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2 Early map 1935 Settlement of Columbia NJ Carl Simpson, cartographer 3
3 Geodetic Survey map NJ Raritan Quadrangle
4 Civil Defense Map 1942 Knowlton Twp NJ
5 Geodetic Survey map Bushkill Quadrangle Penna-NJ
6 Geodetic Survey map Easton Quadrangle Penna-
7 NY Renaissance Festival poster Tuxedo NY
8 Lot Currier and Ives reproduction calendar prints
9 Lot press photos
10 Lot Misc photos and snapshots
11 Philatelic lot: Cigar box mixed stamps US and foreign
12 Philatelic lot: BL Mixed stamps US and Foreign some on paper etc
13 Blackface Minstrel makeup kit
14 Little Chuff Chuff and Big Steamliner Barr 1950
15 Jack and Jill 1964
16 Humpty Dumpty Magazines 1950s
17 Treasure Island Stevenson lllus 1921
18 Uncle Wiggilys Airship
19 Lot Childrens Digest magazines 1950s
20 Lot childrens books incl Howdy Doody etc
21 Lot childrens books
22 New York Plumber and Fitter magazine 1901
23 Hans Brinker Golden Classic 1957
24 Winners Eureka Method Guitar 1891
25 To The Levant and Land of the Pharoahs
26 The Three Bears Classic comic
27 Lot Life magazines 1969 3
28 Lot childrens books
29 Happy Hollisters set 15 vols
30 Lot Pennsylvania New York Central stock certs
31 1912 calendar collie
32 1938 Kartoons book
33 1977 NY Yankees Scorebook
34 Lot Eph re New York Yankees
35 Applied Drawing and Design 1942
36 Cycle World, American Modeler magazines 2
37 1962 Popular Mechanics incl auto issue 3
38 The Book of Culture Harriet Lane 1922
39 Philatelic lot: Lot US covers and misc stamps
40 Lot Misc eph re NY Yankees
41 Jeep CJ 5 owners manual
42 Rulers of the World Custom Clothing catalog
43 1964 Popular Science magazine (Ford Mustang)
44 Lot sports cards football
45 Lot trade catalogs and brochures
46 Lot sheet music
47 1895 Crochet Manual
48 Lot sports cards baseball
49 Philatelic lot : Misc stamps US and foreign
50 Lot commercial eph 1920s
51 Lot trade catalogs
51A T/L Misc eph
52 WWII Russian propaganda poster
53 WWII Russian propaganda poster
54 WWII Russian propaganda poster
55 WWII Russian propaganda poster
56 WWII Russian propaganda poster
57 Russian propaganda poster
58 Russian propaganda poster
59 Russian propaganda poster
60 He Second World War Churchill
61 Front Page History of WWII NY Times
62 World Atlas DK
63 Lot Charlie Brown pbs
64 Lot Charlie Brown pbs
65 Rebecca’s Revival Creating Black Christianity
66 Americas Queen Jackie Sarah Bradford
67 The Essence of Style DeJean
68 The Closed Circle An Interpretation of the Arabs
69 Great Dames Marie Brenner
70 Resurrection and Eschatology Waddington
71 Clandestine Operations 1941-44
72 1971 Lehighton Pa HS Yearbook
73 1973 Lehighton Pa HS Yearbook
74 1972 Lehighton Pa HS Yearbook
75 Golden Book Atlas of the World 3 vols
77 Oxford University catalog
78 Univ of Penn Commencement program 1980 Montclair NJ suburban guide 2
79 Search for the Galleons Gold Knight
80 The Story of Doctor Dolittle Lofting Old Con and Patrick Sawyer 2
81 Governments of Continental Europe 1940 EM 254 War Dept Educ
82 Ford at Fifty
83 The Real Book About Cowboy Gorham 1952
84 The Story of Lafayette Wilson4
85 The Renaissance in Italy 6 vols 1887
86 The Puzzle of the Soviet Church Kent Hill
87 Lot: Drug Efficacy, Safety, and Biologics Discovery Flow Cuytometry and Cell Sorting Culture of Animal Cells 4 Current Topics on Microbiology and Immunology
88 Complete Book of Bicycling Sloane
89 The Women of Windsor Whitney
90 The Mutes Soliloquy Pramoedya Ananta Toer
91 We Are Dolphins
92 Devices and Desires P D James Passions Promise Steel 2
93 Bible Red Letter Ed
94 What Ever Happened to the Human Race ? Schaeffer, Everett Koop MD
95 Complete Wks of O Henry 1926
96 Wks of Calvin Miller The Singer; The Song, The Finale 3
97 Mary Sholem Asch
98 A Man Called Peter Catherine Marshall The First Easter Peter Marshall (Chaplain of the United States Senate)
99 Peace with God Billy Graham
100 The Vineyard of Liberty The American Experiment
101 The Hour I First Believed
102 50 Years After the War Infield
103 Lead Us Safely Home”Youth Can not be recaptured Once the Years Depart. But It Truly is Our State of Mind That Keeps Us Young at Heart” Clay Harrison
104 Nothing Like it in the World Stephen Ambrose
105 The Hardy Boyz Krugmun
106 The Story of the US Cavalry Herr/Wallace Fwd by General Johnathan Wainwright USA
107 Life With Mother
108 Sharks The Silent Savages The Life of Sharks Budker 2
109 Take Her, Mr Wesley John Drakeford
110 Body The Photography Book
111 Kooks
112 The New Columbia Encyc/Columbia University Press
113 Politically Correct Bedtime Stories
114 Alumni Directory Wharton School Univ of Penna
115 Battleship Yamato Jan Morris
116 Bible leather bound
117 Illus Enc of Art
118 From Double Eagle to Red Flag 2 vols 1927 Grassnoff
119 Everyday Life in Bible Times
120 Brave New China 1940 Lady Hosie
121 What Ever Happened to the American Dream Burkett
122 Measured Drawings of Early American Furniture Furniture Upholstery 2
123 Downeys Proverbs 1854 (rough)
124 Medicine Under Sail Friedenberg
125 Bouquet De France Epicurean Tour of the French Provinces
126 The Rodale Cookbook
127 The Dance Catalog Reynolds
128 Images of a Champion Lance Armstrong
129 Famous Indian Chiefs
130 From the Fury of the Northmen Rhoda Power
131 Yearbooks Memphis University School 1967,l968 2
132 1965 Yearbook Friends Select School Philadelphia
133 The Wizard of Oz Frank Baum
134 Brigham Young Burt
135 Gender and Grace Love Work and Parenting Van Leeuwen
136 The Myth of a Christian Nation Boyd
137 The Road to Verdun WWI
138 What Kind of Guns Are They Buying for your Butter? A Beginners Guide to Weaponry and Military Spending
139 How to Make War All The Worlds Weapons, Armed Forces and Tactics
140 Lot DVDs
141 Lot DVDs
142 Lot DVDs
143 Lot DVDs
144 Lot DVDs
145 Lot DVDs
146 Lot DVDs
147 Lot DVDs
148 Lot DVDs
149 Refinishing Old Furniture Wagoner lst ed
150 Exporters Encyclopaedia 1943
151 Zulu Fireside Tales
152 The Ultimate Doll Book Goodfellow
153 Practical Upholstering
154 Schroeders Antiques Guide, Warmans Antique Guide 2
155 Family Bible
156 World Coins Catalog
157 Tolkien Illus Ency
158 Masonic Record Fashion and Home Expo for the Benefit of Masonic Free Hospials 1924
159 Coca Cola Collectibles Price guide Dolls Price Guide Miller 2
160 The Torch is Passed Invitation to a Royal Wedding 2
161 Nursery Rhymes and Tales Things to Make and Do 2
162 Family Bible
163 New Jersey Statutes 1953 1954
164 Life in the English Country House Girouard
165 Websters Dictionary of American Women
166 The Scholars Wu Ching Tzu
167 The Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art
168 New Jersey Statutes 1937,l938,1939,1940
169 Impressionist and Post Impressionist Works Mosby
170 Percival Keene Captain Marryat 1896 ltd ed 343/750
171 Historical Atlas of WWII
172 Idolatry Alice Perrin 1909
173 I Shall Not be Moved Maya Angelou
174 Lot Repr of early British hunt prints
175 Verdun WW I
176 The Dog Who Loved Too Much Dodman DVM
177 US Treasury Decisions 1926 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes 1976 Captain America
178 I Never Saw Another Butterfly Drawings and Poems from Terezin Concentration Camp 1942-1944
179 Art Through The Ages Tansey
180 Bombs Away ! Photos AAF 1947
181 Another Perfect Day
182 Now We Are Six AA Milne 1936
183 Grandmere (Eleanor Roosevelt) David Roosevelt
184 Letters from Salisbury Prison
185 Scenes of Clerical Life George Eliot Ramsays Works III
186 Jungle Man Major PJ Pretorius 1948
187 People of Note McKinney 1949 Juliette Low and the Girl Scouts 2
188 Framed oil painting signed C. Vantalanhan
189 Framed watercolor painting Horse artist signed
190 Christmas Art and Literature
191 Main Street Fairchild 1941
192 Coast Ca1endar Coffin
193 Four American Indian Songs Cadman 1909
194 Foster Wheeler Instructions Book
195 Log of the Liberators Steve Birdsall lst Ed dj 1973
196 Liberator B-24 1939-45 Bowman
197 Aeroplane magazine Liberator
198 The Soldier B24 Liberator
199 Readers Digest 1938 2
200 Case 1971 Social Register 14 cities
201 Tales of a Basque Grandmother Carpenter 1930
202 Forty Good Night Tales Fyleman 1924
203 Long Long Ago Alexander Woollcott 1943
204 A Wayfarer in Portugal Marden 1927
205 The Mirrors of Downing Street 1921
206 The Descent of the Dove Chas Williams 1950
207 The Second and Third Books of the Great Musicians 2
208 Sip ! Swallow! AP Herbert 1938
209 Picture show Sassoon 1920
210 Wild is the River Bromfield 1938
211 Captain January Laura Richards 1898
212 Where Do We Go From Here ? 1940
213 The Fortune Telling Birthday Book Chesit 1910
214 Lullaby Land Eugene Field 1900
215 The Story of the Rhinegold Chapin 1897
216 Stars to Steer By Follett 1935
217 Tom Jones Fielding
218 Tom Browns School Days Hughes 1900
219 Japan Trade Guide 1966
220 An Only Child White 1905
221 Rogues Gallery Great Criminals of Modern Fiction Ellery Queen
222 Gibbons Journal to Jan 28th 1763
223 Mr Blanding Builds His Dream House 1946
224 Mavericks Coburn
225 Boswells Life of Johnson 1917
226 The Crescent Moon Tagore
227 The Reluctant Gardener 1961
228 Puppies for Keeps ( rough)
229 America Folk and Fairy Tales Rachel Field 1929
230 Away Goes Sally Coatsworth 1934
231 Our Farmyard c 1890
232 The Edward Lear Alphabet Book 1915
233 Runzel, Punzel 1933
234 The Pelican Chorus and Other Nonsense Verses Edward Lear c 1920
235 The Little White Goat Dorothy Lathrop 1933
236 Mr Punchs Book for Children c 1925
237 Peter Pea NG Grishina 1926
238 A Round of Carols 1935
239 Enchantment Tales for Children
240 Adventures in Our Street Gertrude Kay 1926
241 Little Henry and the Tiger le Fevre 1931
242 Nayka The Indian Boy Lyback 1932
243 The Warblers of North America 1907 color illustrations
244 Daddy Long Legs Jean Webster 1912 color illustrations The Doomsday Men 1938 Priestly 2
245 Frolic at the Seaside Butts 1880
246 Precious Bane Mary Webb 1933
247 They Walk in the City Priestly 1936 lst Ed
248 Who’s Who in the Zoo 1933 Morton Illus Cecil Aldin
249 Heidi Spyri 1929
250 Salamina Rockwell Kent 1935 lst Ed
251 Angels and Amazons 100 Years of American Women Inez Irwin 1933
252 Tuppers Proverbial Philosophy c 1880
253 Poetical Works of Robert Burns 1871
254 Religious Souvenier 1840
255 The Tale of Tom Tiddler Farjeon 1930
256 T E Lawrence By His Friends 1937 lst Ed
257 Presenting Moonshine John Collier 1941
258 More Beetles Fabre 1922
259 Top Dog 1964 lst Ed
260 The Devils Dictionary Pierce 1911
261 Three Came Home Keith 1947
262 The Mammouth Hunters Auel
263 The Old Country Store Carson 1954
264 Calico Bush Rachel Field Wood Engr Lewis 1931
265 The Boy Apprenticed to an Enchanter Colum 1925
266 Little Indians La Rue
267 Harpsichord Books 2
268 Country Neighborhood 1944 Coatsworth ( Maine)
269 The Boy Who Knew What the Birds Said Colum 1928
270 The Skin Horse Bianco 1927 A Forest Story 1929 Shell Nature Studies 3
271 A Little Girl of Nineteen Hundred Lenski 1925
272 Life and Letters of Walter Page 4 vols
273 Life and Letters of Mary Putnam Jacobi 1925 MD
274 In All France Anatole France 1930
275 She Shanties Herbert 1927
276 The Road Back Remarque 1931
277 Three Plays AA Milne 1922
278 Teddy’s Button Le Feuvre 1908
279 The Ides of March Thornton Wilder 1948
280 A Book for Boys and Girls John Bunyan (1628-1688) 1928 E S Buchanan
281 Gabriel and the Hour Book Stein 1934
282 Black Lamb and Gray Falcon 2 Rebecca West 1941
283 Lot post cards
284 Lot post cards
285 Lot post cards
286 Lot post cards
287 Lot post cards
288 History of Art Janson
289 Why a Duck ?
290 Lot Boy Scouts eph
291 Lot leather trade cards Nursery Rhymes “To Market, to Market to Buy a Fat Pig etc”
292 Lot leather trade cards Flowers
293 WWII Era photo album includes: Antique and classic cars GIs in formation, at mess, encampments, military vehicles, airplane art,
294 1950 Yearbook Penn Argyl HS
295 Auction catalog, Christies Audubon Birds
296 Framed botanical print artist signed and numbered
297 Framed botanical print artist signed and numbered
298 Framed botanical print artist signed and numbered
299 Framed botanical print artist signed and numbered
300 Framed botanical print artist signed and numbered
301 Framed botanical print artist signed and numbered
302 Manual Truck Shovel
303 Caesars Palace Bronze Invitation Token for Frank Sinatra’s Opening Performance 1968
304 Motor Heavy Truck Repair Manual
305 Motors Auto Repair Manual 1961
306 Looseleaf binder manuals Cummins, Simplicity etc
307 Sunburnt Africa Kent Cottrel ( 70 color plates)
308 Roots Alex Haley 1976
309 The Masters 86 Sickert Pickvance
310 Africa Her History, Lands. and People Williams 1962
311 Metal sign Uncle Remus Brand Syrup
312 Africa Photographs and Text
313 The National Gem Collection, Smithsonian
314 Drawings from the O Neal Collection National Gallery
315 Lot Ltd Ed prints
316 Lot Art Repr prints
317 How to Make Something from Nothing Egge 1968 dj
318 Lot matted Post Toasties ads 2
319 Old Wives Tales Thomas Craughwell
320 1924 Yearbook Montclair HS
321 Lot mini Guide books
322 Framed photo Bakers Class
323 TV Guide Elvis
324 Framed print New England farm
325 Framed needlework Duck Pond
326 Framed charcoal print artist signed The Bridge
327 Framed print Angelic Choir
328 Framed print Twist O Hill
329 Golden Treasury of Songs and Lyrics 1902
330 Lot Roman Missal and mini prayer books etc
331 T/L Misc eph
332 Philatelic lot: US Plate Block Album w/stamps
333 Philatelic lot: US Album w/stamps
334 Philatelic lot: US/UN Stamp Album w/stamps
335 Philatelic lot: US/American Revolution Bicentennial Album w/stamps
336 Philatelic lot: US/Stamp Album w/stamps
337 Philatelic lot: US/Stamp Album w/stamps
338 Philatelic lot: US/Plate Block Album w/ some stamps
339 Philatelic lot: US/Plate Block binder w/blocks
340 Coggins Space Books: By Space Ship to the Moon Rockets, Jets, Guided Missiles and Space Ships 2
341 T/L Analog Science Fiction magazines
342 T/L John Stoddards Lectures ,14 vols
343 T/L 1970s-80s baseball year books All Star Game programs World Series program
344 Set Art Catalogs Metropolitan Museum of Art 11 Vols djs
345 1930s Scrapbook Film Stars
346 1821-l833 Philadelphia Episcopal Church Ledger
347 Frank Leslies 1876 Centennial (rough)
348 Lot Childrens Misc eph magazines etc
349 Fortune magazines 2 1930 June, December
350 TV Life magazines 3 Johnny and June Cash
351 Photoplay magazine 1957
352 Movieland magazine 1957
353 Stardom magazine 1960
354 Photoplay magazine 1959
355 TV Radio Mirror magazine 1958
356 Photoplay magazine 1963
357 Lot Mens magazines
358 T/L Time magazines
359 Philatelic lot:B/L foreign stamps mint
360 Philatelic lot:Stamp album w/foreign stamps
361 Philatelic lot:USPS commem sets
362 Philatelic lot: Shoebox lot US mint stamps, blocks
363 Philatelic lot: Ship. cancellations
364 Philatelic lot: Large box stamps US and foreign
365 T/L Old New Jersey legal documents Deeds, Judgments, etc
366 Lot Misc celebs autographs, signatures
367 Lot signatures, autographs politicians etc
368 Lot signatures, autographs politicians & related
369 Lot signatures, autographs British actors etc
370 Lot signatures, autographs British politicians etc
371 Lot signatures, autographs British politicians etc
373 Lot signatures, autographs British theater
374 Lot signatures, autographs British theater etc etc
375 Lot autographs Military and NASA
376 Lot Engravings, bookplates Presidents and related
377 Photo album Europe, Bermuda
378 Album cigarette card collection
379 Lot Railroad photographs and post cards
380 Mail train photos and post cards
381 Lot misc eph military etc
382 Lot 1930s.40s ship photos
383 Lot 1920s.50s ship photos
384 Lot ship eph
385 Lot tin types
386 Lot eph rail travel
387 Lot British Military Xmas cards
388 Lot travel eph
389 Lot travel eph
390 Looseleaf binder w/collection of Hand Painted postcard cards, notes etcs “Hand Painted Expressions”
391 Early Valentine card collection
392 Album Zeppelin/Air Ship post cards
393 Album Japan post cards
394 Album Teddy Bear post cards
395 Lot Christmas post cards
396 Lot Soviet Art post cards
397 Lot Christmas post cards
398 Lot Soviet art post cards
399 Lot Long Island post cards
400 Lot air line post cards
401 Lot Cueta Africa post cards
402 Lot Great Britain post cards
403 Lot Soviet Art post cards
404 Lot air line post cards etc
405 Lot Rattlesnake post cards
406 Lot Alligator post cards
407 Poise and Symmetry of Figure 1911
408 Manual of Massage and Movements 1951
409 Pathology pf the Spinal Cord Hughes Backache in Women Schleyer 2
410 Tai Chi for Health Maisel
411 Special Kinesiology of Educational Gymnastics Baron Nils Posse 1894
412 Exercise in Education and Medicine 1909 Mackenzie
413 Posture and Pain 1952
414 Posture Dickson MD 1930
415 Atemheilkunst Johannes Ludwig Schmitt 1956
416 Ultrasonic and Ultrashort Waves in Medicine Johanna Van Went
417 Therapeutic Heat Light MD
418 The Posture of School Children Bancroft c 1930 Standing and Sitting Posture Bengt Akerblom 1948
419 Body and Mature Behaviour Feldenkrais 1949
420 Reproduction in Domestic Animals 2 vols
421 Sex Hygiene and Venereal Disease War Department
422 The Treatment of Syphilis with Salvarsan 1911
423 Theory and Practice of Massage and Medical Gymnastics 1949
424 Text Book of Massage Despard 1932
425 The Practice of Physical Therapy 1944
426 Artificial Fever Newmann MD 1938
427 The Urologic and Cutaneous Review 1939
428 Fertility and Contraception in the Human Female
429 Fertilization Morphology, Biochemistry and Immunology 1967
430 Mammalian Fertilization Hadek
431 Social Diseases and Marriage Prince Morrow `1904
432 Biology of Gestation The Maternal Organism 1968
433 Ovulation Greenblatt MD
434 Human Reproduction Physiology 1963
435 Fundamentals of Human Reproduction Potter MD lst Ed 1948
436 Eleanor and Hick The Love Affair That Shaped a First Lady Quinn
437 Social Biology and Welfare Neville lst Ed 1949
438 Hip, Knee,and Ankle Joints Hugh Owen Thomas 1872 Facs
439 The Hand Berry MD (A Mirror of Systemic Disease)
440 T/L Maps and travel guides
441 Custer A Soldiers Story Kinsley
442 A Book of Flowers
443 Scarnes Complete Guide to Gambling John Scarne
444 Physical Treatment Mennell
445 Handbook of Orthopaedic Surgery Shands MD 1948
446 Textbook of Orthopedics Howorth MD 1952
447 Neurovascular Compression Syndromes of the Shoulder Girdle Rosati
448 The Kenny Concept of Infantile Paralysis Pohl MD 1949
449 Orthopedic Surgery Taylor MD 1909
450 The Human Spine in Health and Disease Schmorl MD 1959
451 Joint Pain Mennell MD 1st Ed dj
452 Treatment by Manipulation Fisher 1948
453 System of Physiologic Therapeutics Cohen 1907
454 Pathological Physiology of Internal Diseases Hewlett MD 1926
455 Physiology of Shock Wiggers MD
456 Shock Blood Studies Scudder MD 1940
457 Repair of Hernias Ravitch MD
458 Myasthenia Gravis Osserman MD 1958
459 Clinical Electromyography Marinacci MD 1955
460 Muscle Spasm and Degeneration Pottenger MD 1912
461 Kinesiology of the Human Body Steindler MD
462 Anatomy and Ballet Sparger 1949 Anatomy for the Dancer Gelabert Como 1964 2
463 The Neuro Muscular Maturation of the Human Infant McGraw 1963
464 The Rabbit in Experimental Physiology Kaplan 1962
465 Peripheral Vascular Diseases Allen MD 1947
466 Management of Varicose Veins Barrow MD Temperature and Human Life Winslow MD 1949
467 Pathologic Physiology Sodeman MD 1961
468 Hair Growth Montagna MD 1958
469 1958 Photo Senior Class Boonton HS at Mazdabrook Farms Identified by old timers: Dr Harold Wiggins Clyde Capllinger,Bill Creatura,Carol Twaits,Walter Franz,Pearl Edmonds,
470 Building Stories
471 The Old Masters With the Children 1898
472 lot cigarette silks
473 lot cigarette silks
474 lot cigarette silks
475 lot cigarette silks
476 lot cigarette silks
477 lot cigarette silks
478 lot cigarette silks
479 St Nicholas magazine l883 2
480 Eloise 1955
481 Am Anfang Das Junge Rheinland
482 Lot Childrens books Dr Seuss
483 Kim Rudyard Kipling
484 The Tuileries 19292
485 Lot Gypsumist magazines 1928 2
486 Atlanta Terra Cotta 1922
487 Judge magazine 1931
488 St Nicholas magazines 2 1884
490 Messina 1956
491 Messina 1956
492 Traders and Raiders on Chinas Northern Frontier
493 Lot stereopticon cards
494 Lot stereopticon cards
495 Architectural Monographs
496 Dasleben magazine 1927
497 The Bookman magazine 1929
498 Poetry magazine 1939
499 Quarterly Review of Literature 1947
500 Criterion Review 1930 Edited T S Eliot
501 Poetry magazine 1934
502 This Quarter 1929 Pornography and Obscenity T H Lawrence
503 ARP Bissier etc 1963
504 The Art of Collecting Photography
505 The Skull Beneath the Skin P D James
506 T/L Misc eph incl US Coastal charts, magazine partials, Masonic money pouch
507 The Communistic Societies of the United States Nordhoff 1962
508 The Future of Socialism Crosland
509 Slavery Greenidge 1958
510 International Communism and American Policy Morris lst Ed dj 1966
511 The Negro Almanac Ploski 1967
512 Negro Politics Wilson 1965
513 The Confessions of Nat Turner Styron
514 Patriotism an Nationalism Doob
515 History of American Socialism Noyes Ltd Ed
516 African Kingdoms
517 Great Negroes Past and Present
518 NJ Legislative Manual 1961c
519 Slavery Elkins
520 Hooded Americanism Ku Klux Klan
521 Africa’s Gift to America Rogers
522 Encounter Germany 1964 The New Germany and The Old Nazis The Nazi Movement 3
523 T/L Life magazines
524 T/L Life magazines
525 The Jewells and the Dodges 1635-1928
526 Doty-Doton Family 1897
527 Royal for Commoners Stuart
528 The Hereditary Register 1979
529 Descendants of Robert Stockton
530 North Carolina Taxpayers 1701=1786 Ohio Marriages
531 Lot books re Kansas Genealogy
532 Lot Family genealogies
533 The Magna Charta Sureties
534 T/L Life magazines
535 T/L Life magazines
536 Lot Family genealogies
537 French Dolls in Folklore Costume 1835-19l7
538 Kestner King of Doll Makers Foulke
540 Simon and Halbig Dolls Foulke
541 In The Minds Eye Doll auction catalog
542 Dolls Toys and Childhood Mathes
543 The Dolls of Jules Nicolas Steiner
544 Fashion Dolls Tarnowska
545 A Whispering of Dolls Theriault
546 The Beautiful Jumeau Theriault
547 Doll Catalog Reprint Series 3 SFBJ Paris 1912 K and R 1924-l927 Emil Bauersachs 1924
548 The Great Mans Doll auction catalog
549 Purple Skies, Plum Delights auction catalog
550 Lot Doll auction catalogs Theriault 3
551 Steams Finest Hour
552 Trains Albums of Photographs Erie Railroad Far Western Railroads Midwestern Railroads
553 Trains Albums of Photographs Santa Fe Railway Great Northern Railway Colorado Railroads Erie Railroad
554 State of New York Champlain Tercentenary 1909 ” ” ” ” ” ” Final Report 1913 2
555 History of Delaware 4 vols
556 Joshua Reynolds Walter Armstrong 1900
557 Record of Officers and Men of New Jersey in the Civil War 1876 II
558 Lot Punch magazines 1901-l902 45
559 Lot sports brochures
560 Lot Youths Companion 1890-l892 14
561 Lot Portland Maine Transcript 1871 26
562 History of Springdale Methodist Church Warren Twp Somerset County
563 Lot WPA Publications re NJ 5 John Brainerd’s Journal Salvation Army, Bahai Assemblies Historical Records Survey of New Jersey
564 WPA Inventory of the County Archives of NJ Sussex county 1941
565 Hardwick Friends Cemetery Allamuchy 2
566 History Presbyterian Church.Westfield NJ 1728-1962
567 Through the Years in Mendham Borough Catherine Emmons signed
568 Saga of a Crossroads Florham Park Weis
569 Remembering Essex John Cunningham
570 Newark John Cunningham
571 Nicholson’s Ency 1819 9 vols leather
572 Lot Movie Stills
573 Lot Movie Stills
574 Lot Movie Stills
575 Lives of the English Poets Samuel Johnson 1794 4 vols
576 Mark Twain 2 vols
577 Easton Press Tales of De Maupassant
578 Memoirs of General W T Sherman
579 History of the Truman Family 2 vol 1901
580 France and England in North America 2 vol Parkman
581 Essays American and England Writers Henry James
582 Japan 1904 Illus Leyendecker
583 Posthumous Papers Pickwick Club Paris 1838 2 vols
584 Coronica del rey do Pedro de Castilia ( Chronicle of King Don Peter of Catille 1549
585 Geological Survey of New Jersey 1917
586 Final Rept State Geologist Vol I 1888
587 Annual Repts State Geologist 1885,l899, l900
588 Wild Beast and Their Ways Samuel Baker 1890
589 Final Rept State Geologist Vol 2 1890
590 Journal of the Private Life of Napoleon Las Cases 1823 I
591 A Scholar’s Letters to a Young Lady Child 1920 Ltd Ed
592 Jersey Wagon Jaunts 1926 Heston 2 vols
593 History of Susquehanna County, Penna 1873
594 B/L Misc prints incl wood blocks
595 SW oil painting
596 Framed signed oil painting reb barn in snow
597 Framed water color painting fishing from pier
598 Framed oil painting signed Pioneer Homestead
599 Framed Haitian painting Rosemand
600 Lot poultry posters
601 Framed Landscape painting
602 T/L misc eph
603 Commerce on the Prairies Gregg 1845 3 vols
604 Lindbergh newspaper
605 T/L Misc eph
606 William Shakespeare and His Three Friends
607 American Prints in the Library of Congress
608 Lot pbs 4 incl Wagging Tails in Heaven
609 Ocean Liners of the Past Aquitania
610 The Bumper Book Watty Piper
611 Cutter Sea Lion 1967
612 The Captain from Connecticut CS Forester 1941
613 Us Against You Backman lst Ed dj
614 Some Books For Sale at Our Shop
615 Alice Lippencott In memoriam 1898
616 Svetlana Stalins Daughter Ebon lst Ed
617 Indian Languages of Mexico and Central America 1911
618 The Yearling Rawlings
619 What Dr Spock Didn’t Tell Us
620 The New Yorker 1925-l950
621 Theater in America
622 The Works of Oliver Wendell Holmes 9 vols l892 (rough)
623 Brain Twisters etc Paper Salesmans Course 2
624 T/L Spinning Wheel magazines
625 Lot Hobbies magazines 1950s
626 T/L Misc eph
627 B/L Classics Illus comics
628 Manasquan
629 Jersey Genesis Carlton Beck
630 Stories of New Jersey Frank Stockton
631 Tales and Towns of Northern New Jersey Beck
632 Snubby Nose and Tippy Toes Smith 1922
633 Cyrano De Bergerac 1924
634 Forgotten Towns of Southern New Jersey Beck
635 Jersey Genesis Beck The Mullica River 1945
636 The Meno of Plato 1891
637 Georgina of the Rainbows Johnston 1916
638 Farm Boy A Hunt for Indian Treasure Phil Stong Illus Kurt Wiese 1934
639 The Book of Merlyn T H White
640 The Life of Our Lord Chas Dickens
641 Nantucket Island Nantucket in Color 2
642 Diana A Tribute Tim Graham
643 Ring Lardners You Know Me Al
644 Pages from the Book of Paris Washburne
645 The Holy Land Roberts
646 Instant Magic Tricks Houdini Tricks National Success Course 3
647 Patton Ordeal and Triumph Farago 1964
648 The Diseases of Infancy and Childhood Holt 1897 Classics of Medicine Library 1970s
649 Surgical Observations on Tumours Warren 1837 Classics of Surgery 1988
650 Gastric Juice and the Physiology of Digestion Beaumont 1833 Classics of Medicine 1980
651 The Courtin Lowell Illus Winslow Homer 1874
652 Stuart Little E B White Illus Garth Williams 1945
653 The Heroes or Greek Fairy Tales Kingsley 1855
654 The Young Forester Zane Grey 1910
655 Counsels and Ideals Osler 1905 Classics of Medicine
656 Lot Charlie Brown, Peanuts books 2
657 The Tale of Ginger and Pickles Beatrix Potter 1889
658 The Candy Girl Maria Cheeseman 1855
659 The Brownies and the Goblins Banta 1922
660 Selections from Edgar Allan Poe 1935
661 Bible Stories for Young Folks 1889
662 Bomba the Jungle Boy Rockwood ” ” ” ” at the Giant Cataract 2
663 Treasure Island Stevenson 1924
664 Cruising Guide to the New England Coast
665 Travels with Charley Steinbeck
666 The Tinderbox Hans Christian Andersen 1948
667 Dunningers Magic Tricks
668 Lincolns Last Trial Fisher
669 Nantucket Voices
670 Battles and Leaders of the Civil War North to Antietam
671 Battles and Leaders of the Civil War Retreat from Gettysburg
672 Battles and Leaders of the Civil War From Sumter to Shiloh
673 Days of Darkness The Gettysburg Civilians
674 The Battle of the Wilderness May 5-6 1864 Rhea
675 The Sword of Lincoln The Army of the Potomac Wert
676 Gettysburg Guelzo
677 Morgan American Financier Strouse
678 Lost Triumph Lees Real, Plan at Gettysburg and Why it Failed Carhart
679 If It Takes All Summer The Battle of Spotsylvania Matter
680 Gettysburg A Testing of Courage Trudeau
681 Stonewall In the Valley Tanner
682 With Malice Toward None The Life of Abraham Lincoln Stephen Oates
683 Ency of Animals NGS
684 Free Some Day The African American Families of Monticello Stanton
685 A House Divided America in the Age of Lincoln Foner/Mahoney
686 General James Longstreet Wert
687 Markings Dag Hammarskjold
688 Mark Twain Four Complete Novels
689 All on Fire William Lloyd Garrison and the Abolition of Slavery Mayer
690 Favorite Poems of Longfellow
691 Paramount Newsreel Men with Admiral Byrd in Little America
692 Gods Problem Why We Suffer Ehrman
693 Blood Sweat and Tears Churchill
694 It Doesn’t Take a Hero General Herbert Norman Schwarzkopf USMA Class ofl956 Autobiography
695 Tiger Force ( Vietnam)
696 Upper Brandon
697 Pottery and Porcelain Warren Cox
698 Windows on the World Wine Journal Kevin Zraly
699 Piloting Seamanship and Small Boat Handling Chapman
700 Blood Lad graphic novel
701 Japans Imperial Conspiracy
702 Hemi The Ultimate American V8
703 The Bigger Picture NGS
704 Pop Art
705 Don Quixote
706 Fit For a King Elvis Cookbook
707 Churchill’s Bomb Farmelo
708 Iron Dawn The Monitor and The Merrimack Snow
709 Stonewall in the Valley Tanner
710 The Old Patagonian Express Theroux
711 Born to be King Prince William of Wales Charles and Diana Tour of North America 2
712 Diana Princess of Wales Prince Charles Holden 2
713 Diana A Celebration Diana Her Latest Fashions 2
714 Princess Robert Lacey The Year of the Princess 2
715 Invitation to a Royal Wedding Charles and Diana 2
716 The Diana Look Diana Princess of Wales 2
717 The Childrens Princess, Diana Wedding Day 2
718 Slave Counterpoint Morgan
719 The Road to Disunion 1854-l861 Freebling
720 Return to Bull Run, Second Manassas Hennessy
721 Terrible Swift Sword Bruce Catton
722 The Coming Fury Bruce Catton
723 Never Call Retreat Bruce Catton
724 The Civil War and Reconstruction
725 Eleanor Roosevelt
726 Miracle at Philadelphia Bowen
727 Battles and Leaders of the Civil War The Way to Appomattox
728 Nicholas and Alexandra
729 The Ides of March Thornton Wilder 1948
730 Flowering Still Irish Poets on Irish Poetry
731 The World America Made Kagan
732 Atlas of the Civil War
733 The Pioneer Spirit AH
734 Touched by Fire Photo Portrait of the Civil War
735 Bradys Civil War
736 Carl Sandburgs Abraham Lincoln set 3 pbs
737 Die Shone Heimat Renaissance Quarterly 1998 2
738 New England On My Mind
739 Robert Kennedy and His Times
740 So Anyway John Cleese
741 The Dreyfus Affair Snyder
742 Old Soldiers Never Die Perret
743 The Complete Yes Minister
744 Wild Boy The Savage of Areyron Losure
745 Albert Speer His Battle With Truth Sereny
746 Flattened Fauna Knutson
747 The Dogist Friedman
748 Set The Civil War Experience 4 vols From Manassas to Appomattox Personal Memoirs of U S Grant Recollections and Letters Of Robert E Lee
749 The Secret Service,The Field, The Dungeon, and the Escape 1865 Richardson (rough)
750 Vineyards a Puzzle Collection
751 No Banners No Bands Tales of he OSS Alcorn
752 Accidental Agent John Goldsmith (French Underground)
753 Stillwell and the American Experience in China 1911-l945 Tuchman
754 At Dawn We Slept Pearl Harbor Prange
755 History of the Civil War in America Abbott leather 1863
756 Just So Stories Kipling 1936
757 The Man Who Kept the Secrets Helms, CIA
758 Is Paris Burning ? Collins
759 Hitler Joachim Fest
760 Peter and Wendy J M Barrie 1911
761 Lectures to Children Rev John Todd 1858
762 Incredible Tale Johnson 1950
763 History of Our War With Spain 1898 ( rough)
764 Framed dog print ” I Beg Your Pardon”
765 Framed Atlas map 1778 La Suede
766 Framed litho Camel Train
767 Framed floral print
768 Framed floral print
769 Charcoal portrait
770 Poetical Works of Milton 1761 3 vols( rough)
771 Jasper Johns Kozloff
772 Glass Art Nouveau to Art Deco Arwas
773 Hubble Vision
774 America at the Crossroads lst Ed Great Photographs from the Thirties Prescott
775 Gold Johann Willsberger
776 American Impressionism
777 Grandma Moses Otto Kallir
778 Magritte
779 Weather in the Streets Lehmann lst ed dj
780 Just Folks East Side Ballads and Lyrics Mitchell Kaplan lst Ed 1927
781 Poems Alan Seeger lst Ed 1916
782 The Face Behind the Face Yevgeny Yevtushenko lst Ed signed
783 Bermuda Verses Larry Chittenden 1909 lst Ed inscribed
784 Exile Charles Levy lst Ed inscribed
785 All collected short poems 1923-1958 Louis Zukofsky lst Ed dj inscribed
786 Strict Joy Stephens 1931 lst Ed
787 Collected Poems Siegfried Sassoon lst Ed dj 1947
788 Enough Rope Poems by Dorothy Parker 1926
789 American and British Verse from the Yale Review 1920 lst Ed
790 The Bells Edgar Allan Poe 1881 lst Ed
791 Thoughtprints Laserson inscribed
792 A Survey Max Beerbohm 1921 lst US ed
793 The Writings of Thomas Jefferson Ltd Ed signed Illus Lynd Ward
794 Passing Through Stanley Kunitz signed
795 Absences James Tate lst Ed
796 Hunk of Skin Pablo Picasso lst US Ed
797 Lost Hills Anne Ryan lst Ed
798 The Cuban and Port Rican Campaigns Davis lst Ed 1898 (photographs incl TR)
799 Beowulf Heritage Press Illus Lynd Ward
800 The French Quarter 1936 dj
801 Almost at the End Yevgeny Yevtushenko lst pb Edition signed
802 Theater Posters of James McMullan lst Ed inscribed
803 The Art of Bev Doolittle lst ed dj
804 A Childs Garden of Verses Stevenson Illus Jesse Wilcox Smith
805 Lovers Gift and Crossing Tagore lst ed 1918
806 Rebecca Daphne Du Maurier 1938
807 Tommy and Grizel J M Barrie lst US Ed 1900
808 Farewell Miss Julie Logan J M Barrie lst Ed 1932
809 Rossetti and His Circle Max Beerbohm lst ed 1922
810 Poems by Walt Whitman 1921
811 Song Flame Bridgman lst Ed
812 Three Gringos in Venezuela and Central America Davis lst Ed 1896
813 Gerald A Portrait Daphne Du Maurier 1935
814 Month by Month Autumn 1911
815 Echoes of the War J M Barrie lst Ed 1918
816 Don Quixote 1921
816A Hand tooled leather cover
817 Israel Ludwig Lewisohn lst ed 1925
818 The Flying Dutchman Arlen lst Ed dj 1939
819 Second April Millay lst Ed 1921
820 Nobody’s in Town Edna Ferber dj 1939
821 Intercollegiate Song Book 1927 lst Ed signed
822 The Now a Days Fairy Book lst Ed 1911 Chapin Illust Jessie Willcox Smith
823 Lot Fine Books and Collections magazines
824 Kings and the Moon Stephens lst US Ed
825 N C Wyeth Allen
826 The Flight of the Guinevere Mc Closkey lst Ed inscribed 1921
827 Hopi
828 Frederic Remington Hodge
829 Utah Muench
830 Frontier Family Life
831 The FarField Roethke lst Ed dj
832 Before the Brave Patchen ( authors first book) 1936
833 This is My Beloved lst Ed Benton 1943
834 Memoirs of a Fox Hunting Man Sassoon lst Illus Ed
835 Firebird Seligmann Ltd Ed signed Suns and Tides ” 2
836 On the Banks of Plum Creek Wilder 1937
837 The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Illust by Willy Pogany
838 Undertow George lst Ed inscribed
839 The Big Green Book Robert Graves Illustr Maurice Sendak
840 The Penitent Isaac Bashvis Singer lst Ed dj
841 No Country for Old Men McCarthy lst Ed dj
842 Uncle Wiggily Goes Swimming 1924 Garis
843 Animal Farm George Orwell 2
844 Ashes Phillip Levine signed
845 T/L audio cassettes etc
846 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Dizzy Gillespie Eddie Lawrence;Percy Faith,New Ink Spot,Bob Everly
847 Album of Music Appreciation records
848 The Smithsonian Collection of Classic Jazz
849 Framed oil painting artist signed Delaware Water Gap ?
850 Framed oil painting artist signed George Schwacha
851 Framed oil painting artist signed George Schwacha
852 Framed oil painting artist signed Zaza Meuli Woman in Red
853 Framed Tennis poster Leroy Neiman
854 Framed oriental watercolor
855 Framed needlework
856 Framed leaded glass panel Iris
857 Pair framed oil paintings Young Musicians
858 Victorian framed oil painting 5 Guardian Angel ?
859 Framed Oriental painting on silk
860 Framed Oriental painting on silk
861 Framed Oriental painting on silk
862 Framed Oriental painting on silk
863 Birth Injuries of the Child 1922
864 The Pathology of the Human Placenta
865 The Testing of Negro Intelligence 1958
866 The Myth the Negro Past 1958 The Mark of Oppression 1962
867 The Physical Life of Woman 1869 Napheys MD
868 Contraception 1969 The Abortion Handbook 1969
869 Maternal Mortality in New York City 1933
870 The Science and Art of Mid Wifery 1892
871 Fertility in Men Hotchkiss 1944
872 American Journal of Obstetrics 1868
873 Kings Manual of Obstetrics 1900
874 Characteristics of the American Negro 1944 lst Ed
875 The Western Front Muirhead Bone Field Marshall Sir Douglas Haig 1917
876 File: Notes on Animal Behaviour
877 The American Jewish Album 1654-Present Schoener
878 Manwatching Field Guide to Human Behavior Desmond Morris
879 Prelude to War WWII
880 Collected Papers of Dr IC Rubin signed and inscribed
881 Israel My Land
882 Early American Steam Locomotives
883 Mandala
884 Notre Dame Womens Basketball Media Guide 3
885 Notre Dame Football Media Guide
886 Notre Dame Football Media Guide 2
887 Notre Dame Mens Basketball Media Guide 2
888 Notre Dame Mens Basketball Media Guide 2
889 Notre Dame Football Media Guide 2
890 Notre Dame Football Media Guide 2
891 Notre Dame Football Media Guide 2
892 Notre Dame Football Media Guide 3
893 Notre Dame Mens Basketball Media Guide 2
894 Yearbooks The Spence School NYC 1967,1968,1971,1969
895 Power at Ground Zero Remaking of Lower Manhattan
896 Moby Dick Easton Press leather
897 Treasury of Fairy Tales
898 The Great Book of Italy
899 TL travel guides
900 Va Va Voom! Sullivan
901 Old Washington DC in Early Photographs
902 Art History Stokstad
903 Atlas of the Human Body Vigue Martin
904 Renoir
905 Odyssey The Art of Photography NGS
906 Great American Ruins Sederstrom
907 Lot art books
908 Now is Then Photo collection
909 The Music Lovers Ency Hughes
910 The History of Beer in America Yenne
911 Rolling Stone The Photographs
912 The World Trade Center Remembered
913 Ultimate Special Forces
914 Tom Swift series 4 1923
915 Cooperstown Hall of Fame Players Baseballs Greatest Quotations 2
916 Galileo Ronan
917 Robinson Crusoe 1907
918 Insignia of the Services WWII
919 Lot art books
920 AH History of the American Revolution Lancaster
921 Lot art books
922 The Sea Wolf Jack London
923 The Crossing George Washington Levin Sweet Land of Liberty Coffin 2
924 The White House as an American Home( Dream House)
925 Directory of Illustration
926 Treasury of Audubon Birds
927 Philatelic lot: Stamp album w/stamps
928 Letters of the Century 1900-l999
929 Birds That Hunt and Are Hunted 1898
930 Bird Neighbors 1897
931 Century On Hundred Years of Human Progress, Regression, Suffering and Hope Bernard
932 The Ty Cobb Scrapbook
933 Images of America Montville
934 Manual of Skin Diseases Sauer MD
935 Crimes and Punishment
936 American Record Guide
937 Ancient Egypt
938 Japanese Lacquer 1600-l900
939 Off the Beaten Path RD
940 Field Guide to Shells
941 Framed print Van Gogh repr
942 Framed oil painting repr
943 Framed Star Wars Poster Episode I
944 Framed McIntosh adv poster
945 Framed Teddy Isaac poster Red Tailed Hawk
946 Framed watercolor print Ltd Ed Signed
947 Framed poster Billiards
947A Framed print Big Cat
947B Framed photo poster NY Yankees
947C Framed print Hemingway House
947D Framed Ltd Ed signed Watercolor print
948 Lot Framed abstract art paintings signed
948A Lot framed illustrations, prints
949 Hammond World Map
950 Lot DVDs
951 Lot DVDs
952 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Della Reese,Paul McCartney Carlos Montoya,Tower of Power, Disney,The Cars,Styx Sinatra,
953 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Contemporary Jazz Quintet The Fortunes, Enoch Light, The Righteous Brothers Venus and Mars,Bob Dylan
954 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Ella Fitzgerald Sophie Tucker,Eric Clapton,The Beatles,Sweet Emma Procol Harum,Rolling Stones
955 Modern Persecution or Married Woman’s Liabilities Packard 1873
956 The Female Offender 1900 Women’s Misdemeanants Division Municipal Court Phila 1932 The Behavior Problem Girl 1927 3
957 Honest Sex Rustum
958 The Biological Tragedy of Woman 1932
959 The Worlds Worst Women Bernard O Donnell
960 La Femme Nue 2
961 Sexual Slavery in America 1935
962 Sex and the Single Girl Helen Gurley Brown
963 Popular History of the Jews Graetz 6 vols 1937
964 Castro’s Revolution Myths and Realities
965 The Story of the Irish Race MacManus 1967
966 The Edwardian Era Andre Maurois 1933 lst Prt
967 The Horn Book Studies in Erotic Folklore Legman
968 Ten Ladies of Joy Scott 1930
969 Lot Sexology magazines
970 Newark 1911 Kennedy
971 The Friendships of Women Alger 1868
972 Cast the First Stone Murtaugh 1957
973 Indian Trails and City Streets Rankin 1928
974 Alcohol and the Negro Larkins 1965
975 The Negro in Films Peter Noble
976 Strange Fruit Billie Holiday 2000 Margolick
977 Alcohol and the Human Body 1907
978 Alcoholic Beverages in Clinical Medicine Leake MD
979 Lot Journal of Psychohistory 3
980 Physiology, Hygiene and First Aid Heiner US Navy
981 Medical Uses of Soap Fishbein MD 1945
982 The Golden Eagle The Enigma of Anorexia Nervosa Bruch MD 1978
983 Textbook of Pharmacognosy Youngken 1948
984 Biological Antagonism Martin 1951
985 US Army Tech Manual 21-200 Physical Conditioning
986 The Art of Ju-Jitsu Yuklio Tani
987 Physiology of Bodily Exercise LaGrange MD 1890
988 Physiology of Exercise Morehouse/Miller 1950 ” ” ” McCurdy 1939 2
989 Physical Training for Women Hancock 1904
990 Biology of Deserts 1954 Physiology of Man in the Desert 1947
991 Noxious Gases 1942
992 Sexual Anomalies Hirschfeld MD 1944
993 The Sexual Offender and His Offenses Karpman MD 1954
994 Sex and Character Weinenger
995 THe Heptameron Margaret Queen of Navare 1903 2vols
996 The Novellino of Masuccio II 1903
997 Healthy Sex Life Wolbarst MD 1930
998 The Well of Loneliness Radclyffe Hall Commentary Havelock Ellis 1929 (rough)
999 Psycopathia Sexualis Krafft 1939
1000 The Psychology of Sex Waxberg MD 1931
1001 Lot 78 records incl:Tommy Tucker Time,Charlie Baum Kenny Baker,Georgia Wildcats,Jeanette Macdonald Jimmuy Dorsey,Vaughan Monroe,Andrew Sisters Glen Miller
1002 Lot 78 records incl:Wayne King,Billy May
1003 Lot 78 records incl:Nelson Eddy Jeanette MacDonald
1004 Lot 78 records incl:Zeke Turner,Guy Lombardo,lvino Rey Gene Krupa,Charlie Barnet,Shep Fields,Vaughn Monroe Bing Crosby,Wayne King,Mitchel Ayers,
1005 Lot 78 records incl:John Wilfahart,White Eagle Orch Plehal Brothers,Louise Massey,Jolly Jack Robel
1006 Lot 78 records incl:Alec Templeton,Al Goodman, Kate Smith,Phil Spitalny and the All Girl Orchestra
1007 Lot 78 records incl:Clasical
1008 Lot 78 records incl:Clasical
1009 Lot 78 records incl:Clasical
1010 Lot 45 records incl:The Drifters, Nat King Cole, Everly Brothers,Frankie Avalon,Bell Notes,Chantels, Fontane Sisters,Big Bopper,
1011 Lot 45 records incl:Frankie Avalon,The Playboys, The Daddy Os,The Teddy Bears,Four Preps,Imperials Little Willy John,
1012 Lot 45 records incl:Dean Martin, Everly Bros, Joni James,Dion and the Belmonts,Bobby Darin Ames Bros,Ricky Nelson,Perry Como,Conway Twitty
1013 Lot 45 records incl:Connie Francis,Perez Prado Ames Bros.,LeRoy Anderson,Barbers Jazz Band Tommy Dorsey,Andy Williams,McGuire Sisters
1014 Lot Sopranos,Photo,Posters framed 4
1015 Sopranos game
1016 Lot Porsche sales literature etc
1017 NJ PBA Journal 1993
1018 Lot Music texts etc
1019 Superbowl 46 program
1020 Splinters From the Past Alex Fowler
1021 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Teddy Pendergrass, Roy Buchanan,The Lovin Spoonful,Pavaratti, Burt Bacharach etc
1022 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Brenton Wood, Charley Pride,Burl Ives,Chris Montez etc
1023 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Al,Martino, Frankie Laine Roger Williams,Mario Lanza,David Rose,Bobby Rydell
1024 Lot DVDs
1025 Lot Sports Illustrated etc
1026 Home Book of the Opera Guinness World Records
1027 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Barry Manilow,,Streisand Mills Bros,Carpenters,Doris Day,Johnny Mathis Sinatra, Tony Bennett,Dionne Warwick,Vic Damone Chet Atkins,Pied Pipers,Tex Beneke etc
1028 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:June Hutton,Beach Boys, The Royal Guardsmen,Mills Bros,Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong,Ella Fitzgerald,The Ink Spots, Dick Haymes, Doris Day
1029 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Patti Page,John Gary Sinatra,Tom Jones,Kate Smith,Woody Herman, Duke Ellington,Charlie Barnet,Sarah Vaughan Coleman Hawkins etc
1030 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Cab Calloway,Tony Bennett Rosemary Clooney,Andy Williams,Les Paul and Mary Ford Jerry Vale,Edith Piaf,Louis Prima, Three Suns, Fran Warren,Ink Spots,Lena Horne,RAy Charles
1031 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Glen Miller,Count Basie, Benny Goodman,Harry James,Clyde McCoy,Lionel Hampton, Charlie Spibak,Charlie Barnet,Andrew Sisters, Nat King Cole,Guy Lombardo,Rudy Valee,Fred Waring
1032 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Paul Robeson,Amos N Andy Classical
1033 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Classical
1035 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Tennessee Ernie Ford, Sandler and Young,Mario Lanza,Roger Williams, Andy Williams,Classical
1036 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Classical
1037 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Jack Benny,New Christy Minstrels,Brothers Four,Mahalia Jackson
1038 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Vic Damone Julie Andrews Dorothy Kirsten,Shows,Movies
1039 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Tommy Edwards,Andrew Sisters Eddie Fisher,Frank Sinatra,Jo Stafford,Liberace Percy Faith,Patti Page,Billy Eckstine
1040 The Fear of Being a Woman Reingold MD
1041 Love and Fulfiment in Woman Lamare The Soul of Woman Lombroso Woman Her Sex and Love Life Robinson MD Painless Child Birth 4
1042 Russia at War 1941-l945 Werth
1043 Ency of Russia and the Soviet Union Florinsky
1044 A New Jersey Reader Beck Tales and Towns of Northern New Jersey Beck The Roads of Home Beck 3
1045 T/L Misc eph
1046 The Other Barrack The Bold and Reckless Life of President Obama’s Father
1047 Vinyl Leaves Walt Disney World and America
1048 Thinking Small Long Strange Trip of the VW Beetle
1049 Rest in Pieces Curious Fates of Famous Corpses
1050 Justice, Justice Thou Shalt Pursue Ruth Bader Ginsburg Class of 1954 Cornell University
1051 Maasi l9th Cty East Africa Fratkin
1052 The Arab of the Future Sattouf
1053 Book of Lost Worlds Horizon
1054 Tower of London
1055 The Jewish World
1056 The Great West AH
1057 Ninth Street Women Gabriel
1058 Directorate Coll CIA Americas Secret Wars
1059 Beloved Beasts Nijhuis
1060 The Real Lolita Weinman Why Men Fake It Morgentaler 2
1062 Steven Spielberg A Life in Films
1063 A Great Place to Have a War Laos
1064 He Calls Me By Lightning Bass Caliph Washington
1065 Cattle Kingdom Knowlton (The Cowboy West)
1066 The Caning The Assault That Drove America to Civil Wa
1067 The Game Harvard Yale and America in 1968
1068 What Soldiers Do Sex and the American GI in WWII Roberts
1069 100 Per Cent American KKK l920s
1070 The Gorilla Man and the Empress of Steak Fertel
1071 Race Horse Men Mooney
1072 Lot childrens Books
1073 Mr Churchills Profession Clarke
1074 The Little Girl Who Fought the Great Depression (Shirley Temple and 1930s America)
1075 Pair of Oriental wall hangers
1076 Moby Dick Illus Moser
1077 Travels With Casey
1078 Bobcat Lee
1079 The Removers Andrew Meredith
1080 A Life in Letters George Orwell
1081 Louis Agassiz
1082 Fevers Feuds and Diamonds Farmer Ebola and the Ravages of History
1083 Swimming Upstream Choate
1084 The Black Prince of Florence World of Alessandro De Medici Fletcher
1085 The Bitch is Back Hanauer
1086 Deadly Sky American Combat Airman WWII John McManus
1087 The Thirsty Muse Alcohol and the American Writer Tom Dardis
1088 American Ulysses A Life of US Grant White
1089 Driving Mr Albert (Einstein) Paterniti
1090 A Thousand Marriages Study of Sex Adjustment 1931
1091 Functional Nervous Disorders in Women McGillicuddy MD 1898
1092 Virginity Ottokar Nemecek 1958
1093 Sex in Development Landis 1940
1094 Family Design Marital Sexuality Rainwater
1095 The Gynecologic Patient Sturgis Personality and Sexuality of the Physically Handicapped Woman Landis 2
1096 Psychosomatic Approach to Gynecology and Obstetrics
1097 Kinseys Myth of Female Sexuality Kroger MD
1098 Psychosexual Functions in Women Benedek MD
1099 Salvaging of American Girlhood Davenport 1924
1100 The Sexually Adequate Female The Sexual Marital and Family Relationships of the English Woman 2
1101 Lot Teacher Guides
1102 Lot comics
1103 Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Products
1104 Toxicology 1936
1105 Poisoning von Oettingen
1106 Anemia and Resuscitation Crile 1914
1107 Sexercises O Relly
1108 Life Styles of Educated Women Ginzberg
1109 Psychoanalysis and Love Tridon 1922
1110 Love and Morality Fischer 1927
1111 Sexual Pathology Hirschfield MD 1932
1112 Cineplasty Kessler MD
1113 Your Feet are Killing You Wikler MD
1114 The Foot and Ankle Lewin MD 1959
1115 The Human Foot Morton MD 1948
1116 Human Locomotion and Body Form 1952
1117 Modern Foot Therapy Gross MD 1948 The Human Foot Scholl MD 1931 2
1118 Drugs in Our Society Talalay 1964 John Hopkins
1119 Progressive Relaxation Jacobson MD 1944
1120 Arthritis and Gout An Ancient Disease with Modern Interest Weiss MD
1121 Lot books re Interior Decorating
1122 International Country Miller
1123 The Town House; The Big House 2
1124 Gracefully Insane Alex Beam The Rise and Fall of Americas Premier Mental Hospital
1125 Tears of the Giraffe Smith Bengali Women 3 Dont Lets Go to the Dogs Tonight An African Childhood
1126 Culture and the Human Body Burton The Tapestry of Culture 2
1127 Back When We Were Grownups Tyler Manhattan When I Was Young Cantwell 2
1128 Revue Reprise of the Great Broadway Period Baral
1129 Sons and Lovers D H Lawrence
1130 Diseases of Menstruation and Ovarian Inflammation 1851 Tilt MD
1131 The Road to Disunion Secessionists at Bay 1774-l854 Freehling
1132 American Journal of Obstetrics 1869
1133 Destroy this Memory
1134 Guatemala Revealed Whitbeck
1135 The New York Nobody Knows Helreich
1136 Textbook of Obstetrics 1897
1137 American System of Obstetrics Hirst 2 vols 1888
1138 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Nat King Cole,Shelly Berman Ella Fitzgerald, The Carpenters, Kate Smth,Barbra Streisand etc
1139 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Shelley Berman,Bob Newhart Minstrel Songs,Sarah Vaughan,Eddie Heywood,Yves Montan
1140 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Zero Mostel,Lawence Welk Nelson Eddy,Rise Stevens,Nadine Conner,Glen Miller
1141 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Count Basie,Dizzy Gillespie Stan Kenton,Clauide Thornhill,Charlie Barnet,Benny Goodman,Earl Hines,Lionel Hampton, Louis Armstrong
1142 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Morton Gould,Classical
1143 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Ames Brothers,Eddy Arnold Three Suns,Marian Anderson,Glen Miller,Duke Ellington Benny Goodman,Julie London, Pearl Bailey,Shelley Berma
1144 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: David Rose,Luiciano Pavarotti,Duke Ellington,Limeliters Paul Lavalle Band of America, Glen Miller Frank Sinatra
1145 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Sinatra,Nat King Cole Tommy Dorsey,Yves Montand,Harry Belafonte etc
1146 Lot 45 RPM records incl: Perez Prado,Sonny Rosi Jimmie Rodgers,Winston Churchill,Lester Lanin Merill Staton Choir,Uptown Firehouse Brigade
1147 The Peculiar Memories of Thomas Penman Bastard Out of Carolina Allison 2
1148 Signing Costello American Sign Language 2
1149 Through the Lens NGS
1150 The Landmarks of New York
1151 Catalogs: Walter Zanger Stone and Tile Catalog Restoration Hardware Catalog 2
1152 The Playful Eye An Album of Visual Delight
1153 Lot books re Interior Decorating 3
1154 Lot Dog training manuals 4
1155 Lost Legends of New Jersey Reiken
1156 The Eleventh Hour Graeme Base
1157 The Century for Young People WE Were There Too Young People in US History Hoose Our Century in Pictures for Young People 3
1158 The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time Mark Haddon
1159 Lot Books re Interior Decorating 3
1160 Esquire JULY,1962 The American Woman A New Point of View
1161 The Hite Report Study of Female Sexuality
1162 Woman The Dominant Sex From Bloomers to Bikinis Hendrik De Leeuw
1163 Gender and Disordered Behavior
1164 Sex and Gender the Transsexual Experiment Stoller MD
1165 The History of the Nude in Photography
1166 The Revolution of American Women Jensen The American Woman in Modern Marriage Das 2
1167 The Nudity Thing Grenier
1168 Therapy, Nudity and Joy Goodson
1169 Women, Women, Women ! Dody Goodmann
1170 Violence Against Women
1171 Cherry Mary Karr
1172 Lot art books 3
1173 The Woman of the l8th Cty 1927 De Concourt
1174 The Amazons in Antiquity and Modern Times Rothery The Amazons Kanter 1926
1175 The Sword and Womankind 1929 Ltd Ed priv prt
1176 Lot poetry books 2 ( incl Langston Hughes)
1177 Paranoid Style in American Politics Hofstadter
1178 Lay My Burden Down BA Botkin (Negro slaves) WPA Book (but published in 1946)
1179 The Statistical History of he United States From Colonial Times to the Present
1180 This Kind of War Fenrenbach WWII
1181 Decisive Battles of the World Ltd Ed 1900
1182 Birth Control and Catholic Doctrine Controlling Birth Lawfully Abortion Spontaneous and Induced Prevention and Treatment of Abortion 4
1183 The Criminality of Women 1950
1184 Woman in The Sexual Relation
1185 Sexual Behavior of American Nurses Srague
1186 Women in The Fine Arts Clement 1904
1187 Uterine and Tubal Gestation 1903 Cesarean Section Newell MD 1922 2
1188 Stories of New Jersey Frank Stockton
1189 Historic New Jersey in Pictures Cawley
1190 The New Jersey Sampler John Cunningham
1191 A Pictorial History of Burlelsque Sobel
1192 A History of The 20s and 30s
1193 Made in New Jersey John Cunningham
1194 This Is New Jersey
1195 The Roads of Home Beck
1196 New Jersey Americas Main Road John Cunningham
1197 New Jersey Past and Present Apgar etc
1198 Man and Sex Kaufman MD Natural History of Love Hunt 2
1199 The Riddle of Woman Tennenbaum MD The Story of Woman 1925 George
1200 The Ency of New York City Jackson
1201 Abortion Lader Therapeutic Abortion Rosen MD Abortion and the Law 3
1202 A Study of Abortion in Primitive Societies Criminal Abortion Abortion in the United States 3
1203 Sex and Human Relations Sex Atlas Clark MD 2
1204 T/L Misc eph incl minstrel show, sheet music etc
1205 T/L Misc eph
1206 Lot Framed Elvis plates 5
1207 Matted Jigsaw puzzle baseball stadium
1208 Lot DVDs Guitar
1209 Mint Condition ( baseball cards) Jamieson
1210 The Lamps of Louis Comfort Tiffany
1211 Newport Mansions The Gilded Age
1212 Knights Templar
1213 Private Places Great London Houses
1214 Lockheed Blackbird Family
1215 Lot DVDs
1216 T/L Scientific American magazines
1217 T/L Journal of Cell Biology periodicals
1221 Currier and Ives America Colin Simkin
1222 Lot childrens books
1223 Jimmy Buffet
1224 Lot Paper Dolls
1225 Lot childrens books
1226 Airborne Trailblazer
1227 Lot childrens books
1228 Lot childrens books
1229 Lot childrens books
1230 Lot childrens books
1231 Great Food, Great Beer Anheuser Busch Cook Book
1232 Lousy Puerto Rican Juan Ciuro author inscribed
1233 Innovation in Flight NASA Full Scale Tunnel Memories NASA 2
1234 Brewery Planner
1235 The Jersey Devil
1236 Conscious Eating Cousens MD
1237 The Pill, Pygmy Chimps, and Degas Horse Djerrassi
1238 Onward Howard Schultz
1239 Within Tuscany Spender
1240 An Anthology of Angels All Night, All Day Angels Watching Over Me Bence A book of Angels An Angel to Watch Over Me Anderson 4
1241 The Perfect Storm Sebastian Junger
1242 The Tom Clancy Companion
1243 Saladino Villa
1244 Ency of Daylilies
1245 Climbing Plants Abbs
1246 The Story of The Trapp Family Singers Maria Trapp (Inspired the Sound of Music)
1247 The Tenth Insight James Redfield
1248 It Takes a Village Hillary Clinton
1249 The Real World Marshall
1250 Preserving Your Family Photographs Taylor
1251 The Death of Common Sense Howard The Closing of the American Mind Alan Bloom 2
1252 Ency of Feng Shui
1253 Victorian Houses
1254 Pure Sex
1255 Lot childrens books
1256 Lot childrens books
1257 Lot childrens books
1258 Lot childrens books
1265 Ency of Medicine American Medical Assoc
1266 Cottages and Mansions of the Jersey Shore
1267 Corvette
1268 We Pulled Together and Won ! Personal Memories of the WWII Years
1269 The Canterbury Tales A Prose Rendering of Chaucers Tales Mackaye
1270 The Old House Catalog Vintage Wood Works Architectural Details 2
1271 Lot childrens books
1272 Mushrooms Hobbs
1273 Cars Europe Never Built Janicki
1274 Hillside Gardening
1275 Designs for American Gardens
1276 Lot Ortho Gardening Books 4
1277 Ireland Beautiful Wallace Nutting
1278 Irish Blessings
1279 On the Road Jack Kerouac
1280 Creative Paint Finishes for Furniture Myer
1281 Preserving and Maintaining the Older Home
1282 Time Life series “What Life Was Like” 13 vols
1283 The Dictionary of Cultural Literacy
1284 Caring for your Family Treasures Long
1285 Planet Earth Weiner
1286 Tours in Historic Morris County 1977 page 174 Listing #30 Carson House 445 Church St (restored by JMW in 1975 lived there for 5 years) page 175 Listing #31 Green Acres 410 Cornelia St
1287 Cook Book Home Plate, Cooperstown
1288 B/L Better Quality cook books
1289 The Sopranos Family Cook Book
1290 B/L Better Quality cookbooks
1291 Complete Book of Corvette
1292 Men and Speed NASCAR
1293 Boom! Tom Brokaw
1294 Morristown National Park Handbook
1295 Corvette catalogs
1296 Arizona Muench
1297 Muscle Cars The Legend of Raw Power McGovern
1298 Great Marques Jaguar
1299 Surfing Vintage Surfing Graphics Heimann
1300 Decorative Arts Judith Miller
1301 Shh! We’re Writing the Constitution
1302 The Northeast Coast
1303 Private Pilot Manual l979
1304 Hoyle Word Games
1305 Costume Jewelry
1306 Investing in Clocks and Watches
1307 Fiesta Huxford Early Noritake Alden 2
1308 American Steam Locomotives Paul North
1309 Wave Crest Glass Noritake Encycl 2
1310 Dolls Houses
1311 Costume Jewelry The Great Pretenders Fashion Jewelry 1925-75
1312 Blue Willow Stickpins 2
1313 20th Cty Plastic Jewelry Meiji Magic Japan International Antique Dealers Show 2004 3
1314 Grotz’s Antique Furniture Style Guide Collectible Jewelry Architectural Digest 3
1315 The Mettlach Book
1316 Victorian Houseware
1317 Silver, Silverplate
1318 Doll Mark Clues
1319 Enc of Nippon Porcelain
1320 Depression Kitchen Glassware
1321 Amber Nippon Porcelain Antique Purses 3
1322 Lot childrens books
1323 Lot Our Gang VHS 5
1324 Lot youth books
1325 Lot youth books
1326 Lot youth books
1327 Requiem Diana Princess of Wales 1961-l997
1328 The Complete Puppy and Dog Book Johnson DVM
1329 Fire and Fury Inside the Trump White House Wolff
1330 Lot youth books
1331 Murder in Havana Margaret Truman
1332 Lot childrens books
1333 Lot childrens books
1334 The Threat FBI in the Age of Terror and Trump Andrew McCabe
1335 Line of Sight Tom Clancy
1336 Unbroken Laura Hillenbrand WWII
1337 Lot youth books
1338 What Happened Hillary Clinton
1339 Keeper of the Female Medicine Bundle Biogr of Wihopa
1340 A Dog is Listening Caras
1341 Lot childrens books
1342 Come Home America Johnson
1343 Te De-valuing of America Wm J Bennett
1344 Al Franken Giant of the Senate (by Al Franken!) lst Ed dj
1345 Let Freedom Ring Sean Hannity
1346 Lot childrens books
1347 Moscow Rules Daniel Silva
1348 Americas Favorite Backyard Birds
1349 Dewey Myron
1350 Lot childrens books
1351 The Bookshop of Yesterdays Meyerson
1352 Dead or Alive Tom Clancey
1353 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Roy Orbison,Rolling Stones Bob Dylan,Uriah Heap
1354 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Traffic, Wet Willie The Pretenders,Bob Dylan,Jimmy Cliff The Grateful Dead,Bob Seeger
1355 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Gerry Garcia,Blue Oyster Cult, The Beatles,John Lennon, The Animals, Sly and the Family Stone,Boz Scaggs
1356 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Grateful Dead,Wet Willie James Taylor,Jesse Winchester,Sinatra,The Byrds, Fleetwood Mac
1357 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Judy Collins,King Curtis Emerson Lake and Potter,The Who,Kinks,Led Zeppelin
1358 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:The Beatles,JohnLennon Ray Charles,Billy Joel,Willie Nelson,Lionel Ritchie Bruce Springsteen,Dionne Warwick,Michael Jackson
1359 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Grateful Dead,Rolling Stones Moody Blues,Mountain Avalanche,Roger Daltry Uriah Heep
1360 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:,Rolling Stones,David Gilmor Simon and Garfunkel,Cheech and Chong,Live Rust Cool for Cats
1361 Women in Antiquity Seltman
1362 Women Are Here to Stay Agnes Rogers 1949
1363 Women and the New East Woodsmall
1364 Love and the French Epton
1365 Woman in the Sacred Scriptures of Hinduism
1366 Roman Women Their History and Habits Balsdon
1367 The Elizabethan Woman Carroll Camden
1368 The Case for Woman Suffrage 1913
1369 Woman and Rococo in France Toth 1931
1370 Asian Women and Eros Millicent Pommerenke lst ed
1371 Lot Medical Aspects of Human Sexuality magazines
1372 Lot Journal of Social Hygiene magazines 1930s
1373 Lot Sessuologia periodicals 1960s
1374 Century of Struggle Flexner Women’s Rights Movement in the United States
1375 Feminism in Germany and Scandinavia 1915
1376 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:The Pretenders,Paul McCartne Hank Williams,Greg Allman,John Hartford,Nazareth Ray Charles,Bob Dylan,Blly Joel,Diana Ross,Smokey Robinson Stevie Wonder etc,
1377 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Styx,Country Joe and the Fish,Rolling Stones.Greatful Dead,Allman Brothers Band Mick Jagger
1378 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:The Beatles,Lesley Gore Pink Floyd,Joe Cocker,Big Brothersand the Holding Co., Marianne Faithful
1379 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Bruce Springsteen,Costello Jimmy Smith,La Playa Sextet Sarah McLawler Cheech and Chong, Hank Williams
1380 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Rolling Stones,The Doors, Sheer Heart Attack,George Thorogood, Styx,Bread Herb Pedersen,Hall and Oates,Pointer Sisters,Kenny Loggins,Paul Simon,Dina Ross
1381 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Miles Davis,TheDoors, Elvis Presley,Gale Storm,Arthur Prysock
1382 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Rolling Stones,Richard Pryor The Who,Led Zeppelin,Cheech and Chong,Judas Priest
1383 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Jackson Browne,Robin Trower Mott The Hoople,Blue Oyster Cult,Electric Light Orchestra Cheep trick,,Aretha Franklin,Little Richard
1384 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:FourTops, Grassroots The Cars,Blue Oyster Cult,Electric Light Orchestra The Seekers, Billy Joel
1385 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Jr Walker and the All Stars The Impressions,Blue Oyster Cult,Humble Pie,, Dave Walker Five,Rare Earth,Electric Light Orchestra, The Doors,Creedence Clearwater Revival
1386 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Street Survivors, Crosby Stills and Nash,Bruce Springsteen,King Curtis ThbTemptations, Traffic
1387 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Union Gap,Gary Puckett Blues Project,Linda Ronstad,Roy Orbison,Nils Lofgren The Seekers,The Moody Blues
1388 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Allman Brothers Band, Three Dog Night,Average White Band,Rust Never Sleeps Steppenwolf,Lovin Spoonful,Richie Havens,Jefferson Airplane
1389 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: BB King,Petula Clark, Sly and the Family Stone,Street Survivors,The Critters Bob Dylan,Ian Hunter,Bruce Springsteen
1390 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Bob Seeger,Electric Light Orchestra,Three Dog Night,Allman Brothers Band New Riders of the Purple Sage,Blood Sweat and Tears Harry Chapin, Elvis Presley
1391 When Women Look at Men Thaddeus
1392 The Subjection of Women John Mill 1909
1393 Woman’s Coming of Age Schmalhausen 1931
1394 The Dominant Sex 1923
1395 A History of Women’s Education in the United States 1929 Woody
1396 The Old Fashioned Woman Parsons 1913 Primitive Fancies About the Sex
1397 Woman and Labor Schreiner 1911
1398 Virginity Pre-Nuptial Rites and Rituals
1399 US Army in WWII The Women Army Corps Treadwell
1400 How Women Behave Amor and Psyche The Feminine Spacious as the Sky 3
1401 The Oedipus Complex Stephens
1402 Symbolic Wounds Puberty Rites
1403 A History of Sexual Customs Lewinsohn MD
1404 Women’s Health Secrets
1405 The Evolution of Love Donald Day
1406 The Mystic Rose
1407 Sex in History Taylor 1953
1408 Aphrodisiacs From Legend to Prescription Walton
1409 The Professor and the Fossil Maurice Samuel
1410 Jewish Pioneers and Patriots Freidman
1411 Outlines of Jewish History Magnus 1890
1412 Jewish Participants in the Civil War Simonhoff
1413 A Biographical Dictionary of Early American Jews Rosenbloom 1960
1414 The Jews in America A History Rufus Learsi
1415 A History of the Jewish People Margolis
1416 A History of the American Negro 1916-1966 The Negro in the City The Negro in America 3
1417 The Black Anglo-Saxon Negro and Jew An Encounter in America 2
1418 Minute Glimpses of American Cities Gabulous Chicago 2
1419 Modern Woman The Lost Sex 1947 Woman Her Sexual Variations 2
1420 Woman a Vindication Ludovicki 1923 Love and Marriage Ellen Key 1911 2
1421 The Subjection of Woman and Traditions of Men 1940 Glasgow
1422 Women Cunnington Pleasures of Life Series 1950
1423 The Second Sex Simone de Baeuvoir 1953
1424 The Maritime History of Russia
1425 The Jewish People Past and Present 3 vols
1426 The Jews In the United States Schappes
1427 Sexuality and Chronic Illness Jensen MD
1428 A History of Eroticism 1965
1429 Sex, Culture, and Myth Malinowsky
1430 Sexual Relations of Mankind
1431 An Episode in Anti-Catholicism Kinzer
1432 Sex and Society 1907 Thomas
1433 Essays on Antisemitism 1942
1434 An American Dilemma The Negro Problem and American Democracy Gunnar Myrdal
1435 Race Relations and the Race Problem Thompson 1939
1436 Black Reconstruction W E B DuBois
1437 The American Negro Reference Book Davis
1438 Tours of Historic New Jersey Pepper
1439 Life and Labor in the Old South 1929
1440 The Journal of Negro History 8 vols
1441 Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy
1442 Journal of Homosexuality 2
1443 No Laughing Matter Rationale of the Dirty Joke
1444 Knight Harvest
1445 Lot Sexual Behavior Magazines
1446 Lot Eros 3
1447 Lot Sex Roles A Journal of Research 6
1448 Rawlinson’s Ancient Monarchies 2` c 1860
1449 Magazines Proceedings of the New Jersey Historical Society
1450 Magazines Proceedings of the New Jersey Historical Society
1451 AH Pictorial Ency Guide to the United States 2 vols
1452 The Conflict of Generations Feuer
1453 History of New Jersey 1910
1454 A History of the Jews Sachar
1455 Americas Concentration Camps
1456 Everyman’s United Nations
1457 The Thought Brigade Ghosts in Government Stuart
1458 Lot New Jersey History magazines 7
1459 Poland 1933
1460 The Rise and Destiny of the German Jew Marcus
1461 American Jewry Marcus
1462 Great Ages and Ideas of the Jewish People Schwarz
1463 The Farmhouse
1464 Adbusters Big Fat Double Issue
1465 Graphic Style
1466 Farrow and Ball The Art of Color
1467 The World Without Us Alan Weisman
1468 Dignity Gluckstein Fwd by Archbishop Desmond Tutu
1469 Chihuly Projects
1470 Keepers of the Earth Caduto
1471 Female Pelvic Organs 1880
1472 Fancy Nancy Bonjour Butterfly O Conner
1473 A Higher Loyalty Truth Lies and Leadership James Comey
1474 Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts Dillon
1475 The Confession James McGreevey
1478 The American Spirit Life
1479 Seashells Abbott
1480 Henry VIII; Bloody Mary 2
1481 A Man Called Dave Pelzer
1482 Memories of Daughters
1483 America A Citizen’s Guide to Democracy Inaction
1484 The Complete Sailor
1485 Criminal Investigation The Art and the Science
1486 Poor Little Bitch Girl Jackie Collins
1487 Bound By Honor A Mafiosos Story Bill Bonanno
1488 Ocean Liners Robert Wall
1489 Set American History 7 vols Page Smith
1490 Lets Roll Lisa Beamer
1491 Shoebox lot post cards
1492 Pair 18th Cty fashion prints
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1496 The Ency of Magic
1497 Leadership Rudolph Giuliani
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1499 Sweet Caroline (Kennedy)
1500 Lot childrens books
1501 Lot childrens books
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1509 Antiques at Auction
1510 Great Disasters Titanic
1511 Old Virginia Houses Along the James
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1516 T/L Better old books incl: Bound Harpers, Under Both Flags, Civil War etc
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1531 San Francisco’s Chinatown
1532 The Quest for Theseus
1533 Mother and Amazons 1965
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1535 A Distant Mirror l4th Cty Tuchman
1536 Michelangelo Aristotle On Man in the Universe
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1538 Lot art books
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1543 Lot Victorian CDV 1862 Civil War Officer in Dress Uniform w/sword (Union) Dr Joseph Warren
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1546 The Will of Zeus
1547 On Being Negro in America
1548 Harlem A Community in Transition
1549 Fifth Ave Old and New
1550 Pictorial History of the Negro in America
1551 Nature Knows No Volor-Line Rogers
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