Audie Murphy
1326 The SAS Escape.,Evasion, and Survival Manual Davies The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook 2
1327 Blitzkrieg Deighton Hitlers Justice Courts of the Third Reich Muller 2
1328 The Last Battle Cornelius Ryan Okinawa 1945 Gateway to Japan 2
1329 Reaching Judgment at Nuremberg Smith Nuremberg Diary 1947 Gilbert
1330 Lot art books 3
1331 Lot art books 3
1332 Lot art books 3
1333 Lot books re Metropolitan Opera 4
1334 Beethoven Landon Jussi Farkasb b2
1335 Lot 45 RPM records incl Glen Miller,Jefferson Airplane Kenny Loggins,Marian Anderson, etc
1336 From Here to Eternity James Jones 1951 A Life in Our Times Galbraith 2
1337 The 9/ll Commission Report US Army Field Manual FM5-31 Boobytraps
1338 Front Page WWII Germany Surrenders
1339 Life WWII
1340 World War II 50h Anniv Edition
1341 The Memoirs of Field Marshall Viscount Montgomery of Alamein
1342 Monty Nigel Hamilton
1343 Historical Atlas of World Mythology 5 vols
1344 Who’s Who in Nazi Germany Routledge Washington Goes to War Brinkley Operation Barbarossa 1941 3
1345 NY Times Page One 1920-l982
1346 Maps of the Heavens
1347 The Tokyo War Crimes Trial Minear The Life and Death of a Japanese General (Yamashita)
1348 2194 Days of War
1349 The Stars and Stripes WWII Front Pages
1350 Navies of WWII Preston
1351 Ency of the Worlds War Ships
1352 Chronology of WWII 1939-l945
1353 Hitler Legend, Myth and Reality Maser Of Pure Blood Hitlers Master Race 2
1354 The Conspiracy Against Hitler Deutsch Hitlers Secret War Hitlers Security 3
1355 Lot Historical Study The Russian Campaign 5 vols
1356 Operation Drumbeat German U Boat Attacks along the American Coast
1357 Goebbels Heiber Origins of the Second World War Taylor
1358 The Arms of Krupp 1587-l968 Wm Manchester
1359 Berlin Diary Shirer End of a Berlin Diary Shirer
1360 On Borrowed Time Moseley History of the Second World War Hart 2
1361 American Caesar Douglas MacArthur Wm Manchester
1362 The Collapse of the Third Republic Shirer The World at War For 2ster
1363 The Murder of Rudolf Hess Thomas The Third Reich Data Book
1364 Admiral Halseys Story
1365 Leni Riefenstahl The Fallen Film Goddess
1366 Uglier Thgan a Monkeys Armpit Dodsonn Renaissance Florence 2
1367 The Concorde Story 2 Sentimental Journey Confederate Air Force Ghost Squadron
1368 100 Most Famous Criminals
1369 Lot childrens books 3
1370 Lot childrens books 3
1371 Lot childrens books 3
1372 Firefighters
1373 Firefighter Training Manuals 3
1374 Lot childrens books 4
1375 Lot childrens books 3
1376 Lot childrens books 4
1377 Lot childrens books 4
1378 Calvin and Hobbes Curious George 2
1380 Adolf Hitler 1931-l935 Der Fuhrer 2
1381 Angriffshohe 4000 Luftwaffe Bekker Albert Speer Hamscher
1382 Behind Enemy Lines WWII Allied/Axis Propaganda Boehm
1383 The Hitler File 1918-l94 Grunfeld Adolf Hitler Faces of a Dictator 2
1384 With Rommel In The Desert Schmidt Nazism Oakes 1919-l945 2
1385 Voices from the Bunker Galante Albert Speer
1386 Admiral Doenitz Memoirs Visions of Infamy Honan Die Macht Ergreifung Hohne 3
1387 Red Phoenix Rise of Soviet Air Power 1941-45 Von Hardesty
1388 Numbers, Predictions and War Use of History to Evaluate and Predict the Outcome of Armed Conflict Col TN Dupuy US Army
1389 Arsenal Understanding Weapons in the Nuclear Age Kostav Tsipis
1390 The Price of Admiralty The Evolution of Naval Warfare John Keegan
1391 The Mask of Command John Keegan
1392 The New High Ground Strategies and Weapons of Space Age War Karas
1393 War Plan Orange The US Strategy to Defeat Japan 1897-l945
1394 A Quick and Dirty Guide to War Dunnigan
1395 The Day After WWII Plans for Surviving a Nuclear War
1396 The Face of Battle John Keegan
1397 Drop Shot The American Plan for World War III Against Russia in 1957 Brown
1398 War Games The Secret World of the Creators, Players, and Policy Makers Rehearsing WW III Today Allen
1399 Thec Doomsday Scenario Keeney
1400 Plutonium The Worlds Most Dangerous Element Bernstein Wing of Eagles Ken Follet 2
1401 How to Make War Dunnigan Above and Beyond 1941-45 Morrison
1402 The Battle for The Falklands Hastings Among Lions 1967 Battle for Jerusalem Moskin 2
1403 Ann Coulter: How to talk to a Liberal If Democrats Had any Brains They’d Be Republicans Guilty, Treason 45
1404 Ann Coulter: High Crimes and Misdemeanors Godless; Demnonic; Liberal Lies About The American Right 4
1405 Handbook of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy The Arguments You Need to Defeat The Loony Left
2001 B/L Misc books and pbs mysteries etc
2002 B/L Misc books and pbs mysteries
2003 B/L Misc texts Physics
2004 B/L Misc books and pbs novels etc
2005 B/L Misc books and pbs novels etc
2006 B/L Misc books and pbs novels etc
2007 B/L Misc books and pbs novels etc
2008 B/L Misc books and pbs novels etc
2009 B.L Misc books and pbs
2011 B/L Misc books texts/novels
2013 B.L Misc books radio etc
2014 B./L Playboy magazines
2015 B/L Misc books and pbs sports
2016 B/L Misc books and pbs
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2022 B/L Misc books and pbs Sci Fict
2023 B/L Misc pbs Sci Fict etc
2024 B/L Misc books and pbs
2025 B/L Misc pbs
2026 B/L Misc books
2027 B/L Misc books
2028 B/L Misc books
2029 B/? Misc books, Medical and German texts
2030 B/L catalogs Philatelic auctions
2031 B/L Western Express and Philatelic auction catalogs
2032 B/L Philatelic auction catalogs
2033 B/L auction catalogs
2034 B/L auction catalogs
2035 B/L Collectable newsps and racing forms
2036 B/L Misc books
2037 B/L Misc books references etc
2038 B/L mIsc books novels
2039 B/L mIsc books novels
2040 B/L mIsc books novels
2041 B/L mIsc books novels
2042 B/L mIsc books novels
2043 B/L mIsc books novels
2044 B/L mIsc books novels
2045 B/L mIsc books novels
2046 B/L Misc books and pbs Novels and texts
2047 B.L misc books and pbs
2048 B.L misc books and pbs
2049 B.L misc books and pbs
2050 B/L Misc book and pbs
2051 B.L misc books and pbs
2052 B/L Misc books and pbs
2053 B/L misc books and pbs
2054 B/L Misc books and pbs physics texts
2055 B/L – Misc. books and p/bs
2056 B/L – Misc. books and p/bs
2057 B/L – Books and paperbacks
2058 B/L – Books and paperbacks
2059 B/L – Better Quality Novels and paper backs
2060 B/L – Misc. books and paperbacks
2061 B/L – Good Quality Novels and paperbacks
2062 B/L – Misc. Books in German
2063 B/L – VHS Movies
2064 B/L Misc books and pbs sewing, needlecraft etc
2065 B/L Misc books and pbs sewing, needlecraft etc
2066 B/L Sewing books and pamphlets
2067 B/L Misc pbs novels Sci Fict etc
2068 B/L Misc books and pbs
2069 B/L erotica
2070 B/L Mens magazines
2071 B/L Misc books
2072 B/L misc books and pbs
2073 B/L misc books and pbs
2074 B/L misc books and pbs texts etc
2075 B/L Neuron Journals
2076 B/L Bio Chem Journals Nature
2077 B/L Bio Chem Journals Nature
2078 B/L Bio Chem Journals Nature
2079 B/L Bio Chem Journals Nature
2080 B/L Misc books and pbs texts
2081 B/L Misc books
2082 B/L Misc books