JULY 13TH – 5:00 PM

Previews: Sunday, 7/12, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM and Monday, 7/13, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Seating to be outside, between the two buildings.  Masks and safe distancing are required.

Please note change in starting time and extended preview hours


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14 CDV ” Sam Once a slave in the Demarest family Liberated as a boy always with the family”
15 Soldier songs and homefront ballads of the Civil War
16 Military Operations of the Civil War Civil War Handbook
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18 The Confederacy Cassette and Historical booklet
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20A 1800 Bible gold tooled leather
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470 State of New York The Champlain Tercentenary 1909 ” ” ” ” ” ” ” Final Report 1913
471 The Battle for Rome
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473 The Airborne Soldier
474 Army Airmobility UJS Army Infantry School
475 Blockade Berlin and the Cold War
476 Machemia German and Jew in the Holocaust
477 Apes and Husbands From Tree Tops to Today
478 The Healing Art
479 I’ll Stand By You
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481 Salvatore Dali print Ltd Ed 83/150 signed Ltd Ed “Ace of Clubs”
482 Peter Max Pop Art Statue of Liberty artist signed Ltd Ed 136/300
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483A Florida Deed (Hollywood Beach Heights) page 33″That no member of the Negro Race shall directly or indirectly acquire any interest in the said premises and in case of any violation of such covenant
484 L Navigation Asrienne French 1926
485 Antique Views of Ye Towne of Boston 1907
486 Primavera
487 Many Trails Indians of the Lower Hudson Valley
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518 Framed Jimmy Carter letter
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539 The Rittenhouse Orrery
540 The Orbit of Thomas Mann
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543 The Christian Year
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550 Robinson Crusoe 1911
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554 To Grandfathers House We Go
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556 Rolls Royce The History of the Car
557 Ben Shahn Graphic art
558 Historic Cyprus Mirro Cook Book 2
559 Life’s Picture History of Western Man
560 Steam Vessels Built in Old Monmouth
561 Monmouth Road to Glory Colonel Malcolm Gilman MD National Trustee Sons of the American Revolution
562 Nauvoo to the Hook Moss
563 Steamboat to the Shore Steamboat Era in Monmouth County Moss
564 Six Mile Run 1710-l9l0 Reformed Church Franklin Park NJ 1910
565 Princeton in Spring Chamberlain
566 Pictorial History of Princeton
567 New Jersey An American Portrait
568 Metuchen Country Club Centennial 2015
569 Princeton History and Architecture
570 Tricentennial Reflections on Moorestown 1880-l9l2
571 Billy Baxter’s Letters 1899 Fox Terriers
572 Tales of New Jersey NJ Bell Telephone co
573 A Short History of Newark Urquhart 1953
574 Cruising New Jersey Tidewater
575 The Women of the Salons and Other French Portraits Tallentyre
576 Exotic Aquarium Fishes Innes 1951
577 The Wayward Bus John Steinbeck 1947 lst Ed
578 Count Luckner The Sea Devil 1927
579 The Man With the Golden Gun Ian Fleming
580 The Spy Who Came In From the Cold Le Carre
581 Rubaiyat of Omar Khayan 2
582 1955 Yearbook Finch College
583 Loppo Martinez
584 1948 Yearbook Richmond Hill HS
585 Russian Lacquer, Legends and Fairy Tales
586 Pictorial History Rolling Stones
587 Round The Mulberry Bush 1933
588 Tippy Toes Comes to Town Forster Illus 1926
589 Lot: Fasten Your Lap Straps 1956 Willans Tales from Shakepeare Lamb The Pocket Book of Greek Art Craven 1950 3
590 WWII GI Sweetheart silk pillow case cover Artillery Fort Sill, Oklahoma
591 Philatelic lot: Album w/US and foreign stamps
592 Philatelic lot: Scrapbook album US stamps
593 Philatelic lot: Beginners album US and foreign stamps
594 Philatelic lot:1903 New Testament w/ documentary stamp
595 1947 Girl Scout Manual
596 B/L NGS bound 1931,l930,1932, 5 vols
597 The Koran
598 The Wonders of Italy 1959
599 The Fishermans Vade Mecum 1933
600 The Medici Young
601 The Plesures of Life Lubbock Franklins Autobiography The Nichomacean Ethics of Aristotle Aristotle Selections
602 Ancient Inventions
603 Dream Life 1851
604 Houstons Geography 1901
605 The Handbook of Sailing Treasure Ship, SS Brother Jonathon Diving for Sunken Treasure 3
606 T/L High End cook books
607 Complete Book of Shaker Furniture
608 Royal Treasures
609 A Society of Wolves Decade of the Wolf 2
610 A Glorious Burden The American Presidency
611 The Audubon Society Book of Wild Cats
612 Inside the White House
613 The New York Public Library
614 1897 Sears Catalog facs
615 Wilderness USA
616 The Light of Asia c1900 Age of Fable Bullfinch c 1900 Exploration and Adventure in Africa 1896 3
617 Barnes History USA 1903 Galludets Scripture Biography of Joseph 1834 Undine 1912
618 Grant Takes Command Catton
619 T/L sports cards
620 T/L baseball cards
621 T/L sports cards
622 T/L sports cards
623 T/L sports cards
624 T/L sports cards
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626 Album baseball cards
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628 Photo plaque Babe Ruth
629 Photo plaque Mickey Mantle
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631 T/L basketball cards
632 Lot Soviet Life magazines 2
633 B/L Misc eph
634 Album Victorian trade cards
635 Campfires and Battlefields Pictorial History of the Civil War
636 Great Photographers of the American West
637 This Living Reef
638 America The Fifty States
639 Brother Wolf White Wolf 2
640 Americas Countryside
641 Three Hundred Years of American Painting
642 Lot Diving magazines
643 NY Times Page One
644 American Marine Painting
645 Gods of Sun and Sacrifice
646 The Fatal Impact The Invasion of the South Pacific 1767-l840 Alan Morehead
647 Caricature 1910 The Wit and Humor of a Nation
648 The Movies
649 Eyes of the Nation
650 Classic Cameras
651 Epic ! History on the Big Screen
652 The Art of the Old South Poesch
653 Americana Folk and Decorative Art
654 Looking at Earth
655 Earth Watch
656 Darwin’s Fogotten World
657 Gettysburg The Paintings of Mort Kuntsler
658 Warships Today
659 Ency of Events That Changed the World
660 The 20th Century
661 Wildlife Paradises
662 Encycl, Dictionary Judaiaca
663 American Folklore and Legend
664 Cities In the Sand
665 Pictorial History of Philosophy
666 Weapons of the American Revolution
667 Atlas 0f the Greek World
668 The Nature of America
669 Paradise on Earth
670 Atlas of WWII
671 Treasures of China
672 National Parks of the USA
673 Birds of North America Eliot Porter
674 Animal Spirit Living Wisdom
675 The Hunters and the Hunted
676 The Viking
677 Exploring the Secrets of Nature
678 Ocean Liners
679 Work The World in Photographs
680 The Hudson River and Its Painter
681 The Civil War Song Book
682 The Stars and the Stripes
683 Lot publications re Underwater Diving
684 Framed photograph WWI USN Cruiser
685 Framed print Hiawatha
686 Coin Collecting for Kids (Album) with 32 Lincoln pennies 2 Buffalo nickels 1 Washington Bicentennial quarter
687 T/l baseball cards
688 Lot childrens books
689 Restoring Americas Wildlife
690 Stranger in the Valley of the Kings Ahmed Osman
691 The Stuart Age Scott
692 T/L Misc eph
693 The Way of the Samurai
694 Unknown Leonardo The World of Rembrandt 2
695 Calligraphic Lettering Techniques of Drawing 2
696 The Great Cities Tokyo Nantucket 2
697 T/L books re Graphic Design and Packaging
697A T/L Books re Graphic Design, Advertising etc
697B B/L Books on Graphic Arts, Packaging etc
697C T/L Books re Graphic Design, packaging etc
697D T/L Books re Designs, Lettering etc
697E T/L Books re Graphic Design etc
698 American Corporate Identity 2
699 250 Years of Japanese Art
700 Simple Style Great Style 2
701 The Art Nouveau Style
702 200 Years of American Illustration
703 Lot books on World Trademarks 3
704 Illustrators
705 Graphic Design USA
706 The Best of David Hamilton
707 Chinese Art
708 Contemporary American Erotic Art Photography
709 Japan Style
710 Norman Rockwell Book Norman Rockwell A Sixty Year Retrospective
711 The Art of Walt Disney
712 The Ward Lock Ency of Gardening
713 The Art of Color Photography
714 The Photographers Handbook
715 Illuminations from the Bhagavad Gita
716 Design This Day Walter Teague 1940
717 The Art of War Sun Tzu A Book of Five Rings Miyamoto Musashi 2
718 Antoine Terrasse Degas Drawings by Leonardo da Vinci 2
719 Colour
720 Lot better quality novels
721 Brief Candles Aldous Huxley 1930
722 Lot better quality novels 3
723 Western Union Zane Grey dj 150th Anniv Special Ed
724 Lot better quality novels 3
725 Stories of All Ages 1894
726 Lot better quality novels
727 The Vacant Chair Mitchell (Civil War)
728 Billy Yank Soldier of the North
729 Booth and the Spirit of Lincoln Babcock 1925
730 Personnel of the Civil War Yoseloff 2vols Union Forces; Confederate Forces
731 Noble Women of he North Dannett
732 Stonewall Jackson as Military Commander Selby
733 The Generals Grant and Lee
734 Day of Jubilee Public Celebrations in New York 1788-1909 McNamara
735 Lincoln Fred Kaplan
736 Arts of the United States
737 Frontier Children Peavy/Smith
738 Childrens Glass Dishes,China, and Furniture
739 As You Pass By Old Manhattan Through Fire Laddies Eye
740 The Philosophy of the Bed Carrington
741 Love Life in Nature Bolsche
742 The Art of Life Ellis 1929
743 How to Get On in the World 1895
744 Scottish Customs
745 The American Funeral
746 Thai Style
747 Australian Image
748 Stones Into Schools Mortenson
749 Hans Brinker/Silver Skates Dodge Illus Edna Cooke
750 New England Indian Summer Van Wyck Brooks
751 Park Street Papers Berry 1908
752 A Conversation on D H Lawrence
753 The Ballads and Songs of D H Lawrence
754 American Education Facts, Fancies and Folklore
755 The American Tradition in Literature
756 The Moon and Sixpence Maugham Heritage Press
757 Development of Old English Thought Azarikas v1896
758 Literature of the Age of Elizabeth 1869
759 Twentieth Cty American Writing
760 Mr Blighs Bad Language Dening
761 Taking the Waters Spirit,Art, Sensuality
762 No, Not Bloomsbury Malcolm Bradbury
763 Browning’s Italy Clarke
764 Longfellow’s Country Clarke 1909
765 Trying to Understand What It Means to be Feminist
766 Fragments on the Death Watch
767 More Than the Ear Discovers (God in the Plays of Christopher Fry) Wiersma
768 T S Eliot Georges Cattaui Virginia Woolf Bennett Chaucer and the 15th Cty
769 Shakespeare Survey 2
770 The Colopohon 1936
771 Philatelic lot:1898 Scotts Stamp catalog
772 The Standard Oratorios Upton 1899
773 Hoaxes Tibbals Backing Into Forward
774 Backing Into Forward Feiffer
775 Singing My Him Song Malachy McCourt
776 Divining the Future
777 Chinese Art and Antiques
778 Wm Mount Painter of Rural America
779 ABC Code 1915
780 Margaret Thatcher
781 Impatient Virgin dj Clarke 1941
782 Nelson The Sailor Capt Grenfell, Royal Navy
783 The Irish Peacock Billy Grady
784 Magic With Everyday Objects Modern Card Tricks and Secrets of Magic Blackstone 2
785 Ghostly Scotland Seafield Ghosts Vivisected Stirling Ghosts on the Coast of Maine 3
786 Arms and Armor Annual
787 Ship of Dreams Morrisey
788 Africas Vanishing Wildlife
789 Pennsylvania Clocks and Clockmakers Eckhardt
790 Ocean Life Holliday
791 The Structure of Praise Mazmanian Architecture for Religion in New England
792 Colors of Provence Biehn
793 Hampshire Architecture
794 The New York Mets The First Quarter Cty
795 Edith Wharton Worth
796 Patton’s Third Army
797 For Fuhrer and Fatherland
798 Jim Davis 1926 dj
799 Kempeitai Japans Dreaded Military Police
800 The English of Military Communications Ganoe 1918
801 The War Between Russia and Japan c 1910
802 Tinys Sunday Nights 1867
803 Fifty Years ago Besant 1888
804 Hitlers Enforcers
805 European Carpets
806 The Last Night of the Yankee Dynasty Olney
807 Res Judicate 1893
808 Cross Channe1l Attack WWII Harrison
809 The Remains of Company D ( WWI) Nelson
810 Lights Along The Shore Oursler
811 The Year of the Kangaroo Williamson Illus Doyle
812 George Borrow and His Circle 1913 Shorter
813 Snow Bound Whittier 1869
814 Aesthetics Bullough Stanford University
815 The Pleasures of Architecture Ellis c 1925
816 Owen Meredith’s Poems 1867
817 Gentlemen’s Relish Christopher Morley
818 The Story of Our Navy for Young Americans Abbot 1913
819 The Pleasures of the Torture Chamber(Inquisition)
820 Rip Van Winkle 1927
821 The Major and the Queen ( Staten Island)
822 Public Schools Staten Island 1900-2000 2
823 Lot Poetry books 4
824 Ripened Grain 1944 lst ed 1/100 Charles Lyman “The joys and glories of Heaven will on us burst,But the crash of worlds and systems will come first;These beatic visions we will see,If we O Lord
825 Their Hearts Were Young and Gay Marc Best
826 American Indian Traditions and Ceremonies
827 Warner Bros 25 Yrs of Entertaining the World
828 The Heart of Hollywood
829 The Heroine or the Horse
830 The John Wayne Story
831 The Movie Ad Book
832 The Long View Pictorial History of Crime Films 2
833 Guts and Glory Great American War Movies
834 Heralds of Victory 100th Anniv New York Staff Band and Male Chorus Salvation Army 1887-l987
835 The Films of Bette Davis
836 Edward Rake An Unwholesome Biogr of Edward VII Pearson
837 The Great Adventure Films Thomas
838 Hollywood at Sunset Higham
839 Circus ! Circus Heroes and Heroines 2
840 Gargantua Circus Star of the Century
841 Screen World 2 vols
842 Vanishing Eden
843 Out of Chinas Earth
844 American Album
845 The Hudson River School
846 The Andes Monuments of Civilization
847 The Times Complete History of the World
848 The Times Atlas of WWII
849 The 21st Century World Atlas
850 Through the Lens NGS Greatest Photographs
851 Framed print Norman Rockwell signed and numbered
852 Railways of the World Hollingsworth
853 Obsessions Collectors and Their Passions
854 Sharks Silent Hunters of the Deep
855 Sons of the South Clayton Rand lst Ed
856 Small Arms of the World
857 Planet Earth
858 Oxford Family Ency
859 Liberty The Statue and the American Dream
860 The Art of Magic
861 Discover America !
862 Exploring Your World NGS
863 Living On the Earth
864 Age of the Gunfighter
865 Collecting and Displaying
866 The National Parks
867 A-Z of Keeping Snakes
868 In the Heart of the Mediterranean
869 Nightmares in the Sky
870 The Great Flood of 1972
871 China Revealed Basil Pao
872 Seven centuries of Sea Travel
873 American Landmarks
874 Down the Colorado
875 The Paramount Story
876 Eyewitness 150 Years of Photojournalism
877 Treasure Lost, Found, and Undiscovered
878 Wild Flowers of America
878A Secrets of Magic Gibson
879 The Discovery of the Titanic
880 500 Years of Life in America
881 Compleat Astrologer Parkers
882 Art at Auction Sothebys
883 Journey Into China
884 Celebrity Handwriting
885 Visiting Our Past The World of the Past 2
886 1961 Yearbook Passaic Valley HS
887 T/L better quality novels
888 Smithsonian Collection Newspaper Comics
889 Mexico Museum of Anthropology
890 A History of Post Cards
891 Gold Rush Album
892 Antique Garden Ornament Two Centuries of American Taste
893 Sacred Places of a Lifetime 500
894 The American Indian Fletcher
895 The Power of Myth Campbell
896 The World of Venomous Animals
897 Surgery An Illustrated History
898 The Magnificent West Yosemite
899 The Coral Seas Fricke World Without Sun Cousteau 2
900 The World Atlas of Birds
901 Birds of North America Eliot Porter
902 Vanishing Eagles Philip Burton Illus Trevor Boyer
903 A Natural History of Owls Everett
904 The Ancient Sun Kingdoms of he Americas Aztec, Maya,Inca von Hagen
905 Deep Sea Divers Zolotovsky 1938 Deep Water, Ancient Ships The Pirate Picture 3
906 Lot NGS bound 1917,1928.1929,1930 6vol
907 Album Martial Arts periodicals
908 A Generals Life Omar N Bradley General of the Army
909 The Saga of the Air Mail
910 The Essential Wisdom of the Founding Fathers How the United States Became a Nation Fiske 2
911 Uniforms of the American Revolution Poor Richards Almanack 2
912 The World of the Huns
913 Dogs of God Columbus, The Inquisition and the Defeat of the Moors
914 Herculaneum Deiss
915 Beggar to King Duckat
916 The Archaeologists Handbook
917 The Rise and Fall of the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company A&P Walsh
918 Lot NGS bound 1941,1942,1943 5 vols
919 Parkers Astrology
920 Trail of the Wolf Lawrence
921 Our Threatened Inheritance NGS
922 Bertrand Russell Wisdom of the West
923 Mars The Story of the Red Planet
924 Kingdom of the Seashell
925 The Age of Chivalry
926 The World of the American Indian
927 Everest Mountain Without Mercy
928 Ocean Exploration Robert Ballard
929 Lost Subs Robert Ballard
930 The World of the Past Jacquetta Hawkes 2 vols
931 Morris s Story of the Great Earthquake 1908
932 The Restless Earth Nigel Calder Violent Universe ” ” 2
933 The Great Movie Stars of he Golden Years
934 The Burning of the General Slocum Claude Rust
935 The Hunt for HMS De Braak Shomette
936 Guns, Crime, and Freedom La Pierre
937 History of the Goths
938 American Wildlife 1940
939 Gifts of An Eagle Durden
940 Attila King of the Huns Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun 2
941 Lot NGS bound l927,1926,1925,1899 index,1935 5 vols
942 The True Story of the United States Brooks 1913
943 Montana Behind the Scenes Montana High Wide and Handsome The American Guide West Coast 3
944 Ocean Liners of the 20th Cty
945 Famous Pistols and Hand Guns
946 The Illustrated Confederate Reader Robert E Lee 2
947 Exploring New York State
948 Medieval Warfare August 1914 Tuchman 2
949 Lot better quality novels 3
950 Barns Klamkin
951 History of Flight AH Destination Mars 2
952 The Civil War, Illus History Ward/Burns
953 East Side, West Side tales of New York Sporting Life 1910-l960 Ritter
954 The National Air and Space Museum
955 The Skyscraper Goldberger City Transit Buses of the 20th Cty 21
956 The American Indian LaFarge The Qin Terracotta Army 2
957 Elephants
958 A Sampler of Wayside Herbs
959 Wild Flowers The Pine Tree Book
960 New York State Folktales,Legends and Ballads Harold Thompson
961 James Madison on Religious Liberty
962 Defining a Nation (incl James T Wooten, NY Times)
963 Lincoln 2 vols
964 In Flanders Fields The l9l7 Campaign
965 Battle Beneath the Waves U Boats at War Stern
966 WWII Strange and Fascinating Facts McCombs and Worth
967 Fakes and Forgeries
968 Dictionary of Military Biography
969 The Occult and Mysticism
970 Let the Flames Begin
971 Lincoln on Leadership
972 The Aryans Gordon Childe
973 Dangerous Marine Animals
974 How to be a Jewelry Detective Greek and Roman Jewelry The World of Shells
975 The Indian Horse Mystery Squanto and the Pilgrims Mountain Pony and the Rodeo Mystery Lassie and the Mystery at Blackberry Bog 4
976 Wake of the Red Witch Roark Harriet Beecher Stowe and the Beecher Preachers 2
977 Whittiers Poems 1857 The Far Side of Paradise, F Scott Fitzgerald, Mizener 2
978 How To Abandon Ship 1942 Cornell Maritime Press
979 The Great American Pie Company The Tenant of Wildfell Hall Leopard in my Lap 3
980 Walden and Other Writings Thoreau
981 Red Feather Golden Arrow The Little Lame Prince Mulock 3
982 NGS bound: 1912,1913,1914,1915 6 vols
983 NGS bound: 1922,1921,1920,1919 8 vols
984 NGS bound: 1915,1918,1916,1917 6 vols
985 NGS bound: 1944,1945,1946, 5 vols In slip cases 2009 2
986 NGS bound: 1940.,1939,1938 5 vols
987 Handbook of Fighter Aircraft Days That Changed the World
988 The Fall of Eagles Sulzberger
989 Home Folks Geography 1934 Dragons A Natural History
990 Western Indians Curtis
991 After the Revolution l8th Cty Smithsonian
992 Bird Flight
993 Families of Fortune Life in the Gilded Age
994 The Day Lincoln Was Shot Jim Bishop
995 Buy, Keep, or Sell Miller
996 The Sun Kings Garden Ian Thompson
997 Benjamin Franklin A Biography in His Own Words
998 Who’s Who in Childrens Books Fisher
999 New York Red Book 1973
1000 The Way it Was in the USA Hornung 1850-l890
1000A Vanishing Species The Sea Around Us Rache1 Carson dj 1951 2
1001 Great Aircraft of WWII
1002 Corvette Zavitz
1003 Beyond Science
1004 Traveling With the Birds
1005 Interieurs Anciens et Rustiques
1006 Vintage Juke Boxes
1007 Lorna Doone Blackmore 1882
1008 The Lie of the Land Irish Identities
1009 Lot Biogrs: Waldo Emerson Sebastian Faulks The Fatal Englishman Charlotte Bronte
1010 Lot Biogrs: Dickens Ackroyd Ivy Compton Burnett Sprigge Charles Darwin Ward 3
1011 Lot Biogrs: Chatterton Dix 1837 Rickenbacker Farr Alfred Lord Tenneyson
1012 Ancestry in America
1013 Adams Women
1014 Diana’s Boys
1015 Biogrs Thomas Dewey Sir Walter Raleigh John Winton 2
1016 American Men 4 set
1017 White House Landscapes Your Florida Garden
1018 Winterthur in Bloom E I du Pont Botaniste 2
1019 The New Rose An Australian Wildflower Diary The Painted Garden 300 Extraordinary Plants
1020 Dairying Harvests and Harvesting 2
1021 Johannes en Caspaares Luiken 1694 facs
1022 State of New York In Memorium Theodore Roosevelt 1858-l9l9
1023 Collecting American l9th Cty Silver Mcclinton
1024 Cooperstown Baseballs Hall of Fame
1025 Life of James G Blain 1893
1026 Lot art books
1027 Lot Biogrs: Henry Fonda Stendahl Maeve Binchy 3
1028 Lot Biogrs: Seran O Casey The Kennedys Alfred Lord Tennuyson 3
1029 Lot Biogrs: Bob Steele Prince Charlie Celebrated Female Sovereigns 1870
1030 Lot Biogrs: Snowdon Smallwood Byrons Daughter 3
1031 Lot Biogrs: Shakespeare Mao Zedong Norman Thomas 3
1032 Poems by Robert Louis Stevenson Ltd Ed 484 1916 Bibliophile Society
1033 Spanish Dollars Kauffman 1925
1034 Though Your Sins Be as Scarlet 1898 Ruth Fielding at Sunrise Farm 2
1035 Dress Rehearsel Quentin Reynolds Light and Dark Howes
1036 Battle Report Shapiro Japans American Interlude Kawai 2
1037 Simple Grace Ted Brohl author signed lst ed dj
1038 In The Minds and Hearts of the People Prologue to the American Revolution 1760-l744 lstEd dj New York Graphic Society
1039 AH History of the American Revolution
1040 The New England Girl Eakin The Gentleman and the Tiger McClellan 2
1041 FDR A Time for War Thompson
1042 Madness in the Making America’s Show Inventors
1043 The Time of the Buffalo McHugh
1044 Fighting to Be Heard New Jersey in History Farmer
1045 A Ship to Remember The USS Maine and the Spanish American War
1046 The Great Crusade and After 1914=l928
1047 The Great Journey The Peopling of Ancient America Fagan
1048 The Never Ending Wrong Porter lst Ed dj (Sacco/ Vanzetti)
1049 Hudson Crossroads Sears
1050 The Story of Our Country 1925
1051 Assassination RFK 1925-l968
1052 Landmarks of Tennessee History
1053 Harry Truman and the Crisis Presidency Cochran
1054 Hearts and Minds he Anatomy of Racism from Roosevelt to Reagan Ashmore
1055 A Child of Fortune St John
1056 Preparedness The American vrs The Military Programme 1916 Hull
1057 Peaceable Kingdoms New England Towns in the 18th Cty Zuckerman
1058 American History and American Historians Bellot University of London 1952
1059 The Golden Crucible Ross 1930
1060 The Plymouth Legacy Kent
1061 Glory God and Gold Wellman
1062 Old Time Schools and School Books Clifton Johnson
1063 Child Life in Colonial Days Earle
1064 The Martini
1065 European Harbour Pilot
1066 Practical Ship Production 1919
1067 The Buffalo Head Patterson
1068 Bill Truetell Theatrical Life Brennan 1909
1069 America Sails the Seas Bowen
1070 The Military Airplane
1071 The Worlds Railway Pangborn
1072 Harley Davidson 1903-l993
1073 One Hundred Years of Motoring
1074 Men Women and Boats Stephan Crane
1075 The Car The Great Marques
1076 IU Cinquantanni Della Fiat 1899-l949
1077 Beware the Hurricane!
1078 The Story of Powered Flight
1079 Picture History of the Automobile
1080 The Tall Ships A Sailing Celebration
1081 Seaports and People of Europe
1082 Viva Christina ! Cowper 1905
1083 The Belle Epoque of the Orient Express
1084 Wheels for a Nation Donovan
1085 Between the Seas The Creation of the Suez Canal
1086 In the East End Dennis Waterman
1087 Images of Ireland Yats
1088 Ships Replicas and Restorations
1089 Yacht Racing
1090 The Yachtsmans Weather Manual Anchoring and Mooring 2
1091 Americas Flying Book
1092 Stalin The Glasnost Revelations Lacquer
1093 Hitlers Blitzkrieg Campaigns
1094 Rommel as Military Commander
1095 Battle Beneath the Waves U Boats at War
1096 Battle Group ! Kamppfgruppen Action of WWII
1097 What If ? Eminent Historians Imagine Cowley
1098 People of the First Crusade Foss
1099 Germany Rearmed
1100 The Black and Tans Bennett
1101 With Beatty in the North Sea 1921
1102 Voices of Valor D Day Brinkley
1103 Atlas of Battle Plans
1104 A Trepid Aviator Frazer
1105 First Shot Japanese Mini Subs at Pearl Harbor
1106 Fighting Dirty Covert Operations
1107 Struggle for Africa Brtyletyty
1108 Experience of War WWII Davis
1109 Ten Days to Destiny Costello Hess Peace Initiative
1110 Quest Searching for Germanys Nazi Past
1111 Carrier Wars Hoyt
1112 Sea of Thunder 1941-45 Thomas
1113 Roosevelts Secret War FDR and WWII Espionage
1114 Hitlers Scientists Cornwell
1115 Victoria Royal The Flowering of a Style
1116 The Victorian Scene 1837-l901
1117 The British Heritage
1118 Many a Watchful Night 1944 Lt John Brown author signed
1119 Album matchbook cover collection
1120 T/L Misc books re Mets baseball etc
1121 Post cards Love Was Cheap and Life Was High
1122 Lehigh, The University
1123 The Washington 89 St Botolphs Town 2 1889
1124 T.L Misc eph
1125 History of Manned Space Flight
1126 Icons
1127 Faberge and the Russian Master Goldsmiths
1128 The World’s Great Religions
1129 Royal Palaces
1130 Wilderness Expeditions Sielmann
1131 The Arctic World
1132 Skywatching
1133 Lincoln Biogr Kunhardt
1134 Illus Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds
1135 Exploring the Lusitania
1136 Mysteries of the Deep
1137 Meet Mr Lincoln
1138 Down on the Farm Cowboys 2
1139 The Atlas of Early Man
1140 Borne on the Wind Ornithology Birdwatching Birding 3
1141 T/L series All The Worlds Animals 10 vols
1142 Exploring New York
1143 Red Giants and White Dwarfs Jastrow
1144 Astrology MacNeice
1145 Massachusetts Beautiful Wallace Nutting
1146 Kingdoms of Gold, Kingdoms of Jade Fagan
1147 The Life of Andrew Jackson
1148 The Official Halleys Comet Book Harpur
1149 The MacMillan Dictionary of Measurement
1150 The Approaching Fury 1820-l861 Oates
1151 Pennsylvania Beautiful Wallace Nutting
1152 The Torah
1153 Total Immersion Goodman
1154 The March of Archaeology Ceram,
1155 The Shell
1156 Diving’s Educational Program
1157 T/L periodicals, manuals skin and scuba diving
1158 Illustrated Guide to Gardening Fall Wildflowers 2
1159 The MGM Story
1160 The Wild Shores of North America
1161 The Forties Gals
1162 The Great Wall
1163 A Nation Challenged 9/ll
1164 The Ships of the German Fleet 1848-l945
1165 Submarine Warfare Today The Machinery of War 2
1166 T/L,Looseleaf binders re Underwater Diving Training
1167 Mitchell Automotive Repair manuals 6
1168 Mitchell Automotive Repair manuals 6
1169 Mitchell Automotive Repair manuals 6
1170 Mitchell Automotive Repair manuals 3
1171 Lincoln and His America
1172 The Lore of Ships
1173 Great Houses of the Hudson River
1174 The Discovery of the Titanic
1175 Shipwrecks Disasters of the Deep Seas
1176 Discovery of the Bismarck
1177 Coral Reefs
1178 Hammonds World Atlas
1179 Color Atlas of Human Anatomy
1180 Page One NY Times
1181 Wars of the 20th Cty
1182 The Conquistadors
1183 The Civil War Ken Burns/Ward
1184 Titanic Marriott
1185 Weapons and War Machines
1186 Lot better quality novels 3
1187 The Soul of the Wolf Of Wolves and Men 2
1188 Islam Rediscovering God in America 2
1189 The Horses of the World
1190 Lot art books 3
1191 Lot art books 3
1192 Lot art books 3
1193 Sigmund Freud
1194 American Anthem
1195 Lot art books 2
1196 Lot art books 2
1197 Black Women in America
1198 Lot Books re movies
1199 Liebes Leben
1200 Shel Silverstein: Falling Up The Missing Piece Meets the Big O 2
1201 The Bluejacket’s Manual USN Centennial Edition
1202 Lot art books 2
1203 The Rolling Stones
1204 James Dean
1205 James Dean American Icon
1206 The Conquest of Everest
1207 Lot art books 3
1208 Lot art books 2
1209 L Amour Bleu
1210 Lot better quality novels 3
1211 Lot art books
1212 Gods of Manhattan
1213 Lot better quality novels
1214 Lot art books
1215 Lot art books 3
1216 After 9/ll 2
1217 Players of Cooperstown
1218 Our Glorious Century
1219 Lot art books 3
1220 The 9/ll Photo Project ;Life One Nation 9/ll 2
1221 Lot art books 3
1222 Lot art books 2
1223 Black Women in America
1224 Lot auction catalogs
1225 Lot art books 3
1226 Lot art books
1227 Erotic Drawings
1228 The Greguet Collections
1229 Les Hommmes Insants
1230 Back In the Days
1231 Worlds Greatest Comics 2
1232 Fish and Shellfish Peterson
1233 Lot art books 3
1234 Children of the Incas
1235 Ernesto Che Guevara The Motocycle Diaries
1236 TL Misc eph historical booklets,periodicals
1237 TL Misc eph historical booklets,periodicals
1238 TL Misc eph historical booklets,periodicals
1239 TL Misc eph historical booklets,periodicals
1240 TL Misc eph historical booklets,periodicals
1241 Lot Misc eph historical booklets and periodicals
1242 Lot baseball cards
1243 Lot baseball cards
1244 Lot baseball cards
1245 Lot baseball cards
1246 Lot baseball cards
1247 Lot baseball cards
1248 Lot baseball cards
1249 Lot Sports teams yearbooks etc
1250 Lot Sports teams yearbooks etc
1251 Lot Sports teams yearbooks etc
1252 Lot Sports teams yearbooks etc
1253 Lot Sports teams yearbooks etc
1254 Lot Sports teams yearbooks etc
1255 Lot Sports teams yearbooks etc
1256 Lot Sports teams yearbooks etc
1257 Lot Sports teams yearbooks etc
1258 Lot Sports teams yearbooks etc
1259 Lot Sports teams yearbooks etc
1260 Lot Sports teams yearbooks etc
1261 Lot baseball cards
1262 Lot baseball cards
1263 Lot baseball cards
1264 Lot baseball cards
1265 Lot baseball cards
1266 Lot baseball cards
1267 Lot football cards
1268 Lot baseball cards
1269 Lot football cards
1270 Lot baseball cards
1271 Lot football cards
1272 Lot hockey cards
1273 Lot baseball cards
1274 Lot baseball cards
1275 Lot basketball cards
1276 Lot football cards
1277 Lot football cards
1278 Lot baseball cards
1279 Lot football cards
1280 Lot football cards
1281 Lot baseball cards
1282 Lot baseball cards
1283 Lot baseball cards
1284 Lot baseball cards
1285 Lot baseball cards
1286 Lot hockey cards
1287 Lot baseball cards
1288 Lot baseball cards
1289 Lot baseball cards
1290 Lot sports magazines
1291 Lot sports magazines and year books
1292 Lot sports magazines and year books
1293 Lot sports magazines and year books
1294 Lot sports magazines and year books
1295 Lot sports magazines and year books
1296 Lot sports magazines and year books
1297 Lot sports magazines and year books
1298 Lot sports magazines and year books
1299 Lot sports magazines and year books
1300 Lot football cards
1301 Lot baseball cards
1302 Lot baseball cards
1303 Lot baseball cards
1304 Lot baseball cards
1305 Lot baseball cards
1306 Lot baseball cards
1307 Lot hockey cards
1308 Lot football cards
1309 Lot baseball team year books, periodicals, etc
1310 Lot baseball team year books, periodicals, etc
1311 Lot baseball team year books, periodicals, etc
1312 Lot baseball team year books, periodicals, etc
1313 Lot baseball team year books, periodicals, etc
1314 Lot baseball team year books, periodicals, etc
1315 Lot baseball team year books, periodicals, etc
1316 Lot baseball team year books, periodicals, etc
1317 Lot baseball team year books, periodicals, etc
1318 Lot baseball team year books, periodicals, etc
1319 Lot baseball team year books, periodicals, etc
1320 Lot baseball team year books, periodicals, etc
1321 Lot baseball team year books, periodicals, etc
1322 Lot baseball team year books, periodicals, etc
1323 Lot baseball team year books, periodicals, etc
1324 Lot baseball team year books, periodicals, etc
1325 Lot football cards
1326 Lot baseball cards
1327 Lot football cards
1328 Lot football cards
1329 Lot hockey and basketball cards
1330 Lot baseball cards
1331 Lot baseball cards
1332 Lot baseball cards
1333 Lot basketball cards
1334 Lot Misc sports cards
1335 T/L Misc eph
1336 T/L Misc eph
1337 T/L Misc eph
1338 T/L Misc eph
1339 T/L Misc eph
1340 T/L Misc eph
1341 T/L Misc eph
1342 T/L Misc eph
1343 T/L Misc eph
1344 Lot Stereopticon cards
1345 Lot tin types
1346 Horse Dung Trail Saga of the American Circus
1347 Old Gods The Facts about Irish Fairies
1348 The Story of Little Black Sambo
1349 Reverence for Wood Eric Sloane
1350 Pork Barrel Congressional Profligacy
1351 No Respect Rodney Dangerfield
1352 The Verse By the Side of the Road Burma Shave
1353 Tapestries in Sand The Spirit of Indian Sandpainting Favorite North American Indian Legends 2
1354 Sweetgrass Baskets and the Gullah Tradition
1355 Incan Legends
1356 State of New Jersey Title l9 Elections 1946
1357 Hitlers 30 Days to Power 1933
1358 Lot childrens books
1359 Lot art books
1360 Lot childrens books
1361 Lot better quality novels
1363 American Dreams Lost and Found Studs Terkel
1364 The Cat
1365 Hanta Yo An American Saga Hill
1366 Lot better quality novels
1367 The Timetables of History
1368 Golden Light The 1878 Diary of Captain T R Lake
1369 Midnight in Siberia Greene
1373 About Town The New Yorker Twin Towers 2
1374 Ghostly American Places
1375 Creeey’s Battles 1851
1376 War Letters
1377 American Lion Andrew Jackson
1378 Scrapbook Roller Skating
1379 Lot 45 RPM records incl: Village People,Eagles Steve Martin,Reo Speedwagon,Styx,Debby Boone, Streisand,Rex Smith,
1380 B/L childrens books incl Disney’s Wonderful World of Knowledge
1381 Scrapbook incl Admiral Dewey Souv booklet
1382 The Torch is Passed
1383 Scrapbook travel
1384 In The Heart of the Sea The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex Philbrick
1385 North American Wildlife
1386 Laura Ingalls Wilder: Illus Garth Williams Little House on the Prairie Little Town on the Prairie 2
1387 Wildlife Ency 2
1388 Lot 33 vinyl records childrens albums
1389 Lot 33 vinyl records Bee Gees,Fleetwood Mac
1390 Lot 33 vinyl records childrens albums
1391 T/L Popular Mechanics, Science magazines 1950s cars
1392 T./L Funk and Wagnalls Encyl set
1393 Treasury of American Folklore
1394 Miss Twisty Adventures in the Country
1395 Rutgers Alumni Directory 1986
1396 Two Little Confederates
1397 Pictorial History of WWII
1398 The Wit and Wisdom of Harry Truman
1399 Island of Hope Island of Tears
1400 A Fly Fishers Life Ritz
1401 Lot art books 3
1402 The Three Rings History of the Spanish Jews
1403 To Appomattox The Twentieth Maine
1404 Tom the Telephone Boy Bambis Children 2
1405 Stephen A Douglas Report of the US Attorney General 1912 2
1406 Wit and Humor 1886
1407 Passenger Liners since 1893
1408 Lot better quality novels 4
1409 Meet General Grant
1410 Grant Takes Command Bruce Catton
1411 The Life of Nelson Embodiment of the Sea Power of Great Britain
1412 T/l Misc eph incl ;post cards
1414 Lot Flirt books 3
1415 The Katrina Dolphins
1416 The Childrens Book of Virtues Childs Treasury of Nursery Rhymes 2
1417 A Portrait of New Zealand The Maori People of New Zealand New Zealand Enchantment of the World Oceania New Zealand 4s
1418 American Sign Language Dictionary
1419 Character Strengths and Virtues
1420 Personality
1421 Fire and Fury Inside The Trump Whitehouse
1422 Lot books by Sarah Dessen 4
1423 The Celestine Prophecy
1423A The Tenth Insight
1424 Arabian Nights
1425 California and Oregon Trail Parkman
1426 Homers Iliad
1427 The Odyssey Homer
1428 Ivanhoe Scott
1429 Michael Strogoff
1430 Old Civilizations of the New World
1431 The Road to Liberty 1938
1432 The Pilot Cooper
1433 Mrs Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch 1902
1434 Max, Best Friend, Hero, Marine
1435 B/L Men’s magazines
1436 Webster’s International Dictionary 2 vols
1437 Witches and Warlocks
1438 Hymnal of the Methodist Episcopal Church 1878
1439 Book of Lost Worlds Horizon 2 vols
1440 Travels of Marco Polo
1441 Conan Doyles Best Books 3
1442 Classic Romances of Literature set 8vol
1443 Short Stories of Mark Twain
1444 Crosscups US History 1911
1445 Philatelic lot:older US covers
1446 Philatelic lot:older US covers
1447 Philatelic lot:older US covers
1448 Ency of Aircraft
1449 Friends of Israel Defense Forces
1450 The Methodist Hymnal 1966
1451 Panoramic View of Camp Dix
1452 The Sacred Tarot The Brotherhood of Light
1453 Still Living ? Myra Shackley
1454 Legendary Northwoods Animals
1455 French Advertising Art
1456 The Noble Cat
1457 Old Stuff in Up Country Pennsylvania
1458 Records of the Council of Safety and Governor and Council of the State of Vermont 1775-1777 1873 2 vols
1459 Pictorial Field Book of the Revolution BJ Lossing 1860 2 vols rebound
1460 Common Sense in the Household
1461 Psychopathia Sexualis 1935
1462 Poker Wallace
1463 Legendary Northwoods Animals
1464 All Saints Ellsberg
1465 Magic Mark Wilson
1466 Nature Library Butterflies
1467 Eugenics and Sex Relations rough
1468 Where There is Vision New Jersey Ag Expt Station
1469 Handwriting Analysis
1470 The Vampire in Europe
1471 Henry Gasser Exhibition 300th Anniv Newark
1472 Vertebrate Embryology 1931
1473 Haunted Dundee 1923 5 True Story of Jumbo the Elephant Mash;.Masonic Lodge Music;Paintings/Chrysle collection
1474 The Worlds Whales Whales Jacques Cousteau 2
1475 Great Aircraft of the World
1476 Mountains of North America Beckey Wolves Candace Savage The Planets
1477 El Escorial The Forbidden City The Colosseum The History of Forts and Castles
1478 T/L 45 RPM records
1479 T/L Misc eph incl Elvis
1480 Lot 33 vinyl records incl,Isley Bros,Elvis, Village People,Rolliung Stones, JJ Jazz Quintet
1481 Lot 33 vinyl records incl,The Beatles,
1482 Lot 33 vinyl records incl,The Beatles
1483 Lot 33 vinyl records incl,Sounds of Steam Locomotives
1484 Lot 33 vinyl records incl,Sounds of Steam Locomotives
1485 Lot 33 vinyl records incl,Rolliing Stones, Elvis, Bruce Springsteen etc
1486 Lot 33 vinyl records
1487 Lot 33 vinyl records
1488 Chapmans Piloting
1489 Rivers in the City
1490 The Strange Death of President Harding A Treasury of American Folklore 2
1491 Lot better quality novels
1492 Lot childrens books
1493 1995 Yearbook Coriston HS Hamilton Twp NJ
1494 1996 Yearbook Coriston HS Hamilton Twp NJ
1495 Eloise Noel
1496 Lot better quality novels
1497 B/L albums of78 records 1930s-40s
1498 B/L albums of78 records 1930s-40s
1499 Star Wars poster framed
1500 Loyt 78 records Les Paul and Mary Ford, Doris Day, Bing Crosby
1501 The Master Library 8 vols
1502 Lot classics: Rebecca, Demauier Point Counter Point Aldous Huxley Buddenbrooks Thomas Mann Of Human Bondage Somerset Maugham 4 leather
1502A Lot classics:Look Homeward Angel Thomas Wolfe Lust for Life Irving Stone The Grapes of Wrath John Steinbeck 3 leather
1503 The Poet at the Breakfast Table Holmes
1504 Coleridge Poems Shelleys Poetical Works Bryants Poems Tennesons poems
1505 B/L Harvard Classics 30 vols in two boxes
1506 Gibbons Rome 6 vols 1880
1507 B/L Misc magazines Playboy etc
1508 B/L Misc magazines Playboy etc
1509 B/L Misc magazines Playboy etc
1510 B/L Misc magazines Playboy etc
1511 B/L Misc magazines Playboy etc
1512 B/L Misc magazines Playboy etc
1513 B/L Misc magazines Playboy etc
1514 B/L Misc magazines Playboy etc
1515 B/L Misc magazines Playboy etc
1516 B/L Misc magazines Playboy etc
1517 B/L Misc magazines Playboy etc
1518 B/L Misc magazines Playboy etc
1519 B/L Misc magazines Playboy etc
1520 B/L sheet music
1521 The Golden Book History of the United States 7 vols
1522 Happy Trails Roy Rogers and Dale Evans
1523 Lot childrens books
1524 Lot childrens books
1525 Lot childrens books
1526 Lot childrens books
1527 Lot childrens books
1528 Lot childrens books
1529 Lot childrens books
1530 Lot childrens books
1531 Lot childrens books
1532 Lot childrens books
1533 Lot childrens books Little Golden
1534 The Bear and the Dragon Tom Clancy
1535 Civil War Memories Joshi
1536 Stick to Drawing Comics Monkey Brain
1537 Lot childrens books
1538 No Surrender WWII Memoir Subchaser Stafford 2
1539 Einstein and Religion
1540 Lot childrens books
1541 Lot 45 PM records
1542 Lot 45 PM records
1543 Lot 45 PM records
1544 Lot 45 PM records
1545 Away All Boats Dodson
1546 Laddie c1900 A Kings Son Billy Bray 1890 The Motor Boys 1910
1547 Black Beauty 1918
1548 Atlantic Fury Innes
1549 The Curse of Jezebel Slaughter The Judas Tree Cronin 2
1550 The Concubine Lofts
1551 Golden Thorns 1871
1552 Lot Ice Show, Football, Skating programs
1553 Island in the Sun Waugh Voyage to Santa Fe Gikles
1554 China Flight Pearl Buck 1945
1555 The Case of the Dangerous Dowager Earle Stanley Gardner Plough by the Sea
1556 Peter Pan and Wendy J M Barrie 1926
1557 Lot Better quality novels 7
1558 Baseball photo plaque Cal Ripkin
1559 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Bobby Vinton;Connie Francis Prez Prado Mario Lanza, Tony Bennett,etc
1560 Lot Better quality novels 11
1561 Yankees Century
1562 Lot Better quality novels 5
1563 Lot Better quality novels 5
1564 Joe Biden, Promise Me Dad ( In reviewing this book, I discovered that Joe Biden and his family taped a segment of “Reading Rainbow”! So did we with the Old Feed Mill Auction family.)
1565 Lot Better quality novels 5
1566 Lot Better quality novels 4
1567 T/L Model Train catalogs Lionel, etc
1568 T/L Model Train magazines
1569 T/L Model Train magazines
1570 The Collection of Alfred Steiglitz
1571 The Brave and the Free 1942
1572 Antiques Fakes
1573 The Abraham Lincoln Trilogy Great Captain
1574 Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen
1575 The Lucky Strike Story 1939 NY Worlds Fair
1576 T/L Tears sheets 1930s40s Magazine ads
1577 T/L Tear sheets 1930s40s Magazine ,Articles etc
1578 As You Pass By Dunshee 1952
1579 1939 NY Worlds Fair art catalog
1580 Lot art books
1581 1957 Motors Truck Repair Manual
1582 Fifty Centuries of Art Antiques 2
1583 The Colonial Silversmith Silver Pleasures and Treasures
1584 The Book of Birds NGS 1937
1585 Know Your Heirlooms The Things That Are Adrien Stoutenburg 2
1586 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: The Who,abba, James Taylor, Dan Fogelburg,Elton John etc
1587 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Linda Ronstadt The Police Jimi Hendrix,Jethro Tull,Led Zeppelin’
1588 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Rod Stewart,Gregg Allman The Zombies,The Rolling Stones,Jack Jones,Linda Ronstadt,Eagles,Olivia Newton John
1589 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: BLT,Jerry Vale,Abba Black Sabbath,The Reds,Nils Lofgren,Chevy Chase
1590 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Steely Dan,Rush, Phil Collins,Eric Clapton,Pat Benatar,The \Boomtown Rats,J Geils Band etc etc
1591 Childrens Reader Two Pennell and Cusack 1929
1592 A Fortune in the Junk Pile Jenkins
1592A Guide to Furniture Brunt
1593 7000 Old Books
1594 Bring On the Empty Horses David Niven
1595 Berlin Diary 1941
1596 Between The Hills and the Sea lst Ed dj
1597 Brenda Starr Girl Reporter 1943
1598 My Battle l930 lst Amer Ed Adolf Hitler
1599 Calculated Risk Mark Clark, General US Army
1600 Adv of Tom Sawyer Mark Twain 1922 An Old Fashioned Girl Alcott
1601 Come Hither de la Mare
1602 The Cowboy and His Horse Fletcher 1951
1603 Kon Tiki Thor Heyerdahl ,1951, dj lst Ed
1604 The Bird of Paradise Lily Powell 1971 lst Ed dj
1605 The Incredible Journey Burnford 1961 dj Illus Carl Burger
1606 Rommel the Desert Fox 1950
1607 Life of George Washington by Washington Irving 1975
1608 He Oxbow Incident 1940 He Went With Drake 2
1609 The Artist and Writers America
1610 AH The Great West
1611 Will Rogers
1612 Lot trading cards entertainers Elvis etc
1613 Lot periodicals The Beatles
1614 Lot periodicals The Beatles
1615 Lot trading cards the Beatles
1616 Lot trading cards the Beatles
1617 Lot TV Guides Beatles etc
1618 Lot The Beatles Anthology
1619 Lot Warriors series 4
1620 Lot childrens books
1621 Lot childrens books
1622 The Struggle and the Splendor Agudath Israel of America
1623 Forever Barbie Lord
1624 The Winds of War Wouk War and R
1625 O Jerusalem !
1626 Collected Stories of Sholom Aleicham 2
1627 Isaac Bashevis Singer Kresh
1628 The Gulag Archipelago Solzhenitsyn
1629 Our Lives An Anthology of Jewish Womens Writings
1630 The Nurenberg Interviews Leon Goldensohn
1631 Great Jews in Sports
1632 Darash Moshe
1633 Selected Works of Israel Zangwill
1634 A People That Dwells Alone Yaacov Herzog
1635 Great Jewish Statesmen
1636 Great Jews in Science
1637 Jewish Nobel Prize Winners
1638 Great Jews in Art
1639 Great Jews as Military Heroes
1640 A History of the Jews in the United States
1641 Israel and Her Neighbors Elath
1642 A Jewish Iconoraphy Rubens
1643 The Sudenton Problem 1933-38 Volkstumspolitik and the Formulation of Nazi Foreign Policy Smelser
1644 Blood Accusation Maurice Samuel
1645 The Haggada (Jerusalem Hilton)
1646 Tolstoy Crankshaw
1647 Freud A Life For Our Time Peter Gay
1648 Persons of Consequence Louis Auchincloss
1649 Dorothy and Lillian Gish
1650 The Art of Perfume
1651 Silverware Harry Rinker
1652 Inside the Israel Museum
1653 Those Who Love Irving Stone (John and Abigail Adams)
1654 Life and Work of Sigmund Freud
1655 Lot Yearbooks:Ramaz in the Morris and Ida Newman Educational Center 1961 + 5 vols
1656 Dear Bess Letters from Harry to Bess Truman
1657 Passover Haggadah
1658 Review Society for History of Czechoslovak Jews Terezin 2
1659 The Conversion of Chaplain Cohen
1660 The Story of Rabbi Akiba
1661 Ancient Evenings Norman Mailer
1662 The Proud Tower Tuchman
1663 Her Face in the Mirror Jewish Women on Mothers and Daughters Moskowitz
1664 Celebration of Life Mueller
1665 In Cold Blood Truman Capote lst Prt
1666 The Graphic History of the Jewish Heritage
1667 The Pentateuch and Haftoras Hertz
1668 Heart of Wisdom Bernard Raskas 2 vols
1669 The Songs We Sing Coopersmith
1670 Torah Prt in Israel 2
1671 The Book of Ruth Woodcuts by Steinhardt
1672 Jewish Art Grossman
1673 Prague Karel Plicka
1674 Lost New York Nathan Silver
1675 Lost New York Nathan Silver
1676 Praha Matka Mest Bohumil Landisch
1677 The First World War John Keegan Is Paris Burning ? 2
1678 Candide Voltaire Illus Rockwell Kent
1679 Families Wyatt Cooper The Story of the Aleph Beth Diringer 2
1680 The Rock Yearbook 3
1681 The Films of Charlie Chaplin
1682 Tarzan of the Movies
1683 The Films of Laurel and Hardy
1684 B/L Play Boy magazines
1685 B/L Mens magazines
1686 B/L Mens magazines
1687 B/L Mens magazines
1688 Lot 78 records incl Tommy Dorsey Jimmy Dorsey, Bing Crosby, Andrew sisters Ken Darby, Perry Como
1689 Lot 78 records incl Xavier Cugat
1690 Lot 78 records incl Charlie Barnet,Glen Gray Russ Morgan
1691 Lot 78 records incl Abe Lyman,Bing Crosby Dick Haymes,Sammy Kaye,Glen Miller,Frankie Carl Burl Ives,
1692 Lot 78 records incl Russ Morgan,Freddie Slack, Dinah Shore,The Mills Brothers
1693 Lot 78 records incl Bing Crosby,Andy Russell, USMA Band,USMA Chapel Choir,Tony Martin Pery Como,SDammy Kaye, Ken Darbyu,
1694 Lot 78 records incl Glen Miller,Guy Lombardo Perry Como,Jesse Crawford,Paul Whiteman ,Frank Sinatra
1695 Lot 78 records incl Andrews Sisters, Bing Crosby, USMA Glee Club,Harry James, Frank Sinatra, Kay Kyser,Pee Wee Hunt,Jimmy Dorsey,Russ Morgan, Glen Miller,Vaughan Monroe
1696 Lot 78 records incl Sammy Kaye,Woody Herman, Charlie Spivak,Glen Gray, Harry James Vaughan Monroe,John Scott Trotter
1697 Lot 78 records incl Tony Martin,Kay Kyser Johnnie Johnston,Jack smith,Uptown String Band Frankie Carle,Buddy Clark,Woody Herman, Kate Smith,
1698 Lot 78 records incl Burl Ives,Pied Pipers, Johnnie Long,Allan Jones, Keynotes,Les Brown, Xavier Cugat,Frank Sinatra,
1699 Lot 78 records incl Fred Waring,Kenny Baker,Ray Noble Stan Kenton,Abe Lyman,Andrew Sisters,Charlie Barnet Harry James,LesBrown,
1700 Lot 78 records incl Art Mooney,Al Jolson Ella Fitzgerald, Horace Heidt,Perry Como,Vic Damone Vera Lynn,Doris Day,
1701 Lot 78 records incl Fritz Kreisler, John McCormack Mischa Elman,Lucy Marsh,Marie Michailowa Enrico Caruso,
1702 Lot 78 records incl Dick Haymes,Harry James, Freddy Martin, Kay Armen,Bing Crosby,Andrews Sisters Kay Kyser,Tommy Dorsey Vaughan Monroe, Nan Merriman
1703 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Cher,Richard Chamberlain Neil Diamond,Barry Manilow,Tony Orlando,Bee Gees
1704 Hummel Guide
1705 Islamic Political Ethics
1706 Dirty Jokes and Beer Drew Carey Presidential Humor Capentert author signed Obviously On He Sails Bush Humor 3
1707 Lot Danielle Steel novels 5 djs
1708 Turning Point of the Civil War,l863
1709 In the Garden of Beasts Larson
1710 The Golden Key Macdonald Illus Maurice Sendak
1711 Standing Firm Dan Quayle
1712 A Survivors Story Severin Fayuerman/Auschwitz
1713 Royal Charles Fraser
1714 Lot better quality novels 3
1715 Lot better quality novels
1716 Lot Novels by James Patterson 17 vols djs
1717 T/L: better quality novels 7
1718 Lot art books 3
1719 Gump and Co Groom
1720 God is an Englishman
1721 Lot better quality novels 4
1722 Forbidden Pompeii ( erotica)
1723 My Turn The Memoirs of Nancy Reagan
1724 A Fighting Chance Elizabeth Warren
1725 The Dream Book Barolini
1726 Tuesday the Rabbi Saw Red Kemelman
1727 Images of America Forest Hills signed
1728 The Academy Awards
1729 Four Star Movies
1730 Newarks Little Italy The Archdiocese of Newark 2
1731 Dreams From my Father Barack Obama
1732 Grimms Complete Fairy Tales
1733 It Happened in Italy Italian Pride 2
1734 Religious prints, rolled
1735 Religious prints, rolled
1736 Watercolor print signed and numbered
1737 Print Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel Michelangelo
1738 Print the Last Supper rolled
1739 Lot albums and records The Beatles
1740 America The Beautiful Cookbook
1741 Fate and Fortune
1742 The Tall Ships a Salute to Liberty
1743 Life Beyond Earth Ferris Vanishing Primitive Man 2
1744 Mapping Americas Past Atlas of Classical Archaeology 2
1745 The National Archives of the United States
1746 Bold Voyages and Great Explorers Bjorn Landstrom
1747 Perspectives on the Past Littell The Atlas of Early Man 3 Lancelot Hoghben Astronomer,Priest,and Ancient Mariner
1748 Living Birds of the World
1749 Great Disasters
1750 History of Aviation
1751 Great Sea Battles
1752 Great Military Battles
1753 Greek Gods and Art
1754 Prehistoric World Moody
1755 Titanic Legacy of the Worlds Greatest Ocean Liner
1756 Treasury of American Art
1757 History The Definitive Visual Guide Pictorial History of the 20th Cty 2
1758 Mountains
1759 No More War! Linus Pauling 500 Years of Life in America
1760 Exploring the Lusitania
1761 American Nature Land of Living Rock the Grand Canyon 2
1762 Mountains of the Gods
1763 Passages to Freedom The Underground Railroad
1764 Treasures in Your Home
1765 Revelationes del Arte Popular Mexicano Etchings of Rembrandt 2
1766 Smithsonian Smithsonian Book of Invention
1767 Atlas of the Oceans
1768 The Century Peter Jennings
1769 Drunken Goldfish
1770 What the Boys Did Over There By ” Themselves” 1919
1771 Native American Wisdom
1772 The World of the Past Ancient Roman Gardens 2
1773 Treasury of Western Folklore
1774 NGS bound 1923,1924,1926,1925 6 vols
1775 A Dictionary of Symbols Biblical Literacy Rabbi Telushkin 2
1776 NGS bound 1938,1937,1936,1935, 6 vols
1777 NGS in slip jackets 2006,2007,2008 5cs
1778 Song of Love 1929
1779 Songs of a Sourdough Robert Service Ency of Sex The Go Ahead Boys 3
1780 Band of Brothers Artillery Ian Hogg
1781 This England
1782 North to the Orient Anne Morrow Lindbergh
1783 Iron Eyes Iron Eyes Cody
1784 NGS bound 1943,1944,1933,1934 6 vols
1785 Americans Interpret Their Civil War Pressley
1786 Gods, Graves and Scholars
1787 A History of the Jews Abrom Sachar The Jews of Ancient Rome 2
1788 Mr Lincolns T Mails
1789 True Tales of the Old Time Plains Dary
1790 Virginia 1584-1607 The First English Settlement in North America
1791 Superstitions Peter Lorie
1792 T/L sports cards
1793 Album Babe Ruth cards
1794 This is New Jersey John Cunningham
1795 The Red Knight of Germany Baron Von Richthofen 1932
1796 The Bishop’s Jaegers Thorne Smith dj 1932
1797 Under the Sea-Wind Rachel Carson The Sea Around Us Rachel Carson 2
1798 The Stray Lamb Thorne Smith 1929 dj
1799 The Roads of Home :Lanes and Legends of New Jersey Beck dj 1956 Tales of New Jersey NJ Bell Telephone (Includes story of broken cable on the
1800 The Night Life of the Gods Thorne Smith dj 1938 (Ex Libris Pulis Family, Franklin Lakes(Campgaw)
1801 The Story of Young Abraham Lincoln Whipple 1915 The Emergence of Lincoln 2
1802 A New Jersey Reader
1803 Count Luckner The Sea Devil Lowell Thomas 1927
1804 Ben, the Luggage Boy Horatio Alger 1898
1805 W.A.G.s Tale Turnbull 1913
1806 The Secret of the Kingdom Mika Waltari Jazz Toni Morrison 2
1807 Lot Hardy Boys series 4 vols
1808 T/L baseball cards
1809 T/L baseball cards
1810 T/L baseball cards
1811 T/L Misc eph sports cards etc
1812 The Warren Commission Report The Kennedys End of a Dynasty 2
1813 Motors Repair Manual 1962
1814 The Family Mark Twain
1815 Lot childrens books pop ups etc
1816 Around the World in Eight Days Post and Gatty The Flight of the Winne Mae 1931
1817 Farewell to Valley Forge Taylor
1818 Fifth Avenue Bus Christopher Morley Emily of Deep Valley Lovelace 2
1819 Dove in the Eagles Nest Yonge The Sorceress of Rome 2 1907
1820 Lot childrens books
1821 Gardening in New Jersey Crocketts Victory Garden 2
1822 Garden State Canoe1ing
1823 Yearbook University of New Hampshire 2004
1824 Essays on the Civil War and Reconstruction
1825 The Art of Democracy Cullen
1826 The Wonder Book of Children color plates c 1900
1827 Japanese Masters of the Colour Print
1828 Friendly Stories At War With Pontiac 1916 The Blue Fairy Book Lang c 1900
1829 The American Cowboy in Life and Legend
1830 Lot childrens books
1831 Mental Arithmetic 1880 Childrens Primer 1902 2
1832 His Way (Sinatra) Kitty Kelley
1833 The Gunfighters
1834 Male Menopause Jed Diamond
1835 The Gang hat Couldn’t Shoot Straight
1835A Barney Fifes Guide to Life, Love and Self Defense
1836 Bring Me a Unicorn Anne Morrow Lindbergh
1837 T/L Set AH History of the United States ,15vols
1838 T/L Time Life set Home Improvement 27 vols
1839 The Face is Familiar The Verse of Ogden Nash 1940
1840 Fur Trappers of the Old West (Includes Jedediah (Jed) Smith ,born at Harmonie Hall (cabin) Rte 7, Bainbridge, New York)
1841 Smugglers Woods Pierce
1842 The World of Night Milne 1956 A Fair Wind Home Ruth Moore 1953 2
1843 Slick My Life in and Around Baseball Whitey Ford
1844 Moses Sholem Asch
1845 Huckleberry Finn Illus Norman Rockwell
1846 The Last Human Face Franz Stock Priest in Hitler’s Army Hanley OFM
1847 Tristan and Isolde John Erskine
1848 The Old Farm Andrew Mellick
1849 Lot BSA Manuals Handbook for Scout Masters 1927 Handbook for Patrol Leaders 1957 Fieldbook BSA 1989
1850 The Mettle of the Pasture Allen 1903
1851 The Glorious Pool Thorne Smith 1934
1852 Whispering Smith Spearman 1906 Illus N C Wyeth
1853 Colonel Carter of Cartersville 1901
1854 People of Our Neighborhood 1898 Wilkins The Courage of Marge O Doone Curwood 1918
1855 Along the Rivieras of France and Italy Gordon Home Fair is Our Land 2
1856 Dorothy Dales Queer Holidays Penrose Betty Gordon and the Hale Twins Emerson 1929 Cahalina at Greycliff Grove 1923
1857 Treasury of Railroad Folklore
1858 The Beatles
1859 American Guerilla in the Philippines
1860 Lot Childrens books
1861 Kisses
1862 Lot Bobbsey Twins (older) 4
1863 Did She Fall ? THorne Smith
1864 Birds of America Fuertes
1865 Aloing the Old York Road Cawley
1866 My Friend Flicka The Foaling Barn 2
1867 Lot 78 records incl Tony Bennett, Fontaine Sisters The Crew Cuts, Glen Miller,McGuire Sisters Perry Como,The Gaylords,Jaye P Morgan,DeCastro Sisters Patti Page,Les Baxter etc
1868 Lot 78 records incl The Hilltoppers,Guy Lombardo, Jaye P Morgan, Perry Como,De John Sisters Nat King cole, Dean Martin,Vic Damone,Four Aces, Teresa Brewer,Mindy Carson,Eddy Arnols
1869 Lot 78 records incl Tony Bennett,Percy Faith,Georgia Gibbs,Patience and Prudence,Rusty Draper,Gisele Mac Kenzie,Glenn Miller,Somethin Smith and the Red Heads,Fritz Kreisler
1870 New Jersey Its Present and Past
1871 Family Pride Holmes c 1890
1872 The Hiawatha Primer 1898 Champion Spelling Book 1909 2
1873 Photographers Source Book Ency of Photography
1874 Lot childrens books
1875 Lessons For Dylan Joel Siegel auythor signed dj
1876 With Malice Toward None Life of Abraham Lincoln Lincoln His World and His Words The Story of the Gettysburg Address 3
1877 T/L Misc eph
1878 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Clancy Brothers The Abbey Tavern Singers,John McCormack, Carmel Quinn, Veronica Dunne,Gilbert O Sullivan.The Wolfetones
1879 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Marshall Tucker Band Dan Hill,Carole King.Jimi Hendrix,Three Dog Night John Mayall,Abba,Led Zeppelin,Gary Puckett and the Union Gap,Sly and the Family Stone
1880 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: The Beach Boys,Jimi Hendrix Harmonicats,Lawrence Welk,The Sandpipers,Eric Clapton Chad Mitchell Trio,Eddy Arnold
1881 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Jimi Hendrix,Herb Alpert Lethro Tull,John Mayall,Madame Schumann Heink The Mills Brothers,The Carpenters,The Dubliners
1882 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Gilbert OSullivan John McCormack,Abby Tavern Singers,Herb Alpert Elton John,The Irish Rove1rs, Rod Stewart The Beach Boys
1883 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Mamas and Papas,Jimmy Buffet The Rascals, Joan Baez,Jefferson Airplane,The Who Elton John,Neil Diamond,
1884 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:James Taylor,Neil Diamond Dan Fogelberg,Billy Joel,Marshall Tucker Band, George Carlin,Chick Corea,Jimi Hendrix,Gratewul Dead Air Supply
1885 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Eddy Arnold,Perry Como,Shows
1886 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:5th Dimension,Skyliters Linda Ronstadt,The Platters,Village People Harry Chapin,The Ink Spots
1887 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Monty Python,Chipmunks, Creedence Clearwater Revival, ZZ Tops,Todd Rungren Al Martino,Ernie heldon and the Villagers etc
1888 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:The Stylistics Chuck Berry, The Crows, The Moonglows,Bee Gees The Association,Kate Smith.Seals and Crofts
1889 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:The Chambers Brothers,Lovin Spoonful,5th Dimension,Four Seasons, Bob Seeger Shireles,Mamas and Papas,B J Thomas,Dave Clark Five The Monkees,The Box Tops,Bread,Toto, A cclice Cooper
1890 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Three Dog Night, The J Geils Band,Aerosmith Belinda Carlisle,, Reo Speedwagon,The Pretenders,Bobby Brown, Jethro Tull
1891 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Steve Miller Band Doobie Brothers,Jefferson Airplane,Aretha Franklin Black Sabbath,The Grass Roots,America
1892 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Simply Red,Virgins and Philstines,Simple Minds,Meat Loaf,The Moody Blues, Kenny Loggins,The Pretenders,Cupid and Psyche George Carlin
1893 Lot Early 33 LPs
1894 Wit and Wisdom of Mark Twain The Abraham Lincoln Joke Book 2
1895 Lot childrens books
1896 How Can I Keep From Singing Pete Seeger Ah One Ah Two Lawrence Welk 2
1897 The wonderful World of the Seashore Gaul
1898 World Aflame Billy Graham
1899 Little Old New York Rida Young 1923
1900 Those Were the Days Hewitt 1943
1901 The Best Bird Stories I Know Minot
1902 The Postmaster Jos Lincoln 1912
1903 The Sky and the Forest C S Forester
1904 Twin Rivers The Raritan and the Passaic
1905 Popular Mechanics Do it Yourself set 11 vols
1906 Lot childrens books
1907 Lot childrens books
1908 T/L baseball cards
1909 T/L baseball cards
1910 Lot pin Backs
1911 Burlap potato sack “Mammy” w/black face woman as a logo, California ( Burlap sacks for potatoes were discontinued in the 1950s as they were thought to be a vector in the spread of tuber nematodes
1912 Framed photograph Appalachian Pioneers
1913 Lot matted advertising
1914 Framed pen and ink print Ornithological
1915 Currier and Ives America Colin Simkin
1916 Catsigns A Lunar Astrological Guide for Cats and Their Owners
1917 Zoom Upstream Tim Wynne Jones Illus Eric Beddows
1918 Yearbook 2004 University of New Hampshire
1919 The Bee Book Daphne More Peacock Lane 2
1920 Insects USDA 1952
1921 Destructive and Useful Insects Metcalf and Flint 1928 University of Illinois
1922 Natural Insect and Disease Control Insect,Disease and Weed I D Guide 2
1923 Lot Wizard of Oz Anniversary movie posters
1924 Matted Winslow Homer poster
1925 Lot posters 2 Morristown NJ On the Green
1926 Matted engraving Des Hauses Und des Feldes Segen
1927 Art poster Pegge Hopper 1986
1928 Art poster Jerry Schur Brooklyn Heights NY
1929 Tanaka Isson Watercolors calendar Exiles in Paradise
1930 Great Artist series: Degas;Goya;Elgreco;Titian Modigliani;Michelangelo;Rembrandt;Rubens Toulouse-Lautrec 9 vols
1931 Lot 45 RPM records; The Amboy Dukes;Herb Alpert, BJ Thomas, Jefferson Airplane;Neil Diamond;The Supreme Cat Stevens,,Three Dog Night,Gunhill Road,Bobby Darin
1932 Lot 45 RPM records; James Darren,Spencer Davis Group Elvis Presley,Blue Swede,Raiders, Cat Stevens, Simon and Garfunkel,Spanky and Our Gang,The Troggs Bette Midler,Carpenters,Four Seasons,
1933 Lot 45 RPM records; Clyde McPhatter,The Rascals, Dionne Warwick,Bobby Vee,Carpenters,Jay and the Americans,The Lettermen,Brooklyn bridge,Randy Kim The Association
1934 Lot 45 RPM records; Rod Stewart,Lou Christie, Joe Cocker,Three Dog Night,Jackie Deshannon,Jerry Butler,Mamas and Papas,Box Tops,The Lettermen Four Seasons Three Dog Night,,Vicki Robinson,
1935 Lot 45 RPM records; The Grasroots,Vanilla Fiudge, Jimmy Ruffin,Sonny and Cher,Three Dog Night,Righteous Brothers Ruby and the Romantics,,Jim Nabors,Bob Dylan The Byrds,5th Dimension,Blood Sweat and Tears,Tom
1936 Graph Expo poster 88
1937 Lot Merry Christmas posters (Thomas Nast Santa Claus)3
1938 Payson Gallery Met Museum of Art poster
1939 Street of Ships posters 2
1940 Lehman Collection Met Museum of Art poster
1941 Lot posters (3) Hollywood Legend and Reality
1942 Lot art posters Kitchell Editions 2
1943 Poster Museum of Fine Arts Boston
1944 Poster Christmas in Saint Michaels , Maryland
1945 Bass Ale Adv poster
1946 Lot posters New Jerseys First Lady Gateway to Liberty 1886-l986 22
1947 Poster LaPlume Mucha 1897 Litho Art Inst Chicago
1948 Poster Indian Corn of the Americas
1949 Poster ( Harpers Weekly) Cruise of the New York Yacht Club
1950 Pull down Japan Lines Nautical map
1951 Lot 45RPM records: Jamaican; Mr Chicken;No Friend Fassy;Nah Waste Time,Sizzla,Hot Gal,Independent Woman Chiney Gal,Dont Do Mi Dat,Elephant Man, Girls, Girls
1952 Lot 45RPM records: Jamaican; Pon de River.Pon de Bank Bad Man,A Bad Man,People Bawlin,Sweet Gal, Red Rat Rhythum Bedroom,Bed Bruk Down,The Buzz,Mis Twiddle Ricky Rude and Bling Dog,Dun Dem,Phenomenum 2,
1953 Lot 45RPM records: Jamaican; Hard Drugs Riddim, Culture Low,Badness Nuh Pay,Dutty Rub Riddim, Firehouse Crew,Righteousness,Dosnt Really Matter Coruption,Mr Perfect for Sure,Hatred for My Life
1954 Lot 45RPM records: Jamaican; Youths a So Cold Truth an Rights,Wad Up,Weed smoke,Coca Cola Bottle Nuff Gun,Bling,Water from My Eyes,Twist and Turn, Gimmi the Women,Yu a War, Hupe Life
1955 Lot 45RPM records: Jamaican; Killing a Killing, Burn a Hypocrite,She Makes Me Weak,Rah Rah Smokin Herb, Ya Dun no,Beenie Mans,Bad Man, Dude Its a Pity
1956 Lot 45RPM records: Jamaican; Mad and Miserable, Ova Di Wall.Gun Medley,Hear When Mi Seh, Real Bad Man They Dont No KingKong,Say What U Say,Boom Tony Grudge,Chocolate Eyes
1957 Lot 45RPM records: Jamaican; Most High Cup Full Sun is Shining,Intoxication Gentleman, Pure and Clean,Ghetto Diva,Gwaan Gwaan,Ghetto Strings Positive Energy,Cant Satisfy Her,Lie Dem a Tell
1958 Lot 45RPM records: Jamaican; Want Everything, Winey Winey,Mr Shottaman,Heat of the Battle, Black Survivor,Africans,Jahs my Best Friend Dem a Pagan,Live Up Right,Brimstone and Fire
1959 Lot 45 PM records Jamaica Reggae:Cho Cho Cho Black and Poor, Mah Play Wid Gal,Jumpin Jumpin Shes Loving,Jamaica, Loving the Ladies,Proud to be Jamaican,Up Town Banking,They Gonna Talk,Dude Try
1960 Lot 45 PM records Jamaica Reggae:Die For Ma Crew Damn Right,Its All over Son,Down Town,Black Ice, Glass House,GetGal Horny,Hot Love,Come In Wid It, Look Like Ty Man,Girls Priminister.Mama Hush
1961 Lot 45 PM records Jamaica Reggae:Third World,Night Heat,It Wasnt Me,High Grade,Son of a Bitch, Infomative Histoy Man,Jah Niceness,Signal the Plane, Taking Over,Uncomfortable,Smoking Up,Party to Damascus
1962 Lot 45 PM records Jamaica Reggae:Never Go Where Pagan Go, WarBook, Orgasm,Cut Him Off,Tall Up,Tall Up Jamaica,Martial Arts,Rinse It,Sorrow to The World, Ladies Looking Fine,Look Good,Some Gal Borrow,I Aint
1963 Lot 45 PM records Jamaica Reggae:Be Strong,Longing For Jah Cure,Your Best Friend,Footprints,I Believe Underground,Paradise Lost,Give Jah Thanx,In da Ghetto Heavnless,Reggae music, Imitations,Jah Never Fail I
1964 Lot 45 PM records Jamaica Reggae:Spin Yu Roll Rhythm Informer,Going Down,Write Off,DiGirls Dem,Stepz Riddim,Never Lov Another,Irresistible,Luv Them Away Mama no Worry,Poverty,Spiritual War,Police in
1965 Poster Metro NYC
1966 Best American Short Stories Updike/Kenison
1967 Mouse Trap Game Ideal
2000 B/L Misc books
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2043 BL misc books classics etc
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2048 B/L Misc books and ps
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2053 B/L catalogs Underwater Diving Gear
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2068 T/L Misc periodicals.,, programs etc
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2084 B/L Misc books
2085 BL Misc books and pbs incl cooking
2086 B/L Misc books cooking etc
2087 BL Misc books
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2098 B/L Enc of Science (childrens)
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2108 B/L Misc books cooking
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