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1 A Storytellers profound expose of America's Most Mysterious Marketplace ---Ultimate Secrets of the Country Auction Lentz
2 Lot glossy photos Boonton Falls and Rockaway River at flood stage.early spring
3 Images of America Harmony I Am an American (for immigrants) Edited by Lloyd Smith ,Parsippany
4 Lot Cornell Extension Bulletins: 3 Christmas Trees Nut Growing, Forest Trees in Rural New York
5 Washingtons Farewell Address Monmouth -A Page in History 2
6 Lot Railroad Stock certificates Erie Lackawanna St Louis,Alton, Terre Haute Railroad Co
7 Smart Set magazine 1935
8 Lot New York 1937 Museum of the Adirondacks 2
9 Literary Digest magazine 1921
10 Memorial: Useppio Sebastianelli Born Feb 10,1912 Died Feb 12, 1912
11 1938 Reading Co, Central Railroad of NJ Instr Freight Agents
12 Journal Proceedings Legislative Council State of NJ 1812
13 T/L Misc eph
14 The War Party Steele Illust Cauley lst Ed
15 T/L Misc eph
16 The Peacemakers Morris lst Ed dj
17 Merchants and Masterpieces Tomkins
18 George Washington The Forge of Experience 1732-1775 Flexner
19 Hurricane of Independence William
20 Osceola The Unconquered Indian Hartley
21 Tramp Art Secondhand is Better 2
22 Listen for a Lonesome Drum, Carl Carmer Illust Baldridge A New York State Chronicle
23 Horse Feathers Heavens to Betsy Funk 2
24 Jay Gould The Story of a Fortune 1928 Warshaw73
25 Signed letter Billy Burke Ziegfeld
25A Lot eph re Billy Burke
26 Inscribed photograph Bob Hope
27 Letter signed by Mrs Fred Allen
28 Correspondence re WWI Chaplain (lst Lt)Robert Williams gassed July 20,l9l8 endorsement for Distinguished Service Cross 1933 signed by D Lane Powers Congressman
29 Framed needlework (2) playing card figures
30 Lot BSA patches etc
31 WW I German Iron Cross medal 1914
32 WWII Nazi Germany hat device
33 Lot pin backs
34 1887 Century Illustrated Magazine
35 The Art of God P C Book
36 Peter Paupers Epigrams and Aphorisms
37 The Ramayana Aubrey Menen
38 The Guinness Book of Superlatives
39 Lot George magazine incl Inaugural Issue
40 Lot George magazines
41 American Moments Chas Kuralt
42 Lot Misc eph programs etc
43 How to Talk to a Liberal If You Must
44 Lowenbrau poster
45 Bush Country political poster
46 Photograph album
47 Lot comics
48 Hammonds World Atlas
49 1913 Yearbook Centenary College
50 Lot Misc eph
51 Lot misc eph re BSA
52 Lot post cards
53 Lot pin backs political
54 Lot US Coinage incl Liberty nickels
55 Philatelic lot foreign covers etc
56 T/L Misc periodicals etc
57 T/L Misc periodicals incl Vanity Fair ,Rolling Stone etc
58 Red Hot and Blue Smithsonian Salute to the American Musical
59 Lot 45 records incl: Billy Joel,Paul McCartney Bruce Springsteen,David Bowie,Sinatra,The Who Pink Floyd,Jermaine Jackson etc
60 Lot 45 records incl: Cat Stevens,Komick Kazee Elton John,Carly Simon,The Jackson 5,The Police etc
61 Lot 45 records incl: Stevie Nicks,The Beatles, Heavy Metal,Elton John,Natalie Cole,Alice Cooper
62 Lot 45 records incl: Abba,Earth Wind and Fire, Diana Ross,KC and the Sunshine Band,Four Seasons Elton John,Barry Manilow,Gordon Lightfoot etc
63 T/L Hist Newspapers
64 Lot post cards
65 Lot post cards
66 Lot post cards
67 Lot New Jersey post cards
68 The Crown Jewel London Napalm and Silly Putty George Carlin
69 Lot misc periodicals Rolling Stone etc
70 Lot misc periodicals Esquire, Life etc
71 T/L Misc eph
72 T/L Misc eph
73 Still Waters Marshall
74 John Browns Body Benet
75 Collection of White House Books 4
76 Truly Tasteless Blonde Jokes 2
77 The Book of the Navajo Locke pb
78 Adventures in the Apache Country
79 Ezra Pounds Pennsylvania
80 New York Capital of Photography
81 Lot Victorian trade cards
82 Lot Victorian trade cards
83 Lot Victorian trade cards
84 Lot Victorian trade cards
85 Images of America: Guarding New Jerseys Shore
86 T/L Misc eph
87 Man and His Symbols Carl Jung The Essential Jung Jung A Beginners Guide 3
88 Chronicles of Narnia C S Lewis The Screwtape Letters CS Lewis Grief Observed C S Lewis 3
89 Mandala Healing
90 Coloring Mandalas 2 Mandala Path of Beauty
91 Islamic Mandalas Mandala Symbols for Healing Mandala Stained Glass Mandala Work Book 4
92 Creating Mandalas The Theory and Practice of the Mandala 2
93 The Basic Writings of Sigmund Freud Mothers, Sons, and Lovers Gurian
94 Color Medicine;' Interaction of Color Color Therapy, Color Test How to Heal With Color 5
95 B/L Contemporary cook books
96 The Spiritual in Art
97 The Painted Page Renaissance Book Illumination
98 Color and Culture
99 Blue The History of a Color
100 A Journey Into Christian Art
101 Color and Meaning Gage
102 How to Read a Painting
103 The Church and the Fine Arts
104 Painting the Word Drury
105 Signs and Symbols in Christian Art 2
106 Killing Jesus Bill O Reilly
107 1964 Yearbook St Marys HS Rutherford
108 1960 Yearbook Wallington High
109 The Muslim Jesus
110 Short History of Byzantium The Byzantine Commonwealth 2 3
111 The Jewish Year
112 The Lenten Triodion
113 Angle of Repose lst Ed
114 The Boys Life of Mark Twain Paine 1929
115 Melissa Taylor Caldwell 1948
116 A Confederacy of Dunces Toole
117 T/L Harvard Classics 14 vols
118 Framed print: Rendezvous De Chasse
119 Framed print: Regent Circus Picadilly
120 Framed print: Stage Coach Opposition in Sight
121 Framed print: Winter Two Hours Behind and Four Miles to Go
122 Framed print: Roma
123 Framed print: The Birmingham Mail
124 Framed print: Windsor Coach
125 Framed print: Kent Earl of Westmoreland
126 Framed print: The Louth Mail
127 Framed print: The Liverpool Mail
128 Framed Illustration Our American Poets
129 Diamonds loosleaf binder with pbs
130 Masterpieces of American Jewelry
131 The Pearl
132 Lot pbs re Gems, etc 6
133 Enc of Jewelry Making
134 Gem Identification
135 Costume Jewelers
136 Warmans Jewelry Price Guide
137 Lot Collectors Price Guides: Rhinestones,Cut Glass, Costume Jewelry 3
138 Lot Books re gemstones 3
139 The Nature of Diamonds
140 Gems and Crystals American Museum of Natural History
141 The Yale Shakespeare 33 vols
142 Printmaking Techniques
143 A Treasury of Book Plates
144 Understanding Wood Finishing Painting Furniture
145 The Origin of Satan The Gnostic Gospels 3 4
146 1978 Circus program
147 Monasteries
148 The Museum of Modern Art NYC
149 The Maeght Family
150 Joan Miro
151 Seeing Trees
152 Pleasures of the Garden
153 Art in Poland 1572-1764
154 John Cotton Dana Ryn the Wild Horse 2
155 El Greco
156 Dali
157 Monet
158 Five Hundred Self Portraits
159 Hirschfeld's New York
160 The Sibley Guide to Birds
161 Wobegon Boy Garrison Keiller signed Easton Press
162 Guns Germs and Steel Diamond
163 Wks of Tolkein 3
164 Good Poems Garrison Keiller
165 Schindlers List Keneally
166 The Power of Gold Bernstein
167 The Gangs of New York
168 Weird New York
169 Moby Dick Melville
170 New York Structural Institute prints 2
171 Rutherford Diamond Jubilee 1956
172 Hand written journal, letters etc Mid-late 19th cty, leather to include "Ireland as She is with a Glance at Her Past Trials and Interlopes"
173 The Foolish Dictionary 1904 Pro and Con Prefixes of opposite meaning For example : Progress and Congress
174 The Faith of Our Fathers Gibbons 1874
175 Hoyles Games by "Trumps" 1864 Pg4 "Trump Card-In most games where the score is made by tricks"
176 Paper Hero Hale author signed
177 The Big Book of Baseball Humor Schaap The Great American Baseball Team book Nemec
178 How To Shoot The U S Army Rifle 1943 lst ed
179 Instructors Handbook of Advanced Flying Training Air Ministry 1943
180 1939 NY Worlds Fair Guide to NYC Exhibit Bldg
181 Route Surveying ( Railroads) 1949
182 Cuba's Fight For Freedom War With Spain 1898
183 Lin McLean Owen Wister 1908
184 The Shark Mutiny Robinson
185 Marine Sniper Henderson
186 The Last Stand of Fox Company USMC Drury/Clavin
187 Lot Misc eph
188 T/L Better quality novels etc
190 Aida Elton John/Tim Rice
191 Mans Best Friend William Wegman
192 The Firebird Russian Fairy Tales Illus Boris Zvorykin
193 Toulouse Lautrec Monet and the Mediterranean 2
194 The Joys of Aging Phyllis Diller
195 The Folio of Shakespeare 1623 facs
196 The World of Pooh Illus E H Shepard A A Milne dj
197 Framed water color print
198 Framed water color print
199 Framed portrait Vict lady
200 Lot Little Golden childrens books
201 Lot Little Golden childrens books
202 Glad Hours 1916
202A Lot art books and catalogs 10
202B Paintings, Photographs and Time Experiments 1950 MacDermott and MacGough
203 Lincoln A Picture Story of His Life Stephen Lorant,1952 89/1025 signed by author
204 Collected Drawings of Bruce Bairnsfather lst Ed signed by artist 1931
205 Narrative of a Second Voyage in search of a Northwest Passage Ross 1835
206 The Photographic History of the Great European War in Gravure
207 John J Plenty and Fiddler Dan John Ciardi Illus Gekiere Inscribed
208 Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates l9l8 Dodge Illust Enright
209 1963 Yearbook Smith College
210 Siberia Chagall drawings lst Ed
211 1961 Yearbook Wellesley College
212 Take Alfred Corn signed lst Ed
213 Voyage Round the World in His Majestys Ship Dolphin Commanded by the Honourable Commodore Byron incl A Minute and exact description of the Straights of Magellan and the gigantic people called Patagonians
214 The Life and Writings of Benjamin Franklin written by himself 1834
215 Peer Gynt 1929 Illus MacKinstry
216 Quintillions 1928 signed lst Ed Ltd Ed 163/500 Robert Clairmont
217 Dexter by Design Lindsay lst Ed dj
218 Luther Burbank His Methods and Discoveries 1914
219 NGS magazines bound 1918
220 1943 Yearbook Rutgers
221 1945 Yearbook Swarthmore College
222 En L Air ( In the Air) 1918 Lt Bert Hall An American of the French Flying Corps WW I Illust
223 Points Second Series 1866-l934
224 1918 Handbook of Installation Liberty Engine in De Haviland 9 1918 Ministry of Munitions (Great Britain)
225 Dead Man Walking Prejean signed
226 Ben Gurion State Builder Avraham Avi-hai signed
227 A Dublin Memoir Sheridan signed lst Ed dj
228 My Fellow Americans Scott ;lst ed dj ( BSA Scouting, Diversity, and the US Presidency)
229 Mama Does The Mambo Leiner Illust Edel Rodriguez lst Ed signed by Illustrator
230 God,Guns, Grits and Gravy Mike Huckabee signed lst Ed dj
231 Lot misc eph
232 Clubbed Kid Siek signed
233 Prime Time Emeril Lagasse signed lst Ed
234 Schoolhouses of Early Bernards Township Waltz
235 Law Journal 1826 London
236 Sketches Here and There from the Knickerbocker Magazine 1855
237 Graphic Novel Punisher lst Ed
238 Lot signed novels, Numbered Account Christopher Reich Face Changers Thomas Perry Behold the Fire Steven Salinger 3
239 Lot signed lst Eds: The Student Conductor Ford Raising Holy Hell Bruce Olds Dead Season Alan Berlow Threshold Ben Mezrich 4
240 Rumpole and the Angel of Death John Mortimer signed
241 Old Love Isaac Bashevis Singer signed
242 The Baseball Codes Jason Turbow signed
243 Iron Mine Railroads of Northern New Jersey Leventhal Incl: Boonton Iron Works,Moris and Essex RR etc
244 Lot signed lst Eds Learning to Breathe Wright Ball of Fire Lucille Ball Kanfer So Many Enemies,So Little Time Elinor Burkett 3
245 Global Tyranny Step by Step William Jasper Inscribed The United Nations and Emerging New World Order
246 The Covenant Paige Mitchell lst Ed signed
247 You're Lucky You're Funny Phil Rosenthal signed lst Ed
248 Changing Lives Tricia Tunstall signed lst Ed
249 A Hundred Years, A Hundred Miles New Jerseys Morris Canal Kalata inscribed
250 Lot comics Tarzan, Disney etc
250A Lot graphic novels
250B Lot Superman comics
250C Lot comics Spiderman etc
250D Lot comics
250E Lot comics
251 Lot auction catalogs
252 Portraits of Greatness Yousuf Karsh lst Ed dj
253 Folly Beach Dorothea Benton Frank lst Ed dj inscr
254 The Hurricane Sisters Dorothea Benton Frank lst Ed dj Inscribed
255 The Garden of Eden Ernest Hemingway lst Ed dj
256 The Innocent Harlen Coben lst Ed dj signed
257 Unsafe at Any Speed Ralph Nader
258 John Browns Body Benet Illustr Kredel
259 Theatre Arts looseleaf bound periodicals 1950s
260 Geoffrey Bradfield Ex Arte lst Ed dj inscribed
261 Lewis Carrolls Alice Alices Adventures in Wonderland Illustr Barry Moser
262 Horizon 1949 ( lst Ed Capote)
263 Horizon 1947 ( lst Ed Fleming)
264 Horizon 1948 ( lst Ed Evelyn Waugh)
265 Horizon 1949 ( Mary McCarthy lstEd)
266 1936 Berlin Olympics (Olympia)
267 American Olympic Committee Report 1936 Berlin Olmpiad IVth Olympic Winter Games Garmisch Partenkirchen Germany
268 District and Circle Seramus Heaney lst Ed dj
269 William Steig Drawings lst Ed dj
270 Tales of Secret Egypt Sax Rohmner author inscribed1919
271 David Morton Poems 1920-l945 lst Ed signed
272 Sergio Rabinovitz art gallery catalog signed
273 The Complete Opera Book Gustav Kobbe lst Ed
274 You're Only Old Once Dr Seuss lst Ed dj
275 You Come Too Robert Frost Illustr Thomas Nason lst Ed
276 Lapidary Richard Marx Wedintraub lst Ed Inscribed
277 Statements Relating to the Atomic Bomb 1945 London
278 A Holiday for Mister Muster Arnold Lobel lst Ed
279 Lot periodicals " Firsts The Book Collectors Magazine"
280 Maillol John Rewald 1939
281 Lot early baseball cards reprints
282 T/L Spaldings Baseball Guides facs
283 Folios American Fabrics T/L
284 History of the British Colonies in the West Indies 1793 leather 2 vols
285 Peer Gynt Henrik Ibsen Illus Per Krohg Ltd Ed Club
286 Petronius Satyricon Illus Antonio Sotomayor Ltd Ed
287 Two Plays for Puritans George Bernard Shaw The Devils Disciple; Caesar and Cleopatra Illus George Him Ltd Ed Club
288 Man and Superman George Bernard Shaw Illus Charles Mozley Ltd Ed club Tipped in : The Revolutionists Handbook and Pocket Companion, John Tanner MIRC
289 The Age of Fable Thomas Bulfinch Illus Joe Mugnaini Ltd Ed Club
290 The Discourses of Epictetus Illus Hans Erni Ltd Ed Club
291 Four Plays Christopher Marlowe Engravings Albert Decaris Tamurlaine I and II;Doctor Faustus; Edward the Second Ltd Ed Club
292 Framed photo, signed Irina Baronova
293 Franed photo, signed Costumed ballerina
294 Framed photo, signed costumed ballerina
295 Framed photo, signed with letter re hopeing for costumes 1930
296 Framed photo, with letter (Paris) costumed ballerina
297 Mantissa John Fowles ( Erotica)
298 T/L Hockey cards
299 Healthy Aging Andrew Weil MD
300 Death and Existence A Conceptual History of Human Mortality James P Carce lstEd Includes:Platonism Epicureanism,Mysticism,Freud,Hinduism,Buddhism,Judaism Christianity,Jung,Hermetic Philosophy,Neoplatonism
301 An Artists Album M B Goffstein
302 All Occasion Select Poems and Sayings from the Print Shop Counter "The Preacher came the other day. He said at my age I should be thinking about the hereafter. I told him I do all the time. No matter where."
303 Unholy Craft: Free Masonry and the Roots of Chistophobia de Lassus
304 A Fair Land to Build In The Architecture of the Empire State Brendan Gill
305 Garfield The Complete Cat Book
306 Hau ,Kola ! The Plains Indian Collection Hall
307 Photographs of New York Interiors at the Turn of the Century Byron
308 Flying Tigers Painting ad Sculpture in New York 1939-l946
309 Unseen New York Photographs by Mark Feldstein
310 Napoleons Last Will and Testament 1977 facs
311 Master Drawings 3 vols
312 The Forgotten Art of Building a Good Fireplace Orton
313 The Story of the Shakers Flo Morse author signed
314 Gentlemen of Property and Standing Anti Abolition Mobs in Jacksonian America Richards
315 Connoisseurship and Good Pie, Collecting Native Art Bruce Bernstein New York Historical Assoc Bulletin(Lincoln at USMA) 2
316 The Red Hat Society Fun and Friendship after Fifty Sue Cooper Founder and Queen Mother
317 Folk Lore and Folk Medicines Scarborough
318 Old Possums Book 0f Practical Cats T S Eliot Drawings Edw Gorey New York Historical Assoc Bulletin(Forts, Rum, Slaves Herkimers Rise to Power in the Mohawk Valley 2
319 Starting Right With Bees A beginners handbook
320 Short Stories magazine 1952
321 Things That Go Bump In the Night Louis Jones
322 Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee Brown
323 People Suck ! or do You ? A Book of Perspectives Flint B Stowne author signed Illust Nate Fakes
324 Cows of Our Planet Gary Larson
325 TL Signed Editions 10 vols
326 T/L First Editions 8 vols
327 T/L l960s Playboy magazines
328 Philatelic lot: Older US covers
329 T/L Misc eph
330 Lot WWII GI Correspondence
331 Lot Misc eph incl Appt of Justice of the Peace High Bridge, NJ l9th Cty Correspondence Cornell Office of the Commandant WW l
332 T/L Misc eph travel etc
333 Fortunes Children Arthur Vanderbilt signed by author
334 T/L Better quality books
335 Lot Pingry School Yearbooks 3
336 T/L Vintage childrens books and records
337 Lot Misc eph re 1964 NY Worlds Fair
338 Gems of New Jersey This is New Jersey Cunningham signed New Jersey Americas Main Road Cunningham lst Ed 3
339 Michael Whelans Works of Wonder
340 Rutgers Alumni Directory 1986
341 Maryland A Picture History
342 Candide 1929 Illustr Rockwell Kent
343 The Dictionary of World Pottery and Porcelain Small Antique Silverware 2
344 T/L Horse magazines
345 1954 Yearbook Pocono Twp HS
346 1951 Yearbook Corinne Cohn HS Nashville
347 1928 Yearbook Bellevue HS
348 1931 Yearbook Lafayette College
349 1985 Yearbook East Stroudsberg Univ
350 T/L Misc Yearbooks
351 French Painting
352 History of Hunterdon and Somerset Counties 1881 rough
353 My Battle Adolf Hitler 1933 (Mein Kampf)
354 Spanish Sketches Edward Penfield signed 1911
355 The World of Robert Bateman signed
356 Scrapbook Lindbergh Trial
357 T/L Antique Automobile magazines
358 United States Submarine Veterans of WWII
359 Lot GI photos WWS 1 and 2
360 T/L Misc eph re military WWI and II incl photos
361 Lot BSA Troop Charters
362 Tretchikoff Simmons artist signed
363 Celebrities Malcolm Maceun 1874
364 Army and Navy of America Neff 1850
365 Who Won 1875
366 Pitcher Pollock 1914 Matty Mathewson
367 Out on the Pampas Henty Champion Arithmetics 1935
368 Mrs Abigail Roberts Philetus Roberts l858 Spiritual Housekeeping 2
369 Arctic Explorations Kane 1856 rough
370 The Swiss Family Robinson 1858 rough
371 Santa Claus Partner Thomas Nelson Page 1899 Illus Glackens color plates
372 Stories for Pictures Helen Mackay 1912
373 Scrapbook Victorian trade cards and cuts
374 Poland magazines 2
375 T/L Misc eph re Cornell University
376 T/L Misc eph
377 T/L Misc photographs
378 T/L Misc eph
379 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
380 T/L Misc eph
381 The Art of Steuben
382 T/L Misc eph
383 T/L Misc eph
384 In My Fathers Court Isaac Bashvis Singer signed
385 Judge Medina Speaks signed
386 Lasher Anne Rice signed
387 Priscilla of Fall River Roger Williams McAdam signed
388 I Shall Live Henry Orenstein signed
389 Change of Heart Hoffman signed
390 Present Day Mammals Leister signed
391 The Family book of Bakewell,Page, Campbell 1896
392 The Figured Wheel Pinsky signed
393 Burn Down the Icons Grace Schulman signed
394 Rejoicing Gerald Stern signed
395 The Light Around the Body Robert Bly signed
396 This Time Gerald Stern signed
397 A Paper of Pins Petrie signed
398 Loba Diane di Prima signed
399 Dying With Thge Wrong Nanme Sam Hamod signed
400 Liars Dice Carol Frost signed
401 Living as a Lesbian Clarke signed
402 American Sonnets Gerald Stern signed
403 Poems of Love in the Long Run Morris signed
404 Landing in N ew Jersey With Soft Hands Ward signed
405 Patterns of Passing Charles Waugaman signed
406 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Classics;Lovin Spoonful The Rascals Righteous Bros;,Monkees;Shirelles, Dion and the Belmonts Chubby Checker,,Sonny/Cher
407 Bible King of Kings Edition
408 The Dominican Missal 1948
409 Bible Red Letter Edition
410 Hymnal 1901 Bretheren
411 Notes of Praise c 1880
412 New Golden Chain Sabbath School Melodies c 1860
413 The Brethren Hymnal
414 Prayer Book Church of Ireland
415 Office of the Dead
416 Benedictine Daily Prayer
417 Polish Prayer Book
418 Lot Revival Hymnals 3
419 Lot Evangelical Hymnals
420 Lot Revival Hymnals 3
421 Lot Revival ( camp meeting) Song books 5
422 Praise and Service Songs Orchestration Cornets 1/2
423 Tennessee Ernie Fords Favorite Hymns
424 Lot art books: Bellini;Goya;Michelangelo 3
425 Lot art books: El Greco;Gauguin,Norman Rockwell
426 Lot art books: Met Museum of Art Hibbard
427 Encarta Dictionary
428 Picasso
429 The Photographic History of the Civil War Searching for God in America 2
430 Stealing Home O Connor All My Yesterdays Edward G Robinson
431 The Journal of Reproductive Medicine 2
432 Jazz Notes Miller
433 In The Arena Casper Weinberger
434 When Character Was King (Ronald Reagan) Noonan
435 Illustrated Medical and Health Ency Fishbein 4
436 Mike Huckabee
437 1000 Years l000 People The Lonely Crowd 2
438 The Writings of a Savage Paul Gauguin
439 Disney's World Mosley
440 The Americana Annual 4 vols
441 The African American Century Gates/West
442 Lot better quality novels incl Science Fiction
443 Wings of Gold Sinclair
444 The Builders Marvels of Engineering NGS
445 The World is Flat Friedman lst Ed dj
446 Lot childrens books
447 Lot childrens books
448 Panoramiques Country Italian 2
449 Gone With the Wind movie book
450 New York Times Book of Antiques
451 Flea Market Style
452 The Political Economy of Slavery Genovese
453 Reflections and Reminiscences Otto Van Bismarck
454 The Ape Man Caird
455 Lot better quality novels 5
456 Billy Graham The Inspirational Writings
457 Cattle An Informal Social History Carlson
458 Ollies Odyssey Wm Joyce
459 Pennsylvania German Fraktur
460 Counter Tradition The Literature of Dissent and Alternatives Delany
461 Lot childrens books
462 Legends of King Arthur Folio Society 3 vols The Holy Grail,Tristan,Arthur
463 Handy to Home Hennessey
464 Volneys Ruins 1828
465 English and French Interpreter School and Counting House Companion 1813
466 Willson Third Reader 1860
467 Journal of the Brig Commerce Robbins 1823 Upon the West Coast of Africa 1815 Slavery and Sufferings upon the Desert of Zahara 1815-l8l7-The Wandering Arabs
468 English French Dictionary 1873
469 Those Holy Fields Palestine Manning 1873
470 Gone With the Wind Motion Picture Edition
471 Livingstones Last Journals 1875
472 Works of Chas Dickens 1880
473 History of Monroe Twp 1859-l976
474 Saul Raskin
475 Trattato Di Patologia Chiruroica c 1890 rough
476 The Life of Pope Leo XII 1902 rough
477 The Pottery of San Ildefonso, Pueblo Chapman lst Ed dj
478 Sketches In Egypt Gibson 1899
479 Innocents Abroad Mark Twain 1869
480 Captain Horatio Hornblower 1939 2 vols
481 Memoirs of Europe Towards the Close of the 8th Cty by Eginardus Secretary and Favourite to Charlemagne 1710
482 Sentimental Journey through France and Italy Yorick 1792
483 CUSP Robert A Metzger Science Fiction w/letter tipped in from author
484 Shakespeare What He Means to You Kaufman 1928 author inscribed
485 T/L Misc eph Victorian cuts, lithos etc
486 T/L Misc eph incl Greeting cards etc
487 Forget Me Not. Victorian
488 America in the War Our Navy Perry America in the War Vanguard of Volunteers Morse 2
489 The Girlhood of Catherine DeMedici 1856
490 The Pact of Paris Gerould 1929
491 Mental Philosophy Haven 1875 rough
492 Rhetorical Reading 1841
493 Young America in France and Switzerland Optic 1873
494 Story of Japan Vanbergen 1897
495 The Woodrow Wilsons McAdoo lst ed
496 Geology Hitchcock 1856 rough
497 Mrs Lincolns Botany
498 The German Empires Hour of Destiny Colonel H Probenius 1914
499 Herbert Hoover Will Irwin
500 A Gift of Prophecy Jeanne Dixon
501 Musical Memories Camille Saint-Saens
502 Framed Currier and Ives print"A Home on the Mississippi
503 Framed Currier and Ives print"Frozen Up "
504 Framed Currier and Ives print"American Homestead Autumn"
505 Framed pastel portrait, young girl artist signed
506 T/L Misc eph incl prints,Harpers, Gleasons etc
507 T/L misc eph
508 T/L Misc eph
509 T/L Misc eph incl greeting cards
510 SEP magazine 1954
511 SEP magazine 1957
512 SEP magazine 1959
513 SEP magazine 1960
514 SEP magazine 1959
515 SEP magazine 1947
516 SEP magazine 1951
517 SEP magazine 1947
518 SEP magazine 1948
519 Colliers magazine 1956
520 Colliers magazine 1954
521 Colliers magazine 1954
522 Colliers magazine 1935
523 Colliers magazine 1935
524 Colliers magazine 1935
525 Colliers magazine 1935
526 Colliers magazine 1935
527 Sunday Today magazine 1962 JFK
528 Lot Illustrated London News 1950 etc
529 Lot This Week magazines 1955+
530 Scrapbook 1940s clippings
531 Scrapbook 1932 clippings
532 SEP magazine 1932
533 Colliers magazine 1955
534 Look magazine 1938
535 Look magazine 1937
536 Look magazine 1948
537 Look magazine 1948
538 Look magazine 1956
539 Look magazine 1950
540 Look magazine 1937
541 Look magazine 1945
542 Look magazine 1946
543 Look magazine 1946
544 Look magazine 1946
545 Look magazine 1941
546 Look magazine 1944
547 Look magazine 1942
548 Look magazine 1940
549 Look magazine 1947
550 Look magazine 1941
551 Look magazine 1942
552 Look magazine 1943
553 Look magazine 1941
554 Look magazine 1940
555 Look magazine 1945
556 Look magazine 1943
557 Look magazine 1941
558 Look magazine 1949
559 Look magazine 1945
560 Look magazine 1946
561 Look magazine 1942
562 Look magazine 1948
563 Look magazine 1940
564 Look magazine 1944
565 Look magazine 1942
566 Look magazine 1942
567 Look magazine 1943
568 Look magazine 1947
569 Look magazine 1952
570 Look magazine 1943
571 Look magazine 1941
572 Look magazine 1943
573 Look magazine 1941
574 Look magazine 1942
575 Look magazine 1943
576 T/L Misc eph greeting cards
577 And They Thought We Wouldnt Fight Gibbons 1918
578 Lot pbs re Nazis 3
579 Rudolf Olden Hitler 1936
580 Lot childrens books 3 rough
581 Eight Years With Wilsons Cabinet Houston 1926 lst Ed
582 Hudson River Landings Wilstach Illus 1933 lst Ed
583 Lessons in Astronomy 1895
584 JFK The Burden and the Glory Nevins
585 The Last of the Conquistadors Englebert
586 Cardinal Mindszenty
587 Warrant for Genocide Cohn
588 My First 83 Years in America Gerard Ambassador to Berlin
589 Germany The Next Republic ? Carl Ackerman 1917
590 Il Divo poster signed
591 Harpers Franklin Square Library bound
592 Blues and Roots Williams A Garland for the Southern Appalachians
593 Hammonds Atlas 1954
594 Collision of East and West Herryman Maurer
595 The Magazine of Art
596 Jesus Christ
597 Life's Picture History of WWII
598 David Attenborough The Life Trilogy 3 vols
599 Royal Photograph Gallery 1893
600 Young Peoples Bible History Illustrated
601 Young America Abroad Outward Bound Optic
602 Spirit Manifestations Bovee 1854
603 The Ivory Child Haggard 1916
604 The Face On the Cutting Room Floor Murray Schumach
605 North Atlantic Run Royal Canadian Navy Milner
606 Little Tragedies Alexander Pushkin Christopher Blake Moss Hart 2
607 Reaching 40 The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
608 Silence Was a Weapon Vietnam Herrington
609 Bells at Evening Fanny Crosby
610 History of the United States Since the Civil War Oberholtzer 2 vols
611 Lot Stereopticon cards r
612 Early Sears and Roebuck Catalog rough
613 Small Circle JuJitsu Wally Jay Hawaii on $15/Day
614 The Little Bugler Styple author signed
615 Songs of 76
616 Prelude to Overlord
617 The Real FDR
618 Early Jazz
619 The New York Waterfront
620 The Sonnets of Orpheus Rainer Maria Rilke
621 The Intelligent Mans Way to Prevent War W Arnold Forster (among others) 1933 signed
622 The Tribe of Tiger Cats and Their Culture Thomas
623 Hiroshima
624 The Bear Went Over the Mountain William Kotzwinklek dj lst Ed
625 Lot older childrens books
626 Prayers from the Poets 1891
627 John James Audubon The Making of an American, Rhodes
628 Sea Girt, New Jersey History Joseph Bilby
629 Of Castles and Dreams and Tender Things Shirley Garland Illustr Taylor author signed lst Ed dj
630 Lot Little Golden childrens books
631 Woodstock Craftsmans Manual
632 Swords Daggers and Cutlasses Collectors Guide Weland
633 Steel Smoke and Steam Read Americas Scenic RRs
634 Mustang An American Classic Wright
635 Afghanistan 1980-89 Grazda
636 Family Bible 1984 '" Conformable to the Edition of 1611"
637 A History of the Colt Revolver 1836-l940
638 A Tailoring Manual Strickland
639 Surfing Finney/Houston
640 New York Yankees 2005 Yearbook " " " Illustrated History 2
641 Bible Illustr Gustav Dore 2 vols rough
642 The Shari Lewis Puppet Book
643 Country Wisdom and Know How
644 Stranger at Golden Hill Wehen lst dj signed
645 Stoeger's Gun Catalog 1939 Worlds Fair Issue
646 Washburn Crosby Co Gold Medal Flour Cook Book
647 A Christian Home John Hall DD 1883
648 Musical Dictionary 1895
649 Unique Biography 1829
650 Relativity for the Million Gardner
651 Steppenwolf Herman Hesse
652 Gods and Fighting Men Gregory Tuatha De Danaan and Fianna of Ireland
653 The Edge of the Sea Rachel Carson
654 Seen and Heard Before and After 1914 1916 Findlater Selected Writings of Thomas Paine 2
655 Lot childrens books
656 Sally Dows A Phyllis of the Sierras Bret Harte 1893
657 Lot older childrens books
658 The Dardanelles Expedition US Navy Puleston USN 1927 WWI
659 Methodist Hymnal (mini) 1849
660 When the Prussians Came to Poland Laura de Turczynowicz 1926
661 Viewed Without Alarm Millis Europe Today 1937
662 Europe Without Baedeker Wilson
663 Day of Infamy Walter Lord lst Ed dj
664 Meet You in Hell Standiford Andrew Carnegie/Henry Clay Frick lst Ed dj
665 The Years of MacArthur l880-l941 American Caesar Mac Arthur 1880-l964 2
666 Roosevelt and Churchill 1939-l941 Joseph Lash lst Ed
667 The Civil War Up Close Cartmell
668 Stock certificate Boston and Maine Railroad Co
669 Stock certificate Delaware, Lackawanna and Western RR
670 Home Arts 1939
671 Ghosts of Gettysburg Nesbitt
672 Lot mens magazines
673 Lot mens magazines
674 Lot mens magazines
675 Lot mens magazines
676 Lot mens magazines
677 Lot mens magazines
678 Lot mens magazines
679 Lot mens magazines
680 Lot mens magazines
681 Lot mens magazines
682 Lot mens magazines
683 Lot mens magazines
684 Lot mens magazines
685 Lot mens magazines
686 Lot mens magazines
687 Lot mens magazines
688 T/L Misc eph
689 Scientific American bound 1904 rough
690 Vocabolario Italiano Della Lingua Parlata 1913 Giuseppe Rigutini Ex Libris North American College Rome, Italy
691 Liberty and Tyranny Mark Levin Ameritopia Mark Levin 2
692 The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs
693 The Machine That Changed the World "Japans Secret Weapon in the Global Auto Wars"
694 Fundamentals of Ground Combat System Ballistic Vulnerability/Lethality Paladin Gun Mount Ballistic Shield Inspection Study 2
695 Ford Escape,Mazda Tribute Repair Manual
696 Lyons Historical Discourse on Boonton Centennial Edition
697 Lot David Ackerman Descendants (1662)eph incl membership list ,nationwide, NJ approx 300 incl:Ridgewood,Morris Plains,Franklin Lks,Wyckoff Mtn Lakes,Parsippany,Summit,Boonton,Short Hills
698 On Hundred and One Famous Poems l928 Cook
699 The Boonton Years 1867-l967
700 The Aberdeen Angus Journal 1955 (JMW Cornell Ag Beef Cattle Judging Team)
701 The First Reformed Church, Boonton William Meadowcroft Supt Bible School ("Uncle Billy" Secy of Thomas Edison)
702 Revival Campaign c1920 Methodist and Reformed Churches Boomton:Oct20;Sunday School,WCTU,YMCA; Oct21 Public schools;Oct 25 Womens Club,Busiess Men,Carpenters Oct26 Factory night;Hat factory,Silk Mills:Oct27
703 New Jersey War Savings Pledge 1918 WW I
704 1918 Boy Scouts Nedal "A Scout for Every Soldier" WW I Savings Bond Campaign Medal crafted by Gorham Co
705 Methodist Sunday School Hymnal lst and 2nd Cornets 1912
706 Program Montville Centennial Dinner Dance 1867-l967 James Vreeland, Mayor "1921=MrVan Duyne Says he can furnish all of the milk bottles some of the time, but not all of the time as his customers use them as
707 Photograph: Armistice Day parade in Boonton 1930s American Legion color guard, Parsippany followed by Boonton's, Harmony Drum Corp
708 Photographs: Early motor cycles, CCC Encampment
709 Photographs: Dogs ( and people)
710 Photographs: Victorian
711 Photographs: Roadside Gypsy palm reader
712 Lot Misc photographs
713 1901-l908 Bill for mason work
714 1935 Report Morristown Chamber of Commerce
716 FM Frequency Modulation John Rider
717 Photo August Moller Boonton Mayor 1922
718 A History of Union Hill, Denville Twp
719 Bryn Mawr-Haverford Review 1959
720 The Stevens Indicator
721 Max Ehrmann's Poems 1906
722 New Jersey Historical Collections 1852 (Extensive record re George Washington at Morristown and the Pennsylvania soldier Mutiny
723 1934 rept Ogden Building and Loan Assoc Main St Boonton (Bldg is now the Museum of the Boonton Historical Society) Directors incl: Judge James Bean,Elsworth Conn,
724 1935 Standard Oil Co, Esso and Salmon Lumber Yard Oil Burner and Fuel Oil Sales Contracts ( Oil at 6 and 1/2cents per gallon)
725 Nowhere Near Everest Maurice Dolbier Illust Virgil Partch lst Ed dj
726 Philatelic lot: older US covers
727 The Huguenots Settlements, Churches and Industries Smiles The Huguenots in America 1867
728 DAR By Laws 1912 Parsippanong Chapter 1925 Certificate Morris County Committee Republican
729 New Testament c 1920 Weekly Bulletins Boonton Methodist Church(old church) Hans Holborn, Minister 1951 Postlude "Fugue in E Minor,Judgement Day Trumpet"
730 1922 Letter to President Bd of Ed re leaving teachers position
731 1916 Christmas brochure w photograph and Letter Parsippany ME Church Wm Casperson, Minister
732 T/L Misc eph
733 WWII Newspaper Dec 16 1941
734 Poster Movie Jersey Guyu
735 Poster Fall of Constantinople
736 Marcus Aurelius Heritage Press
737 Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea Jules Verne Heritage Press
738 The Koran Heritage Press
739 The American Poets Edgar Allen Poe Heritage Press
740 Mont Saint Michel and Chartres Heritage Press Henry Adams
741 Superman poster
742 Poster Unicorn
743 Movie poster " Pickles Make Me Cry"
744 Counter Culture The American Coffee Shop Waitress Candace Taylor lst Ed Cornell UInivertsity Press
745 Seeing Trees Hugo/Llewellan
746 100 Sacred Place Genzmer
747 Creating Personal Shrines Owen
748 Father Joe Hendra
749 Lost Christianities Bart Ehrman Oxford Univ Press
750 Christ the Lord Out of Egypt Rice lst Ed dj
751 Truth and Fiction in the Da Vinci Code Ehrman Oxford University Press
752 Lost Scriptures Erhman Oxford University Press
753 The Celestine Prophecy James Redfield
754 Perfect Husbands and Other Fairy Tales Regina Barreca lst Ed dj
755 The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook
756 The Oxford Book of Carols Oxford University Press
757 The Freeing of the Deer and Other New Mexico Myths Carmen Gertrudis Espinosa (Pueblo Indian Myth) lst Ed dj
758 The Works of Plato
759 Wish I May, Wish I Might Florian and Gabriele Langenscheidt lst Ed dj
760 Print: John Glenns Jazzfest Photo "Onward Brass Trumpet 2001" w/ attached provenance
761 Country Painting Emma Hunk
762 Life Pictorial Atlas The Caine Mutiny Herman Wouk 2
763 Soul Food Joyce White Reflections from African American Churches
764 The Holistic Herbal Directory Penelope Ody
765 The Best of James Herriot Favourite Memories of a Country Vet
766 The Herb Book Arabella Boxer/Phillipa Back
767 Risktaker,Caretaker,Surgeon, Undertaker Rothschild lst Ed dj
768 Men in Black The Supreme Court Mark Levin
769 The Savage Nation Michael Savage
770 Presidential Leadership Rating the Best and the Worst in the White House
771 The Chain Gang One Newspaper Versus the Gannett Empire McCord
772 Land of Oz Baum 1939
773 The Call of the Wild Jack London 1903 Illustr Goodwin/Bull
774 The Life and Times of Archy and Mehitabel Don Marquis Illustr Herriman
775 Leather Diary 1917
776 Memoirs of the Military and Political Life of Napoleon Bonaparte Dr B E O'Meara Surgeon to Napoleon at St Helena 1822 leather
777 A History of Little Falls Centennial Edition
778 Freight Tariff Atlantic Gulf Coastwise Steamship Freight Bureau
779 Picture Story of Women's Sexual Life
780 1875 catalog Montgomery Ward Co
782 Lot 35 mm slides
783 Nutshell Library Maurice Sendak
784 Fishin Jimmy Slosson ( in dialect)
785 The Puritan Twins Perkins
786 Lot comics Classics Illus
787 Lot Envelopes New York Central RR System
788 T/L Misc eph
789 Lot post cards
790 Lot paper currency and military patch Vietnam
791 Lot post cards
792 Lot CDVs
793 Lot tin types
794 Lot photographs
795 Lot photographs
796 Philatelic lot: Misc stamps some US mint
797 Philatelic lot: Misc foreign stamps unsorted
798 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Billy Idol, The Kinks Michael Jackson,John Lennon,Conan O Brien and the Legally Prohibited Band,Creedence Clearwater Revival Punk O Rama,The Beatles etc
799 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:The Beatles,Andy Williams Connie Francis,Sammy Davis Jr, Irving Fields Trio Salsoul Orchestra, Benny Goodman,Al Hirt,Cleo Laine
800 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Waylon Jennings,Icebreakers David Bowie,Tbe Who,Doc Severinsen,Charley Pride Ramsey Lewis Trio,Larry Clinton etc
801 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Pink Floyd,Jimmie Rodgers Broadway Shows,Rolling Stones,etc
802 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Eric Clapton,Jamal Dire Straits,Candale Murphy,Ace,David Bowie U2';Tom Waits, Stevie Ray Vaughan etc
808 T/L Misc eph incl older 78s incl Louis Armnstrong
809 File box w/35 mm slides
810 Philatelic lot: Misc foreign stamps and covers
811 L. Ron Hubbard: 2 Dianetics 55; Axioms and Logics Scientology
812 Super Rock magazine After Dark magazine 2
813 Yachting magazine 1950
814 Boeing magazines 2 1950
815 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Beatles;Jack Jones Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band;Steppenwolf Ten Years After Undead
816 Lot texts re Bahaullah
817 Paris Life magazine 1952
818 Herblocks Special For Today
819 Lautrec by Lautrec
820 Masterpieces from The Art Galleries of the World
821 Philatelic lot: US and foreign stamps
822 Adv poster Warners Foundations and Bras
823 T/L Misc eph
824 Escapades of a Chalkpusher Noethen
825 Braudes Treasury bo Wit and Humor
826 July 14 Emil Ludwig
827 Imprerssario Hurok lst Ed 1946
828 Islamic Philosophy Theology and Mysticism
829 Homer Laughlin China
830 Public Art in New Jersey During the Period of the American Renaissance A Festival of Western American Art 2
831 Norman Rockwell's Scrap Book for a Young Boy
832 The Ocean Liner Speed, Style, Symbol Rise and Fall of the Hawaiian Kingdom 2
833 Marine Engineering
834 Ship Design and Construction
835 T/L Better quality novels
836 The Unraveling of America--A History of Liberalism Allen Matusow
837 House of Women Secrets of Powerful Women Inner Peace for Busy Women
838 TL Better quality novels
839 T/L Lot of John Grisham novels 12
840 In Search of Ethics Marrella
841 Fingerprints of God Hagerty A Womans Journey to God Borsenko 2
842 American Theocracy Kevin Phillips Nothing But The Truth with Connections 2
843 T/L Better quality novels
844 T/L Better quality novels
845 The Coming Revolution Richard Gv Lee Great Americans Who Killed the Constitution ? Woods/Gutzman 3
846 Stolen Lives Twenty Years in a Desert Jail Malikan Oufkir
847 Chocolate Flava ( Eroticanoir Comanthology Fannin the Flames Brown In Another Mans Bed Ray 3
848 T/L Harlequin Romance Novels pbs
849 T/L Harlequin Romance Novels pbs
850 T/L Harlequin Romance Novels pbs
851 T/L Better quality novels
852 Treasury of Gardening
853 Racing Through Paradise William E Buckley
854 East and West China, Power, and the Future of Asia Christopher Patten (The Book Rupert Murdoch Refused to Publish)
855 Lot childrens books
856 Lot childrens books
857 Fifty Shades of Grey E L James 9
858 T/L Harlequin Romance novels etc
859 Inside Hitlers Germany Hughes/Mann
860 The Hitler Myth Ian Kershaw
861 The Nazi Dictatorship Kershaw
862 Hitlers Private Library
863 Forever in the Shadow of Hitler
864 From Unification to Nazism Geof Eley
865 The Berlin Wall
866 Nazi Terror
867 The Origins of Social Liberalism in Germany Rohr
868 The Nazi Party 1919=l945
869 The Third Reich Hildebrand
870 The German Dictatorship Bracher
871 Temptations of Power Shadi Hajmid Islamists and Illiberal Democracy
872 Broken Sky Wooding Science Fiction
873 Short Stories magazine 1950
874 American Carriages, Sleighs Sulkies and Carts Berkebile
875 The Forgotten Fifth African Americans in the Revolution Gary Nash Harvard University Press
876 Radicalism of the American Revolution Gordon Wood
877 The Last Lecture Randy Pausch
878 The Old Man and the Boy Robert Ruark
879 The Old Man and the Boy Robert Ruark The Old Mams Boy Grows Older Robert Ruark lst Ed 2 Drawings by Walter Dower
880 Good Poems (for Hard Times) Garrison Keillor
881 The Long Tail Chris Anderson lt Ed dj
882 How to Be Your Dogs Best Friend The Monks of New Skete
883 Isaac Asimov Science Fiction 2
884 T/L 35 mm slides
885 The Days of Our Life Wheeler
886 Williamsburg in Color Williamsburg Reproductions catalog 2
887 Colonial Interiors Country Style 2
888 All About Auctions L G Hewitt
889 Tobacco Road Erskine Caldwell pb
890 The Shaker Religious Concept Williams
891 Myers Ave History of Cripple Creeks Red Light District
892 Gray Bird A Little Plains Indian Winona A Little Indian of the Prairies Micco A Seminole Indian Boy Antelope A Navajo Indian Boy
893 Morning Star A Little Pueblo Girl Watlala An Indian of the Northwest Leaping Trout A Little Iroquois Boy Nigalek A Little Eskimo Boy
894 World War I Infantry
895 Over There ! The American Soldier in WW I
896 King George VI Prime Ministers Broadcast 1952
897 Gray Bird A Little Plains Indian Micco A Seminole Indian boy Morning Star A Little Pueblo Girl Nicalek A Little Eskimo Boy
898 Pioneer Superstitions Ferne Shelton
899 Last Survivors in Sail John Anderson
900 Fire Fighting of Long Ago
901 American School of Poultry Husbandry
902 The Passing of the Backhouse James Whitcomb Riley
903 Native American Place Names of Massachusetts " " " " " Rhode Island 2
904 Mud and Guts Common Soldier of the American Revolution Bill Mauldin
905 Jigs and Reels
906 Indian Voice magazines 2
907 A View of Plymouth 1792
908 1905 Theater program
909 The American Dowser
910 Indian History of New York State The Algonkian Tribes Wm Ritchie
911 The Howard Hughes Flying Boat
912 Edison Inspiration to Youth
913 DAR Magazine 1930
914 Native American Ledger Drawing Book
915 Love of Loons Crowley/Link Illus Roberts
916 Ford Model A News
917 Photoplay magazine 1930s Norma Shearer cover
918 Wheel Horse Tractor sales broch
919 Washington in the Mohawk Valley
920 Miss Parloas New Cook Book Washburn Crosby Co
921 New York Etchings John Sloan 1905-l949
922 Moonshiners Manual
923 Cole automobile ad 1917
924 The Hopi Survival Kit
925 Program Gladstone Driving Event
926 Plimoth Colony Cook Book facs
927 Thursford Steam Restored to a Living Past
928 Program Blue Angels 1984
929 Harpers Weekly 1893
930 General George Marshall
931 The Descendants of the Pioneers Sharpe
932 Lot The Mentor magazines 4 1923 +
933 Secrets of the Celtic Heart
934 Lot: Harpers Bazaar paperweight Master Drawings 2
935 Maps and Dream Hugh Brody Indians and the British Columbia Frontier
936 Snowy Earth Comes Gliding Eaton
937 The Indians of Lenapehoking Kraft
938 Larro Poultry Guide
939 US Army TM 9-l870-l Pneumatic Tires
940 Lionel Legendary Trains
941 Erie Lackawanna Railroad Conductors Record forms
942 Literary Digest 1929
943 Nell Beverly,Farmer A Story of Farm Life
944 Lionel catalog
945 US Navy Navedtra 10802 Useful Info for Newly Commissioned Officers
946 Lionel catalog
947 Matted ad Chandler Autos
948 Currier and Ives Trade Card check list
949 Edison Inspiration to Youth
950 Bulletin Museum of the American Indian Mohawk Ironworkers
951 The Light Dragoons c 1835
952 Lionel catalog
953 Review of Reviews 1935
954 1934 Dr Jayne's Medical Almanac Checkerboard News 1939 2
955 The Soldiers magazine 1864
956 The Indians Knew Pine/Keats
957 Framed book plate artist signed Patty Bennington
958 Liberty magazine
959 The Life, Literary Labors and Neglected Grave of Richard Henry Wilde
960 Benjamin Franklin on Honesty Franklin Institute
961 T/L Misc eph
962 Time Life series This Fabulous Century
963 Jonathan Livingston Seagull
964 English Fairy Tales Steel Illust Arthur Rackham
965 Unsafe at Any Speed Ralph Nader 1965
966 Degenerate Moderns E M Jones
967 An Unfinished Woman Lillian Hellman
968 It Is Well With my Soul Johnson/Mulcahy 2 copys
969 Animal Farm George Orwell
970 The Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing Melissa Bank
971 100 Ghastly Little Ghost Stories
972 The Essential Guide to being Polish Oxford Polish Dictionary
973 Polish Customs Traditions and Folklore
974 Women Who Run With the Wolves Estes
975 A Studio of Her Own 1870-1940 Women Artists in Boston
976 Evil in Modern Thought Neiman
977 A Year With C S Lewis Why Does He Do That ? Lundy Bancroft 2
978 The Joy of Se Alex Comfort
979 Drawing the Human Form William Berry
980 Anatomy for the Artist
981 Teaching Montessori in the Home
982 Making Sense of Sex
983 Sweet Herbs and Sundry Flowers
984 Lot skeletal photographs
985 Red Grooms A Retrospective
986 Monet in the 90s
987 Henry Matisse A Retrospective
988 Mother Goose Illus Gyo Fujikawa
989 Lot art books and catalogs
990 Joseph Pennell Drawings
991 Rendering in Pencil Guptill
992 The Human figure in Motion
993 Lot art books
994 Georgia O Keefe
995 A January Fog Will Freeze a Hog
996 Celebrated Cases of Dick Tracy
997 Lot 35 mm slides
998 T/L Metropolitan Seminars in Art 12 vol set
999 American Painted Furniture 1660-1880 Fales
1000 Fashion The Mirror of History
1001 Set Annals of America 20 vols
1002 BSA Manuals ;' 1966; 1963 2
1003 Set Ency Britannica 17 vols
1004 Set Ency Britannica 15 vols
1005 B/L World Book Ency 20 vols set
1006 B/L set Ency Britannica 12 vols
1007 B/L set Ency Britannica 12 vols
1008 Lot Lionel train catalogs
1009 2010 Collector Car Price Guide 250,000 prices from the industry leader
1010 Book of Irish Names First Family and Place Names
1011 Books That Build Character Moral Value Through Stories Kilpatrick/Wolfe
1012 T/L Misc eph
1013 Lot matted ads
1014 Lot sheet music
1015 Lot sheet music
1016 Lot sheet music
1017 Lot sheet music
1018 Lot GI NCO rank patches
1019 Lot sheet music
1020 T/L Misc eph
1021 Lot stereopticon cards
1022 T/L Misc eph photos
1023 Beaux Arts New York Lowe author signed The Robber Barrons Revisited 2
1024 The Folygraft Album Frank Wing 1916
1025 Movie ad Regeneration Six reels of Love, etc "With an all star Colored Cast"
1026 GI text Mission Training Plan for the Scout Platoon
1027 New York in the Forties Andreas Feininger
1028 Special Operations Forces in Afghanistan
1029 Lot 2 Cornell University Medical College folders
1030 T/L Misc eph
1031 Lot post cards
1032 Lot post cards
1033 Lot post cards Marilyn Monroe
1034 Lot post cards
1035 Lot post cards
1036 Philatelic lot: Mini Albums USSR Duck Stamp FDCs 5
1037 Philatelic lot: Albums US Bicentennial FDCs 5
1038 Philatelic lot: US FDC organized labor w/insert Union pin back
1039 Lot post cards NY State
1040 Lot post cards New Jersey
1041 Lot post cards
1042 Lot post cards
1043 Lot post cards New York state
1044 Lot post cards
1045 Lot post cards
1046 Philatelic lot: USSR Mini album Duck Stamp FDC Cacheted cover w coin insert eruption of Mt St Helena
1047 Philatelic lot: US FDCs Occupied Nations series 1943
1048 Philatelic lot: US and British FDCs
1049 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1050 Lot stock certificates Erie Lackawanna Railroad Co
1051 Lot stock certificates : Erie Lackawanna Railroad Co
1052 Lot stock certificates : Penn Central RR; Union Pacific RR;Pennsylvania Railroad Co
1053 Lot stock certificates : New York Central Railroad Union Pacific; Lehigh Valley Railroad
1054 Lot stock certificates : New York Central Railroad Pennsylvania New York Central, Union Pacific
1055 Lot stock certificates : StLouis-San Francisco Railway Baltimore and Ohio Railroad,Erie Lackawanna Railroad
1056 Lot Post cards New Jersey
1057 Lot Post cards New York state
1058 Lot Post cards New Jersey
1059 Lot Post cards
1060 Lot Post cards
1061 Lot Post cards
1062 Lot Post cards New Jersey
1063 Lot Post cards New Jersey
1064 Lot Post cards New York state
1065 Lot Post cards
1066 Lot Post cards
1067 Lot Post cards
1068 Lot Post cards New York state
1069 Lot Post cards
1070 Lot Post cards
1071 Lot Post cards New Jersey
1072 B/L Misc better quality books
1073 Album 78 records : Mills Bros,Jo Stafford,Lily Pons Arthur Pryors Band,Enoch Light,Kate Smith
1074 Lot 78 record s: Nelson Eddy,Guy Lombardo, Spike Jones,Alma Gluck,John McCormack
1075 Lot 78 record s: Tommy Dorsey,Sinatra,Fred Waring Carmen Miranda,Ella Fitzgerald,Fats Waller, Mills Bros,Duke Ellington, Rudy Valee, Kate Smith,
1076 Lot 33 vinyl records
1077 B/L Misc records classics
1078 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Stan Kenton,Glen Miller Lawrence Welk etc
1079 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Lawrence Welk,Petula Clark Shows, Movie sound tracts
1080 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Enrico Caruso,John McComack Lauritz Melchoir,Edwin Franko Goldman Band Shows, etc
1081 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Shows,Frank Chacksfield Louis Armstrong,Burl Ives,Louis Prima,Rosemary Clooney
1082 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Sisters of St John The Baptist,Robert Merrill,Linda Ronstadt,Myron Cohen Mario Lanza etc
1083 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Julius La Rosa,Lu Ann Simms Arthur Godfrey,Burl Ives,Eileen Farrell,Percy Faith Guy Lombardo etc
1084 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Kate Smith,Happy Hearts Band,Christy Minstrels,Percy Faith,Mahalia Jackson The Brothers Four,Carmel Quinn,Liberace etc
1085 Lot: San Francisco Animals Copyright Free Illustrations etc
1086 Lot: Antiquarian magazine 1925,l926 2
1087 Lot sheet music
1088 Lot sheet music
1089 Lot sheet music
1090 T/L Misc eph
1091 The Cornelius Vanderbilts of the Breakers
1092 McCalls magazines 2 1928.1937
1093 The Theatre magazine 1902
1094 Judge magazine 1922
1095 The Burr McIntosh Monthly 1908 The Youths Companion 2
1096 Lot matted French fashion prints
1097 SEP magazine 1938 The Youths Companion 1915 2
1098 Animals of All Countries 1924
1099 Lot matted auto ads: Baker Electric,Willys Knight 2
1100 Lot matted auto ads: Oldsmobile,Willys Knight 2
1101 Lot sheet music
1102 Lot sheet music
1103 Lot sheet music
1104 Lot sheet music
1105 Lot sheet music
1106 T/L Misc eph
1107 The Farmer at his Work
1108 Woman Forever Miss America Pageant 2
1109 Lot Judge magazine covers 1924 2 Life magazine 1920 3
1110 Ancestral Manners Ah-yo-ka Daughter of Sequoya
1111 SEP magazine 1925 Country Gentleman magazine 1928 2 Once a Week magazine 1893 Literary Digest 1931
1112 Lot sheet music
1113 Lot sheet music
1114 Lot sheet music
1115 Lot sheet music
1116 Lot sheet music
1117 North and South Then and Now Rogers lst Ed dj Eneas Africanus Edwards 2
1118 North American Indian Medicine People Liptak
1119 The Art of Virtue Benjamin Franklin Rogers
1120 The Story of the Glenwood Girls
1121 Attica The Valley of the Dry Bomes (The Conditions That Face Black People in America) 2
1122 The Guns of Cedar Creek Lewis Great Plains Curtis 2
1123 US Naval Medical Bulletin 1922
1124 Great Western Indian Fights The Colt 45 Pistol 2
1125 Noah John Rondeau Adirondack Hermit DE Sormo
1126 Mother Earth Spirituality Before Freedom When I Just Can Remember 2
1127 Scotch Whiskey The Whiskey Distilleries of Scotland 3 Moonshine
1128 Beryl Cooks New York
1129 New York History, Cooperstown The Empire State Bldg Quiet Water New Jersey 3
1130 Playgirls of Yesteryear Lebeck
1131 An American Treasure The Hudson River Valley
1132 It Happened in the Catskills
1133 North American Indian Mythology
1134 The Chinese Opium Wars
1135 Inside New York
1136 David Hosack Citizen of New York Robbins
1137 Der Kampf Der Navajos The Art of Meso America
1138 Indian Fishing and Camping Hofsinde
1139 The Mormon Mountain Meadows Massacre Farley
1140 US Army Tech Manual Photography 1941
1141 US Army Manual for Courts Martial 1928
1142 US Army FM Foot Marches
1143 Trees of New York State Antique Tools American Silversmiths and Their Marks 3
1144 Unitas Fratrum American Indians and the Moravians
1145 Indian Givers The Story of Navajo Weaving
1146 The Hall Mills Murder Trial
1147 New York Etchings John Sloan
1148 American Cars Sixties
1149 The Lenapes
1150 Lot stock certs
1151 Lot stock certs Railroads
1152 Founding Father George Washington
1153 Victorian Cottage Residences Stories of Lake George 2
1154 Fifth Avenue Simon
1155 Send Bygraves Grimes The Jumping Frog Mark Twain
1156 Life Among the Apaches Aztec Indian Designs Book of the Hopi 3
1157 US Army GI Bible
1158 Buttons and Beads Lenapes Dutchmans Gold 2
1159 The Indians of New Jersey Harrington
1160 Whittling and Woodcarving Furniture Repair and Refinishing 2
1161 All Available Boats Evacuation of Manhattan 9/ll,
1162 Flotsam and Jetsam Betty Cochran Books Collectors Guide Wright 2
1163 Lincolns Men Davis
1164 Country Americana Collectors Guide
1165 T/L Misc eph
1166 Higglety Piggety Pop ! Maurice Sendak
1167 The Wind in the Willows Kenneth Graham Illus David Roberts
1168 The Great Paper Caper Oliver Jeffers
1169 The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Schulz
1170 Elephoot Helen Holden
1171 The Complete Adventures of Curious George
1172 Moon Man Ungerer
1173 Mrs Piggle Wiggles Farm MacDonald Illus Maurice Sendak
1174 The Pigeon Needs a Bath ! Mo Willems
1175 Kittens First Full Moon Henkes
1176 Stuck ! Oliver Jeffers
1177 Madeline in London Bemelmans
1178 Welcome to Mo Mo Ko Mizielinskis
1179 Abe Lincolns Dream Lane Smith
1180 The Recess Queen O Neill
1181 Degas and the Little Dancer Laurence Anholt
1182 A Giraffe and a Half Shel Silverstein
1183 Slowly, Slowly, Slowly Said the Sloth Carle
1184 Lot Dr Seuss Books 12 vols
1185 Great Big Joke and Riddle Book
1186 B/L Better quality childrens books
1187 Lot This Tree Counts ! UnBEElievables Honey Bee Poems, Paintings
1188 This Little Bunny Can Bake Janet Stein
1189 BL Better Quality children's books
1190 B is for Brooklyn
1191 Lot Dr Seuss books 8
1192 Lot Curious George pbs 11
1193 Iggy Peck, Architect
1194 Heal the Earth
1195 The Things That I Love About Trees
1196 Once I Was a Cardboard Box Why Mosquitoes Buzz in Peoples Ears 2
1197 Beyond the Pond Superman The Story of the Man of Steel 2
1198 A Very New York Christmas Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening Robert Frost Children of the Earth and Sky 3
1199 B/L Better Quality childrens books
1200 Lambs Tales from Shakespeare
1201 The Poland Trilogy Martin 3 vols
1202 The Art of War Sun Tzu
1203 Theodora Empress of Byzantium Cesaretti
1204 Pearl Buck in China
1205 Mysteries of the Middle Ages Feminism, Science, and Art from the Cults of Catholic Europe Cahill
1206 B/L Misc eph etc Casinos, Gaming etc
1207 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Air Supply,Olivia Newton John, Vic Damone,Judy Garland,John Denver,Chicago
1208 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: John Denver Tony Bennett,Eric Frampton,Barry Manilow, Ray Charles Singers
1209 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Dionne Warwick, John Denver,Andy Gibb,Childrens records etc
1210 New York Yankees One Hundred Years Retrospective
1211 Maurice Utrillo Etching ( provenance enclosed)
1212 WW I Pershing AEF service medal
1213 In the Shadow of the Mountain Spirit of the CCC Hill
1214 Lot Sailors to the End USS Forrestal In Harms Way USS Indianapolis War in the Pacific 3
1215 Lot P D James Mysteries
1216 House Mouse Senate Mouse Barnes author signed
1217 The Mans Guide to Women Gottman
1218 Atlas of Columbus and the Great Discoveries
1219 Specimens
1220 Heritage of Ireland Murphy
1221 Fifty Shades of Grey 6 vols overrun
1222 Lot Books re Civil War The Way to Appomattox If the South Won Gettysburg US Army War College Battle of Antietam 3
1223 Operations Manual Metro North RR
1224 The Long Island Railroad Freight Operations signed
1224A Framed print New York Central Diesel
1224B Walton and Delhi Branch of the O and W RR
1224C Erie Lackawanna Robert Collins signed
1225 1952 Employees Timetable Boston and Maine RR
1226 Electric Locomotive Diagram Book NY NH and Hartford R
1227 Penn Central RR Employees Timetable 1969 2
1228 NY, NH and Hartford RR Employee Timetable 1945
1229 NY, NH and Hartford RR Employee Timetable 1955
1230 NY, NH and Hartford RR Employee Timetable 1968
1231 Lot General Orders Penn Central RR 2012,2014 3
1232 1971 Employee Timetable Central RR of New Jersey
1233 Conrail Benefits Manual
1234 Timetables NY NH and Hartford NY -Bridgeport 1946 " " " NY-Danbury 1945 " " " NY-Pittsfield 1945 " " " NY=Stamford 1956
1235 Timetables NY NH and Hartford NY -Berkshires 1949 " " " NY Berkshires 1946 Vermont Transit Timetable 1943 Woods Bus Line, Timetable 1951 Rockland Maine 4
1236 New Haven RR Timetables 1960 2 " " " 1959 2 " " " 1958 2 " " " 1957 2
1237 New Haven RR Timetables 1961 2 " " " 1955.l956,1962
1238 New Haven RR Timetables 1962 8 " " " 1955 3 " " " 1960,1959, " " " 1958 3
1239 General Orders Long Island RR 2014
1240 NY NH and Hartford Timetables 1954- 4 " " " " 1953 2 " " " " 1951,l952
1241 Operating Rules Long Island RR Safety Rules Metro North RR
1242 Morristown and Erie Railway Employee Timetable 2015 2
1243 Consolidated Rail Timetable holder Two Penn Central Timetable holders
1244 T/L Brass Car plates from NY NH and Hartford RR (Conn Dept of Transportation) 4 Red car marker lens;Conrail stapler NHRR Signal Blade Draw Bridge
1245 NY Central timetable NY-Albany 1955 New Haven RR Timetable 1968
1246 Railroad Accident Investigation 1966 Chicago ,Burlington and Quincy RR Co
1247 Railroad Accident Investigation 1966 Chicago and North Western Railway
1248 Railroad Accident Investigation 1966 Mississippi Export RR Co
1249 Railroad Accident Investigation Norfolk and Western Railway 1967 2
1250 Railroad Accident Investigation Chicago and North Western Railway 1967
1251 Railroad Accident Investigation Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway 1967
1252 Railroad Accident Investigation Gulf, Mobile, and Ohio RR
1253 Railroad Accident Investigation New York New Haven and Hartford RR 1966
1254 Railroad Accident Investigation Southern Railway Spartansburg 1967
1255 Railroad Accident Investigation New York Central RR 1967 2
1256 Metro North RR Employee Timetable 1993
1257 Lot Metro North Train Schedules 1960s-80s
1258 Metro North Commuter RR Employee timetables 1960s
1259 Penn Central Tunnel Emergency Ramp, Positions etc
1260 Lot Conrail Locomotive Data Books
1261 Union Pacific RR Instr for Handling Hazardous Matter
1262 New Haven Railroad Book of Rules
1263 Boston and Maine RR Book of Rules
1264 NY Central RR Rule Book
1265 NY NH and Hartford RR Rule Book
1266 New Haven RR Rule Book
1267 Lot track charts Metro north
1268 Metro North Rule Book
1269 Lot RR Passes and Tickets
1270 Brass Sign "Personal Baggage Insurance For Sale Here"
1271 Lot Subway and System maps
1272 Employee Notice placard Sipping
1273 Penn Central Switching diagrams
1274 Lot track diagrams NY NH Hartford RR Pole and Telephone locations, etc
1275 Long Island RR Rule Book
1276 Lot magazines and in house periodicals Susquehanna, Ontario and Western etc incl map of Erie System 1915
1277 Historic photographs (2) incl Horse and wagons with milk cans waiting for the Milk Train
1278 Conrail Rule Book
1279 Conrail: Hazardous Materials Regulations Electrical Operating Instr Locomotive Data Signals and Interlocks
1280 Penn Central leather folder Track Safety Standards Conrail Freight car safety stds Conrail Safety Rules,Brake and Air Signal Instr
1281 Conrail Demurrage Control Conrail Derailment Dollars Penn Central Derailment and Road Delay Penn Central Emergency placard
1282 Morristown and Erie calendar Ontario and Western Observer Burlington calendar BNSSAF Railway calendar
1283 Operating Rules CSX
1284 Conrail Eastern Region Timetable Employees " Atlantic " " "
1285 Conrail Manual for Accidental Incidents Rept " " " Construction and Maintenance of Track
1286 1937 AFL /New York Ontario and Western RR signed agreement with original mailer
1287 Two NY Div Erie RR maps
1288 Lot Misc Railroad eph
1289 Railroad print North Platte Canteen
1290 Railroad print Summit Meeting Penna
1291 Railroad print Electric Splendor on Hellgate
1292 Railroad print Three Hours to Amarillo
1293 Railroad print Margaretville Covered Bridge
1294 Signed Railroad print New York Central Hudson
1295 Railroad print Engine #765
1296 1910 Railway Guide facs
1297 1908 Timetable New York Central/ Hudson River RR facs
1298 1967 Railroad magazine Erie Steam Power
1299 NJT/Erie Track Chart
1300 Railroad magazine 1945
1301 Looseleaf binder New York, Susquehanna and Western Employee timetable photo copies
1302 Looseleaf binder Conrail Employee timetables photo copies
1303 Looseleaf binder Providence and Worcester RR Employee timetables photo copies
1304 Looseleaf binder NYC track chart SIRT SBRT photo copies
1305 Looseleaf binder New York Susquehanna and Western RR Notices 1989 photo copies
1306 Looseleaf binder GCOR Rules
1307 Looseleaf binder Pan Am Terminal Railway System Instructions, Bulletins
1308 Looseleaf binder Pan Am timetables,NECR timetables Vt Track charts,Reading Blue MT
1309 Looseleaf binder : Amtrak Northeast Corridor Operating Rules and Instructions
1310 Luciano Pavarotti autographed record poster
1311 Van Cliburn photos at Concert
1312 L0t Polish paper currency
1313 T/L "W" fashion magazines
1314 T/L Hist Newsps
1315 B/L cook books
1316 History of Jazz
1317 2006 Yearbook Plainsboro HS
1318 The White Stripes Photography
1319 Bansky Wall and Piece Beyond Photography 2
1320 Calligraphy Guides 2
1321 Great Tales of Terror
1322 Stand and Be Counted David Crosby Sound of Healing Gaynor
1323 History of Rock and Roll
1324 American Poets Hyatt Waggoner
1325 Tao Te Ching
1326 Mandalas of the Celts Native American Mandalas Tibetan Mandalas Creating Mandalas 4
1327 The World of Charles and Ray Eames
1328 The Beauty of Hopi Jewelry Jewelry Making 2
1329 An Ency of Occultism
1330 The Womans Ency of Myths and Secrets
1331 The Invisible History of the Rosicrucians Tobias Churton
1332 Stay Gold Juxtapoz Photo 2
1333 The Bridge of Stars Dali Lama, Marcus Braybrooke
1334 Personal Memoirs of US Grant 2 vols leather rough
1335 Complete Works of O Henry
1336 Works of Dos Passos
1337 Mrs Peter Rabbit Burgess Happy Jack Burgess Longlegs The Heron Burgess Bowser the Hound Burgess djs 4
1338 Black Beauty Sewell, Illus Fritz Eichenberg dj
1339 Horace Greeley Allen
1340 Negro and White in Connecticut Town Lee
1341 Freemasonry Koltko Rivera signed
1342 Let The Drum Speak Shuler
1343 A Heritage of Her Own Cott/Pleck
1344 The Legend of Zelda
1345 The Joy of Living and Dying in Peace Dalai Lama Why The Dalai Lama Matters Thurman 2
1346 Mixed Blessings New Art The Artists Way 2
1347 Philatelic lot: Stamps on paper
1348 Philatelic lot: Stamps on paper
1349 Philatelic lot: Misc covers incl FDC
1350 Lot post cards
1351 Lot photo post cards
1352 Lot foreign currency
1353 T/L Misc eph maps etc
1354 T/L Books re Word Search
1355 The Teachings of Abraham Set 3 vols
1356 T/L Set Mini Shakespeare 13 vols
1357 Shakespeare The Invention of the Human Bloom
1358 On Bullshit Harry G Frankfurt Princeton University Press (Professor Emeritus at Princeton)
1359 Lyndon Johnson:Master of the Senate Means of Ascent 2 Robert A Caro
1360 James Joyce A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man James Joyce's Ulysses 2
1361 Homer: The Iliad, The Odyssey 2
1362 April 1865 Jay Winik The Month That Saved America
1363 Lot four Framed botanical prints
1364 Lot five Framed botanical prints
1365 Lot two Framed still life prints
1366 Framed prints 2
1367 The Secret Service Melanson/Stevens
1368 The Beetle (VW)
1369 The Ford Century
1370 Rolls Royce
1371 A Salute to Michele Obama
1372 The New Jim Crow Alexander
1373 Commander in Chic Taylor
1374 T/L Misc eph
1375 The Oprah Winfrey Show Black Girls Rock ! 2
1376 Lot mens magazines
1377 Lot mens magazines
1378 Lot Playboy magazines
1379 Lot mens magazines
1380 Lady Chatterly's Lover DH Lawrence
1381 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Sinatra,5th Dimension Jerry Vale,Bob Dylan etc
1382 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Dion and the Belmonts Dee Dee Sharp,The Pips,Tony Bennett,Statler Bros Connie Francis,NatKing Cole, Ella Fitzgerald Herb Alpert etc
1383 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: 5th Dimension,Herb Alpert Pete Seeger,Dave Clark Five,Village Stompers Tony Bennett,Stan Getz, The Brothers Four etc Rush,The Supremes
1384 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Trini Lopez,Sinatra, Count Basie,Ink Spots,Mills Bros,Nat King Cole Pearl Bailey,Four Seasons etc
1385 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Connie Francis,Four Seasons Streisand etc
1386 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: The Suprenes,Blood Sweat and Tears,Lovin Spoonful,Del Shannon,Shirelles The Lettermen
1387 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: The Four Seasons Sinatra, Chicago, etc
1388 Lot 45 RPM records (Italian)
1389 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Linda Ronstadt,Kenny Loggins Mamas and Papas,Jethro Tull,Boz Scaggs,Bob Dylan Van Morison,Neil Diamond,
1390 Thunder Below ! USS Barb Submarine Warfare U Boats Stern
1391 Lot childrens books
1392 Lot childrens books
1393 Lot childrens books
1394 Lot childrens books
1395 1990 Yearbook Clifton HS
1396 Down Thunder Road ( Bruce Springsteen) Bruce The Rolling Stones File Two Hearts( Bruce Springsteen) 3
1397 Rock N Roll People
1398 Lot childrens books
1399 T/L childrens books
1400 Lot Little Golden childrens books
1401 Lot childrens books
1402 Lot BSA Handbooks 6
1403 Lot 45 RPM Records incl: Four Seasons;The Association Bobby Vinton,Stray Cats,Chubby Checker;Skeeter Davis Billy Joel,Rolling Stones,Ray Charles Singers etc
1404 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Bill Berry and His Ellington All Stars;Classics etc
1405 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Rush;Thunder Seven Triumph;Destiny; Rod Stewart etc
1406 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: John Mellenkamp;Duran/Duran Corey Hart Boy in the Box; Flock of Seagulls;Band Aid
1407 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Adam and the Ants; Lena Horne; Connie Francis;Petula Clark;Tony Bennett Brothers Four;New Christy Minstrels etc
1408 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Gary Puckett/Union Gap Streisand; Brothers Four, New Christy Minstrels Fleetwood Mac;Monkees etc
1409 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Relayer;Monkees;Stevie Nick Peter Gabriel;BrothersFour, Streisand; New Christy Minstrels;Tony Bennett;Diahann Carroll;Streisand Elvis Presley etc
1410 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Esso Steel Band (signed by musicians)Elvis Presley;The Ventures;Jim Nabor; Simply Red Men and Women etc
1411 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Van Halen;Pink Floyd; Harmonicats; Bee Gees; The Cars;Johnny Cash ec
1412 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Shanana; Herb Alpert Andy Williams;Righteous Brothers;Duane Eddy etc
1413 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Elvis Presley; Etta James The Penguins; The Platters; Abba;The Drifters; Ben E King;Jay and the Americans; Shirelles;Ventures Neil Diamond
1414 Program and Fans The Three Tenors Live in New York
1415 Take Me Out to the Ballpark
1416 Nam A Photographic History
1417 One Giant Leap Hostetler Winning Is Only Part of The Game
1418 Lot Museum and gallery posters
1419 Lot Little Golden childrens books
1420 T/L Graphic novels
1421 T/L older youth novels 15
1422 T/L graphic novels
1423 T/L Sporting News
1424 Pigs is Pigs Butler
1425 T/L childrens books
1426 Lot Misc books incl Samantha at Saratoga etc
1427 Lot TV series books 5
1428 Lot TV series books 5
1429 Lot TV series books 5
1430 Lot TV series books 6
1431 Lot TV series books 6
1432 T/L Sporting News
1433 T/L Sporting News
1434 Lot childrens books Disney
1435 Lot TV periodicals
1436 Lot TV periodicals
1437 Lot Sports personalities photos, profiles
1438 Lot graphic novels
1439 Lot graphic novels
1440 Lot graphic novels
1441 Lot Oz Books Baum 6
1442 Lot childrens books
1443 Lot graphic novels
1444 Lot graphic novels
1445 Lot Comics digests
1446 Lot Marvel Comics Bullseye fiction books etc
1447 Lot Misc books,Movie,Science Fiction etc
1448 Little Black Sambo 1908
1449 Lot childrens books
1450 Lot childrens books
1451 Lot childrens books, comic graphic novels etc
1452 Lot childrens books,
1453 Lot childrens pop up books
1454 T/L Hist Newspapers 1935 Philadelphia Daily News
1455 T/L Hist Newspapers Leslies Illustrated 1890s
1456 Giants of Jazz/Time-Life Jelly Roll Morton
1457 Giants of Jazz/Time-Life Louis Armstrong
1458 Giants of Jazz/Time-Life Sidney Bechet
1459 Giants of Jazz/Time-Life Duke Ellington
1460 Giants of Jazz/Time-Life Coleman Hawkins
1461 Giants of Jazz/Time-Life Benny Goodman
1462 Giants of Jazz/Time-Life Jack Teagarden
1463 Giants of Jazz/Time-Life Bix Beiderbeche
1464 Giants of Jazz/Time-Life Billie Holiday
1465 Lot Mad magazines
1466 Lot Mad magazines
1467 Lot Sports Illustrated magazines
1468 Lot graphic novels
1469 War Cartoons Knott WWI
1470 The Story of Nellie Bly
1471 NY Times Book of Baseball History
1472 Caricature 3
1473 Think WWII
1474 Cartoon Cavalcade Thomas Craven
1475 1964 NY Worlds Fair Souv Book
1476 My Crowd Chas Addams
1477 Peter Arnos Parade
1478 Peter Arnos Hullabaloo
1479 Little Pictures of Japan
1480 Harpers Magazine bound 1909
1481 T/L NY Sunday News Gravure covers etc
1482 Lot WW I Army Pay Rolls
1483 USS Mellette Mediterranean Cruise
1484 Lot Artists Models magazines, nudes
1485 T/L Misc eph
1486 T/L Misc eph
1487 Flash Gordon 2 vols
1488 Lot Colliers magazines 1922+
1489 The Sunnyside Book 1870 The Stewart Collection 1887
1490 Lot Historical pamphlets, periodicals etc
1491 Lot The New Moon periodicals
1492 Lot The New Moon periodicals
1493 Lot football game programs
1494 Youths Casket 1855
1495 Scrapbook Ernie Pyle clippings WWII
1496 Lot inscribed framed photos WWII Generals
1497 1942 NJ license plates
1498 Lot the Harvard Register 1880 +
1499 Lot The Critic periodical 1898+
1500 The Hound of the Baskervilles A Conan Doyle
1501 Blondie and Dagwood Lund 1945 lst Ed
1502 Rear Admiral Byrd and the Polar Expeditions lstEd 1930
1503 De Night in De Front From Chreesmas Milt Gross 1927 ( Dialect)
1504 The Future of the Working Classes Babson 1913
1505 Lucky to be a Yankee Dimaggio
1506 The Man Roosevelt Leupp 1904 lst Ed
1507 Little Visits with Great Americans Marden 1904
1508 Tales of the Jazz Age F Scott Fitzgerald l922 lst Ed
1509 The Trail of the Hawk Sinclair Lewis lst Ed 1915
1510 The Boys Life of Edison William Meadowcroft" Uncle Billy" 1911 Boonton, NJ (3rd Cousin)
1511 Theodore Roosevelt's Letters to His Children
1512 Comin Round the Mountain Webb 1938
1513 Good Bye to All That Cigarettes
1514 Up Front Bill Mauldin
1515 Circus Saints and Sinners
1516 Over Sexteen 6 A Dream of Madonna 2
1517 Fun With Little Lulu What Kind A Cactus Izzat 3 Smitty
1518 July 14 Emil Ludwig Long Live the King
1519 The San Francisco Calamity
1520 The Authentic Life of Wm McKinley Lives of the Presidents 2
1521 B/L Better quality books novels, biogrs etc
1522 Tatting
1523 T/L 45 RPM records incl:Cher;The Osmonds,Simon and Garfunkel,John Denver,Peter Frampton,Carpenters Three Dog Night,Everly Bros etc
1524 T/L 45 RPM records incl:Kay Armen,StreisandThe Crests, Frankie Vali,Jack Jones,Aretha Franklin,Harpers Bizarre, European recordings
1525 T/L 45 RPM records incl:Eydie Gorme.Percy Faith Dianna Ross and the Supremes,,Herb Alpert European recordings etc
1526 T/L 45 RPM records incl: Jim Reeves,Donzelli Quintet Bill Anderson European recordings etc,
1527 T/L 45 RPM records incl: Ella Fitzgerald,Kitty Wells Herb Alpert,Petula Clark,Dean Martin,Streisand Tony Bennett ,European recordings etc
1528 Llot 33 vinyl records European
1529 T/L Cassets etc
1530 Lot 45 RPM records European
1531 Lot 45 RPM records Tony Bennett,Monkees European recordings
1532 Lot 45 RPM records Aretha Franklin,Stephen Stills Katrina and the Waves,Sinatra,Partidge Family European recordings
1533 Lot 45 RPM records European
1534 Lot 45 RPM records European
1535 Lot 45 RPM records European
1536 Lot 45 RPM records European
1537 Lot 45 RPM records :Smokey Robinson,Sheena Easton Blondie,Kelly Marie,Abba,Jones Girls, Juice Newton European recordings etc
1538 Lot 45 RPM records : Pat Benatar,Hall and Oates European recordings
1539 Lot 45 RPM records : Olivia Newton John,Gloria Gaynor Ozark Mountain Daredevils,Abba, Gordon Lightfoot The Doobie Brothers Dr Hook and the Medicine Show, Peter Paul and Mary etc
1540 Lot 45 RPM records : Elton John,Olivia Newton John Neil Diamond, The Jackson 5,Vicki Carr,European recordings etc
1541 Lot 45 RPM records : European
1542 Lot 45 RPM records : European
1543 Lot 45 RPM records : Ray Charles Singers,Wayne Newton Dean Martin,Motley Blues Band,Frankie Vali, Streisand Herb Alpert,Hugo Montenegro,Grand Funk etc
1544 Lot 45 RPM records : Olivia Newton John,Clint Holmes Ringo Starr Tex Ritter,Petula Clark,Faith,Hope&Charity Bay City Rollers,Ritchie Family,Della Reese,Mamas and Papas,Herb Alpert,Dean Martin,Shirley Bassey,Four
1545 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Teresa Brewer,Spike Jones Mischa Elman,Tommy Dorsey,Harry Belafonte,Lawrence Welk,Mario Lanza,Johnny Mathis,LeRoy Anderson Pete Fountain etc
1546 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Joe Fingers Carr,Crazy Otto Boots Randolph,Enoch Light; Leroy Anderson,Wild Bill Davis,Lester Lanin,Herb Alpert,Four Lads,Hootenanny Ella Fitzgerald,Dapper Four, Brothers Four etc
1547 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Bill Haley and His Comets Mamas and Papas,Righteous Brothers,Sam the Sham The Livin End,Tammy Wynette,Hank Williams,Sue Raney Mills Brothers,Thge Nashville Strings etc
1548 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Perry Como,Dolly Parton Faye Tucker,Bobby Vinton, Herb Alpert,Billy Vaughn Englebert,Tony Bennett, Eddie Fisher,Al Martino
1549 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Pearl Bailey,Stanley Black Enoch Light,Bobby Vinton,Nat King Cole,Modernaires Mills Brothers,Liberace,Count Basie,Ink Spots,Four Ace Woody Herman,Louis Armstrong,Ames Brothers,etc
1550 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Streisand,Singing Nuns Eddy Arnold,The Ink Spots,Sons of the Purple Sage Lester Lanin,Lou Monte,Al Martino, Mills Brothers Nat King Cole,Count Basie,Tex Benecke,Prarl Bailey
1551 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Eddy Arnold,Ink Spots Al Jolson,Frankie Carl,Sophia Loren,Lou Monte, Al Hirt,Vic Damone,Julius Larosa,Hugo Montenagro etc
1552 B/L Misc 33 record albums
1553 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Bobby Vinton,The Miracles, Four Seasons,Bobby Darin,James Carr, Ray Coniff, The Flamingos etc
1554 Lot mens magazines
1555 Lot mens magazines
1556 Lot mens magazines
1557 Lot mens magazines
1558 Lot Erotica novels
1559 Lot Erotica novels
1560 Lot mens magazines
1561 Lot Opera Librettos
1562 In The American Grain Williams
1563 The Louis Styles XIV,XV,XVI
1564 The Story of Painting
1565 Ruby Glass of the 20th Cty Stained Glass catalog 2
1566 American Illustration 1982-83
1567 Illustrators 21,22 2
1568 Lot art books
1569 Lot Opera Librettos
1570 Jokes and Pokes at Opera What Did They Sing at the Met ? 2
1571 Animals in Motion
1572 Baseballs Great Moments Reichler
1573 The Dinner Party Judy Chicago
1574 The Furniture Doctor Grotz Furniture Finishing 2
1575 The Nympho and Other Maniacs Irving Wallace
1576 The Pleasure Bond Masters and Johnson
1577 The Golden Ency of Music Lloyd
1578 Elements of Interior Design and Decoration Whiton
1579 North American Bicycle Atlas
1580 Lot art books
1581 Painting the Nude
1582 Illustration and Design
1583 The Zen of Seeing
1584 Lot art books
1585 Lot art books
1586 Lot art books
1587 Grandma Moses
1588 The Best of Beardsley
1589 Pablo Picasso A Retrospective Picasso The Last Years 1963-l973 2
1590 Lot art books
1591 Art America Tighe/Lang
1592 A New World American Painting 1760-l9l0
1593 Jasper Johns;Thomas Eakins 2
1594 Cezanne The Late Work
1595 Erte Chas Spencer Contemporary American Realism 2
1596 Georgia O Keefe Art and Letters
1597 Lot art books
1598 Lot art books
1599 Lot Opera Librettos
1600 Lot art books
1601 Lot art books
1602 Chagall
1603 Lichenstein Cowart
1604 Lot art books
1605 Furniture Decoration Color in Decoration 2
1606 Furniture Treasury Wallace Nutting
1607 Oriental Carpets David Hicks on Decoration with Fabrics
1608 T/L Time Life Library of Art 19vols
1609 The Arts in America The Colonial Period
1610 Light Her Fire ! Light His Fire ! Ellen Kreidman phD 2
1611 Lot Peebles Classic Library Editions 4 Stephen Crane, DeFoe, Clemens
1612 The Passions of the Mind ((Freud) Irving Stone
1613 Wildlife Fact File
1614 The Revolutionary War in the Hackensack Valley
1615 Zelda Nancy Milford
1616 Opera People
1617 The New Industrial State John Kenneth Galbraith
1618 The Hackensack Water Co 1869-l969
1619 Hard Times Studs Terkel,
1620 The Making of the President 3 vols Theodore H White 1972,l960,1964
1621 Lot 6 framed ballerina prints
1622 American Sign Language Dictionary
1623 Sign Language
1624 Master ASL !
1625 TL Misc eph
1626 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Ella Fitzgerald;Nat King Cole,Pearl Bailey,Rudy Valee,The Weavers,Perry Como Flip Wilson,Glen Miller
1627 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Johnny Cash,Lester Lanin Jane Morgan and the Troubadors, Artie Shaw,Hoagy Carmichael,Woody Herman,Louis Armstrong,Ames Bros Lester Lanin,
1628 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Pearl Bailey,Ink Spots Four Aces, Count Basie,Liberace,Mills Bros,Nat King Cole,Tommy Dorsey,Trini Lopez,Steve Allen, Bobby Vinton,Harry Belafonte etc
1629 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Four Aces.,Lester Lanin, George Shearing Quintet,Sinatra,Glenn Miller Tony Bennett,Aretha Franklin,Tammy Wynette,Lawrence Welk,Vic Damone Julius Larosa,Al Hirt etc
1630 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Tony Bennett,Diahann Carol, Herb Alpert/Tijuanna Brass,Ray Coniff,Vikki Carr, Mama Cass,,Johnny Mathis etc
1631 Framed water color, artist signed Civil War,Union Cavalry Officer on Mount
1632 Framed water color, artist signed Civil War, Confederate Cavalry Officer on Mount
1633 Framed English Fox Hunt print
2001 BL texts
2002 BL texts
2003 B/L Misc books
2004 B/L Misc books
2005 B/L Misc books and pbs
2006 B/L Misc books and pbs
2007 B/L Misc books and pbs
2008 B/L Misc books and pbs
2009 B/L Misc pbs
2010 B/L Misc pbs
2011 B/L Misc pbs
2012 B/L Misc pbs
2013 B/L Misc pbs
2014 B/L Misc pbs
2015 B/L Misc pbs
2016 B/L novels pbs incl Grishams first book
2017 B/L Misc books art, religion
2018 B/L Misc childrens books
2019 B/L Misc books
2020 B/L Misc books
2021 B/L Misc books
2022 B/L Simplicity patterns
2023 B/L Misc books
2024 B/L Misc books
2025 B/L Misc books
2026 B/L Misc books
2027 B/L Misc books
2028 B/L Misc books Crafts etc
2029 B/L Misc books
2030 B/L Misc books
2031 B/L Misc books
2032 B/L Misc books art, eph
2033 B/L Misc books
2034 B/L Misc books
2035 B/L Misc books
2036 B/L DVDS , CDs
2037 B/L Misc books
2038 B/L Misc books
2039 B/L Misc books
2040 B/L DVDs etc
2041 B/L Misc books
2042 B/L Misc books
2043 B/L Misc books
2044 B/L Misc cook books etc
2045 B/L Misc books Word Search etc
2046 B/L Misc books Word Search etc
2048 B/L School Texts etc
2049 B/L Teachers manuals
2050 B/L 33 vinyl records classical
2051 B/L Books and Music
2052 B/L Misc books and pbs
2053 B/L Misc books and pbs
2054 B/l Misc books and pbs
2055 B/L Misc books and pbs
2056 B/L Misc books and pbs
2057 B/L Misc books and pbs
2058 B/L Misc books
2059 B/L Misc books and pbs
2060 B/L Misc books and pbs
2061 B/L Misc books
2062 B/L Misc books
2063 B/L Misc books
2064 B/L Misc books
2065 B/L Misc pbs
2066 B/L Misc books and pbs
2067 B/L Misc pbs
2068 B/L Misc pbs
2069 B/L Misc books texts
2070 B/L Misc older pbs
2071 T/L Rosetta Stone Francais etc
2072 B/L Misc books and pbs art etc
2073 B/L Misc books and pbs
2074 B.L Misc books and pbs
2075 B/L Misc books
2076 B/L Misc books
2077 B/L World Book Encycl set
2078 BL Miscbooks ( incl sign language)
2079 B/L pbs and periodicals
2080 B./L misc 33 vinyl records


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