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Sunday, January 14th - 12:00 Noon to 4:00 PM

and Monday, January 15th - 12:00 Noon to 4:30 PM

Click below for a downloadable version of the 12/11/17 Paper Auction Catalog:

1 The Beatles An Anthology
2 Philatelic lot Album Foreign FGCs
3 Philatelic lot Album Foreign FGCs
4 Philatelic lot Album Foreign FGCs
5 Lot 33 vinyl records incl Elton John, Blood Sweat and Tears,Kiki Dee Band,Moody Blues
6 Philatelic lot Album seals
7 Philatelic lot Album US FDCs
8 Philatelic lot : US FDCs
9 Philatelic lot :Misc foreign stamps unsorted
10 Philatelic lot :Cigar box lot Misc stamps US/foreign
11 Philatelic lot : Misc stamps US/foreign
12 T/L Misc eph
13 T/L Misc eph
14 T/L Misc eph
15 T/L Misc eph
16 Philatelic lot Misc stamps US/foreign
17 Album Batman trading cards
18 Album Batman trading cards
19 Great American Dream Machines
20 The Century War Book
21 Scientific American in the l9th Cty
22 Six Good Innings Diz ( Dizzy Dean) 2
23 Plain Tales from the Hills Kipling 1927 Reader 2 The Happiest Christmas Surprise
24 Baseball 1993; Vida 2
25 The Cat
26 T/L Misc eph
27 The Complete Home Wright 1879
28 Tennysons Poetical Works 1877
29 The Union 1861-l865
30 Defenders of Democracy 1918 The Militia of Mercy
31 Baseball The Perfect Game The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant Playing Americas Game Nolan Ryan 4
32 Childrens Magazine 1836
33 Biggle Berry Book 1899
34 The Land That Time Forgot Burroughs
35 Lot Post Card books 6
36 Lot Near Mint magazines
36A Lot Near Mint magazines
37 Centennial History of the United States 1875
38 From Log Cabin to White House Life of James Garfield 1882
39 Lives of the Presidents of the United States 1876
40 Eighty Years Progress 1866
41 American Ship Models
42 Lot Series books Tom Corbett Space Cadet 4
43 Adv poster Kohler of Kohler l930s
44 The Complete Photographer 5
45 Memorial Life of William McKinley
46 Lot Music
47 Lot Misc eph
48 Lot Misc eph
49 Lot Life magazines
50 Alf Landon campaign poster
51 Lot Shell Oil News
52 Lot Model Railroader mags
53 Lot comics
54 Lot comics
55 Lot comics
56 Lot comics
57 Lot comics
58 Lot WWII Nazi Newsps
59 Colliers Photographic History of WWII
60 The Confederacy 1861-l865
61 The Union 1861-l865
62 Lot Movie Stills Dances with Wolves
63 Salvador Dali
64 Lot trading cards
65 Lot Porsche sales catalogs etc
66 Album baseball cards
67 Lot Life magazines
68 Lot 33 vinyl records incl W C Fields
69 The New Pretty Village 1897
70 Tony's Scrap Book
71 Lot stock certs
72 Lot art prints (Lionel Barrymore)
73 T/L Misc eph incl Civil War Widows pension, Modern Romance magazines, sheet music
74 T.L Misc eph commercial paper, mostly Flemington, NJ
75 T.L Misc eph original art work
76 T.L Misc eph original art work etc
77 T.L Misc eph incl pulp novels
78 T.L Misc eph commercial paper, bill heads
79 Scrapbook Victorian cuts
80 Poesie Handwritten poetry and manuscripts l9th Cty
81 Crams 1916 World Atlas
82 1925 Punch magazine
83 Rand McNally Commercial Atlas and Marketing Guide1957
84 Framed map Paris 1702 photo repr
85 1971 Yearbook Greenbrook HS
86 1963 Yearbook Woodbridge HS
87 1966 Yearbook Rutgers Law School
88 1934 Yearbook New Haven Comm HS
89 1948 Yearbook St Es Nursing
90 A God Child of Washington Katherine Schuyler Baxter 1897
91 New York's Awful Excursion Boat Horror
92 Home Life Made Beautiful Sangster 1897
93 The Old Peabody Pew Wiggin
94 Field Book of the Revolution :Lossing 1855 II
95 T/L Mens magazines
96 T/L set Nations of the World 16 vols
97 Morses Geography 1812
98 B/l older books histories etc
99 T/L l0 vol set Library of American Literature
100 Mein Kampf Adolph Hitler 1940 dj in German
101 Wallpaper sample book 1942
102 Nigger Heaven 1928 Carl Van Vechten
103 Yale Trade catalog (later used as an artists sketch book)
104 Large vinyl Circus Poster
105 Lloyd Bremen Book 1921-22
106 Johannes Keplers Wks
107 Two Hong Kong Hotel menus
108 Poster Turcotte on Secretariat signed
109 T/L Leather bound books: English and American Literature Sylvester 10 vol Scotts Wks 5 vol Geo Eliots Wks 7 vol
110 TL Misc eph commercial paper mostly Hunterdon Co Case and Apgar Estates etc
111 T/L Misc eph auto related sales catalogs service manuals, maps
112 L9l5 German Architectural catalog
113 Scrapbook 1940s cartoons
114 Stealthy Steve Newkirk 1904
115 Art Education 1908
116 Esso Labs Manuals
117 Songs America Sings Van Loon signed
118 Reading for Pleasure Bennett Cerf
119 Wireless Course
120 Lavendar Boys and Elsie Womkack ( Uncorrected Proof)
121 T/L Collector books Toys, Lionel etc
122 American Indian Art Feder
123 Secret Lives of Second Wives Catherine Todd lst Ed dj signed
124 The Children of Willkesden Lane lst Trade ed Golabek/Cohen
125 "Self Portrait Paintings" (framed prints) Kitten to a Tiger; Small Mutt to a German Shephard
126 T/L Misc prints,watercolors and Calendar C and I
127 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Bee Gees;KC and Sunshine Band,Kool and the Gang,Nat King Cole, Johnny Mathis, Bobby Darin,Kingston Trio
128 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Meat Loaf, The Cars, Limeliters, The Brothers Four,Peter Paul and Mary Ian and Sylvia, Village People
129 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Village People Dion and the Belmonts, Englebert,Hank Williams Jerry Vale, Ricky Nelson,Sam Cooke,Pee Wee Hunt Nat King Cole,Woody Herman
130 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Nat King Cole,Louis Prima Peter Paul, and Mary,Lettermen, Kingston Trio, Benny Goodman,Rudy Valee,Johnny Cash,Tammy Wynette Mahalia Jackson etc
131 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Series Music and Literature Treasury 12 albums
132 Lot 78 record albums:Nat King Cole,Pearl Bailey, Ruby Hill,Mills Brothers
133 Lot 78 record albums:Al Jolson,Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland,Sinatra
134 Beethoven Bicentennial Ed 1770-1970
135 The Old West Newark
136 Texas Land of Many Dreams
137 The Adams Chronicles Four Generations of Greatness
138 Red Sox Journal
139 King of the Jews Leslie Epstein
140 The Later Works of Aubrey Beardsley
141 Lot art books
142 Civil War Battlefields
143 Over Here, Over There The Andrews Sisters Maxene Andrews USO Stars in WWII lst Ed dj
144 The Academical Village Thomas Jefferson University (University of Virginia) w/letter insert
145 Greek Lettermen of New York 1899 Incl John Jacob Astor,Elihu Root,John Hill, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Theodore Roosvelt William Getty, F Jay Gould,Herbert Ballantine
146 America Was Beautiful Watson
147 Exploring Harry Potter Beachems Source Books Not Approved by J K Rowling Schafer lst Amer Ed
148 Photojournalist Career of Jimmy Hare Gould/Greffe
149 The Inside Story of How the Vatican Really Thinks All the Popes Men John Allen lst Ed dj
150 To Keep the British Isles Afloat FDRS Men in Churchill's London 1941 Parrish lst Ed dj
151 Thoreau's Walden A Photographic Register Kane 1946
152 Old Seaport Towns of the South Cram
153 Lot art books 2
154 Lot art books 2
155 Spirit in Prison Hichens 1908 The Awkward Age Henry James 1899 2
156 Arabian Nights
157 Lot art books 2
158 T/L Lot Judaiaca
159 Harvard and Cambridge a Sketchbook Jack Frost
160 Frank McCourt: Angela's Ashes'; Tis 2
161 Atlas of the Civil War
162 Lot art books 2
163 Early American Pottery and China Spargo
164 Drums Along the Mohawk Edmonds
165 The Complete Boston Red Sox Red Sox Threads 2
166 Napoleon The Last Campaigns Napoleon's Lost Fleet 2
167 Gaslight New York Revisited
168 Roots Alex Haley
169 The Living Reed Pearl Buck
170 Vindicating Lincoln Krannawitter
171 Captain and the Kings Taylor Caldwell
172 Aurora Leigh Browning 1862
173 The Girls True Joy being the Histories of Jane Dewdrop Durang 1847
174 Poster: Kiss US Tour
175 Poster: Grateful Dead in the Dark
176 Poster Sounds Life Summer Brian Wilson, Chicago etc
177 Poster Charlotte Rock Concert Chicago, Allman Bros
178 Poster Sammy Hagar Concert
179 Poster: Santana Concert
180 Lot Collage photo posters rock concerts
181 French Travel poster Pyrennes
182 French Travel poster Pyrennes
183 Poster Chicago Concert Merriweather Post Pavilion
184 Posters lot (5) rock concerts
185 Poster Patti Smith Concert
186 Poster: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Concert
187 Philatelic lot: Stock book w foreign stamps
188 The Egg Tree Milhous
189 Lot comics
190 Lot comics
191 T/L Misc eph Hist Newsp, Prints etc
192 Political poster Barry Goldwater for President
193 Framed art photography ,signed Ltd Ed "Lafittes"
194 Framed art photography ,signed Ltd Ed "French Quarter Morning"
195 Lot Andrew Wyeth art prints
196 T/L Misc eph greeting cards,Trade cards, photos
197 T/L Misc eph greeting cards,Travel, Political etc
198 Anatomy of the Human Body l8l0 leather Andrew Phyfe
199 Affecting Scenes From the Diary of a Physician 1831 leather
200 1927 Yearbook Dickinson HS Jersey City
201 Set 1970 Baseball coasters
202 Mein Kampf Adolph Hitler Unexpurgated Annotated Translation 1941
203 1929 Yearbook Dickinson HS
204 1930 Yearbook St Michaels HS
205 Laughing Boy La Farge Franklin Library
206 Poems and Ballads of Schiller Bulwer 1844
207 T/L Misc eph Camera. Photography, Travel
208 Lot sheet music
209 Lot sheet music
210 Lot sheet music
213 T/L Misc eph
214 T/L photos,gallery cards,CDVs
215 T/L Misc eph periodicals, sports, sales catalogs
216 T/L Misc eph
217 The Republic 1851 bound magazine
218 Hand Atlas of Human Anatomy Spalteholz
219 Mattheus Evangelie Spurgeon
220 Medical Society State of New York 1868
221 Roughin It Mark Twain 1872
222 Antiquities of the Jews 1823 Brown DD
223 Percy's Holidays or Borrowing Trouble 1872
224 The Tribune Primer Eugene Field 1900 Illus Frohn
225 The Nunneries As They Are Partridge c 1850
226 My Little Margaret Brine l891
227 Parochial Sermons Newman 1841
228 Nyeena Kloshe Illahee Cradlebaugh 1913 The Acts of St Mary Magdalene 1948 Scandinavian Hymn Book
229 Roswell Rices Orations and Poems 1883
230 Miltons Poetical Wks II 1841
231 Lot: The Curly Tops: On Star Island, and Their Playmates and Their Pets Garis 3 djs
232 Fortune Magazine August 1931
233 Fortune Magazine Nov 1932
234 Fortune Magazine Dec 1938
235 Fortune Magazine March 1935
236 Fortune Magazine Sept 1935
237 Fortune Magazine Nov 1935
238 Fortune Magazine Aug 1935
239 Fortune Magazine June 1935
240 Fortune Magazine July 1935
241 Fortune Magazine Feb 1936
242 Fortune Magazine Jan 1932
243 Fortune Magazine June 1936
244 Fortune Magazine May 1935
245 Fortune Magazine Nov 1938
246 Fortune Magazine Feb 1935
247 Fortune Magazine April 1935
248 Fortune Magazine Oct 1938
249 Fortune Magazine Aug 1939
250 Fortune Magazine April 1936
251 Fortune Magazine June 1939
252 Fortune Magazine Feb 1938
253 Fortune Magazine May 1938
254 Fortune Magazine Dec 1939
255 Fortune Magazine Jan 1938
256 Fortune Magazine Aug 1942
257 Fortune Magazine Jan 1936
258 Fortune Magazine Dec 1938
259 Fortune Magazine June 1942
260 Fortune Magazine Jan 1939
261 Fortune Magazine June 1942
262 Fortune Magazine June 1942
263 TL St Nicholas magazines
264 Bergen County NJ Marriage Records
265 1913c Catalog Greenhut Siegel Cooper Co
266 The American Flora 1847
267 Jolly Jump Up Book
268 Cornerstone Laying Cathedral Church of St John The Divine 1892
269 Manual for Courts Martial 1917
270 The Johnstown Flood
271 The Birds Xmas Carol Wiggin Transcriptions Franz Liszt 2
272 US Army Regulations 1913
273 The Wks of Shakespeare Comp Illus 1884
274 Bonnie Prince Charlie Henty
275 Posts Paper Mill Directory 1955
276 How Baldy Won the County Seat 1902 Adams
277 The Transformation of Job Fisher
278 Billy Sunday The Man and His Message
279 The Bronx Lost, Found, and Remembered , 1935-l975
280 Report of the Adj General of NJ 1923-25
281 Lot Stereopticon cards
282 Ivanhoe 2 vols Ltd ed Club 1940
283 1969 Yearbook Manchester Regional HS
284 1951 Yearbook NYU
285 Of Men and Cars Christy Flower Arrangement White 2
286 Antiques Investigator
287 Meissen China
288 Old Silver Wyler
289 British Pottery and Porcelain
290 The Diamond Dictionary
291 Early American Pressed Glass Ruth Webb Lee
292 Cut and Engraved Glass
293 American Brilliant Cut Glass
294 Royal Doulton Figures
295 Old Clocks and Watches and Their Makers
296 Ency of British Pottery and Porcelain Marks
297 Millers Antiques Price guide
298 Collectors Guide to Oriental Antiques,Old Clocks 2
299 Rare and Expensive Post Cards ( book)
300 Stanley and the Congo
301 At the Back of the North Wind MacDonald
302 Gone With the Wind 1936
303 Delaware Tercentenary 1938
304 Royal Dresden Gallery Payne
305 1932 Yearbook Columbia Univ
306 My Experiences Mid Shot and Shell in Rebel Den 1892 John W Urban Co D lst Regt Pennsylvania Infantry
307 Forty Years Recollections P T Barnum 1871
308 Gas Attack of the New York 27th Div US Army 1918
309 1950 Yearbook St Dominic Academy Jersey City
310 1942 Yearbook USMC Officers Quantico
311 1946 Yearbook St Dominic Jersey City
312 1948 Yearbook St Dominic Jersey City
313 Period Furnishings An Enc of Ornament
314 Shown in New York at Stiehls
315 1942 Architects Plan and Specs
316 History of the 29th Division 1917-l9l9
317 The Grapes of Wrath John Steinbeck 1939 lst Ed
318 Down Jersey Weygandt
319 Book of the Colonies 1846
320 Biblia Sacra leather c 1790
321 New Adventures of Alice John Rae l9l7 Inscribed
322 Grays Elegy
323 Songs of a Little Childs Day 1913
324 1959 Yearbook Wayne HS
325 1974 Yearbook Elmwood Park HS
326 1976 Yearbook Ramsey HS
327 Crystal Stemware
328 R S Prussia
329 Antique Radios
330 1940 Yearbook Cooper Union
331 Lot Misc eph
332 Adv thermometer
333 Adv thermometer
334 Adv thermometer
335 Churchman's Annual 1839-
336 Christmas Home 1845
337 Michael Agonistes 1843
338 The Elements of Astronomy 1811
339 1969 Yearbook Morristown School (prep)
340 1972 Yearbook Morristown-Beard School
341 1966 Yearbook Morristown School
342 1946 Yearbook Holy Rosary Academy
343 St Nicholas Songs 1885
344 Ladies Repository 1856
345 1968 Yearbook Morristown School
346 An exposition of the 39 Articles of the Church of England Gilbert/Page 1842
347 The Illustrated Shakespeare 1847 3 vols
348 Works of Samuel Johnson Murphy 2 vols 1835
349 Class book of Botany 1855
350 Kings Views of New York 1896-l9l5 Brooklyn 1905
351 Photographs Annie Leibowitz 1970-l990
352 Lot childrens books The Farmers Boy, Peter Rabbit 3
353 Margie Hargrave and the Percy Children 1878 Mrs M E C Wyeth
354 And Then Came Spring John Hargrave 1926 dj
355 Sycamore Bend Hunt dj 1925
356 Mr Cat Freedley Illustr Dowling
357 Winds of the World Ayres 1921 dj
358 Ye Mountaineer Brigham Thoburn Wilson 1901 author inscribed w card insert from Publisher
359 Christmas Holidays in Rome 1846
360 Lot Dog books 2
361 Lot Dog books 2
362 Lot Veterinary Books 4
363 Mistress Masham's Repose T H White Illus Fritz Eichenberg
364 The Used Book Lovers Guide to the Mid Atlantic States
365 Gone But Not Forgotten
366 T/L Map jigsaw puzzle wood
367 The Worlds Great Regiments
368 Collectable Clocks 1840-l940
369 A Western Front Companion The Story of the Scottish Soldier WWII Encycl 3
370 The Architecture of War
371 The WWI Source Book
372 Warriors of Rome
372A Napoleon's Imperial Guard
373 American Country Houses of the Gilded Age
374 Inside Great Cars
375 Cabriolets
376 Automobiles and Automobiling
377 Seawings Jablonski
378 The Shackleton
379 Helicopters at War Wragg
380 The Immortal Twin Beech
381 Lentajan Album 1
382 T-Hangar Tales
383 Atlantic Wings 1919-l939
384 Revolution in the sky Allen
385 Classic Aircraft in Aviation Art
386 Fairchild Aircraft 1926-l987 Thunderbolt Republic P 47 Verlindens Showcase 3
387 From the Jaws of Victory Fair
388 Flying the North Atlantic
389 Combat Aircraft
390 Passenger Aircraft
391 Dict of Aviation
392 Luftwaffe Embleme 1935-l945
393 Der Adler Nazi Luftwaffe Magazine
394 Fighters and Bombers of WWII
395 Chronica De La Aviacion Espanola
396 Illustr Ency of the Worlds Aircraft
397 Comp Book of Fighters
398 United States Air Force Museum
399 Regia Aeronautica 1935-l943
400 Reuben Fleet Consolidated Aircraft
401 T/L Websters International Dict 3 vols
402 Lot 45 records; Doo Wop etc
403 Gold Fields of the Klondyke
404 The Moon and Six Pence Heritage Press
405 The Baking Book
406 The Peru Traveler Rodman
407 Monsieur Beaucaire Booth Tarkington Heritage Press
408 The Innocent Voyage Heritage Press
409 Mummies
410 The New Servant Electricity in the Home 1927 Mary Ormsbee Whitton Illus Leslie Crump
411 What Every Ice Cream Dealer Should know 1914
412 English German Dictionary
413 The New Henry Ford
414 The Great Rebellion 1866 John Botts of Virginia
415 The Set Up March 1928
416 Wuthering Heights Bronet Heritage Press
417 Myer Myers Goldsmith Rosenbaum
418 Paris Restaurants 1929
419 The Best of Old Japan Haar
420 Produce
421 Berenice Abbott American Photographer
422 Trade brochure Billiard Tables 1885
423 Trade brochure Baskets
424 1913 Trade catalog Tiffany Studios
425 Trade brochure Wardwell sewing machine
426 Trade brochure 1891 Watchmans Time Clock
427 Trade brochure Gardner Chilson
428 Trade brochure 1871 Water Wheel
429 Trade brochure Carl Fischer String Instruments
430 Trade catalog Kane and Keyser Hdw Guns Knives etc
431 Framed poster WW I Flagg repr
432 Lot Ansel Adams calendars 3
433 Fire Service Pump Operators Handbook
434 Scrapbook political eph
435 Audubon's Animals
436 Lot childrens books
437 Reflections of Nature
438 Lot childrens books
439 The New Professional Chef
440 England Under the Stuarts Trevelyan A Voyage to the Amorous Islands Rowe 2
441 Seasons of America Past Eric Sloane
442 American Battlefields
443 Lot art books 32
444 T/L Misc eph
445 Lot childrens books
446 Lot childrens books
447 Album collector cards
448 Hokusai
449 Lot childrens books
450 The Living Forest
451 'Suicide of the West Burnham
452 Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo The Doolittle Raid
453 Masons as Makers of America
454 Uncle Toms Cabin 1895
455 Bill Traylor Art book
456 T/L Misc eph
457 T/L Misc eph
458 Picture Post cards books 2
459 1853 Report on Navy Exploration of the Valley of the Amazon
460 Scottish Highlands Clans and Regts
461 Lot Egon Schieles Art Books
462 Art Books Botero 2
463 T/:L Misc histories etc
464 T/L art books
465 T/L Misc books
466 Mrs Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch
467 The Boy With the US Survey
468 Salt Water Ballads Masefield
469 Dere Bill Mables Love Letters to Her Rookie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Lood Illus
470 Daughters of the Revolution and Their time 1769-l776 Coffin
471 T/L Misc Histories etc
472 T/L Books Nude and Erotic Art
473 Gustav Stickley Craftsman Homes
474 Stickley Brothers
475 Stickley Style
476 Quaint Furniture Catalog 42 Stickley Brothers
477 Bungalow Style
478 Log Cabins
479 Arts and Crafts
480 Inside the Bungalow
481 Bungalow Kitchens, Bungalow Bathrooms 2
482 Lot 45 records Benny Goodman
483 Black Girl White Girl Oates lst Ed dj signed
484 The Thundering Herd Zane Grey lst Ed 1925
485 Kiss of the Spider Woman Puig lst Amer Ed dj
486 The Evaluation of Common Stocks Bernhard
487 Hail Columbia lst Ed Color Illus
488 Blood Sweat and Tears Churchill 1941 dj
489 Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre 2 Illus Eichenberg
490 The Birds of America Audubon lst US Ed Color Illus
491 Island of the blue Dolphins O Dell lst Ed dj
492 Immortality Kundera lst US Ed dj
493 Focus on Black l Schneider
494 Japanese Temples
495 Thrump O Moto Clavells ;lst ed
496 Love and Will May lst Ed dj
497 The Woods Coben lst Ed dj signed
498 Histoire Romaine w/ maps leather
499 Mother Goose Illustr Kate Greenaway
500 The Increment Ignatius lst Ed dj signed
501 The Chamber Secrets Harry Potter lst US Ed dj
502 The Territorial Imperative Ardrey lst Ed dj
503 Allegiant Roth lst Ed dj
504 A Heartsongs Treasury 3 vols
505 Peer Gynt Ibsen Illus Mac Kinstry
506 Extant Works of Francois Rabelais Putnam II Ilus Jean De Bosschere 1929
507 Framed travel poster Come To Palestine
508 Framed watercolor print August Macke Kaoirouan 1914
509 Framed Salvador Dali print, signed The Tel Aviv Museum
510 Framed print seascape
511 T/L Misc eph FDR etc
512 Lot 1920s Life magazines
513 Simple Gifts Story of the Shakers Yolen
514 The Last Actor Managers Pearson
515 Tiki Tiki Barber signed
516 Hope for the Flowers Trina Paulus
517 Robinson Crusoe
518 The Attack of the British 9th Corps at Messines Ridge Army War College 1917
519 Inside the Third Reich Speer
520 The Woman of Andros Thornton Wilder
521 The Moon is Down John Steinbeck l942 lst Ed dj
522 Poor Richards Almanac Illus Norman Rockwell
523 Historical, Discourse Dutch Church of Fishkill 1866
524 Early Photograph album
525 1920s School Scrapbook
526 1940s Scrapbook Travel
527 Fu Manchus Bride Sax Rohmer
528 Jersey Shore Uncovered Peter Genovese
529 Up and Down the Beach
530 Modern Primitives
531 The Images of a Revolutionary
532 Norman Rockwells Christmas book
533 The Cornelius Vanderbilts of the Breakers
534 Nutcracker Illus Maurice Sendak
535 Playboy 50th Anniv Issue
536 Muscle Cars of the 50s
537 Homefront America
538 From the Balloon to the Moon
539 When the Sky is Like Lace
540 Sandy Hook and the Land of the Navesink
541 The Battle of Monmouth
542 Ultimate Performance Cars
543 Great American Dream Machines
544 Lot erotica
545 Salt Water Taffy
546 The Grapes of Wrath John Steinbeck
547 Evangelium Ioannis 1833
548 A Christmas Carol Dickens
549 Hold Tight Harlan Coben dj signed
550 Electric Power Stations Electrical Machinery 2
551 The Years Virginia Woolf
552 The Making of An American Riis
553 We Chas A Lindbergh 1927
554 Fore and Aft Chatterton
555 Wake of the Coasters Leavitt
556 The Sunken Bell Hauptmann
557 Hans Brinker
558 Rubaiyat of Omar Kayyam
559 Lot Chas Lindbergh eph
560 Assaroe Carville
561 The Writers Sense of Ireland
562 The Wayward Bus Steinbeck
563 A Childs History of England
564 The Bab Ballads
565 Little Toot on the Thames
566 This is War!
567 The C and O Canal
568 The Navy at War
569 Tugboats of New York
570 The New Tattoo
571 The Illustrated Woman
572 Pictorial Korea
573 Army Navy Program football 1932
574 Army Navy Journal 75th Anniv
575 Iwo Jima
576 T/L Misc eph
577 T/L Misc eph
578 Lot 78 record albums Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Harmonicas
579 Lot 78 record albums Roy Rogers, Al Jolson
580 Lot 78 record albums Jimmy Durante, Al Jolson
581 Scrooge coloring Book
582 The South African War
583 In a Sacred Manner I Live
584 King Midas and the Golden Touch
585 Dream Wolf Goble
586 The Three Golden Keys
587 Merlin and the Dragons
588 The Persian Cinderella
589 Midsummer Nights Faery Tale
590 Baba Yaga and Vasilisa the Brave
591 On the Road of Stars
592 Rose Blanche
593 One Candle
594 Kit Williams
595 The Great Corgiville Kidnapping Tasha Tudor
596 The Love of Tiger Flower
597 Pegasus
598 A Book of Unicorns
599 N C Wyeth
600 Incredible Everything
601 Castle Cross Sections
602 Scrapbook WWII Navy Waves etc
603 Picasso's Picasso
604 Racing Tactics
605 Lot Civil War Battlefield booklets
606 Ocean Racing Loomis
607 Crusade
608 George Washington
609 Davy Crockett
610 The Graphic story of the American Presidents
611 The American Civil War
612 Mister Jelly Roll
613 Johnnie Courteau
614 The Woman Thou Gavest Me
615 Dunellen Public School Songs Unknown date Includes Holy, Holy, Holy Christ the Lord is Risen Today Old Zip Coon
616 Lot: George Carver; History of Nursing Adventure in Service, Rotary
617 Sea Side and Way Side 1893
618 Aesthetic Dancing
619 Early American Decoration
620 Brundibar Maurice Sendak/ Tony Kushner
621 Looseleaf album Railroad eph
622 A London Life Henry James
623 Memories and Portraits Stevenson
624 Practical Foremanship
625 Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo ( Doolittle Raid)
626 1971 Yearbook St Rose HS Belmar
627 The Sea Devils Fo= C =Sle Lowell Thomas
628 1973 Yearbook St Rose HS Belmar
629 Yesterdays in Little Old New York
630 My Northern Exposure
631 Battle Report Pearl Harbor to Coral Sea
632 Lot Historical booklets
633 Colonial Furniture in America
634 Lot NY Mets Programs and Score Cards
635 Museum of Modern Art Moscow
636 Lot Misc booklets
637 The Grapes of Rath Steinbeck 1940
638 Love and Will Rollo May
639 Brave New World Aldous Huxley 1932
640 Women and Thomas Harrow
641 The Transposed Heads Thomas Mann 1941
642 The Bible History and Culture of a People
643 The Lure of the Limerick
644 Witness Ruth Gruber
645 The Jew Store Suberman
646 The Beauty and the Sorrow Englund
647 Of Time and the River Thomas Wolfe 1935
648 Mistress to an Age Herold
649 The Builder A Biography of Ezra Cornell Philip Dorf dj 2ndPrt
650 Lot artist signed prints Ltd Ed/numbered
651 The Noble Quran
652 The Big Book of Classic Fairy Stories
653 The Tangerine Bear
654 The Names Upon the Harp Irish Myth and Legend
655 Lady Cottingdon's Pressed Fairy Book
656 Haywire Brooke Hayward
657 Victorian Interior Decoration
658 The Complete Book of Flower Fairies
659 Classic Fairy Tales
660 T.L Misc eph
661 Lot movie stills
662 Lot tobacco silks
663 Philatelic lot: Album w foreign stamps
664 Philatelic lot: Album w US and foreign stamps
665 Philatelic lot: Album w US and foreign stamps
666 Philatelic lot: Album w foreign stamps
667 Philatelic lot: Album w George Washington Memorial
668 Philatelic lot: Stock and album pages w/ stamps
669 The Lore of the Train
670 T/L Misc eph
671 T/L Misc eph
672 T/L Misc eph
673 Alices Adv in Wonderland Illustr Tenniel
674 Knickerbockers History of New York Wash Irving 1928
675 Pocahontas A Princess of the Woods
676 Rudyard Kiplings Verse 1885-l926
677 T/L sheet music
678 T/L sheet music
679 T/L Misc eph post cards
680 Lot tobacco silks
681 Philatelic lot: Stamps on album pages
682 Philatelic lot: Album some older US stamps
683 Football The College Game
684 T/L Misc eph
685 Sunshine for Little Children c 1890
686 Movie Poster Treasure of the Sierras Bogart
687 Lot political posters
688 Lot political poster
689 Vargas pinup calendar
690 Framed sheet music
691 Lot BSA badges, patches insignia etc
692 Lot posters Scouting Through the Eyes of Norman Rockwell
693 Lot BSA Handbooks etc
694 Lot BSA Handbooks etc
695 1925 BSA Handbook (rough)
696 US Scouting Collectibles
697 Lot BSA Handbooks
698 Lot BSA Handbooks
699 Lot BSA Handbooks
700 Lot BSA Handbooks
701 American Indian Myths and Legends Indians of New Jersey Book of the Hopi
702 The Boy Scouts Book of Stories 1924
703 T/L Misc eph re BSA
704 WWII Navy poster
705 WWII Navy poster 1943 Electric Boat Co submarine
706 WWII Navy poster 1943 Electric Boat Co PT Boat
708 T/L The Story of Civilization Durant 6 vols
709 Appeal to Arms American Revolution W M Wallace
710 The New Yorker Book of Poems
711 The Annotated Alice Illus Tenniel
712 Passions Isaac Bashevis Singer
713 The War of the Revolution 2 vols
714 Shylock John Gross
715 Nicholas and Alexandra
716 The Inextinguishable Symphony ( Nazi Germany)
717 Great River The Rio Grande 2 vols
718 T/L 1930s-40s 78 records Incl Two Black Crows series, Ernest Tubb, Hank Williams, Eddy Arnold, etc
719 Man Eaters of Kumaon Jim Corbett
720 Bruce Catton : Glory Road, Mr Lincolns Army A Stillness at Appomattox 3
721 Tour de Force Philip Cleife
722 Saint Evremond Melees 2 vols 1865
723 Sheridan in the Shenandoah Jubal Earlys Nemesis
724 Donatello 1913
725 Nearest the Pole Peary
726 The Real Elizabeth Marr
727 Milton's Poetical Works, leather 2 vols 1738,1743 ( Paradise Lost)
728 Rubens 1913
729 Methodist Discipline 1918 No-Nos Speaking evil of magistrates or ministers Putting on of gold and costly apparel Using many words in buying or selling
730 Forward the Foundation Isaac Asimov
731 The Cape
732 The Conferences at Malta and Yalta Dept of State 1945
733 Lot NASA pubs Project Apollo
734 A Christmas Carol Dickens 1930 A Ghost Story of Christmas (Press of the Wooly Whale}
735 The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit Wilson
736 Audubon Society Enc of North American Birds
737 Audubon Animals
738 Bruce Catton: Glory Road (2),Mr Lincolns Army A Stillness at Appomattox 4
739 Signed baseball
740 T/L autographed sports photos etc
741 A Quail Hunters Odyssey
742 Handy to Home
743 The Best of Jack O Conner
744 Fire Fighting Manual 1943 US Navy Bureau of Ships
745 Ford Falcon Shop Manual
746 Alexander Dumas Biog and Study
747 Mince Pie Christopher Morley signed
748 James and the Giant Peach Dahl Illus Burkert
749 Wind and Sand Wright Bros at Kitty Hawk
750 The Last Judgement Michelangelo
751 Prelude to Pearl Harbor Stanley
752 World Treasury of Science Fiction
753 Distant Stars Delany
754 The Middle Span Santayana
755 Three Came Home Keith
756 Mark Twain on the Damned Human Race
757 Tom Clancy:Debt of Honor;The Hunt for Red October 2
758 Tom Clancy:The Teeth of the Tiger; Patriot Games 2
759 Tom Clancy:Rainbow Six; Executive Orders 2
760 Conan The Barbarian Conan The Swordsman The Further Chronicles of Conan
761 The Shooters WEB Griffin Pursuit of Honor Vince Flynn 2
762 Fathers Day Batchelor lst Ed dj The Body of David Hayes Riddle Pearson lst Ed dj 2
763 Capitol Threat Bernhardt lst Ed dj Twelve Red Herrings Archer lst US Ed dj 2
764 Pandora's Legion Coyles lst Ed dj Power Play Finder lst Ed dj 2
765 Jack Higgins: Angel of Death; Midnight Runner 2
766 Jackdaws Ken Follett lst Ed dj True Blue Baldacci lst Ed dj
767 Come to Grief Dick Francis The Evil That Men Do Hill The Lost Symbol Dan Brown 3
768 Dan Brown: Digital Fortress; Deception Point 2
769 Robert Ludlum,: The Prometheus Deception lst Ed dj The Janson Directive lst Ed dj 2
770 Ken Follett: A Place Called Freedom lst Ed dj Lie Down With Lions lst Ed dj 2
771 Jack Higgins: The Presidents Daughter Three Comp Novels 2
772 Robert Ludlum: The Aquitaine Progression lst Ed dj The Bourne Ultimatum lst Ed dj 2
773 Thai Horse Diehl lst Ed dj Cauldron Bond lst Ed dj 2
774 Code to Zero Ken Follett lst Prt dj Black Blade Lustblader lst Ed dj 2
775 No Other Option Wynne lst Ed dj Double Image Morrell lst Prt dj 2
776 Ken Follett: The Third Twin lst Ed dj Hornet Flight lst Ed dj 2
777 Ken Follett: Whiteout lst Ed dj A Dangerous Fortune 2
778 Tom Clancy Without Remorse The Sum of All Fears 2
779 The Bourne Betrayal Lustbader lst Ed dj The Bourne Legacy Lustbader lst Ed dj
780 The Tristan Bertrayal Robert Ludlum lst Ed dj Second Skin Lustbader 2'
781 Extreme Measures Vince Flynn lst Ed dj The Spymaster Freed 2
782 Extreme Denial Morrell lst Prt dj No Other Option Wynne lst Ed dj
783 Mysteries and Adventures Along the Atlantic Coast Snow 1948
784 Jeffrey Archer First Among Equals The Prodigal Daughter 2
785 Vertical Run Garber lst Ed dj Breakpoint Clarke 2
786 The DaVinci Code Brown Special Illus Ed lst Ed dj
787 Chromosome 6 Cook The Conan Chronicles Jordan lst Ed dj 2
788 Jeffrey Archer: The Eleventh Commandment dj lst Ed The Fourth Estate dj lst Ed 2
789 The Scorpions Gate Clarke Tyrannosaur Canyon Preston dj lst Ed 2
790 Cry Wolf Wilbur Smith Quantico Bear dj lst Ed Show of Evil Diehl lst Ed dj 3
791 Jeffrey Archer As The Crow Flies lst Ed dj Honor Among Thieves lst Ed dj A Prisoner of Birth lst US Ed dj 3
792 Robert Ludlum: The Bourne Supremacy lst Ed dj The Gemini Contenders lst Prt dj 2
793 Robert Ludlum: The Icarus Agenda The Apocalypse Watch 2
794 Zero Lustbader ;lst Ed dj Floating City lst med dj 2
795 The Quiet Assassin Kirkwood lst ed dj Ramna II Clarke 2
796 Ken Follett The Hammer of Eden lst Ed dj Triple 2
797 Consent to Kill Vince Flynn lst Ed dj Lucianos Luck Higgins DaVinci Code Brown 3
798 Jack Higgins: Without Mercy; Day of Reckoning lst Ed 2
799 Lustbader: The Kaisho lst Ed dj Angel Eyes lst Ed dj 2
800 Robert Ludlum The Scorpio Illusion The Bourne Ultimatum lst Ed dj 2
801 Robert Kennedy and His Times Two copies Schlesinger
802 Larry Bond: The Enemy Within lst Ed dj First Team lst Ed dj 2
803 Corsican Honor Heffernan lst Ed dj Vector Cook 2
804 Man in the Middle Ages Haig lst Ed dj Hour Game Baldacci lst Ed dj 2
805 Reign in Hell Diehl lst Ed dj The Zero Game Brad Meltzer lst Ed dj
806 Goodbye California Alistar Mac Lean lst US Ed dj Disclosure Crichton lst Ed dj 2
807 Assumed Identity Morrell lst Ed dj American Assassin Vince Flynn lst Ed dj 2
808 The Matarese Countdown Robert Ludlum lst Ed dj The Key to Rebecca Ken Follett lst Ed dj 2
809 The Inquest Collins lst Ed dj On Dangerous Ground Higgins 2
810 Michael Crichton: Jurassic Park dj The Lost World lst Trd Ed 2
811 Act of Treason Vince Flynn The Sigma Protocol Robert Ludlum lst Ed dj 2
812 Edge of Danger Higgins Red Rabbit Tom Clancy 2
813 The Bourne Sanction Lustbader lst Ed dj Kane and Abel Archer 2
814 Lot Romance Treasury 3 vols
815 The Ghost Olden Stalemate Johansen Shes Come Undone Lamb City Women 4
816 T/L Misc books JFK, 9/ll etc
817 Lot Misc photos, gallery cards
818 Lot Knights oif Columbus Ribbons, Insignia
819 Framed photo collage 1942 "A Peoples Army-A Fighting Army-Our Army" " We Must Win"
820 Horse and Pony Care
821 Starting Colts
822 Mixed Train Daily 1947 Lucius Beebe
823 Tapies Witness of Silence
824 Pewter in America Its Makers and Their Marks
825 English Furniture
826 American Furniture in the Western Reserve
827 T/L Sporting News
828 Philatelic lot: Three Scotts Stamp catalogs
829 Schroeders Price Guide Antiques 2000
830 EHF LDR Field Change OJT TM for NCTAMS Commander in Chief US Naval Forces Europe
831 T/L Metropolitan Opera programs 35
832 T/L photo auction catalogs
833 T/l art gallery catalogs
834 T/L vintage photos
835 T/L Misc eph prints etc
836 T/L photos incl signed Gregory Peck
837 T/L signed abstract art prints Theo Knoope
838 T/L photo auction catalogs
839 T/L Misc photos
840 T/L Misc photos
841 T/L Misc prints and art work
842 Philatelic lot T/L Misc stamps and covers
843 Philatelic lot T/L Misc stamps and covers
844 T/L Misc eph
845 The Age of Napoleon
846 Great Paintings from the Metropolitan Museum of Art
847 A Day in the Life of America
848 The Watercolor Painting Book watercolor School 2
849 Twentieth Century Architecture 1940-65
850 The Gold of Tutankhamen
851 Tutankhamun His Tomb and its Treasures
852 Ancient Egypt
853 The Great Age of Fresco
854 Toulouse Lautrec
855 Sinatra Nancy Sinatra
856 19th and 20th Century Art
857 Story of Art
858 Andrew Wyeth
859 Bruegel
860 Adventure di Pinocchio
861 The Story of Painting
862 Anatomy for the Artist
863 Self Portraits
864 T/L Playbills
865 T/L Playbills
866 SEP 1917
867 Smoky Will James Illus by Author 1929
868 Billy Whiskers Treasure Hunt 1928
869 Voyages and Travels I 1887
870 Oh the Places You'll Go ! Dr Seuss
871 Peter Dauphin Genannt Muth
872 The Last Voyage of Somebody the Sailor Barth lst Ed dj
873 The Demons Heimito Von Doderer 2 vol
874 Jewish Self Government in the Middle Ages Finkelstein
875 Death Be Not Proud John Gunther 1949 dj
876 License Renewed Gardner
877 The Odessa File Forsyth
878 Manual of Map Reading and Field Sketching 1921 British War Office
879 Uncle Wiggily's Arabian Nights
880 The Pied Pipe of Hamelin Robert Browning Illustr Kate Greenaway
881 Hardy Boys Series 2
882 Hardy Boys Series 2
883 Erotica Flippin Flappers
884 Erotica Novelettes
885 Dr Seuss 2
886 Something Happened Joseph Heller author signed
887 Lot childrens books
888 Lot childrens books
889 Lot Erotica pbs
890 Lot childrens books
891 Lot youth series books 3 Chip Hilton etc
892 Reclining Nude Riess
893 Lot Books Math , Puzzles etc
893A Lot Books Math , Puzzles etc
893B Lot Books Math , Puzzles etc
893C Lot Books Math , Puzzles etc
893D Lot Books Math , Puzzles etc
893E Lot Books Math , Puzzles etc
893F Lot Books Math , Puzzles etc
893G Lot Books Math , Puzzles etc
893H Lot Books Math , Puzzles etc
893I Lot Books Math , Puzzles etc
893J Lot Books Math , Puzzles etc
894 Lot Playboy excerpts
895 Lot childrens books lst Ed The Nose Seuss
896 The Return of Sherlock Holmes
897 The Prodigal Son Caine
898 Lot childrens books
899 Contemporary Synagogue Art
900 Ding Dong Bell
901 Marc Chagall
902 The Jerusalem Windows Marc Chagall
903 Great Jewish Portraits in Metal
904 Together
905 Vincent 2 vols
906 Scott Field 1942
907 Down There Huysmans
908 Music for Chamelons Truman Capote lst Ed dj
909 Marilyn Norman Mailer
910 1942 Yearbook Henry Snyder HS Jersey City
911 1944 Yearbook Ohio University
912 Fille de Joie
913 1935 Yearbook West Orange HS
914 1946 Yearbook NYU
915 Ecce Homo Grosz
916 The Amorous Drawings of the Marquis von Bayros
917 Eros 1 -3
918 Eros 1-1
919 Dance Me to the End of Love Cohen Illus Matisse
920 The Golden Bible
921 Sixty Erotic Engravings from Juliette
922 The Mimes of the Courtesans
923 Tombstones Epitaphs
924 The Story of Pocahontas Graham
925 The Canterbury Tales Chaucer Ilustr Hoffman
926 The Romantic World of Richard Halliburton
927 Horses, Horses, Horses Fenner
928 Beyond Rope and Fence Grew
929 T/L Life magazines
930 The Second World War Winston Churchill 4 vols
931 Stone Style
932 Architectural Construction Wood 1926 author signed
933 Greatest Adventure Apollo 13
934 American Country Churches
935 Doctor Dolittle's Circus Lofting
936 The Living Planet Attenborough
937 Rambling With Gambling
938 Father Does Know Best
939 Muslims and Christians on the Emmaus Road
940 Triumph Over Terror on Flight 847
941 Honey Were Going to Africa ! Harvey Hoekstra
942 Photo album Far East Missionary MD
943 Photo album Far East Missionary MD
944 The Gulf Izzard
945 Dignity and Dying Healing the Culture Brain Storms 3
946 Invasion Saddam Hussain--Kuwait Afghanistan The Forbidden Harvest
947 Bryson City Tales
948 Maria Maria von Trapp
949 Search for the Paradise Land Rice Bahrain /Arabian Gulf
950 Bahrain Memories Aisha Yateem
951 The Harem Within Moroccan Girlhood
952 Matters of Life and Death John Wyatt author signed
953 The Web That Has No Weaver Chinese Medicine
954 A New and Untried Course Womens Medical College Medical College of Penna 1850-l998 S J Peitzman MD author signed
955 Photo album Bahrain
956 Photo album Bahrain
957 Photo album Bahrain Arabian Sea
958 Photo album Bahrain
959 Bells at Evening Crosby
960 Lot Misc eph
961 Black Diamonds Johanna Veenstra 1929
962 Ships of Mercy Don Stephens
963 Koop Koop, MD Surgeon General
964 Last Hours on Dara Abraham
965 Directory American College of Physicians
966 The Glorious Koran
967 Oxford English-Arabic Dictionary
968 History of the American College of Physicians
969 Journey Through Nepal
970 An Arabian Portfolio
971 Supreme Persian Carpets
972 T/L 35 mm slides
973 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Andy Williams,New Christy Minstrels, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash Brothers Four,Flatt and Scruggs,Ray Charles Sgrs The Singing Nun, Belafonte
974 Lot 33 vinyl records incl :Burl Ives, Eddy Arnold, Bar D Wranglers, Sinatra,Blue Ridge Quartet
975 Michelangelo
975A Les Paul records
976 The Wonderful Book of Myths and Legends Forbush 1928 Illustr Richardson
977 Giles
978 T/L childrens books
979 The Butterfly Wall Chart
980 The Cat Wall Chart
981 T/L Play Boy 1973,74 comp
982 T/L Play Boy 1980
983 T/L Play Boy 1977,78 comp
984 T/L Play Boy 1981,82 comp
985 T/L Play Boy 1964,65,66
986 T/L Play Boy 1971,72 comp
987 T/L Play Boy 1964,85
988 T/L Play Boy 1969,70 comp
989 Lot mens magazines
990 Lot mens magazines
991 T/L Playboy magazines
992 T/L Playboy magazines
993 T/L Playboy magazines
994 Lot mens magazines
995 Geography 1883
996 The Minisink
997 T/L childrens books
998 Francesca at Hinterwald Hohanna Spyri Peter Pan and Wendy J M Barrie 2
999 Time for Fairy Tales
1000 Geodetic Wall Map Upper Niagara River
1001 Mrs Hollingsworths Men Powell
1002 Baseball Anecdotes
1003 The Caine Mutiny Wouk
1004 The Giving Tree Shel Silverstein
1005 Charles Dickens His Tragedies and Triumph
1006 A Quiet World Myers
1007 Four Hats in the Ring 1912 Election Gould The Vital South How Presidents are Elected 2
1008 The Iliad Homer
1009 Better Homes and Husbands Leff Entering Normal Le Claire
1010 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Isley Bros,Shirley Bassey Zuklema, BB King and Bobby Bland,Isaac Hayes, Willie Bobo,Francisco Aquabella etc
1011 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Streisand,Morgana King,Nona Hendryx,Zulema,Dave Brubeck Trio,Ella Fitzgerald Grover Washington
1012 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Morgana King, Nina Simone Nikki Giovani,Jermaine Jackson,Cissy Houston Streisand,DJ Rogers,Earth Wind and Fire,RAmsey Lewis Cartpenters etc
1013 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Bill Withers,George Benson The Crusaders,Herbie Hancock,Quincy Jones, Billy Paul.Stevie Wonder,The Bros Johnson Isaac Hayes
1014 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Miriam Makeba,Isaac hayes The Pointer Sisters,Otis Redding,Smokey Robinson Dionne Warwick,Streisand,Ray Charle
1015 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Isaac Hayes,Lonnie Smith Billy Paul,The Blue Notes,Isley Bros,Jon Lucien Richard Pryor,The O Jays,
1016 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Jimmy Witherspoon, Maynard Ferguson,Brook Benton,Fats Waller John Handy,The Mighty Sparrow,Les McCann Eddie Harris,Tenn Ernie Ford,Guy Lombardo Liberace
1017 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Sonny Rollins, Streisand,Dakota Staton Morgana King,Joey Heatherton, The Players Assoc Lauro Nyro,Labelle,,Santana
1018 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Dinah Washington,Streisand Nikki Giovanni,Janis Joplin,Isaac Hayes, Margie Joseph,Graham Central Station,Ramsey Lewis,Nina Simone,Morgana King,Diane Warwick
1019 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Lionel Ritchie, Diana Ross,Boz Scaggs,Ohio Players,Georeg Benson Fatback Band,Betty Wright,Isley Bros,Rufus,
1020 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: The DElls,Marvin Gaye, Midnight Band,Isley Bros,Sly and the Family Stone The Temptations,Leroy Hutson,Boz Scahhs, Earth Wind and Fire,Dionne Warwick
1021 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Teddy Pendergrass, Loleatta Holloway,Idris Muhammad, Aretha Franklin Billy Paul,Kool and the Gang,Brass Construction Jerry Butler,Isaac Hayes,Cal Tjader,
1022 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Streisand,Anguilar Betty Hutton,Gertrude Lawrence, etc
1023 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Jimmy Dorsey, Betty Hutton Bob Eberly,Sharon Tate,Gertrude Lawrence,Tony Bennett Cab Calloway,Frankie Laine,Jim Nabors
1024 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Anne Murray,Maria Callas Tenn Ernie Ford, Shows, Movies
1025 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Betty Grable,June Haver, Julie Andrews,Vic Damone,etc
1026 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Dorothy Lamour,Bing Crosby Mae West,Betty Grable, Judy Garland,Duke Ellington Mel Torme,Maurice Chevalier,
1027 T/L sports and collector cards
1028 T/L sports and collector cards
1029 Looseleaf album baseball cards
1030 Peanuts Classics, Peanuts Treasury Schulz 2
1031 T/L Graphic novels ( comics) 39 vols
1032 T/L Hist Newsp
1033 Movie poster The Golden Arrow
1034 WWI Service poster
1035 Movie poster Goldfarb Please Come Home
1036 Poster map ,Paterson/Clifton etc
1037 Movie poster The Wizard of Baghdad
1038 Movie poster The Golden Arrow
1039 Movie poster Goodbye Charlie
1040 Lot Mens magazines
1041 Lot Mens magazines
1042 Lot Mens magazines
1043 Lot Mens magazines
1044 Lot Mens magazines
1045 Lot Mens magazines
1046 Lot Mens magazines
1047 Lot Mens magazines
1048 Lot Mens magazines
1049 Lot Sports magazines
1050 T/L Misc eph
1051 Wanderings Chaim Potok
1052 Moses The Man and His Vision
1053 Israel With Love Rice
1054 Tully Filmus w Essay by Isaac Bashevis Singer
1055 Drawing and Painting
1056 Baseballs Greatest Players Zim a Baseball,life 2
1057 Historic Houses of t5he Hudson Valley
1058 Tennysons Enoch Arden 1864
1059 T/L baseball cards
1060 T/L baseball cards
1061 T/L baseball cards
1062 T/L baseball cards
1063 T/L baseball cards
1064 T/L baseball cards
1065 T/L baseball cards
1066 T/L baseball cards
1067 T/L baseball cards
1068 Metal box w/football and trading cards
1069 T/L sports cards
1070 T/L sports cards
1071 Lot Mens magazines
1072 Lot Mens magazines
1073 Lot Mens magazines
1074 Lot Mens magazines
1075 Lot Mens magazines
1076 Lot Mens magazines
1077 T/L baseball cards
1078 T/L baseball cards
1079 T/L baseball cards
1080 T/L baseball cards
1081 T/L baseball cards
1082 T/L baseball cards
1083 T/L baseball cards
1084 T/L baseball cards
1085 LOt Charlie Browns Cyclopedia 7 vols
1086 New Yorker Cartoon Album 1975-l985 n
1087 Kama Sutra 365
1088 Durants Story of Civilization 10 vol set
1089 T/L baseball cards
1090 T/L baseball cards
1091 T/L baseball cards
1092 T/L baseball cards
1093 T/L auction catalogs
1094 T/L auction catalogs
1095 :Lot 33 vinyl records incl; The Wit and Wisdom of Watergate JFK '1917-l963 Deams of Safam
1096 Album file 78 records incl: Al Jolson; Witherspoon (single faced)
1097 Obama Inaugural Ball photo
1098 The Flammarion Book of Astronomy
1099 Lot 33 vinyl records incl Spyro Gyra' Dame Dash Dream Team etc
1100 Lt art books: Picasso, Van Gogh. Bosch Bruege 3
1101 T/L baseball cards
1102 T/L baseball cards
1103 T/L baseball cards
1104 T/L baseball cards
1105 T/L baseball cards
1106 T/L baseball cards
1107 T/L baseball cards
1108 T/L Misc eph
1109 New York Yankees Yearbook 2007
1110 Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey Circus Mag 1976
1111 Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey Circus Mag 1981
1112 T/L Misc eph
1113 T/L Misc eph
1114 T/L baseball cards
1115 Lot 33 vinyl records incl Tommy Garrett, Mamas and Papas, Glen Campbell,Sonny and Cher Hermans Hermits,Sons of the Pioneers,Vanilla Fudge
1116 Lot 33 vinyl records incl Burl Ives,Hailey Mills Knuckles O Toole,Gary Lewis and the Playboys, The Young Rascals
1117 Lot 33 vinyl records incl Hermans Hermits,Monkees The Rascals,James Brown, Little Anthony and the Imps Shirelles,Chuck Berry,Duprees, Righteous Bros Ramsey Lewis,Mamas and Papas
1118 Lot 33 vinyl records incl The Platters,Sonny and Cher The Four Seasons,Lovin Spoonful,Dion/Belmonts The Monkees,
1119 Lot 33 vinyl records incl Chicago,Shirley Bassey Burl Ives,Englebert Humperdinck
1120 Lot 33 vinyl records incl The Lettermen,Sinatra Belafonte, Jack Jones
1121 Lot 33 vinyl records incl Ray Charles Singers Ferrante and Teicher,Streisand,Clancy Bros, The Beach Boys,
1122 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Dell Vikings, Moonglows Nutmegs,Cleftones,Cadillacs, Collegians,Marcels, Earls Satins,Poisons Quotations etc
1123 Lot Childrens books
1124 Philatelic lot: Cigar box US stamps
1125 Philatelic lot: Shoe box US stamps unsorted
1126 Philatelic lot: Shoe box US stamps unsorted
1127 Philatelic lot: Shoe box US stamps unsorted
1128 Philatelic lot: Shoe box US stamps unsorted
1129 Philatelic lot: Shoe box US and foreign stamps unsorted
1130 Philatelic lot: Shoe box US and stamps unsorted
1131 Philatelic lot: Cigar box US stamps unsorted
1132 Philatelic lot: Shoe box US stamps and covers
1133 T/L Baseball Yearbooks, magazines etc
1134 T/L Wks of Chas Dickens 9 vols
1135 Pennsylvania Beautiful Wallace Nutting
1136 Pennsylvania Industrial Directory 1950
1137 Pennsylvania Manual 1968-69
1138 Pennsylvania Manual 1925-26
1139 History of Pennsylvania 1946
1140 Pennsylvania Manual 1945
1141 Andy Gordon Horatio Alger Tom Swift and His Flying Lab By England's Aid Henty 3
1142 Lot Horatio Alger pbs
1143 T/L Pulp novels
1144 T/L Pulp novels
1145 The Murder of Marilyn Monroe
1146 My Week With Marilyn Colin Clark
1147 Marilyn The Last Take
1148 Marilyn Monroe The Biogr
1149 Joe and Marilyn
1150 Marilyn Monroe 50th Anniv Ed
1151 Marilyn An Illustr History
1152 Marilyn Monroe Confid4ential
1153 Fragments Marilyn Monroe
1154 Marilyn Monroe A Life of the Actress Marilyn 30 Memorable Photos
1155 Marilyn Revealed
1156 Goddess The Secret Lives of Marilyn Monroe
1157 The Unabridged Marilyn
1158 T/L Misc eph re Marilyn Monroe
1159 T/L Auto sales catalogs
1160 T/L McCalls magazines 1960s
1161 Collectible Cars 1940-l980
1162 1924 Automobile Trade Journal
1163 Fifties Flashback The American Car Icons 5os Cars Vintage Auto Ads 2
1164 Collector Cars of Postwar America Stunenrauch
1165 The Best of Old Cars Weekly
1166 The Best of Old Cars Weekly
1167 The Poster Book of Antique Auto Ads
1168 T/L TV Guides
1169 T/L Auto Repair Manuals
1170 Rock Encyclopedia Lillian Roxon
1171 Absegami Yesteryear
1172 T/L Popular Electronics magazines
1173 Lot Currier and Ives calendar prints
1174 Map of the Howell Iron Works, Monmouth County NJ repr
1175 Lot matted ads, posters
1176 The Lonely Life Bette Davis 1962
1177 The Art of W C Fields Fields for President W C Fields 2
1178 TL Car Collector magazines etc
1179 TL Car Collector magazines etc
1180 TL Popular Mechanics magazines
1181 Lost Land of the Dodo Cheke/Hume Yale Univ Press
1182 It Seems Like Yesterday Kaltenborn
1183 Lot magazines Madonna
1184 TL Misc eph incl: Sharon Stone, Mansfield autos etc
1185 The Alfred Hitchcock Album
1186 The Legend and Romance of the Vampire
1187 Collector Books: Shawnee Pottery
1188 Collector Books: Childrens Books
1189 Collector Books: Toothpick Holders
1190 Collector Books: Occupied Japan 2
1191 Collector Books: Cookie Jars
1192 Collector Books: Lefton China 2
1193 Collector Books: Little Golden Books
1194 Collector Books: The World of Ceramics, Made in Japan Ceramics 2
1195 Collector Books: Figural Planters, Santa Dolls, Barbie etc
1196 Collector Books: Toys Antique to Modern
1197 Collector Books: Paper Dolls,Barbie, Made in Japan Ceramics etc
1198 The Mysterious Monoplane 1930 Wanderer of the Wasteland Zane Grey dj 1923 2
1199 Bob Chesters Grit Webster 1911 dj Rujub the Juggler Henty 2
1200 The Home Afloat or The Boy Trappers of the Kackensack
1201 Jim Davis Masefield 1926 Illus Brundage The Boy Ranchers in the Desert Baker1924 2
1202 Bob Burton Horatio Alger Julian Mortimer Castleton 1887 2
1203 The Musket Boys of Old Boston Tom Swift and His Aerial Warship 2
1204 Toby Tyler or Ten Weeks With a Circus 3 vols
1205 Tom Swift and His House on Wheels Telegraph Toms Venture Otis 2
1206 Strive and Succeed Horatio Alger Struggling Upward Horatio Alger 2
1207 The Red Headed Outfield Zane Grey Last of the Great Scouts Zane Grey Wildfire Zane Grey 3
1208 Tony the Tramp Horatio Alger Risen From the Ranks Horatio Alger 2
1209 Shifting for Himself Horatio Alger Strong and Steady Horatio Alger 2
1210 The Gingerbread Age
1211 A Locus Grows in the Mud Goldie Hawn
1212 Lot Movie books 4
1213 Newark 300
1214 Calvin and Hobbes 2
1215 Dietrich Falling in Love Again in Marlene Dietrich 2
1216 Bicknells Victorian Buildings
1217 Dylan Fleetwood Mac
1218 Memoirs of a Jewish Madam Fanny Hillman 2
1219 Blue Book of Gun Values
1220 The United States of Arugula
1221 Cagney Minty Clinch James Cagney Biogr Doug Warren
1222 Lot auto sales catalogs
1223 Lot auto sales catalogs
1224 Lot auto sales catalogs
1225 Lot auto sales catalogs
1226 Lot auto sales catalogs
1227 Lot auto sales catalogs
1228 Photo album Western US
1229 The Ethics of Sexual Act Rene Guyon
1230 McTeague and a Mans Woman Norris
1231 Facts and Frauds in Womens Hygiene
1232 Flat Seventies Cigarettes Goodbye to All That lst Ed
1233 Whats Good for GM
1234 Shining Trumpets A History of Jazz
1235 This Is Hew Jersey John Cunningham The Jersey Shore The New Jersey Almanac 3
1236 The Jersey Midlands Beck Princeton NJ History Burlington A Provincial Capitol Guide to Flemington 4
1237 Tours in Historic Morris County More Forgotten Towns of Southern New Jersey A New Jersey Reader
1238 This Is Morris County Field trips New Jersey Washington Twp 3
1239 The WPA Guide to New York The City Observed New York
1240 Lot Pop Sci and Mech Annual Auto Issues 1950s,60s
1241 Radio Amateurs Handbook 1948
1242 T/L Older pbs
1243 T/L older periodicals True,Argosy,Mech Illus etc
1244 An Outcast of the Islands Conrad 1938 Conqueror of the High Road McAllister 1930
1245 Shop and Foundry Practice 1903
1246 The Man of the Forest Zane Grey The Search for the Lost Flyers Dixon 2
1247 Early American Homes North and South
1248 Beatles Photo poster
1249 T/L Time Life series Mysteries of the Unknown
1250 T/L Misc periodicals True, Argosy, Red Book etc
1251 Sci Fict books 2
1252 Sci Fict books 2
1253 The Roads of Home NJ Beck Steamboat Gothic 2
1254 Roadside America
1255 The Politics of Inclusion Thomas H Kean
1256 The Barbary coast Asbury 1933
1257 The Old Man and the Sea Hemingway Easton Press
1258 MG The Sports Car Supreme
1259 Bruce Catton: Mr Lincolns Army ; Glory Road
1260 The Secret Museum of Mankind
1261 Philadelphia Preserved
1262 Elizabeth Taylor The Last Star
1263 About Mushrooms
1264 Exploring the Little Rivers of New Jersey Stories of New Jersey Stockton New Jersey Curiosities 3
1265 Pre Revolutionary Dutch Houses
1266 Fort Ticonderoga
1267 Listen for a Lonely Drum A New York State Chronicle Carl Carmer 1936 Ilus Baldridge dj
1268 Traveling New Jersey The New Jersey Almanac 2
1269 American Architecture Westchester County NY
1270 Historical Album Wilkes Barre, Wyoming Valley Gateway of Progress 1857-l957 Howard Savings 2
1271 Jazzmen 1939 Ramsey/Smith lst Ed Rock Around the Clock Dawson 2
1272 History of Elizabeth NJ 1868
1273 Marilyn Her Life and Legend
1274 The World Series 75th Anniv
1275 Early Domestic Architecture of Connecticut
1276 Florida Architecture Mizner
1277 Old House Catalog; Second Old House Catalog 2
1278 Picasso The New Acropolis Museum 2
1279 The First Ladies Fact Book
1280 Photo album
1281 Field Guide to American Architecture
1282 Illus Dict of Historic Architecture
1283 Great Sea Battles
1284 Lincoln A Picture Story of His Life
1285 Kittens Loxton What is My Cat Thinking 2
1286 Enc of the Cat Glorious Cats 2
1287 The Story of Lucky Strike l939 Worlds Fair
1288 Here Is Your War Ernie Pyle dj
1289 New Jersey A Photographic Treasure Our Great State Papers NJ 2
1290 True Stories of Celebrated Crimes 3 vol
1291 The Writings of Sigmund Freud
1292 Tray lot photographs, Identified mostly Penna
1293 Tray lot photographs, Identified mostly Hudson Valley
1294 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Neil Diamond; Emerson Lake and Palmer,Blondie,Kim Carnes Richie Havens, Cat Stevens etc ,
1295 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Dave Clark 5, Bee Gees James Taylor,Streisand, Bloindie, Elvis
1296 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Air Supply, Cat Stevens Charlie Daniels Band,Rita Coolidge,Bee Gees, Kenny Rogers,
1297 Lot comics
1298 Lot comics
1299 Lot comics
1300 Diaries Andy Warhol
1301 Diana In Private
1302 High Style
1303 Scrapbook Architecture and l940=50s Interiors
1304 T/L Yukon Editions Rex Beach 5 vols
1305 T/L Westerns Zane Grey etc 6 vol
1306 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Barry White,Stevie Wonder Bing CrosbyJohnny Watson, Martin Denny,Art Blakely Atetha Franklin, Ray Charles
1307 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Sly and the FamilyvStone Barry White,Al Green, Ray Charles, Earl Bostic Aretha Franklin
1308 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Dave Brubeck Quartet, Grover Washington,Loub Rawls,Joe Simon, Jimi Hendrix
1309 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Nat King Cole, Cannonball Adderly,Ferrante and Teicher,Natalie Cole Bill Doggett,
1310 Lot childrens books
1311 Lot childrens books
1312 Lot childrens books
1313 Lot childrens books
1314 Timber and Tide Hunting Tales of the Northeast
1315 Combat Aircraft of WWII
1316 Flying the Hump
1317 Air Racers 1909-l936
1318 War in the Air Walker
1319 Enc of World Aircraft
1320 US Carriers at War
1321 El Al Star in the Sky
1322 Deutschen Lufthansa
1323 New Jersey A Photographic Treasure
1324 Marilyn Monroe Unseen
1325 Marilyn Monroe Private
1326 Marilyn Illustrated
1327 Marilyn covers Playboy, Vanity Fair 2
1328 Hammer Glamour
1329 Marilyn Monroe Framed photos 2
1330 The Great American Pin Up
1331 Marilyn Monroe in the Movies
1332 Marilyn Monroe covers Playboy, Look 2
1333 Marilyn in Fashion
1334 Eros Marilyn cover
1335 For the Boys Racy Pin Ups of WWII
1336 Lot Glamour photos and eph incl Marilyn Monroe
1337 Lot Western pb pulp novels
1338 Lot Western pb pulp novels
1339 Lot Western pb pulp novels
1340 Lot Western pb pulp novels
1341 Lot Western pb pulp novels
1342 Lot Western pb pulp novels
1343 Lot Western pb pulp novels
1344 Lot Western pb pulp novels
1345 Lot Western pb pulp novels
1346 Lot Western pb pulp novels
1347 Lot Western pb pulp novels
1348 Lot Western pb pulp novels
1349 Lot Western pb pulp novels
1350 Lot Western pb pulp novels
1351 Lot Western pb pulp novels
1352 Lot Western pb pulp novels
1353 Lot Western pb pulp novels
1354 Album 78 records incl:Ink Spots; Ella Fitzgerald
1355 Album 78 records incl:Ink Spots; LePaul and Mary Ford Red Buttons,
1356 Album 78 records incl:Jo Stafford, Vera Lynn Rosemary Clooney Fontane Sisters,Kay Starr
1357 Album 78 records incl: Harry James,
1358 Album 78 records incl: King Cole Trio
1359 Album 78 records incl: Gene Autry
1360 Wood box w/Peanuts comic strip clippings
1361 Lot Life magazines
1362 Lot auto sales catalogs
1363 Lot 78 records incl: Harry James,Horace Heidt, Coon Sanders,Chick Bulock and His Levee Loungers etc
1364 Lot 78 records incl: Album Hot Jazz Jelly Roll Morton
1365 Lot 78 records incl: Album 52nd St Boys,Raymond Scott
1366 Lot 78 records incl: Album Benson Orchestra
1367 Lot 78 records incl: Album Bing Crosby, Andrews Sister Ken Darby Singers,Xavier Cugat,The Merry Macs The Kings Men,John Scott Trotter
1368 Lot 78 records incl: Album Bing Crosby, Mary Martin John Scott Trotter, The Music Maids,Woody Herman Mills Brothers,
1369 Lot 78 records incl: Album Harry James
1370 Lot 45 records incl: Dinah Washington,Belafonte Bobby Vinton,Marty Robbins,etc
1371 The Designer 1914
1372 Peter Pan pop up book
1373 Philatelic lot: Scott Minuteman album w/ some stamps
1374 Lot cartoon books 3
1375 T/L Misc periodicals incl Mad
1376 Lot 78 records: Original Memphis Five, Louisiana Five,Original Dixieland Jazz Band
1377 Lot 78 records: Buck Clayton,Lionel Hampton.,King Cole Trio,Louis Armstrong Coleman Hawkins,, Les Paul,
1378 Earl Moran (Esquire) pinup folio
1379 Lot 45 records incl:Ames Brothers,Bix Beiderbecke Spike Jones,Carlsons Raiders, Homer and Jethro Everly Brothers The Lettermen,Unionn Gap,Carpenters Simon/Garfunkel,Loivin Spoonful,Joe Cocker,Mills Bros
1380 Pogo Walt Kelly 3
1381 The Little Colonel Maid of Honor
1382 T/L Misc eph
1383 T/L Popular Mechanics magazines
1384 Lot Mens magazines
1385 Mother Photographs Jim Erickson
1386 25 Years With Blondie The Worlds Stupidest Blondes 2
1387 Lot mens magazines
1388 Human Sexual Response Masters and Johnson
1389 Textbook of Psychosexual Disorders
1390 The Illus Ency of Sex
1391 Lot Physique Pictorial
1392 US Air Services 1926
1393 Lot mens magazines
1394 Lot mens magazines
1395 Lot WWII Jig Saw Puzzles 2
1396 Lot mens magazines
1397 Lot mens magazines
1398 Lot comics, graphic novels
1399 Lot Sci Fict pbs
1400 Lot mens magazines
1401 Lot mens magazines
1402 Lot Misc eph incl Detective mags
1403 The Telegraph Boy Horatio Alger Facing the World Horatio Alger 2
1404 A Debt of Honor Horatio Alger Bound to Rise Horatio Alger 2
1405 Luke Walton Horatio Alger Phil the Fiddler Horatio Alger 2
1406 Making His Way Horatio Alger Mark Masons Victory Horatio Alger 2
1407 Frank Hunters Peril Horatio Alger Young Explorer Horatio Alger 2
1408 Jacks Ward Horatio Alger Tom Thatchers Fortune Horatio Alger 2
1409 Sams Chance Horatio Alger Do and Dare Horatio Alger Phil the Fiddler Horatio Alger 3
1410 Tom Swift series 12 vols
1411 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Chuck Berry,Clarence Fountain,Miles Davis,Ella Fitzgerald,Earl Grant Memphis Slim, Nina Simone
1412 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Billy Eckstine, Sarah Vaughan,Marian Anderson,The Suipremes, Bill Doggett Errol Garner,Aretha Franklin, Fats Domino
1413 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Duke Ellington, Miles Davis,etc
1414 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Bobby Hackett, Lionel Hampton,Dave Brubeck,Duke Ellington,Village Stompers
1415 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Hugh Masekela Maxmillian,Glen Miller, Grover Washington
1416 Lot Misc eph incl 1939 Worlds Fair Bulletin
1417 1931 Vanity Fair
1418 1938 Click magazine
1419 Lot SEP 1923, 1925, 1928 3
1420 Lot Police Gazette 1921 +
1421 Lot Police Gazette 1923 +
1422 Lot post cards greetings
1423 The Theatre magazine 1912
1424 1938 Movie Mirror
1425 1936 Photoplay
1426 Lot Movie magazines Santiago, Chile 1930s 40s
1427 Lot Syracuse University football programs
1428 Lot scrapbooks newsp clippings
1429 The Theatre 1912
1430 Lot Historical booklets Penna
1431 Lot Misc eph
1432 The Seaside Library bound
1433 Lot Machinists and Electricians Handbooks
1434 History of Scranton Pa
1435 Franklin Square Library 1878 bound
1436 The School Journal bound 1898 2 vols
1437 Leslies Popular Monthly 1884 bound
1438 Lot pin backs
1439 Lot erotica photos
1440 Lot Misc eph
1441 Lot Misc eph
1442 Lot Grit periodicals 1930s
1443 Lot Misc eph
1444 T/l The Pennsylvania Magazine
1445 T/l The Pennsylvania German magazine
1446 T/L Misc eph
1447 1910 Yearbook Northwestern University
1448 1969 Yearbook South Hagerstown HS
1449 1961 Yearbook Caldwell College for Women
1450 1938 Yearbook Bradenton HS
1451 1949 Yearbook Univ of Pennsylvania
1452 1923 Yearbook Knox College
1453 1996 Wall Twp HS
1454 1972 Yearbook Paul Smith College
1455 1941 Yearbook Univ of Maryland
1456 1968 Yearbook Wayne Hills HS
1457 1940 Yearbook Keane HS
1458 1936 Yearbook Keane HS
1459 1938 Yearbook Keane HS
1460 1966 Yearbook College of St Elizabeth Convent Station
1461 Biltmore Oswald Diary of a Hapless Recruit
1462 Poems of Mrs Browning tooled leather
1463 Hinchman Genealogy (Fifteenth Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry, Carlisle Pa)
1464 Pennsylvania Beautiful Wallace Nutting
1465 Precision People and Progress
1466 Old Eagle School Tredyffrin 1769-l909
1467 Life and Work of Abraham Lincoln 3 vols
1468 The Lincoln Year Book Hobson 1907
1469 Old Virginia and Her Neighbors
1470 Field, Cover, and Trap Shooting Bogardus 1874
1471 Washington and His Generals Headley
1472 Pennsylvania History and Geography 1847
1473 Hugh Wynne Free Quaker 1898
1474 The American Fischer 1925
1475 Reclaiming a Commonwealth Herrick 1911
1476 Miscellanea By H H McClune
1477 1924 Yearbook University Club of Philadelphia
1478 Memorial Sen George A Ware
1479 Watsons Annals of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania 1857 6 vols
1480 Pennsylvania Colonial and Federal Jenkins
1481 Annals of Philadelphia 1842
1482 The Journals of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg
1483 Pennsylvania Political, Governmental, Military and Civil Military Volumne Godcharles 1933
1484 Annals of Berks County Pa 1909
1485 Bucks County Pa History I and III
1486 The Story of Princeton Norris
1487 Executive Register of the United States 1789-l902 Mosher
1488 Lot art books 2
1489 Lot Misc eph
1490 Lot Misc eph
1491 Esquire 1940
1492 Yonkers Illustrated
1493 How I Broke Into the Movies
1494 Lot art history books 2
1495 Portraits of New England Birds
1496 Life of James Buchanan 1856
1497 The Philistine 21,22 2
1498 Lot Early periodicals Harpers, Century, Scribners
1499 Lot The Classic and the Beautiful from Literature of 3000 Years 4 vols
1500 The Man Who Would Be God Chevalier l959 lst US Ed
1501 Pennsylvania, A History Vols I II and IV
1502 1970 Yearbook Don Bosco HS Paterson
1503 1971 Yearbook Don Bosco HS Paterson
1504 1973 Yearbook William Paterson College
1505 1970 Yearbook Paterson State College
1506 1972 Yearbook Don Bosco HS Paterson w/letters enc from Robert Roe MC
1507 1969 Yearbook Don Bosco HS Paterson
1508 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Ethel Merman,Herb Alpert Dan Fogelberg,Bert Bacharach,Jackson Browne, Ferrantae and Teicher Tommy Garrett,John Denver,
1509 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Phoebe Snow,Belafonte, Bee Gees, John Conlee,Shirley Bassey,Streisand John Denver
1510 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Manfred Manns Earth Band Rick Nelson,Firefall, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Bangkles, The Doobie Brothers
1511 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Modern Jazz Quartet Lainie Kazan,Gordon Lightfoot,Miriam Makeba Chuck Mangione,Vikki Carr,Streisand,John Denver
1512 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Dizzy Gillespie Roy Eldridge,Ben Webster,Oscar Peterson,Bread Charlie Shavers,Lester Young,Streisand,Woody Herman John McCormack, Kate Smith,
1513 Framed signed Hockey Stanley Cup Winner
1514 Framed signed Motorcycle poster NYFD Orange Co Choppe
1515 Fifty Classic Motion Pictures
1516 Chronicle of the 20th Cty
1517 Broadway Alpert
1518 Together Again Kanin
1519 Broadway Musicals Gottfried
1520 Theatre Posters of James McMullan
1521 T/L Music
1522 Wks of Hemingway 3
1523 American Indian Myths and Legends
1524 Paul Robeson
1525 The Confessions of Nat Turner
1526 Cornhusk Dolls
1527 History of Middle Valley, NJ
1528 Ships Around the World
1529 Going to the Fair A Preview of the 1939 New York Worlds Fair
1530 Exploring New Jersey
1531 A Time to Live and a Time to Die Remarque
1532 Treasure Island Stevenson
1533 A Giraffe and a Half Shel Silverstein
1534 Peanuts Treasury
1535 Lot 33 vinyl records incl Pete Fountain, Dave Brubeck,Shaun Cassidy,Billy Vaughan
1536 Philatelic lot: Album US FDCs
1537 Cane Curiosa
1538 Lladro catalog
1539 Gnomes
1540 Our Drummer Butler Bros Catalog 1926
1541 T/L tobacco felts
1542 The Art of Walt Disney
1543 Harley Davidson Century
1544 Cut Glass Price Guide
1545 Collecting Toys
1546 Disney Animation
1547 Gardners Art
1548 Wish You Were Here post cards
1549 Flow of Waterin Pipes Freeman 1892 (l941)
1550 Gun Parts trade catalog
1551 Elegant Glassware of the Depression Era
1552 Putnam's Hist Atlas 1927
1553 Field Guide to American Wildlife
1554 The Adventures of Hollie Hobbie
1555 Don Quijote de la Mancha
1556 Where The Sidewalk Ends Shel Silverstein
1557 Poems of Childhood Eugene Field Illus Maxfield Parrish 1904
1558 Mother Goose Volland Edition
1559 Norman Rockwell Magazine covers
1560 NY Yankees 100 Years
1561 Harley Davidson An Illustr History
1562 The New Yorker Album of Drawings
1563 A Message to Garcia Elbert Hubbard Roycroft
1564 Marpessa
1565 The True Chatterton Ingram
1566 N Y State Agric Society 1866
1567 Mr Sponges Sporting Tour 1852 Illus color plates Leech
1568 Mr Runfords Hounds c 1852 Illus color plates Leech
1569 Plain or Ringlets c 1850 Illus color plates Leech
1570 Handley Cross or Mr Jorrocks Hunt c 1850 Illustr color plates Leech
1571 Ask Mama or The Richest Commoner in England c 1850 Illus color plates Leech
1572 Petersons magazine bound 1865
1573 With Kitchener to Khartum Stevens 1898 w maps
1574 New Testament and Psalms 1850
1575 Mc Clures magazine bound 1903
1576 The dauphines of France 1910 w/Ilustr
1577 Tennyson's Works c 1890 tooled leather
1578 Websters International Dict 2 vols
1579 Churchill from the Diaries of Lord Moran The Turn of the Tide 1939-l943 2
1580 The Good War Studs Terkel WWII On Borrowed Time Leonard Mosely WWII 2
1581 The Making of the President Theo White 1960 " " " " " " " 1964 TRB Views and Perspectives on the Presidency Strout 3
1582 TL Wks of Longfellow 11 vols rough
1583 T/L Wks of Robert Browning rough
1584 Bob, Son of Battle Olivant
1585 TL Wks of Dickens, leather, 17 vols
1586 Valentimes Manual NYC 1853
1587 The Seven Lamps of Architecture c 1840 w plates
1588 Plutarchs Lives 1804 3 vols
1589 Griswolds Discourses 1830
1590 Precise L Histoire Ancienne 1811
1591 T/L Stoddards Lectures 15 vols
1592 Wks of Shakespeare 6 vols
1593 Bracebridge Hall Washington Irving l896 gold tooled leather
1594 The Jungle Book Rudyard Kipling Illus Kurt Wiese 1932
1595 The Gilded Age Mark Twain/Dud Warner 1887 Illus
1596 War Party Lamour
1597 The Scarlet Letter Hawthorne Lithos by Henry Poor
1598 Time and Chance 1899 Elbert Hubbard
1599 T/L Everymans Library
1600 A Christmas Carol Dickens Illustr Bedford
1601 Hail California ! Oliver Book of Etiquette 2
1602 The white Mice Davis Kindred of the Dust Kyne Sail Away Robb white
1603 Sex: Even More Fun You Can Have Without Laughing So You Think You're Irish The Romance of Your Birthstone 3
1604 Eighteen Stories for Girls Oliver Twist Dickens 2
1605 C/o Postmaster Corporal St George The Peters Banquet 1900 2
1606 Martins Civil Government 1875
1607 Time Must Have a Stop Aldous Huxley 1944
1608 Little Tom Drennan McNeill Ottos Inspiration Mary Ford 2
1609 1966 Yearbook Garland Jr College
1610 1962 Yearbook Holton School
1611 1964 Yearbook Middlebury College
1612 1965 Yearbook Middlebury College
1613 1967 Yearbook Middlebury College
1614 Downing's Fruits and Fruit trees of America 1847
1615 Eminent Philadelphians circa 1850 rough
1616 T/L Works of Wilkinson, Addison, Dalmatia, Montgenagro Egypt etc 1840 rough
1617 Great River The Rio Grande 2 vols
1618 Hirohito Emperor of Japan Mosley
1619 The Great Terror Conquest Stalins Purge
1620 The Conquistadors Innes
1621 T/L Wks of Edmund Shaftesbury The Ralston Society 1938 Magnetism,etc 7 vols
1622 Machinery's Handbook 1943
1623 T/L Harvard Classics 14 vols
1624 T/L Engineering texts 7 vols
1625 Poemes Dramatiques de T Corneille 1722 Paris
1626 A Scripture Account Gaston 1820 leather
1627 Elements of Criticism 1819 leather
1628 T/L Wks of Lowell and Ruskin
1629 T/L Wks of Carlyle 18 vols
1630 General History of the Christian Era Guggenberger 1900 2 vols
1631 Out of the Earth Bromfield lst Ed 1950
1632 Pages From the Goncourt Journal Baldick Oxford The Alhambra Irving 2
1633 Naval Officers Guide Ageton 1943
1634 Elizabeth and Essex 1928 History of England Trevelyan 1947 w/maps 2
1635 Pinocchio Illus Richardson
1636 Queen Victoria Strachey
1637 Fine Editions Press (4) Vanity Fair, Wks of Poe Red Badge of Courage, Crime and Punishment
1638 A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy Stearne 1803
1639 Portrait of Mexico Ilust Diego Rivera
1640 The Ideals of St Francis of Assisi 1925
1641 The Journal of Mrs Arbuthnot 1820-25 The Master of the Inn Herrick 2
1642 The Once and Future King T H White
1643 Revolving Pictures Nister
1644 Great Drawings of the Louvre Museum
1645 Masterpieces of Primitive Art The Nelson Rockefeller Collection
1646 Lot art books, catalogs
1647 Lot art books, catalogs
1648 Lot art books, catalogs
1649 Lot art books, catalogs
1650 The Cruikshank Fairy Book Ilustr
1651 Loraine and the Little People 1915
1652 Lot childrens books
1653 Lot childrens books
1654 Henner's Lydia De Angeli
1655 Lot childrens books
1656 Lot childrens books
1657 Lot childrens books
1658 Lot childrens books
1659 Religio Medici 1881
1660 Wks of Julia Kavanagh 1860s 6
1661 History of English Literature 4 vols
1662 Time Life series The Old West 5 vols
1663 Library of Choice Literature 10 vols
1664 NY State Agricultural Society 1869
1665 The Literature of Italy 1265-l907 Orlamdo Furioso
1666 T/L Wks of Balzac 21 vols
1667 T/L Waverly Novels 40 vols
1668 A Grammar of Botany 1811
1669 Poetry of Southey 1845 4 vol
1670 Longfellows Poems 1883
1671 Roderick 1843
1672 Fingal An Ancient Epic Poem 1763
1673 The Old English Baron 1799
1674 The Wks of Virgil 1787
1675 Browns Grammar 1866
1676 Macaulay Critical Essays 1844 3
1677 Young's Night Thoughts 1851
1678 Letters of Laurence Sterne 1803 Life of Laurence Sterne 1803 2 3
1679 T/L Wks of Victor Hugo 10 vols
1680 T/L Wks of Washington Irving 30 vols
1681 Smollets History of England 4vols
1682 Collection of Poems by Several Hands 1782 4 vols
1683 The Russian Dagger Cowles Crisis in the Kremlin Hindus 2
1684 The Guns of August Tuchman The Siege of the Alcazar 2
1685 The German General Staff Goerlitz The Service Memoirs of General Reinhard Gelen 2
1686 The Ultra Secret Meeting at Potsdam 2
1687 A Soldiers Story Omar Bradley The Stilwell Papers 2
1688 Stephen A Douglas Johannsen Abraham Lincoln Sandburg
1689 Ribbon Creek Brig Gen McKean USMC
1690 The Last Citadel Petersburg l864-l865 Bloody Roads South The Wilderness to Cold Harbor Glory Road Bruce Catton 3
1691 Lot art books
1692 Lot art books
1693 Lot art books
1694 Lot art books
1695 Lot art books
1696 Lot childrens books incl Shirley Temple
1697 Ben the Luggage Boy Horatio Alger
1698 Lot childrens books
1699 Lot Hardy Boys series 3
1700 Lot art books
1701 Lot art books catalogs
1702 Lot books Opera
1703 Lot books classical music and composers
1704 Lot books Opera
1705 Lot books Art
1706 Lot books Opera
1707 Goods Study of Medicine l827
1708 New Testament 1840
1709 The Pirate 1822
1710 Poetical Wks of Oliver Wendall Holmes 1900
1711 Wks Of Gustave Flaubert 6 vols
1712 Shakespeare's Wks 3 vols
1713 Complete Wks of Shakespeare
1714 Raphael Catalog of Principle Works
1715 Covenant " For the Love of a Bastard Child "
1716 T/L Yearbooks Cruising Club of America
1717 Lot Books re Cruising Sailing etc
1718 Lot Books re Cruising Sailing etc
1719 T/L Pulp Romance magazines
1720 Guiding a Guide Deacon
1721 Low and Inside Osborn
1722 Art at Auction 3
1723 Lot art books, catalogs
1724 Lot art books
1725 Understanding Modern Art 3 vol
1726 Lot art books
1727 Lot Art at Auction 2
1728 T/.L Harvard Classics 10 vol
1729 The Little Duke Illus Millar Wilhelm Meister Carlyle 3 vols 4
1730 The Life bf Our Lord Dickens Written for His Children 1846-l849 lst Ed 1934 dj
1731 The Baronet and the Butterfly Whistler 189I Illustr
1732 Snow Bound Whittier 1866
1733 Heads and tales Malvina Hoffman
1734 Savannah Seasons Terry author signed
1735 A Family of Islands The West Indies Alec Waugh The Arun 2
1736 Memories of WWII Churchill Never Give In Churchill The Double Cross System WWII 3
1737 Far Horizons Northwest Passage 2
1738 The Faces of Greece 6
1739 Watchers at the Pond
1740 The Game of the Foxes Where the Sun Stood Still 2
1741 The Chase Foxhunting Clayton Riding and Jumping Steinkraus 2
1742 Bruce Catton: The Terrible Swift Sword The Coming Fury 2
1743 The German Officer Corps Pacific Battle Line Hailey 2
1744 Battle Cry of Freedom James McPherson
1745 B/L Older Play Boy Magazines 1960s etc
1746 The Decorative Sisters 1881
1747 The Innocents Abroad Mark Twain
1748 The World That Was 1926
1749 The Innocent Voyage Hughes Illus Lynd Ward Heritage
1750 NY State Agric Society l867
1751 NY State Agric Society l851
1752 T/L Wks of Geo Eliot 10 vols
1753 T/L Wks of Goethe 7 vols
1754 The Bourbons of Naples
1755 Wks of Francis Bacon 1818 12 vols rebound
1756 Tess of the Durbervilles Thomas Hardy 1891 Notice lst Ed
1757 Andersen's Fairy Tales Illus Arthur Szyk
1758 Three Musketeers Tiffany Thayer Pilgrims Progress Bunyan 2
1759 Felicia Hemans Poetical Works 1851
1760 Lydia Bailey Kenneth Roberts Dainel Deronda Bonnicastle 1882 3
1761 Lot auction and gallery catalogs
1762 Lot auction and gallery catalogs
1763 Lot auction and gallery catalogs
1764 Lot auction and gallery catalogs
1765 Lot auction and gallery catalogs
1766 Lot auction and gallery catalogs
1767 Lot auction and gallery catalogs
1768 Lot art books
1769 Quintessence
1770 Harpers Magazine Centennial Issue
1771 Lot art books
1772 Lot art books
1773 Lot art books
1774 Lot art books
1775 Lot art books
1776 Farm Ballads Will Carleton
1777 Selected Letters of Robert Frost
1778 The Agony and the Ecstasy Irving Stone lst Ed
1779 The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci
1780 Oliver Cromwell Harrison
1781 Sunshine Sketches Leacock
1782 If Winter Comes Hutchinson 1921
1783 Readers Handbook of the American Revolution 1761-1783 Windsor 1880
1784 The Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night Mardrus and Mathers 3 vols
1785 Nashville in the l890s Nashville Personality of a City 2
1786 George Washington The Image and the Man Woodward
1787 Lot cartoon books 3
1788 Andrew Jackson Portrait of a President
1789 Lincoln and His Generals
1790 Wild Fowl Decoys
1791 Lot art books
1792 Lot art books
1793 Lot art books
1794 Lot art books
1795 Lot photography books
1796 Lot art books
1797 Lot art books
1798 Lot art books
1799 Lot art books
1800 Western Memorabilia Book of Dolls 2
1801 American Antiques The Story of American Furniture 2
1802 Lot music
1803 Lot Shakespeare print collection 1900
1804 T/L Church choir music
1805 Church choir music
1806 Lot Books re Music 3
1807 Lot art books
1808 Lot art books
1809 Lot art books
1810 Lot art books
1811 Eskimo Sculpture
1812 Lot art books
1813 Lot art books
1814 Savage Messiah
1815 Lot books re music
1816 Lot books re Opera
1817 Lot childrens books
1818 The Real Mother Goose Illustr Blanche Fisher Wright
1819 Raggedy Ann Stories
1820 Childs Garden of Verses Stevenson Illust Eualie 1929
1821 The Golden Circus
1822 The Gingerbread Boy
1823 Ringling Bros Program 96th
1824 Lo childrens books
1825 Lo childrens books
1826 Lo childrens books
1827 Lo childrens books
1828 Lo childrens books
1829 Sunrise Over Fallujah Myers
1830 War and Decision Terrorism Feith
1831 Atlas of the Living World
1832 T/L childrens books Show N Tell
1833 T/L Playboy magazines
1834 Shoebox lot football cards
1835 T/L Childrens books Sesame St
1836 T/L Misc eph adv autos etc
1837 B/L collector cards Disney
1838 B/L collector cards Disney
1839 B/L collector cards Marvel comics
1840 B/L collector cards Minnie and Me
1841 B/L collector cards Minnie and Me
1842 B/L collector cards Roger Rabbit
1843 B/L collector cards Simpsons
1844 B/L collector cards Roger Rabbit
1845 B/L collector cards Simpsons
1846 B/L collector cards Marvel comics
1847 B/L collector cards Marvel comics
1848 B/L collector cards Minnie and Me
1849 B/L collector cards Misc incl Simpsons, Desert storm
1850 B/L collector cards Misc incl Marvel, Looney Tunes
1851 B/L collector cards Misc incl Desert Storm
1852 B/L collector cards Comic Ball
1853 B/L collector cards Marvel comics
1854 T/L Harry Potter audio books
1855 Britannica Atlas
1856 Lot art books
1857 Lot art books
1858 Lot 33 vinyl records incl Art Pepper;Jeff Lorber, classics
1859 Lot 33 vinyl records incl ;Jeff Lorber, Peabo Bryson Ray Coniff,classics
1860 Lot 33 vinyl records incl ;Gino Cunico,Earl Klugh Susan Carter, classics
1860A The Cutting Edge
1861 Lot 78 records incl Nat King Cole Trio Virgin (Rock Opera), classics
1862 Lot 78 records incl:The Pied Pipers,Billy Butterfield Spike Jones,Joni James,Sinatra,Ethel Merman,etc
1863 Lot 78 records incl:Gene Autry,The Virgnians, Andrew sisters
1864 Lot 78 records incl:John Kirby, Sinatra,Louis Prima Johnnie Ray,Joni James, The Gaylords,Bob Crosby
1864A Lot 78 records incl:Billy Butterfield, Count Basie Pee Wee Hunt,Kay Kyser Woody Herman and the Third Herd Jan Garber,etc
1864B Lot 78 records
1864C Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Pearl Bailey,Peggy King, Hal Kemp, Doris Day
1864D Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Genesis,Blondie, The Cars Candy O,Jeanne Mas, Van Halen
1864E Lot 33 vinyl records incl: AC/DC, Billy Joel, U2, Climax Blues Band,Asia,Foreigner
1864F Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Meat Loaf,Lavilliers Boney M,etc classics,shows etc
1865 T/L Misc eph
1866 Lot auction catalogs
1867 Vincent Van Gogh
1867A Military Aircraft
1867B Karma Sutra
1867C Aircraft of WWII
1867D Philatelic lot:Foreign covers
1867E Philatelic lot:Foreign covers
1867F Philatelic lot:Foreign covers
1867G Philatelic lot:Foreign covers
1868 Masterworks of Louis Comfort Tiffany
1868B The Great Book of Modern War Planes
1868C The Marines
1868D Instrument Flying Handbook
1868E Ency of Aircraft
1868F Octopus Enc of Aircraft
1868G The Book of Photography
1868H Modern Commercial Aircraft
1869 Faberge
1870 Indian Carpets
1871 Italian Style
1872 The Ethics of the Dust Ruskin 1869
1873 Petersons Magazine 1887 bound
1874 T/L Misc eph incl photos of the building of the Cathedral of St John the Divine NYC
1875 Plutarchs Lives 3 vols leather 1803
1876 T/L Author Signed contemporary novels and biogrs
1877 Pale Kings and Princes Parker author signed " " " Uncorrected Proof " " " Ltd Ed 17/225 Presentation copy in sleeve 3
1878 The Epic of New York City Ellis author signed
1879 To Tell Me Terrible Lies A Romance of the Pine Barrens St Clare author signed
1880 Enemy at the Gates Stalingrad Craig
1881 Princeton Alumni Publications: 1903 Fifty Years Later 2
1882 Princeton Alumni Publications: 1941 25 years later 1941 After 40 Years 2
1883 Farm Rhymes Riley
1884 Jos Boys Alcott 1933 Illus Clara Burd
1885 Correct Social Usage 1906 New York Society of Self Culture
1886 Sword and Scalpel Slaughter lst Ed 1957
1887 Burma Surgeon Gordon Seagrave 1944
1888 Prue and I Curtis 1892 Illus Sterner
1889 With Lawrence in Arabia Lowell Thomas 1924
1890 Actions and Reactions Rudyard Kipling 1909 Soldiers Three " " 2
1891 All Quiet on the Western Front Remarque
1892 We Were there at the Battle of the Bulge Shepherd
1893 Phoenixiana 1903 John Phoenix Illus Kemble
1894 Tom Swift and His Motorcycle
1895 Here is Your War Ernie Pyle
1896 In Stewart Times Elias
1897 A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud 1935
1898 The Highlands of Scotland Quigley
1899 The Wks of Rabelais Chalon
1900 New Jersey Generations Macculloch Hall Morristown Langstaff
1901 New Jersey Highlands Treasures at Risk
1902 Gems of New Jersey Gordon Bishop
1903 The Story of New Jersey Myers I
1904 Twin Rivers The Raritan and the Passaic Wildes
1905 The Morris Canal James Lee
1906 Smugglers Woods Pierce
1907 Lackawanna Railroad in Color
1908 Lot New Jersey History magazines
1909 19th Cty Hand Written Business Ledger
1910 19th Cty London Bible Illustr Gustav Dore
1911 Lot Images of America, etc Morristown Red Bank Middletown Twp
1912 A Conrad Argosy
1913 Lot Hist Booklets: At Speedwell in the 19th Cty New Jersey Almanac, The Man on the Iron Horse Wilderstein and Suckleys Hudson River Legacy The Indians of New Jersey Cross
1914 1949 Yearbook Barringer HS Newark
1915 NY State Agricultural Society 1861
1916 A Midsummers Nights Dream Shakespeare 1908 Illust Arthur Rackham
1917 NY State Agricultural Society 1857
1918 NY State Agricultural Society 1868
1919 NY State Agricultural Society 1852
1920 NY State Agricultural Society 1858
1921 NY State Agricultural Society 1844
1922 NY State Agricultural Society 1856
1923 NY State Agricultural Society 1863
1924 NY State Agricultural Society 1865
1925 NY State Agricultural Society 1865
1926 NY State Agricultural Society 1856
1927 The Letters of Junius 1821
1928 Work of Alexander Pope 1764
1929 Fragments By Miss Elizabeth Smith Bowdler 1811
1930 Views A Foot Bayard Taylor 1892
1931 A Nouvelle Abeille du Parnasse 1837
1932 Le Hansonnier Des Graces 1814
1933 T/L Scandinavian Classics l9th Cty mostly Swedish
1934 Lot Marpessa Phillips Prelude to Love Bard Three Sisters Anton Tchehov 3
1935 T/L Goldmine magazines
1936 Lot 78 records incln Elvis Presley,Sinatra Georgia Gibbs, Montana Slim,Gene Autry Benny Goodmans Sextet
1937 Lot 78 records incln Ink Spots,Ella Fitzgerald, Frankie Laine Somethin Smith and the Red Heads The Crew Cuts, Hank Williams,Chet Atkins, Johnnie Ray,Kay Starr,Red River Dave
1938 Lot Barbie books etc
1939 Lot auto sales catalogs
1940 100 Years of the Automobile
1941 Toonerville Trolley
1942 T/L Misc eph
1943 Early American Home Decorating
1944 The country blues Charters
1945 Philatelic lot: Misc stamps and covers
1946 The Big Change 1900-l950
1947 Cruising Under Sail Hiscock
1948 The Stones of Florence McCarthy
1949 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Benny Goodman,The Irish Rovers, Razzy Bailey,Barry Manilow, Bill Black John Denver
1950 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Billy Joelm, Chicago Barry Manilow,Charlie Daniels Band, George Benson The Cowsills, Hermans Hermits Benny Goodman
1951 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Louis Armstrong Harry Chapin,Jerry Vale, Air Supply,Graham Nash tephen Bishop,Ruthie Morissey, Beach Boys, Joe Niagra Willie Nelson, Crystal Gale,Rabbitt.Gatlin,StatlerBros
1952 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Kingston Trio,. Jim Croce,Al Hirt,Stevie Wonder,Edith Piaf, Sammy Davis Jr
1953 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Ray Charles,Village Stomper Bobbyh Hacket,Count Basie, Duke Ellington Dave Brubeck, Charliue Byrd,Harmonicats,Lena Horne Al Hirt,Buddy Rich, Beach Boys,Charlie Rich,
1954 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Barry White,Ed Bruce Herb Alperty,Rabbitt,Willie Nelson,Barbara Mandrell Tammy Wynette,Tom Jones,Conway Twitty,Ambrosia, Laura Nyro, Odetta
1955 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Dionne Warwick,Dolly Parton Neil Diamond,
1956 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Hall anmd Oates, Erroll Garner,Gordon Lightfoot, Billy Joel, Tony Bennett, Teresa Brewer,Dinah Washington Barry Mantilow,Temptations,The Rascals
1957 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Latin Rascals,Van Morrison Dire Straits,Joe Cocker,Streisand, Kristofferson, Carly Simon,Stan Kenton
1958 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Carole King, Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie,Chet Atkins Lester Flatt,Homer and Jethro,Floyd Cramer,Lee Greenwood,Manhattan Transfer
1959 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Dione Warwick, Shaun Cassidy,Dusty Springfield,Gerry Rafferty,The Drifters Dan Fogelberg,Donna Summer, Shanana
1960 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Expose,Les Elgart, Johnathan Edwards, Sheena Easton,Streisand, New Orleans Sweet Emma,Preservation Hall Jazz Band
1961 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Atlanta Rhythm Section John Denver, Chuck Mangione, Dionne Warwick Fats Waller
1962 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Johnny Mathis, Burt Bachrach,Sammy Davis Jr, Liberace, Hermans Hermits,John Prinbe, Chet Atkins Amy Grant,Connie Francis
1963 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Streisand,Teddy Pendergrass Linda Ronstadt,Carly Simon,Tom Jones,Heart Steve Miller Band, Judy Garland,Nat King Cole Lena Horne, Sonny and Cher,Glen Campbell,Helen Reddy
1964 Lotv 33 viny; records incl: Barry Manilow Joni Mitchell, New Christy Minstrels,Air Supply Waylon and Jessi,Norma Jean, Barbara M1965 Lotv 33 vinyl records incl: Tom Jones, Spike Jones, George Jones,Quincy Jones, Waylon,The Miracles Billy Joel, AAMarrs, The B and O Marching Band
1966 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Frankie Valli The Four Seasons,Conway Twitty,Jerry Vale Tanya Tucker, Tina Turner
1967 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Hank Williams, Roger Williams,Don Williams,The Weavers,Jim Weatherly The Weather Girls
1968 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Dinah Washington Don Williams,Lou Rawls,Kenny Rankin, Simon and Garfunkel
1969 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Billy Joel,,Della Reese Tiny Tim,Dolly Parton,Rod Stewart, Alley Cat Olivia Newton John, Rabbitt,Player, Diana Ross Liberace,Johnny Mann Singers,Jackson Browne
1970 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Andy Williams,Village People Helen Reddy, Roger Williams,Diana Ross,Supremes The Statler Bros,Oak Ridhge Boys, Cat Stevens
1971 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Bunny Berigan,Chuck Mangione The Grass Roots, Harry Lauder,Dan Fogelberg The 5th Dimension,The Dirt Band
1972 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Peabo Bryson,Lori Lieberman Herbie Mann,Tommy Dorsey, Sinatra,Shirley Bassey Count Basie, Dukes of Dixieland,Duke Ellington Della Reese
1973 Lot 33 vinyl records incl Neil Diamond Chuck Mangione,Eddy Howard,Sinatra,Harry James Joan Baez,Dukes of Dixieland,
1974 Lot 33 vinyl records incl ; Big Tiny Little, Razzy Bailey,Joan Baez,Burl Ives,Streisand Louis Armstrong
1975 Lot 33 vinyl records incl ; Streisand,Barry White, Shirley Bassey,Neil Diamond,Ricky Skaggs,Joan Baez Lena Horne,Dan Fogelburg,Judy Collins, Lanie Kazan
1976 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Elton John, Count Basie,The Monks of Weston Priory Billy Joel,Modern Jazz Quartet,Stan Getz Charlie Byrd
1977 Lot 33 vinyl records incl Ray Charles,Kenny Rogers Wkidy Herman Englebert Humperdinck,Chick Corea
1978 Lot 33 vinyl records incl Kenny Rogers,Linda Ronstadt Lou Rawls, Helen Reddy,George Benson,Della Reese Chet Atkins,Kate Smith,Boz Scaggs,Art Tatum etc
1979 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Donna Summer,Barbara Mandrell,Reo Speedwagon,Hall and Oates, Temptations etc
1980 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Jackson Browne, Diana Ross,Seals and Crofts
1981 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Boz Scaggs, Bonnie Rait Charley Pride, Rabbitt,The 4 Seasons,The Platters The 5th Dimension,Marian Anderson,Duke Ellington, Ames Bros, Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey
1982 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:The Young Rascals Wiklson Pickett.Aretha Franklin,Booker T Hall and Oates,Jackson Browne,Streisand,Herb Alpert Reba McEntire,Carmen McRae
1983 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Buddy Rich,Charley Pride Helen Reddy, Ella Fitzgerald,Tommy Dorsey Count Basie
1984 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Tony Bennett,The Clancey Brothers,Carole King,Ferrante and Teicher Maynard Ferguson
1985 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: The Supremes,Carpenters The Shirells,John Denver, Carly simon,Tanya Tucker The Charlie Daniels Band
1986 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Stan Kenton, The Brothers Four,Carpenters,Teddy Pendergrass,John Denver Harry James, Manilow,Hall and Oates James Taylor,
1987 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Lou Rawls,Jonah Jones Glen Campbell,Carpenters, Ferrante and eicher
1988 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: John Denver,Lenny Dee Ruthie Morrisey,Rabbitt, Jamws Last Ray Charles Singers
1989 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Belle Barth Duke Ellington,Bunny Berigan,Charlie Barnet, Harry Lauder, Herb Alpert,Winwood,Count Basie,
1990 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Willie Nelson,Donna Summer Herb Alpert, The New Christy Minstrels,Loretta Lynn Les Elgart,Bessie Smith, Carly Simon,Lionel Richie
1991 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Andy Williams Tom Jones,Johnny Cash,Merle Haggard,Charley Pride Ronnie Milsap,Dolly Parton,Linda Ronstadt, Englebert Humperdinck, Lionel Ritchie
1992 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Righteous Brothers Neil Diamond,Streisand, Chicago,Lou Rawls, The New Christy Minstrel , Olivia Newton Johns John Denver
1993 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: John Conlee, BJ Thomas,Tom Jones,Kenny Rogers
1994 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Stevie Wonder,Al Hirt Buddy Rich, Jerry Butler, Helen Reddy, The Oak Ridge Boys,
1995 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Ronnie Milsap,Helen Reddy Montoya, Vaughan Monroe Nat King Cole, The Oak Ridge, Boys,Temptations, Jackson Browne
1996 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Kenny Rogers, Oak Ridge Boys, Firefall,Erroll Gardner, Roberta Flack,Louis Armstrong,Dave Brubeck Quartet Janie Fricke, Judy Garland
1997 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Woody Herman, Heart Bud Freeman,Billy Butterfield,Pee Wee Russell, Jack Teagarden,Aretha Franklin,Roberta Flack
1998 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Whitney Houston Leo Sayer,Herb Alpert,Ronnie Milsap, Woody Herman Johnny Lee, Judy Collins
1999 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Coopoer Brothers Merle Haggard, Lettermen,Dixieland Kings Dukes of Dixieland.,Jerry Reed, Ray Goodman and Brown Lou Rawls, The Moody Blues,James Galway
2000 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: The Honey Drippers Bobby Hackett,Streisand,Bee Gees,Shaun Cassidy The Dorsey Bros,.Rita Coolidge
2001 B/L Misc books texts etc
2002 B/L Misc books texts etc
2003 B/L Misc books texts etc
2004 B/L Misc books texts etc
2005 B/L Misc books texts etc
2006 B/L Classical 33 records
2007 B/L Misc 33 records Classical and South American
2008 B/L Misc books and pbs
2009 B/L Misc books and baseball cards
2010 B/L Misc books and sports cards
2011 B/L Misc eph periodicals etc
2012 B/L Misc eph playing cards,periodicals, etc
2013 B/L Misc games
2014 B/L Misc eph
2015 B/L Misc books and pbs
2016 B/L Misc books
2017 B/L Misc books
2018 B/L Misc books
2019 B/L Misc books
2020 B/L Misc books
2021 B/L Misc books
2022 B/L Misc books
2023 B/L Misc books
2024 B/L Misc books
2025 B/L Misc books
2026 B/L Misc books
2027 B/L Misc books
2028 B/L Misc books
2029 B/L Misc books
2030 B/L Misc books
2031 B/L Misc eph
2032 B/L Misc books
2033 B/L Misc eph Electronics catalogs, Foundry magazines
2034 B/L Misc books
2035 B/L Misc books Economics etc
2036 B/L Misc books
2037 B/L Misc books
2038 B/L Misc periodicals and books
2039 B/L Older and better pbs
2040 B/L Reel to Reel tapes
2041 B/L Older ad better pbs
2042 B/L Older ad better pbs
2043 B/L Older and better pbs Incl Science Fiction
2044 B/L,older pbs
2045 B/L,older pbs
2046 B/L MIsc periodicals incl Collector magazines
2047 B/L older pbs
2048 B/L Older pbs
2049 B/L Older pbs
2050 B/L Older pbs
2051 B/L Older pbs
2052 B/L Older pbs
2053 B/L Older pbs
2054 B/L Older pbs
2055 B/L Older pbs
2056 B/L Older pbs
2057 B/L Misc books
2058 B/L 78 records
2059 B/L Misc books collectors books, stamp catalogs
2060 B/L Misc books
2069 B/L Misc childrens books
2070 B/L 33 vinyl records
2071 B/L 33 vinyl records
2072 B/L 33 vinyl records
2073 B/L 33 vinyl records
2074 B/L 33 records
2075 B/L 33 records
2076 B/L 33 vinyl records
2077 B/L 33 vinyl records
2078 B/L 33 vinyl records
2079 B/L 33 vinyl records
2080 B/L 33 vinyl records
2081 B/L 33 vinyl records
2082 B/.L 33 records
2083 B/.L 33 records
2084 B/L 33 records
2085 B/L 33 records
2086 B/L 33 records
2087 B/L 33 records
2088 B/L 33 records
2089 B/L 33 records
2090 B/L 33 vinyl records
2091 B/L Misc book Historys etc
2092 B/L Misc book Historys etc
2093 B/L Misc books
2094 B/L Misc books
2095 B/L Misc books
2096 B/L Misc books
2097 B/L Misc books
2098 B/L Misc books
2099 B/L Misc books
2100 B/L Misc books
2101 B/L Misc books
2102 B/L Misc books
2103 B/L Misc books historys etc
2104 B/L Misc books historys etc
2105 B/L Misc books
2106 B/L Misc books
2107 B/L Misc books
2108 B/L Misc books
2109 B/L Misc books
2110 B/L Misc books
2111 B/L 33 vinyl records classics, shows etc
2112 B/L Misc books
2113 B/L Misc books novel\s etc
2114 B/L Misc books
2115 B/L Misc books
2116 B/L Misc books Evangelical etc
2117 B/L cook books
2118 B/L Misc books
2119 B/L Misc books Evangelical
2120 B/L Misc books
2121 B/L Misc books medical
2122 B/L Misc books medical, evangelical
2123 B/L Misc books medical, evangelical
2124 B/L Misc books medical, evangelical
2125 B/L Misc books medical, evangelical
2126 B/L Misc books medical, evangelical
2127 B/L Misc books medical, evangelical
2128 B/L Misc books medical, evangelical
2129 B/L 33 vinyl records
2130 B/L 33 vinyl records
2131 B/L 33 vinyl records
2132 B/L Misc books
2133 B/L Misc books
2134 B/L sewing patterns
2135 B/L Misc books sewing
2136 B/L Misc books sewing
2137 B/L sewing patterns
2138 B/L sewing patterns
2139 B/L Misc books
2140 B/L sewing patterns
2141 B/L Misc books sewing etc
2142 B/L Misc books sewing etc
2143 B/L Misc books
2144 B/L Misc books
2145 B/L Misc books
2146 B/L TV Guides
2147 B/L older pbs
2148 B.L Misc periodicals Look, Life SEP
2149 B/L older pbs
2150 B/L older pbs
2151 B/L older pbs
2152 B/L older pbs
2153 B/L older pbs
2154 B/L older pbs
2155 B/L older pbs
2156 B/L older pbs
2157 B/L older pbs
2158 B/L Misc books and periodicals
2159 B/L Misc books
2160 B/L Misc books and eph
2161 B/L Misc books
2162 B/L Misc leather bound Books, English lit, etc rough but good plates
2163 B/L Misc books older
2164 B/L Misc books
2165 B/L cook books
2166 B/L Misc books historys
2167 B/L Misc books
2168 B/L Misc books mostly Shakespeare minis
2169 B/L Misc books and pbs contemporary
2170 B/L Set Worlds Greatest Literature
2171 B/L Misc books Tarot etc
2172 B/L Misc books
2173 B/L Misc books
2174 B/L Misc childrens books
2175 B/L Misc books novels
2176 B/L Misc pbs
2177 B/L Misc pbs
2178 B/L Misc pbs
2179 B/L Misc books
2180 B/L Misc books
2181 B/L Misc books
2182 B/L Misc books
2183 B/L 78 records classics

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