AUGUST 10TH – 5:00 PM

Previews: Sunday, 8/9, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM and Monday, 8/10, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Seating to be outside, between the two buildings. 

Masks and safe distancing are required.

Please note change in starting time and extended preview hours.

Link to downloadable catalog at bottom of this page.

1 Sinclair Lewis: Babbitt 1922 Ann Vickers (2)1933
2 Willa Cather: Shadows on the Rock 1931 lst Ed Lucy Gayheart 1935 lst Ed
3 Truman Capote Music for Chameleons 1st Ed dj
4 Pearl Buck The Three Daughters of Madame Liang dj
5 Sigmund Freud: Civilization and its Discontents lst Amer Ed dj
6 Norman Mailer: The Prisoner of Sex 1971 lst Ed dj
7 Alexander Solzhenitsyn: The Gulag Archipelago lst ED DJ The First Circle, 1st Ed dj (2)
8 Isak Dinesen: Anecdotes of Destiny lst Prt
9 T S Eliot: The Confidential Clerk 1953 dj The Elder Statesman. 1st Prt dj 1959 (2)
10 Mary Higgins Clark: The Christmas Thief He Sees You When You’re Sleeping (3) all author signed w djs Remember Me
11 Gail Godwin: The Good Husband lst Ed dj author signed
12 Beginning Again Leonard Woolf lst Amer Ed dj
13 Downhill All the Way Leonard Woolf
14 The Journey Not the Arrival Matters Leonard Woolf lst Amer Ed dj
15 Growing Leonard Woolf lst Amer Ed dj Sowing Leonard Woolf 1960 dj
16 Phillip Roth: The Ghost Writer lst Prt dj Our Gang lst Ed dj The Professor of Desire lst Prt dj (3)
17 Phillip Roth: Portnoy’s Complaint,lst Prt dj The Great American Novel lst Ed dj Patrimony dj (3)
18 James Patterson: Roses Are Red lst Ed dj signed
19 Colleen McCullough The Thorn Birds lst Ed dj
20 Sue Grafton: R is for Richochet dj author signed
21 1976 Yearbook American University
22 1975 Yearbook American University
23 1973 Yearbook American University
24 1970 Yearbook West Orange Mountain HS
25 1971 Yearbook West Orange Mountain HS
26 1974 Yearbook American University
27 Prue and I G W Curtis Illus Sterner 1893 in slip cover (rough)
28 Sinclair Lewis: Elmer Gantry 1927 The Prodigal Parents 1938 lst Ed Dodsworth 1929 lst Ed (3)
29 Sinclair Lewis: Ann Vickers 1933 Babbitt 1922
30 John Steinbeck: East of Eden 1952 lst Ed 2nd prt Sweet Thursday 1954 lst Ed (2)
31 Zane Grey ; 1936 lst Ed The Lost Wagon Train 1929 Fighting Caravans, lst Ed (2)
32 Stephen King: First Trade Editions djs Wolves of the Calla Sons of Susannah The Dark Tower (3)
33 T/L Stephen King Novels djs
34 Zane Grey: The Last of the Plainsmen 1911 The Call of the Canyon 1924 lst Ed Sunset Pass 1931 lst Ed 3
35 Zane Grey: Roping Lions in the Grand Canyon 1924 Betty Zane 1903 Under the Tonto Rim 1926 lst Ed To the Last Man 1926 (4)
36 The Wayward Bus John Steinbeck 1947 lst Ed
37 Irving Bacheller: A Man for the Ages 1919 Dri and I 1901 ( War of 1812) 2
38 The Brooklyn Dodgers Frank Graham 1945
39 Donn Byrne: The Wind Bloweth 1922 Illus Crusade 1928 lst Ed The Strangers Banquet 1919 lst Ed (3)
40 James Michener : Chesapeake lst Ed dj Caribbean lst Ed dj The Quality of Life Illus James Wyeth priv prt The World is My Home lst Ed dj 4
41 Where The Wild Things Are Maurice Sendak
42 Subway Art; Haitian Art 2
43 Muhammad Ali
44 Chagall Lithographe III
45 Marc Chagall Venturi
46 Science Fiction Art
47 Prince Valiant series 3 djs 1950s
48 Myra Breckenridge Gore Vidal lst ed dj
49 The Killing Season Miles Corwin author inscribed
50 The Advenures of the Black Girl,in Her Search for God Bernard Shaw 1933 dj
51 Alfred Hitchcock: Ghostly Gallery Haunted Houseful 2
52 Black Water Parker author inscribed lst Ed dj
53 The Rising Gorge S J Perelelman lst prt dj
54 North FRom Rome Mac Innes lst Ed dj
55 DOris Lessing: The Memoirs of a Survivor lst Amer ed dj The Summer Before the Dark lst Amer Ed dj (2)
56 Masters of Deceit J Edgar Hoover 1958 lst Ed dj signed by Adddonizio
57 John O Hara Sermons and Soda Water 3 vols set lst prt
58 John MacDonald: Cinnamon Skin lst Ed dj Free Fall in Crimson lst Ed dj Barrier Island, l st Ed dj The Green Ripper lst Ed dj (4)
59 Blue Smoke Nora Roberts author signed dj
60 The Sexual life of Savages Bronislaw Malinowski 1929 Robert Mond Expedition to New Guinea 1914-l9l8
61 Too Late The Phalarope 1953 Alan Paton
62 Victory 1915 Joseph Conrad
63 Wild Animal Ways Ernest Thompson Seto 1916 Illus
64 Put on the Spot Jack Lait 1930 author inscribed
65 Mr Britling Sees it Through H G Wells 1926
66 Richard Carvel Winston Churchill 1899 lst ed
67 Virginibus Puerisque Stevenson 1893
68 Alice Adams Booth Tarkington 1921
69 Road of Ages Nathan 1935 lst Ed
70 Anything Can Happen Papashvily author inscr
71 History of the Pianoforte signed by publisher 1893
72 Elsie DeWolfe Recipes for Successful Dining 1934
73 Whitey and Mickey the Yankee Years Ballplayers are Human Hout 2
74 Allen Ginsberg: Planet News, Kaddish 2
75 Anthony Adverse Hervey Allen 1933
76 Love in the Time of Cholera Marquez
77 Lot Nancy Drew series 3
78 The Midnight Club James Patterson First ed dj
79 A Fable William Faulkner lst Prt dj
80 The Town William Faulkner lst prt
81 The Ides of March Thornton Wilder 1948 lst ED DJ
82 Across the River and into the Trees Ernest Hemingway
83 Revolt in the Desert T E Lawrence 1927 lst Prt
84 Of Mice and Men John Steinbeck 1937
85 His Last Bow A Conan Doyle 1917
86 Atlas Shrugged Ayn Rand lst Prt
87 The Hanging of the Crane Longfellow 1876
88 The Reivers William Faulkner lst Prt
89 Perestroika Mikhail Gorbachev lst Ed dj
90 The Red Pony John Steinbeck Viking Press
91 The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight Jimmy Breslin author signed
92 Carl Sagan; Cosmos, Contact (2) Professor of Astronomy and Space Sciences at Cornell
93 Summer Moonshine P G Wodehouse 1938 lst Prt
94 A Tree of Night Truman Capote lst Prt
95 Cass Timberlane Sinclair Lewis lst Ed
96 Trilby DuMaurier 1894
97 Naked Festival Tamotsu Yato,Yukio Mishima
98 Tarzan of the Apes Burne Hogarth
99 The Gertrude Stein First Reader
100 Franny and Zooey J D Salinger
101 The Heike Story Eiji Yoshikawa lst Ed dj
102 From Here to Eternity James Jones
103 The Original Water Color Paintings of Audubon 2 vol
104 The Wishing Tree William Faulkner
105 Rosemarys Baby Ira Levin lst Prt dj
106 The Alienist Caleb Carr lst Ed dj
107 Gravitys Rainbow Pynchon Nine and a Half Weeks Memoir of a Love Affair McNe 2
108 Canterbury Tales Chaucer Illustr Rockwell Kent
109 Morals and Dogma Ancient and Scottish Rite of Freemasonry 1946
110 The Bourne Ultimatum Ludlum lst Ed dj
111 The Dragons of Eden Carl Sagan Speculations on the Evolution of Human Intelligence Intro Ray Bradury lst Ed dj (Sagan: Professor at Cornell, Stanford, Harvard)
112 Foundation and Earth Isaac Asimov lst Ed dj
113 War and Remembrance Wouk 2 vols
114 Mrs Harris The Death of the Scarsdale Diet Doctor Diana Trilling lst Ed dj
115 Beatrice Deste and Her Court 1924
116 Death in Zanzibar’ Death in Kenya Kaye
117 Procrastination Burka
118 Catherine the Great Troyat
119 Alexander Dolguns Story An American in the Gulag lst Ed dj
120 Passion and Prejudice Sallie Bingham
121 Earthly Powers Burgess The Key to Rebecca Ken Follett 2
122 The Meadowlands Robert Sullivan
123 Saint Maybe Anne Tyler lst Trade Ed A Book of Common Prayer Joan Didion dj The Coup John Updike lst Ed dj Final Payments Mary Gordon dj 4
124 The Executioners Song Norman Mailer lst Ed dj
125 Black Night, White Snow Russia’s Revolutions 1905=l9l7 Harrison Salisbury dj
126 Testament of Youth Vera Brittain 1933
127 The Perfect Storm Sebastian Junger dj
128 Jazz Toni Morrison
129 Gorky Park Smith lst Ed dj For Love Sue Miller lst Ed dj 2
130 The World According to Garp John Irving lst Ed dj Smileys People John LeCarre lst Trd ED dj The Prince of Tides Pat Conroy dj 3
131 Oscar Wilde Richard Ellman
132 Umberto Eco The Name of the Rose Music for Chameleons Truman Capote lst Ed dj On Wings of Eagles Ken Follett dj
133 The Kennedys An American Drama
134 Mountbatten Ziegler dj First Among Equals Jeffrey Archer dj
135 Alive The Story of the Andes Survivors Read
136 The Age of Innocence Edith Wharton(1920) 1993
137 Descent from Glory Four Generations of the John Adams Family Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant Anne Tyler 2
138 The Joy of Photography
139 Story of the Great American West
140 Born of a Woman John Shelby Spong Why Christianity Must Change or Die Spong New Amer Bible 1961 3
141 Worlds Fair Doctorow Breathing Lessons Tyler 2
142 Loon Lake Doctorow The Burden of Proof Scott Turow 2
143 Italian Pride Moramarco All In Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten Robert Fulghum 2
144 A Maggot John Fowles lst Ed dj Floaters Wambaugh 2
145 Dead Wake The Last Crossing of the Lusitania Larson
146 Hillbilly Elegy J D Vance lst Ed dj
147 The Big Bands George Simon Fwd by Frank Sinatra
148 My Beloved World Sonia Sotomayor lstEd dj Girl Friends Enduring Ties 2
149 Frank The Voice Kaplan lst Ed dj
150 1939 in the Shadow of War Kee Unexplained Mysteries of WWII 2
151 Call for the Dead John Le Carre dj Border Music Waller lst Ed dj
152 Halseys Typhoon
153 The President is Missing Bill Clinton/J Patterson lst Ed dj
154 The Goldfinch Tartt lst Ed dj The Good Thief Hannah Tinti 2
155 Sinatra The Chairman Kaplan
156 Unto the Sons Gay Talese dj
157 The Three Weissmanns of Westport Schine lst Ed dj
158 The Buccaneers Edith Wharton 1938 unfinished her last novel–completed 1n 1993 by Marion Mainwaring dj John Singer Sargent
159 Buffalo Girls McMurtry lst Ed dj
160 The Seventh Secret Irving Wallace
161 Set I, Claudius 7 tapes BBC London
162 Hitler Pictorial Diary of His Life Toland
163 Trump The Art of the Deal
164 Nora Brenda Maddox The Real Life of Molly Bloom dj
165 Fragments Memories of a Wartime Childhood Benjamin Wilkomirski lst Amer Ed dj
166 Catherine of Aragon Mattingly dj
167 Lot art books: Renoir,Rembrandt,Chagall 3
168 The Vatican Collections The Papacy and Art
169 Two Worlds of Andrew Wyeth
170 The Collected Stories Isaac Bashevis Singer 2
171 Six Miles at Sea Pictorial History of Long Beach Island, NJ John Lloyd
172 LaScala
173 The Helga Pictures Andrew Wyeth
174 Pavaroti My Own Story dj Bread Upon the Waters Irwin Shaw dj 2
175 He Ring and The Book Robert Browning Illust Carl Schultheiss Heritage Press
176 Hungarian Bible 1955
177 To Seek a Newer World Robert Kennedy lst Ed dj Assassination RFK 1925-l958 On His Own RFK 1964-68 Robert Kennedy A Memoir Jack Newfield lst Ed dj 4
178 The Naked and the Dead Norman Mailer
179 JFK The Burden and the Glory lst Ed dj
180 JFK Profiles in Courage 1955 dj
181 John O Hara: Sermons and Soda Water 3 vols
182 Albert Einstein: Out of My Later Years 1950 Ideas and Opinions 1954 2
183 The Godfather Mario Puzo dj 2 The Man in the Yellow Raft C S Forester dj lst Ed US
184 J D Salinger: Franny and Zooey, lst Ed dj Raise High the Roof Beam lst ed dj 2
185 Framed print Librarian
186 Framed movie poster Camelot
187 Framed movie poster Casablanca
188 Mary Higgins Clark: Still Watch dj author signed A Stranger os Watching lst ed author signed A Cry in the Night dj lst Ed author signed 3
189 The Memoirs of Richard Nixon lst Ed signed by Nixon
190 Sources of Strength Jimmy Carter lst Ed dj signed by Jimmy Carter
191 Leadership Rudolph Giuliani lst Ed dj signed by Giuliani
192 WeeGees Naked City 1945
193 Mary Poppins Travers llustr Shepard 1934
194 Leaves of Grass Walt Whitman Illus Daniel 1940
195 Babbitt Sinclair Lewis 1922
196 Bobby Darin A Life Inscribed by Don Kirshner
197 For Whom the Bell Tolls Hemingway 1940
198 Dressing Flies for Fresh and Salt Water dj Jorgenson author inscribed
199 Isaac Asimov: Robots and Empire dj lst Ed The Robots of Dawn dj lst Ed 2 copies 3
200 John Updike: Rabbit at Rest 2 copies djs lst Trd Ed
201 Tom Wolf: The Bonfire of the Vanities lst Prt dj
202 Bernard Malamud: Rembrandts Hat lst Prt dj The Tenants dj lst Prt 2
203 Hannibal Thomas Harris lST Ed DJ
204 The Film of Murder in the Cathedral T S Eliot George Hoellring lst Ed 1952 dj
205 In The Clearing Robert Frost lst Ed dj
206 All the Kings Men Robert Penn Warren dj 1946
207 Sand Will James 1929
208 Lord Hornblower C S Forester 1946 lst Ed dj
209 Thirteen Moons Charles Frazier lst Trd Ed dj author inscribed
210 The Day of the Jackal Forsyth lst Trd Ed dj
211 Black Spring Henry Miller 1963 dj 2nd prt
212 Pepperbox Firearms Winant lst ed dj
213 Nine and a Half Weeks Memoir of a Love Affair McNeill dj lst Ed
214 Ben Hogan Five Lesson Golf lst Ed dj
215 Sexual Behavior in the Human Male Kinsey etc 1948
216 Jesting Pilate Aldous Huxley 1926
217 Doctor Zhivago Pasternack 1958 lst Ed
218 Anna Karenina Leo Tolstoy 2 vols in case 1939
219 Four Million O Henry (Priv Prt West Van Pulp & Paper)
220 The Wall, John Hersey 1950 2nd Prt dj
221 The Just and the Unjust James Gould Cozzens dj ist Ed
222 Gone With the Wind 1936 2 copies
223 The Points of my Compass E B White lst Ed dj
224 Good Times/Bad Times Kirkwood lst Ed dj author signed
225 The Firm John Grisham lst Ed dj
226 Autobiography Charles Chaplin; 1st Prt dj
227 Madame Curie Eve Curie
228 Analytical Psychology C G Jung lst American Ed dj
229 The Time of Our Time Norman Mailer lst Ed dj author signed
230 Witchcraft William Seabrook 1940 lst Ed dj
231 The Magic Island William Seabrook 1929 Illustrated Alexander King
232 The Mansion William Faulkner lst Prt
233 Old Creole Days George Cable Illus Albert Herter 1906 rough
234 Me Talk Pretty One Day David Sedaris lst Ed dj
235 A History of Orgies Burgo Partridge dj
236 The History of Torture Throughout the Ages George Ryley Scott, London, Illustr 1951 dj
237 Phalic Worship George Ryley Scott London A History of Sex and Sex Rites in Relation to the Religions of All Races from Antiquity to the Present Day, lllus,Mental Health Press dj
238 The Pleasures of the Torture Chamber John Swain 1951 dj London
239 Green Darkness Anya Seton lst Ed dj (Reincarnation)
240 Seabiscuit An American Legend Laura Hillenbrand lst Ed dj
241 The Drifters James Michener lst Ed dj
242 Wolves of the Calla Stephen King lst Trd Ed dj
243 T/L Misc eph
244 While the Flames Raged Fire Patrols and Salvage Corps Douglass Illust
245 Ahrens Fox The Rolls Royce of Fire Engines Hass South Boonton Co, Boonton NJ FD page 156 Maxfield Hose and Engine Co Boonton NJ FD page 155 Morristown NJ FD page 151 and 148,145,143,140
246 American History Wilson/Lamb 1947 Txt
247 Christ and the Fine Arts Maus 1938
248 Les Miserables Theater program and Playbills
249 Telephone The First Hundred Years John Brooks lst Ed( Ex Libris Telephone Pioneer )
250 1939 Yearbook Bloomfield HS
251 1947 Yearbook NJ State Teachers College Newark
252 1946 Yearbook NJ State Teachers College Newark
253 The Catch and the Feast
254 Flyfishing Structure Bob Newman
255 Treasury of American Prints Craven
256 Karsh American Legends Yousuf Karsh lst Ed dj
257 Signed painting on board, still life w/frame
258 Signed painting on board, Roses. framed,
259 Painting on board, Village lane
260 Painting on board, Sunflower
261 Signed painting on canvas, Island Village
262 Lot collector price guides 25
263 Framed photo Ansel Adams
264 Framed oil painting on board Still life signed Vandenburg 1955
265 Colleting Toys 2
266 Images of America Wyckoff
267 Catalog of Firearms Blue Book of Gun Values 3 Gun Digest
268 Jeep Cherokee Repair Manual 1984-l991
269 Guns Flaydermans Guide American Firearms 2
270 The Great American Convertible
271 Gingerbread Gems of Ocean Grove NJ
272 The Building of Manhattan
273 Winchester An American Legend
274 Varga
275 Birds in the Garden
276 Daughters of the American Revolution in New Jersey Yearbook 1923-l924
277 An Explorer Comes Home Roy Chapman Andrews 1947
278 Against These Three Stuart Cloete 1945
279 Primer of American Antiques Drepperd 1947
280 Yankee Coast Coffin lst ed 1947
281 Captain Abby and Captain John 1939 Coffin lst Prt
282 Away to Cape Breton Brinley 1940
283 The House That Jacob Built 1947 John Gould
284 Fanny Kemble A Passionate Victorian Armstrong 1938 lst ed
285 Family Pride Holmes
286 Kennebec Cradle of Americans Coffin 1937
287 This Hill, This Valley Borland 1957
288 The Dead Sea Scrolls Burrows 1957
289 Madame Curie 1937
290 The Flowering of New England 1815-1865 Van WyckBrooks
291 Framed print Spring Flowers For Sale
292 Framed print Christmas Trees For Sale
293 Framed poster WWII Air show Greenwood Lake
294 Roadside America Lewis
295 Classic Car Woodies
296 American Cars Cheetham Car Visual History of the Automobile 2e
297 Colt Americas Premier Gunmakers
299 Framed water color still life
300 Framed needlework Jerusalem
301 Framed needlework Jerusalem
302 Color Me Dark /Diary of Nellie Lee Love
303 Framed oil painting, Pompton Plains{Pequannock) Old Reformed Church, artist signed
304 Framed print l9th cty canal, bridge etc
305 Framed Johnny Depp movie poster
306 Framed pencil/charcoal artist initialed
307 Framed pencil sketch print signed and numbered 6/100
308 Framed photograph Marilyn Monroe
309 Muscle Car;Die Cast Cars 2
310 Hot Rod pin ups
311 Hot Cars;Street Rodder,The Rodders Journal 3
312 Standard Catalog of Firearms
313 Classic Cadillac
314 Ruger and His Guns
315 Vans and the Truckin Life
316 Ford American Icons
317 The Rodders Journal 2
318 Guns of the Wild West
319 Cowboys Gunfighters and Cap\ Pistols Cast Iron Toy Guns and Capshooters Cap Guns 3
320 Collecting Toys
321 Collecting Toy Trains
322 Collecting Western Toy Guns Roy Rogers Collecting Toys That Shoot and Other Neat Stuff 3
323 Wood Through Water Classic Power Boats
324 NGS The Photographs
325 Inside the Hindenburg
326 T Birds
327 Cars of the Fascinating 40s Cars of the Fabulous 50s Cars of the Sizzling 60s Cars of the Sensational 70s 4
328 Illustrated Directory of Guns
329 The Ultimate History of Fast Cars
330 Framed Ltd ed print, artist signed 18/75 “Three Boats”
331 Framed watercolor print artist signed and dated
332 Framed New and Correct Map of the US in North America 1784 facs
333 American Cars of the 1960s
334 Flight The Complete History Smithsonian lst American Edition
335 Hot Rods
336 Vintage Cars Cheetham Hot Rods and Custom cars Cheetham Trucks and Off Road Vehicles Cheetham 3
337 Inside the Titanic
338 Star Wars cross sections
339 Strike Aces
340 Ultimate Garages Berg
342 Hot Rod and Custom Chronicle
343 Postwar American Classics
344 Grease Machines
345 Great American Convertibles
346 Raise the Titanic
347 Buffalo Bills Wild West
348 Muscle Cars,Super Cars,Hot Rods,Harley Davidson 4
349 Packing Iron
350 Cowboy Culture
351 Hot Rods
352 Harley Davidson //Rolling Sculpture
353 The Lost Gospel The Source James Michener 2
354 Marilyn Monroe Post Card Book The Death of Outrage Bennett
355 The Call of the Canyon Zane Grey An Army Wife King 2
356 The Colette Omnibus Erica Jong Ice Palace Edna Ferber 2
357 Ray Bradbury: The Toynbe Convector lst Ed dj
358 Beyond the Looking Glass
359 Mickey Mouse Movie Stories Intr Maurice Sendak
360 Lot eph Moon Shot
361 Liberty Garrison Keillor
362 American Cars 1950s
363 The Novelete Before 1900
364 A Roman Collection American Academy in Rome lst Ed dj
365 Gustys Child Hobart lst Ed
366 John Ermine of the Yellowstone Frederic Remington l9l3 Illustr by the author
367 The Buccaneers Edith Wharton completed by Marion Mainwaring
368 T/L Better quality +novels incl lst Ed djs
369 1842 English Grammar 1906 Seventy Lessons in Spelling 1942 A Guide to Private Schools etc
370 The Ultimate Ency of Steam and Rail
371 The Hudson Clifton
372 The Great Migration Scott
373 Lot childrens books
374 Lot childrens books pop ups
375 The New Yorker Book of Mom Cartoons Our Man in Havanna Graham Greene 2
376 Saga of the American West
377 The Heritage of Chinese Cooking Chong
378 Modern Woman Mary Casatt Art Institute of Chicago
379 Marilyn Monroe
380 Arizona Highways bound 1979
381 The Movies Mayer
382 Illustrated History of American Railroads
383 The Collectors Book of Books
384 The Irish Americans
385 The Enlightened Despots
386 Frank Lloyd Wright An American Architecture Frank Lloyd Wright Feiffer
387 The Raptor and the Lamb McGowan
388 Gouveneur Morris and the American Revolution
389 Fraud Anita Brookner lst Amer Ed dj
390 A Yiddish Word Book for English Speaking People Rosenbaum NTCs Classical Dictionary Room lst Ed
391 The Best From Yank the Army Weekly 1945
392 Letters from American Wars The 50 Greatest lst ed dj
393 Life Before the Mast
394 The Prostitution of Women and Girls Flowers
395 From the Lakes of Killarney to the Golden Horn 1892 Field DD
396 Modern Ethnic Conflicts
397 Memoirs of a Victorian Gentleman Forster illust William Makepeace Thackery lst Amer Ed dj
398 THe Invisible Man Life of H G Wells
399 T/L Misc eph
400 T/L Misc eph
401 T/L Misc eph
402 Forty Niners Hulbert 1931 Illustr
403 Tobacco and the Cardiovascular System
404 Circus Animals and How The Animals Came to the Circus Gale 1924 Illustr
405 Really So Stories Gordon Illustr Rae 1924
406 Christus Judex 1920
407 Lot Sunday School Hymnals/Song Books Pure Delight 1883 The New Sacred Star 1865 The New Olive Branch 1862 3
408 East African Mammals Ex Libris Audubon Society Librar
409 Drawn From Nature The Botanical Art of Joseph Prestele and His Sons (Great color plates)
410 Cornish Shipwrecks Carter
411 Out of the Fire Glass Artists and Their Work Miller/Lyons The Making of the Industrial Landscape Barrie Trinder 2
412 The London Hanged
413 Air News Yearbook 1944 lst Ed
414 The Dolls of Yesterday
415 American Indian Art Feder
416 American Houses in History
417 Eighty Years Progress of the United States c1865 steel engravings rough
418 Lot art books 3
419 The History of Beads
420 Lot art books 3
421 Great Spiritual Writers of America Fitch 1916 Readings in Philosophy McDonald 1932 2
422 New Jersey Archives 18th Cty 11 vols
423 Images of the Civil War Mort Kuntsler. James McPherson
424 The Imperial Cruise Bradley
425 Early American Ironware
426 Redesigning the World William Morris
427 Brooklyn Then and Now Reiss
428 Hull Pottery Cambridge Glass Beautiful Dolls 3
429 The Hudson River and its Painters
430 Lot art books 2
431 Womit Man Musik Macht
432 Americans Through the Lens
433 The German Navy in World War II
434 First in the Field Gault of the Patricias WWI Canadian Light Infantry
435 Stories of New Jersey Frank Stockton It Happened in New Jersey Fran Capo 2
436 From Ponkapog to Pesth 1883 Thomas Bailey Aldrich
437 Cameo paintings, (4) in one frame Putti in Pompeii, Rago Giovanni artist signed
438 Framed print artist signed Gerry Dvorak (Bio,Obit attached)
439 Framed print artist signed Gerry Dvorak (Bio,Obit attached)
440 Framed oil on canvas Repro Frank Weston Benson Summer1909
441 Two European Tapestries; Belgium and Italy
442 T/L Misc eph
443 T/L Misc eph
444 Philatelic lot:Misc stamps sorted US and foreign
445 Lot GI Bibles WWII 2
446 Lot USN WWII personal files
447 Lot Shipboard Newsps USS Canberra USN WWII Pacific Theater
448 Lot Shipboard Newsps USS Canberra USN WWII Pacific Theater
449 Pacific War Atlas
450 People of the Pacific
451 Scrapbook USN
452 Lot USN Insignia WWII
453 Neptunis Rex Cert
454 1944 GE Calendar USN Heavy Cruiser
455 USN Shade Eye USN Ear Defenders USN Uniform buttons WWII
456 Serving Our country window banner
457 WWII GI correspondence and Post Cards
458 Footlocker USN Uniforms incl Dress Blues and Service whites with Insignia
459 Images of America Clifton NJ
460 1973 Yearbook Cedar Grove Memorial HS
461 Gemstones of North America
462 Jane’s American Fighting Ships of the 20thCty
463 USS LCI; High Tech Weapons of the Gulf War Sea Forces of the World Modern Naval Combat 4
464 Heritage Press The Seven Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor
465 Heritage Press Confessions of An English Opium Eater
466 Heritage Press Reform of the Paper Currency (rough)
467 Heritage Press Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy
468 Heritage Press The History of Tom Jones
469 Heritage Press The Iliad of Homer
470 Heritage Press The Odyssey of Homer
471 Heritage Press The Jungle Upton Sinclair
472 Heritage Press The Oregon Trail
473 Heritage Press The Marriage of Cupid and Psyche
474 Dante’s Inferno Dore The Dore Bible Illustrations 2
475 Lot art books 3
476 Nymphs
477 B/L Novels by Anne Rice
478 Author signed: Fearless Fourteen Janet Evanovich Where Are You Now, Mary Higgins Clark Two Little Girls in Blue Mary Higgins Clark World Without End Francine Gray 4
479 Author signed books: Heard That Song Before Mary Higgins Clark No Place Like Home ” ” ” The Season of Open Water Dawn Tripp
480 Author signed books: Red Star Over Bethlehem Ira Hirschmann Caution to The Winds ” ” Mixed Feelings Effinger
481 Author signed books: The Voyage of the Ulua Eliav The Cut of Her Jib Boden In The City Was a Garden Kraus
482 Atlas of Surgical Operation
483 Book of Color Stoddard author signed
484 Honey Bees and Fairy Dust Phillips 1926 author signed, Illustrated
485 From the Dust Returned Ray Bradbury lst Ed dj
486 Immortal Wife Irving Stone 1944 author signed dj
487 30,000 On the Hoof Zane Grey lst Ed dj 1940
488 New Jersey Women’s Heritage Trail
489 Joseph Anton Salman Rushdie lst Ed dj
490 A Gentleman Rebel Anthony Wayne 1930 Preston
491 Vanity Fair 2 vols Thackeray 1879
492 Native American Testimony Nabokov
493 Campaigning With Grant Horace Porter 1897
494 Life Among the Apaches Cremony facs of 1868 publication
495 THe Burma Campaign McLynn lst Ed dj The Yale Library of Military History
496 Confessions of An English Opium Eater Heritage Press
497 The Settlers West ( Rare photographs)
498 Under the Deodars Rudyard Kipling dj
499 The Murder of Helen Jewett Life and Death of a Prostitute in l9th Cty New York Cohen
500 Objects of Bright Pride
501 Genealogical Research in the National Archives The Kings and Queens of England 2
502 Bronte The Complete Novels
503 Sixpenny Wonderfuls
504 A Treasury of Heroes and Heroines 1920 Edwards,Illust
505 The Crazy Glasspecker Dodge 1949 Marius the Epicurean Walter Pater 2
506 Lot Congressional Memorial Addresses 4
507 Aurelie Hardy 1912 The Story of Mary’s Little Lamb 1928
508 America History and Life Vol l No l
509 Centennial of the Seventh Regiment 1906 New York
510 Roundabout Book Maier
511 The Story of Old Ironsides Knipe 1928 Editorial Copy Illus Meade Schaeffer
512 War and Peace Tolstoy Illus Fritz Eichenberg Heritage
513 The Picket Line and Camp Fire Stories Civil War c 1890
514 Yankee Ships in Pirate Waters Holland Illus Schoonover 1931
515 A Letter to a Young Lady on Her Approaching Marriage 1934 Ambrose Hoopington
516 The Making of Buffalo Bill Walsh lst Ed 1928
517 The Confessions of Jean Jacques Rousseau Heritage
518 The Count of Monte Cristo Dumas Illus Lynd Ward Heritage Press
519 Moby Dick Melville Heritage Press
520 Mademoiselle de Maupin Nonesuch Press
521 Virgil’s Aeneid Heritage Press
522 The Idiot Fyodor Dostoevsky Heritage Press
523 The Coronation Edition of the Faerie Queen Edmund Spenser Heritage Press
524 1951 Pompton Lakes HS
525 1955 Yearbook Butler HS
526 1949 Yearbook College of Saint Elizabeth
527 1945 Yearbook Our Lady of the Valley HS Orange NJ
528 1953 Yearbook Butler HS
529 1974 Yearbook Queen of Peace HS North Arlington NJ
530 1952,l953.l954 Yearbooks Pompton Lakes HS 3
531 Monet
532 Leonardo Da Vinci
533 T/L Misc photographs
534 T/L Misc photographs
535 Air News Yearbook 2 1942
536 Sonnets from the Portuguese Browning Heritage Press
537 Little Tim and the Brave Sea Captain 1936
538 Tales E A Poe 1941 Ltd Ed Club
539 The Count of Monte Cristo 4 vol set 1941 Ltd Ed Club
540 The Poems of William Shakespeare Ltd Ed Club 2 vols
541 Rudyard Kiplings Verse
542 Dream West Nevin
543 Fathers and Sons Ivan Turgenev Illus Fritz Eichenberg Heritage Press
544 Moll Flanders Defoe Heritage Press
545 Lot Sixteen Books, Dickens Heritage Press (in two boxes)
546 Lust For Life Heritage Press
547 The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner Heritage Press
548 Jane Eyre Bronte Illus Fritz Eichenberg
549 Crime and Punishment Heritage Press
550 The Arabian Nights Entertainments 2 vol Heritage Press
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555 Leaves of Grass Walt Whitman Illus Rockwell Kent Heritage Press
556 The Prairie Cooper Heritage Press
557 Tales of the Gold Rush Bret Harte Heritage Press
558 Tales of Mystery and Imagination Poe Heritage Press
559 Pilgrims Progress John Bunyan Heritage Press
560 The Wood That Came Back Leighton 1934
561 Hell in Harness Auslander 1924
562 The Mysterious Island Jules Verne Illus NC Wyeth 1933
563 Gargantua Pantagruel Rabelais Illust Lynd Ward Heritage Press 2
564 Adv of Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain 1942 Ltd Ed Club
565 Walden Thoreau Heritage Press
566 The Return of the Native Thomas Hardy Heritage Press
567 Tess of the Durbervilles Thomas Hardy Heritage Press
568 The Prince Niccolo Machia Velli Heritage Press
569 The Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan Heritage Press
570 The Essays of Montaigne 3 vols Heritage Press
571 Roussaus Confessions 2 vols Heritage Press
572 The Diary of Samuel Pepys Heritage Press 2vols
573 The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym Heritage press
574 The Story of Manon Lescaut Heritage Press
575 A Womans Life Guy de Maupassant Nonesuch Press 1942
576 Franken Stein or the Modern Prometheus Heritage Press
577 Penguin Island Heritage Press
578 Kidnapped Stevenson Heritage Press
579 Paradise Lost John Milton Heritage Press
580 The Song of Roland Heritage Press
581 Westward Ho ,Kingsley Heritage Press
582 Strange Case of Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde Heritage Press
583 South Wind Heritage Press
584 The Cloister and the Hearth Reade Heritage Press
585 Sherlock Holmes Heritage Press
586 1974 Yearbooks Passaic Valley HS 2
587 The Coverly Papers Heritage Press
588 Witchcraft,Magic and Alchemy De Givry
589 Charlottes Web E B White Illus Garth Williams
590 Lot art books 3
591 1873 Bible, leather loose cover
592 1960 USMA Howitzer Yearbook
593 Norman Rockwell Treasury
594 Famous Leaders and Battle Scenes of the Civil War
595 Norman Rockwell and the Sat Eve Post
596 Ships Aloft
597 J D Robb poster
598 Lot Misc stamp yearbooks
599 Salome Oscar Wilde Heritage Press
600 Robinson Crusoe Defoe Heritage Press
601 Candide Nonesuch Press
602 Pinocchio 1937 Ltd EdClub
603 Moby Dick Melville 2 vols Ltd Ed Club 1943
604 The American Poets (2 VOLS) Whittier, Emerson Heritage
605 The Coverly Papers Lit Ed Club
606 Rousseaus Confessions 2vols Nonesuch Press
607 Diedrich Knickerbockers History of New York Washington Irving Heritage Press
608 Robin Hood 1928 Windermere Series
609 The Old Wives Tale Bennett Heritage Press
610 Leaves of Grass Walt Whitman Heritage Press Illus Rockwell Kent
611 Contact Carl Sagan lst Ed dj
612 Museums and Women John Updike lst Ed dj
613 Renoir My Father Jean Renoir lst Ed dj
614 T/L First Editions with djs
615 Publishers Error Tropic of Cancer Henry Miller cover Salamanca inside
616 Sweet Thursday John Steinbeck dj lst Ed
617 Obscure Destinies Willa Cather 1932 lst Ed dj
618 Arthur Miller After the Fall lst Ed dj Arthur Miller The Price lst Ed dj 2
619 Last Essays Thomas Mann 1959,lst Ed dj
620 Annette and Sylvie Romain Rolland 1925 Ltd Ed 50/515 Signed by author
621 T/L lst Eds w/djs
622 Lot Sue Grafton novels lst Eds djs 4
623 Lot Anne Perry novels lst Eds djs 4
624 The Happy Isles of Oceana Paul Theroux lst Ed dj author signed
625 Sapphira and the Slave Girl Willa Cather 1940 dj
626 Saul Robert Browning 1901 Illus Small
627 On My Way 1928 Art Young author signed
628 Requiem for a Nun William Faulkner lst prt
629 The Days Work Rudyard Kipling 1898
630 One of Ours Willa Cather 1922 2nd prt
631 Fireflies 1928 lst ed Tagore “God seeks comrades and claims love the Devil seeks slaves and claims obedience ”
632 Animal Heroes Ernest Thompson Seton 1905
633 Lives of the Hunted Seton 1901 lst Ed
634 Hadji Murad Tolstoy 1912 lst Ed
635 Spartacus Fast lst Ed dj 1951
636 Across the River and Into the Trees Ernest Hemingway
637 T/L Novels by Phillip Roth incl lst Eds djs 8
638 Ahead of Time Ruth Gruber lst Ed dj author inscribed
639 Unto the Sons Gay Talese lst ed dj author inscribed
640 Dante and Collected Verse Raymond 1916 author inscribed
641 No Time for Sergeants Mac Hyman dj lst Ed
642 The War Lover John Hersey lst Ed dj
643 Jurassic Park Crichton lst trade ed dj
644 The Ebony Tower John Fowles lst Ed DJ
645 Poems Whittier 1877 50 Poems EE Cummings 1940 2
646 BSA Manuals 1948,l967 2
647 W is for Wasted Sue Grafton 2 copies author signed
648 Mein Kampf Adolph Hitler Special Edition w/Review by Dorothy Thompson Committee of Sponsors include Albert Einstein, Rabbi Stephen Wise, Pearl Buck, Rev John Holmes,
649 Lot Paper Back Book Guides
650 Lot Cookie Jar Collector books
651 Up Front Bill Mauldin 1945 Back Home ” ” 1947 2
652 Berlin Diary Wm Shirer 1941
653 Black Majesty John Vandercook 1928 1st ed
654 A Stranger is Watching Mary Higgins Clark lst Ed dj author signed
655 A Farmers Year Haggard 1899
656 The Ant Men lst Ed Eric North 1955 Science Fiction
657 T/L Contemporary CDs
658 Marcella A Raggedy Ann Story Johnny Gruelle 1929
659 Lot childrens books
660 A is For Anabelle Tasha Tudor
661 Lot childrens books
662 Lot childrens books
663 Lot childrens books
664 Lot childrens books
665 The Marvels Brian Selznick Uncorrected Proof
666 His Eye Is on the Sparrow Ethel Waters
667 Thomas Harris Hannibal; Red Dragon 2
668 The Cider House Rules John Irving lst Trd Ed
669 Wks of Joel Osteen 3
670 Anne Rice Taltos Lives of the Mayfair Witches ” ” Lasher lst ed dj 2
671 The Woman of Andros Thornton Wilder 1930
672 Young Mickiewiicz Marion Coleman author inscribed
673 Cannibals and Christians Norman Mailer
674 The Hunt for Red October Tom Clancy
675 Isaac Asimov Foundation and Earth 1st Ed dj
676 Sue Grafton Mystery series 10 vols
677 T/L better quality novels djs and some lst Eds
678 Walt Disney series 19 vols Fun to Learn Library
679 Comic Art price Guide
680 Ency of English Pottery and Porcelain
681 Record album price guide
682 Catalog of American Records
683 The Old Book Value Guide
684 Autographs a Collectors Guide
685 The Art and Making of Peanuts Animation
686 Billie Blues (Billie Holiday) John Chilton
687 The Fountainhead Ayn Rand 1943
688 Amistad David Pesci lst Ed dj author signed
689 Black is the Color of My TV Tube Gil Noble lst ed dj author inscribed
690 John Henry Roark Bradford 1939 lst Ed
691 James Patterson Pop Goes the Weasel lst Ed dj author inscribed James Patterson Roses Are Red lst Ed dj author signed 2
692 T/l misc eph
693 A Kiss for Little Bear Minarik Illus Maurice Sendak
694 Lot childrens books
695 Lot childrens books
696 Lot childrens books
697 Lot childrens books
698 Wind in the Willows Illus Tasha Tudor
699 Lot childrens books
700 Lot childrens books
701 Wks of James Baldwin: The Fire Next Time Tell Me How Long The Trains Been Gone Another Country If Beale Street Could Talk 4
702 In Cold Blood Truman Capote lst Ed dj
703 Jazz Toni Morrison lst Trd Ed dj
704 Chitlin Circuit and the Road to Rock N Roll Lauterbach lst Ed dj
705 Guide to Classical recordings Canfield
706 Seabiscuit An American Legend
707 Complete Illustr Kama Sutra Dane
708 The Fall of Valor Chas Jackson author inscribed
709 The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins Seuss rough
710 T/L Novels by Dick Francis
711 The Lord of the Rings Tolkein 3 vols
712 The Human Zoo Desmond Morris The Naked Ape Desmond Morris 2
713 T/L Better quality novels
714 The Importance of Living Lin Yutang 1937 author inscribed
715 Fifty Years in the Church of Rome 1884 Chiniquy
716 Maya Angelo: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Wouldnt Take Nothing for my Journey Now Singing and Swinging and Getting Merry And Still I Rise 4
717 Mason and Dixon Pynchon
718 Jewish communities in Exotic Places
719 The Human Factor Graham Greene lst trd Ed dj
720 Frederic Remington Matthews
721 The Memoirs of Mary Queen of Scots Erickson
722 Wildest Alaska Fradkin
723 Contemporary North American Indians Hodge
724 Little Walks on Enchanted Ground Mann 1935
725 The United Nations and the Maintenance of International Peace and Security The Brookings Inst 1957
726 The Hand of Destiny Folklore and Superstition Thompson
727 Beardsley Weintraub lst ed dj
728 Revolt in the Desert T E Lawrence
729 Demeures Inspiree et Sites Romanesques
730 American Photographs and the National Parks
731 Grupo Banco Exterior Art
732 Baker Furniture catalogs
733 Peking Museum Art Treasures
734 Elvis
735 Magritte Art
736 Great Escapes
737 Think Participation in WWII
738 Characteristics of Old Furniture Styles in England 1600-l800
739 T/L Misc eph
740 T/L Misc hist newsps Subway Series etc
741 The Portrait of a Lady Henry James Franklin Library
742 Americas Quilts and Coverlets
743 Basic Writings of Sigmund Freud
744 The Friendship Wordsworth and Coleridge Sisman lst Amer Ed dj
745 Columbus The Four Voyages Bergreen
746 Lives of the Popes McBrien
747 Leather Bound Books Identification and Values
748 Black Hats and White Hats Rabinowtitz
749 Emerson in Italy JFK and Art
750 Roadside Americana
751 The Wind in the Willows Kenneth Grahame Illustr Kincaid
752 The Cavalry ( Civil War) Miller
753 Anthony Trollope Victoria Glendinning lst Amer Ed dj
754 Beloved Works of C S Lewis
755 Final Fantasy
756 Anton Chekhov Plays Franklin Library The Mill on the Floss Eliot Franklin Library 2
757 Heritage Guide to the Constitution Edwin Meese
758 New York Jews and the Great Depression Wenger
759 The Sioux Indian Wars Brady
760 The Lost World of Pompeii
761 The Great Journey Fagan The Peopling of Ancient America
762 Lot WWII Histories: To Command the Sky Citadel Battle of Kursk Air War Over Korea 3
763 The Jefferson Conspiracies
764 Masters of Deception
765 Lot Civil War Histories: The Shipwreck of Their Hopes Gate of Hell, Charleton Harbor Lee he Last Years Grant and Lee The Virginia Campaigns 4
766 Zuleika Dobson Max Beerbohm Heritage Press
767 Max Beerbohm A Kind of Life John Hall
768 Bulletin of the Bureau of Fisheries 1910
769 Master Minds at the Commonwealths Heart Percy Epler 1909
770 Sixes and Sevens O Henry 1911
771 Hitlers Willing Executioners Goldhagen
772 Selected Lives Plutarch Franklin Library The Quest for Theseus AG Ward 2
773 Stars on Stage Photoplay Treasury 2
774 The New England Tragedies Longfellow 1868
775 False Dawn Edith Wharton 1924 World Within Kennedy 1956 Panama Canal Pan American Union 1913
776 Seasons at the New Yorker
777 Artists on Horseback
778 Power Places of Kathmandu Harbors of Enchantment 2
779 Lot art books 3
780 Everest Mountain Without Mercy
781 The Story of Yachting
782 Coronation 1953 Illus London News
783 Ancient Egypt New York Graphic Society
784 Duck Stamps and Prints
785 The Elvis Encyclopedia
786 Los Angeles A City of Many Dreams
787 The Pardoners Wallet Crothers 1905
788 Emerson’s Essays Wood Engr by Hans Mueller
789 Rin Tin Tin The Life and the Legend Orlean
790 The Nympho and Other Maniacs Wallace
791 Small Vices Parker
792 James Madison and the Struggle for the Bill of Rights
793 An Imperfect God George Washington His Slaves and the Creation of America Wiencek
794 Casey and Mr McGraw Durso
795 Willie Mays, The Life, The Legend Hirsch
796 A History of London Inwood
797 T/L Wks of Lowell 11 vols 1890 Wks of Geo Eliot c 1890 ( rough)
798 Baseball in 1941 Creamer
799 The Mississippi Miller Charleston Come Hell or High Water Whitlaw
800 Pyramids of Tucume Thor Heyerdahl
801 The War Lovers Roosevelt, Lodge, Hearst Evan Thomas
802 Ireland in Poetry Sullivan
803 Uprooted The Japanese Experience during WWII Marrin
804 In the Ruins of Empire Spector
805 The Approaching Fury 1820-l961 Oates
806 And So it Goes Kurt Vonnegut A Life Miles Gone By William Buckley Hemingway and His Conspirators 3
807 The History of Tom Jones A Foundling Fielding 2 vols 1924
808 Autobiography of An English Soldier in the US Army Ballentine 1986
809 Lot art books 2
810 Israel Defense Army 1948-l958
811 Lladro
812 Ansel Adams
813 Mary Baker Eddy Science and Health
814 Commandos Americas Secret Soldiers Hunters From the Sky German Parachute Regt Whirlwind Air War Japan The Boys of Point Du Hoc 2nd Rngr
815 Lot art books 3
816 An Honorable Defeat he Last Days of the Confederate Government lst Ed dj Wm Davis
817 American First Editions 1932 Adventures in the Smithsonian Libraries 2
818 The Scotch Whisky Book
819 Stories for Boys Richard Harding Davis 1918
820 The Bronte Sisters
821 Toby Tyler or Ten Weeks With a Circus James Otis 1937
822 Statesman and Saint Ridley
823 The Oxford Illustrated History of Britain
824 Maine Beautiful Wallace Nutting 1924 dj
825 He Victorian Nursery Book
826 William and Kate
827 The Heroes Who Fell From Grace
828 Harvard Kahn
829 Its An Old Wild West Custom
830 The Iron Century Kamen
831 A Loiterer in New England Henderson 1919
832 American Place Names
833 Lot DAR magazines 1924-25
834 Animal Navigation
835 Nuts! The Battle of The Bulge
836 Within a Rainbowed Sea
837 Pictorial History of Costume
838 The Shackleton Voyages
839 The Brandywine Valley Cultural Treasures
840 Kostbarkeiten der Goldschmiedekunst
841 The Fabulous Meissen Apostles
842 Die Bibel in Der Kunst
843 Pottery Malcolm Haslam
844 Tiepolo Geovani Battista
845 Master Theodorieus
846 Stone Time Southern Utah Watkins
847 Magnificence Onstage at the Met
848 The Sexual State of the Union
849 Journal of the American Irish Society 1923
850 Stumbling Blocks Gail Hamilton 1864
851 European Life and Manners Colman 1850 2vols
852 The Panama Canal Haskin 1913
853 The Book of Commerce Sea and Land 1836
854 The Cradle of Erotica Masters
855 Chimney Smoke Christopher Morley 1921
856 Alls Well John Oxenham ( WW I ) l9l6
857 Public Papers of Gov Fowler (NY) 1893
858 Washington Papers Library of Congress 1915 Correspondence with the Officers 1778-l780 (Includes Morristown, Preakness, Passaic Falls etc)
859 Phantom Sightings
860 Spirit Capture American Indian
861 Elbert Hubbards Scrapbook
862 Lot art books 3
863 Echoes of Half a Century Palmer 1880 Space Age Sunday
864 T/L contemporary CDs
865 T/L contemporary CDs
866 TL Contemporary CDs
867 TL Contemporary CDs
868 TL Contemporary CDs
869 History of America Manufactures 1608-l860 Leander Bishop 1861 rough
870 City and Country Life Torrey 1853
871 Molly Make Believe 1910 Abbott
872 The Moon Rock Rees 1922
873 The Bright Promise Sherman 1947 lst Ed
874 Collected Poems by Alfred Noyes 1911
875 Popes Poetical Works 1851 rough
876 Our Dead President Jefferson Davis and The Worlds Tribute to His Memory J W Jones, DD 1890 rough ” A must read before tearing down statues
877 A Wonder Book for Girls and Boys Nathaniel Hawthorne 1883
878 Uncle Boris in the Yukon Daniel Pinkwater lst Ed dj Freckles Gene Stratton Porter Nouvelles Causeries En France 3
879 Brandeis Lawyer and Judge 1933 Princeton
880 Minnesota Rag Fred Friendly lst ed dj
881 Man of Myth Robertson Davies Grant
882 He Wonderful Adventures of Paul Bunyan Heritage Press
883 Pitter Patter Book 1928
884 Makers of Arab History The Nature and Structure of the Islamic World 2
885 The Eighth Census l860
886 Wks of Thackeray 4 1840
887 Robinson Crusoe and His Island
888 Aristophanes
889 Alcott: Jo’s Boys;1925 Jack and Jill 1926 2
890 Lot art books 2
891 Lot art books 2
892 A Cigarette Makers Romance 1890 Crawford
893 Nelson and Emma Folio Society
894 A Shropshire Lad Houseman Heritage Press
895 George Washingtons Mount Vernon Lossing
896 Lot booklets Staten Island Institute
897 L’Objet D’Art 2 vols
898 The Thames About 1750
899 Definitive Ency of Jazz and Blues
900 Dict of Battles Harbottle After the Revolution Smithsonian 2
901 History of Chivalry c 1890
902 Navy Year Book lst Ed dj l944
903 The Policeman’s Legal Digest 1937 Delhaney
904 Lovengro,The Scholar, The Gypsy, The Priest 1902 Geo Borrow
905 Sir Walter Scott 2 vols Edgar Johnson lst Ed
906 Queens of American Society 1867 rough
907 When You’re from Brooklyn Everything Else is Tokyo Larry King lst ed dj
908 A Genius for Living Freida Lawrence Byrne lst Ed dj author Signed
909 One Phase of a Jerseyman’s Activities Mc Carter
910 They All Are Jews ( Brandeis, Einstein, Karl Marx Disraeli, Heifitz, Gershwin etc etc etc)
911 Lincoln Emancipator of the Nation F Trevor Hill 1928
912 Records Town of Newark 1666-l836
913 Pursuit of the Ancient Maya Brunhouse lst ed dj
914 Steam Railways of the World Whitehouse
915 Wks of Thackeray 3 vols
916 I Remember Brooklyn Monti
917 The Gentle Reader Crothers 1903
918 The life of the Butterfly Schnack 1932
919 Motorboats Their Care and Handling Moore 1952
920 The Inquisition Ecclesia Militans
921 Ambrose Bierce’s Civil War
922 Perfume Bottles
923 The Beacon Hill Collection B Altman Co
924 The Blood of Kings Dynasty and Ritual in Maya Art
925 Dogs Can Live Longer Browning 1937 lst Ed
926 Lot youth books: Lovey Mary, (Cabbage Patch) 1903 Angeline Goes Traveling 1927 Winning His Degree Tomlinson 1905 3
927 Lot Bobbsey Twins w/djs 3
928 The Essays of Francis Bacon Ltd Ed Club 1944 ( Heritage Press)
929 The National Archives of the United States
930 The Manufacture of Rubber Goods 1910
931 1938 bound Science magazine
932 Lot art books and gallery catalogs 3
933 Lot childrens books: The Foolish Fox 1904 The Story of Little Red Riding Hood 1921 2
934 The Dragons Triangle Berlitz
935 Beau Brummell Cole
936 The 365 Days Irwin Story of Our Calendar
937 Captured by Aliens Joel Achenbach lst Ed dj
938 Organic Adaptation to Environment Yale University Press 1924 pg 299 Racial Character “The Indians may and do have better minds 0n the average than the Negroes but they have litle of the
939 President Nixon’s Psychiatric Profile Chesen MD Brains, Behavior and Robotics Albus
940 Atlantic Cousins Benjamin Franklin and His Visionary Friends Fruchtman America; Three Men and the horrors of slavery Whitefield, Benezet and Sharp
941 The Penguin Companion to World Literature 4 vol set
942 Great Passenger Ships of the World 4 vols
943 A Time for Angels Bendiner The Tragicomic History of the League of Nations lst Ed dj
944 Mark Twain Himself Meltzer
945 The Troubadours Song Boyle
946 The Ends of the Earth Kaplan
947 Stamping Our History Philatelic
948 Collecting New Jersey Antiques
949 Cavender’s House Robinson 1929
950 Ghost Front Whiting
951 Bullfinch’s Mythology
952 The Iron Whim A Fragmented History of Typewriting Darren Werschler Henry
953 Sea of Thunder Evan Thomas
954 2010 New York Yankees Yearbook World Series Champs
955 Book of Etiquette 1923 2 vols
956 Lot art catalogs 3
957 Shudder Again Tales of Sex and Horror Ray Bradbury and Others
958 Frank Lloyd Wright
959 The Imperial Kaiser William II
960 The Lost Order Steve Berry lst Ed dj
961 General Washingtons Christmas Farewell,lst Ed dj Weintraub
962 The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin Gordon Wood
963 The Victors WWII Stephen Ambrose lst Ed dj
964 Old Bruin Commodore Matthew Calbraith Perry Samuel Eliot Morison lst Ed dj
965 Tis Sixty Years Since Chas Adams 1913 Founders Day Univ of South Carolina
966 The Judgment Day Archives Moscovit
967 Klaus Barbie Dabringhause
968 Calebs Crossing Geraldine Brooks dj
969 Bullet and Shell Civil War
970 A Train Tuskegee Airman Dryden
971 Arctic Passage Hunt 1975 dj
972 Bobbsey Twins 2
973 The Lost Life of Eva Braun
974 Blood of Spain The Spanish Civil War
975 History of American Steam Navigation Morrison
976 Landscape Tuned Red The Battle of Antietam Sears
977 Pilgrims, Heretics and Lovers Marks
978 Jerusalem in the Twentieth Century Martin Gilbert
979 Manhunt 12 Day Chase for Lincolns Killer Swanson lst Ed dj
980 For Liberty and Glory Washington, Lafayette and Their Revolutions James Gaines
981 The Peace of Saint Francis Maria Sticco lst Ed dj
982 White Pillars The Architecture of the South 1941
983 Domestick Beings June Sprigg lst Ed dj
984 The Forbidden Schoolhouse Jurmain
985 Black Bass Fishing Lincoln
986 John Browns Body Stephen Vincent Benet 1929
987 Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates Kilmeade
988 The Arthurian Legends
989 The Middle Span Santanya 1945
990 The Age of Edison Freeberg
991 War Within and Without Anne Morrow Lindberg
992 The Desert Locust Baron
993 The Secret of Crete Wunderlich
994 The Willard Houses
995 Lot art books 3
996 The Long March Harrison E Salisbury (OFMA sold residual furniture from Salisbury estate His daughter, Executrix c1999)
997 The Divine Lady Lady Hamilton Barrington 1924
998 Teddy’s Button Amy Le Feuvre 1927
999 Piers Plowman Arthur Burrell 1919
1000 Heaven Our Enduring Fascination With the Afterlife Lisa Miller 1st ed dj
1001 The Twenties Edmund Wilson
1002 Bring Me a Unicorn Anne Morrow Lindbergh lst ed dj 1972
1003 Transactions of the American Institute 1855
1004 A Dictionary of Battles 1715-l8l5
1005 Slams of Life J P McEvoy 1919
1006 The Adventure of the Lady Ursula Anthony Hope 1898
1007 Murder at Madingley Grange Graham lst ed dj
1008 English Architecture Atkinson Britain and Her Buildings to 1485 Kirkman 2
1009 It Began Before Noah Rybot
1010 Old Brooklyn 1865-l929 Younger
1011 500 Tahre Baster Messe M Furstenberger
1012 Franklin and Winston Meachem
1013 Art and Architecture of Ancient Egypt
1014 Lot Books on Ireland 4
1015 Portrait of the Old West McCracken
1016 Man and the Motor Car 1939
1017 World Ency of Flags
1018 Trump How to Get Rich; Think Like a Billionaire
1019 Early American Childrens Books Rosenbach
1020 New Jerseyans in the Civil War Wm Jackson (includes an analysis of the participation of New Jersey African Americans on the homefront and in the military)
1021 Burnt Mountain Siddons
1022 D H Lawrence Artist and Rebel
1023 Inaugural Addresses W H Taft to G W Bush
1024 Margaret Ogilvy J M Barrie 1897
1025 Opera and Its Symbols Donington
1026 American First Editions Miller 1933
1027 The First Four Georges Plumb
1028 Fighting Techniques of Naval Warfare
1029 Tales of Gaslight New York Oppell
1030 In the Little World A True Story of Dwarfs,Love and Trouble Richardson
1031 Jolson Freedland
1032 Homes of New York and Connecticut
1033 Brief Lives by John Aubrey Folio Society
1034 Whale Ships and Whaling Church
1035 Elementary My Dear Watson Sherlock Holmes Centenary
1036 Dreams of Exile Robert Louis Stevenson Ian Bell lst Amer Ed dj
1037 A Primer of Book Collecting Winterich 1966
1038 Bobbed Hair and Bathtub Gin Marion Meade
1039 Art of the Americas Keleman
1040 Windsor Castle Past and Present
1041 The Neighborhoods of Brooklyn
1042 Sam Ward in the Gold Rush 1949
1043 The Age of Expansion 1848-l9l7 Cunliffe
1044 Yeates Ghosts Brenda Maddox lst Ed dj
1045 The Age of the Gladiators Savagery and Spectacle in Ancient Rome Matthews
1046 The Animals Whos Who Tremain
1047 Timothy O Sullivan Americas Forgotten Photographer
1048 Albion Peter Ackroyd lst Ed dj
1049 Poets Through Their Letters lst Ed
1050 The Wonderful Adventures of Paul Bunyan Heritage Press
1051 Rhetoric and the Republic Longaker
1052 A New England Autumn Kittel
1053 Books Children and Men Paul Hazard
1054 Antiques of American Childhood
1055 Pottery and Porcelain 2 vol set 1949
1056 Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo Lawson
1057 Train Stations
1058 Art Pottery of America
1059 T/L CDs Incl Duke Ellington, Rat Pack, ,Count Basie, Benny Goodman, Glen Miller etc
1060 Two artist signed prints Martinique
1061 Essais Hisoriques Sur Paris 1766
1062 Peveril of the Peak 1823
1063 Off the Weatherbow on Life’s Voyage 1899
1064 The Wonder Book of Travelers Tales H C Adams 1942 Illus Van Loon
1065 The Observing Eye 1859
1066 Children of Other Lands 1933
1067 The Kings Stilts Dr Seuss
1068 Lot Misc pages Philological Inquiries etc 1799
1069 Lot (3) Robinson’s Rare Books catalogs
1070 Lasser’s Chess Magazine 1901-l905 bound
1071 Lot book, plates NYC etc
1072 The Plough Woman 1932 Records of the Pioneer Women of Palestine Rachel Katzenelson Rubachow
1073 T/L Misc pamphlets Recipes etc
1074 Hiroshima 1946
1075 A Shropshire Lad Houseman 1932 Illus Elinore Blaisdell
1076 Where the Wild Things Are Maurice Sendak 1963 dj
1077 The Three Little Pigs 1919 The Tale of Peter Rabbit Beatrix Potter Flower Fairies of Spring Illus c 1920 3
1078 Mille Et Une Nuits Galland Paris 1836 (l000 Nights III)
1079 Lady Windermeres Fan Oscar Wilde The Way to Be Happy 1871 The Happy Prince Oscar Wilde
1080 American War Ballads 1889 Eggleston
1081 Lot book plate engr NJ
1082 The Pogo Stepmother Goose Walt Kelly 1954 Little Red Riding Hood 1934 Mother Goose Illus Kate Greenaway c 1930
1083 American Merchant Marine History series “Going Bananas” Goldberg “Caviar and Cargo” ” “The Hog Islanders”” 3
1084 Lot: Make Bright The Arrows Edna St Vincent Millay 1940 lst ed dj More Poems A E Houseman Lord Dunsanny 3
1085 The Four Georges Thackeray 1860
1086 Lot: Ships of the Libera Line Goldberg The Sub Boats ” Stately President Liners ” 3
1087 The Wolf Woman Stringer 1928 Wolfville Days Lewis 1902
1088 Lost Wolf Morland 1928 The Gold Wolf Pemberton 1908
1089 Lot National Lampoon Magazines
1090 Lot Mad Magazines
1091 Lot Heavy Metal Magazines
1092 Down in Tennessee Edmund Kirke 1864
1093 Clinical Endocrinology of the Female 1932
1094 Lot pennants etc
1095 The Religions and Religious Ceremonies of All Nations 1823
1096 Lot German childrens books 1925 + 4
1097 Aesop’s Fables 1833
1098 Lot Misc eph
1099 From Pioneer Home to the White House Life of Lincoln William M Thayer 1883
1100 Seven and Nine Years Among the Camanches and Apaches 1874
1101 Lot post cards mostly hotels
1102 The Grapes of Wrath John Steinbeck 1940
1103 Lot National Lampoon Magazines
1104 Lot National Lampoon Magazines
1105 1935 Cosmopolitan Magazine
1106 Lot Misc eph incl WWII Rationing
1107 The Works of Voltaire Edition De La Pacification Ltd Ed 1000 Vol I Red limp leather
1108 The Birth of the Blues 78 record album Dixieland Jazz Group and others
1109 The Honorary Consul Graham Greene lst Ed dj
1110 Origin Dan Brown lst Ed dj
1111 The Oregon Trail Parkman 1946 Illus Thomas Hart Benton
1112 Seven Gothic Tales Isak Dinesen 1934 dj lst ed
1113 Scotland of Old Bartholomew’s Clan Map
1114 Angels and Demons Dan Brown lst Ed dj
1115 The American Mercury Magazine 1929
1116 Sexual Politics Kate Millett
1117 The American Journal of Science and Arts 1856
1118 The Sea Around Us Rachel Carson 1951
1119 The Great Impersonation Oppenheim 1920 lst Ed
1120 The Story of the Jubilee Singers 1881
1121 Swan Song Galsworthy 1928 lst Ed
1122 Salome Oscar Wilde Heritage press
1123 Oldtown Folks Harriet Beecherb Stowe 1869 lst ED
1124 Ledhrbuch der Mineralogie Niggli 1920 lst Ed
1125 Billions and Billions Carl Sagan Thoughts on Life and Death at the Brink of the Millennium lst Ed dj
1126 Modern Cosmetics Chilson 1934 lst ed
1127 Teachers and Kings Jack Levine New York Graphic Soc
1128 The Records of the Federal Convention Farrand of 1787 1937 Yale Univ
1129 Astronomy Fred Hoyle
1130 Sophies Choice Styron lst Ed dj
1131 Chimney Pot Papers Woodcuts by Fritz Endl 1919 lst Trd ed
1132 Present Indicative Noel Coward 1937 lst ed
1133 Native Son Richard Wright lst Ed dj 1940
1134 By Space Ship to the Moon Coggins/Pratt 1952
1135 Rockets, Jets, Guided Missles Space ships Coggins/Pratt 1951
1136 The Great Comic Book Heroes Feiffer 1965 1st ed
1137 Chancellorsville and Gettysburg Doubleday 1882 1st ed ( Brevet Major General)
1138 Travels Amongst the Great Andes of the Equator 1891 Whymper 2 vols
1139 The Skiers Song Book 1950 lst ed dj
1140 Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix lst Ed dj
1141 Hirano Lithographs Catalog
1142 History of the Great West AH
1143 Book of Natural Wonders AH
1144 The Historians History of the United States 2 vols
1145 The War of the Revolution Ward 2 vols
1146 Mechanical Engineers Handbook Marks 1951
1147 Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers 1941
1148 Metals Handbook 1948
1149 Chemical Engineers Handbook 1941
1150 Machinerys Handbook 1974
1151 Chemical Engineers Handbook 1941
1152 Rail Road Collectibles
1153 Lot antiques guides 3
1154 Using Wayside Plants Nelson Coon author signed 1960 dj
1155 An Age of Barns Eric Sloan
1156 William Tell Von Schiller Heritage Press
1157 Armageddon Oil and Terror Walvoord 2007 Page 161 (Pandemic Superflu)
1158 Lot: Little Bears Friend Minarik Illus Maurice Sendak Owl at Home Arnold Lobel Along the Busy River Keelor Illus MacPherson 1936 Prayers for Children 1941 4
1159 Lot collector price guides
1160 Lot collector price guides
1161 T/L Books on Gardening etc
1162 Lot Bibles (3)
1163 Lot childrens books (3) 1936 +
1164 Lot childrens books (4) 1940 +
1165 Lot childrens books (3) 1941 +
1166 Yankees Under Sail
1167 Lot Currier and Ives Calendar prints (Travelers Insurance Co)
1168 The Glory of Montclair
1169 Illustration and Design
1170 T/L sheet music, song books and eph
1171 Snog A Puppy’s Guide to Love
1172 Dominican Street art signed painting
1173 T/L Misc eph
1174 T/L Misc eph
1175 Images of America: Belmar, Bayonne 2
1176 Framed Humorous dog prints, signed Zito “A Cold Nose Did It”
1177 Framed Humorous dog prints, signed Zito “Hazard”
1178 Framed Humorous dog prints, signed Zito “And the Doctor Wants It Today”
1179 Framed Humorous dog prints, signed Zito “Oh Mary’s Back from Florida”
1180 Framed Humorous dog prints, signed Zito “Stop at the Next Tree”
1181 Framed Humorous dog prints, signed Zito “Too Bad ! Holitosis”
1182 Framed Humorous dog prints, signed Zito ” Queer”
1183 Framed Humorous dog prints, signed Zito ” Necessity’s Mother ”
1184 Framed Humorous dog prints, signed Zito “Tables Turned”
1185 Framed Humorous dog prints, signed Zito ” The Customer is Always Right”
1186 Framed Humorous dog prints, signed Zito ” Wow! A Peezer”
1187 Framed Humorous dog prints, signed Zito “If We Could Only Vote ”
1188 Wks of John Steinbeck 3 vols
1189 Framed Egyptian art work Sphinx signed on cloth
1190 Framed Botanical print, signed
1191 Ltd Ed Oriental print ( child) artist signed
1192 Framed painting, signed; Bag Pipers
1193 Framed Ltd Ed print 281/1250 artist signed
1194 Framed Ltd Ed print 289/1250 artist signed (Tucker) Tug Boat
1195 Framed Venetian print prt signed
1196 Framed Ltd Ed print 150/200 artist signed Tomao
1197 Poor Richards Almanac Heritage Press
1198 Foundation and Earth Isaac Asimov
1199 Augustine Herrman Heck Virginia Tobacco Trade 1941
1200 Lot art books 2
1201 Brundibar Maurice Sendak
1202 Edward Hopper Levin
1204 Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Illus Edmund Dulac
1205 Swing the Clubhead Jones 1952 The Mystery Chefs Own Cookbook
1206 Great Cars and Grand Marques
1207 Lincoln and Continental Motor Cars
1211 Comic book adv poster Captain America
1212 Comic book adv poster Thor
1213 Comic book adv poster Incredible Hunk
1214 Comic book adv poster Iron Man
1215 North by Northeast Cronkite
1216 The Magnificent Horse
1217 Lot Collector price guides: Posters; Oriental Rugs Oriental Antiques and Art 3
1218 Lot Collector price guides: Blue Books Dolls 15th,l6th
1219 Lot Collector price guides: American Indian; Knopfs Tables,Chairs etc Knopfs Glass, Vases etc 3
1220 Lot Collector price guides: Knopfs Folk Art, Knopfs Toys, Knopfs Pottery and Porcelian 4
1221 Lot Collector price guides: Knopfs Silver,Pewter Furniture I and II 3
1222 Lot Collector price guides: Sanders Autographs
1223 Lot Collector price guides: Millers Antiques Ency
1224 The Fighting Lady USS Yorktown 1969
1225 The Navy Naval Historical Foundation
1226 D Day Brigadier Peter Young
1227 Private Pilot Exam Guide
1228 Two Hundreds Years of American Clocks and Watches
1229 The Big Click Photographs of One Day in North Carolina
1230 The Shooters Bible 2
1231 100 Years of Vintage Watches
1232 The Romanovs Robert Massie
1233 The River Bank Kenneth Grahame
1234 Gone With the Wind 1936
1235 Lot Beatrix Potter series 8 vols
1236 View Points Marrus
1237 People We Know Horses They Love
1238 America Hirschmann
1239 France Lamb
1240 Knowing Your Trees
1241 Annual Report of the Chicago Relief and Aid Society 1871 rough
1242 Firefighters National Fallen Firefighters Foundation
1243 Chesapeake Bay Maritime History
1244 Captain Horatio Hornblower 3 vol set
1245 Taylor’s Gut Delaware Lunt
1246 Grandeur on the Appoquinimink Odessa Delaware Sweeney
1247 Dutton’s Navigation and Piloting
1248 The Stray Wyeth
1249 Forest Dale School Yearbooks 2002,2003
1250 An English Florillegium
1251 America Hirschmann dj
1252 France Lamb dj
1253 50 Norman Rockwell Favorites
1254 This Firebird and Other Russian Fairy Tales
1255 The Works of Chas Dickens 20 vol set
1256 1953 Yearbook Lafayette HS Brooklyn
1257 Lot Vintage TV Guides
1258 Lot childrens books 3
1259 The Children of Dickens Crothers Illus Jessie Wilcox Smith 1933
1260 2014 Yearbook Endicott College
1261 The Master of the Inn Herrick 1900
1262 Rumson-Fair Haven HS Yearbooks 4 2008,2005,2010,2008
1263 Prohibition on the North Jersey Shore Linderoth
1264 Hitting the Road Maps
1265 Lot childrens books and misc pamphlets
1266 1001 Ways to Market Your Books
1267 Slaughter House Five Kurt Vonnegut pb Rat Bastards John Red Shea pb
1268 The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity Kelly Resisting Happiness Kelly pbs
1269 The Feckin Boom of Everything Irish
1270 Images of America Harrison NJ
1271 Call Me Ted Ted Turner
1272 Veterinary Care for the Perfect Horse Communicating With Cues Riders Guide 2
1273 A Place in History North Arlington NJ
1275 B/L Publishers Overrun 14 copies Full Recovery McAlister
1276 Orig Illus Sherlock Holmes
1277 The Warren Report
1278 Seabiscuit An American Legend Hillenbrand
1279 Steve Jobs Walter Isaacson
1281 Lot Bachrach Portrait photographs
1282 WW I GI photograph ( Lt)
1283 Lot 1920s photo portraits 2
1284 Lot Misc photos incl Afr Amer scrapbook snap shots
1285 Afr Amer fraternity photo
1286 Afr Amer fraternity photo Sigma Nu Meharry
1287 Lot periodicals Evergreen 1966 1978 Co Evolution 2
1288 NRA National Firearms Museum
1289 Oriental Rugs in Colour
1290 What a Young Woman Ought to Know 1913
1291 Afr Amer photo Dick Allen One Man Band
1292 1909 Tuskeegee college photo Afr Amer
1293 Lininger portrait photos
1294 Needlework: Little Black boy Eating Watermelon
1295 Lot Afr Amer photos
1296 Lot Afr Amer photos Showgirls etc
1297 Lot Afr Amer photos Minstrels etc
1298 Lot Afr Amer photos
1299 Lot Afr Amer photos
1300 Lot Afr Amer photos
1301 Lot Afr Amer photos WWI GIs Army and Navy
1302 Lot Afr Amer photos family portraits
1303 Lot Afr Amer photos show girls etc
1304 Lot Afr Amer photos show girls etc
1305 Lot Afr Amer photos show girls etc
1306 Lot Victorian photos nudes
1307 Lot Victorian photos nudes
1308 Lot Victorian photos nudes
1309 Lot Victorian photos nudes
1310 Lot Victorian photos nudes
1311 Victorian gallery card Apache Indian couple
1312 Victorian gallery card Pueblo Indian couple 1899
1313 Victorian gallery card Ute Indian couple 1899
1314 Victorian gallery card Ute Indian couple 1899
1315 Victorian gallery card Moki Indian Herdsmen 1899
1316 Afr American photos ” Colored Stars”
1317 Afr American photos Family portraits
1318 Afr American photos Family portraits
1319 T/L Misc eph Art and Text
1320 The World of Currier and Ives (great reproductions) Davis/King
1321 Harrison Fishers American Beauties
1322 Framed Victorian portrait
1323 1883 Worlds Columbian Exposition souv picture book pop up
1324 Commercial correspondence 1908 Antikannia Chemical Co (quack medicine)
1325 Victor Records catalog 1917
1326 Good Eating 1902
1327 Jack the Giant Killer
1328 1910 lamp catalog
1329 Piano Rolls catalog Electra Music rolls catalogs 2 Meographic Rolls catalog Behning Player Pianos
1330 Catalog New York Spring Styles 1913
1331 Minerva Knitting Book 1919
1332 1905 catalog Maher Bros Upholstered Furniture Medina NY
1333 Monthly Grocer 1896
1334 Cycling Life 1896
1335 Lot adv blotters
1336 T/L Misc eph
1337 Lot misc eph catalogs etc
1338 Droll Doings c 1890
1339 Recitations Vol l Nol
1340 Books and Artistic Publications 1903
1341 Lot Tea and Coffee Trade Journal etc 1908
1342 Lot trade catalogs
1343 Trolley Trips 1901
1344 Lot trade catalogs etc
1345 Lot trade catalogs etc
1346 Philatelic lot: Shoebox lot US covers 1900+
1347 Philatelic lot: Post cards
1348 Philatelic lot: Post cards
1349 The Legend of Cushetunk ( Whitehouse Station) Flowers of the Holy Land 1898
1350 Philatelic lot: Lot US covers 1898+
1351 Philatelic lot: Lot US covers 1913 +
1352 Philatelic lot: Lot US covers 1970s +
1353 Philatelic lot: Lot Misc covers 1943 +
1354 T/L The Outlook Magazine 1908 +
1355 Lot post cards
1356 Lot post cards
1357 Lot post cards
1358 Lot Victorian trade cards
1359 Lot Victorian CDVs with documentary stamps
1360 Lot auction and show catalogs art
1361 Lot auction and show catalogs art
1362 Lot auction and show catalogs art
1363 Lot art books 2
1364 Footprints of Assurance
1365 Collectors Book of Books
1366 Ten Years and William Shakespeare
1367 Folder of old newspapers 1930s-40s
1368 Lot books on the Music Business
1369 A Lincoln Daugherty with framed drawing
1370 B/L pb novels
1371 B/L Bookman’s Weekly magazines
1372 Lot Maine Antiques Digest magazines
1373 B/L autograph catalogs
1374 Lot books re book collecting
1375 Folio l939 NY Worlds Fair American Art Today
1376 Lot Arts and Crafts auction catalogs
1377 Chevrolet Shop Manual 1942-l948
1378 Lot art catalogs and bulletins
1379 Italian Opera Sopra L Euridice
1380 A Private Line in Bucks County Walter Teller
1381 The Undiscovered Zane Grey Fishing Stories Reiger
1382 A Nest of the Gentry Ivan Turgenev 1951
1383 Photo Graphie
1384 Our New York 9/ll Declaration of Independence 2
1385 Historic Synagogues of the World
1386 The Jewish World of Yesterday 1860- l938
1387 Jewish Ceremonial Art
1388 Lot Books on Nantucket
1389 1946 Life magazine Long Island Society
1390 The Wanamaker Diary 1932
1391 Leather bound Bible 1844
1392 Tom The Boot Black Horatio Alger
1393 The Boy Inventors and the Vanishing Gun Bonner 1912
1394 Paul the Peddler Horatio Alger 1908
1395 Little Jack Rabbit and Uncle John Hare Cory 1922
1396 Henley on the Battle Line Channon 1913
1397 Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland 1899 Gingers Adventures 1943 Jeremy’s Day in the Country 1943 3
1398 McCloskey Primer 1909 A First Reader Stickney 1888 Story Hour Reader 1914 The Story Hour 1890 4
1399 Victorian game Old Maid
1400 Victorian game Authors
1401 Victorian game Parchesi 1874
1402 Lot Early child’s crayons 2 bxs
1403 Lot Early child’s crayons 2 bxs
1404 Lot2 bxs childrens crayons c 1890
1407 Victorian Game of Mother Goose Jr
1408 Philatelic lot: Box of US covers & letters 1960s+
1409 Box lot 1964 Democratic Convention plaques
1410 Philatelic lot JFK Bx lot JFK stamps framed
1411 US Patent Office Report 1856
1412 Military history of the United States 1862
1413 The Rockies and Beyond 1879
1414 Peter Hopkinson Smith 1908
1415 Plants 1842
1416 The Lost Boy Van Dyke 1914
1417 Biographies of Great Men 1873 National Fifth Reader 1863 Practical Arithmetic 1868 3
1418 Whispering Smith Spearman 1906 Illus N C Wyeth
1419 Complete Speller 1884 Palmer Method 1913 Progressive Steps in Writing 1914 3
1420 Big Little Book Jackie Cooper Skippy and Sooky 1933
1421 Andrew Wyeth
1422 Complete Poems of Robert Frost 1949
1423 The Fortunes of Oliver Horn Hopkinson Smith lst 1902
1424 Journey of Tapiola Robert Nathan 1938 lst ed
1425 Try and Trust Horatio Alger rough
1426 Pennsylvania Beautiful Wallace Nutting 1935
1427 The Baldwin Primer 1899 Peter and Polly in Spring 1915
1428 Love Penhaligons Scented Treasury of Verse and Prose The Book of Diamonds John Dickinson
1429 Our Home, Our Pets Our Friends 1888 Uncle Wiggily and His Flying Rug One Hundred and One Famous Poems with a Prose Supplement, Strikingly Good 1918 3
1430 Philatelic lot: Bx stamps US etc partially sorted
1431 Philatelic lot: Bx stamps incl Seals, Wildlife etc
1432 Philatelic lot: Bx stamps US on paper
1433 Philatelic lot: Lot stamps and covers mostly US
1434 Philatelic lot: Lot stamps in album US and foreign
1435 Philatelic lot: Scrapbook, Early Morris County incl covers etc
1436 Philatelic lot: US and foreign stamps on paper
1437 Lot Victorian calling cards
1438 Lot misc eph covers,correspondence etc
1439 Little Black Sambo
1440 The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg 1928
1441 Gettysburg 1913
1442 New York Worlds Fair in Pictures 1939
1443 Hans Andersens Fairy Tales c 1890
1444 Twenty Years of Congress James Blain 1861-l881 2 vols
1445 Four Years in Secessia Junius Browne 1865
1446 Audubon Magazine bound 1887
1447 Tom Swift and His Aerial Warship
1448 The Adventures of Uncle Billy Possum
1449 The Chocolate Plant 1891
1450 Lot Arizona Highways magazines
1451 Santa Claus Story Book 1890
1452 Pretty Story Book c 1890
1453 New Chatterwell Stories 1890
1454 Treasury of Shore Life in Color
1455 Common Forest Trees of New Jersey
1456 T/L The Outlook magazine 1911+
1457 Oriental Antiques
1458 John Mistletoe Christopher Morley 1931 lst Ed dj
1459 The Merry Men and Dr Jekyl 1907
1460 Steel of the Royal Mounted Curwood
1461 History of the Johnstown Flood 1889
1462 Thanks to Noah 1951 lst Ed
1463 Shakespeare’s Wks 7 vols
1464 Lot 1908 art calendars
1465 1905 art calendar 1917 Shakespeare art calendar
1466 Victorian Game of India
1467 Lot Victorian trade cards
1468 Lot Victorian trade cards
1469 Lot Victorian trade cards
1470 Lot adv blotters
1471 T/L Misc eph
1472 T/L Misc eph
1473 T/L Misc photos
1474 T/L Misc photos
1475 T/L Misc eph
1476 Lot Play Bills
1477 Lot Play Bills
1478 Lot Play Bills
1479 Lot Play Bills Grist Mill Playhouse, Andover, NJ
1480 Lot theater programs and flyers
1481 Chicago Worlds Fair Guides 2
1482 Blizzard Photo Dover NJ
1483 Boys Hunting Book c 1890
1484 Chatterbox 1894
1485 The Mammoth Story Book 1899
1486 Puff the Pomeranian c1890
1487 The New Pretty Village Church Set 1897
1488 Great Big Story Book 1897
1489 Ambition magazines 1908 2
1490 Lot Twinkles magazines, New York Tribune 1897+
1491 Life Magazine 1918 2
1492 The Night Before Christmas 1893 rough
1493 Three Little Pigs 1893
1494 Twilight Stories c 1895
1495 Philatelic lot: US stamps and covers on paper
1496 Philatelic lot: US and foreign stamps on paper
1497 Philatelic lot: US and foreign stamps on paper
1498 T/L Hist Newsp
1499 T/L Misc eph
1500 Lot travel folders
1501 Lot travel folders
1502 Lot travel folders
1503 Lot travel folders
1504 Lot travel folders
1505 Lot travel folders
1506 Lot travel folders
1507 Lot travel folders
1508 Lot travel folders
1509 Philatelic lot: US stamps and covers on paper
1510 B/L Piano rolls
1511 Whose Who Among Black Americans
1512 Lot Books re Crafts 4
1513 The Compleat Astrologer
1514 Art in America 4
1515 Lot Avant Garde 6
1516 Lot Books re Dolls and Doll collecting 6
1517 Lot Books re Cosmetology 6
1518 From a Cat House to the White House Pender
1519 Travelers Guide to Negro Monuments
1520 Lot books on Collecting Antiques 4
1521 Enjoyment of Jazz Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday at Newport
1522 Lot post cards
1523 Lot travel folders
1524 Hitty Rachel Field Illus Dorothy Lathrop 1929
1525 Eagle Almanac 1926
1526 The Colonial Society of Pennsylvania 1931
1527 Poems that Have Helped me Kiser 1916
1528 Mail Coach Adventures
1529 Shakespeares Country 1899 Windle
1530 Table Talk Being the Discourses of John Selden 1898 Faulty Diction 1915 2
1531 Pride or Principle Which Makes the Lady
1532 Ruth and Little Jane 1864
1533 The American Letter Writer 1851
1534 The Finest Legends of the Rhine Ruland 1938
1535 Milton’s Comus Lycidas 1899
1536 The Meditions of Marcus Aurelius 1899
1537 Rime of the Ancient Mariner Coleridge
1538 An Airman’s Letter to His Mother 1940
1539 The History of Sandford and Merton Thomas Day 1842
1540 New York Not So Little and Not So Old (Letter from author laid in) 1926
1541 Making Haste to be Rich Arthur 1848
1542 The Sunday School Story Book c 1860
1543 The Picture ABC Book 1860
1544 The Ethics of the Dust Ruskin 1873
1545 Stories for Bedtime 1863
1546 Secret of a Happy Home Annie Lyon 1862
1547 The Specialist Chic Sale 1956 Mend You Speech 2
1548 Italien Autoatlas
1549 A History of Art
1550 Victor Book of the Opera
1551 The Eighteenth Century Woman Bernier
1552 Eichmann in My Hands
1553 Beatrix Potter 1866-l943
1554 Metropolitan Cats
1555 Lot art books 4
1556 Lot art books and catalogs 4
1557 Autobiography of Mark Twain
1558 Lightning Man, Samuel F B Morse Silverman lst Ed dj
1559 Orange Bicentennial 1976 Orange Postcard Guide to the Past 2
1560 Books of the Century
1561 The Battle of Brooklyn 1776
1562 Titanic The Canadian Story
1563 Language of Flowers Kate Greenaway
1564 The Mueller Report
1565 English Fox Hunt engr The Earl of Derby’s Stag Hounds, Large folio ( foxed needs to be cleaned)
1566 Artist signed Nouveau print Nichols Framed
1567 Framed print English Parish church
1568 Framed Victorian portrait
1569 Framed English engr 1835 The Ship Samuel Enderbby
1570 Framed English Maritime print “Homeward Bound” passing the lightship Liverpool
1571 Framed watercolor print, Bermuda artist pencil signed Carole Holding
1572 Framed Audubon Litho “Snowy Heron”
1573 Folk Dances and Games Crawford 1909
1574 Betty Wales Jr Warde 1909
1575 The Iliad Homer
1576 The Greatest Presidential Stories Never Told
1577 Americas Popular Sayings
1578 The Virtues of Aging Jimmy Carter Signed lst Ed
1579 How the Irish Saved Civilization
1580 Audrey the 50s
1581 The Glorious Impossible Whos Who in the Old Testament 2
1582 Advertising in America The First 200 Years
1583 The Over the Hill Witch
1584 I Am The Darker Brother Adoff
1585 Reuben, Reuben Peter De Vries
1586 Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Le Carre Franklin Library
1587 The DA Calls it Murder Gardner Franklin Library
1588 Whos Who in the Old Testament Whos Who in the New Testament 2
1589 Giant Treasury of Beatrix Potter The Tale of Benjamin Bunny, Beatrix Potter The Tailor of Gloucester Beatrix Potter 3
1589A The Journal of Beatrix Potter 1881-l897
1590 Impressions of New York Prints
1591 The United States at Work 1938
1592 File 113 Gaboriau 1900 The Honor of the Name Gaboriau 1900 2
1593 Sat Eve Post Stories 1962
1594 The Silent Traveler in San Francisco Chiang Yee lat Ed
1595 The Princeton Bric a Brac 1920
1596 Step by Step ( Shoes from Italy)
1597 History of the Talkies
1598 Francis Chichester Leslie
1599 Blazed Trail Stories Stewart Edward White 1904
1600 Lot Books re Cats 4
1601 Framed Herrings Fox Hunting Scenes Large Folio ” Full Cry” ( Foxing needs cleaning)
1602 Framed Contemporary Poster Ben Schan
1603 Framed print Horses
1604 Framed ” True and Exact Draught of the Tower Liberties surveyed in the Year 1597 by Gulielmus Haiward and J Gascoyne ”
1605 Framed engraving ” Hampton Court” signed by engraver
1606 Framed litho 1841 Duck Shooting
1607 Framed Hering’s Fox Hunting Scenes Large Folio ” Breaking Cover”
1608 Framed water color print (Latino)
1609 Framed water color artist signed M S Ward
1610 Framed water color print ( Latino)
1611 Framed watercolor print ( Latino)
1612 Framed water color artist signed MS Ward
1613 Framed water color artist signed MS Ward
1614 Framed water color artist signed M S Ward
1615 A Trail Through Leaves Hinchman
1616 The Beatrix Potter Knitting Book
1617 Triumph and Tragedy The Kennedys
1618 Immortals of the Screen A Pictorial History of Radio 2
1619 Theatre De La Mode In Style Costume Institute 2
1620 1822 Family Bible (with family history, Anderson etc)
1621 New Yorker Book of Cat Cartoons
1622 Dogs, Dogs, Dogs lst Ed Fenner 1951
1623 The Shoes of the Fisherman West
1946 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Bert Kampfert,Billy Vaughan Henry Mancini,Glen Campbell etc
1947 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Bert Kampfert,Roger William Glen Campbell,etc
1948 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Fiddler on the Roof Ken Grifin,ChasMagnate etc
1949 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Sergio Mendez, Lawrence Welk etc
1950 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Glenn Miller,Lawrence Welk Ken Griffin etc
1951 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Mel Torme,Judy Garland, Bert Lahr ,Benny Goodman,Duke Ellington, etc
1952 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Bert Bacharach,etc
1955 Lot 45 RPM records incl;The Edsels,Kay Starr Elvis Presley etc
1956 Lot 45 RPM records incl;Lolita,Les Paul and Mary Ford Sinatra etc
1957 Lot 45 RPM records incl;Skeeter Davis,The Beatles Chubby Checker etc
1958 Lot 45 RPM records incl;Four Seasons,Three Suns stc
1959 Lot 45 RPM record album incl: Chipmunks,Tony Bennett Connie Francis etc
1960 Lot 45 RPM record album incl: Perry Como, Gaylords etc
1961 Lot 45 RPM record album incl: Joni James,Tony Bennett
1962 Lot 45 RPM record album incl: Jo Stafford,Four Lads Eddie fisher etc
1963 Lot 45 RPM record album incl: Vic Damone,Eartha Kitt Tony Bennett etc
1964 Lot 45 RPM records incl: Kenny Rogers,The Shondells Monkees,Eddy Arnold etc
1965 Lot 45 RPM records incl: Lovin Spoonful,Love Sweat and Tears etc
1966 Lot 45 RPM records incl: Marvin Gaye,Neil Diamond,etc
1967 Lot 45 RPM records incl: Diana Ross, Three Dog Night,Gladys Knight and the Pips etc
1968 Lot 45 RPM records incl: Brook Benton,Sonny James Somethin Smith andthe Redheads etc
1969 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Carmen Cavalero,Johnny Mathis,Lawrence Welk etc
1970 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: The Sandpipers;Lennon Sisters,Andy Williams etc
1971 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: The Three Suns, Herb Alpert,Baja Marimba Band et
1972 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Patti Page, Lawrence Welk Enoch Light and the Light Brigade etc
1973 Lot 45 RPM records incl Kay Starr,Monkees,Sedaka etc
1974 Lot 45 RPM records incl Peter Paul and Mary,Billie Holiday,Steve Miller Band etc
1975 Lot 45 RPM records incl : Elvis Presley,Elton John Les Paul and Mary Ford,Ray Charles etc
1976 Lot 45 RPM records incl : Three Dog Night,Burl Ives et
1977 Lot 45 RPM records incl : Union Gap,Connie Francis, Marty Robbins,
1978 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Dionne Warwick Connie Francis, The Rascals,the Singing Nun etc
1979 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Monkees,Beach Boys,Burl Ives etc
1980 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Elvis Presley, etc
1981 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Peter Paul and Mary Elvis Presley,Four Seasons etc
1982 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Skeeter Davis,Les Paul Carly Simon etc
1983 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Sinatra,Connie Francis,Elvis Brook Benton, etc
1984 Lot 45 RPM records incl:The Beatles,Joni James etc
1985 Lot 45 RPM records incl:The Beatles,Mamas an Papas Monkees etc
1986 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Della Reese,Doobie Brothers Johnny Cash, Ray Charles etc
1987 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Connie Francis,Dr Buzzards Band,Tony Bennett etc
1988 Lot 45 RPM records incl:The Moody Blues,Roy Orbison et
1989 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Nat King Cole,Ray Charles etc
1990 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Cat Stevens,Stevie Wonder etc
1991 Lot 45 RPM records incl;Moody blues, Rolling Stones Liberace etc
1992 Lot 45 RPM records incl;Three suns, Ray Anthony etc
1993 Lot 45 RPM records incl;Doris Day,MillsBros etc
1994 Lot 45 RPM records incl;Sarah Vaughan,Sammy Davis etc
1995 Lot 45 RPM records incl;Benny Goodman,Charlie Barnet Chet Atkins,etc
1996 Lot 45 RPM records incl;The Animals,Connie Francis etc
1997 Lot 45 RPM records incl;Ray Charles,Elvis Presley Sinatra, Connie Franncis etc
1998 Lot 45 RPM records incl;Fats Domino,Micheal Jackson Stevie Wonder etc
1999 Lot 45 RPM records incl;Doris Day, Conway Twitty Elvis Presley etc
2000 Lot 45 RPM records incl;Della Reese,Nat King Cole etc
2001 B/L Misc books and pbs
2002 B/L Misc pbs
2003 B/L Misc books religion
2004 B/l Misc books
2005 B/L Misc books
2006 B/L Misc books and tapes
2007 B/L Misc books
2008 B/L Misc books and pbs, mysterys
2009 B/L Misc books
2010 B/L Misc books
2011 B/L Misc books cooking etc
2012 B/L misc CDs, etc
2013 B/L Misc books marketing etc
2014 B/L Misc booklets and eph
2015 B/L Misc books
2016 B/L Lot older childrens books (rough but good for plts
2017 B/L Misc cook books etc
2018 B/L contemporary pbs
2019 B/L Misc books novels
2020 B/L Misc books novels
2021 B/L Misc books
2022 B/L Misc books and eph
2023 B/L Misc books
2024 BL Misc books
2025 B/L Misc books
2026 B/L Misc books
2027 B/L Misc books
2028 B/L Misc books
2029 B/L Misc books some are tech manuals
2030 B/L Misc books incl tech manuals etc
2031 T/L Misc books and video tapes
2032 B/L better quality novels etc
2033 B/l Misc books
2034 B/L Misc books
2035 B/L Misc books better quality novels
2036 B/L pbs
2037 B/L better quality novels
2038 B/L better quality novels
2039 B/L better quality novels
2040 B/L Misc pbs
2041 B/L Misc pbs
2042 B/L Misc books and pbs
2043 B/L Misc books and pbs
2044 B/L Misc books and pbs
2045 B/L Misc books novels
2046 B/L Misc pbs
2047 B/L Misc books
2048 B/L Misc books and eph
2049 B/L Misc books
2051 B/L Misc books
2052 B/L Misc books spiritual
2053 B/L Misc books spiritual
2054 B/L Misc books
2055 B/L Misc pbs
2056 B/L Misc books
2057 B/L Misc books
2058 B/L Misc books
2059 B/L Misc books
2060 B/L misc books and eph
2061 B/L Misc books
2062 B/L Misc books incl Baedecker’s Guides
2063 B/L Misc books
2064 B/L Misc pbs
2065 B/L Misc books
2068 B/L Misc books



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