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1 Little Birds Erotica Anaisnin
2 Elegy Written in a Country Church Yard Gray Heritage Press in sleeve
3 The Story of Reynard the Fox Goethe Illus Eichenberg Heritage Press in sleeve
4 The Brothers Karamazov Dostoevsky Heritage Press
5 The Notebook of Elbert Hubbard 2 rough
6 Elbert Hubbards Scrapbook
7 The Philosophy of Elbert Hubbard
8 The Silence of the Lambs Thomas Harris The Lamb (childrens Book_ 2
9 Make Way for :Lucia E F Benson 1971
10 The Messiah Handel Oratorio 1912
11 Rin Tin Tin and the Ghost Wagon Train Fannin 1958
12 The Merrie Tales of Jacques Tourneboche Anatole France Wood cuts Marcia Foster
13 The Water Witch 1857 James Fenimore Cooper rough
14 THe Old Man and the Sea Ernest Hemingway 1952
15 The Constant Wife W Somerset Maugham 1926
16 The Big Oyster Kurlansky lst Ed dj 2006 History On The Half Shell
17 How to Fly Like a Bird, Even if You’re Only a Boy Zimlman Illus Summertree 1983
18 Richard Artschwager FourDecades
19 The Paris Wife McLain pb
20 Murder in the Smithsonian Margaret Truman 1983
21 Two American Poets Wallace Stevens and William Carlos Williams
22 Nothing if not Critical Robert Hughes 1990 lst Ed dj
23 Sandhog Chase 1941
24 The Poetry of Charles Thomas Poetry for the New Age
25 Lovers of the Lost McNair
26 Brick Bats and Sunbeams Marriner 1911 rough
27 1434 The Year a Magnificent Chinese Fleet Sailed to Italy and Ignited the Renaissance Menzies
28 Robinson Crusoe Defoe Illus Lynd Ward 1946
29 Home From the Hill Humphrey 1958 dj
30 The Voyages of David DeVries Parr Navigator and Adventurer 1969 1st prt
31 The Great Pyramid Cooper/Croll An Interactive Book
32 Egyptian Mythology Hamlin
33 The Zealot and the Emancipator lst Ed dj John Brown and Abraham Lincoln and the Struggle for American Freedom Brands
34 Gettysburg What They Did Here Minnigh 1924
35 Day Book l897 ( General Store)
36 The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam 1929 Illust in Color August Henkel
37 Porgy Du Bos Heyward 1925 “God of the White and Black Grant us great hearts on the way That we may understand
38 Ann Vickers Sinclair Lewis 1933
39 Uncle Wiggily Game Board
40 The Torah The Five Books of Moses in Large Type English Edition in sleeve
41 My Fathers House Meyer Levin
42 The Kiss in English Poetry Hartog Ltd Ed 396/500 1923
43 Fire Starter Stephen King 1923
44 A Daughter of the Nohfu Sugimoto 1935 lst ed
45 Randall and the River of Time C S Forester lst Ed 1950 dj
46 In The Cause of Architecture Frank Lloyd Wright 4
47 Fear Trump in the White House Bob Woodward
48 Ency of Furniture Aronson 1938
49 Elbert Hubbards Scrapbook
50 Pig Pen Pete Elbert Hubbard 1914 leather rough
51 Aristoteles Artis Logicae Compendium 1771 leather
52 Hudibras Samuel Butler 1806 rough
53 Twenty Five Discources Suitable to the Lords Supper John Owen DD 1801 leather rough
54 Death Comes for the Archbishop Willa Cather 1955
55 La Logique Ou L Art DePenser Wetstein 1697 leather
56 Care of the Soul Thomas Moore pb 1994
57 Concordian Buch 1848 in German
58 Army Life in Dakota From the Journal of Philippe Regis Denis de Keredern de Trobriand Quaife 1941
59 Heart Throbs The National Magazine 1905
60 Ways of Escape Graham Greene
61 Max and Moritz Wilhelm Busch 1971
62 Lincolns Sons Ruth Painter Randall 1955
63 In and Out of the Garden Sara Midda lst Ed
64 Symbolic Logic 1932 Lewis and Langford
65 Uncle Dick Wootton Pioneer Frontiersman 1957
66 War Path and Bivouac Finerty
67 Hardtack and Coffee John D Billings 1960
68 Abd Allah, Teacher, Healer Lanyon
69 Mr Penells Etchings of London 1906 Adrers Zorn Laurvik 1913 2
70 Service Maam George Cornell A New Garland for Word Lovers 1946 2
71 Rule for a New Brother Doctor Morisons Farewell 1938 In Memory of Daniel Berkely Updike 3
72 Daniel Berkeley Updike 1940 The Fell Types Carter 1968 How Prints are Made Atherton Curtis 1921 4
73 The Maypole of Merrymount Nathaniel Hawthorne 1947 Four St Louisians and a Library John Hoover Fomn Almeloveen to Whittington 1545-l995 3
74 The Catcher in the Rye J D Salinger pb The Dante Club Matthew Pearl pb Harry Potter Sorcerers Stone Rowling pb 3
75 Early Greece Finley pb Rise and Fall of Athens Plutarch pb 2
76 Anna Karenina Tolstoy pb The Prince and the Dicources Machiavelli , pb 2
77 Sketches by Oz Dickens
78 The Conquest of Spain Washington Irving
79 The Lives of the Painters Canaday IV lstEd
80 Custers Trials T J Stiles 2015
81 The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye David Lagercrantz lst Ed dj
82 City of Endless Night Preston and Child
83 The Great Influenza John Barry
84 Catch and Kill Farrow
85 Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates Dodge
86 THe History of the Health Care Sciences 1700-l980 Jonathon Erlen
87 The Eyes of the Dragon Stephen King
88 The Man From the Train Bill James
89 The Deptford Trilogy Davies Supermarket Bobby Hall 2
90 Elbert Hubbards Scrapbook 1923
91 Degas
92 Agenda P L M 1919
93 Leaves of Grass Walt Whitman 1940 Illust,Daniel
94 Toujours Provence Peter Mayle
95 Sonnets from the Portuguese Browning Illust Silhouettes Mayer
96 The Apocrypha Orig 1611 Revised 1894
97 Thoreau On Man and Nature 1960
98 The Razors Edge W Somerset Maugham 1941
99 Rambles in Colonial Byways Rufus Rockwell Wilson 1901
100 Rock Crystal Adalbert Stifter 1945
101 Little Journeys to the Homes of Eminent Artists 1902 Ltd Ed signed 138/940 Elbert Hubbard Illumined by Mary Baker rough
102 Hands Around Arthur Schnitzler 1920 Ltd Ed 1031/1475
103 Profiles in Courage JFK Memorial Edition
104 Ruibaiyat of Omar Khayyam Fitzgerald 1894 rough
105 Der Deutche Genius Thomas Mann c 1890
106 Elbert Hubbards Scrap Book
107 History of Modern Art Arnason
108 La Fontaines Fables Illus Gustave Dore 1886 rough
109 The Song of Solomon Illus Gustavsson 1968
110 Plumbing and Household Sanitation J Pickering Putnam 1886 rough
111 Cezanne Brion
112 The Forgotten Village Steinbeck 1941
113 Pompeii and Herculaneum Living Cities of the Dead Kraus
114 Early American Homes Pratt
115 Italian Stained Glass Windows
116 Classic Country Inns of America
117 Shakespeare Plays and Poems
118 The Frenchman Phillippe Halsman
119 Salome Oscar Wilde Illus Beardsley
120 Burns Poems 1887
121 Favorite Novels of Rider Haggard 1928
122 Six Tales of the Jazz Age F Scott Fitzgerald 1960
123 The Electric Home 1936 E S Lincoln
124 Candide Voltaire Illus Blaine 1930 LtdEd 29/1500
125 Hamlet limp leather 1909
126 Arrowsmith Sinclair Lewis 1945
127 Himmelsvolf 1920 Berlin
128 THe Notebooks of F Scott Fitzgerald Bruccoli
129 Victorian Furniture Our American Heritage McNerney
130 Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism John Shelby Spong
131 Tulimuld periodicals 6
132 The Little Flowers of St Francis
133 Balzac Lost Illusions ” A Marriage Settlement 2
134 Works of Andre Maurois Ariel
135 The Inmates are Running the Asylum Alan Cooper
136 In The Eye of the Storm Gene Robinson Fwd Desmond Tutu
137 Moby Dick Melville Illus Boardman Robinson
138 Furniture l939 Grand Rapids Mich, Century
139 THe Renaissance NGS
140 Gone With The Wind Margaret Mitchell 1964
141 The Methodist Hymnal l905 rough
142 Rebecca 1938 Daphne Du Maurier
143 Salamina Rockwell Kent 1935
144 A Shropshire Lad Housman Blaisdell
145 You Come Too Robert Frost Illus Nason 1961
146 The Shame of Oscar Wilde 1906
147 Lorna Doone RD Blackmore 1903
148 The Black Tulip Dumas c 1920
149 Primitive Art Franz Boas
150 Powell of the Colorado Darrah 1951
151 The Literature of England 1966
152 Books In Our Future Joint Committee on the Library Congress of he United States 1984
153 Profiles in Courage JFK 1956
154 Baroque Painters John Canaday Neoclassic to,Post-Impressionist Painters Canaday Late Gothic to Renaissance Painters Canaday 3 pb
155 Lord of he Flies Golding pb
156 The Razors Edge Maugham 1944 (WW II Paper Restrict_)
157 The Devil in the White City Larson
158 Eiffels Tower Jill Jones
159 Hammond World Atlas Collectors Edition 1991 Cooper Hewitt Museum
160 Lot: Hopalong Cassidy 1950 Nathan Marsh Pusey The Related Man McCord Boston Symphony Programme 1922-23
161 Elbert Hubbards Scrapbook 1923
162 Steuben Glass Plaut
163 The Man Who Loved Books Too Much Bartlett
164 Ballades and Rondeavs 1887 White
165 Scarlett Letter Hawthorne c1900
166 The Poems of Celia Thaxter 1903
167 Tattoos on the Heart Gregory Boyle
168 Collected Books The Guide to Values Ahearn
169 The Italian Boy Sarah Wise
170 The Sport of Kings Morgan lst ed dj
171 The Wayard Bus John Steinbeck 1947
172 The House of Mirth Edith Wharton
173 The Arts of the Book 1924 Ivins
174 On Heros Hero Worship The Heroic in History Thomas Carlyle 1904
175 The Vicar of Wakefield Oliver Goldsmith 1844
176 The Shack Wm Paul Young
177 Paradise Regained John Milton
178 Derain Gaston Diehl
179 THe Pocket Lawyer 1848
180 Robinson Crusoe Defoe 1899
181 The Buck in the Snow Edna St Vincent Milay 1938
182 A Long Petal of the Sea Isabel Allende
183 THe Civil War Ken Burns
184 The Story of the Little Mole who knew it was none of his business Holzarth/rlbruch
185 Childrens books Blondies Family Henry Goes to a Party 2
186 The Gates Between Phelps 1887
187 Brideshead Revisited Evelyn Waugh 945
188 To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee 960
189 The Tao,of Pooh Hoff 1982
190 Printing and the Brain of Man Flamm Collection
191 Mardersteig Giovanni and Martino
192 Steam Its Generation nd Use Babcock and Wilcox 1904
193 Metropolitan Opera House Libretto Barber of Seville c 1900
194 Complete Book of Interior Decorating 1948
195 THe Satanic Verses Salman Rushdie 1989
196 The Book of the 23rd Annual Banquet of The Poor Richard Club 1928
197 Jacobs Room Virginia Woolf 1978 pb
198 Practical and Artistic Basketry Tinsley 1904
199 Bombed but Unbeaten 1941 Warde
200 He Last Days of Pompeii Lytton
201 Little Journeys the Homes of Good Men and Great Elbert Hubbard 1895
202 The Patriot Pearl Buck 1939
203 Kingsblood Royal Sinclair Lewis lst Prt 1947
204 A Delicate Balance Albee pb 1967
205 Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki Haroki Murakami 2014
206 Lost New York Nathan Silver
207 Christmas On Stage 1950 Charlot Byi
208 The Nude Kenneth Clark
209 Sons and Lovers D H Lawrence Unexpurgated
210 Legends of The Alhambra Washington Irving Illus George Hood 1909
211 Alice in Wonderland Lewis Carroll Illus Tenniel/Prittie 1923
212 THe Younger Married Set Chappell 1926
213 Tales of Firenzuola Ltd Ed 2/1000 Rare Sixteenth Century Romances
214 20 Centuries of Mexican Art 1940 Museum of Modern Art
215 The Colophon Book Collectors Quarterly 1935 Vol,1 Number 1
216 The Catskill Mountain House Van Zandt 1966
217 Last Call Elon Green lst Ed dj 2021 Love Lust and Murder in Queer New York
218 Gurneys Pop Up Book of Cats
219 Victory Garden Manual Burdett 1943
220 Inside the Third Reich Albert Speer
221 USA John Dos Pasos 3 vols
222 Three Centuries of the American Bookplate,Goode
223 Interior Architecture and Decoration 1938
224 Hopalong Cassidy and Lucky pop up
225 To Be Alive ! Reid
226 Then and Now Somerset Maugham 1946
227 Mary, Mary Quite Contrary c 1900
228 Lady Chatterlys Lover DH Lawrence 1928
229 Women in Love D H Lawrence 1950
230 Sons and Lovers D H Lawrence 1913
231 Space Time and Architecture Giedion 1952
232 Tender is the Night F Scott Fitzgerald 1962
233 Ivanhoe Sir Walter Scott 1900
234 The Show Galsworthy 1925
235 The Apple Cart Bernard Shaw 1930
236 Last of the Mohicans Cooper 1918
237 Memoirs Tennessee Williams 1975 lst Ed dj
238 The Last Trial Scott Turow lst Ed dj
239 The Girl Who Lived Twice Lagercrantz pb and HC 2
240 Leading Men Castellani 2019
241 A Time for Mercy John Grisham lst Ed dj
242 Relentless Dean Koontz lst ed dj
243 The Institute Stephen King 2019
244 This Side of Paradise F Scott Fitzgerald 1948
245 The Great Gatsby F Scott Fitzgerald pb The Old Man and the Sea Ernest Hemingway pb 2
246 The Last Tycoon F Scott Fitzgerald 1969
247 Works of Ernest Hemingway A Farewell to Arms The Sun Also, Rises 1954 For Whom Bell Tolls 3
248 Historical Maps of the United States Swift
249 Gutenburg Jahrbuch 8 vols
250 Perspective P arque Architectorum II Pars Fr Andrea Puteo c 1875 rough
251 Old Turtle Wood 1992
252 Geschichte der Plassik Lubke 1880 2 vols
253 Drawn and Quartered Chas Addams Fwd Boris Karloff 1942 rough
254 Kandinsky Lacoste
255 Under The Window Kate Greenaway 1879
256 The Rubiyat of Omar Khayyam 1914
257 Sapphia and the Slave Girl Willa Cather 1940
258 Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard Thomas Gray Illus Rouse 1899
259 The History of the 14th St Theater Mollie Steinberg 1931
260 Set the Collected Works of Hendrik Ibsen 1907+ 12 vols
261 Lot Architectural Digest 18 vols
262 Jack and the Wonder Beans Still 1995
263 Poems of Stephen Crane 1964 “When the prophet, a complacent fat man, Arrived atthe Mountain top,He cried woe tomy knowledge I intended to see good white lands and bad black lands
264 Past Tense Lee Child
265 The Good Soldier Ford Madox Ford pbs 2
266 The Curse of Tramp Life 1912 rough
267 Tall Trees and Melodies Robinson 1938
268 Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Fitzgerald First and Fifth Versions
269 A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy Sterne
270 Sharp Objects Flynn Testosterone for Life Morgenthaler 2
271 Rex Cole and the Grinning Ghost Chapman 1931
272 Healing Light lstEd Alexandra Villard De Porchgrave
273 The Huguenots 1867
274 Stories That Scared Even Me Alfred Hitchcock
275 Edison Inspiration to Youth
276 The Queen Elizabeth ( The Ship) 1947
277 Apocalypse D H Lawrence
278 In the Forest of Arden 1898 Mabie “Now go we in Content To Liberty and not to banishment”
279 The Ruin McTiernan The Little Sister Chandler 2 pbs
280 The Reader Schlinck
281 Il Disegno Collezioni Italiane
282 Masterpieces of Greek Art Schoder
283 Pinocchio Collodi 1940 Illustr Walt Disney
284 Jewelry Gem Cutting and Metalcraft
285 The Three Musketeers Dumas 1925
286 Against the Grain Huysmans 1931
287 Titanic Disaster at Sea Jenkins
288 The Picture of Dorian Gray Oscar Wilde 1931
289 Lost Illusions Balzac c 1900
290 The Complete Works of Shakespeare Illus Rockwell Kent
291 How to decorate For and With Antiques Bjerkoe
292 Evangeline Longfellow 1922 With Prose Version by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey
293 Jude the Obscure Thomas Hardy 1908
294 Typee Herrman Melville 1923
295 The Ballad of Reading Gaol Oscar Wilde 1896
296 Poems by Thomas Moore 1876
297 Caroling Dusk An Anthology of Verse by Negro Poets Cullen 1927
298 Foundations Edge Isaac Asimov 1982
299 Footloose in Arcadia Jack London Noel 1940
300 Sherwood Anderson His Life and Work Schevil 1951
301 Voyages Poems by Walt Whitman Hopkins 1988
302 Love Finds the Way Paul Ford 1904 Illus Harrison Fischer
303 Lost Horizon James Hilton
304 Pilgrims Progress John Bunyan 1879
306 Jean Santeuil Marcel Proust lstprt dj 1956
307 Memories John Galsworthy 1927
308 My Mortal Enemy Willa Cather 1926
309 The Story of Mary’s Little Lamb 1928 published by Mr and Mrs Henry Ford
310 Love of Life Jack London 1905
311 Manual City of Paterson 1929
312 The ABCs of Victorian Antiques D Imperio
313 THe Poems of W B Yeats Heritage Press in sleeve
314 Animal Farm George Orwell 1946
315 The Art of the Renaissance Murray pb The High Renaissance Murray pb 2
316 Abbot Suger on the Abbey Church of St Denis and its Art Treasures
317 Manhattan Moves Uptown Lockwood 1976
318 The Note Book of Elbert Hubbard 1927 “Most of the Socialists I Know do not work. They only talk about work.What they want is an orthodox heaven of ease where the harps are always
319 Sole Survivors The Rarest Books in the World Marshs Library, Dublin
320 Themes in Verse James Freeman 1904
321 My Uncle Barbassou Uchard 1888
322 The Songs of Bilitis Pierre Louys 1928
323 THe Girl With The Golden Eyes Balzac Illust Denton
324 In Cold Blood Truman Capote lst prt 1965
325 The Works of Emile Zola 1928 rough
326 The Last Uncollected Stories of F Scott Fitzgerald Bruccoli
327 Elbert Hubbards Scrapbook 1923
328 The House of Youth Warren 1923
329 Aphrodite Pierre Louys Ltd Ed 1/1000 1928
330 Lot: Works of William Faulkner 1957 + 4 vols
331 The Oxford Companion to American Literature 1969 James Hart
332 The Song of Achilles Miller pb
333 LHJ Book of Interior Decoration Halsey 1954
334 The Moles and the Mireuk 1993 Holly Kwon lst Ed dj author signed in English and Korean
335 All Color World of Ships Rutland
336 Inventing the Future Sarnoff 60 Years 2006
337 Audubon Birds of America Fifty prints Roger Tory Peterson
338 Archipenko 1923-l963
339 The Work of Frank Lloyd Wright
340 Wuthering Heights Bronte Illus Eichenberg
341 Utazunk Budapestre 1948 rough
342 Michigan Modern Arnold/Conway
343 The Mentor November 1929 Texaco Cruising Chart Hudson River etc 2
344 Point Lace and Diamonds Baker Illus Francis Day 1892
345 Mullerstochter Wilhelm Busch c 1880
346 Das Autobuch Benz/Porsche 1956
347 The New Yorker 40th Anniversary Book 1955-1965 Album
348 The Fifty Books in sleeve 1968
349 Harpers Monthly Magazine bound 1856
350 Framed poster Pool Balls
351 Framed Watercolor Prints bath tub 2
352 Framed print Xylon Arboreum artist signed
353 Framed print Rosa Sinensis w/ butterfly artist signed
354 Framed abstract watercolor on canvas
355 Framed watercolor print Teddy Bears artist signed
356 Framed poster Paris Parfume,Floral
357 Framed poster Paris Parfume,Floral
358 Framed portrait two children
359 Framed watercolor dilapidated doorway
360 Framed poster Family Name History
361 Framed print Spring Bouquet, Renoir
362 Framed print oriental artist signed
363 Framed watercolor on canvas (silouettes) Flying a balloon
364 Framed watercolor print Cat and Kitten artist signed
365 Framed painting on canvas Gold Pineapple (mythological sign of welcome)
366 The Spirit Archives 1940 Will Eisner
367 The Exploits of Sherlock Holmes Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes The Hidden Years Kurland
368 Okay for Sound ! Thrasher
369 The Adventures of Arthur Conan Doyle Miller
370 Seventy five Years of Warner Bros
371 In Search of Wonder Damon Knight 1967
372 Spellbound by Beauty Alfred Hitchcock and his Leading Ladies Spoto
373 The Humor and Technology of Sex Tabori Illustrated
374 The Emperors New Mind Penrose
375 Homophones and Homographs Hobbs
376 The Sorcery Club O Donnell
377 The American Film Industry Balio
378 The Mysterious Press 25 years lst Ed dj
379 Republic Studios Between Poverty Row and the Majors Hurst 1979
380 Systems of Logic Alan Turing (Princeton Thesis)
381 Jay Cookes Gamble Northern Pacific RR John Lubhetykin
382 Physics of the Impossible Kaku
383 Galileo’s Children Tales of Science and Superstition Dozois
384 THe Amazing Story of Quantum Mechanics Kakalios
385 The Last Lone Inventor Farnsworth vs Sarnoff Schwartz
386 End Time Prophecies of the Bible Haggith lst ed dj
387 Sequels 1990
388 Life of Art Hodes Hot Man
389 Graf Zep Dr Echeners Dream Machine Botting
390 The Book of Mormon
391 Who Wrote the Bible ? Friedman
392 Measuring America Linklater
393 John Dickson Carr A Critical Study Joshi
394 The Crimean War A Reappraisal Warner
395 The Four Gospels and the Revelation Lattimore
396 Horatio Alger or the American Hero Era Gardner
397 The Hand Behind the Mouse Kenworthy
398 The Meaning of the Holy Quran
399 The Other Victorians Sexuality and Pornography in Mid 19th Cent England Steven Marcus
400 The Grand Inquisitors Manual History of Terror in the Name of God Kirsch
401 Rockets Through Space Dawn of Interplanetary Travel 1936 Cleator
402 The Runes of the Earth Donaldson Fatal Revenant Donaldson 2
403 Zane Grey A Biography Gruber
404 Anglo Saxon and Old English Vocabularies Wright
405 Murder is my Business Mickey Spillane
406 The Real Science Behind the X Files Simon
407 The Comic Book Book
408 Mutiny and Romance in the South Seas Sven Wahlroos
409 Billion Year Spree Aloiss
410 Open Wide Hayes/Bing
411 Show Boat ( Facs of the 1926 Edition) Edna Ferber
412 The Sod House Frontier 1854-l890 Everett Dick
413 Enigma Lifen of Knut Hamsun Ferguson
414 Dracula Prince of Many Faces McNally
415 Reel Future Ackerman
417 Gene Roddenberry The Myth and the Man Behind Star Trek Engel
418 The Whorehouse Bells Were Ringing
419 Our Singing Country Lomax
420 Ozark Folksongs Randolph
421 The Erotic Muse American Bawdy Songs Cray
422 Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle Katie Lee
423 Arts in the Middle Ages and the Rennaisance Lacroix
424 Weep Some More My Lady Sigmund Spaeth
425 The Folk Songs of North America Lomax
426 World War I Songs Vogel
427 The Song Index of the Enoch Pratt Free Library 2 vols
428 Sound Off Soldier Songs Dolph
429 Celebrity Vocals Lofman The Young Duke (John Wayne) Enss Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Stowers 3
430 ASCAP Biogr Dictionary 1966
431 Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians
432 Cash Johnny Cash Carr
433 Merchant Ships of the World 1910-l929
434 The Tex Ritter Story Bond
435 Rock and Roll An Unruly History Palmer
436 A Ship Without a Sail (Lorenz Hart)Marmorstein
437 Raised On Radio Nachman
438 Hell Bent For Music Life of Pee Wee King Hall
439 Harpers Magazine Christmas Ed 1905
440 Billy Rose Presents Casa Manana
441 Public Cowboy #1 Gene Autry
442 Bing Crosby Swinging on a Star The War Years 1940-46
443 Just Walkin in the Rain Jordan Airs Jay Warner
444 Stardust Melody Hoagy Carmichael Sudhalter
445 A Pocketful of Dreams Bing Crosby The Early Years 1903-l940 Giddins
446 Empire of the Air The Men Who Made Radio Lewis
447 They All Sang My Songs Jack Lawrence
448 Anglo Saxon and Old English Vocabularies Wright
449 The Big Bands George Simon
450 The Big Band Almanac Leo Walker
451 The Hayloft Gang National Barn Dance Berry
452 Making Peoples Music Moe Asch Goldsmith
453 Worlds of Sound Carlin
454 Religion and the Decline of Magic 2 vols Keith Thomas
455 My House of Memories Merle Haggard
456 The World of Swing: Billie Holiday; Count Basie, Lionel Hampton,Coleman Hawkins etc
457 Swing Shift All Girl Bands of the 1940s
458 Studies in Medieval Science Kibre
459 OSS Secret History of Americas First Intelligence Agency Smith
460 The Great Indian Mutiny Collier
461 History of Broadcasting in the US 1933-l953
462 Tuxedo Park Conant WWII
463 Stay Tuned Kittross
464 The Hero With a Thousand Faces Campbell
465 The Annotated Night Before Christmas Gardner
466 Portrait of a Killer Cornwell Jack The Ripper Case Closed
467 The Uses of Enchantment Fairy Tales Bruno Bettelheim
468 The Strange Case of Mrs Hudsons Cat Bruce
469 Egyptian Mummies Brier
470 Seizing the Enigma Kahn Race to Break the German U Boat Codes 1939-l943
471 The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes
472 NGS Behind Americas Lens on the World Abramson
473 Directory of Signs and Signals Davidson
474 Chronicles of Lucius Leffing Brennan ,
475 Commercial Broadcasting Pioneer The WEAF Experiment 1922-l926 Banning
476 Record catalogs 1939 ; l948 & 1949 Columbia 3
477 Making Records Phil Ramone
478 Border Radio
479 Pacific Microphone Dunn WW II
480 The Reason Why Charge of he Light Brigade Woodham-Smith
481 The Clans of Darkness Scotish Stories of Fantasy and Horror Haining
482 Cochrane Life and Exploits of a Fighting Captain Robert Harvey
483 The Johnson Family Singers Ken Johnson author inscr
484 Houdini Cox
485 Sarnoff An American Success Dreher
486 Machers and Rockers Cohen
487 The Blues Line Sackheim
488 Cable Car Swan
489 Mathew Bradys Illust History of the Civil War Lossing
490 The Black Lizard Big Book of Pulps Penzler
491 The Enigma of Al Capp Theroux
492 What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens Knew Daniel Pool
493 Man On the Flying Trapeze W C Fields Louvish
494 You Aint Heard Nothin Yet The American Talking Film 1927=l949 Sarris
495 The Harper Ency of Military Biography Dupuy
496 Historical Dictionary of American Slang 2 vols Lighter
497 Annotated Bibliography Worlds Columbian Exposition 1893 Bliss 2 vols
498 Beyond The Da Vinci Code Duchane
499 Your Hit Parade 1925-l994 Elrod
500 An Astrology Sketch Book Virgil Finlay
501 O and W The Long Life and slow death of the New York,Ontario and Western RR Helmer
502 Supremely Abominable Crimes The Trial of the Knights Templar Burman
503 Time A Travelers Guide Pickover
504 The Oriental Casebook of Sherlock Holmes Riccardi
505 The Strategy of Great Railroads Spearman 1905
506 The Man Who Made Lists (Roget) Love,Death, Madness
507 The Movies Are Carl Sandburgs Film Reviews 1920-l928
508 Planet Simpson Turner
509 The Big Book of Big Little Books Borden
510 Daring and Suffering Pittenger (Civil War) 1863 facs
511 Demonolatry Remy (Witch craft) Compendium Maleficarum Guazzo 2
512 Nothing Like It In The World Transcontinental Railroad Stephen Ambrose
513 Pellucidar Edgar Rice Burroughs
514 The Yellow Sign Weird Tales of Robert Chambers
515 The Devil Discovered Salem Witchcraft 1692 Robinson
516 Bound For Evil lst ed Limited 500 2008 Books Gone Bad Dead Letter Press
517 A Crack in The Edge of the World Great Earthquake of 1906 Winchester
518 The Day The World Exploded 1888 Krakatoa Winchester
519 The Map That Changed the World Winchester
520 Restless Giant ( Aberbach) Bar Biszisk
521 Store A Memoir of Americas Great Department Stores lst Amer Ed
522 The Tale of the Next Great War 1871-l9l4 Clarke
523 White Christmas The Story of an American Song Jody Rosen
524 Lot DVDs The Thin Man 6
525 When Giants Ruled The Story of Park Row Turner
526 More About This Business of Music Krasilovsky
527 The Man From Mars Nadis
528 Trail Talk Copeland author inscribed
529 Stories of Max Brand
530 Mirror of the Century The Strand Magazine 1891-l950 Reginald Pound
531 Give Our Regards to the Atomsmashers! Sean Howe
532 Historical Dictionary of the American Film Industry Anthony Slide
533 Silent Studio Directory Poole
534 The Railroaders Time/Life
535 The Roy Rogers Book Rothel
536 The Pythons First US Ed
537 Complete Lyrics of Irving Berlin
538 The First Hollywood Sound Shots 1926-l931 Bradley
539 Grand Central Gateway to a Million Lives Belle
540 The Mechanics of a Magazine Popular Mechanics
541 Vintage Childrens Records Muldavin
542 Out West on the Overland Train Reinhardt
543 The Only Way to Cross John Maxtone Graham lst rough
544 Handbook of Old Time Radio Swartz
545 The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri
546 The Complete Valley of the Kings Reeves
547 Origins Short Etymological Dictionary of Modern English Eric Partridge
548 The Negro Cowboys Durham/Jones
549 Stagecoach Wells Fargo and the American West Fradkin
550 Live From New York Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live Shales/Miller
551 The Science Fiction Stories of Jack London
552 The Best of the West Tony Hillerman
553 A Dictionary of the Old West Watts
554 Arbor House Treasury of Great Western Stories Greenberg/Pronzini
555 The Prairie Traveler 1859 (facs) R B Marcy Captain US Army
556 Trails Plowed Under Charles Russell Stories of the Old West
557 Orphans Preferred Twisted Truth and Lasting Legend of the Pony Express Corbett
558 Eyewitness to the American West Colbert
559 Singing Rawhide Western Ballads Hersey
560 Sun and Saddle Leather 1942 Badger Clark
561 Tommy Dorsey Livin in a Great Big Way Levinson
562 Skylark Johnny Mercer Furia
563 Its Only a Movie Alfred Hitchcock
564 Six Gun in Cheek Pronzini An Affectionate Guide the WORST in Western Fiction
565 Eddy Arnold Pioneer of the Nashville Sound Streissguth
566 London After Midnight Lon Chaney Riley
567 Little Labels Big Sound McNutt
568 A Most Remarkable Fella Frank Loesser
569 Moriarty Gardner
570 Considering Doris Day Santopietro
571 The Songs That Fought The War 1939-l945 John Bush Jones
572 The United States Government Manual
573 Apparitions of Things to Come Bellamy 1990
574 Lingo of No Mans Land WW I Slang Dictionary 1918
575 Backing Into Forward Jules Feiffer
576 The Western From Silents to the Seventies Fenin
577 Eddie Dean The Golden Cowboy The Hollywood Poss Carye
578 McGuffey and His Readers Piety,Morality and Education 19th Cty America
579 Thirty Years on the Road with Gene Autry Johnny Bond
580 Elvis,Hank and Me Louisiana Hayride Bill Monroe Father of Bluegrass Smith 2
581 Asimovs Biographical Ency of Science and Technology
582 A Sea of Words O Brians Seafaring Tales Dean King
583 Mistresses of the Dark Atwood etc
584 Karloff in the Bride of Frankenstein Original Shooting Script
585 O-Bar-O Cowboys Book 1933
586 The Code Book Simon Singh
587 The Descendants of Cornelius Autry (North Carolina) “When you shall meet your ancestors Will they be proud of you ?”
588 Holy Blood,Holy Grail Baigent
589 Krazy George Herriman
590 Hollywood Songsters Pairsh
591 Songwriters Nigel Harrison
592 Lost Islands Henry Stommel The Making of Master and Commander 2
593 Kops and Custards Lahue The Making of Master and Commander 2
594 Singing Cowboys Douglas Green
595 America in Time Jensen
596 Literary Companion Dictionary Grambs
597 Blood Line of the Holy Grail Gardner
598 How the States Got their Shapes Stein
599 American Titan Searching for John Wayne Eliot
600 Apocalypse On the Set Nine Disastrous Film Productions Taylor
601 The Only Good Indian The Hollywood Gospel Friar
602 The Films of Tod Browning (Vampire etc)
603 Black Cinema Treasures G W Jones
604 Who The Hell Is In It ? Bogdanovich
605 Hollywood Rhapsody 1900-l975 Marmorstein
606 Motion Picture Sound Engineering
607 The Speed of Sound Hollywood and the Talkie Revolution 1926-l930 Eyman
608 “Nearer My God to Thee” Story Wreck of the Titanic
609 Who Played Who On the Screen Pickard
610 Dream Street 2 vols 1889-l939 Ifkovic
611 The Greatest Fox of Them All Allvine Movie Money Daniels 23
612 Doing Their Bit Wartime American Animated Short Films 1939-l945 Shull/Wilt
613 Adventures With D W Griffith Brown 2 Index to the Creative Work of David Griffith Stern
614 Weird Tales Jaffery
615 THe Weird Tales Story Weinberg
616 Mysterious Case of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys
617 Dictionary of Pub Names Worsworth
618 Dictionary of British Place Names Wootton Bassett (Wiltshire)Farmstead by a Wood 1230 Recorded in a document of 680
619 The Railways of Britain Nock
620 Sinatra The Song is You
621 1894 Catalog Montgomery Ward Co facs 1970
622 The Dictionary of Political Bullshit Webb
623 The Bookmans Glossary Peters
624 Hitchcocks Notebooks Aulier
625 The Engravers Line Hessler
626 The Language of WWII Taylor
627 Wits End Days and Nights of the Algonquin Round Table Gaines
628 When the Music Stopped Bernie Woods
629 Countrymans Year Hayden Pearson
630 The Protestant Clergy in the Great Plains and Mountain West 1865-l9l5 Szasz
631 The Frontier Camp Meeting Religions Harvest Time Johnson
632 Written English A Celebration of Literary Misprints,Mistakes, and Mishaps Haining
633 Chanteying Aboard American Ships Harlow
634 The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes Hardwick
635 The Dictionary of (bull shit) Webb
636 Folk Songs and Other Songs for Children 1930 rough
637 The Last Days of the Titanic O Donnell James Camerons Titanic 2
638 Pulp Art
639 The Art of National Geographic
640 The Atlas of Holy Places and Sacred Sites Wilson
641 Over My Dead Body Sensational Age of the American Paperback 1945-l955 Server
642 Newtons Telecom Dictionary
643 Treasurys of Disney Animation Art 2 Walt Disneys Masterpiece Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs
644 Seismicity of the United States 1568-1989 rough
645 Ford at Fox
646 Variety Film Review 1949-l953
647 Rival Rail Bornemans
648 Twentieth Century Artillery Ian Hogg
649 Great American and European Railroads DVD
650 Yearbooks 1948 Eastside HS Paterson 1968 Woodrow Wilson HS Clifton NJ 2
651 Lot Erie Railroad magazines 1950s
652 Ocean Liners of the 20th Cty
653 The Rodgers and Hart Song book
654 Songs of the Gilded Age
655 THe Classic Era of Crime Fiction Haining
656 The Classic Era of American Pulp magazines Haining
657 Black Beauty White Heat Pictorial History of Classic Jazz Driggs
658 Lot 24 Science Fiction Cards
659 American Film Institute Catalogs 4 vols
660 Victorian Yellowbacks and Paper Backs 1849-l905 9 vol
661 The History of Little Orphan Annie Bruce Smith
662 1861 Bradshaws Handbook facs
663 The Hour of the Dragon Howard
664 Sing Your Heart Out Country Boy Horstman
665 V Discs a History and Discography Sears
666 Salla Rookh Thomas Moore 1888
667 De fin ing the wind Scott Huler
668 The Exorcist McCabe
669 No One To Cry To Riders of the Purple Sage Willing
670 Zane Grey
671 Magic Into Science Story of Paracelus Pachte 1951
672 The Chemical Philosophy Debus
673 Not Much Disorder and Not So Early Sex
674 Science Fiction The Gernsback Years Bleiler
675 Gene Autry and WWVA
676 The Dictionary of Imaginary Places Manguel/Guadalupi
677 HH Munro Gillen The House of Holt 1866-1946 Gilbert 2
678 Fantastic Films Science Fiction,Fantasy,and Horror 2 Walt Lee
679 The Guide to Supernatural Fiction Bleiler
680 Disney Comics
681 Empire Express RR Bain
682 Poisons of the Past Molds, Epidemics, History Matossian
683 Thomas Cook The Holiday Maker Hamilton
684 Ships Archives of Harland and Wolff (Builders of the Titanic) McCluskie
685 Dictionary of Saints Delaney
686 The Secret Cases of Sherlock Holmes Thomas
687 History of the Great American Fortunes Myers
688 Curious Myths 1884
689 Prisoner of X “20 Years in the Hole at Hustler magazine” MacDonell
690 Aircraft Anatomy of WWII Eden
691 Popular Music 5 vols
692 Dictionary of Tommie Songs and Slang 1914-l8
693 The 26 Letters Oscar Ogg
694 Cinefex magazine
695 Hash House Lingo Smiley
696 Keystone (Cops) Life and Clowns of Mack Sennet Simon Louvish
697 Retreat from Kabul Catastrophic British Defeat in Afghanistan 1842
698 Morning Glory (Mary Lou Williams) Dahl
699 Snootie Little Cutie (Connie Haines)Gruden
700 Billboards Top 40 Hits ( Incl The Young Rascals Eddie Brigati Washington St., Boonton NJ)
701 Sometimes I Wonder Hoagy Carmichael
702 Next to a Letter From Home Major Glenn Millers Wartime Band Butcher (“your organization is the greatest morale builder in the ETO”Lt Gen James Doolittle Commamnding General
703 Just For A Thrill Liz Armstrong First Lady of Jazz Dickerson
704 Marconis Magic Box Weightman
705 Montie Montana Not Without My Horse !
706 Billy Sunday The Man and His Message Ellis 1914
707 Brother Ray Ray Charles Life and Music of BB King “Blues Boy” Nobody Story of Bert Williams Charters 3
708 Traps The Drum Wonder Life of Buddy Rich Mel Torme I Feel So Good Big Bill Bronzy Reisman 2
709 Girl Singer Rosemary Clooney Pick Yourself Up Dorothy Fields/American Musical Adelina Patti Queen of Hearts 3
710 Literary Gazzetter of England
711 Crime and Mystery Anthologies Greenberg
712 Les Paul An American Original Shaughnessy Barrelhouse Blues Oliver
713 Life of Bayard Taylor 1879 Conwell
714 Superstition and Force: Torture,Ordeal and Trial by Combat in Medieval Law Lea
715 The Blue Nile Alan Moorehead
716 Cowboy Lore Allen 2 Back in the Saddle Again Gene Autry
717 The Stuff of Dreams Weird Stories of Edward Lucas White Joshi
718 The Ghosts High Noon Carr
719 Einsteins Clocks Poincares Maps Empires of Time Galison
720 The Mapmakers Wilford
721 The Touch of Roy and Dale 2 vols Spencerk
722 The History of Magic Ennemoser
723 Dictionary of the Occult Sciences Stebbing
724 The Train Kept a Rollin Vignes
725 The Texas Rangers Two Decades Coffey
726 Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft Sir Walter Scott
727 Lives of the Necromancers Godwin Quotations from Charlie Chan
728 War Maps WWII
729 American Roots Music
730 The Pirotechnia of Vannoccio Biringuccio 1942
731 World Mythology and Legend Mercatante
732 Unknown Worlds Tales from Beyond Greenberg
733 Ghost Ship Mysterious True Story of the Mary Celeste and Her Missing Crew Hicks
734 Crossing Under the Hudson Holland and Lincoln Tunnels Angus Gillespie
735 Dracula Skal
736 Atlas of the Mysterious in North America Guiley
737 Atlas of the Bible
738 The March of Archaeology C W Ceram
739 From Star Wars to Indiana Jones Lucas Film Archives
740 Hear My Song Sons of the Pioneers Griffis
741 Lovers and Other Monsters Kaye
742 Tough Guys and Dangerous Dames Stefan Dziemianwicz
743 English Country House Murders Godfrey
744 H P Lovecrafts Book of Horror Jones/Carson
745 Analog The Best of Science Fiction
746 Sleepy Hollow and Beyond Colonial Horrors Davis
747 Vampire Stories Dalby
748 The Crimes,Detection and Death of Jack the Ripper Fido
749 The Secret History of the CIA Trento lst ed dj
750 Breathless Homicidal Sliune Mutants Brower The Art of the Paperback
751 Blue Book of Hollywood Musicals Burton Hollywood Sings ! Sackett 2
752 African-American Blues,Rhythm and Blues Gospel and Zydeco 1926-l997 Vernon
753 Dynasty The Astors and Their Times Sinclair
754 HG Wells Costa
755 Great Detectives Mysteries from England and America MacCullough
756 Folksingers and Folksongs in America Lawless The Faber Book of Movie Verse French 2
757 Science Fiction Horror and Fantasy Film and TV Credits 4 vols
758 Space Odysey Benson
759 The Republic Chapter plays 1934-l955
760 Inside Oscar Unofficial History of the Academy Awards
761 Western and Frontier Film and TV Credits 1903-l955 2 vols
762 Ency of Motion Picture Sound McGee
763 Film Composers in America 1911-l970 McCarty
764 Serial Film Stars Rainey 1912-l956
765 The Motion Picture Serial Schutz
766 American Film Studios An Historical Ency Fernett The Allied Artists Checklist 1947-l978 2
767 Science Fiction Serials Kinnard
768 The RKO Features 1929-l960 Neibauer
769 The Planets Sobel No Place to Hide David Bradley (atomic bomb)
770 The Allied Artists Checklist
771 Early History of Amenia Reed
772 Chicken A La King The Buffalo Wing Food Names and the People and Places That Inspired Them Gilbar
773 THe Disney Song Ency
774 H G Wells The H G Wells Society 1968
775 Cloak and Dagger Great Espionage Stories(Asimov etc) Grenberg
776 Horrors! Greenberg
777 Famous Fantastic Mysteries Dziemianowiz
778 Unforgettable Mystique of Nat King Cole Gourse
779 Variety Music Cavalcade 1620-l969 Mattfeld
780 From These Ashes Fredric Brown
781 From Time to Time Jack Finney
782 American Pulp (Mickey Spillane etc) Gorman
783 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Reader Meyers
784 How Precious That While Piers Anthony
785 Psychos Robert Block (incl Stephen King)
786 Phillip Marlowe Raymond Chandler Centennial Celebration Preiss
787 Blood Threat and Fears Manson
788 A Harvest of Horrors Eric Protter
789 London After Midnight Haining A Tour of Its Criminal Haunts
790 The Stories of Ray Bradbury 1980
791 Hugo Gernsback Steckler
792 Strange and Fantastic Stories Terror, Horror and Fantasy Margolies 1946
793 Of Making Many Books Burlingame Penn State University Press
794 Ellenshaw Under Glass Peter Ellenshaw
795 Doo Wop The Music,The Times, The Era “Cousin Brucie”Morrow
796 B Western Actors Ency Ted Holland Vintage Science Fiction Films 1896-l949 Benson 2
797 History of the Horn Book Tuer (1897) 1968
798 Source Records of the Great Events of the Post War Period 1919-l920,1921-23,1924-27 4
799 The Movies Begin(Edison/West Orange)
800 Then Sings My Soul Morgan (Hymn Stories) “I Come to the Garden Alone—-And He Walks with Me and He Talks with Me and He tells me I am His own—-” “I’ll cherish the old Rugged Cross till my Trophies
801 Early Songs of Uncle Sam 1933 Murdock
802 The Ten Cent Plague The Great Comic Book Scare Hajdu
803 Mountaineer Jamboree Country Music in West Virginia
804 English and Scottish Popular Ballads Child 2 vol
805 Saints of Sage and Saddle Fife Child 2 vol
806 Tin Pan Alley Bluie Book 2 vols Burton
807 Rebel ln Radio The Story of WQXR Sanger
808 Bluegrass A History Rosenberg
809 Lullabies of Hollywood 1915-l992 Fehr
810 Broadway Sheet Music Stubblebine 1918-l993 Cinema ” ” ” 1914-l9l8 2
811 Hollywood on Records Pitts
812 THe Greatest Show on Earth Richard Dawkins The Evidence for Evolution
813 The God Delusion Richard Dawkins lst ed
814 Alpha and Omega the Search for the Beginning and End of the Universe Seife
815 African States and Rulers Stewart
816 Francis Bacon 1952
817 The English Paracelsians Debus
818 Railway Quotations Dow
819 Mercator Crane
820 The Mathematical Practitioners of Hanoverian England 1714-l840
821 Chapbooks of the l8th Cty Ashton
822 Dragon Teeth Michael Crichton lst,ed dj
823 Selections from the Gutter Hansen
824 American Heritage Song Book incl Songs of the Minstrel stage
825 THe History of The American Sailing Navy Chapelle
827 The Search for Speed Under Sail Chapelle 1700-l855
828 The Zulu War Barthorp
829 Mushrooms of the World Von Frieden
830 The Ballad Book Leach rough
831 The Secret Service Hidden History
832 THe Big Bang Silk
833 Rock On Nite Rock N Roll Ency (Eddie Brigati The Rascals, Boonton NJ)
834 Space Opera Aldiss
835 The American Rivals of Sherlock Holmes Greene
836 What If? Worlds Foremost Military Historians
837 Sailing on the Silver Screen Hollywood and the US Navy Suid
838 Black Holes and Baby Universes Stephen Hawking
839 Hollywood Gothic Skal
840 Murder in Baker Street Sherlock Holmes, Llenberg
841 Prime Time Prime Movers Marc Uncorrected Advance Proof
842 Merchant of Dreams Mayer MGM Higham
843 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die Schneider
844 Fighting The Flying Circus Rickenbacker
845 The Senate Intelligence Committee Report On Torture (Sensitive information blacked out)
846 The Readers Ency 4 vols in slip case
847 Red Coats and Rebels Hibbert The American Revolution through British Eyes
848 100 Malicious Little Mysteries Isaac Asimov
849 THe Spanish Inquisition Kamen
850 The American Burlesque Show Zeidman lst ed dj
851 Dungeon Fire and Sword Knight Templar in the Crusades Robinson
852 The American Songbag Carl Sandburg Intro by Garrison Keillor
853 The Life and Many Deaths of Harry Houdini Brandon
854 In Memory Yet Green Isaac Asimov 1920-l954 In Joy Still Felt ” ” 1954-l978
855 Enduring Courage Eddie Rickenbacker Ross
856 Intelligence in War John Keegan
857 Voyage to Mars NASAs Search for Life Beyond Earth Bergreen
858 Castles of Steel Massie (Great War at Sea)
859 Flashman 0n the March Fraser
860 Firearms Guide to Small Arms of the World
861 The Civil War Ken Burns
862 Poetical Works of John Milton 1864
863 Early Jazz Gunther Schuller
864 History of the Crusades 3 vols in sleeve
865 Victorian Triology 3 vols in sleeve
866 Crimes from the Strand in sleeve
867 Blood Sweat and Tears Donkin The Evolution of Work
868 Who Sailed on Titanic ? The Definitive Passenger Lists Beavis
869 Upper Mississippi A Wilderness Saga Havighurst 1937
870 The Checkered Years Cowdrey
871 A City Upon a Hill Witham lst ed dj How Sermons Changed the Course of American History
872 The Alchemists Journal Connell
873 A Patriots Handbook Caroline Kennedy
874 Against All Things Ending Donaldson
875 Shadows Over Baker Street Reaves
876 Treadmill to Oblivion Fred Allen
877 The Golden Bough Fraser
878 Disney War James Stewart
879 Death Locked In Greene
880 The Mystery of Edwin Drood Chas Dickens Concluded by Leon Garfield
881 The Beautiful Cigar Girl Stashower
882 Nothing But Wodehouse Ogden Nash
883 Silent Night WW I Christmas Truce Weintraub
884 Dracula The UnDead Stoker
885 The Roots of the Blues Charters
886 Warped Factors A Neurotcs Guide to the Universe Hoenig
887 Hamsun Remembers America 1885-l949
888 A Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English Partridge
889 Strange But True Mysterious and Bizarre People Sleman
890 Hollywood on the Hudson Koszarski
891 THe Rodeo and Hollywood Ryan
892 Saturday Afternoon at the Bijou Zinman
893 Old Songs 1888 with drawings rough
894 Popular Songs of the l9th Century America
895 Latest Songs 1902 rough
896 The Good Times Song Book Leisy
897 Fireside Book of Childrens Songs 1966
898 Fireside Book of Favorite American Songs Boni
899 Folk Songs of England,Ireland,Scotland and Wales Wm Cole
900 Celluloid Skyline New York and the Movies Sanders
901 Barbershop Ballads Sigmund Spaeth
902 The American Songbag Carl Sandburg
903 The Ballad Book of John Jacob Niles
904 Blues W C Handy
905 Coming Next Week History of Film Advertising Sweeney
906 Framed painting artist signed Floral in “tiled” planter
907 Theodore Rex Morris
908 The Hollow Hills Mary Stewart
909 Future Perfect Williams
910 Every Spy a Prince Taiv Israels Intelligence Community
911 Down On the Farm Holbrook
912 They Called Him Stonewall Lt General T.J Jackson CSA Burke Davis
913 Pushkin 1939
914 Combat The Civil War Congdon
915 The Life of Billy Yank Wiley
916 Little Men Alcott
917 T/L Misc Worlds Fair eph
918 Framed print artist signed Peter Paul Rubens
919 Framed watercolor signed
920 Rolled Chinese painting
921 Tray lot prints, etchings,paper ephemera
922 Matted Winhold Reiss print
923 US Bicentennial 5 vols in slip case
924 Framed Western print signed
925 Framed Rosemond print
926 Framed watercolor print Statue on monument Lenin signed
927 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:John Hiatt Freddie Hubbard Neil Young,The Rascals,Pat Metheny, Mink Deville
928 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Otis Redding, Booker T The Mad Lads,Four Tops, John Tropea,Jr Walker, Soul
929 Fire Dept City of New York Memorial Program 2002
930 The Valkyrie, Lohengrin 2
931 The Candy basket Valenti Angelo Illus
932 Provenance McDonald
933 Tall Talk from Texas Boyce House
934 History of the 4th Marine Division in WWII
935 The Hindenburg Mooney
936 The Anglers Handbook Camp
937 A River Runs Through It MacLean
938 A Glance Back Gorman Ltd Ed 2/200
939 Wonderful India
940 One Nation 9/11
941 Framed etching Delilah Hunter Ltd Ed 10/85
942 Frans Hals
943 THe Ghosts of Cape May McManus
944 The Boehm Journey to Ching te Chen China Cosentino
945 Voice of Ireland Golden Retired Codicil 2
946 Adrift on the Pacific Rickenbacker
947 Lot art booklets
948 !939 NY Worlds Fair Guide Book
949 The Architectural History of New Brunswick French Quarter Manual 2
950 Portraits 9/ll
951 The Music America Loves Best
952 Vertical Cut Cylinders
953 History of Free Masonry 1898
954 Witness to Our Time Alfred Eisenstaedt
955 Just Goldens Davis
956 Lot auction catalogs 2
957 Lot art books 3
958 In The Far East 1881
959 Housekeeping in Old Virginia repr 1879
960 Requiem Baltimore Opera 1950+ 2
961 The Good Cigar Jeffers
962 Manasquan 1962
963 Mets Yearbook 2007
964 Building Construction
965 Guide to US Map Resources
966 The Making of the US President TH White 1960
967 Mathew Brady Historian With a Camera Hioran
968 The California Coast
969 Battles of the American Civil War Johnson
970 The Holy Land
971 The Ranger Way Paranto
972 The Operator Seal Team Warrior O Neill
973 Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil Berendt
974 What The Bible Really Says Barthel
975 Ency of the American Indian Grant
976 Genghis Khan Conqueror of the World Hartog
977 Life Library of Photography 2
978 Oak Furniture Styles and Prices Warmans Glass 2
979 Jazz Ken Burns
980 T/L Misc eph incl Life magazines
981 Photographic History of the Civil War Prisons and Hospitals Miller
982 Photographic History of the Civil War Poetry and Eloquence from the Blue and Gray
982A Photographic History of the Civil War The Navies
982B Photographic History of the Civil War The Decisive Battles
982C Photographic History of the Civil War Forts and Artillery
982D Photographic History of the Civil War The Cavalry
982E Photographic History of the Civil War The Armies and the Leaders
982F Photographic History of the Civil War Soldier Life and the Secret Service
982G Photographic History of the Civil War Theb Opening Battles
982H Photographic History of the Civil War Two Years of Grim War
983 B/L Audi Automobile brochures
984 Lot childrens books
985 Lot childrens books
986 Lot childrens book
987 Only Black is in Style Unfashionably Dark Verse
988 THe Kiss Years Levine
989 Sorotchintzy Fair Gogol
990 Treasure Mountain Kelly
991 Adventures in Steel Dobias/Davis 1938
992 The Story of Princeton Norris 1917
993 Count Silvius Horn 1882
994 Records of Tennyson,Ruskin,Browning Ritchie 1899
995 Firebrand Bradley author signed
996 Rumors Exposed ( Fleetwood Mac) Furman lsted dj
997 A History of the 305th Infantry 1919 Tiebout
998 The Merck Index
999 Authors and Writers Associated with Morristown NJ Colles 1895
1000 Lee Takes Command Dowdey
1001 Framed watercolor print artist signed
1002 Framed oil painting
1003 Framed abstract painting on canvas
1004 Framed print floral bouquet
1005 Victorian framed painting Christmas Bouquet artist signed
1006 Framed poster Iris artist signed in oriental and English
1007 Framed print Iris
1008 Framed poster Studio Decor Polished Stones
1009 Framed print of Monet painting
1010 Framed painting Fruit Vine in blossom on canvas
1011 Framed watercolor photograph floral artist signed
1012 Framed sepia photograph park benches etc
1013 Framed print Baron Neilson of the Nile
1014 Framed signed photograph Crazy Cat George
1015 Naval Documents of the American Revolution 1777
1016 The Jews Their History,Culture and Religio Finklestein 4 vols lst ed 1949
1017 The Treatise Taani of the Babylonian Talmud Malter
1018 Mesillat Yesharim The Path of the Upright Kaplan
1019 The Jews of North Africa Nahum Slouschz 1944
1020 Jewish Contributions to Civilization 1919 Jacobson
1021 A Treasury of Jewish Letters 2 vols Kobler 1952
1022 1884 Census Reports to Dept of Interior Special Agents
1023 Harold Nicolson Diaries and Letter 1930-1962 3 vols
1024 Ultra High Frequency Techniques 1942 rough
1025 Frequency Modulation Pitman Keen 1956
1026 Servomechanisms and Regulating System Design Chesnut,Mayer GE 1955
1027 Pulse and Digital Circuits Millman/Taub 1956
1028 Fundamentals of Television Engineering 1955 Glasford
1029 Elements of Atomic Physics Mueller/Peaslee 1955
1030 Introduction to Physical Optics Robertson 1941
1031 Elements of Servomechanism Theory Thaler 1955
1032 Transients in Linear Systems Gardner 1949
1033 Calculus of Variations Fox 1950
1034 Lot Hot Rod magazines
1035 Lot Life magazines
1036 T/L Misc magazines
1037 Knickerbockers New York 1880
1038 Knickerbockers New York Washington Irving 1848
1039 Ma Vie 1842 Richard Wagner Paris
1040 The Goebbel Diaries 1942-43 Lochner 1948
1041 Black Beauty Anna Sewell Illus Cecil Alden c1890
1042 The Two Brothers Balzac 1896
1043 Playbills in a binder
1044 Bulletin Geneological Society of America 1950 Peach Bottom Slate Penna and Maryland
1045 Philatelic lot” US FDC Disney
1046 The Riddle of Mountain Building Eardley Univ of Utah
1047 General Electric: Housewares Technology The Revolution of Mothers Little Helpers l980 News Release
1048 Program: Launch of “The Queen Mary” in the presence of Their Majesties The King and Queen Weds Sep 26th 1934 At Clydebank
1049 Lot Architectural Digest magazines
1050 Lot Architectural Digest magazines
1051 Book and Black Book magazines
1052 Lot The Fader magazines 4
1053 Lot Paper magazines 11
1054 Life and Works of Lord Macaulay 1897 10 vol set
1055 Im Westen Nichts Neus Remarque 1929 German
1056 Lebenund Traumder Frauen 1921 German
1057 Anekdoten Aus Der Medizinischen Weltgeschichte Dr Eugen Hollander 1925 German
1058 Gesammelte Weke John Galsworthy German 1926
1059 Schuld und Sohne F M Dostojewski German rough 1926
1060 Lehrbuch der Padiatrie Wallgren German 1961
1061 Gegenwart im Ruckblick Strauss/Grossmann 1970 German
1062 Ein Junggesellen Heim Balzac 1908 German
1063 Schillers Werke German
1064 Biblisch talmudische Medizin
1065 Geschlchtskunde Dr Magnus Hirshfeld 1928 German
1066 Het Psychiatrischen Dr WCM Smits KLinisch Psyycholoog German 1968
1067 Der Bauberberberg 1924 Thomas Mann German
1068 Die Insel Der Grosen Mutter Gerhart Hauptmann 1924 German
1069 Der Dom zu Freiberg German
1070 Schwarzwald German
1071 Das Grosse Sportund Rennwagenbuch German Erwin Tragatsch
1072 Pscychoanalyse Freud 1955 German
1073 Pscychoanalyse Vorlesungen Sigm Freud 1926 German
1074 Das Dekamreron Bocaccio 1907 German
1075 66 Hexen Kult und Verdammung German
1076 Framed print still life
1077 The United States Navy From the Revolution to Date Reynolds, 19l7 rough
1078 Matted News ,”Nixon Resigns”
1079 Country Furniture of Early America Lionel Williams
1080 American Furnture Helen Comstock
1081 Chair Seat Weaving for Antique Chairs
1082 American Pewter Kerfoot
1083 Heirloom Furniture Gottshal
1084 How to Paint=Decorate Furniture and Tinware Zook
1085 Furniture Treasury Wallace Nutting
1086 Directory of Antique Furniture Hinckley
1087 New American Ency Homans 1908 Social and Commercial Information
1088 Power for Prairie Plows Mac Ewan 1971
1089 The Great Cars Stein
1090 Classic Cars in Profile
1091 Collectors History of the Automobile Roberts
1092 Bosch Book of the Motor Car
1093 Classic Cars
1094 Motors Repair Manual 1948
1095 The Grand Tour 1982-83
1096 Original Jaguar XK Porter
1097 Treasury of Early American Automobiles 1877-1925 Floyd Clymer
1098 The American Sports Car
1099 Vintage Cars Posthumus
1100 Cars,Cars,Cars,Cars S C H Davis
1101 Veteran and Vintage Cars Roberts
1102 Antique Cars Lord Montagu
1103 History of the United states 1928 Andrews
1104 Electrical Engineers Handbook Pender Ex Libris USS Greene U S Navy
1105 High Speed Combustion Engines Heidt
1106 Mechanical Engineers Handbook Kent Ex Libris USS Greene U S Navy
1107 Cat Confessions Three Little Kittens
1108 Fish Out of School Shaw/Carpenter
1109 Grandparents Gifts of Love,Humor, and Wisdom, Booth/Henderson
1110 Satellite magazine 19959
1111 20th Cty Glass Judith Miller Collector Guide
1112 The Technology Dictionary Radio Shack
1113 Letters From a Nut Ted Nancy lst Ed dj
1114 Dog Bible Mehus-Roe
1115 Bugs,Beetles,Spiders , Snakes
1116 The Greatest Virtue Pat Robertson Be Not Afraid Overcoming the Fear of Death Arnold Christian Science Sentinel 1954
1117 Angels and Demons Dan Brown
1118 A Mile in Their Shoes Conversations With Veterans of WWII
1119 Guide to Horses of the World Caroline Silver
1120 Grandmas Old Fashioned Cookies
1121 THe Secret Language of Dreams Fontana
1122 Pearl Harbor Gingrich/Forstchen
1123 Charter of the United Nations
1124 Pennsylvania Iron Manufacture in the l8th cty
1125 Historic Sites of Montville Twp
1126 Heroes and Heroines of Fiction Walsh
1128 B/L Binders of Play Bills
1129 B/L Binders of Play Bills
1130 Rolled poster US Open 2022 signed
1131 B/Lm audio tapes
1132 Rolled poster 1982 Worlds Fair
1133 Rolled poster Ansel Adams
1134 Rolled artist signed print
1135 Lot political eph Wendall Wilkie etc
1136 B/L Political pinbacks in box labeled “East End Tavern “
1137 1921 Calendar Cat and Boston Terrier
1138 Lot Mickey Mouse Cartoon Quarterly 9
1139 Candidly Elvis
1140 Norman Rockwell Illustrator
1141 1963 Royal Visit Australia
1142 Lot comics
1143 Lot Dick Tracy magazines
1144 Lot Mickey Mouse magazines
1145 Lot Honeymooners magazines
1146 1988 NY Yankees Puzzle and Cards
1147 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Silva Tones,Fay Henry, The Chipmunks,Janise Harper,Smith and the Red Heads Fred Katz,The Tokens,Chordsmen,Will Glaine
1148 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Frank Sinatra,Allan Sherman Shelly Manne,Debbie Reynolds,Jimmy Bowen,Pat Greene and the Toppers,Gisele MacKenzie,The Belmonts,Duke Ellington,Pat Boone,Hugo and Luige
1149 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Connie Francis, Four Preps, Dotty Todd,Sons of the Pioneers,Sarah Vaughan Pas Boone, Billy Vaughan, Elvis Presley,Billy Joel The Statler Bros,The Beach Boys
1150 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Patti Page,Tommy Prisco Jimmy Bowen,Joe Loco, Jimmy Daren,Don Rondo, The Sylvers,The New Beats,Bob Dylan,Betty Johnson, The Toys, Jay and the Americans,Buddy Knox,Chipmunks
1151 Lot 45 RPM records incl Buddy Knox Johnny Horton, Frankie Lymon,The Teenagers,Jimmy Bowen,The Playmates Eddie Platt, Terri Dean Charley Pride,
1152 Framed portrait painting artist signed
1153 Framed deco print nudes artist signed
1154 Framed painting on canvas Flowers artist signed
1155 Framed print girl w sea shells
1156 Oval framed portrait on canvas
1157 Oval framed portrait on board
1158 Framed painting on canvas Family gathering incl incl pet Raven(crow)
1159 Framed painting on canvas Three Musicians
1160 Framed painting on canvas Couple at the theater
1161 Framed painting on canvas Rural home on a pond
1162 Framed print Girls Skinny Dipping
1163 Two empty Victorian gilt frames
1164 Know Your Antiques Kovel Auction ! Brough 2
1165 Party Like a President Abrams What Every American Should Know Rossi 2
1166 An Imperfect God George Washington Wiencek
1167 T/L Novels by Dean Koonst
1168 The Second World War Keegan
1169 Great Horror Stories
1170 The Coming Collecting Boom Mebane
1171 Frederic Remington Hassrick
1172 Norman Rockwell A Sixty Year Retrospective
1173 When Elephants Weep Masson
1174 The Darkest Minds Bracken Sudden Death Sodoku Freydont 2
1175 Questions and Answers Relating to Modern Automobile Design Construction Driving and Repair Page 1915
1176 Revolutionary Characters Wood
1177 B/L Novels by Mercedes Lackey
1178 B/L Novels by Mercedes Lackey
1179 B/L Novels by Mercedes Lackey
1180 B/L Novels by Mercedes Lackey
1181 B/L Novels by Mercedes Lackey
1182 THe Pictorial History of the Civil War Barnes
1183 Campaigning With Grant Porter
1184 The Civil War Reader Harwell
1185 Framed Portrait General Grant
1186 Battles and Leaders of the Civil War 4 vols
1187 The Definition of Torture in International Law Klayman
1188 The Civil War Strange and Fascinating Facts Davis
1189 Maxim Kopf Thompson 1960
1190 Gorf McClure
1191 Wild Fowl Decoys Barber
1192 Psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud 1943
1193 Dred Tale of the Great Dismal Swamp Harriet Beecher Stoewe 1856 2 vols rough
1194 Bold Dragoon The Life of JEB Stuart Thomas
1195 Uncle Wiggily On a Farm Howard Garis 1918
1196 History of the Essex Troop 102nd Cavalry NGNJ 1890-l925
1197 Personal Recollections of the Rebellion New York Commandery 1897
1198 Magic Music 1931
1199 Lot PBs re Baseball 1969+ 3
1200 Napoleon Belloc 1932
1201 The Tale of Major Monkey Bailey 1919
1202 A War Job Thought Impossible Chrysler 5500 Gyro Compases 1945
1203 The Lone Ranger in Wild Horse Canyon
1204 Campaign of Jackson in the Shenandoah Valley Hochkiss
1205 I Remember Pennsy Wood
1206 The Complete Book of Composting Rodale
1207 A History of Crescent Temple AAONMS 1904-l954
1208 New Jersey Life,Industries,Resources Parsons 1928
1209 THe Rutgers Picture Book Moffatt
1210 Lot art books re Watercolor Painting
1211 Lot art books re Watercolor Painting 3
1212 Lot art books re Watercolor Painting 3
1213 The Civil War Extra (from the pages of New York Times and Charleston Mercury )
1214 N C Wyeth Allan
1215 The American Civil War (Currier and Ives Cover)
1216 Looseleaf binder Collection of 76 Garbage Pail Kids Cards
1217 Treasures from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
1218 Among the Nudists Merril 1931
1219 The Little Pixies Abroad 1905
1220 The Sleeping Beauty c 1900
1221 Star Spangled Banner NGS Our Nation and its Flag Sedeen
1222 THe Blue and the Gray NGS Allen
1223 The Henry Hutt Picture Book 1908
1224 The Conquest of Granada 1893 Washington Irving
1225 Royal Wedding Elizabeth and Philip
1226 Folklore and Odysseys Food and Medicinal Plants Lehner 1962
1227 White Pillars Architecture of the South Smith
1228 Mojo Days of Revolution The Beatles Final Years 1968-l970
1229 The Who Concert File
1230 Where The Sidewalk Ends Shel Silverstein lst Ed
1231 Economic History of the United States Wright 1941 lst Ed
1232 Real Soldiers of Fortune Richard Harding Davis lst Ed lst Biography of Winston Churchill
1233 A Blues to be called Crazy When Crazys All There Is lst Ed Inscribed by Author Claire Burch
1234 Veterans of the Road Roediger 1st US Ed Pictorial History of the Automobile 1886=l936
1235 Ben Shahn
1236 George Grosz Berenson lst Ed
1237 Literary America Scherman lst Ed
1238 Charles Russell Craze 1995
1239 Ecce Homo by George Grosz lst ed
1240 The Art of Walt Disney lst Ed
1241 The Longman Literary Companion to Science Gratzer lst ed
1242 A Maggot Fowles Signed Ltd Ed 468/500
1243 Are You Hungry, Are You Cold Ludwig Bemelmans 1st ed
1244 The Moon is Down Steinbeck 1942
1245 THe Best Lawyers in America Harvey Weissbard Criminal Defense Cornell University Written by Steven Naifeh and Gregory Smith Harvard Law 1977 2
1246 The Death of Methuselah Isaac Bashevis Singer 1st ed
1247 The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Illus Arthur Szyk Heritage Press 1946
1248 Nine Women Grau lst ed
1249 Selected Writings of Juan Ramon Jimenez lst Ed
1250 Accepting The Universe Burroughs 1st ed 1920
1251 The Third Circle Frank Norris 1909
1252 Plain Tales from the Hills Rudyard Kipling 1899 lsted
1253 Change is Possible Kenschaft author inscribed
1254 An Artist in Nature Robert Bateman lst Ed
1255 The World of Robert Bateman Derry
1256 Plato The Republic Illus Fritz Fredel Heritage Press
1257 The Innocent Voyage Hughes lllus Lynd Ward Heritage Press
1258 Diaspora Homelands in Exile 2 Brenner
1259 Kennedy poster
1260 Framed NY Times front page Obama Victory
1261 The Ted Craige Library Catalog 1983
1262 Lot Numismatist magazines 5
1263 Lot Numismatic auction catalogs
1264 Library catalog American Numismatic Assn
1265 Medals the United States Mint
1266 Lot Numismatic eph
1267 Bound Numismatic magazines 1937
1268 Scott Catalog and Ency US Coins 1976
1269 Lot Numismatic auction catalogs
1270 Lot Numismatic auction catalogs
1271 Lot Numismatic auction catalogs
1272 Lot Numismatic auction catalogs
1273 Lot Numismatic auction catalogs
1274 Lot rolled religious prints
1275 Lot Life magazines FDR
1276 Lot News Week magazines FDR
1277 Lot Literary Digest magazines FDR
1278 Lot Liberty magazines
1279 Radio Guide magazine 1935 Philco Political Radio Atlas 1936
1280 T/L,Misc FDR eph Funeral newsp,Look magazine, Colliers magazine etc
1281 Framed pinup ” Pink Lady”
1282 Framed portrait Sojourners Truth
1283 Looseleaf binder Correspondence, autographs
1284 Looseleaf binder movie stills, news photos
1285 Automobile Year 1957-l958 etc
1286 Lot auction catalogs
1287 Lot auction catalogs
1288 Lot Junior Natural History magazines
1289 Ten Boys Jane Andrews 1885
1290 Silverfoot Lindsay 1924
1291 New Winston First Reader 1928
1292 The Adventures of Bob White Burgess 1922
1293 The Texas Quarterly 1959
1294 Junior Natural History magazines
1295 Audells Engineers and Mechanics Guide 1930 Locomotives
1296 Treasury of Early American Automobiles 1877-l925 Clymer,
1297 United States Army Teaching Methods 1942 Restricted Fort Monmouth
1298 The Numismatist 3
1299 Looseleaf binder Baseball press photos
1300 Looseleaf binder British Royalty press photos
1301 Little Lord Fauntleroy Burnett Illus Reginald Birch
1302 Lot press photos re the murder and funeral of Dolfuss Chancellor of Austria WWII
1303 Lot press photos re President Lebrun, France
1304 Lot press photos re Cuba
1305 Lot New England Quarterly
1306 T/L Misc eph
1307 T/L Misc eph
1308 The Singing Lessons Maurice Favell 1851
1309 American Railroad Journal and Mechanics magazine 1839
1310 Young Mens Catholic Association 25th 1896
1311 Scrapbook Victorian trade cards rough
1312 Betty Gordon in Washington 1920 Emerson
1313 The Ranch Girls at Home Again Vandercook 1915
1314 The Girls of Central High Morrison 1914
1315 Camp Fire Girls On the March 1914
1316 Marjorie Dean High School Freshman Lester 1917
1317 T/L Misc eph
1318 Lot Numismatist magazines
1319 Lot Numismatist magazines
1320 Lot Whitman Numismatic Journal
1321 Lot pbs re coin collecting
1322 Coin World Almanac
1323 Lot Numismatic magazines
1324 Lot Whitman Numismatic Journal
1325 Lot Whitman Numismatic Journal
1326 The Beauty and Lore of Coins Stefanelli
1327 Lot pbs re coin collecting
1328 Gold Coins of the World
1329 Fractional Money Carothers
1330 History of the United States Mint and Coinage
1331 Lot Coin auction catalogs
1332 Numismatic Guide Books 3
1333 Paper Money of the United States
1334 United States,Canadian and Confederate Paper Money
1335 Standard Catalog of US Coins 1946 Comprehensive Guide to US Commemorative Coins 2
1336 Collegiate Song Book 1929 (134 Colleges)
1337 The Best of Shirley Temple record Shirley Temple Dolls and Fashions 2
1338 Lot of 33 vinyl records incl:New Christy Minstrels, Robert Goulet.Julie Andrews,Bagnoli,Steve Lawence, Eydie Gorme,Columbus Boy Choir Robert Peters, Gordon MacRae, Corelli
1339 Lot of 33 vinyl records incl:Judy Garland,Roger Williams,liza Minelli,Les Miserables etc
1340 Lot of 33 vinyl records incl:Richard Kiley,Ray Middleton,Lyn Murray Singers,Ella Logan,Ray Charles Dueling Banjos,Zero Mostel,
1341 Lot of 33 vinyl records incl:Leotyne Price William Warfield,Mitch Miller, Zero Mostel,Robert Preston Iggie Wolfington,The Buffalo Bills,Roger Williams
1342 Lot of 33 vinyl records incl:Zino Francescatti Mitch Miller,Judy Garland,Gaby Casadeus
1343 Lot of 33 vinyl records incl: Sergio Mendes, Herb Alpert,The Sandpipers,Baja Marimba,Rod McKuen Bill Cosby,Danny Kaye,Dominque The Singing Nun Siegling and Larabee
1344 Lot of 33 vinyl records incl: Hermans Hermits Dan anmd Dale, Mitzi Gaynor,Tiger Haynes,Stephanie Mills,Robert Goule,Pernell Roberts,Mary Grover Frank Sinatra
1345 Lot of 33 vinyl records incl: Patricia Morison Alfred Drake Rudy Vallee,,Robert Morse,Diahann Carroll, Richard Kiley,JFK Memorial,Judy Garland
1346 Lot 78 records :Benny Bell, Charley Dew, Barton Bros Billy Hodes: Lot 45 records:Florian Zabach,The blenders,Mitchell Ayres,Bobby Pickett,Napolean XIV,The Drifters
1347 Lot Empty frames:4
1348 Lot Empty frames:4
1349 Lot Empty frames: 6
1350 Concorde Supersonic flight certificate Framed
1351 THe Mystery of the Masked Mans Music(Lone Ranger)Jones
1352 Classic Ghost Stories Grafton
1353 Mark Twain, Businessman 1946 lst ed
1354 Champagne Instant Expert lst Ed Fallowfield
1355 New American Dictionary of First Names Dunkling
1356 The New York Worlds Fair 1939/l940 Page 56 Kodak Building where JCWs photo of JMW was hung went on to London and Paris more recently at office decor at OFM
1357 Alternate Worlds Illustr History of Science Fiction Gunn Intro Isaac Asimov
1358 King Herods Dream Caesarea on the Sea Holum
1359 Second Bloom Cathy Grahams Art of the Table
1360 The West That Was Knowles
1361 Egypt Past and Present
1362 Hatshepsut From Queen to Pharaoh Met Museum of Art
1363 Pharaohs
1364 The World of Golf Collectables Sarah Baddiel
1365 Gold of the Pharaohs Hans Muller
1366 The Weird 100 Spignesi
1367 Boogie Night s The Disco Age Erikka Haa
1368 Shadows in the Jungle Alamo Scouts Behind Japanese Lines in WWII Larry Alexander lst ed dj
1369 50 Favorite Rooms Frank Lloyd Wright Maddex
1370 Van Gogh Milner
1371 Pirates and Privateers Charlotte Montague A Swashbuckling Compendium of Seafaring Scoundrels
1372 The Titanic End of a Dream Wade
1373 Mardi Gras Treasures Invitations of the Golden Age
1374 Lewis Carroll Photographer Gernsheim
1375 Hitlers Pope The Secret History of Pius XII Cornwell
1376 P T Barnum The Legend and the Man Saxon
1377 Cruising the Panama Canal; 1914-l924 Detrich
1378 The Six Wives of Henry VIII Weir
1379 First Impressions Frank Lloyd Wright Rubin
1380 Chronicle of the Roman Emperors Scarre
1381 Essential Dali Bradbury
1382 Killing the Mob Bill O Reilly
1383 Mornings on Horseback (Theodore Roosevelt) David McCullough
1384 Cashing In on Collecting Americana Anthony Curtis
1385 Framed litho Currier and Ives “Homeward Bound” #2885 sailing ship Facs
1386 Framed poster Roger Waters US+ Them 2017
1387 Framed print ” The Sentinel” Bev Doolittle
1388 Framed print Butterflys and larvae
1389 Framed adv poster Motorola TV
1390 Framed Life poster DC 4 Flying Over Manhattan 1939 Margaret Bourke White
1391 Framed Youths Companion Adv 1909 Magee Heaters
1392 B/L Small framings artwork 5
1393 Wood sign ” Never, Never Give Up”
1394 Milk:The Mammary Gland and Its Secretion Cowie 2 vols National Inst for Research in Dairying Reading England
1395 The Real War Nixon in sleeve signed by Richard Nixon
1396 Color Key to North American Birds Chapman 1903
1397 THe Man Without a Face The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin Masha Gessen
1398 Joie De Vivre Robert Arbor
1399 One Hundred and One Famous Poems 1929 Cook
1400 Tuesdays with Morrie Mitch Albom ” A Teacher affects Eternity;he can never tell where his influence stops.”
1401 My Life in Three Acts Helen Hayes Hatch
1402 Framed advisory poster Elbert Hubbard “Loyalty”
1403 Framed oil painting on canvas artist signed
1404 Lot Victorian gilt frames empty 4
1405 Framed oil painting on canvas artist signed
1406 Framed oil painting on canvas artist signed
1407 Framed print colonial social event
1408 Framed painting on canvas nude and angels artist signed
1409 Framed water color artist signed
1410 LOt 33 vinyl records inc Duane Allman; Billy Joel Grateful Dead
1411 LOt 33 vinyl records incl;Michael Bloomfield Dave Clark Five;Jethron Tull,Emmylou Harris Ian and Sullivan
1412 LOt 33 vinyl records incl: Chicago
1413 LOt 78 records incl:Carmen Cavallaro,Harry James, Al Morgan,Que Martyn,Cozy cole,Maurice Rocco
1414 LOt 78 records incl:Machito,Ray Bolger, Ethel Merman Glantz,Prarl Boys Ken Griffin,,Dick Robertson, Rusty Draper,Paul Taubman
1415 LOt 78 records incl: SS Flotilla Orch,Bar Harbor Society Orch.,Harry James,Vic Damone,Fess Parker
1416 LOt 78 records incl: Willey Walker,Fontaine Sisters Sophie Tucker,Horace Heidt,Zez Confry,Bing Crosby, Al Craver Louisiana Five Jazz Orch
1417 Edison 78 records incl;Metropolitan Quartet, Matsons Creole Serenaders;Manuel Romayn Green Bros Novelty Band,Carl Schraubstader
1418 Edison 78 records incl;Thomas Chalmers,Metropolitan Quartet,Billy Jones,Jim Doherty,George Hamilton, Greene,Arthur Hall,John Ryan That Singing Four,
1419 Edison 78 records incl;Stevens Dance Quartet Charles Hart,Vera Barston,Waikiki Hawaian Orchestra Club de Vingt Orc Ernie Golden McAlpin Orchestra
1420 Edison 78 records incl;Jaudas Society Orchestraa Negro Spiritual Couldnt Hear Nonbody Pray Fred Bacon,John Kimmel.Joe Linder,American Patrol Brass Orchestra.,Meacham; Carter Brass Orchestra
1421 78 record: Rosemary Clooney Birthday record 1955
1422 N Currier Original Lithograph Sarah # 5390 in Victorian OG frame 1848
1423 Framed water color print Tulip Fridericus Rex
1424 Framed water color print Tulip Keiser Leopoldusa
1425 Personal Diary for 2230 (blank) ” Keep Calm and Write On”
1426 The Classic Harley Mark Williams
1427 Ford Chronicle A Pictorial History From 1893
1428 American Wildlife Illustrated 1940 rough
1429 The Sea Beach at Ebb Tide Arnold 1901
1430 The House Book
1431 D Day Operation Overlord Salamander Fwd by Winston Churchill
1432 David O Selznicks Gone With The Wind Haver
1433 Private View Chris Thomson Les Secrets De La Photo de Charme
1434 The Treasures of Tutnkhamun
1435 Lowell Thomas Ency of Wildlife 4 vols
1436 Cosa Nostra History of the Mafia Masikmo Picozzi
1437 Black Dahlia Avenger Hodel
1438 Factor Words Bill O Reilly
1439 THe Life Milennium
1440 Its a Good Year
1441 Game Faces Baseball Portraits
1442 Baseball 100 Years of the Modern Era 1901-2000 From the archives of Sporting News
1443 Feasible Visions Nature Shows Us The Way
1444 Illustrated History of the Third Reich Bradley
1445 Classic Game (Double Nine Color Dot) Dominoes
1446 Binder lot Press Photos incl; sports,movies, Charles De Gaule,John L Lewis,etc
1447 Pair of adv fans Grafton, NH
1448 Lot commercial correspondence, letterheads
1449 Texas Quarterly 1953+ 13 vols
1450 The American Scholar 2 1965
1451 The Massachusetts Review 1960+ 7 vols
1452 Partisan Review 1957
1453 Lot Railroad freight bills 1875
1454 Lot Railroad freight bills 1873
1455 Lot Railroad freight bills 1878
1456 Booklet Presidents of the United States (through Harrison )
1457 Binder Press photos Vietnam War Protests
1458 Binder Press photos Art
1459 Binder Press photos l920s Movies
1460 Binder Press photos l930s Movies
1461 Binder Press photos Space Program incl Alan Shepard, Alumnus Admiral Farragut Academy (The military parade honoring the Alan Shepard Hall was Reviewed by Major (then) Alan Painter USMC
1462 Lot Shoe Mfg Catalogs 1910 etc
1463 The Ring magazine 1980 Rocky Marciano
1464 Psychoanalysis 1957 Monthly
1465 Lot Monthly Diaries set of12 Manchester National Bank Manchester NH
1466 Framed signed photo George and Laura Bush
1467 Framed photo Cornell University, Ithaca, NY overlooking Cayuga Lake
1468 Lot Christmas wood signs: “The Stockings Were Hung” ” Tree Sale Family Fun for All” “All I Want for Christmas is You” 3
1469 Berries Cultivation,Decoration, and Recipes Forsell
1470 Rolled calendars Currier and Ives facs Canal Scene;Hunting on the Plains;Amburg Triumphal Car”ClipperShip’American Girl and Lady Thorn’Summer Cottage Life””Golden Morning;Washington Commander
1471 Rolled calendars Currier and Ives facs “Rafting on the St Lawrence”The Lightening Express “View on Hudson River” “ClipperShip Dreadnaught” “Maud S and Aldine”Independence Hall”
1472 Rolled calendars Currier and Ives facs “Washingtons Reception on the Bridge at Trenton” “Ready for the Trot”Minute Men of the Revolution” “CherryTime” “Lily Lake” ” Clipper Yacht America”
1473 Rolled calendars Currier and Ives facs “Wild Turkey Shooting”Harvest Moon ” Robinson Crusoe And His Man Friday”The Gem of the Pacific” “THe Great East River Suspension Bridge” ” A Race
1474 Rolled calendars Currier and Ives facs “Mr Bonners Horse Joe Elliott””A Summer Retreat” “Winter in the Country” “Salmon fishing” Autumn Fruits “Skating Scene Moonlight”
1475 Mother West Wind “Why” Stories Burgess 1915 Illustr Harrison Cady
1476 1941 Parke Bernet Auction catalog
1477 Needlepoint by Design Lane 1970
1478 WWII GI Unit photos, rolled
1479 A New Look at Bargello Carol Cheney Rome 1973
1480 Needle Point Rugs Hope Hanley 1971
1481 The New World of Needlepoint Perrone 1972
1482 Motion Picture Moods 1924 Erno Rapee
1483 Bound sheet music incl Our Sailor Boy 1867 rough Oeuvres Choisies 1868; Geheime Liebe 1866; Footsteps of Angels 1855 etc
1484 Numismatic lot: Th Americana Series The Presidents
1485 A Sense of History American Heritage
1486 Catalogues and Counters: History of Sears, Roebuck Boris Emmet 1950 Alvah Curtis Roebuck Richard Warren Sears
1487 Tales to Astonish American Comic Book Revolution Ronin Ro lst US Edition
1488 Will Eisner A Dreamers Life in Comics Shumacher
1489 Chas Addams A Cartoonists Life Linda Davis
1490 Men of Tomorrow Geeks, Gangsters and the Birth of the comic Book Gerard Jones
1491 T/L Misc eph
1492 Framed cover 1913 Vogue magazine
1493 1976 Mad magazine
1494 Phantom Islands of the Atantic (The Legends of Seven Lands That Never Were) Donald Johnson
1495 Just David Eleanor Porter 1916 Illust Helen Grose
1496 T/L Life magazines Special Issue The Presidency 1968 ” ” The Incredible Year 1968 Special Double Issue Picasso
1497 Saturday Evening Post Cover 1968 Democratic Convention The Big Showdown Humphrey vs McCarthy
1498 The Journals of Lewis and Clark 2 vols
1499 Philatelic lot: B/L Souvenir Cards (US Stamps)Department of The Treasury Bureau of Engraving and Printing Washington DC
1500 Money of Russia Livshits
1501 Sounder Armstrong Illus Barkley lst ed dj
1502 Binder 35 mm slides
1503 THe Survival Handbook
1504 T/L Misc eph
1505 T/L Misc eph
1506 The Testament John Grisham lst ed dj
1507 Fairest Gail Carson Levine lst Ed dj
1508 Ensnared A G Howard lst Ed dj
1509 Unhinged A G Howard lsted dj
1510 Long Shot Mike Piazza lst ed dj
1511 The Maze Coulter
1512 Heartless Diana Palmer
1513 Murder at the Washington Tribune Margaret Truman
1514 Secrets of Paris Luanne Rice
1515 Methodism in West Jersey Raybold l849 leather rough
1516 How to Read What to Read 1903 An Evening With Lamb 1907 2
1517 History of Narrative Film Cook
1518 The Arts Van Loon 1939
1519 Early American Locomotives John White
1520 The Story of Wellesley Converse 1915
1521 The Magic Power of Your Mind Germain
1522 The Animal Story Book Lang 1915
1523 Stories of China 1892
1524 The Romance of Leonardo Da Vinci Dmitri Merejkowski 1928
1525 Book Four Reader 1901
1526 Framed photo of early baseball player (unknown)
1527 T./L Misc eph
1528 Andersens Fairy Tales Illus Arthur Szyk The Arabian Nights Illus Earle Goodenow 2
1529 The Listening Silence Root The Secret Garden In The Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson
1530 Lot childrens books 2 Hardy Boys,3 Nancy Drew
1531 Care and Repair of Antiques Ormsbee 1949
1532 Lot childrens books: Miss Hickory Bailey 3 Felita Mohr;Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World
1533 Lot childrens books: The Singing Tree Seredy Papa Please Get the Moon For Me Mouses First Halloween New Friends 4
1534 THe Mansion On the Hill Goodman
1535 Oxford Book of English Detective Stories Craig
1536 Victorian Tales of Mystery and Detection Cox
1537 100 Twisted Little Tales of Torment Weinberg
1538 London Novels and Stories
1539 100 Astounding Little Alien Stories Weinberg
1540 100 Hair Raising Little Horror Stories Greenberg
1541 Science Fiction Writers
1542 The Ency of American Radio Lackmann
1543 The Big Broadcast 1920-l950 Buxton
1544 Childrens books Beat The Story Drum 2:
1545 Childrens books Castles of Sand On The Horizon 2
1546 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: The Chipmunks,Andrew Lloyd Weber,The Cats Chorus,Sarah Brightman,
1547 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Collegium Aureum Peter Frankel,Julie Andrews,Lorin Maazel
1548 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Domingo Placido Olivia Newton John, Julio Iglesias,Fritz Reiner
1549 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Laura Branigan, Irene Cara,Kim Carnes,Donna Summer,Reid Shelton Isaac Stearn, Yo -Yo Ma, Jim Dale,
1550 Childrens Books;Sarah Plain and Tall MacLachan George Washingtons Socks Woodruff 2
1551 Go Free or Die (Harriet Tubman) Ferris 2 Walking the road to Freedom (Sojourner Truth) Ferris
1552 Rosa Parks: My Story Haskins author signed
1553 The Giving Tree Shel Silverstein
1554 Meet Addy An American Girl Meet Felicity ” ” 2
1555 Children and Books
1556 Childrens Books:The Sign of the Beaver Speare The Call of the Wild Jack London Tollivers Secret Brady3
1557 Childrens Books:Misty of Chincoteague Henry Black Beauty Sewall The Good Master Seredy 3
1558 Lot CDs incl:Reba Mc Entiire, Alan Jackson, Brooks and Dunn,Rod Stewart,Frank Sinatra
1559 Lot CDs incl:Diana Krall, Rod Stewart Vienna Choir Boys Jimmy Durante,,Fred Astaire Mickey Rooney.Kenan Wynn,Alan Menken,Alan Jackson Kenny G,Carol Channing,Gower Champion
1560 Lot CDs incl:Kenny G,Martina McBride, Alan Jackson, Roy Ayers,Lonnie Smith,James Moody,Mike Stevens, Warren Hill,David Benoit,Jonathan Butler,Diana Krall Rod Stewart,,Carmen Piazzini,Marian Pivka
1561 Lot CDs incl:Cher, Juilliard Chorus, Edith Piaf Celine Dion,,High Park Boys and Girls Choir, Yanni,The Four Seasons,
1562 Lot CDs incl: Debbie Reynolds,Gene Kelly,Donald O Conner,Judy Garland,Jeanette MacDonald,Mickey Rooney Ginger Rogers,Red Skelton,Cyd Charisse,Fred Astaire, Chris Botti,Frank Sinatra,Stevie Wonder,Willie Nelson
1563 Lot CDs incl: Debbie Reynolds,Gene Kelly,Donald O Conner,Judy Garland,Jeanette MacDonald,Mickey Rooney Ginger Rogers,Red Skelton,Cyd Charisse,Fred Astaire, Chris Botti,Frank Sinatra,Stevie Wonder,Willie Nelson
1564 Lot French prints ( Awaking of Psyche etc)
1565 Lot French prints ( Awaking of Psyche etc)
1566 Lot French prints (Irving The End of the Game,Dueling
1567 Lot French prints (Irving The End of the Game,Dueling
1568 Lot French prints (Irving Cattle grazing)
1569 Lot French prints (Disciples Bathing Jesus feet)
1570 Lot French prints (Two portraits Jean Batiste Greuce
1571 Lot French prints (Marriage of St Catherine
1572 Lot French prints (Eugene del la Croix
1573 Lot French prints (The Wine Tasters
1574 Lot French prints (Salome
1575 Lot French prints (Landscape and Cattle
1576 Lot French prints (Soldiers Gambling
1577 Lot French prints (The Proposal
1578 Lot French prints (Artist painting a ship
1579 Lot French prints (Sea fighter
1580 Lot French prints (A Visit to the Sister
1581 Lot French prints (The Cat Feigns Death
1582 Lot French prints (The Odalisque and Her Slave 2
1583 Lot French prints (Madonna
1584 Lot French prints (Fille de Frascati
1585 Lot French prints (Russian Peasants Homez0
1586 Framed oil Painting Medieval Lancer
1587 B/L Set Great Ages of Man 15 vol
1588 Bulletin of the History of Medicine 2007-2011 20 vol
1589 Bulletin of the History of Medicine 1974-1980 27 vol
1590 Bulletin of the History of Medicine 2002-2006 20 vol
1591 Bulletin of the History of Medicine 1981-l986 24vol
1592 Bulletin of the History of Medicine 1997-2001 20 vol
1593 Bulletin of the History of Medicine 1993-1996 16 vol
1594 Bulletin of the History of Medicine 1987-1992 24 vol
1595 Bulletin of the History of Medicine 2012-2013 8 vol
1596 Time Life Library of Art 5 vols
1597 Time Life Library of Photography 20 vols
1598 Automobile Quarterly 5 vols
1599 Time Life series 21 vols WWII
1600 The Second World War Winston Churchill Life
1601 Five Little Peppers Stories Polly Pepper Told 1899
1602 Five Little Peppers and Their Friends Sidney 1904
1603 Gitanjali and Fruit Gathering Babindranath tagore 1918
1604 B/L Yale Shakespeare 1920 Ed
1605 B/L Yale Shakespeare 1950 Ed
1606 Time Life Ency of Collectibles 10 vols
1607 Atlas of Early American History Revolutionary Era
1608 The World of Science Encyl 20 vols
1609 Time Frame Time Life 5 vols
1610 The Harley Davidson Legend Norris
1611 The Harley Davidson Century Holmstrum
1612 B/L Woodworkers Journal 18vols
1613 Science and Invention Ency “How It Works” 28 vols
1614 History of the United States Time Life 9 vols
1615 THe Works of Somerset Maugham 6 vols
1616 The Lady of the Camelias Dumas
1617 Notredame De Paris Hugo
1618 The Chartreuse of Parma Stendhal
1619 Madame Bovary Flaubert
1620 T/L Misc eph
1621 2194 Days of War WWII Salmaggi
1622 The Symbolism of Evil Paul Ricoeur
1623 This Time Together Carol Burnett
1624 THe Hardy Boys 3
1625 E. L. James Fifty Shades of Grey Fifty Shades Darker Fifty Shades Freed 3
1626 Never call Retreat Lee and Grant : The Final Victory Newt Gingrich and William Forschen lst Ed dj
1627 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Rowlinglst ed dj DVD Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban 2
1628 Harry Potter pb 3
1629 Preston Robert Tisch w/letter 2 vol set
1630 The War Within The White House 2006-2008 Bob Woodward 1st ed dj
1631 A Call To Action Jimmy Carter Women,Religion,Violence and Power lst Ed dj
1632 THe Arrogance of Power The Secret World of Richard Nixon Anthony Summers
1633 The American Odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush Jon Meacham Destiny and Power lstEd dj
1634 The Audacity of Hope Obama lst Ed dj
1635 Millies Book As dictated to Barbara Bush lst Ed dj
1636 Witness to Power The Nixon Years John Ehrlichman
1637 Harry S Truman Margaret Truman 1975
1638 The Kennedy Legacy Sorenson 1st prt
1639 The Years of Lyndon Johnson The Passage of Power Robert Caro lst Ed dj
1640 Three Great Novels of the Civil War The Killer Angels Shaara Andersonville Kantor (One Volume) The Red Badge of Courage Stephen Crane
1641 American Sphinx The Character of Thomas Jefferson Ellis
1642 The Reagan I Knew William F Buckley (Advance Uncorrected Proof)
1643 Why We Want You to be Rich Donald J Trump; Robert Kiyosaki (Photo page 179 Trump in cadet uniform with his parents at New York Military Academy 1964)
1644 John Adams David McCullough
1645 Killing Lincoln Bill O Reilly
1646 Killing Reagan Bill O Reilly
1647 Americas Third Party Presidential Candidates Aaseng Theodore Roosevelt,Debs,LaFollette,Wallace,Thurmond Wallace,John Anderson,Ross Perot ,
1648 Crusade in Europe Dwight Eisenhower 1948
1649 “41” A Portrait of My Father George W Bush lst Ed dj
1650 Facts About The Presidents Kane Third Edition
1651 Obama Greenberg/Tait
1652 The Kennedy Women Leamer
1653 Crisis The Last Year of the Carter Presidency Hamilton Jordan
1654 George Washington An Imperfect God Wiencek
1655 Fire and Fury Inside the Trump White House Wolff
1656 Bimbi Stories for Children 1910
1657 Merton of the Movies 1922 Wilson
1658 Lambs Tales From Shakespeare 1918
1659 Ramsey Milholland Booth Tarkington 1919
1660 Uncle Toms Cabin Harriet Beecher Stowe (1850)
1661 Trees and Other Poems Joyce Kilmer 1915 rough
1662 Family Living on $500. a Year Corson 1905
1663 Paris Reborn Gibbons 1915
1664 Uncle Jeremiah and His Neighbors at the St Louis Exposition Stevens 1904
1665 Treasure Island Stevenson 1918
1666 The Horse and Buggy Doctor 1938 Hertzler MD
1667 Knute Rockne 1931
1668 The Titanic Song Book
1669 Titanic The Ship Magnificent
1670 T/L Misc eph Railroads
1671 T/L Misc eph post cards etc
1672 T/L Misc eph
1673 T/L Misc eph
1674 Train Wreck Forensics of Rail Disasters Bibel
1675 Olympic and Titanic Truth Behind the Conspiracy Hall
1676 The Shipping World Year Book 1905
1677 Jelly Roll Bix and Hoagy
1678 With Clive in India G A Henty c 1915
1679 Aesops Fables 1848
1680 The Gentle Grafter O Henry 1925
1681 Judge Colt Raine 1927
1682 The Rifle and Hound in Ceylon Baker 1884
1683 The Pioneers Cooper The Sources of the Susquehanna
1684 Dogtown Wright 1906
1685 Riders of the Purple Sage Zane Grey 1912
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