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1 Framed Lincoln portrait
2 Tales of Soldiers and Civilians Ambrose Bierce Wood Engravings Paul Landacre Heritage Press
3 Lincoln's Own Yarns and Stories ( rough)
4 From Tannery to White House US Grant 1887
5 Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus Irving 1834
6 Lindbergh The Lone Eagle 1927
7 The Raven Edgar Allan Poe limp leather
8 Lot Movie stills
9 Sketches and Scraps Verses for Children Great and Small 1881
10 Knickerbocker Sketches Washington Irving 1886
11 Framed Original Currier and Ives Abraham Lincoln The Nations Martyr 1865
12 Civil War Army Ammunition pouch
13 Lot Blue and Gray lead soldiers (12)
14 Frank Leslies Illustr 1861
15 Harpers Weekly 1862
16 Harpers Weekly 1872
17 Harpers Weekly 1885
18 Harpers Weekly 1862
19 Lot Civil War book plate illustrations
20 Game of Uncle Sam's Mail
21 The Blue and the Gray Optic
22 Lot comics
23 NY Times 1861
24 Harpers Weekly 1862
26 Lot prints: NYNG 7th Regt Parade Field 1876 Raising the Liberty Pole 2
27 Lot SEP 1924,25,26 3
28 Women's Home Companion 1916
29 Lady's Journal 1874
30 Matchbook cover collection in binder
31 Billy Roses Aquacade 1939 NY Worlds Fair program
32 Indians in the Ramapos Lenik
33 In the Hudson Highlands
34 Movie Story magazine 1941
35 1945 Railroad magazine
36 T/L Misc eph
37 The Ships and Aircraft of the US Fleet War Edition Aircraft Recognition for the Ground Observer 2
38 Movie Story magazine 1941 Blondie and Dagwood
39 Lot Comics and Graphic Novel
40 Lot auto magazines Car Craft etc
41 Harpers Monthly 1863,1867 Century Illustrated 1896 3
42 T/L Misc eph
43 The New Asbury Park c 1900
44 Detective Weekly 1935
45 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Chuck Berry,Isley Bros Righteous Bros,Fats Domino,Shirelles,Jerry Lee Lewis Little Amhony and the Imperials,Credence Clearwater Revival,Bobby Darin,Dixie Cups,Blue Jays etc
46 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Credence Clearwater Revival,Doo Wop,The Crows,The Heartbeats,Five Satins Jerry Lee Lewis,Chantels,Del Shannon, etc
47 Lot Arizona Highways magazines
48 Lot Popular Mechanics 1903+ 3
49 American Monthly Review 1902 Cosmopolitan 1902 2
50 Lot Western Romance pulps 3
51 Lot Adventure pulps 3
52 Lot Movie Story magazines 1944 2
53 T/L Misc eph
54 Lot Movie Story magazine 1944 Movie Mirror magazine 1964
55 Lot: Screen Romances 1947 Movie Mirror 1949 Movies 1951 Movie Story 1945 4
56 Lot Photoplay 1937,l951 3
57 New Jersey Wildlife Profiles signed Carol Decker
58 Tales and Towns of Northern New Jersey Beck
59 Framed signed pen and ink
60 Oil Cloth adv banner Woven Socks for Christmas
61 Windowshade map Electric Railways in New Jersey
62 Windowshade map Missouri Pacific Lines Railroad
63 Folio original watercolors
64 Matted pen and ink print double signature
65 Lot steropticon cards black face
66 Lot post cards black face
67 1943 WWII Savings Bond $25.
68 Philatelic lot: US Documentary stamps 1875,l877
69 Lot Woven labels
70 Lot Woven labels
71 Lot Woven labels
72 Lot Woven labels
73 T/L Misc eph
74 T/L Misc woven labels
75 T/L Misc woven labels
76 Lot Victorian photos
77 Lot Cigar adv poster
78 Matted pen and ink print signed
79 U and I Adv poster
80 Lot McGregor Bird prints
81 1947 calendar art
82 Lot McGregor bird prints
83 Lucky Strike adv poster
84 Cigar adv poster
85 Motorcycle poster
86 Nautical watercolor
87 True Fruit Soda adv poster
88 Pen and ink poster signed
89 1945 calendar art
90 1955 calendar art
91 True Fruit Phosphates adv poster
92 Lot fabric posters matted
93 Lot McGregor bird prints
94 1949,1956 calendar art 2
95 Stud cigarette adv poster
96 Bt Babbitt adv poster
97 Matted print skiing signed Thorne
98 1949 adv poster calendar
99 Short Nin Bread black face sheet music
100 Zulu-Lulu poster
101 Lackawanna Railroad poster map
102 1915 woven poster Panama Pacific Exposition
103 1946 calendar art
104 1950 calendar art
105 Dorothy Hamill Ice Revue poster signed
106 Indianapolis 500m poster
107 Matted map Ulster County
108 Tru Fruit posters
109 T/L Historical pamphlets
110 T/L Misc eph re RRs and Trolleys
111 Philatelic lot: Framed collage "Shermans Men"
112 Letter 1888 from laboratory of Thomas Edison (Hamilton)
113 Covers Thomas A Edison; Edison Lamp Co etc
114 Handwritten Letter and signature Thomas A Edison
115 Lot portrait post cards Edison
116 Lot Railroad eph Boston and Albany, Penna RRs The Pullman Co ,Lake Erie and Western,Cleveland Cincinnati ,Chicago, St Louis Railway Co, Chautauqua Steamboat Co
117 Lot Victorian photographs
118 Lot Misc eph Masonic
119 Lot Letterheads, l9th Cty etc New York Phonograph Co;Automatic Phonograph Exhibition Co,Railroad Car Journal etc
120 Lot Recipes for " Moon Shine" Peach Brandy; Rhubarb Wine;Dandelion Wine Kentucky Whiskey
121 Telegram from Edison Machine Works 1888
122 Looseleaf binder Misc eph incl 1887 unsigned note (Thomas Edison to Parish etc
123 1857 Marriage Cert Portville, Cattaragus Co, NY
124 T/L Misc eph
125 Letter signed by George Washington "Head Qrs, Morris Town ,Feb 20, 1780" to Colonel VanSchaick, New York Regt, requesting Governor Clinton reports list of Non Com and Privates
126 Note of introduction for a Mr Murtaugh, signed by A. Lincoln, written one month before the end of the Civil War and five weeks before Lincoln's Assassination
127 Copy of the manuscript of the Hymn, "America" by the Rev S F Smith, DD, written in 1832, and autographed by him in May of 1894
128 Letter from Prof R Troutman, Columbia University to Manuscript Div ,Library of Congress re fragments (two lines) said to be in the hand of George Washington, Matted fragments included
129 Collage regarding Wilber and Orville Wrights First Flight includes copy of Western Union and copy of sketched plans for their plane
130 T/l Misc eph incl Kennedy FDC, Washington Hq post cards etc
131 Cloth album Victorian cuts
132 T/L Misc eph French fashion prints, etc
133 Lot Wks of Salman Rushdie 3
134 Lot Great Illustrated classics 4
135 Sex and Society in the World of the Orthodox Slavs Eve Levin
136 Wisdom Zuckerman
137 Hollywood 60 Great Years
138 Mussolini's Italy Max Gallo
139 The Roosevelt Bears Teddy B and Teddy G Eaton
140 Uncle Wiggily 1940
140A Shirley Temples Fairyland
141 Raggedy Ann and Andy and the Nice Fat Policeman Raggedy Ann's Wishing Pebble Raggedy Ann and Andy and the Camel with Wrinkled Knees
142 More About the Roosevelt Bears Eaton The Traveling Bears at Play Eaton 2
143 Smilin Jack and the Daredevil Girl Pilot Modern Handbook for Girls Pocahontas Brave Girl
144 Lot art books
145 Lot art books
146 Lot art books
147 Lot art books
147A Lot art books
147B Lot art books
147C Donald Duck and His Friends 1939 Further Fables for Our Time Thurber 2
148 Lot post cards re Morris Canal 14
149 Lot post cards re Boonton 23 re Parsippany 2
150 Print Making, Collecting and Care of Original Prints
151 Prairie and Rocky Mountain Adventures Van Tramp 1866
151A May I Feel Said He
151B Sculptures and Drawings Stephan Balkenhol
151C American Etchers
151D Old Christmas Washington Irving Illus Caldecott
151E The Catcher in the Rye Salinger
152 Uptown C of C ( Harlem) signatures
153 Lot art books
154 Around the Boree Log
154A This Was Railroading
154B Beauty of Railroad Bridges
154C Double Exposure Historic Monmouth Co NJ
154D Eyewitness On Alcatraz
154E Henry Huntington and the Pacific Electric The Cable Cars of San Francisco
154F Villas On the Italian Lakes
155 The Best in Tent Camping New Jersey
156 Between The World and Me
157 Lady Chatterly's Lover D H Lawrence
158 Zorach Explains Sculpture
158A Lot Magic Gathering Cards
158B Marvel Comics Les Daniels
158C Let Your Mind Alone James Thurber
158D Crowned Masterpieces of Modern Fiction In Hostile Red
158E Driftwood Valley Stanwell Fletcher
158F The Amateur Photographers Handbook
159 Banshee MacDonald
159A Constantinople; The Shattering 2
159B Allaire's Lost Empire
159C Presentation of Williamsburg Award to Winston Churchill
159D Shanghai Conspiracy
160 2001 Space Odyssey Clarke
161 The Magic of M C Escher
162 Felicin ROPS Graphics Irreverent and Erotic
163 1,000 Chairs
164 Lot Pokemon Cards
165 Crowned Masterpieces of Modern Fiction The Hearts Highway
166 TL Misc eph incl Baruch College, Warcraft etc
167 Framed painting Beach, boats signed
168 Framed painting Seascape
169 Framed signed print
170 Naval Customs Traditions and Usage
171 Great Storms of the Jersey Shore
172 Hussey's Mathematical Table 1885
173 On the Road Jack Kerouac
174 Christmas Carol, Dickens. Illus Arthur Rackham
175 Ghost Towns of the West
176 Le Muse Rodin
177 Keystone Canoeing
178 Lot Irish Books
178A B/L 33 vinyl records album sets
178B B/L 33 vinyl records incl:Liberace, Crosby Stills and Nash,Jerry Vale, Kay Starr,Monkees,VBic Damone,Moody Blues, Shondells,Ink Spots, Tony Bennett,Herb Alpert Andy Williams, Perry Como, Andrew Sisters etc
179 T/L Misc eph
180 Hist Newsp:New York World 1904 Steamer General Slocum Burns and Sinks in Hell Gate 700 Dead, 1400 Passengers
181 Views of the Great Lackawanna Bridge at Nicholson Pa
182 The Story of the Cut Off Lackawanna Railroad
183 The Happy Lion in Africa Illus Duvoisin
184 The Snowstorm Illus Carigiet
185 The Horse Who Lived Upstairs Illus Stone
186 Madeline Bemelmans
187 Manner Von Hinten 2 vols
188 The Art of George Quaintance
189 Marsden Hartley Robertson
190 Bobby Jones on Golf
191 Reflections The White Bear Yacht Club 1889-l989
192 The History of the Greenbriar
193 Golf For Boys and Girls Chick Evans
194 Scioto Country Club
195 The Suburban Club of Baltimore County
196 History of the Santa Ana Country Club
197 The Country Club Salt Lake City
198 History of the Manchester Golf Club
199 The New Abolitionists Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
200 Essays of Erwin Panofsky; Amanda Coomaraswamy Heinrich Schwarz 3
201 The Log of the Sea Wolf 1937
202 Poster Ralph Gibson Photographs
203 Poster Duane Michael's Photographs
204 Poster Edouar Boubat Photographs
205 Poster Paul Strand at Work
206 Saved From the Sea,Loss of the Viper Kingston 1878
207 Breakfast club Family Album Don McNeil
208 Baghdad 1951 Caen
209 Practical Golf 1903 Travis
210 Golf Everard 1901
211 The Compleat Golfer Vardon 1905
212 Lot adult pbs
212A Lot adult pbs
213 The Utter Zoo Edward Gorey
214 The Incredible Upside Downs Gustave Verbeek
215 This is New York , Record Covers etc rough
216 Adventures of Tin Tin Explorers on the Moon pop up
217 The Journal of Henry Thoreau 2 vols
218 Carmen Herrera Wozzeck Alban Berg 2
219 A Manual of Ping Pong 1929
220 Lord Malquist and Mr Moon Stoppard Hungry Dog Murders Gruber 2
221 A Place in the Sun David Hamilton nudes
222 The Battle of Jutland Frost USN
223 Indo-Islamic Architecture Aluminum in Modern Architecture 58 2
224 A Mockingbird Sang at Chickamauga Crabb To Follow a Flag Henry 2
225 The Cruise of the Kronprinz Wilhelm Count Alfred von Niezychowski
226 The Coast Guard in WWII Willougby
227 Framed watercolor
228 Matted print Tokyo bank
229 Matted map Mediterranean, Syria, Palestine etc. (French)
230 Portfolios (2) Cats
231 Matted plate 1855 Hawaiian Group or Sandwich Islands
232 Matted plate 1852 John Tallis Waterfalls, Islands, Lakes,Rivers and Mtns Eastern Hemi
233 Aubrey Beardsley
234 Degenerate Art Avant Garde in Nazi Germany
235 Etchings and Lithographs of Arthur Davies rough
236 Art books: Joseph Beuys, The Art of Chanoyu 2
237 Diamond Hahn
238 Clement Greenberg
239 Susan Rothenberg
240 Edgar Allan Poe Letters in the Valentine Museum
241 A Portraiture of Quakerism Clarkson 1806
242 Glass Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co 1923
243 The Jingle of a Jap Clara Bell Thurston
244 Creamware and Other English Pottery
245 The Curse of Lono Thompson/Stead
246 Lot autographed Movie stills and fan photos
246A Lot autographed Movie stills and fan photos
246B Lot autographed Movie stills and fan photos
246C Lot autographed Movie stills and fan photos
247 Decollage 1946 Military Air Transport Service 1954 2
248 English Tin Glazed Tiles
249 Art of the Tang Potter
250 Der Briefbogen In Der Welt International Letterhead Revue
251 Drawings of Paul Delvaux
252 Es Mosaiques De La Chapelle Palatine de Palerme
253 1854 Boston Almanac Rand McNally's Indexed Map of Mexico Trade Unionism
254 Wks of Osbert Sitwell 3
255 The Gamble Bonaparte in Italy 1796-l797 Guglielmo Ferrero 1939
256 Anglo Saxon Saints and Scholars Duckett 1947
257 Cicero 3
258 The Percy Anecdotes 4 vols
259 Letters of Marcel Proust
260 Life of Goethe Preconditions of Revolution in Early Modern Europe 2
261 Caroline The Illustrious Queen Consort of George II
262 Recollections of My Childhood and Youth George Brandes
263 Thucydides
264 Letters and Literary Remains of Edward Fitzgerald 3 vol
265 George Selwyn and His Contemporaries 4 vols
266 Lot La Vie Parisienne periodicals
267 Bringing Up Father 1931
268 Mutt and Jeff 1931
269 Luce and Colas font du Sport
270 Prints Kendall Whaling Museum
271 Hale and Company Independent Mail Company 1843-45 The Post Offices of Massachusetts 2
272 Narrative of a Five Years Expedition Stedman 2 vols
273 Salem Vessels and Their Voyages
274 London's Old Latin Quarter Chancellor
275 Ingram Bywater 1840-l9l4
276 The Spirit of the Links Henry Leach Fore ! Van Loan 2
277 Letters of Samuel Johnson 3
278 Printing Ink Wiborg
279 The US Ten Cent Stamps of 1855-l859
280 Shakespeare and Demi-Science
281 Friedrich Hebbel, Purdie
282 The Fugger Newsletters 1568-l605
283 Bridewell Hospital, Palace, Prison, Schools 1923
284 This Is War Duncan
285 Trade catalog Black Star and Frost Gorham
286 T/L Misc eph trade literature etc
287 T/L Misc eph trade literature photos etc
288 The Jazz Man Weik Wood Cuts Griffalconi
289 Gay Talk
290 J'aime la Mime
291 Stories That Sing 1945
292 Madeline and The Gypsies Bemelmans
293 We Don't Know Why They Listen So Much A Moving Picture Giving and Taking Book 2
294 The Hidden Language of Symbols in Oriental Rugs
295 Reuben and His Red Wheelbarrow
296 100 Years of Erotica
297 S and M Adam Film Quarterly 2
298 True Danger Mens Magazine Skinhead Knight 2
299 Lot Erotic pbs 3
300 Lot Erotic pbs 3
301 Peter Pan and Wendy J M Barrie
302 Letters of Emily Dickinson
303 Collected Poems Vachel Lindsay signed
304 Early Poems and Stories Yeats
305 Designing Paris David Van Zanten
306 The Curious History of the Golf Ball
307 The Bushwhacked Piano McGuane
308 The Turret Sharp Illus Garth Williams
309 The Frosty Filly Hughes
310 The Great Iron Wheel Examined 1856 Brownlow
311 Set Bonzos Annual 7 vols
312 Patrick The Fuzziest Bunny The Whale Hunt 2
313 The World of Stereographs
314 Sir Kenelm Reads in Bed Christopher Morley
315 The Madison Avenue Cook Book For People Who Cant Cook Koehler
316 Les Contes Des Genies 1782 2 vols
317 Friendship in Death In Twenty Letters from the Dead to the Living Rowe 1782
318 Report on the Organizations and Campaigns of the Army of the Potomac 1864 George B McClellan,Maj Gen USA
319 Remin Fort Sumter and Moultrie in 1860-61 1876 Maj Gen Abner Doubleday USA
320 New Nutcracker and Innocent Verses Ogden Nash Illus Ivan Chermayeff
321 Samaras; Martin Puryear 2
322 Benjamin Franklin Ingri and Edgar Parin dAulair
323 One Morning in Maine McCloskey
324 Jimmy Has Lost His Cap
325 Robin Hood Illus N C Wyeth 1917
326 Come Over and Stay Till Doomsday 1937 Valenti Angelo signed
327 Lot Robert Frost photos
328 The German Element in the War For Independence George Washington Greene LL D 1876 Professor of History Cornell University
329 The Diplomatic History of the Southern Confederacy JM Callahan Johns Hopkins 1901
330 Carlyle series D A Wilson 5 vols
331 Memorials of a Eighteenth Cty Painter James Northcote 1898 Wynne
332 Days Near Rome 1902 Augustus Hare 2 vols
333 Letters of Tolstoy and His Cousin Countess Alexandra
334 The Works of St John of the Cross 3 vols
335 Poetry and Prose of William Blake 1927
336 St John of the Cross Campbell
337 The Sayings of Queen Elizabeth Chamberlin
338 A Holiday in Umbria Jackson 1917
339 Wilfred Scawen Blunt 1840-l922 Edith.Finch
340 Sir Richard Grenville of the Revenge Rowse 1937
341 Catalogue of the Pictures in the Royal Gallery Dresden
342 The Life and Work of James Gibbs Little 1955
343 The London Shakespeare 6vols
344 Marvels Poems and Letters 2 vol
345 The Great Fire of London in 1666 Bell 1920
346 The Quattro Cento Florence and Verona Stokes 1932
347 Nurse and Spy in the Union Army 1865 Emma Edmonds
348 Londoniana 1879 Walford
349 The Burning of Chambersburg, Penna l864 Rev B Schneck
350 Salvos Waldo Frank 1924
351 Annals of the Strand Chancellor
352 Tyburn Tree Its History and Annals Marks
353 The Dumbarton Oaks Papers III Harvard Univ
354 Les Supports de la Pensee 1945 Illustr
355 Letters of the Princess Charlotte 1811-l8l7 Aspinall
356 London Churches Before the Great Fire 1917 Jenkinson
357 Gold Rush Steamers of the Pacific Wiltsee
358 The Old Town Riis 1909 Illustr Benda
359 The Battle With the Slum Riis 1902
360 Venus in Furs 1928 Leopold Von Sacher Masoch Priv Prt
361 Abroad With Mayor Walker Fuller
362 The Blue Laws 1838( Witchcraft etc)
363 The Four Georges Sketches of Manners, Morals, Court and Town Life
364 The Female Offender Lombroso 1897
365 Memorials of Prison Life Rev James Finley 1855
366 Prison Life and Reflections Unjust and Cruel Imprisonment for Attempting To Aid Some Slaves to Liberty 1857
367 History of New York 1814
368 New York in the Elegant Eighties 1927 Valentines Manual
369 Wild Scenes of a Hunters Life 1854 Illustr
370 Daguerre Silver Medal City Daguerreotype Establishment
371 Landlord and Tenant on the Cotton Plantation WPA Book Social Research
372 The Making of An American Riis
373 The Story of the New York Sun 1833-1928 O Brien
374 Isadore Duncan Arnold Genthe 1929
375 Postmarked Kentucky Atkins
376 Massachusetts Broadsides of the American Revolution
377 Lot Fashion Design Plates
377A Lot Fashion Design Plates
377B Lot Fashion Design Plates
377C Lot Fashion Design Plates
378 1958 Yearbook Fashion Inst of Technology NYC
378A Binder Fashion designs
379 Opening Ceremonies of he New York and Brooklyn Bridge l883
380 The Life of James Fisk Jr Frauds of the Tammany Ring 1872
381 L Abolition de L Esc Cochin 1864 2 vols
382 Land of Roseberries Tierra Moras Walter Lowenfels author signed
383 Nibsys Christmas Jacob Riis 2 copies
384 Before the Footlights and Behind the Scenes Olive Logan 1870
385 Clipper Ship, Prints (book) by Currier and Ives Peters
386 Boots and Saddles Elizabeth Custer 1885
387 T/L Misc eph
388 T/L Misc eph
389 Antique Views of Ye Towne of Boston 1907
390 The Headless Horseman Pierre Lombart's Engraving 1922 Ltd Ed 250
391 Railroad Indian and Pioneer Prints (book) by Currier and Ives Peters
392 Clipper Ship Prints (book) by Currier and Ives Peters
393 History of the United States Mint and American Coinage Evans 1885
394 Lawrence's Report on New York Election Frauds 1869
395 Great Locofoco Juggernaut Rag Monster Malcolm Johnson 1971c
396 Chagall at the Met
397 Report of the Prison Commission of Georgia 1899-l900
398 Norfolk and Western Giant of Steam
399 Systematischen Anatoimie Dr Emil Dursy l863
400 Japanese Army Air Force Camouflage and Markings WWII
401 B and O Steam Finale 2 vols
402 Milwaukee Road West
403 Handbuch fur Angehende Mediciner und Chirurgen 1845
404 North American Steam Locomotives The Berkshire and Texas Types
405 Milwaukee Road Locomotives
406 Appalachian Conquest
407 Shortline to Cripple Creek
408 Steam Trains of the Soo
409 The Milwaukee Road Passenger Train Service
410 Rock Island Motive Power 1933-l955
411 Locomotives of the Duluth Missabe and Iron Range
412 Chicago and Illinois Midland Railway
413 United States Consular Reports Cattle and Dairy Farming 1887
414 Todd Andrews to the Author John Barth 1979
415 Proud Flesh James Purdy
416 Gwilans Harp Ursula Le Guin signed
417 Proud Flesh James Purdy signed
418 The Universal Fears John Hawkes 1978
419 Book Bound By Milwaukee Handicraft Project WPA
420 Discorsi Di Benito Mussolini
421 Florida Fruit and Vegetables in the Family Menu 1947
422 The Enemy from Eden James Dickey signed
423 The First Winter of Married Life Gass
424 Don't Count on It John Barth
425 English Feudalism 1066-ll66 England and Germany 1740-l9l4
426 Anthony Sherley His Persian Adventure Ross
427 The Symbolist Aesthetic in France
428 Revolution 1789-l906 Postgate 1920
429 The Governance of London Gomme 1907
430 Thomas Herbert Travels in Persia 1627-29
431 Hans Staden The True History of His Captivity 1557 1929 Letts
432 Froissart Chronicler and Poet Shears 1930
433 In Cap and Gown 1889 Three Centuries of Cambridge Wit Charles Wibley
434 Marc Lescarbot Nova Frania Biggar A Description of Acadia 1606 1928
435 The Volunteer Earl , James Caulfield Craig 1948
436 British Game Brian Vesey Fitzgerald 1946
437 Diary of Henry Teronge 1675-1679 1927
438 John MacDonald XVIII Century Footman Beresford 1927
439 The Creevy Papers Maxwell 1904
440 The Star of Picadilly Melville 1927
441 King Edward VII Sir Sidney Lee 2 vol 1927
442 Lot Hygiene, Health Diet eph Posters, art layout and periodicals
443 Framed print nude bather (Reverse support board is Charlie Chaplin Movie Poster)
444 Framed Oriental print
445 Framed menu Maxims 20th Anniversary
446 Camera Work 1908
447 The George Washington Poems Wakoski
448 Once Poems Alice Walker
449 The Sleepy Little Lion
450 The Upside Down Man Baker Illus Gahan Wilson
451 Journal of a Tour in Italy in 1850 Townsend With an account of an interview with the Pope
452 Reindeer, Dogs and Snow Shoes Siberian Travel and Exploration 1871
453 Laughter in the Next Room Osbert Sitwell 1949
454 Livingstone's travels and Researches in South Africa 1859
455 The Book of the Indians of North America Samuel Drake 1835
456 Four Saints in Three Acts Gertrude Stein 2
457 Hungary and Kossuth Tefft DD 1852
458 Summer Cruise in the Mediterranean On Board An American Frigate 1853
459 Lectures on India Caleb Wright 1849 Customs and Personages in Pagan and Mohammedan Countries Numerous Engravings
460 Book of the Indians of North America John Frost LLD 1845
461 Gazetteer of the Eastern Continent Morse/Parish 1808
462 Travel Into Several Remote Nations of the World Lemuel Gulliver 1778
463 I Juan de Pareja The Sign of the Twisted Candle Nancy Drew series 2
464 India Its Princes and People Stone
465 Incidents of Travel in Yucatan Stephens 1856 II
466 Syria, The Holy Land, Asia Minor Bartlett
467 General George the Great Lowitz
468 The Big Yellow Balloon
469 Ermyntrude and Esmeralda Lytton Strachey Illus Erte
470 The Young Ardizzone lst Amer Ed
471 David and the Magic Powder Ford
472 Watermelons, Walnuts and the Wisdom of Allah Walker Illus Berson signed
473 Bean Blossom Hill King Illus Balet
474 The Daguerreotype in America Newhall
475 Columbus Ingri and Edgar Parin D Aulaire
476 Storyville Portraits E J Bellocq Photographs from the New Orleans Red Light District
477 My Hopping Bunny Bright
478 Danny's Luck Davis Illus Woodward
479 Hello Mudduh, Hello Fadduh ! Alan Sherman Illust Syd Hoff
480 A Valley Grows Up Osmond
481 The Incredible Painting of Felix Clousseau Jon Agee signed
482 Le Diamant mythe, magic, realite
483 The Fleischer Story Leslie Cabarga
484 Dynamic Display Bernard
485 The Prints of Rockwell Kent
486 Lona A Fairy Tale Dare Wright
487 Automobile Year 1957
488 Set Modern Boy Activity 9 vol 1921
489 Art Nouveau Bing Paris Style 1900
490 The White Robe A Saints Summary Cabell Illus Locher Ltd Ed 1928
491 Matisse, Picasso, Miro Bernier signed
492 Hounds of the Road Greyhound Bus Co
493 Acetaria A Discourse of Sallets Evelyn 1937
494 The Temple of Pallas Athenae Ltd Ed 782/995 George Lewis 1924 Priv Prt
495 The Lost Flute Ltd Ed 558/1950 Joerissen 1929
496 Diary of Thomas Dequincey 1803 Ltd Ed 778/1500 1927
497 The Story of Two Famous Hatters Updegraaf 1926 Knox Hat co
498 Precious Stories of Diamonds Cartier
499 The Machine Age in America 1918-1941
500 Aaron Siskind
501 Auguste Rodin Ltd +Ed 38/200
502 Decoys of the Atlantic Flyway
503 Mason Decoys
504 Marine Paintings and Drawings Peabody Museum
505 Pioneer Decoy Carvers
506 The Bird Decoy
507 Wildfowl Counterfeiters
508 Decoys and Decoy Carvers of Illinois
509 Chesapeake Bay Decoys
510 Martin Puryear
511 A Lesson Before Dying Gaines Porch Talk With Ernest Gaines Gaudet/Wooton
512 Wildfowl Decoys Joel Barber
513 The Outlaw Gunner Walsh
514 American Bird Decoys Mackey
515 The Art of the Decoy
515A Decoys of the Atlantic Flyway
516 A Golfing Idyll Violet Flint Grant books, signed Ltd Ed 14/250
516A The Rules of Golf Quimet
516B Essentials of Golf Abe Mitchell
516C The Walter Hagen Story
516D Story of Muirfield Village Golf Club
516E Golf From Two Sides Wethered 192
516F Golf Darwin
516G The Modern Golfer Tolley 1924
516H Seaford Golf Club History Walsh signed
516I Mr Punch on the Links
516J Go Golfing in Britain Darbyshire
516K USSGA 1905-1980
516L Muirfield and the Honourable Company Pottinger
516M Some Friendly Fairways
516N Millions of Mischiefs Rabbits, Golf and St Andrews
516P Tacoma Country and Golf Club
517 The Life of Sir John Leake 2 vols Navy Records Society 1920
518 Green Grows Bar Harbor Collier
519 Cosmigraphics
520 Electrical Timekeeping Ultra Miniature Photography
521 The Game of Golf and the Printed Word 1566-l985
522 Success at Golf Playing the Like Darwin 2
523 Candid Caddies
524 The London of Charles Dickens Life and Letters at Bath in the 18th Century 2
525 The Life of Goethe 3 vols
526 Letters of John Ruskin to Charles Norton2 Goldsmiths Letters 3
527 Coleridge
528 The History of the Primitive Church 2 vols
529 On Love Stendhal 1916
530 Englishmen at Rest and Play
531 Golf Longhurst Nineteenth Hole Romances 2
532 Oeuvres Valery Larbaud
533 Watch and Clock Information Please ! Samelius
534 Shakespeare's Centurie of Prayse
535 History of Saint James Square
536 Romans Andre Gide
537 Rabelais Oeuvres Completes 1955
538 The Heraldry of Canterbury Cathedral
539 Stories of the Streets of London
540 The Story of the London Parks Larwood
541 Francias Masterpiece
542 The Myth of the Eternal Return Mircea Eliade
543 The French Primitives and Their Forms Portuguese Literature 2
544 The Fugger Newsletters 1568-1605
545 Eighteenth Century Waifs Ashton 1887
546 Literary and Historical Memorials of London 2 1847
547 Letters of James Boswell 2 vols Tinker
548 Macrobius's Commentary on the Dream of Scipio
549 Tibetian Painting
550 T/L Satirical Parisian fashion prints
551 Violations of the Child Marilyn Monroe
551A Countess Margo Stone
551B How the Hebrews Became Jews
551C Arthurs Christmas Cookies Lillian Hoban
551D Through Memory's Haze Beinecke
551E Pitching in a Pinch Matty Mathewson
551F The Name "Negro" Its Origin and Evil Use
552 Foolish Finance Gideon Wurdz
553 La Musica Folklorica de Puerto Rico El Otono Del Patriarca Marquez 2
554 Catalog Netherlands Cable Works Ltd Delft Copper Wire Any Shape
555 Lord Arthur Saviles Crime Oscar Wilde
556 The Bibliographer 1884
557 Cynics Calendar of Revised Wisdom for 1905
558 Rationalization and Unemployment Hobson Economics of Unemployment Hobson
559 Manual of Rope Usage
559A Salt and Salt Shakers
560 Sunrise on the Hills Longfellow 1887 Illus Whittemore
561 Nimrod of the Sea, The American Whaleman Davis 1926
562 Robbins Journal Illus Earle Winslow 1931
563 Jim Bludso of the Prairie Bell and Little Breeches John Hay
564 Dubliners James Joyce
565 Framed sign Labrador Inn
566 Framed poster Piano Player
567 Olympics 1932 2
568 American Art Posters in the 1890s Beuys Posters 2
569 Reveries Over Childhood and Youth and Trembling of the Veil Yeats
570 Chagall His :Life and Work Isaac Kloomok signed Lapses from Full Employment 2
571 Ludwig Richter
572 Catalog Everything for Basket Making
573 Better Little Book Secret Agent X 9
574 The Bells Poe Illustrated
575 Modern Sex Techniques The Fountain Head Ayn Rand
576 Brotherhood of Evil The Mafia
577 Filly 1938 Kirby lst Ed
578 Trumpet Margot Austin The Very Hungry Caterpillar Eric Carle 2
579 The Etchings of James McBey Salaman
580 English Saltglazed Earthenware
581 Ugo Mulas Miro 2
582 Photo Maxima 1958 Scrapbook of HillBilly and Western Stars
583 Teapots and Tea Tilley signed
584 Alfred Stieglitz
585 Diane Arbus Untitled
586 Bookie My Life in Disorganized Crime Mayer
587 Sketches of the Great Riots Headley 1882
588 Hot Corn Life Scenes in New York Incl The Story of Little Katy Solon Robinson 1854
589 August Belmont Irving Katz Grendel John Gardner 2
590 Social New York Under the Georges 2 vols
591 Kurt Schwitters (art) The Machine Neurotica Index Letters of Lovecraft Index Lovecraft Fiction and Poetry
592 The Greenback Era 1865-l879 Unger
593 Illustrations from the Novels of Chas Dickens
594 Sherman's Other War The General and the Civil War Pres
595 Nicks Film/Lightning Over Water
596 Dickens Working Notes for His Novels
597 Sons and Lovers DH Lawrence Facs of the Manuscript
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599 The Work of Dwight James Baum
600 Atlas of Early American History The Revolutionary Era
601 The American Thoroughbred Trevathan 1905
602 The Trotting and the Pacing Horse in America Busbey
603 The Spectator 1823
604 The Jockey Club 1793
605 The Trotting Horse of America Woodruff 1868
606 The Trotting Horse of America Woodruff 1874
606A The Jockey Club Foals of 1905
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608 A Modernist View of Plated Desserts
609 The Mermaid and the Whale
610 Gorgiville Fair Tasha Tudor
611 The English Turf Richardson 1905 Record of Horses and Courses
612 Der Engelim House 1922
612A If It Were So It Would Be The thing to Do But as we pass so does Chicken Fat Harold Gold
612B Blubber Judy Blume
612C The Surge Michael McClure signed
612D Old Loopy Christopher Morley
612E Der Goldkafer E A Poe
612F Der Zauberer Gogol 1955 2
613 Charlie Chaplin Karl Schnog
613A European Achievements in the Homelands of the German Expelles
613B CBers Fact Book
613C Das Magazin, 1947,1967,l964 3
614 The Horse William Youatt 1843
615 Voyages and Adventures of La Perouse
616 Battle Below Casey A Laymans Guide to Naval Strategy Brodie 2
617 T/L Early Victorian Glass plate negatives etc
617A Wood crate Eastman Dry Plate negatives
618 T/L Science Fiction Novels 20
619 T/L Contemporary poetry booklets etc
620 T/L Contemporary poetry booklets etc
621 How The Other Half Lives Riis
622 Crictor Ungerer Tante Maries French Kitchen 2
623 Marlborough The Rise of the British Army Atkinson 1921
624 Dreams of Ghosts Lang 1897
625 The Works of Rabelais Illus Pape
626 History of London Loftie 1884 2
627 Haunted London Thornbury 1880
628 Social England Illustrated Lang 1923
629 The Spirit of Language bn Civilization Vossler 1932
630 Poster Moderna Museet
631 The Constitutional History of England History of Architecture in London 2
632 Local History and Antiquities Morris/ Jordan 1910
633 History of Clubs and Club Life 1n London 1874
634 Comicall Satyre and Shakespeare's Troilus & Cressida Oscar Campbell 1938
635 The Elizabethan House of Commons Appreciations Walter Pater 2
636 Whitakers Almanack l949 Best Tales of Terror Crispin Essays in Memory of Barrett Wendell 3
637 News from Tartary Peter Fleming 1936 Brushed Voices 2
638 History of Aesthetic Bosanquet 1910
639 Four Quarters T S Eliot
640 T/L Misc eph incl signed Monkees photo
641 We Have Not Forgotten Warsaw 1960
642 The New London Jest Book Joanne Stone 2
643 Every deals Different Dale Mathews signed
644 The Best of Old Japan Haar 1953
645 On the Perimeter Hazel Kolb Motorcyclin Granma Riding the Ice Motorcycle Adventure 2
646 Two Wheels to Panama 20 Years of Motorcycling 2
647 How Beautiful Upon the Mountain, Jacobs Pillow
648 Jerry N Uelsmann
649 El Croquis
650 1995-2000 Skidmore Owings and Merrill Architecture and Urbanism
651 L Amour Bleu erotica
652 Blake Studies Keynes
653 Civilization and Its Discontents Sigmund Freud
654 A Berkeley Year Carlin 1909
655 Letters of Emily Dickinson
656 The Last Medici Harold Acton 1932 lst Ed
657 The Hill Collection Boyden Ashmolean Museum
658 Framed Pen and Ink signed
659 Framed cut outs art
660 First Steps to Golf Brown Out of the Rough Shaw Green Fairways Stanley 3
661 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Dahl
661A The First Christmas Illus Neustadt
662 The Golfers Companion The Psychology of Golf A Line of Gowf or Two 1923 3
663 History of the Cries of London 1881
664 Hyde Park From Domesday Book to Date 1896
665 Charlottes Web E B White Illus Garth Williams
666 So This is Golf The Secrets of Golf for Occasional Players Common Sense Golf 3
667 History of the Society of Writers to His Majesty's Signet
668 Lot Misc eph historical pamphlets
669 A History of Aragon and Catalonia Chaytor 1933
670 History of Vagrants and Vagrancy Beggars and Begging Turner
671 The Pursuivant of Arms 1880
672 History of the Tory Party 1640-l7l4
673 The House of Lords During the Civil War 1910
674 The Three Cathedrals Dedicated to St Paul in London
675 Gibbon Bibliography Sachems Wood Hungary in the Eighteenth Century 3
676 Golf For the Late Beginner The Simplicity of the Golf Swing 2
677 James Joyce in Paris
678 Nineteen Eighty Four George Orwell 1949
679 Singing in the Wilderness Peatie
680 What is Life ? Schrodinger
681 T/L Misc pamphlets
682 Dostoevsky Lavrin T Macci Plauti Menaechmi Moselyu/Hammond
683 Three Operettas Bunner 1897
684 The St Johns A Parade of Diversities
685 Mr Hermit Crab Mimpy Rhys 1929
686 The Squirrels Pilgrims Progress 1915
687 Gentle Ben Walt Morey
688 Other Peoples Houses Bianco
689 The Marble Mans Wife Norwood
690 Within the Taurus A Journey in Asiatic Turkey Kinross
691 Letters from Mesopotamia Oppeheim
692 The Story Book Series (4) Maud and Miska Petersham
693 Three Lives Gertrude Stein 1933
694 Dogs Albert Payson Terhune Illus Kurt Weise
695 The Castle Franz Kafka
696 Mainly On the Air Max Beerbohm Dostovesky Andrer Gide 2
697 Call Me Horse
698 Opera Guyed Levy First Steps in Ballet 2
699 Nollekens and His Times Smith Edited Wilfred Whitten 2 vols
700 Lord Cochrane Lloyd
701 The English Country Parson Addison 1947 lst Ed
702 Douglas Jerrold and Punch 1910
703 Pindar Norwood 1945
704 Byzantine Aesthetics Mathew
705 Ramillies and the Union With Scotland
706 Life of Thomas Chatterton Meyertstein 1930
707 The Cambridge Ancient History 2 vols plates
708 Travel in England in the 17th Cty
709 The Princes of Achaia and the Chronicles of Morea
710 In the Days of Queen Anne Melville
711 Seamarks St John Perse
712 Chinese Art Hobson
713 American Romantic Painting
714 Revolutionary Ireland and its Settlement
715 Famous South Coast Pleasure Resorts Past and Present Clunn
716 Sex and the Armed Services
717 Curious Epitaphs Andrews
718 Oxford in 1710
719 The Story of St James Palace
720 The Chronology of Modern India 1494-l894
721 Bolingbroke and His Times A Sequel 2 vols
722 Sir Thomas Malory Hicks
723 The Old Court Suburb 2 vols
724 The Life and Letters of the great Earl of Cork
725 Attitude of Voltaire to Magic and the Sciences
726 Raphael Soyer Foster
727 A Sheaf of Papers Elton 1923 Madeline A Girls Own Story of a Life of Vice 2
728 The Jungle Upton Sinclair
729 Three Years With Counterfeiters, Smugglers and Boodle Carriers
730 Enoch Arden Tennyson
731 Principles of Domestic Science 1870
732 Anglo Saxon Superiority
733 Tales of Firenzuola
734 The Bravo 1854 3 vols
735 History of the Jews 2 vols 1840
736 Belles Lettres 1728
737 Comic Backgammon French Maid
738 Chats on Old Copper and Brass Burgess
739 History of Charles XII King of Sweden 1803
740 Milton Nobles Shop Talk author signed 1890 The Colorado Industrial Plan John D Rockefeller Jr 2
741 Lyrics of the Links Chevy Chase Club Washington DC 1931 2
742 From a Turkish Harim 1930 Lotus Society Ltd Ed 29/500
743 Children of the Tenements Riis Neighbors Life Stories of the Other half Riis 2
744 The Koran Notes by Sale 1891
745 The Happy Lions Vacation Fatio Illustr Roger Duvoisin
746 Gopal The Jester 2 copies
747 On The Margins of Old Books
748 Further Poems of Emily Dickinson
749 The Waltz Invention Vladimir Nabokov
750 The Two Crosses of Todos Santos
751 The Great Duffy
752 Eloise in Paris The Rose on My Cake 2
753 The Opium War 1840-42 Peter Ward Fay
754 The Pilgrims Party Lowitz The Cruise of Mr Christopher Columbus Lowitz 2
755 Barefoot Abe Lowitz
756 Open House for Butterflies Krauss Illus Maurice Sendak
757 Why Not Beat Bogey ? Golf in the South 2
758 The Black Jews of Harlem World Full of Horses Dahlov Ipcar 2
759 Lot Shriek magazines
760 The Holy Night Illus Piatti Edith and Mr Bear Dare Wright 2
761 Song of the Swallows Politi
762 T/L Misc eph booklets
763 As I Look at Life Ray Long 1925 Gertrude Hermann Hesse 2 lst Ed 1969
764 Film Culture Sketching From Life Doust 2
765 Tarzan and the Lost Empire
766 Alice Neel
767 Florida Architecture
768 Poppy Otts Pedigreed Pickles
769 Punch N Judy A Childs Garden of Verses Stevenson Illus Mars 2
770 Lot Misc booklets Warhol etc
771 Say Hey Willie Mays
772 Sid and Sol
773 Index Science Fiction mags
774 Exiles of Erin
775 Neutral Ireland and the Third Reich
776 Hitler's Italian Allies
777 Spies in Ireland
778 Aneurin Bevan 1897-l945 Italo Balbo A Facist Life Segre 2
779 London and the Invention of the Middle East Over My Shoulder Major General Ernest Swinton 2
780 Tedder Owen Lost Plays of Eugene O Neil 2
781 Little House on the Prairie Wilder 1935 reprint
782 White House Conference on Child Health and Protection called by President Hoover
783 The Right Side of the Car 1897 Games Single Play
784 The Owl and the Pussy Cat Edward Lear Illus Keith Ward 1934
785 Updike American Printer and His Merrymount Press
786 The Pharmaceutical Recipe Book 1929
787 The Ceramic Art of China
788 The Shaping of Our Alphabet
789 The Half Deck Capt Grant
790 The New City Hilberseimer Hotels, Weiskamp
791 A Manual of Architectural Compositions
792 Towers of Manhattan
793 Furniture Designed by Mies Van Der Rohe
794 Pencil Techniques in Modern Design Forms for Architectural Concrete
795 Planning Elementary School Buildings
796 Hot and Cool Sex Francoeur
797 Endodontia 1950
798 Souv Album Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania 1926
799 GI Sketch Book WWII
800 Pathologie und Therapie 1850
801 Lazy Bones A Night Out Love Vanni
802 Gaudi
803 Lefranc Trade catalog Practical Manual of Guns 2
804 T/L History of Pittsburgh and Environs 4 vols Pittsburgh of Today 4 vols
805 Pope and Human Nature
806 Henry VIII and English Monastaries
807 Wild Flowers of Chalk and Limestone Insect Natural History,A Country Parish The Seashore,Londons Natural History Butterflies; British Plant Life; 8 vol set
808 A New Survey of the West Indies,1648 1929
809 Memoirs of the Duchesse De Dino 1831-l835
810 The Kingdom of Melchior
811 The Hero in Eclipse in Victorian Fiction Mario Praz
812 New York Walk book Music Hall 2
813 Manuel Lexique Desc Difficultes Linguistiques Du Francais
814 Homeric Renaissance The Odyssey of George Chapman
815 Let Dons Delight lst Ed 1939 Knox
816 The Letters of Hannah More 1925
817 Summer Days in Shakespeare Land
818 Life and Letters of Gustave Flaubert
819 Stanhope Williams
820 The Elizabethan Journals 1591-l603
821 Lot art posters
822 Lot art posters
823 Trade catalog 1920 Diamond Tayloring Co
824 1887 Trade catalog converted to scrapbook
825 New Yorker 1925
826 Spalding's Lawn Tennis History of the National League 2
827 The Racing Form Chart Book 1957 2
828 1893 Yearbook Dartmouth College
829 Lacquer Miniatures
830 Watch Factories of America Rules and Practices of Adjusting Watchs Practical Balance and Hair Spring Work Spring Dedsign and Calculations 4
831 Big (Better) Little Book Captain Midnight
831A Big (Better) Little Book Lone Ranger
831B Big (Better) Little Book Captain Midnight
831C Big (Better) Little Book Lone Ranger and Horse Silver
831D Big (Better) Little Book Foreign Spies
831E Big (Better) Little Book Lone Ranger
831F Big (Better) Little Book Racket Squad
831G Big (Better) Little Book Reglar Fellers
831H Big (Better) Little Book Skyroads
832 A Voyage in the Yacht Sunbeam Brassey
833 T/L Misc eph pamphlets
834 Clocks Watches and Chronometers Longcase Clocks and Standing Regulators 2
835 Metallography Hoyt Security Analysis
836 Framed painting barns
837 Framed painting portrait
838 Golfs Greatest Text Book Golf from A to Z Golf Gilson 4 Principles of Golf
839 Sound Golf Par Golf for Women Yarra Yarra Golf Club 3
840 Chronicle The Royal Burgess Golfing Society Golf on Gullane Hill Huntington Country Club 1910-l980 3
841 Here Halewijn Story of the R and A Greene and Greene Guide 3
842 The Mountain Tavern O Flaherty
843 Continuous Bloom in America Shelton
844 Rubaiyat of a Golfer The Golfing Swing How to Play the old Course 3
845 Came Dwn to Golf Ward Golkf Leitsch 2
846 Toyland 1944
847 Vergessne Negerkunst Du Relief au Texte 2
848 Dresden
849 Wee Johnnie Paterson Stevenson The Night Before Christmas 2
850 The Story of BIP Marcel Marceau
851 Candle Light Durston Illus Greenland 1900
852 Lets Find Skipper 1944
853 Guide to Military Urdu French/Vietnamese Dict 2
854 Berenstains Baby Book Dear Judas Jeffers 2
855 Spanish Harlem Anatomy of Power
856 The Ending of Hereditary American Fortunes Myers
857 Steve and William Ladd gallery Paper Dolls House Boman
858 Fresh Cream
859 Manuel Alvarfez Bravo Photopoetry
860 The Kariye Djami Underwood 3 vols
861 The Book of Chessmen
862 History of the Jews of Italy
863 Max Beerbohm in Perspective Lynch 1911 Kalendar des Deutshen Flollen Vereins
864 La Palestine
865 Laughter is a Wonderful Thing Joe e Brown
866 Reminiscences of Old Scots Folk Barnett
867 Stanislavsky My Life in Art Stephan Balkenhol 2
868 Hogarth's London Wheatley
869 The Coinage of England Oman
870 Michael Drayton and His Circle Newdigate
871 Types of Naval Officers Mahan
872 Mrs Leicesters School Lamb c 1928
873 Golf Cotton The One Before 2
874 Frederic Edwin Church
875 Albert Moore
876 Scenic Route 3 vol
877 Sgt Lambs America Graves
877A King Jesus Graves
877B Mrs Fisher The Future of Humor Graves
878 Racine Complete Works
879 The Bibiophiles Almanack 1927
880 Arboles Comunes De Puerto Rico Y Las Islas Virgenes
881 Vlemk The Box Painter 2 John Gardner
882 And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street Dr Seuss
883 The Devil In a Forest Wolfe
884 A Letter to Robert Frost Hillyer 1937 author inscribed
885 Epistle to Prometheus Babette Deutsch
886 General William Booth Lindsay
886A Poems by Four Authors
887 Out of My Later Years Albert Einstein
888 The Tale of the Love and Death of Cornet C Rilke Harold Alfred Manhood 2 Handwritten Letters Not published Maidens Fury signed
889 Mosbys Memoirs Saul Bellow
889A Seize The Day Saul Bellow
890 Dans Le Sillage Des Caravelles De Columb
891 Sales on a Shoe String Sydney Hyde
892 Journal Up the Straits 1856-57 Melville 1935
893 Nize Baby Milt Gross
894 International Auto Parade
895 Le Paris Des Polytechniciens
896 The Dallai Lama My Tibet Rowell
897 Lot Trade publications Socony Oil
898 Studies Indian and Islamic
899 Nineteenth Cty American Color Plate Books
900 Horace Greely and the Republican Party
901 The Badminton Library Dancing 1885 Ltd Ed 21/250
902 In Quest of Spices lst Prt Howe
903 Lawn Making 1929 Origin and Metamorphes of Insects 1895 2
904 Mrs Fitzherbert and George IV 1905
905 Oraisons Funebres Bosseut
906 Attila and the Huns Thompson
907 Wilhelm Busch 6 vol set
908 Logical Investigations 2 vols
909 Towns and Buildings Rasmussen Genoese Shipping
910 The House at Pooh Corner AA Milne lst Ed 1928
911 The Waves Virginia Woolf lst US Ed
912 History of the United States 1823
913 Chats on Autographs Broadley
914 This Very Sun Heal
915 The Tale of Peter Rabbit The Tale of Pigling Bland The Tale of Two Bad Mice Beatrix Potter 3
916 Treasury of American Book Illustration
917 The Four Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles
918 Big Red Anderson
919 William Greatbatch Potter Barker
920 The Rose and the Ring Thackeray
921 Illustration Spurrier
922 Ann Hamilton, tropos
923 Peter Fendi Hogarth Guild Erotica
924 The Bibiena Family
925 The Swiss Watch
926 T/L Misc eph pamphlets
927 T/L Misc eph pamphlets
928 The Flaming Terrapin Campbell
929 A Defence of Ignorance Strong lst Ed Ltd Ed 87/200 author signed 1932
930 Henry James Letters Ltd Ed 686/1050 Benson
931 William Shatner Biog Hauck
932 Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy Film and TV Credits Lentz 2 vols
933 British Film Actors Credits 1895-l987 Palmer
934 Leather bound Ledger Robinson
935 The Piper Stevens Illus Rocker signed w/letter included
936 The Missing Gutenberg Wood Blocks The Good Message of Handsome Lake Bruchac The Year of the Christmas Dragon n 3
937 Big (Better) Little Book Harold Teen
937A Big (Better) Little Book Lone Ranger and Silver
937B Big (Better) Little Book Mandrake the Magician
937C Big (Better) Little Book Pluto
938 Andersch Bros Hunters and Trappers Guide 1906
940 Wallace's American Trotting Register 2 vol
941 Sketches of a Tour of the Lakes McKenney
942 My Freedamn
943 T/L Misc eph pamphlets etc
944 T/L Misc eph pamphlets etc
945 T/L Misc eph pamphlets etc
946 T/L Misc eph pamphlets etc
947 St Andrews Golf Club 1888=1963 Hints to Golfers 2
948 The Circus Boyd Smith 1909
949 Essais Historiques Sur Paris 1759 5 vols leather
950 Piggy Wiggy Ruby Hart 1932
951 Japhet and Happy's Annual 1938
952 Golden Child Paul Engle Illus Fisher
953 Small Boy Chuka Wellman Illus Cuffari signed
954 I Am Papa Snap and These Are My Favorite No Such Stories Tomi Ungerer
955 Der Wunder Knaul Mehlhorn
956 Yankee Sails to China Maloy 1943
957 Prudence Crandall Woman of Courage Yates
958 Tiffany and Co Date Book 1916
959 Lot adult comics
960 Gertrude Stein A Book Concluding With As a Wife Has a Cow, a Love Story
961 Madeline Ludwig Bemelman
962 Creatures of Darkness Baskin
963 Under the North Star Hughes Illus Baskin
964 The Happy Owls Piatti
965 Color and Human Nature
966 Ling Eldridge Illus Kurt Wiese
967 Life and Times of Stein 2 vol
968 The Wit and Wisdom of Mae West Weintraub
969 Japanese Navy and Attack on Pearl Harbor Masanori lst Ed Japanese
970 Golf Without Gall Tuthill Spalding's How to play golf
971 Atrocity Ka-Tzetnik 135633 (Auschwitz)
972 The Incredible Mizners Johnston
973 The Youth of Virgil
974 Potted Golf Golf Tips Gene Sarazen Chi Chi's Secrets of Power Golf Rodriguez 3
975 Picture Analysis of Golf Strokes
976 Golf Humor and Philosophy Broke A Guide to Good Golf
977 The Indians of Texas in 1830
978 The Meiji Restoration Beasely
979 Life in Custers Cavalry
980 From Frontiers to Plantations in Tennessee
981 Alexander The Great and the Logistics of the Macedonian Army
982 Secrets of Soviet Science In the Clutches of the Tcheka Cederholm 2
983 James Madison 1800-l809
984 The Life of Captain James Cook
985 Hitler and His Generals
986 The Toronto Golf Club 1876-l976 Golfers at Law 2
987 T/L Misc eph
988 1873 Ad New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Framed and matted
989 Framed cartoon cell
990 Framed photo Valentino Valentini
991 Operating Fire Dept Aerial Ladders
992 The Frigid Wife Anthologie De La Poesie Francaise Gide 2
993 Moira Fate Good and Evil in Greek Thought
994 The Story of Sterling
995 The Liberal Hour John Kenneth Galbraith High Stick Green 2
996 A Fashionable Watering Place The Book of Repulsive Women 2
997 Searching for a Place Black Separatism and Africa 1860
998 Steam Conquers the Atlantic
999 Sons of Gunboats Sawyer Destroyers in Action Shafter
1000 Gunboats Down the Mississippi Square Riggers Before the Wind 2
1000A Lot 78 records incl; Ella Mae Morse; Texas Playboys Hoosier Hot Shots, 1919 Zeigfield Follies, Society Orchestras
1000B Lot 78 records incl; Sophie Tucker,Les Paul, Ernest Tubb, Lena Horne, Society Orchestras Stan Kenton, Louis Prima etc
1000C Lot 78 records incl; Art Tatum,Gene Krupa Buck Johnson.Lionel Hampton,Stan Kenton, Charlie Barnet, Society Orchestras,Oscar Peterson Les Paul, Louis Armstrong etc
1000D Lot 78 records incl; Billie Holiday,Nat King Cole T Bone Walker,Benny Carter,Cow Cow Davenport etc etc
1000E Lot 45 records incl:Mick Jagger, Four Tops, Dion, Patty LaBelle, Little Richard, Diana Ross and the Supremes
1000F Lot 45 records incl:Temptations, Four Tops, Knight and the Pips,Dion, The Rolling Stones,The Supremes John Lennon,Ella Washington etc
1000G Lot 45 records incl:Count Basie,Rusty Draper, Stevie Wonder,Buddy Holly,Chuck Berry , Chantels, Beatles,etc
1001 Time Line Chart African-Americans History
1002 T/L Stephen King pbs
1003 B/L Books by Stephen King
1004 Hitler's Justice The Court of the Third Reich Muller
1005 Elvis We Love You Tender
1006 Seal Team Six Memoirs of an Elite Navy Seal Sniper
1007 Fire Lover A True Story Wambaugh
1008 A Light in the Attic Shel Silverstein
1009 T/L Hagstrom maps
1010 The Handbook of Doll Repair and Restoration International Doll House Book The Doll Book Miniatures Catalog
1011 Romance of the Sea
1012 T/L art catalogs, booklets
1013 Lot collector price guides
1014 The Marvel of Light Schmid Transcending the Speed of Light 2
1015 The Akashic Experience Laszlo
1016 Don Juan and the Art of Sexual Energy
1017 Modern Buddhist Masters
1018 Our Lady of 121st St Jesus Hopped the A Train In Arabia Wed all Be Kings
1019 Lot collector price guides 3
1020 Lot collector price guides 2
1021 Lot collector price guides 2
1022 Lot collector price guides 3
1023 Lot collector price guides 5
1024 Jewelry
1025 The Basketmakers Art
1026 Key Monuments of the History of Art
1027 Lot Collector price guides
1028 Lot collector price guides
1029 Lot art books and periodicals
1030 The Compleat Belly Dancer
1031 The Way of the World Heritage Press
1032 Metal Crafts in Architecture
1033 Tuf Voyaging The Orkney Scroll 2
1034 Lot Books on Orghami 4
1035 Lot Books on Jewelry 2
1036 T/L Misc eph
1037 Golden Record Award 1984
1038 T/L Better Quality Books Novels, sports etc
1039 T/L Better Quality Books and pbs
1040 Lot childrens books incl Aesop for Children Illustr Milo Winter
1041 Taras Bulba A Tale of The Cossacks Gogol/Hapgood 1929
1042 Life of Lord Viscount Nelson 1840
1043 Lot Opera Librettos
1044 Little Folks and Their Friends
1045 Ironweed William Kennedy Easton Press signed twice
1046 Framed photo Marlene Deitrich signed
1047 A Winter in the West Indies and Florida 1839 By An Invalid
1048 Hampton and Its Students 1874
1049 Yea ! I'm An Orphan Ruth McCarson Bowen signed
1050 Herblock " A Cartoonists Life" Easton Press signed
1051 B/L Laser Video discs
1052 T/L Fly Fisherman magazines in binders
1053 Cranberry Lake From Wilderness to Adirondack Park
1054 John Bird Burnham Klondiker ,Adirondacker, Eminent Conservationist
1055 The Fly Fishingest Gentleman
1056 Profiles in Salt Water Angling
1057 Fishing North America 1876-l9l0
1058 Lot Books on Fishing 4
1059 The Hunting and Fishing Library 6 vols
1060 Lot Books, booklets on Fishing
1061 The Wonderful Lips of Thibong Linh Roscoe
1062 T/L Works of John Buchan
1063 New England Grouse Shooting
1064 African Nature Notes and Reminiscences Frederick Courtney Selous lst Ed Fwd by President Roosevelt
1065 Through the Brazilian Wilderness Theodore Roosevelt 1920 w/map Brazil Expedicao Roosevelt-Rondon 1914 signed by J.E. General in Command
1066 Outdoor Pastimes of an American Hunter Theodore Roosevelt 1920
1067 A Book Lovers Holidays in the Open Theodore Roosevelt 1920
1068 Out In the Noonday Sun Edwardians in the Tropics Pakenham
1069 Alive in the Wild
1070 The Sportsman's Wilderness
1071 Treasury of Big Game Animals
1072 Safari A Chronicle of Adventure Bartle Bull
1073 A Treasury of Hunting
1074 The Hunters Whitfield
1075 Hunting in America
1076 Trader Horn Life and Works of Alfred Aloysius Horn 1927 Horn and Lewis
1077 The Hunters World
1078 The Tranquility Stories Colonel Harold Sheldon
1079 The Sportsman's World Jack Samson
1080 Through the Dark Continent Stanley 1878 2 vols
1081 In Darkest Africa Stanley 2 vols 1890
1082 Komoon ! Capturing the Chad Elephant Heinrich Oberejohann
1083 The Lake Regions of Central Africa Sir Richard Burton 2 vols
1084 The Complete Book of Hunting Elman
1085 The Treasury of Sporting Guns
1086 The Man Eaters of Tsavo Col J H Patterson Peter Hathaway Capstick Library,Series Editor ( Peter native of Lake Valhalla, Montville,NJ Son of Thomas Capstick ,Developer of Lake Valhalla
1087 The Book of the Lion Sir Alfred E Pease Peter Hathaway Capstick Library,Series Editor
1088 Big Game Hunting and Collecting in East Africa Kalman Kittenberger ,Peter Capstick Series Editor
1089 African Hunter Baron Bror Von Blixen Finecke ,Peter Capstick Series Editor
1090 Hunting the Elephant in Africa Capt C H Stigand Peter Capstick Series Editor
1091 Lion Hunting in Somaliland Meliss Peter Capstick Series Editor
1092 Big Game Hunting in Central Africa William Buckley Peter Capstick Series Editor
1093 Kill or Be Killed Major Robert Foran Peter Capstick Series Editor
1094 Memories of a An African Hunter Lyell Peter Capstick Series Editor
1095 Big Game Hunting in North Eastern Rhodesia Letcher Peter Capstick Series Editor
1096 African Adventures Lyell Peter Capstick Series Editor
1097 African Game Trails Theodore Roosevelt Peter Capstick Series Editor
1098 After Big Game in Central Africa Edouard Foa Peter Capstick, Series Editor
1099 The Last Ivory Hunter The Saga of Wally Johnson Peter Hathaway Capstick
1100 Death in the Dark Continent Peter Hathaway Capstick
1101 Safari The Last Adventure Peter Hathaway Capstick
1102 Death in the Silent Places Peter Hathaway Capstick
1103 Maclane's Std Fishing Encycl
1104 T/L Wks of Rider Haggard 9 vols
1105 African Game Trails Theodore Roosevelt 1910 rough
1106 1951,1953 Yearbooks Iona College 2
1107 1950,1952 Yearbooks Iona College 2
1108 Binder Vintage magazines
1109 1947,1949 Yearbooks Power Memorial Academy Brothers of the Christian Schools of Ireland 2
1110 Lot Books re Fishing 2
1111 Wisconsin Country Derleth
1112 Down in the Black Gang Farmer
1113 Lot Books re Fishing
1114 Lot Books re Fishing 3
1115 Lot Books re Fishing 3
1116 Lot Books re Fishing 3
1117 Lot Books re Fishing 3
1118 The Fala Factor Kaminsky
1119 Lot Books re Fishing 3
1120 Lot Books re Fishing 4
1121 Pirates and Buccaneers on the Atlantic Coast Snow
1122 Ghosts, Gales, and Gold Snow Incredible Mysteries and Legends of he Sea Snow
1123 Great Atlantic Adventures Snow Adventures Blizzards and Coastal Calamities Snow
1124 Famous Lighthouse of America Snow Pirates, Shipwrecks and Historic Chronicles Snow
1125 A Pilgrim Returns to Cape Cod Snow The Romance of Boston Bay Snow
1126 The Islands of Boston Harbor Snow
1127 Lot Books re Fishing 3
1128 The Birch Bark Books Henry Abbott
1129 The Ancient Adirondacks
1130 Great Camps of the Adirondacks
1131 The Heydays of the Adirondacks
1132 Life and Leisure in the Adirondack Backwoods
1133 An Adirondack Resort in the l9th Cty Blue Mtn Lake
1134 Doctor Durant and the Iron Horse
1135 The Macintyre Mine
1136 Lumberjacks and Rivermen in the Central Adirondacks
1137 Adirondack Steamboats
1138 Adirondack Railroads Real and Phantom
1139 Adirondack Album 3 vols
1140 The Murray Rush in Retrospect or With The Multitude in the Adirondacks
1141 Deaf, Dumb and Blonde Morton
1142 The Sleeper Awakes H G Wells
1143 Eric Sloane's Weatherbook
1144 Game Wars Reisner
1145 T/L older pbs Tarzan, Sci Fict etc
1146 Famous Poems of the 20th Cty
1147 Lot Books re Fishing 3
1148 Catskill Rivers Birthplace of American Fly Fishing
1149 The Compleat Angler Izaak Walton Heritage Press
1150 Lot books re Fishing 3
1151 The New Compleat Angler Downes
1152 The Lighthouses of New England Snow
1153 Mysteries and Adventures Along the Atlantic Coast Super Natural Mysteries Snow 2
1154 Tales of Pirates and Their Gold Snow Fantastic Folklore and Fact Snow 2
1155 True Tales of Terrible Shipwrecks Snow Boston Bay Mysteries and Other Tales, Snow The Romance of Casco Bay Snow 3
1156 Horned Death Burger White Hunter Hunter Horn of the Hunter Ruark 3
1157 Death in the Long Grass Peter Hathaway Capstick
1158 Death in Lonely Land Peter Hathaway Capstick
1159 Last Horizons Peter Hathawasy Capstick
1160 Maneaters Peter Hathaway Capstick
1161 Bula Matari Jacob Wasserman
1162 Jungle Man Pretorius
1163 Man Eaters of Kumaon Jim Corbett 2
1164 The Black Panther of Sivanipalli Anderson Hunter J A Hunter 2
1165 Lot Books re Fly Tying, Fishing
1166 Lot Books re Fly Tying, Fishing 4
1167 Lot Books re Fly tying, Fishing
1168 Murgunstrumm and Others Cave Heroes and Horrors Leiber
1169 Voodoo! Pronzini Out of the Storm Hodgson Black Vulmers Revenge Howard 3
1170 The Night Side Deileth Supernatural Stories Lovecraft Dark Valley Destiny 3
1171 Werewolf ! Pronzini The Black Wolf Galad Elfandsson
1172 The Book of Ghost Stories M R James The Sowers of the Thunder Howard
1173 Currents and Eddies
1174 Lot Books on Fishing 3
1175 Lot Books on Fishing 2
1176 Lot Books on Fishing 2
1177 The Monster Men Burroughs
1178 Autumn Across America Teale Journey Into Summer Teale 2
1179 Lions in the Path 1926 Stewart Edward White
1180 Grouse Feathers Spiller Illust Lynn Bogue Hunt
1181 More Grouse Feathers Spiller Illust Lynn Bogue Hunt
1182 My Lost Wilderness Young Those of the Forest With Gun and Guide Martindale 3
1183 African Adventures Burger African Jungle Memories Burger 2
1184 Outdoor Yarns and Outright Lies Moving Along with Charley Dickey Mostly Tailfeathers
1185 Quail Hunting The Part I Remember
1186 T/L Abercrombie and Fitch Library 12 vols
1187 Lot Books re Hunting
1188 Look to the Wilderness The Rifle and the Hound in Ceylon 2
1189 Pheasants of the Mind Upland Bird and Water Fowl Hunting 2
1190 Tales of Fresh Water Fishing Zane Grey
1191 Lot Books re Fishing 3
1192 Lot Books re Fishing 3
1193 Lot Books re Fishing 3
1194 Lot Books re Fishing 3
1195 Lot Books re Fishing 4
1196 Tranquility series 3
1197 Lot Books re Hunting
1198 Lot Books re Hunting and Fishing 4
1199 The Stories of Old Duck Hunters and Other Drivel The Last Stories of Old Duck Hunters More Stories of the Old Duck Hunters 3
1200 Jay Birds Go to Hell on Friday I Don't Want to Shoot An Elephant The Education of Pretty boy Making Game An Essay on Woodcock 4
1201 Bookbinding as a Handcraft Lot Historical booklets
1203 Lot Books Re Fishing 4
1204 Lot Books Re Fishing 5
1205 The Arctic Year
1206 Grizzly Country Killer Bears
1207 The Wild Grizzlys of Alaska Alaska Bear Tales Bear !
1208 Lt Books re Fishing 3
1209 Lt Books re Fishing 3
1210 Lt Books re Fishing 4
1211 Lt Books re Fishing 4
1212 Lt Books re Fishing and Hunting 3
1213 Two framings US Patent Office
1214 Punch Board Game
1215 Punch Board Game
1216 Philatelic lot: US Mint sheets commems
1217 Philatelic lot: US Mint sheets commems
1218 Philatelic lot: Older US stamps
1219 Philatelic lot: Older US stamps
1220 Philatelic lot: Older US stamps
1221 Philatelic lot: 195thCty checks w/ documentary stamps
1222 Philatelic lot: 19thCty checks w/ Revenue stamp, printed on checks
1223 Philatelic lot: Album US FDCs
1224 Philatelic lot: Album US Commems Covers History
1225 Philatelic lot: Album US Commems Covers History
1226 Philatelic lot: Album US FDCs
1227 Philatelic lot: Album US FDCs
1228 Philatelic lot: Album US Covers v Presidents
1229 Lot Family Circle magazines
1230 Lot mens magazines
1231 Lot Military/Aviation magazines
1232 Lot baseball photos
1233 Lot Movie stills, celeb photos
1234 Lot Movie stills, celeb photos
1235 Signed football
1236 T/L Misc eph
1237 T/L Misc periodicals
1238 Lot Blues/Jazz 33 records incl Cottie Williams, T Bone Walker, Tiny Brown,Oscar Peterson Music of Jelly Roll Morton
1239 The Field l934
1240 Fontainbleau
1241 Guns Dudley Pope
1242 Le Livre des Saisons
1243 Frederic Remington
1244 Moscow in Prints
1245 T/L Misc eph
1246 Tom Browns School Days Thomas Hughes 1890
1247 The Shepherd of Guadaloupe Zane Grey
1248 War and Peace Tolstoy
1249 1941-42 Army Field Manuals Soldiers Handbook,Map and Aerial Photo Reading 2
1250 The Bird's Christmas Carol Kate Douglas Wiggin 1898
1251 Nov 26 l963 Memorial Album Ltd Ed Poems Wendell Berry Illus Ben Shahm dual signatures
1252 Seven Lamps of Architecture Ruskin 1880
1253 The Godfather Puzio
1254 NJ Geology Bulletins 1886,1940 2
1255 Tales of the Fish Patrol Jack London
1256 Jean Fouquet and His Time Werscher 1947
1257 The Beggars Opera John Gay repr
1258 Peter Patrol Torpedo Boat 1944
1259 Alice in Wonderland-Through the Looking Glass
1260 Through the Looking Glass
1261 Mosses From an Old Manse Hawthorne
1262 The Tale of Gockel, Hinkel, and Gackeliah Clemens Brentano Illus Maurice Sendak
1263 Riders of the Purple Sage Zane Grey
1264 Kontiki Thor Heyerdahl
1265 Stories of Inventors Russell Doubleday 1904
1266 1910 Catalog Fonderie Artistiche Riunite
1267 The Expansion of Egypt White 1899
1268 Moulin Rouge
1269 The Art of the Low Countries Valentiner 1914
1270 1954 Motor Year Book
1271 Ulysses James Joyce
1272 Human Factor Graham Greene Franklin Library
1273 Kalki Gore Vidal Franklin Library
1274 Marry Me John Updike Franklin Library
1275 The Destinies of Darcy Dancer, Gentleman Donleavy Franklin Library
1276 War Within and Without Anne Morrow Lindbergh Franklin Library
1277 An American Prophet Green Franklin Library
1278 Whistle James Jones Franklin Library
1279 Dubins Lives Malamud Franklin Library
1280 The Walnut Door Hersey Franklin Library
1281 Evidence of Love Grau Franklin Library
1282 The Alcestiad Thornton Wilder Franklin Library
1283 Beggerman Thief Shaw Franklin Library
1284 This Is War 1951
1285 Pictorial Gallery of the Fine Arts
1286 Breaking Bounds Dance Photography
1287 Pinocchio 1916 Illus
1288 US Navy War Photographs WWII
1289 All Quiet on the Western Front
1290 The Caesars De Quincey 1851
1291 The Of Mary Russell Mitford 2 vols
1292 The Columbia Anthology of Gay Literature
1293 The Rocking Horse Christopher Morley
1294 The Night Before Christmas Illus Arthur Rackham
1295 The Conqueror Gertrude Atherton
1296 Gryll Grange Peacock Illus Townsend
1297 The Marble Faun Hawthorne 2 vols 1860
1298 Evocations of Love Altenburg
1299 There's a Nightmare in My Closet Mayer
1300 Hawaiian Journey
1301 Mr Mysterious and Company
1302 Travels in the Old South 2 vols
1303 Last Tales Isak Dinnesen
1305 City Block Waldo Frank
1306 The Fireside Stories of Ireland Kennedy
1307 Women of the War Frank Moore 1866
1308 Inside the Moscow Art Theater
1309 Every Soul is a Circus Lindsay 1929
1310 John Barley Corn Jack London
1311 What Never Dies 1928 Barbey D Aurevillay
1312 The Water Babies Kingsley Illustr Jesse Willcox Smith
1313 Poster Vogue auction catalog
1314 Young Astronomer 1846
1315 Manual of Astronomy 1855
1316 John Blaine series 5
1317 Lessons in Practical Electricity 1901
1318 Near to Natures Heart Rev E P Roe 1876
1319 The Adventures of a Young Naturalist Biart 1871
1320 The Struggle for Land in Ireland 1800-1923
1321 Outre Mer Longfellow 1891
1322 Antique Firearms Lister
1323 Templetons Mechanics Pocket Companion 1852
1324 Don Juan Lord Byron Illus John Austen
1325 The Old Merchants of NYC 1863
1326 Reveille in Washington Leech
1327 Land of Play 1911
1328 Dear Garbage Man Zion
1329 Donatello 1907
1330 Indian Wars 1904
1331 Fritz Henles Figure Studies 1954
1332 Pistols A Modern Ency
1333 Before Barbed Wire
1334 The Collecting of Guns
1335 Lot: The Lost Lyrist E H Frost Poems by Tegner Les Forceurs De Blocus Verne
1336 Lot Lamp Black l884 Rept NJ Geologist Cook Booklets 2 Mix or Match Story Book
1337 Binder w/Wood magazines
1338 T/L Ships in Scale magazines
1339 TL Books re Ghosts, Science Fiction, Fear etc
1340 TL Books re Jazz
1341 Binder Wood magazines
1341A Binder Wood magazines
1341B Binder Wood magazines
1341C Binder Wood magazines
1342 Philatelic lot: Album w/foreign stamps
1343 Philatelic lot: Album w/US and foreign stamps
1344 T/L Pbs Science Fiction
1345 The Code Breakers Kahn
1346 The Bonjour Effect Bringing Up Bebe 2
1347 From An Architects Sport Folio 1894
1348 T/L Recorded tapes incl: Stan Getz. Ella Fitzgerald Benny Goodman, Oscar Peterson,Dizzy Gilespie Colorado Jazz Party,Pacific Jazz
1349 T/L Recorded tapes incl: Oscar Peterson,Dexter Gordon Benny Carter,Stan Getz,Phinius Newton,Coletrain Cherokee,Tal Farrow,Billie Holiday,Fats Domino Louis Armstromg,Stan Getz, Mulligan,Art Tatum
1350 Philatelic lot: l9th Cty checks Boonton National Bank w/Documentary stamps
1351 Baseball card Wagner repr
1352 T/L Recorded tapes incl:Rascals, Gerry Mulligan Quincy Jones,Charlie Parker, Budy De Franco,Count Basi Oscar Petersen,Sarah Vaughan,Cannonball Aderly
1353 T/L Recorded tapes incl:Charlie Parker,Cotrane, Miles Davis,Zoot Simms, Stan Getz,Tommy Dorsey Dizzy Gilespie,Count Basie,Duke Ellington, Art Blakey Quartet,
1354 B/L Books re WWII Submarine Warfare
1355 Peter Capstick's Africa
1356 Battles Lost and Won Hanson Baldwin
1357 Beasts and Circuses Drake 1936
1358 Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates
1359 T/L Misc books re Dollhouses and Furniture
1360 Goodbye to Uncle Tom Furnas
1361 Falconry Russell
1362 The Wartime Journals of Charles Lindbergh
1363 Thunder on the Left Christopher Morley
1364 Babbitt Sinclair Lewis 1922
1365 Ray Charles The Con Man Corsel 2
1366 T/L Books re Horse Racing and Betting
1367 Colonial Prose and Poetry; Some People Nicholson The Way of All Flesh Butler 4
1368 Lives Izaak Walton Old Mortality Scott Tales of Mean Streets Lorna Doone Blackmore 4
1369 The Comedies of Congreve 2 The House of Cobwebs Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man Joyce 4
1370 Dryden Wks of Virgil Imaginary Conversations Landor On Liberty Mill Table Talk Hazlet 4
1371 Marius The Epicurean Pater Select Letters Jonathan Swift A Renegade Poet Thompson Experiences of an Irish RM 4
1372 The Plays of Oscar Wilde Poems and Prose Dowson Chatterton's Poetical Wks The Comedies of Congreave 4
1373 Lot Victorian gallery cards and photos
1373A Lot Victorian gallery cards and photos
1373B Lot Victorian photos
1374 Framed fan photo Claudette Colbert
1375 How to Teach Phrenology in the School Room and in the Family Sizer 1880
1376 Away In the Wilderness or Life Among the Red Indians Ballentyne 1869
1377 Die Deutiche Luftwaffe
1378 The Abraham Lincoln Myth Bramantip 1894
1379 T/L Books re Venice, Florence
1380 T/L Misc eph
1381 T/L Misc eph
1382 T/L Misc eph
1383 T/L Misc eph
1384 Quaker Hill Series Thomas E Dewey
1385 Lot: Stereopticon cards Freight bill Montclair and Greenwood Lake Railway Co
1386 Lot Vanity Fair plates
1387 Lot color book plates
1388 Lot color book plates
1389 Lot color book plates
1390 Lot color book plates
1391 Lot color book plates
1392 Lot color book plates
1393 T/L steel engravings book plates
1394 T/L steel engravings book plates
1395 T/L Historical extracts ( pamphlets)
1396 T/L Books re Semi Tropical Islands etc
1397 The Porcelain Art of Edward Marshall Boehm
1398 Hans Bellmer Art Erotica
1399 Lot art books
1400 Lot art books
1401 Lot art books
1402 The New Nomads
1403 New American Glamour
1404 Mid Century Modern
1405 Living With Books
1406 Opulent Textiles Childrens Handkerchiefs 2
1407 Period Details Classic Decorative Details 2
1408 English Country Modular Mansions 2
1409 Creating a Room The Decoration of Houses Mark Hampton On Decorating 3
1410 The Comforts of Home Decorating Fun ! Draper 2
1411 Billy Baldwin Remembers
1412 Maxfield Parrish
1413 Watteau Nudes Man Ray auction catalog
1414 Lot art books
1415 Marcel Duchamp
1416 Tunnicliffe's Birds American Wildlife Painting 2
1417 Botanical Artists Drawn From Nature 2
1418 Birds of Central Park Bird Etchings 2
1419 The Art of Natural History
1420 Bird Art
1421 Winslow Homer Watercolors
1422 The National Gallery of Art
1423 Lot Winslow Homer books 5
1424 Lot Ansel Adams books 4
1425 Lot art books 4
1426 The Lower East Side Jewish Past
1427 Flora Photographica History of Photography 2
1428 Lot Books re photography 3
1429 Marilyn Monroe and the Camera
1430 Stained Glass Windows of Chagall
1431 The Amorous Illustrations of Thomas Rowlandson
1432 Matisse Retrospective
1433 Chihully 2
1434 Annie Liebowitz Annie Liebowitz Women Susan Sontag 2
1435 The Beatles Anthology
1436 What Remains Sally Mann
1437 The World of Chas Addams
1438 Thomas Eakin's Books 3
1439 Lot art books Botero, Picasso 2
1440 Wise Women Tenneson
1441 The Last Coach Bear Bryant
1442 The Modern Painter and Decorator 3 vols
1443 Leg Art Hollywood Cheesecake
1444 Shoes and Ships and Sealing Wax lst Ed 1928
1445 Common School Bookkeeping 1872
1446 The Dutch Republic 1864 3 vols
1447 Whosoever Shall Offend Crawford 1904
1448 The Theatre 3000 Years
1449 T/L Misc eph pbs
1450 T/L Misc eph
1451 T/L Misc eph
1452 T/L Misc eph
1453 T/L Misc eph plays
1454 Medical Aspects of Human Sexuality
1455 Country Homes of Famous Americans
1456 Slang Today and Yesterday
1457 Coal Boats to Tidewater
1458 Shirley Temples Storybook
1459 Saddam's Word Ofra Bengio
1460 In the Company of the Courtesan Dunant
1461 West Point Today 1942 Cornell 1939
1462 Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue In the Big Woods The Courage of Captain Plum 2
1463 The Kirtland Massacre Mormon Cult Murders
1464 The Blue Nile Moorehead
1465 No Time for Sergeants Hyman
1466 History of the United States Centennial Edition l876 Series Periodicals 30 vols
1467 Plutarchs Lives 3 vol set
1468 The Illustrations of Rockwell Kent
1469 Heritage Civilization and the Jews Abba Eban
1470 The Wisdom of the Foolish and the folly of the Wise
1471 United Artists Story
1472 Rabbit Run John Updike
1473 The Crime of Sheila McGough Janet Malcolm
1474 Compend of Anatomy Dr Potter 1915
1475 Treadmill to Oblivion Fred Allen Low Man on a Totem Pole Smith Intro Fred Allen 2
1476 The Garden of Allah Hichens
1477 The Last of the Mohicans Cooper
1478 Red Pepper Burns Red Peppers Patients 2
1479 Young Acrobat Horatio Alger
1480 The Prince of the House of David
1481 Lady of the Lake
1482 The Girls from Esquire
1483 Tom Swift series 3
1484 Lot Cards HOBO The Bum Fortune Teller Honus Wagner baseball card (facs)
1485 Philatelic lot:Album US Proof Cards First Day of Issue
1486 Philatelic lot:Album US Proof Cards First Day of Issue
1487 Philatelic lot:Album US Proof Cards First Day of Issue
1488 Philatelic lot:Album US Proof Cards First Day of Issue
1489 Philatelic lot:Album US Proof Cards First Day of Issue
1490 Philatelic lot:Album US Proof Cards First Day of Issue
1491 Philatelic lot:Album US Proof Cards First Day of Issue
1492 Philatelic lot:Album US Proof Cards First Day of Issue Wildflowers of the Fifty States
1493 Philatelic lot:Album US Proof Cards First Day of Issue
1494 Philatelic lot:Album US Proof Cards First Day of Issue
1495 Philatelic lot:Album US Proof Cards First Day of Issue
1496 Philatelic lot:Album US Proof Cards First Day of Issue
1497 Philatelic lot:Album US Proof Cards First Day of Issue
1498 Philatelic lot:Album US Proof Cards First Day of Issue
1499 Philatelic lot:Album US Proof Cards First Day of Issue World at War 1941-45
1500 Philatelic lot:Album US FDCs
1501 Philatelic lot:Album USPS Elvis Presley
1502 Philatelic lot:Album USPS First Moon Walk
1503 Philatelic lot:Album PCS World of stamps 1984
1504 Philatelic lot:Album Fleetwood Moon Walk
1505 Philatelic lot:Album PCS Star Spangled Banner
1506 Philatelic lot:Album Fleetwood FDI Collectors Panel Astronauts
1507 Philatelic lot:Album Fleetwood FDI Collectors Panel Statue of Liberty
1508 Philatelic lot:Album Fleetwood FDI Collectors Panel Space Walk
1509 Philatelic lot:Album 1975 Apollo-Soyuz USSR/US Joint Stamp Issue
1510 Philatelic lot:Album PCS Collectors Panel Victories at Sea
1511 Philatelic lot:Album USSR Man in Space
1512 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1513 Set the DiMaggio Albums
1514 Nutshell Library 3
1515 United States Martial Pistols and Revolvers
1516 Herman Melville Mumford
1517 The Three Rings History of the Spanish Jews
1518 East is West Stark
1519 Voyages to Hawaii Before 1860 Judd
1520 From Pidgin to Standard English in Hawaii Carr
1521 Pacific Islands Literature
1522 The Imperial Japanese Mission to the United States 1917
1523 Florida Under Five Flags Patrick
1524 Farmer Duck Waddell/Oxenbury signed
1525 Christopher Wool
1526 The Early Works of Willard Gibbs Polywater Franks 2
1527 Milton's Ontology, Cosmogony and Physics Curry
1528 Yale Science The First Hundred Years Blowing On the Wind Divine 2
1529 Nietzche in Russia Blowing On the Wind Divine 2
1530 William B Wherry Bacteriologist
1531 New Haven Passenger Trains
1532 Illinois Central Streamliners 1936-46
1533 West Side Pictorial Ferrell
1534 Jet Planes of the Third Reich
1535 N is for Nutmeg Grodin/Brookfield Signed
1536 Lone Star Preacher Thomason
1537 Captain of the Queens Cunard Line
1538 Rebels Daughters Sachs Blanket Boys Moon 2
1539 The Oxford History of South Africa 2 vols
1540 Ernest Oppenheimer and the Economic Development of South Africa
1541 The Roots of Segregation 1845-l9l0
1542 The Unification of South Africa Kaffirs Are Livelier Walker 2
1543 Indian People in Natal Kuper
1544 Shooting at Sharpeville The Agony of South Africa
1545 British Supremacy in South Africa 1899-l907
1546 The Black Sash of South Africa
1547 The Black Sash Rogers
1548 Afrikaner Politics in South Africa 1934-48 Stultz author signed
1549 Bantu Stans Giniewski 2000 Casualties South Africa Labour Movement 2
1550 The Land and People of South Africa Alan Paton
1551 The Africans Alim Mazrui
1552 Speer Hand loaders Manual
1553 The Story of a Boy Named Will
1554 Make Believe The Story of Nancy and Ronald Reagan Leamer lst Ed dj
1555 Life of John Taylor Simms
1556 Following the Equator Mark Twain 1897 lst Ed
1557 Gloires et Souvenirs Maritimes 1895
1558 Insect Enemies of Eastern Forests
1559 Keepers of the Past Lord
1560 The Unmentionable Vice
1561 Puttin On Ole Massa Slave Narratives
1562 'Why England Slept Kennedy
1563 Torture of the Christian Martyrs
1564 Hell On the Border
1565 Life and Letters of Admiral D G Farragut 1879
1566 The Great Church in Captivity Runciman
1567 The Capture, Prison Pen and Escape Blazier 1866
1568 Forest Products Brown 1950
1569 Dirty Movies 1915-l970
1570 Dallas Nude
1571 Red Coral
1572 Laotzus Tao and Wu Wei The Crack In the Picture Window Malraux Romans
1573 My Autobiography Benito Mussolini
1574 Lot: Speer Rifle Loads Everyday Ballistics Reloading Ammunition Lyman 3
1575 Modern American Pistols and Revolvers
1576 The Christmas Story
1577 The Art For Childrens Books
1578 Forty Years Fight With the Drink Demon Jewett MD 1872
1579 The Italian Navy in WWII
1580 French Navy in WWII
1581 The Sea War in Korea
1582 Guns and Gunning
1583 Mauser Bolt Rifles
1584 The Tropical Gardens of Burle Marx
1585 The Prague Ghetto
1586 The Design of Insulated Buildings Taliesin Drawings Frank Lloyd Wright
1587 Frank Lloyd Wright Jahre Lebendig Architektur School Planning Le Serpent Dans La Galerie 3
1588 Loose leaf binder Victorian trade cards, photos, post cards etc
1589 Gentleman Bear Du Bois
1590 Oscar the Trained Seal Neikirk /Dobias 1940
1591 Warriors Parris Island
1592 Art Nouveau Belgium France
1593 The Daggers and Edged Weapons of Hitlers Germany
1594 La Vie Normale et La Sante Rengade 1881
1595 Fun With Trout Everett
1596 The Duffers Handbook of Golf Mental Handicaps in Golf Second Shots Golf 3
1597 New Girl in Town Abbott Dinners and Nightmares DiPrima 2
1598 George and Robert Stephenson Smiles 1868 Railroad Engines
1599 American Pheasant Breeding and Shooting Letters from Mexico Billings 2
1600 Primer of Rare Books and First Editions Stories to Collect Stamps By 2
1601 Uncle Julius and the Angel With Heartburn Rosenberg The Glass Cell 2
1602 T/L Lot re Internationale Hygiene Ausstellung Dresden: post cards,programs, periodicals
1603 The Dyess Story Lt Col W E Dyess Death March From Bataan
1604 Fischer -Spassky Move By Move lst Ed
1605 Zak Smith
1606 Sonnet Singing Chopin and George Sand
1607 Bobby Fischer Memorable Games
1608 Cantina Thomas Gose Trading The Elk and the Evidence
1609 McSorleys Wonderful Saloon Shanahans Old Shebeen 2
1610 Thomas Hart Benton A Personal Commemorative
1611 An Alabama Student Osler
1612 Richard Hovey Man and Craftsman
1613 Vereshchagin Artist at War Austrian New Wave 2
1614 Mary Frank
1615 Colonial Holidays Walter Tittle 1910
1616 The Strongman Joe Bonomo
1617 Lot art catalogs
1618 Nathan's Hot Dog Cook Book Provincetown Odds and Ends From the Tip End Guests How to Survive Hospitality 3
1619 T/L Misc eph
1620 Das Kleeblatt Japanese book Origami 2
1621 The War of the Wooden Soldiers Someone Like You Foley 2
1622 Journal Edmond Et Jules De Cocourt 1866-l870 The Companion Letter Writer 2
1623 Mar and Moritz Wilhelm Bulfch 1952
1624 Miki Petersham
1625 Beloved Belindy Johnny Gruelle 1926
1626 Winter Fun Dreamland Series
1627 Nursery Rhymes and Songs 1944
1628 Poems of Childhood James Whitcomb Riley Illus Everitt Shinn 1943
1629 Nellies Christmas Eve McLoughlin c 1890
1630 The Night Before Christmas Clement Moore
1631 What We Do Day by Day
1632 Peter Pan Twins are Glad to Help Rhoda Chase 1923
1633 Peter Pan Twins Are Now in School Rhoda Chase 1923
1634 Where the Wild Things Are Maurice Sendak
1635 Adventures of Jack 1921
1636 Polly Pingle Book c 1920
1637 The Cadwinkle Twins Stories About them 1919
1638 The Toys and Games ABCs c 1920
1639 Panoramas of Promise
1640 Audell's Practical Electricity 1946
1641 Literature in Ireland Macdonough 1916
1642 Areopagitica and Other Prose Writings Miton 2
1643 Elizabeth Seton Barberry
1644 The Litany of Washington Street Vachel, Lindsay 1929
1645 1990 Yearbook Montclair State
1646 The Boonton Years 1867-l967
1647 Lot post cards
1648 Lot post cards
1648A Lot post cards
1648B Lot post cards
1649 Stock certificate St Louis San Francisco RR
1650 Stock certificate Union Pacific RR
1651 Stock certificate New York Central RR
1652 Stock certificate Pennsylvania RR
1653 Stock certificate Baltimore and Ohio RR
1654 Stock certificate Boston and Maine RR
1655 Stock certificate Delaware Lackawanna and Western RR
1656 Stock certificate Erie Lackawanna RR
1657 Stock certificate Erie RR
1658 Stock certificate Illinois Traction Co
1659 Stock certificate Lehigh RR
1660 Stock certificate New York Chicago and St Louis RR
1661 Stock certificate Reading RR
1662 Stock certificate Pennsylvania RR
1663 Stock certificate New York New Haven and Hartford RR
1664 Stock certificate Penn Central RR
1665 Stock certificate Northern Central RR
1666 Stock certificate Pennsylvania New York Central RR
1667 Stock certificate Jamestown, Franklin, and Clearfield RR
1668 Stock certificate West Shore Railway
1669 Stock certificate Lake Shore and Michigan Southern RR
1670 Stock certificate Lehigh Valley RR
1671 Stock certificate Mononghela Railway
1672 Stock certificate Philadelphia Baltimore and Washington
1673 Stock certificate Pittsburgh Cincinnati Chicago and St Louis RR
1674 Stock certificate New York Connecting RR
1675 Stock certificate New York Central and Hudson River RR
1676 Stock certificates Misc
1677 1931 Golden Book Magazine
1678 1991 Everybody's Magazine John Wanamaker Co 1901,l923
1679 1902 Munseys magazine 2
1680 1918 Scribners magazine 1901 Cosmopolitan mnagazine
1681 1904 Bookkeeper and Business Mans magazine
1682 1902 LHJ magazine
1683 1914 LHJ magazine
1684 Home Arts magazines 1936,1935,l937 3
1685 Home Arts magazines 1937, 1939 4
1686 1922 McCalls Magazine
1687 1921 McCalls Magazine
1688 1928 McCalls Magazine
1689 1930,1929 Modern Priscilla magazines
1690 1924,1925 Modern Priscilla magazines
1691 Lot McCalls magazines
1692 Lot McCalls magazines
1693 Lot McCalls magazines
1694 B/L Life magazines
1695 McCalls magazine 1923
1696 McCalls magazine 1923
1697 Lot Look magazines
1698 Lot Look magazines
1699 Lot Africana magazines
1700 Lot periodicals Aliens; Fantasy and Science Fiction
1701 BC Outdoors magazines ( British Columbia)
1702 T/L Misc eph
1703 Lot Open Road magazines 1949+
1704 Lot NGS magazines 1919n +
1705 Lot Good Stories magazines 1926 +
1706 Lot Rural New Yorker periodicals
1707 Lot Comics and graphic novels
1708 Lot Comics
1709 Lot Comics
1710 Lot BHGs 1937
1711 Lot BHGs 1944 +
1712 Lot BHGs 1954 +
1713 Lot comics
1714 Lot comics
1715 Lot comics
1716 Lot SEP magazines 1960s
1717 Lot LHJ magazines
1718 T/L Misc eph
1719 T/L Misc eph
1720 T/L Misc eph
1721 Framed school poster Mechanics of Arithmetic
1722 Tales of the Big Game Hunters Kemp Uganda Safari Herne A Hunters Road 3
1723 King of the Khyber Rifles Talbot Mundy Talbot Mundy Messenger of Destiny 2
1724 Elephants and Ivory Jordan
1725 Zane Grey Outdoorsman
1726 Realms of Wizardry Seasons of the Hunter Asand County Almanac 3
1727 Trout 2 vols
1728 The Conan Doyle Stories
1729 This Crazy Thing Called Love Braudy Getting Married and Showing Up of Blanco Posnet Shaw Sholem Aleichem's Wandering Star
1730 Little Wide Awake 1886
1731 Tarbell Course in Magic Fun With Magic Leeming
1732 Grants Illusion Secrets The Table Book , Magic Inc The New Makeup of Magic
1733 Lets Make Magic Modern Coin Magic
1733A Bx Lot Magicians Paraphernalia
1733B Bx Lot Magicians Paraphernalia
1733C Bx Lot Magicians Paraphernalia
1733D Bx Lot Magicians Paraphernalia
1733E Bx Lot Magicians Paraphernalia (Lots 1733a-1733e to be sold as one lot)
1734 Framed pen and ink artist signed F L Owen "I must go down to the sea again etc"
1735 Nautical chart Chesapeke Bay to Susquehanna River
1736 Framed equine litho Le Monarque
1737 Framed Hunt print Hunting-Breaking Cover
1738 Signed 33 vinyl record Leontyne Price
1739 Lot Horse show Ribbons ( Lily Pond Farms,Franklin Lks
1740 Horse Show ribbons
1741 Horse Show ribbons
1742 New France and New England Fiske
1743 March to Quebec Kenneth Roberts
1744 1987 Yearbook Indian Hills HS Oakland
1745 1937 Yearbook Lafayette College
1746 New York Tempest Manuel Komroff 1932
1747 Samantha at the Worlds Fair
1748 Abraham Lincoln series Carl Sandburg 5 vols
1749 George Washington Freeman 3 vols
1750 Lincoln Finds a General 4 vol
1751 If Not Victory Hough 1939
1752 Quo Vadis I Sienkiewicz
1753 Tokyo Record 1943 Otto Tolischus
1754 Old Virginia and Her Neighbors Fiske
1755 One Hundred Years Ago American Writing of l847
1756 The Critical Period of American History Fiske
1757 Moreau de St Merys American Journey 1793-l798
1758 Jefferson in Power Bowers 1930
1759 Boswells Life of Johnson
1760 Lot Misc eph
1761 Lot Misc eph
1762 Birds and Trees of North America 2 vols
1763 Churchill's WWII Series 5 vols
1764 Jefferson and Hamilton Jefferson in Power Bowers 2
1765 American Georgian Architecture
1766 T/L Misc eph
1767 T/L Misc eph
1768 T/L Misc eph
1768A 1865 Bible 1951 Prayer Book
1769 Lot concert posters (3) circa 1938
1770 1979 Yearbook Indian Hills HS Oakland
1770A Framed Pen and Ink artist signed and numbered
1771 Set Harvard Classics 48 vols
1772 Lot Animorphs pbs
1773 Lot Glimmer Train pbs
1774 Trump The Art of the Deal
1775 The Mother Sholem Asch Fortune is a Woman The Queen Rides
1776 The Playboy Interview Golson
1777 Boscobel, or The Royal Oak A Tale of 1651
1778 Wks of Dickens, limp leather 5 vols
1779 The American Poets, Poe; Longfellow,2,Heritage Press
1780 Price Guide Paper Back Books Hancers
1781 At Memory's Edge After Images of the Holocaust Remembering to Forget Zelizer Holocaust Education 3
1782 Iran and the United States
1783 Red Pepper Burns Richmond A Six Cylinder Courtship Field The Swarm Maeterlinck 3
1784 Casanovas Memoirs 2vol 1929 Ltd Ed
1785 Skyward Cmdr R E Byrd USN
1786 Dir Names Sullivan County NY
1787 Writings of Thomas Jefferson Illus Lynd Ward Heritage
1788 The Tory Lover Jewett
1789 Lot Scientific Bulletins
1790 Lot Arizona Highways magazines
1791 Lot Theater Arts magazines
1792 Lot the Little Christian periodicals
1793 Rays Primary Arithmetic 1877 Book of Humor for Children 2
1794 Where the Condor Nests The Discovery and Conquest of Mexico
1795 Lot Theater, show souv programs
1796 The First Jewish Catalog
1797 T/L Catalogs auction and gallery
1798 T/L Misc eph
1799 B/L Modern Library Classics
1800 Wks of Sharon Brown 3
1801 Hirshfeld's British Aisles
1802 Monteiths Geography 1882
1803 Old Mother Hubbard and Her Dog
1804 The House That Jack Built
1805 Every Childs Painting Book 1913
1806 African Sketch Book Franck
1807 The Image Makers
1808 I Go Pogo Walt Kelly author inscribed
1809 A Centenary Remembrance FDR Alsop
1810 Roosevelt and Churchill Roosevelt The Lion and the Fox 2
1811 Eleanor and Franklin
1812 FDR Launching The New Deal
1813 Roosevelt The Soldier of Freedom
1814 On Our Way FDR 1934
1815 For The President Personal and Secret Bullitt
1816 Life and Times of Theodore Roosevelt
1817 Theodore Rex Morris
1818 Hunting Trips of a Ranchman Theodore Roosevelt
1819 African Game Trails Theodore Roosevelt
1820 Remarks Bill Nye 1900
1821 The Tenth Census 1883
1822 T/L Haas Mini Series classics
1823 Metalwork
1824 Dspues Del Hombre Dixon
1825 My Book of Animals c 1900
1826 Big Game Hunting in Central Africa Buckley Peter Capstick Series Editor
1827 I Love Lucy
1828 Lot TV Guides I Love Lucy
1829 London Britain from the Air 2
1830 Mysterys of the Unknown 3
1831 The Civilization of the Celts
1832 The Egyptian book of the Dead
1833 The Bible Code
1834 Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales Young Years 2
1835 Larousse Ency of Astronomy
1836 1984 Yearbook Indian Hills HS Oakland
1837 T/L Misc eph
1838 B/L 78 records incl Pied Pipers,Artie Shaw, Sammy Kaye Bing Crosby, Glen Miller,Guy Lombardo, Robert Merrill
1839 T/L Misc eph
1840 Lot Ring boxing magazines
1841 TL Misc eph
1842 T/L Misc eph
1843 T/L Misc eph
1844 Lot 78 records incl: Paul Whitman Great White Way Orchestra,Roy Acuff and the Smoky Mountain Boys,Gene Autry, Lot 33 vinyl records-Johnny Cash
1845 Lot dime pulps
1846 Lot dime pulps
1847 Lot dime pulps
1848 Lot dime pulps
1849 Lot dime pulps
1850 Lot dime pulps
1851 Lot dime pulps
1852 Lot dime pulps
1853 Lot dime pulps
1854 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Moms Mabley,Millie Jackson Julio Iglesias,Liberace,Nat King Cole,Ray Charles Earl Grant,Sinatra,Herb Alpert
1855 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Al Hirt,Cher,Lenny Dee Pete Fountain,
1856 Album baseball cards
1857 Album baseball cards
1858 Album baseball cards
1859 Album baseball cards
1860 B/L baseball cards
1861 T/L baseball cards
1862 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Bonnie Kolac,Reverberi Phylis Hyman,Ronnie Jones,Galactic Funk,Rice and Beans Orch,Carol Douglas
1863 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Michele Magic Love Stone Revival Band,Musique,Celibee and the Buzzy Bunch Kongas Africanism,Peter Brown
1864 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Theo Van Ness,Charo and The Salsoul Orch. Jay McShann,Chaz Jankel, Lords of the New Church,Elvis Presley
1865 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: The Beatles, Jeff Beck Eric Burdon Band,Trammps,Stan Getz,Gerry Mulligan Plastocono Band,Venus and Mars,Ramsey Lewis Trio
1866 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Neil Young and Crazy Horse Gerry Mulligan,Beaux J Poo Boo,Derek Smith Trio Ron O Neal,Count Basie,Ira sullivan,Flesh Tones Good Rats
1867 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Eddie Vinson,Gerry Mulligan,Chambers Bros,Rick Nelson, Focus 3, Kitaro,Dave Brubeck Quartet,
1868 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Beatles,Thad Jones, Mel Lewis,John Davis and the Monster,Stylistics Madleen Kane,Destinations, Buzzy Bunch, Chocolauts etc
1869 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Schmilsson,Steve Smith Roxy Music,Mike Cross,Millie Jackson,Fickle Heart Pro Bow Trio, Clarke Boland Band, Lene Lovich The Decentz,King Clave,Rare Bird
1870 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:McGuinn,Clark and Hillman Chuck Berry,David Bowie, Commander Cody Band,Genesis Electric Light Orchestra,Stephen Bishop,Gordon Lightfoot,Big Pink
1871 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:The Peppermint Rainbow Tall Talk,Adam Ant, Beach Boys,Hot Chocolate Greyhound,Jesse Colin Young,Walter Murphy Band, Bee Gees,Martin Denny
1872 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Baron Lopez,Jazz Ensemble The Wombies,Nektar,The Big Ball,The Temptations Steve Morse Band,Robin Kenyatta,Chairmen of theBoard Blue Magic
1873 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Martin Denny,Inner Circle, Jackie Edwards,BT Express,Mighty Sparrow, Byuron Lee and the Dragonaires,George Benson Quartet Margaret Walker,Talking Heads 77,Accept Midnight Hwy
1874 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Bob Dylan,The Robert Grey Band,Black Ivory,David Bromberg,Focus Moving Waves Jeff Beck,Climax Blues Band,The Monkees,
1875 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:The Babys,Corcoran Bros Brand X,Rush, Dave Brubeck Quartet,Hal Frazier
1876 B/L Life magazines etc
1877 Lot art books 2
1878 History of Angling Waterman
1879 T/L Misc eph
1880 T/L Misc eph
1881 T/L sheet music
1882 Lo 33 vinyl records incl: Ahmad Jamal.First Choice, Herbie Mann,Steeleye Span,Thelma Houston,Jimmy McGriff Gloria Gaynor,The Beatles,Renaissance
1883 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Ray Coniff,Tony Anthony Jerry Lee Lewis,Caravan and the New Symphonia The Byrds,Dee Dee Sharp,Con Funk Shun,Four Tops Russ Freeman, The Doobie Brothers
1884 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: The Steve Miller Band, Elvis Presley,Charlie Ventura,Gun Hill Road
1885 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: The Beau Brummels Carly Simon,Chris Barber,Tredie Tilstand Precious Wilson,Cypress Hill,Hell on Earth,Dr Dre Quincy Jones
1886 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: France Joli,Carrie, The Tokens,Martin Denny,Dina Ross and the Supremes Greg Diamond,Dexys Midnight Runners,Lou Christie Lee Michaels,Stonehenge,East Coast Jazz,Blood
1887 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: The Monkees,Super Sax Salt Peanuts,Adrian Belew,Rick Wakeman,James Wells La Bionda,At Blakey andthe Jazz Messengers
1888 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Hubert Laws,Sam Price and His Kay Cee Stompers 'Horace Silver Quintet, The Who,Gene Ammons,The Police, Pete Townsend
1889 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Earl Bostic,War Galaxy The Detroit Spinners,The Hues Corp.El Coco, Mike Oldfield,Dianne Larrance and the Rebels, Rags and Riches,Jacob Miller
1890 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: The Blackstones, The Instigators,Sanchez,Sin Mala Intencion, Golden Earring,Golden Tears,Alice Cooper
1891 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Cricklewood Green Miles Davis,Charlie Parker, Stan Getz, Tommy Boy,Pink Floyd Crackers,Jackson Browne, Percy Jones
1892 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Adrian Belew,Bix Beiderbeck Bee Gees, Bill Haley and the Comets,Kool and the Gang The Trammps.,KC and the Sunshine Band
1893 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Eddie Murphy,Richard Pryor James Brown,The Flamingos Maynard Ferguson,
1894 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Martin Denny,Sinatra,Quincy Jones,Louie Bellson,Hall and Oates Rod Stewart, Freddie James,
1895 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Vicki Robinson,The Brothers Johnson,Leon Haywood,Trax,Diana Ross,Blondie, Martin Denny,
1896 Lot photos Boonton Veterans Housing WWII
1897 Lot photos Album c 1910
1898 Lot Victorian photos etc
1899 Lot photos Explosion Ammunition Depot Lake Denmark NJ 1926
1900 Lot photos Explosion Ammunition Depot
1901 Lot photos Explosion Ammunition Depot
1902 Lot photos Explosion Ammunition Depot
1903 Lot photos Explosion Ammunition Depot
1904 Lot post cards
1905 T/L Misc eph travel
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1918 Lot post cards
1919 Lot post cards
1920 Program Princeton Triangle Club 1912 " Main Street" Princeton Pictorial Revue 1923
1920A Princeton Triangle Club l912-13 Once in a Hundred Years His Honor The Sultan
1921 Lot Etude magazines 1912-18 5 (John Phillip Sousa)
1922 Lot Frank Leslies Sunday magazine 13 1878=79
1923 1931 Morristown Directory
1924 T/L Misc eph
1925 T/L sheet music
1926 T/L sheet music
1927 T/L sheet music
1928 T/L sheet music
1929 Big Band Dance poster
1930 Folios New Jersey Famous Firsts
1931 1918+ Ledger Boonton Grocery/General Store(Gordons) Accts incl: Seabury, Charlton, Pierce ,Kincaid, Scribner, Carson,Henry B Wilson,Wootton,Dixon Gordon,Norris,Reynar,Rev Fountain,NJ Firemens Home
1932 Little Orphan Annie 1935-l945
1933 Collected Wks of Buck Rogers
1934 Unknown Leonardo
1935 Engine Driving Life
1936 The Blue and the Gray Capps
1937 Selections from the Tatler Spectator and Guardian,
1938 Wks of Shakespeare In One Vol
1939 Benvenuto Celllini Autobiography
1940 The Three Musketeers Dumas Illus Legrand Heritage Pr
1941 Sugar and Spice and All Thats Nice Tilestone
1942 Farm Ballads Will Carleton
1943 Disraeli Andre Maurois
1944 Gaily We Parade John Brewton
1945 Treasure Bag of Game Songs The Book of Games and Entertainment the World Over Shabuoth Entertainments
1946 Bad Dogs/Good Dogs
1947 The Story of the Bicycle Woodforde
1948 Nonsense Songs Edward Lear
1949 Our American Money Coffin
1950 Hunting Trips of a Ranchman Theodore Roosevelt
1951 Kipling John Beecroft
1952 Street Corner Society
1953 Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes Illus Atkinson
1954 Old Tales Told Again De La Mare
1955 Shirtfronts and Sables Pope
1956 Paul Bunyan Stevens Wood Cuts by Allen Lewis
1957 The Golden Year Cane The Toadstool Millionaires Young
1958 The American Songbag Carl Sandburg
1959 An Alphabestiary John Ciardi
1960 Mysticism and Ecumenism Whitson
1961 Auto-Biography The Enzo Ferrari Story 2
1962 The Jewish Wedding Book Routtenberg/Seldin
1963 Fast Food Nation Laughing Matter Helen Smith 2
1964 T/L Harry Potter series 6 vols
1965 The British Myths and Legends
1966 Genealogical and Memorial History of New Jersey
1967 Quote It ! Memorable Legal Quotations
1968 Courts on Trial Frank
1969 With Honor and Dignity History of the Legal Profession in Essex County
1970 A Sesquicentennial History McCarter and English
1971 T/L Puck magazines
1972 T/L Sportsmans Map of the Adirondacks
1973 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: The Limeliters,Tommy Dorsey,Ames Bros,Mills Bros,Three Suns,Louis Prima lee Greenwood,
1974 Lot 33 vinyl records
1975 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Van McCoy,Kris Kristofferson Four Seasons, Franki Valli,Four Tops,Shondells Ray Charles
1976 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Carly Simon, Kris Kristofferson,Blue Magic,The Stylistic,Johnny Mathis Simon and Garfunkel,Herb Alpert
1977 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Les Paul and Mary Ford Doobie Bros, Savannah Band,Herb Alpert,Peter and Gordon, Bill Cosby etc
1978 Miracle
1979 1984 Olympics Los Angeles
1980 In The Company of the Courtesan Dunant
1981 Life Goes to the Movies
1982 On With the Show
1983 Stars of the Twenties
1984 Hollywood A Photo Memoir
1985 T/l CDs contemporary
1986 T/l CDs contemporary
1987 T/l CDs contemporary
1988 T/l CDs contemporary
1989 T/l CDs contemporary
1990 Framed German litho ( Retirement presentation Esso) 1930 Matted NY Times 2
1991 Decors de Cinema
1992 Diana Ross Going Back
1993 The Last Rain Forest
1994 What is Cool ? Understanding Black Manhood im America
1995 A Cavalcade of Colliers
1996 American Pewter
1997 Mars Beckons Wilford
1998 Autobiography of Bertrand Russell
1999 A History of God
2000 Amorous Initiation
2001 B/L Better Quality pbs
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2071 B/L NJ Law Books
2072 B/L NJ Law Books
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2074 B/L NJ Law Books
2075 B/L NJ Law Books
2076 B/L NJ Law Books
2077 B/L NJ Law Books
2078 B/L NJ Law Books
2079 B/L NJ Law Books
2080 B/L NJ Law Books
2081 B/L NJ Law Books
2082 B/L NJ Law Books
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2100 B/L Misc books and pbs novels etc
2101 B/L Misc Books

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